John and Mary Lee, June13,1846.


Harriet of Oxford, NH, and Russell W. Barry, Oct.5,1843.


Abraham of Shrewsbury and Abigail Rice, Nov.28,1769.

Cyrus of Northborough and Sarah Patrick, Apr.24,1823.

Eli and Anna Brown, Feb.末,1785.

Elizabeth and Martin Conlan, Sept.10,1848.

Amory of Ware and Caroline E. Goddard, Feb.9,1847.

George and Pauline N. Thomas, Apr.12,1848.

Henry of Sutton and Elizabeth Drury, Jan.16,1772 (In Sutton).

Henry and Lucy Knights, Mar.19,1778.

Isaac of Holden and Susannah Moore, Mar.31,1788 (In Holden).

Jonathan of Warwick and Mary Bancroft, Feb.14,1775.

Jonathan Jr. and Sarah Willington, both of Boylston, Sept.8,1786.

Josiah and Elizabeth Rice, Dec.1,1768.

Lydia and John Chaddick, Nov.16,1749.

Oliver of Holden and Esther Willington,末蔓末,1795.

Sarah of Princeton and Samuel Moore, Dec.1,1779 (In Princeton).


James and Mary Corcoran, Apr.5,1848.

Mary Anne and Patrick Moran, Sept.21,1848.


Alexander and Sophia Tardiff, Dec.17,1845.


Adam and Agnes Finton of Rutland, Oct.25,1744 (In Rutland).


Cornelius and Mary Hurley, Aug.13,1848.

Daniel and Mary Corcoran, Aug.3,1847.

Mary and William Casey, Oct.3,1847.


John of Northborough and Jane Hambleton, Nov.11,1779.

John and Molly Hambleton, Jan.3,1782.


Lucy F. and Loring Foster, Oct.10,1830.


Joseph and Elizabeth Anglier, Feb.28,1848.


Adeline and Obed Williams, Apr.4,1842.

Artemas of Leicester and Mary C. Alexander of Hope, ME, Nov.末,1832.

Jethro and Nancy Hill, (negroes), Aug.9,1801.


Catherine and Thomas Lahey, Apr.13,1845.


Abigail P. and John F. Carey ofShrewsbury, June16,1840.

Abigail M. and Artemas B. Jones, Feb.22,1848.

Daniel R. of Warren, Penn. and Mary C. Bigelow, July5,1846.

Elvira S. and Cincinnatus N. Alexander, Apr.21,1840.

Hiram B. and Clarrisa T. Goodale, Apr.13,1848.

Lucy and Nathaniel Green, Jan.17,1744 5 (In Leicester).

Nancy A. and Enos B. Wells, Sept.6,1842.

Susan W. and A. Beaman Lovell, Jan.17,1844.


Humphry and Margaret Sullivan,末蔓末,1841.


Thomas and Agnes Kenney, July18,1847.


Michael and Mary Sullivan, Apr.18,1847.

Nancy and James Shehan, Nov.30,1843.

Nancy and Maurice Moriarty, Jan.7,1844.


Varnum and Relief M. Knowlton, both of Shrewsbury, May25,1847.


Anne and John Carney, May6,1848.

John and Bridget Torrey, Jan.17,1847.


Abel of Rome, NY, and Elizabeth Flagg, Oct.16,1816.

Abigail and John Woodward, Mar.31,1773.

Andrew and Lucy Willard, Aug.30,1817.

Anne and William Eaton, Feb.28,1788.

Ann E. and Arthur Adlington Jr., June5,1828.

Asa and Hannah Johnson, Dec.11,1817.

Benjamin and Bethulah Rice of Sudbury, Apr.5,1727 (In Sudbury).

Daniel of Fullam and Sarah Moore, Nov.13,1775.

David and Eliza Fessenden, Feb.13,1824.

Eleanor and Samuel Graves, Mar.4,1798.

Elizabeth of Harvard and Jacob Holmes, July2,1767 (In Bolton).

Betsey and Daniel Chadwick, Jan.5,1815.

Elizabeth and Austin Abercrombie, Sept.24,1839.

Emily and Edwin I. Howe, Nov.15,1836.

Emily E. and Leonard White, Oct.25,1837.

Frances and Joseph Richards, Nov.11,1844.

George W. and Jane M. Howe, Nov.4,1838.

Hannah and Jonathan M. Stone of Shrewsbury, June7,1769 (In Shrewsbury).

Harriet P. and John Davis of Sterling, Jan.26,1831.

Henry and Dulcena M. Chamberlain, Dec.6,1846.

Horatio and Fidelia A. Hall末蔓末,1825.

Joanna S. and Charles H. Rice, Apr.7,1842.

Joel and Joanna Stearns, May17,1805.

John 2d and Mary Smith末蔓末,1845 ?

Joshua and Betsey Flagg, Feb.12,1810.

Josiah Jr. and Elizabeth Rice, Sept.3,1768.

Josiah and Silence Grout, Feb.20,1771 (At Hollis, NH).

Katharine and Phinehas Jones, Apr.21,1772.

Leonard and Mary F. Nowell, Mar.26,1839.

Levi and Hannah Paine, Feb.20,1820.

Lucy and William G. Maynard, Sept.15,1834.

Margaret and William Bigelow of Pequiog, Nov.29,1753.

Martha F. and Thomas F. Baker, May25,1839.

Mary and Jonathan Stone, Oct.29,1765.

Molly and Joel Howe, Oct.18,1770.

Mary and William Moore, Feb.11,1789 (In Watertown).

Mary and Erastus Tucker of Shrewsbury, Oct.5,1819.

Mary W. and John Rice 2d, Sept.19,1837.

Mary and Simeon B. Corbin of Southborough, Jan.18,1844.

Mary R. and William N. Wales of Franklin, Feb.15,1844.

Naham and Sarah Graves, June26,1828.

Olive and Abel Heywood Jr., Jan.1,1807.

Oliver and Alona Lyon, May30,1810.

Patience and John Moore, July16,1768.

Paul and Phebe Mahan, Jan.23,1777.

Perses and John Moore, Aug.18,1768.

Persis and Foster Nowell, Nov.12,1822.

Phineas and Rebecca Wait, Mar.10,1788.

Rebeckah and David Richards, May5,1778.

Roxalana and Daniel Coes, Oct.26,1808.

Ruth F. and Hezekiah Bates of Bellingham, Apr.17,1836.

Samuel and Lucy Chaddick, Aug.15,1781.

Samuel 2d and Eunice White, Feb.14,1805.

Samuel F. and Maria M. Fay, Nov.29,1843.

Sarah and Jonathan Moore, Feb.27,1754.

Sarah of Lancaster and James Elder, Jan.16,1770 (In Lancaster).

Sarah and John Sargent of Leicester, May15,1783.

Sarah and David Day, Mar.30,1808.

Sarah and Cyrus Delany, May3,1836.

Sarah W. and David D. Stowell, Dec.5,1843.

Shepard and Hannah Moore, Feb.28,1774.

Silas and Iranah Wiswall, Apr.23,1786.

Simon S. and Abigail Knight, Nov.1,1836.

Solomon and Mary Clark, Nov.10,1748.

Stephen and Elizabeth Bell, June6,1782.

Susan and Timothy T. Burbank, Nov.26,1840.

Susannah and Jonathan Stone of Shrewsbury, May末,1769.

Susanna and Stephen Taylor, Sept.4,1781.

Thomas and Mary Eaton, Mar.3,1789 (In Leicester).

Thomas and Lydia A. Bartlett, Apr.8,1845.

Uranah P. and Isaac A. Bancroft of Auburn, Apr.25,1843.

William and Joanna Stearns, Nov.7,1764.

William Jr. and Betsey Stearns, Jan.25,1800.

William M. and Maria P. Daniels, May8,1838.


Louisa and Henry Martin, May14,1848.


Bernard and Ellen Reardon, May16,1847.


Marlboro of Kingston, RI, and Esther Underwood, Jan.4,1848.


Nancy and Abijah Pierce, May28,1797.


Asa and Esther Smith, Nov.1,1813.

Charles H. and Sarah A. Williams, Dec.4,1825.

Ebenezer and Azubah Chadwick, Apr.18,1816.

Ebenezer S. and Mrs.Catherine Johnson, June28,1837.

Fidelia S. and Adam Walker of Keene, NH, Nov.27,1815.

Hannah and Luke Jones, Apr.11,1845.

Lucy Rebecca and Prescott Whittemore of Lancaster, Dec.15,1811.

Sarah and Alonzo M. Driscoll of Norwich, CT, Jan.13,1846.


Stephen and Margaret Lavarien, Feb.28,1848.


Etienne and Margaret LaRavienne, Feb.28,1848.


Donato of Northampton and Jane P. Bancroft, Oct.10,1825.


Margaret and Patrick McHale, Nov.29,1848.


John M. and Sally H. Fay of Sutton, Mar.27,1809.

Tyler of Warner, NH, and Mary E. Green, Apr.4,1825.


Thomas and Mary A. O'Brien, July28,1846.


Peter and Catherine Daly, July25,1847.


Benjamin and Hannah Claflin, both of Hopkinton, Dec.2,1835.


Joseph and Anna Cutting, Dec.13,1801.

Peregrine B. and Elizabeth G. Rice, May11,1837.


Elizabeth G. and Charles E. West of NY, Apr.24,1843.


Anna M. and Oscar Downes, Nov.14,1848.

Bridget and Richard Burke, July22,1846.

George W. and Sarah McFarland, Nov.26,1840.


Charles A. of Westborough and Achsah S. Bellows, Aug.17,1846.


Moses of Grafton and Zoney Leonard, Mar.19,1817.


Leander M. and Adeline, More Oct.10,1840.


Richard and Mary Hervey, May7,1846.


Margaret and Joseph Botreau, Apr.16,1845.


Simon and Prudence Jones, Aug.1,1776.


Calvin of North Shrewsbury and Lydia Pierce, May18,1780.

Ruth and Joseph Rugg of Lancaster, June15,1738 (In Lancaster).


Abigail and Isaac Miller of Westborough, Dec.30,1761.

Abigail of Sutton and Michael Johnson, Dec.19,1781 (In Sutton).

Albert H. and Elizabeth J. Partridge, Oct.11,1847.

Almira and Elijah Flagg, Nov.28,1816.

Elmira L. and Henry A. Lee, Oct.12,1845.

Anna and James Campbell of Sutton, Feb.7,1781.

Azuba and Jonathan Thayer of Charlemont, Jan.31,1781.

Azubah and Shubael Chickering, Apr.13,1806.

Benjamin F. and Mary Ann Ford, Dec.30,1838.

Bezaleel and Hepzibah Keyes of Shrewsbury, Dec.5,1758 (In Shrewsbury).

Caroline of Shrewsbury and Hiram DeWitt, Oct.4,1842.

Daniel and Patience Stow, Jan.27,1762.

Dorothy and Eber Maynard of Shrewsbury, Sept.10,1822.

Eber of Heath and Lucretia Willington, Mar.8,1824.

Edwin and Elizabeth S. Sylvester, May14,1847.

Elizabeth and Joseph Holland of Shrewsbury, Dec.22,1772 (In Shrewsbury).

Betsey and Amos Flagg, Mar.31,1816.

Elizabeth G. and Charles Bullard of Winchendon, Nov.4,1834.

Emeline and James N. Sparrell of New Bedford, Aug.5,1846.

Eunice and Phinehas Smith, Jan.22,1777.

Eunice and Samuel Hunt of Charlemont, Oct.4,1778.

Eunice and Pelatiah Brooks of Acton, June5,1806.

Eunice and Leonard Clark, Apr.4,1819.

Eunice and Jonathan Gleason, Nov.17,1825.

Eunice M. of Westborough and Leonard Harrington of Shrewsbury, May27,1840.

Girard F. of Westfield and Mary Ann Bradford Dec.12,1848.

Hannah and Silas Cutting Nov.11,1821.

Henry and Ann M. Morse, Sept.28,1845.

Honora and Patrick Dunn, Feb.1,1847.

Isaac Jr. and Prudence Smith, July27,1775.

Isaac 2d and Mary Rice, Apr.9,1801.

James and Susanna Simonds of Holden, Mar.31,1805.

Joanna and Moses Bennet, Dec.19,1750.

Joanna and Abraham Lazeol, May28,1848.

Joel and Anna Eaton, Feb.12,1815.

John and Polly Symonds of Holden, Mar.29,1801.

John and Sarah Harrington, Aug.24,1808.

John G. and Lucy N. Shurtliff, May6,1835.

Jonathan and Lucretia Moore, July11 or Dec.1,1767.

Jonathan and Silence Bigelow, Sept.18,1783.

Jonathan and Esther Smith, Feb.28,1797.

Jonathan 3d and Charlotte F. Chadwick, Feb.26,1823.

Jonathan and Mrs.Eunice Gleason, Nov.17,1825.

Joseph and Lydia Whitney, May9,1751.

Louisa S. and Samuel A. Blake, Nov.26,1833.

Lucretia and Tyler Willington, Nov.12,1801.

Lydia and Nathaniel Flagg, Feb.12,1783.

Margaret R. and John H. Devoll, Oct.21,1848.

Maria E. and David H. Nye, Oct.1,1844.

Mary of Ward and Elijah Harrington, May4,1785 (In Ward).

Mary and Ebenezer Willington 3d, Feb.6,1799.

Mary F. and Timothy Eaton of Boston, May12,1825.

Mary Anne and Calvin Bullard of Princeton, Nov.24,1830.

Mary Ann and Salmon Miller, Jan.17,1832.

Nathan of Oxford and Rachel Nichols, Jan.11,1776.

Oliver and Sally Dunton, June22,1809.

Patience and William Harris of Holden, Jan.24,1749 50.

Patience and John Barber Jr., Mar.12 or Dec.1,1768.

Persis and Nathan Goldthwait, Apr.21,1811.

Philander and Dolly Ranks, July11,1826.

Phinehas and Eunice Chadwick, June23,1752.

Phineas and Margaret Kelso, Mar.31,1779.

Priscilla and Valentine Harris, Apr.16,1765.

Reuben and Abigail Flagg, May8,1805.

Robert S. and Anna D. Davis, Apr.4,1822.

Ruth and Nathaniel Eaton, May12,1748.

Ruth and John Fowle, Sept.28,1791 (In Westborough).

Ruth and John Brooks, Apr.29,1801.

Samuel and Anna Holman of Sutton, Apr.1,1790 (In Sutton).

Silas and Persis Moore, July1,1795.

Solomon of Heath and Sarah Flagg, Jan.8,1816.

Vernon and Lucy Smith, Dec.25,1777.


Michael and Eliza Young, Feb.21,1846.


James and Catherine Connelan, Oct.12,1845.


Abigail and Joel Tainter of Sutton, Sept.28,1786 (In Sutton).

Augustus N. and Fanny C. Hathaway, Apr.3,1832.

Benjamin and Persis Fullerton, Aug.31,1808.

Caroline E. and Amory Gale of Ware, Feb.9,1847.

Emily and Jeremiah Knowlton of Holden, Apr.24,1833.

Hannah and Willard S. Tainter of Upton, Feb.19,1839.

Harriet and Edward S. Stebbins, Apr.8,1845.

John and Betsey Heywood, Feb.24,1801.

John and Margaret, Levally July20,1846.

Joseph and Martha P. Hersey, Sept.16,1828.

Lucy A. and Richard Fiske of Springfield, Oct.19,1847.

Luther D. and Sarah E. Heywood of Bolton, Jan.2,1848 (At Harvard).

Maria S. and James S.M. Davis of Draytonville, SC, June16,1840.

Mary W. and Leonard P. Chase, Apr.19,1847.

Mehitable of Sutton and Nathaniel Moore, July31,1740 (In Sutton).

Parley and Mary Ann Titcomb, Sept.7,1839.

Salmon of Royalston and Charlotte H. Joy, Nov.2,1842.

Samuel and Abigail King of Sutton, May22,1760 (In Sutton).

Sally and Ebenezer Gould, May25,1800.

Sarah M. and Charles Bullard, Dec.8,1842.


Joseph, Rev., and Elizabeth Waters, both of Sutton, Nov.20,1796.


John and Winifred Sweeny, June11,1847.


Nathan and Persis Gleason, Apr.21,1811.


Azubah and Joel Partridge of Jamestown, NY, Feb.15,1831.

Clarissa T. and Hiram B. Garfield, Apr.13,1848.

Cyrus K. and Caroline F. Shannon, Apr.17,1845.

Daniel R. and Alice E. Pollard, Apr.20,1843 (In Holden).

Elizabeth of Shrewsbury and Robert Smith Oct.24 or Dec.16,1767 (In Shrewsbury).

M. and Oramel Clark, Aug.13,1839.

Mary C. and Jefferson Beach, Dec.19,1830.

Paul of West Boylston and Adeline L. Moore, Nov.28,1836.


John of Millbury and Susan Phelps, May25,1817.


Lucy and Josiah Perry of Spencer, NY, Oct.30,1808.

Sally and John White, May4,1818.


Silas H. of Fitchburg and Elizabeth H. Lyon, Apr.20,1841.

Wilson W. and Aurelia B. Elmer, Nov.25,1846.


Eunice of Lancaster and Edward Poor, Nov.11,1769 (In Lancaster).

Henry O. of Rindge, NH, and Martha Ann Hatch, Aug.24,1848.

Sewall and 末末 Holbrook, Aug.12,1805.


Elizabeth and Ignatius Goulding, Mar.9,1758.

James of Westminster and Abigail Goulding, Apr.4,1793.

John and Martha Moore, Feb.11,1773 (In Leicester).

Joseph and Mary Rice, Dec.6,1771.

Mary and Samuel Bridge, Mar.1,1757.

Rebecca and Amos Johnson, May1,1781.

Tabitha and Joel Doolittle of Petersham, Dec.12,1776.


Elizabeth and Patrick Kane, May9,1847.


Michael and Catherine Donovan, Oct.2,1847.


Samuel A. and Susan F. Putnam, Mar.23,1843.

Sumner and Almira M. Kimball, Apr.17,1845.


John B. and Mary E. Whitcomb of Boylston, Nov.24,1843.

John and Sarah Kane, Jan.24,1848.


Dorcas and Moses Smith, June2,1784 (In Holden).

Ebenezer and Sally Goddard, May25,1800.

Eunice K. and William C. Searle, Apr.16,1839.

Haffield and Judith Rice, June9,1807.

Hiram and Martha S. Hamilton, Nov.11,1839.

Lyman and Elis Davis, Nov.12,1805.

Polly and James Williams, Mar.21,1811.

Mary Ann of Holden and Asa A. Walker, Mar.24,1847.

Samuel and Polly Barber, Feb.8,1810.

Samuel M. and L. Adelaide Eliza Hardy, Nov.25,1847.

Sally and James Trask, both of Sutton, Sept.6,1802.

Sarah and William Howe, Dec.22,1805.

Silence and Barzelia Rice, Apr.18,1765.

Stephen and Esther Wilder, Nov.1,1768 or Jan.5,1769.

Susannah and Calvin Woodward of Millbury, Dec.6,1846.


Abigail and James Goodwin of Westminster, Apr.4,1793.

Azubah and Joseph Torry, Dec.14,1794.

Clark and Prudence Rice,末蔓末,1795.

Elizabeth and Noah Bigelow of Shutesbury, Mar.18,1778.

Hannah and Nathan Blackman, June11,1787.

Hannah and Harford P. Dunham of Grafton, Oct.1,1832.

Harriet and Ebenezer Dana, Apr.15,1841.

Henry and Sally Rice, Apr.8,1829.

Ignatius and Elizabeth Goodwin, Mar.1,1758.

Jonas and Azubah Fisk, Aug.12,1787.

Levi and Sally Harrington, Apr.18,1809.

Lucinda and Timothy Johnson, Mar.6,1792.

Lucy and Jason Chapin, Oct.10,1844.

Luther and Sarah Newton of Shrewsbury, Apr.13,1796 (In Shrewsbury).

Luther and Abigail H. Marshall, Apr.18,1843.

Lydia and James Barber,末蔓末,1821.

Patta and Clark Johnson, Oct.26,1791.

Patty of Shrewsbury and William Rice, Sept.22,1799 (In Lancaster).

Polly and John Brown, Oct.6,1786.

Palmer Jr. and Abigail Heywood, Feb.25,1752.

Palmer and Mrs.Rebecca Richardson, Oct.31,1770 (In Sutton).

Palmer and Mary Harrington, Oct.27,1808.

Palmer of Grafton and Adah Ann Cutting, June3,1841.

Peter and Melinda Hubbard, May18,1843.

Rebecca and Nathaniel Carriel of Sutton, Jan.6,1795 (In Ward).

Sally and Reuben Scott, Jan.16,1800.

Sarah H. and Thomas D. Marshall of Holden, Jan.4,1843.

Sivilla and Cornelius Stowell, Mar.22,1749-50.

William and Lucretia Bigelow, Nov.18,1790.

Windsor and Asenath Hastings, Apr.15,1839.

Zurviller and Aaron C. Colman, Feb.9,1812.


Thomas and Mary Markin, July18,1847.


Anne and James McCarty, Feb.13,1848.

Catherine and Daniel Mackin, June6,1847.

Eliza and Michael Cassidy, July15,1845.

Jane and Red.McGrath, June5,1845.

John and Margaret Herlehy, Sept.8,1845.


Elizabeth S. and Jesse Corbett, Feb.12,1812.


Alexander of Rutland and Martha Forbush, Jan.18,1759.

Alexander of Rutland and Margaret Gray, Nov.25,1773.

Catherine and John Fineran, Feb.1,1847.


A. Watson and Nancy W. Chamberlain, June3,1839.

Mary Ann and Harrison G. Haven, Mar.7,1841.


Victorie and Joseph Terrienne, Jan.9,1842.


Ann C. and William C. Frost, June9,1843.

Elizabeth of Sudbury and Peter King, Mar.25,1723 (In Sudbury).

Lucy M. and Elon G. Higgins, Feb.1,1845.

Martha of Weston and John Brewer, Apr.9, or June1,1769 (In Weston).

Mary and Thomas Wheeler, Nov.23,1790.

Samuel and Eleanor Gates, Mar.4,1798.

Sarah and Nahum Gates, June26,1828.


Catherine of Holden and John Gray, Oct.14,1762 (In Holden).

Christopher and Harriet Phelps, Mar.31,1842.

Clarissa and Daniel Harrington, Mar.末,1828.

Eliza C. and Leonard Sturtevant of Templeton, May3,1836.

Betsey and Moses Cutler of Grafton, Jan.19,1797.

Betsey and James Greenwood Jr. of Sutton, Dec.20,1797.

Eliot of Pelham and Hannah Barber, June9,1761.

Esther and Ephraim.McFarland, June26,1782 (In Greenwich).

Experience and Thomas Cowdin, Nov.24,1748.

Jane and John Osburn Jr. of Hophinton, Nov.29,1768.

Jemima and Isaac Mitchell of Peterborough, Feb.24,1763.

John and Catherine Gray of Holden, Oct.14,1762 (In Holden).

Jonas of Holden and Susannah Gray, Nov.22,1759.

Jonathan of Pelham and Elizabeth Wiley, Mar.8,1774.

Joseph and Mary Thomas, Nov.27,1757.

Joseph and Hannah Millet, Nov.2,1780.

Lucy and William Walker, Nov.18,1798.

Luke and Juliet Marshall, Apr.10,1800.

Margaret and Alexander Graham of Rutland, Nov.25,1773.

Margaret and Michael Hamilton of Barre, Oct.20,1785 (In Barre).

Maria and William A. Brigham of Westboro', Apr.15,1830.

Molly and Andrew Boyd, June17,1762.

Polly and Joseph Allen of Hardwick, Sept.30,1800.

Polly and Samuel Sturtevant, Jan.12,1806.

Mary and Daniel Chadwick, Jan.29,1824.

Matthew and Margaret Forbush, May5,1766.

Matthew Jr. and Elizabeth McFarland, Aug.31,1773.

Moses of Templeton and Sarah Miller, Nov.27,1770.

Nathaniel and Patty Dickman, Jan.1,1801.

Reuben and Lydia Millett, June1,1773.

Robert Jr. and Elizabeth Howe, Oct.8,1772.

Sarah and Moses Miller, Dec.1,1772.

Sarah and Charles White of Peterborough, June10,1777.

Sarah and Willington Chapman, May27,1839.

Susannah and Jonas Gray of Holden, Nov.22,1759.

Thomas and Milly Johnson, Nov.29,1796.

Timothy of Fitchburg and Abigail Stone, Feb.17,1797.

William and Azuba Stearns of Uxbridge, Apr.6,1783.


John and Mary McDonald, Oct.29,1847.


Abel and Charlotte Davis, Sept.24,1845.

Benjamin, Dr., and Sarah Salisbury, Feb.1,1779.

Bristol and Nabby Kerr, Apr.9,1797.

Charles G. of 末末, VT, and Susan Bigelow, Nov.10,1831.

Chloe and John Low, July25,1799.

Elizabeth and Hezekiah Boyden, Sept.13,1764.

Elizabeth R. and Benjamin F. Heywood, June28,1837.

Eunice and Leonard Burbank, Jan.28,1808.

Harriet of Leicester and Rufus Johnson, Mar.1,1809.

Isaac of Leicester and Mary Holden, Mar.9,1742 (In Leicester).

John and Mary Osgood, Apr.14,1757.

John and Mrs.Azubah Ward, Dec.26,1758.

John and Dolly F. Curtis, Sept.16,1823.

Lucy H. and William W. Coes, Apr.30,1835.

Meltiah B. and Mary S. Ward, Oct.25,1837.

Mary E. and Tyler Gibbs of Warner, NH, Apr.4,1825.

Nancy and Benjamin F. Heywood, Sept.21,1820.

Nathaniel and Lucy Garfield, Jan.17,1744 5 (In Leicester).

Samuel S. and Ednah A. Bartlett, Aug.30,1839.

Tabitha of Leicester andThaddeus Moore, Dec.11,1777 (In Leicester).

Timothy of Leicester and Sarah Cook, June10,1755.


Josiah Jr. of Spencer and Sarah E. Nichols, Oct.7,1847.


Daniel and Mary Chamberlain, Apr.3,1800.

John C. of Warren, NH, and Julia Whitney, Jan.2,1828.

Sarah Quincy and Matthew Bird of Dorchester, Sept.29,1830.


Abel Jr. of Framingham and Sarah Perry, Dec.6,1821.

Burgess and Caroline C. Shurtleiff, May5,1848.

Daniel Jr. of Sutton and Jerusha Eaton, Nov.14,1754.

S.H. and Lucy Brigham, Sept.13,1838.

James Jr. of Sutton and Betsey Gray, Dec.20,1797.


Edward and Eliza Scott, Dec.28,1848.


Winifred and Patrick Kelley, Aug.25,1845.


Daniel J. and Lucy Willard, Jan.1,1844.

Michael and Alice Clanning, June27,1847.

Sally K. and Albert Curtis, Oct.18,1832.


Gideon and Patty Stevens, Feb.10,1778.

Sarah and Caleb Ellis of Keene, NH, Aug.11,1775.

William and Katharine Stearns, May23,1774.


Edward of Grafton S.G. and Shirland, Feb.19,1833.


Anne and Michael Newman, Aug.27,1848.


David A., Rev., of Uxbridge and Sally Whitney, May5,1835.

Elizabeth and Greenleaf Wheeler, Nov.14,1802.

Mary and Edward D. Bangs, Apr.12,1824.


Anna and Joshua Wheeler of Barre,末蔓末,1794.

Anna and Alfred Miles of Shrewsbury, June16,1807.

Jonathan and Anna Harrington, Mar.2,1769.

Julia A. and John Ayer of Rutland, May2,1838.

Prudence and William Maynard,末蔓末,1795.

Samuel B. of Winchendon and Harriet A. Whittemore, June27,1839.

Sarah W. and Gardner S. Burbank, May27,1841.

Silence and Josiah Gates, Feb.20,1771 (At Hollis, NH.)


Lucina and Horatio Dolliver, Feb.17,1847.


Hannah B. and Cutler Hatch of Upton, Sept.22,1830.

Luther and Mary S. Howe, Dec.19,1842 (In West Boylston).

Mary W. and Clark Elder, June4,1829.


Mary and John Moore, Apr.24,1776.

Millia and John Moore Jr., Jan.18,1803.


Peter and Sarah Hart, Aug.3,1846.

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