Lewis and Elizabeth Allen, Nov.24,1847 (At Quincy).


E. and Amos Evans, May6,1841.


Adonijah and Mary C. Stone, Mar.17,1831.

Olive L. and Amos Harlow Sept.28,1843.

Samuel of Southbridge and Catherine B. Elliot, May27,1846.


Mary and George G. Putney, Nov.4,1848.


Abby and William A.S. Smyth, June7,1848.

Daniel W. and Susan P. Bartlett, Nov.17,1846.

Samuel E. of Springfield and Huldah T. Chapin, Oct.27,1840.


Daniel and Jane Smith, Dec.2,1767 or Jan.8,1768.

Daniel, Jr. and Betty Mixer of Shrewsbury Apr.14,1793, (In Shrewsbury).

Betsey and Rufus Wesson of Grafton, Sept.18,1808.

John and Sarah Earle of Leicester Sept.19,1767.

John and Lucretia Harrington Dec.25,1800.

Patty and Leonard Kimball of Grafton, Feb.13,1794.

Nessa B. and Charles Childs, Feb.21,1832.

Thomas and Mehitable Boyden, Apr.10,1766.

Thomas and Sally Putnam, Oct.13,1805.


Ann D. and Charles Hovey, Nov.26,1840.

Artemas Dodge of Shrewsbury and Prudence Howard, Jan.14,1813.

Benjamin of Shrewsbury and Rebecca Wesson of Worcester Gore, May14,1777 (In Shrewsbury).

Bezaleel S. of Uxbridge and Mrs.Maria Flagg, Mar.22,1848.

Caroline W. and Marshall Whitney of Hopkinton, Oct.15,1839.

Eliza Ann and Otis Cutting, Oct.23,1839.

Elizabeth A. and Dexter H. Perry, Dec.17,1839.

Elizabeth L. and Horace Cummings of East Douglas, Oct.24,1844.

Hannah and Elijah Harrington, Aug.29,1803.

James H. and Almira Stevens, Sept.25,1845.

James E. and Frances M. Dresser, both of Springfield, Oct.10,1847.

Lydia of Hardwick and Nathan Holland, June26,1796 (In Hardwick).

Marvil of Upton and Lydia W. Bancroft, Dec.7,1848.

Moses of Woodstock and Sarah Ward, Apr.14,1767.

Samuel, Hon., of District of Berlin and Mary Bigelow, Apr.20,1786 (In Ward).

Sarah and Joel Barnard, May20,1819.

Thomas F. and Martha F. Gates May25,1839.


Abigail and Isaac Flagg, Sept.13,1780.

Bridget and Michael McGrath, June25,1848.

David of East Sudbury and Rebecca Jennison, Apr.28,1818.

Katharine and Nathaniel Coolidge, Nov.14,1786.

Lydia and Anthony Haswell, Apr.23,1778.

Polly and John Stacy, June24,1788.

Rebecca and Nathan White末蔓末,1824.

Sarah and William Johnson, Oct.11,1770. (At Salem, NH.)


Ann Eliza and Charles Holbrook, May13,1838.

Ebenezer and Hannah A. Maynard, Jan.1,1832.

Experience of Concord and John Knight, Mar.29,1743 (In Concord).

Ezekiel of Boylston and Joanna Hastings, Feb.3,1795 (In Boylston).

James and Lydia Rice, Mar.2,1758.

John and Lydia Ward, Aug.12 or 27,1769.

John, Jr. of Northborough and Hannah Pierce, Apr.19,1792.

Joseph and Lucretia Stearns, Oct.12,1780.

Joshua and Easter McFadden Nov.16,1769.

Josiah and Easter Ward, Feb.26,1768.

Lewis F. and Philena Heald of Hubbardston, Nov.12,1844.

Lucy Ann and John McDollen, Jr., Nov.30,1843.

Lydia and Abner Hinds of Dublin, NH, Apr.2,1782.

Mary and John Sawyer, June16,1686 (In Lancaster).

Mary and Peter Proctor of Littleton, June25,1761. (See duplicate on page 407)

Richard, Jr. and Sarah M. Howe, Aug.2,1834.


Charles H. and Eliza J. Bliss, Apr.2,1845.

James and Mary Clark, Nov.25,1784.

Mary and Daniel Bigelow, May22,1771 (In Lancaster).

Thirza B. and Samuel Parker, Nov.24,1846.


Marshall S. and Priscilla Hubbard, Jan.1,1840.


Priscilla and Martin R. Williams, Nov.7,1837.


Elizabeth and Jacob Kopp, Apr.6,1844.


Thomas and Sarah Hacket, Sept.1,1848.


Aaron and Lucretia Chandler, Oct.24,1786.

Abigail and Thomas Eaton of Reading, Oct.24,1770 (In Sutton).

Albert of Auburn and Rosina D. Sweetser, Mar.29,1842.

Almira S. and Frederick Burrill, Oct.18,1848.

Ebenezer and Phebe Bancroft, Sept.17,1772.

Eunice and Nathaniel Waters of Sutton, Oct.13,1763.

Isaac A. of Auburn and Uranah P Gates, Apr.25,1843.

Jane P. and Donato Gherardi of Northampton, Oct.10,1825.

Jonas and Sarah Blood of Hollis, Sept.15,1769.

Lucretia and Welcome Farnum of Blackstone, June2,1845.

Lydia W. and Marvil Baker of Upton, Dec.7,1848.

Mary and William Bancroft, Sept.5,1771.

Mary and Jonathan Gale of Warwick, Feb.14,1775.

Mehitable of Shrewsbury and Daniel Knight, Jr., Dec.4,1776 (In Shrewsbury).

Peter Morris of Ward and Relief Elder, Jan.25,1816.

Phebe and Ebenezer Bancroft, Sept.17,1772.

Raham and Dolly Foster of Reading Mar.27,1760 (In Reading).

Relief E. and Samuel Este, Oct.31,1839.

Rhominah of Ward and Melissa Beers, Dec.13,1821.

Sarah and John R. Blake of Brattleboro', VT, Jan.21,1836.

William and Mary Bancroft, Sept.5,1771.


Edward and Hannah Lynde, Sept.18,1788.

Edward D. and Mary Grosvenor, Apr.12,1824.

John of Springfield and Mary E. Jennison, Jan.6,1847.

Sarah of Harwich and Josiah Knight Apr.末,1798 (In Harwich).


Nancy H. and Joseph Lovell, Oct.23,1839.

Seth of Boylston and Sarah Johnson, Sept.29,1836.

Solomon and Angelina M. Mixter, Dec.20,1826.


Benjamin and Maria Collins of Southboro', Nov.20,1838.

Cyrus and Clarissa Smith, Nov.9,1842.

Ebenezer and Mary Fletcher of Holden, Apr.9,1778 (In Holden).

Elizabeth and Stephen Brooks of Princeton, Apr.28,1819.

Elizabeth M. and Amos R. Harlow, Apr.22,1839.

George A. and Lucy W. Clapp, Nov.29,1848.

Hannah and Eliot Gray of Pelham, June9,1761.

Hannah and Timothy R. Hutchinson, Aug.26,1840.

James and Lydia Goulding,末蔓末,1821.

John, Jr. and Patience Gleason, Mar.12 or Dec.1,1768.

Joseph of Westfield and Martha McFarland, Oct.1,1761.

Julia A. and Joseph E. Bond, Dec.30,1845.

Lucinda and Sylvanus B. Briggs, Oct.6,1839.

Lydia S. and Joel Harvey, Mar.31,1825.

Margaret and Michael Richmond of Killingly, Apr.2,1767.

Mary and Jonathan Bullard of Rutland Dist. Nov.16,1761.

Mary and John Dolliver, Nov.11,1802.

Polly and Samuel Gould, Feb.8,1810.

Mary Ann and Artemas Ward, May14,1816.

Matthew and Hannah McFarland, Mar.6,1758.

Nancy and Sidney Smith, Dec.22,1842.

Rebecca and Daniel Boyden, Jr. June7,1764.

Ruel and Lucy A. Davis, June10,1840.

Robert and Rebecca Johnson, Dec.26,1784.

Sally and William Town, June10,1799 (In Oxford).

Silas and Hannah Stowell, Dec.29,1814.

Susan S. and Joseph Dennis, Mar.21,1842.

William and Margaret Knox, Sept.27,1770.

William and Ruth Reed, Sept.25,1817.


Sally A. and Samuel H. Flagg, Jr., Jan.13,1836.

William C. and Martha Ann Kimball, Sept.11,1844.


Almira and Joseph Cars of Orrington, Dist. Maine, Oct.3,1802.

Esther and Ebenezer Kimball of Sullivan, NH, June7,1796.

Susan B and Artemas Keyes of W. Boylston, Nov.9,1837.

William of Macon, GA, and Nancy A. Miller Aug.15,1831.


Electa C. and Harrison G. Haven, Mar.19,1848.

Eliza and Jonathan W.D. Osgood of Templeton, June3,1834.

Harriet and Charles Smead of Greenfield, Dec.5,1837.

Joel and Sarah Baker, May20,1819.

John, 2d and Sarah R. Bigelow, May18,1826.

Judith and Thaddeus Chamberlain, Jan.27,1774.

Lewis and Bathsheba Lovell, Dec.9,1802.

Lewis of Springfield and Mary Ann Parkhurst Sept.2,1839.

Louisa B. and Charles H. Thayer June18,1848.

Polly and Elias Stowell, Nov.7,1790 (In Charlton).


Emeline R. and Lathrop Dorman, Dec.18,1848.

Jane of Leicester and William Blair, Feb.21,1744-5 (In Leicester).

Lewis F. of Spencer and Hannah A. Edwards, Nov.28,1839 ?

Maria E. and John C. Taber, May4,1848.

Samuel S. and Lucy Temple, May31,1841.

Sewall, Jr. of Westminster and Emeline R. Field, Apr.2,1845.


Thomas and Agnes Kelly, Jan.23,1848.


Henry A. of Salisbury, CT, and Rebecca P. Rice, Nov.13,1848.


James and Keziah Lapham, Mar.5,1797.

Jemima and Richard Prouty, Mar.1,1801.


John and Catherine Harrigan, Oct.22,1846.


Charlotte A. and W. Warren Clapp of Holden, Apr.19,1848.

Marietta and Dexter Flagg, Nov.8,1843.

Rufus and Nancy Willard, Aug.13,1835.


Catherine and William Coleman, Jan.25,1845.

Mary Jane and John Flinn, Apr.3,1845.

Mary and James Shea, Nov.30,1847.

Russell W. and Harriet Gage of Oxford, NH, Oct.5,1843.


Cynthia L. and Augustus Marrs, Dec.9,1845.

Daniel S. and Mary D. Copeland, Mar.29,1841.

Ednah A. and Samuel S. Green, Aug.30,1839.

Jonas and Mary Burnett, Apr.14,1831.

Jonathan of Sutton and Mehitable Hull, Oct.6,1762 (In Sutton).

Lucy M. and Silas Phillips, both of Shrewsbury, Apr.6,1848.

Lydia A. and Thomas Gates, Apr.8,1845.

Nancy A. and William P. StJohn of Utica, NY, Jan.12,1848.

Nathaniel of Brookfield and Dorothy Harwood, July5,1730 (In Brookfield).

Newell I. of Cambridge, VT, and Widow Eliza Rice (maiden name Ferrell), Aug.13,1848.

Oliver of Smithfield, RI, and Sally Howe, June30,1808.

Phinehas and Resinah Harris, Nov.22,1785 (In Holden).

Phinehas and Achsah Dresser, Oct.6,1840.

Samuel P. and Harriet I. Lawton, Mar.26,1845.

Susan P. and Daniel W. Bailey, Nov.17,1846.

Theoda and Humphrey B. Heywood, May27,1844.


Samuel F. and Mary A. Horseman, both of Boston, May29,1836.


Mary Ann and Josiah N. Henshaw of Leicester, Nov.20,1846.

Mehitable of Oxford and Samuel Duncan, Nov.12,1730 (In Oxford).

Warner and Betsey Clements, Oct.5,1815.

William S. of Holden and Caroline E. Perry, Nov.30,1848.


Henry L. and Tryphosa Densmore, Oct.23,1821.


Abigail and Estes McIntire, Dec.11,1835.


Henry G. of Macon, GA. and Henriette Maria Brigham, Aug.3,1845 (At West Boylston).

Hezekiah of Bellingham and Ruth F Gates, Apr.17,1836.

James F. and Judith C. Burroughs of Lynn, Aug.21,1848.

Ruth and Daniel Davis of Corning, NY, Oct.24,1844.


Sarah A. and Samuel Waite, Nov.25,1838.


Esterre and Mary Mousette, Jan.10,1848.

Metilda and Joseph Mousette or James Rouse, Jan.10,1848.


Mary and James Shea, Dec.29,1847.


Nancy A. and Gilbert Dean, Aug.25,1844.

Samuel D. of Grafton and Mary Curby, Mar.5,1829.


George of Dorchester and Caroline Taynton of Leicester, Nov.11,1847.


Jefferson and Mary C. Goodale, Dec.19,1830.


Mary, Mrs., of Mendon and Daniel Heywood, July1,1763 (In Mendon).


Elihu T. of Wendall and Isabella Pierce, Sept.5,1836.

Jonathan of Shrewsbury and Sarah Seager Oct.3,1759.


Otis and Esther R. Kneeland Nov.16,1847.


Bridget and Patrick Jordan, Jan.2,1848.


Melissa and Rhominah Bancroft of Ward, Dec.13,1821.


James E. and Mary Ann Willard, Feb.4,1841.


James E. and Caroline Simmons (both colored), Dec.6,1835.


Zedikiah and Elizabeth Wait of Ward, Sept.8,1778 (In Holden).


Elizabeth and Stephen Gates, June6,1782.


Achsah S. and Charles A. Gilmore, Aug.17,1846.

Ephraim H. Jr. and Jane L. Read, Apr.30,1848.


Margaret and Michael Besan, Jan.27,1845.


Jacob and Adeline A. Hammond, Oct.7,1846.


Elizabeth of Spencer and Jonathan Mower, July10,1755 (In Spencer).

Lewis of Spencer and Maria Stearns末蔓末,1824.

Mehitable and Samuel Hamilton, Oct.23,1793.

Rebecca and Joshua Patch, Apr.21,1794.

Relief and Allen Norton, Nov.26,1848.

Samuel of Spencer District and Mrs.Mehitable Daniell of Sutton Aug.11,1760.


William M. of Millbury and Amelia Denny, Mar.29,1833.


Moses and Joanna Gleason Dec.19,1750.

Persis and David Cutting, Oct.1,1793.


Danforth, Jr. and Frinda F. Phillips of Hubbardston, Aug.29,1841.

William J. and Louisa Cole, May15,1847.


Caroline C. and Henry L. Rogers of Springfield Nov.5,1838.


John and Catherine Regan,末蔓末,1844.


Lewis and Edesse Berthiome, Apr.18,1844.


Edesse and Lewis Bergeron, Apr.18,1844.


Michael and Margaret Belville, Jan.27,1845.


Sophia and Charles Vansleet, June17,1844.


Anne and Thomas Fitzmaurice, Sept.4,1848.


William B. and Nancy H. Derby, Dec.13,1830.

William M. and Sarah Ward, Dec.8,1842.


Abigail and Joel Brooks, Jr. of Petersham, Nov.3,1824.

Alexander and Adeline Stockwell, Apr.3,1845.

Anna and Ephraim Woolson of Framingham, Feb.20,1789.

Charles P. and Jane M. Briggs, Sept.25,1844.

Cynthia and Joseph Davis of Oxford, Apr.15,1812.

Daniel and Mary Bond, Nov.21,1751.

Daniel and Mary Ballard of Lancaster, May22,1771 (In Lancaster).

Daniel of Petersham and Anna Johnson, Apr.20,1783.

David and Sarah Eaton, May21,1752.

David and Deborah Heywood of Shrewsbury, Mar.8,1764.

David, Jr. and Hannah Willington, Apr.10,1775.

Dolly and Joseph Chadwick Mar.22,1792.

Edward B. of Grafton and Eleanor M. Moore, July17,1834.

Eliza W. and Henry A. Page of Boston, Sept.1,1842.

Elizabeth and John Hair, Nov.20,1777.

Betsey and Jeremiah Harrington, Nov.2,1802.

Emeline and David R. Allen of Springfield, Jan.11,1843.

Esther and John Moore, Sept.11,1760.

Francis E. and Mrs.Elizabeth C. Larrabee, Apr.6,1847.

Hannah and Joel Wesson, May23,1770.

Hannah P. and Leander May of Winchendon, Dec.17,1846.

Harriet E. and Daniel L. Cutler of Grafton, Feb.1,1844.

Hubbard and Mary Churchill, Mar.8,1848.

John and Polly Heywood of Sutton, June26,1796 (At Sutton).

John W. and Margaret Lindley, Jan.26,1843.

Joshua R. and Ruth H. Hathaway, Nov.30,1841.

Levi and Sulia Blake, Dec.28,1828.

Lewis and Sophia Stowell, Sept.9,1812.

Lucretia and William Goulding, Nov.18,1790.

Lucretia and Samuel Harrington, 3d, Nov.19,1820.

Lucy and Luther Lawrence of Groton, June19,1805.

Lucy and Amos Robbins of Uxbridge, Nov.14,1830.

Lydia and Zechariah Child of Shrewsbury, Oct.7,1784.

Maria and Mason H. Morse, May24,1836.

Mary and Elisha Clark, June7,1778.

Mary and Hon. Samuel Baker of District of Berlin, Apr.20,1786 (In Ward).

Mary D. and Varnum Brigham, June14,1824.

Mary and Sylvester Cahill,末蔓末,1836.

Mary E. and George C. Davis of Northboro, Dec.20,1842.

Mary C. and Daniel R. Garfield of Warren, PA, July15,1846.

Nancy and Abraham Lincoln, Jan.7,1787.

Noah of Shutesbury and Elizabeth Goulding Mar.18,1778.

Philinda E. and David E. Roe of Mendon, June22,1846.

Sarah and Joshua Harrington, Jr., June22,1775.

Sarah and Seth Cutler of Dimiston, Sept.11,1783 (In Sutton).

Sally and John Ward,末蔓末,1793 (In Shrewsbury).

Sarah R. and John Barnard, 2d, May18,1826.

Sarah and Seth Adams of Providence, May19,1830.

Silas and Mrs.Susannah Curtis, Dec.9,1817.

Silence and Jonathan Gleason, Sept.18,1783.

Solomon S. and Julia Nelson of Shrewsbury, Sept.23,1846.

Susan and Charles G. Greene of 末末, VT, Nov.10,1831.

Thaddeus and Rebeckah Warren, Mar.28,1754

Timothy and Anna Andrews, July7,1762, Province of New Hampshire, Married by Ward Cotton.

Walter and Judith Trowbridge, Nov.18,1799.

Walter R. and Eliza Mower, Dec.2,1828.

William of Pequiog and Margaret Gates, Nov.29,1753.

William P. of Boylston and Ame Newton, Apr.20,1831.


Sherman of Caledonia, NY, and Huldah Mower, Feb.16,1817.


Dolly and Joseph O. Tubbs, Oct.5,1845.

Polly of Northboro and Jacob Coburn of Charlton末蔓末,1794.


Matthew of Dorchester and Sarah Quincy Greenleaf, Sept.29,1830.


Foster and Eunice W. Rice, Sept.16,1830.

John of Spencer and Esther Moore末蔓末,1795 or 6.


Elvira and Stedman Pratt, Jan.3,1833.

William W. and Julia Ann Shepard, both of Leicester, Nov.27,1845.


Austin W. and Sophia F. Paige, Mar.15,1836.

Betty and Isaac Pratt of Ward, Feb.21,1786 (In Ward).

Esther and Jonas Rice of Leicester,末蔓末,1798.

Hiram and Mrs.Freelove Moore, both colored, Dec.28,1848.

Joel and Sally Moore, Nov.27,1793.

John of Holliston and Betsey Willard, Mar.29,1797.

John and Esther Flagg, July末,1827.

Katy and Nathaniel Stowell, Apr.17,1792.

Laura and Rufus Shumway of Millbury, Mar.24,1823.

Mary and Charles J.B. Waters of Holden, Mar.9,1835.

Persis and Andrew Slater, Sept.7,1814.

Samuel of Barre and Sarah Smith, Oct.5,1786.

Solomon and Esther Clark, Apr.3,1755.

Solomon and Martha R. Whittemore, Jan.7,1835.


Lucy R. and Patrick Landers, Sept.13,1846.

Mary W. and Elbridge G. Partridge, May18,1831.


Horace of Berkshire, NY, and Mary Putnam, Feb.2,1830.

Nathan and Hannah Goulding, June11,1787.


William H. and Harriet N. Howe, Apr.24,1839.


Dolly and George Nichols of Hadley, Aug.22,1828.

Elizabeth and Asa Hamilton, Aug.28,1788.

Betsey and Henry Rogers, Nov.27,1817.

Hannah and Thomas Chamberlain, Oct.30,1832.

James of Rutland and Martha Young, Nov.24,1778.

Mary and Simeon Duncan Jr., Apr.11,1780.

Matthew of Blandford and Jane Alexander, Feb.21,1754.

Robert of Pelham and Margaret Macclenain, Aug.24,1749.

Robert and Betsey Harrington of Holden, Dec.11,1783 (In Holden).

Sarah and Benjamin Andrews, Feb.10,1785 (In Holden).

Sally and Nathan Rogers of Holden, Sept.9,1829.

William and Jane Barnes of Leicester, Feb.21,1744-5 (In Leicester).


Charlotte Caldwell and Rev. Thomas Russell Sullivan of Keene, NH, Jan.19,1826.

Dorothea W. and Oliver H. Blood, May16,1828 (In VA.).

Elizabeth and George T. Rice, Apr.10,1829.

Ellis and Jane Cook, Aug.23,1778.

Frances G. and Fitzroy Willard, Jan.27,1836.

Francis of Boston and Caroline B. Trumbull June14,1842.

James and Rebecca Cunningham, July4,1784 (In Holden).

John R. of Brattleboro, VT, and Sarah Bancroft, Jan.21,1836.

Joseph H.D. and Maria L. Smith, Sept.3,1844.

Joshua and Sarah Stanton, Nov.16,1806.

Luther and Polly Chapin, Feb.13,1800.

Mary and Andrew Tufts, Sept.15,1797.

Persis and Samuel Case of Sutton, Dec.8,1790.

Samuel A. and Louisa S. Gleason, Nov.26,1833.

Sulia and Levi Bigelow, Dec.28,1828.

Tamar of Wrentham and Curtis Scearle, Feb.24,1795 (In Wrentham).


Alden and Betsey Chapin末蔓末,1824.

Charles of Barre and Elvira Johnson, Aug.21,1833.

Charles and Lydia W. Johnson, Sept.8,1842.

H.C. and Sarah Jane Emery, Oct.19,1847.

John of Medway and Lydia Millet, Aug.11,1767.


Mary Ann and Henry Cutting, both of Southbridge, Jan.26,1846.


Abel and Mary A. Stilman, Sept.19,1837.

Eliza J. and Charles H. Ballard, Apr.2,1845.

Harrison and Sarah H. Howe, Apr.5,1836.

James and Julia L. Drury, Mar.10,1839.

Perrin of Athol and Persis Ann Bullard, Jan.7,1836.

Russell and Mary May, Mar.4,1839.

Samuel A. and Eliza A. Drury, Dec.14,1835.


Charlotte H. of Sterling and Thomas Sterns of Baltimore, MD, Dec.16,1840.

Oliver H. and Dorothea W. Blake, May16,1828 (In VA.).

Sarah of Hollis and Jonas Bancroft, Sept.15,1769.


Jacob and Nancy R. Thatcher, Sept.19,1848.


Mary and Richard Morrison, Dec.2,1848.


John F. and Adeline Adams of Barre, Mar.6,1838 (In Leicester).


John of Waltham and Sarah Porter, Oct.5,1803.


Harriet and John Flagg, Sept.26,1808.

Polly and Gideon Paine, Dec.17,1806.


Clarinda and Horace Putnam of Leicester, Oct.4,1830.

Clarissa and Lothrop Bugbee of Millbury, May10,1832.


Mary and Jeremiah Kane, Jan.14,1847.

Mary and James Rourke, July15,1848.

Patrick and Margaret Sullivan, Aug.2,1847.

Patrick and Catherine Hall, Nov.11,1848.


Ellen and William Vail, July18,1846.


Hepshabeth and Jeph Hemenway, Nov.3,1792.


Abigail of Watertown and Josiah Holden, Dec.17,1747.

Elizabeth and Andrew Patterson of Sudbury, Oct.22,1761 (In Sudbury).

John and Silence King, Nov.21,1751.

Joseph E. and Julia A. Barber, Dec.30,1845.

Mary and Daniel Bigelow, Nov.21,1751.

Nathan and Loana Walker, Mar.16,1830.

Prence and Mary Latin, July8,1804.

Ruth of Bolton and Samuel Randall, Aug.8,1750.

Sarah of Boylston and Abijah Pierce, Mar.20,1789 (In Boylston).

Sophia S. and Lambert Lamson, of Boylston, Dec.5,1839.


Margaret and William Laverty, Aug.15,1847.


Mary Ann and John Lafferty, Aug.12,1841.


Catherine and Michael Kelly, Dec.15,1848.

Mary W. and Cyrus Osmer, Nov.8,1842.


Jemima of Shrewsbury and Joseph Jeseph July10,1770 (In Shrewsbury).


Joseph and Margaret Giot, Apr.16,1845.


Booth of Leicester and Miranda DePuterin, Nov.16,1835.

Wright of Leicester and Laura L. Stone, Dec.24,1846.


Ann and Isham S. Chapman, May24,1836.


William of Leominster and Persis Hubbard, Apr.27,1757.


Liberty and Jane E. Parker, Oct.14,1839.

M. Augusta and Milo Olin of Warrenton, GA, Aug.29,1839.

Orville and Martha Ann Burnett, June23,1846.

Sarah Ann and Jonathan R. Putnam of Shrewsbury, Sept.24,1834.

Sarah E. and Charles A. Taft of Uxbridge, Sept.15,1847.


Jeannette and William C. Kittridge, Feb.25,1847.


Lucy and Stephen Richardson, Mar.13,1832.

Sarah S. of Fitchburg and Calvin Hoyt, Jan.21,1844.


Andrew and Molly Gray, June17,1762.

Oliver H. and Lucinda Allen of Millbury, June14,1843.


Alvin and Mary Woodward, Jan.21,1799.

Chester and Silvia Studley, both of Leicester, June25,1817.

Daniel, Jr. and Rebecca Barber, June7,1764.

Darius and Lavina Brown, Dec.16,1773.

Elizabeth and Samuel Foster, Feb.23,1769.

Easter and Ebenezer Willington, Jr., Nov.20,1771.

Hannah and Jonas Nichols, Dec.13,1770.

Hezekiah and Elizabeth Green, Sept.13,1764.

John and Sarah Brooks Clark of Ward, Jan.19,1815.

Jonathan and Esther Rhodes, Dec.6,1764 (In Oxford).

Josiah and Lydia Whitney, Apr.16,1766 (In Shrewsbury).

Mary of Needham and Matthias Rice, Apr.11,1738 (In Needham).

Mehitable and Thomas Baird, Apr.10,1766.

Peter and Hannah Nichols, Aug.31,1769.

Samuel of Ward and Sally Curtis, Dec.1,1791 (In Ward).

Tryphena and Samuel Stone of Oxford, July4,1776 (In Oxford).


Mary and Arthur McKowen, Apr.30,1846.

Thomas and Sarah Lynch, Nov.27,1846.


Alona M. and Eleazer W. Carter, Aug.9,1848.

Ann D. and John W. Johnson, Jan.10,1847.

Lucy P. and Israel B. Estey, Apr.13,1836.


Mary and John Brierly of Millbury, Mar.7,1839.


Mary Ann and Girard F. Gleason of Westfield, Dec.12,1848.


Ebenezer of Cambridge and Hannah Paine, Oct.22,1772.

Timothy P. of Natchez, LA. and Charlotte Paine, Sept.23,1818.


Margaret H. of Boston and William C. Swan, May8,1836 (In Boston).


Agnes and James Dougherty, Jan.27,1845.

Elizabeth M. and George A. Hamilton, Apr.2,1845.

John of Holden and Elizabeth Cowdin, Jan.8,1787.

Maria S. and John B. Wyman Nov.22,1843.


Joseph of Gardner, ME, and Laura Stevens, Feb.1,1842.


Anne and James Murphy, Nov.3,1848.

Bridget and John Wyers, July4,1847.

Thomas and Margaret Farrel, Aug.21,1848.


Sarah and Charles Putnam, Oct.20,1816.

Timothy of Shrewsbury and Molly Taylor, Jan.18,1792.


Andrew and Amy Davenport of Northbridge, Nov.30,1837 (In Uxbridge).

Dana A. of Millbury and Eliza Burbank, Nov.25,1817.


Thomas and Bridget Haring, June24,1845.


Patrick and Ellen Burke, Jan.13,1845.


Eleanor Vashti and Asa Ames of Rutland, Sept.9,1798.


Caroline B. and William Kinnicutt of Seekonk, Mar.29,1830.

James and Caroline Burling, Oct.3,1822.

John of Salem and Anne W. Sever, Apr.19,1821.

Rebecca and Elijah Harrington, Dec.25,1799.


Moses T. and Lucy D. Lane, Nov.18,1833.

Moses T. and Abby Lane, May10,1842.


Elias K. of Ware and Margaret A. Minchin of Boston, June3,1847.


James and Joanna Dwyer, June27,1848.


Bridget and John Kelly July30,1848.

Margaret T. and James Mallow, Nov.3,1843.

Sarah and James McNervy, Apr.24,1846.


Alfred and Lucia A. May, Oct.30,1845.

Almond and Sarah D. Williams, Oct.9,1837.

Caroline and Joshua M. Armsby, Jan.23,1839.

John and Martha Graves of Weston, June1,1769 (In Weston).

John and Adeline Dean of West Brookfield, Mar.21,1839.

Lydia and Isaac Mirick of Weston, Apr.9 or June1,1769 (In Weston).

Margaret M. and Enoch Earle of Dedham, Aug.末,1827.

Merriam and Aaron Jones of Templeton, Apr.29,1772.

Sarah and Levi Dakin, Aug.26,1838.


Ellen and Jeremiah Curly末蔓末,1844.


Elizabeth and Michael Flood, Aug.4,1847.

Hannah G. and Charles W. Ainsworth, July14,1841 (In Boston).

John and Catherine McTiernan, Apr.4,1848.


Samuel and Mary Goodwin, Mar.1,1757.


Guy and Agnes Fitzgerald, Oct.27,1846.

Jean and John Spencer, Nov.26,1846.


John of Millbury and Mary Bradbury, Mar.7,1839.

John and Betsey Dennis of Dudley, Oct.14,1841 (At Dudley).


Enoch B. and Anne Reardon, Nov.5,1847.

Jane M. and Charles P. Bigelow, Sept.25,1844.

Job H. and Eliza Harrington, Apr.5,1836.

Mary Ann and Warren C. Spaulding, Nov.9,1842.

Sylvanus B. and Lucinda Barber, Oct.6,1839.


David T. and Ann M. Peck, Nov.24,1831.

Deborah of Westborough and Francis Harrington, Nov.14,1752 (In Westborough).

Edmund of Boylston and Mary Brooks末蔓末,1795.

Eli A. and Satira B. Stearns, Nov.28,1844.

Betsey and Simon Plympton, Mar.10,1819.

Elvira L. and John W. Forbes of Milford, Aug.8,1847.

Fidelia and Samuel Congdon, Dec.8,1825.

Frederick A. of Boston and Harriette Augusta Norton, Oct.15,1845.

Hannah L. and Joseph Danforth, Apr.10,1848.

Henrietta Maria and Henry G. Bates of Macon, GA, Aug.3,1845 (At West Boylston).

Jabez of Boylston and Nancy Kingsbury末蔓末,1794.

John M. and Arminda C. Stillman, Oct.3,1844.

Leonard and Susan H. Sawyer, Apr.25,1844 (In Northborough).

Lucy and S.H. Greenwood, Sept.13,1838.

Lucy K. and Luke Jones, Apr.3,1842.

Margaret and William T. Merrifield, Apr.27,1830.

Martha and Edward S. Clark, Mar.29,1829.

Mary B. and Joel Flagg, both of W. Boylston, Dec.5,1816.

Owen W. and Mary D. Paine, Nov.30,1835.

Roxana and Silas Dinsmore, Nov.3,1834.

Samuel C. of Oxford and Sarah R. Williams, Mar.27,1847.

Sarah P. of West Boylston and Darius Putnam, Jan.31,1843.

Varnum and Mary D. Bigelow, June14,1824.

William A. of Westborough and Maria Gray, Apr.15,1830.


Dorothy of Leicester and Benjamin Wiser, June8,1777 (In Leicester).


Isabella A. and Samuel Stratton, Apr.18,1848.

Sarah E. and Phinehas Morton of Hardwick, Mar.10,1846.

Silas I. and Adeline A. Phelps, Mar.30,1843.


Betsey and David Flagg, Mar.24,1799.


Julia and John Brosnehan, 2d Oct.16,1845.


Rose and Scipio Heminway, Sept.24,1783.


Elizabeth and Samuel Foster of Holden, Nov.16,1830.

Elizabeth F. and George Pritchard of Bradford, VT, June5,1844.

Elizabeth M. and Alfred Parker, May1,1845.

Emily and William Andrews, both colored, Sept.24,1837.

Ephraim and Hannah Elder, Sept.20,1792.

George W. and Eunice Flagg, Apr.1,1818.

George and Rhoda Toney, both colored, Aug.12,1835.

Joel, Jr. of Petersham and Abigail Bigelow, Nov.3,1824.

John and Ruth Gleason, Apr.29,1801.

Jonas and Elizabeth Aldrich, Mar.9,1817.

Joseph and Mrs.Agnes Walker, July or Aug.31,1767.

Lyman and Amelia Dodge, Nov.12,1845.

Mary and Edmund Brigham of Boylston,末蔓末,1795.

Nathaniel, 2d and Mary Chadwick, Apr.9,1822.

Pelatiah of Acton and Eunice Gleason, June5,1806.

Samuel and Hannah Brown of Carlisle, Mar.14,1755 (In Concord).

Stephen of Princeton and Elizabeth Barber, Apr.28,1819.


Mary and James Cunningham, Feb.14,1848.


John D. and Mary Ann Devine, Apr.18,1846.

John and Mary Sullivan, May6,1847.


John, 2d and Julia Brinns, Oct.16,1845.


John and Anne Sullivan, Jan.8,1846.


Abigail and Thomas Osburn of Boston, June14,1791.

A. and Ayres R. Marsh of New Bedford, Aug.7,1839.

Alexander and Sally Fox, Nov.1,1840.

Alzirus and Harriet D. Proctor, Nov.16,1843.

Amanda and Edmund Dean, both of Grafton, Jan.5,1837.

Anna and Thomas Mower of Leicester, Dec.3,1772.

Anna and Eli Gale, Feb.末,1785.

Ann G. and Ichabod Washburn, Oct.6,1823.

Charles H. and Abby Smart of Springfield, VT, Sept.11,1847.

Corintha D. and Charles Lamb, Oct.13,1842.

Elizabeth and Leonard A. Patch, Dec.30,1841.

Phelix and Widow Louise Waite, Feb.24,1847.

George H. of Boston and Jane E. Leggate, June15,1846.

George A. and Mary E. Langley, Nov.23,1847.

Hannah of Carlisle and Samuel Brooks, Mar.14,1755 (In Concord).

Isabel and Israel Penniman, both of Paxton, Mar.15,1799.

Jemima of Oxford and Joel Collier, Sept.24,1846.

John and Polly Goulding, Oct.6,1786.

Josiah and Sally Mahan, Nov.23,1790.

Julia A. of Smithfield, RI. and Dexter Starkey of Providence, RI, Sept.27,1847.

L. Jane and S. Verstall Carpenter, both of Auburn, May10,1847.

Levina and Darius Boyden, Dec.16,1773.

Lucy and Otis L. West of Cincinnati, OH, Oct.25,1831.

Luke of Newfane, VT, and Mary Howe, Jan.17,1798.

Luke, Jr. and Mary Adams, Jan.1 or 26,1869 (In Hardwick).

Lydia and Joshua Johnson, May28,1758.

Maria F. of West Boylston and Rufus W. Whiting, Nov.5,1834 (In W. Boylston).

Patty of Paxton and David Moore, May31,1795 (In Paxton).

Martha S. and Sumner Eaton, Apr.30,1843 (At Newton).

Mary and Nathan Hersey of Leicester, Nov.11,1770.

Mary and Samuel Follett, June26,1788 (In Holden).

Mary and Elijah Pike of Sterling, Oct.3,1790 (In Boylston).

Mary and Perley Flagg, Dec.27,1808.

Mary Ann and Samuel V. Stone, Sept.3,1840.

Nancy and Jonathan Knight, Apr.7,1819.

Narcissa and John T. Lovell, June26,1828.

Rebeckah and Gardiner Earle of Leicester, Mar.15,1767.

Robert and Ellen Courtney, Apr.25,1844.

Samuel and Mary Flagg, Nov.25,1765.

Sally and Elijah D. Davis of Templeton, Sept.16,1835.

Smith E. and Cynthia L. Wait, Dec.1,1828.

Theophilus and Sarah A. Knowlton, July9,1845.

Thomas and Mrs.Thankful Hersey of Leicester, Mar.4 or Sept.28,1768.

William and Mary Cowdin, Oct.25,1779.

William, Jr. and Mary Cowdin, Nov.29,1780.

William W. of Providence, RI. and Ann Ellen Hathaway, May11,1841.


Josiah O. and Amanda Cheney of Holden, Nov.9,1836.


Elizabeth of Rutland and William McFarland, Nov.7,1745 (In Rutland).

William of Rutland and Rebekah McFarland Nov.22,1750.


Eunice and William Moore, Nov.16,1784 (In Grafton).

Mary and Samuel F. Redding, both of Enfield, May13,1844.

Preserved (transient) and Eleanor Campbell, Feb.28,1808.


Ann M. and Daniel R. Pratt, Sept.13,1838.

Grace of Berlin and Luther Harris, Jan.13,1788 (In Lancaster).


Otis and Mary Jane Mixter, Nov.14,1847.


Lydia of Sutton and Jacob Chamberlain, Mar.18,1784 (In Sutton).


Jeremiah and Margaret O'Leary, Feb.28,1848.


Ruth of Sutton and Moses Peters, Dec.23,1746 (In Sutton).


James E. of Providence, RI. and Rebecca S. Coes, Dec.15,1843.


Darius of Woodstock and Mary Lovell, Jan.10,1753.

Emily H. and Calvin H. Root, May31,1846.

Lathrop of Millbury and Clarissa Boise, May10,1832.

Lathrop of Millbury and Nancy S. Rice of Auburn, Apr.13,1848.


Anastasia and Michael Maguire, Apr.9,1846.

Mary and Martin Kane, Sept.2,1847.


Delilah of Readfield, Maine and Samuel Crane, Apr.6,1845 (At West Boylston).


Calvin of Princeton and Mary Anne Gleason, Nov.24,1830.

Charles of Winchendon and Elizabeth G. Gleason, Nov.4,1834.

Charles and Sarah M. Goddard, Dec.8,1842.

Elizabeth and Alfred A. Allen of Ware, Oct.28,1840.

Jonathan of Rutland District and Mary Barber, Nov.16,1761.

Joseph and Clarissa Cunningham, July1,1800.

Persis Ann and Perrin Bliss of Athol, Jan.7,1836.

Seraph H. and Peregrine Rice, Oct.15,1835.


Jane of Holden and John Parker of Millbury, July10,1844.

Richard and Alice Midgery, Aug.25,1847.


Danforth H. and Lucretia Clements, Apr.19,1825.


Amelia and Austin Denny, May22,1823.

Anna and David Wesson of NY, City, Nov.末,1827.

Eliza and Dana A. Braman of Millbury, Nov.25,1817.

J.F. and Isabella Chisholm of Marlboro', NY, Jan.8,1848.

Gardner S. and Sarah W. Grout, May27,1841.

Leonard and Eunice Green, Jan.28,1808.

Mary A. and John D. Snow, Nov.26,1846.

Samuel H. and Lucy Tatman, May25,1842.

Timothy T. and Susan A. Gates, Nov.26,1840.


Alvin T. and Mary A. Drury, Mar.12,1844.

James and Abigail Ward of Leicester, Mar.15,1840.

Martha H. and George A. Austin, June9,1847.

Sarah and Arad Woodworth Jr. of Leicester, Dec.19,1838.


Mary Ann and Ezra Ladoux,末蔓末,1841.


Ann Patrick Conlovan, Nov.6,1843.

Ellen and Patrick Brannon, Jan.13,1845.

Ellen and David Fleming, Jan.13,1847.

Ellen and Patrick Conelly, Mar.29,1847.

Margaret and Michael Fennerty, Dec.4,1847.

Patrick and Catherine Farrel, Dec.2,1848.

Richard and Bridget Gill, July22,1846.

William and Sabina Rafter, Feb.21,1848.


Caroline and James Brazer, Oct.3,1822.

Frances Sophia and Edward J. Vose, Sept.4,1828.


Sabrina and Daniel P. Haynes, Oct.18,1821.


Dolly and Charles F. Wilson, Dec.24,1844.

Luther, Jr. and Eliza Chamberlain, June2,1823.

Luther, Jr. and Mrs.Rebecca B. Lang, Sept.22,1836.

Martha Ann and Orville Bowen, June23,1846.

Mary and Jonas Bartlett, Apr.14,1831.


Ann and Michael O'Donnell, Feb.11,1848.

Patrick and Sarah Cassidy, Aug.4,1844.

Patrick and Bridget Fahy, Apr.30,1848.


Jonathan of Fitchburg and Sally T. Farnum, Dec.14,1841 (In Fitchburg).


Frederick and Almina S. Bancroft, Oct.18,1848.

Lyman of Boston and Rebecca A. Wheeler, Mar.1,1837.


Judith C. of Lynn and James F. Bates, Aug.21,1848.


Celia C. and David Wilder, Apr.25,1833.

Elizabeth F. and Henry Phelps, May22,1844.

Ellen and John Kelley,末蔓末,1844.

Julia L. and Thaddeus Chapin of NY, City, Nov.14,1844.

Simeon and Anna Robinson, Oct.25,1821.


Cornelia and Elnathan Pratt, May1,1805.


Mary and James Cunningham, Feb.14,1848.


Malina and Orrin Dalrimple, both of Upton, Apr.7,1823.

Nathan of Boston and Prudence Watts, both colored, Nov.1,1792.

Smith and Tabitha Wright, June9,1799.


Benjamin and Susanna Chamberlain, Oct.22,1786.

Benjamin of Portland and Sally Robinson, Feb.22,1813.


Ann and John Austin, Apr.3,1833.


Samuel D. of Holden and Mary W. Fuller, Apr.18,1841 (In Millbury).


Peter and Mary Hero, Apr.12,1846.


Edward and Julia C. Coburn, July30,1848.

Mary and Moses Hayden of Sutton, Apr.23,1792.

William and Mary Mahan, June8,1775.


John and Eliza Leonard, July3,1845.


Martin and Mary A. Callahan, Jan.23,1845.


Mary and Joseph F. Stevens, July28,1846.

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