Ephraim W. [Studley.int.] of Stoneham and Harriet N. Bowen, May1,1845.


Thomas, Jr. of Brookfield, and Ruth Hardy, Dec.1,1768.


Elizabeth of Hopkinton and Daniel Adams, Mar.27,1777, in Hopkinton.

Joshua, Jr. of Pepperell and Sarah F. Whitney, July4,1839.

Martha [Marthew.int.] of Hopkinton and Asahel Bigelow [Bigilow.int.], Apr.30,1780, in Hopkinton.

Moses of Spencer and Sarah Grout, Feb.9,1802.

Sarah A. of Grafton and Lorenzo Whitney, int.Mar.18,1848.

Solomon and Lucy Thurston, May8,1833.

Solomon of Northborough and Melinda Sibley, int.Apr.6,1841. (Not published.)

Thomas and Huldah Park, both of Sutton, June24,1758.*

William of Upton and Susanna Bathrick, Sept.6,1808.


Ann of Hopkinton and Samuel Gemel, Mar.11,1734-5, in Hopkinton.

Mary and Ebenezer Savige, both of Rutland, Nov.24,1726.*

HAMILTON (Hambelton)

Joseph, Capt. of Brookfield and Martha Forbush, int.Apr.21,1806.

Lucretia, Mrs.Worcester and Capt. Jonathan Fay, int.Mar.30,1798.

Mary and William Bois of Blanford, Feb.10,1745-6.


Ebenezer (Hammond) and Mary Garfield of Weston, Apr.20,1738, in Weston.


Daniel, Esq. of Durham, ME and Sally S. Cobb, Oct.14,1821.


Sally, Mrs.Northborough and Elijah Brigham, int.Jan.26,1786.


Charlotte of Shrewsbury, and Horace Abbott, int.Sept.4,1830.

George and Harriet A. Warren of Shrewsbury, int.Mar.5,1844.

Leander R. of Worcester and Lucy B. Forbush, Sept.19,1841.

Luther and Harriet Dean of Oakham, int.Sept.9,1848.


Easter and Jepry Amhors Maynard, int.Feb.4,1793.


Elias of Medway and Thankful Forbes, June1,1780.CR

Samuel, Jr. and Rachel Gould of Marlborough, int.May10,1760.


Aaron and Hephzibah Bradish, Mar.24,1730.CR

Abigail and Daniel Adams of Shrewsbury, May21,1752.

Abner H. and Asenath Perham of Upton, int.Apr.24,1812.

Abner H., Jr. and L[ouisa] A. Duncklee of Salem, int.末蔓末,1847.

Ann Maria and John D. Mellen, Oct.18,1835.

Benjamin and Eunice Andrews, Nov.17,1785.

Benjamin D. and Augusta A. Morse, Sept.7,1842.

Charles S. and Susan M. Mellen, Oct.19,1837.

Constantine and Jemima Brigham of Shrewsbury, int.Dec.14,1762.

Daniel and Vashti Rice, Dec.7,1727.CR

David P. and Margaret Lanagan of Boston, int.Oct.30,1847.

Elijah and Martha How, int.Mar.10,1764.

Elijah, Jr. and Hephzibah Maynard, July1,1804.

Elizabeth and James Miller, Jr., June18,1747.CR

Ephraim Brigham and Lucy Knox, Mar.2,1806.

Hannah and Solomon Baker, May7,1767.

Hannah and Beriah Ware, Nov.21,1784.

Hannah of Shrewsbury and Joseph Brigham, Jr., int.Jan.2,1807.

John and Mary Barker, Sept.3,1834.

Joseph and Lucy Parker, May3,1774.

Josiah and Cynthia Perham, Apr.2,1809.

Lucy and Benjamin Brigham, May22,1803.

Martha and Ziba Bush of Granby, int.Feb.21,1788.

Metcalf C. of Northborough and Mary Ann Woods, int.Feb.11,1830.

Mindwell and Elijah Whitney, May29,1785.

Noah of Brookfield and Rachel Newton, Nov.24,1762.

Phinehas and Prudence Warrin, Mar.8,1731-2.CR

Phinehas and Sarah Wyman, June3,1779.

Rebeckah and John Taylor of Boxborough, int.Nov.5,1790.

Ruth and Thomas Hail, Jr. of Brookfield, Dec.1,1768.

Ruth and Luther Barns, Dec.15,1796.

Samuel and Tabitha Forbush, Feb.2,1726-7.

Samuel, Jr. and Rachel Gould of Marlborough, int.May10,1760.

Susanna, Mrs.and Henry Marble, June30,1785.

Tabitha and Levi Brigham, July9,1771.

Thomas and Hephzibath Rice, Apr.26,1758.


Abigail of Leicester and Benjamin Pressen, Nov.27,1760, in Leicester.


William J. (s.Mathew and Persis, a.34.) and Annah M. Forbes, Oct.16,1849.

HARRINGTON (Herrington)

Aaron and Esther Pond, both of Grafton, Jan.7,1794.*

Aaron and Asenath Walker of Hopkinton, int.Mar.7,1801.

Anna and Joel Warren, int.Feb.4,1821.

Antipas and Mary Russel of Oxford, int.Apr.2,1806.

Benjamin and Anna Chamberlain of Southborough, Jan.30, [May5. dup.] 1789, in Southborough.

Benjamin and Anna Chamberlin of Southborough, May5,1789.

Barnard of Northborough and Mrs.Susanna Forbush, int.Mar.9,1811.

Caleb of Waltham and Sarah Miller, May3,1774.

Dana, Capt. and Amy P. Davenport, Feb.末,1823.

David B. and Lucy G. Newton, Mar.30,1826.

Edmund of Grafton and Sally Forbush, Apr.15,1824.

Eli and Susannah [Susanna.int.] Baker of Bolton, Nov.3,1774, in Bolton.

Eli and Betsey Grout, Apr.4,1821.

Eliza Miranda and Jonathan Ingalls of Waterford, NY, Nov.13,1828.

Elizabeth [Herrington. int.] of Watertown and Ebenezer Parkman [Jr. int.], Sept.21,1752, in Watertown.

Elizabeth and John Wait of Alsted, Feb.末,1777.

Betsey and Nahum Fisher, Jan.3,1810.

Ephraim and Prudence Leeland, both of Grafton, Feb.26,1789.*

Evinas and Edmund Entwistl, int.Nov.17,1770.

Francis of Worcester and Deborah Brigham, Nov.14,1752.

Hannah and Rev. Holloway Fish of Marlborough, NH, Mar.21,1796.

Hannah and Timothy Warren, Jr., May10,1801.

Harriet F. of Petersham and Luke Blake, int.Jan.2,1820.

Jane and Charles Stratton, both of Grafton, Feb.1,1835.*

John of Waltham and Mary Whitney, int.Dec.20,1766.

John H. (s.John) and Mary J. Allen Jan.12,1845.

Joseph and Ruth Miriam of Grafton, int.Mar.17,1764.

Joseph P. and Mary Claflin, both of Upton, Feb.5,1840.*

Lawson and Lovicy W. Forbes, Apr.26,1831.

Leonard of Shrewsbury and Eunice M. Gleason, int.Apr.30,1840.

Lucinda and Horatio Warren,末蔓末, 末末.

Lucy and David Brigham, Feb.22,1787.

Lydia and Daniel Chamberlain, Jan.4,1775.

Polly and Seth Miller, Jan.21,1811.

Mary Pearce of Grafton and Samuel Harrington, int.Aug.7,1813.

Mary W. and Elisha B. Cobb of Hingham, Dec.2,1828.

Mary S. and Elisha B. Pike of Upton, Apr.19,1838.

Mary L. and Zebina Gleason of New York, NY, May14,1839.

Moses and Nancy Fisher Winslow, Feb.17,1824.

Nahum, Esq. and Mary Fairbanks of Dedham, int.Nov.12,1815.

Nancy and Francis Bliss of Sterling, Feb.5,1825.

Persis [Herrington. int.] and Nathan Fay, Jan.1,1772.

Phebe G., Mrs.and Noyes Bryant, Jan.8,1840.

Prudence, Mrs.and Capt. Clapp Spooner of Petersham, May18,1819.

Ruth and Ezra Bellows, Dec.1,1774.

Ruth and Barnum (Barnam) Blake, Feb.16,1792.

Samuel and Mrs.Elizabeth Stratton of Watertown, June16,1736, in Watertown.

Samuel of Brookfield and Lucy Whitney, int.Apr.3,1756.

Samuel and Mary Pearce Harrington of Grafton, int.Aug.7,1813.

Samuel A. and Catherine Warren, int.Dec.10,1829.

Samuel, 2d of Grafton and Elizabeth Leggate of Shrewsbury, Nov.28,1834.*

Sarah and Samuel Clerk of Sherburn, Sept.24,1755.

Sarah of Northborough, and William Howe of Marlborough, July16,1804.*

Sarah and Noyes Bryant, Sept.10,1818.

Stephen of Grafton and Melinda A. Bryant, May21,1831.

Susanah and Abner Newton, int.Apr.15,1758.

Susanna and Lieut. Webster Johnson of Southborough, Nov.19,1823.

Thankfull and Ephraim Whitney of Upton, Dec.6,1749.CR


Rufus and Elvira Goss of Mendon, int.Dec.13,1828.


Adiel, Rev. and Lydia Ann Jones, Jan.末,1840.

Patience and David Fay, Sept.9,1779.

Sarah and Rev. Freeman E Brown of Portsmouth, NH, int.July24,1840.

HASKEL (Haskell)

Phinehas, Jr. and Susannah Martin, Nov.12,1792.

HASKELL (Haskel)

Asa and Lydia Wheelock, Feb.21,1793.

Asa and Achsah E. Warren, Oct.19,1836.

Clarinda and Daniel Putnam of Lebanon, CT, int.Apr.9,1815.

Elijah and Mary L. Hawes, May26,1822.

Emily A. (d.Elijah and Mary, a.24.) and George H. Childs of Providence, RI, Jan.1,1849.

Lydia Maria (d.Elijah) and Jonathan B. [W. int.] Brittan, Feb.20,1844.

Mary and Elder Amasa Smith of Bridgewater, int.July2,1815.

Susanna and Seth Grout, Oct.21,1794.


John E. and Miriam W. Eager, int.Aug.21,1840.

Joseph S. of Shrewsbury and Joanna Newton, int.Apr.27,1833.

Norman (s.Norman and Deborah, a.22) of Worcester and Julia Ann Forbush, Oct.29,1846.

Timothy F. and Achsah Relknap, Oct.4,1836.


Roger C., Rev. of Hopkinton and Hannah Fay, Sept.13,1820.


Hiram and Adeline O. Lambert, May6,1841 [Apr. dup.]

Micah and Prudence Willard, both of Sutton, May20,1793.*

HAWES (Haws)

Amy Almira and Asahel Bemis, Feb.8,1818.

Clarisa, Mrs.Holliston and Martin Bullard, int.Apr.17,1846.

Hannah Sophia and Edward Bellows, June4,1823.

Mary L. and Elijah Haskell, May26,1822.

Nancy Maria and Thomas Stone, Jr., Apr.9,1817.

HAWS (Hawes)

Abiel (sic) of Wrentham and Moses Whelock, int.Oct.9,1762.

James and Hannah Thompson, Nov.25,1762.

James, Jr. and Hannah King, July1,1792.


Charles L. (s.Moses) and Harriet E. Warren, Mar.27,1844.

Frederick (s.Isaac and Martha, a.21.) of Marlborough and Achsah L. Forbush, Nov.26,1846.

Lydia M. and Lyman Fay of Northbridge, June24,1841.

Moses, Jr. of Grafton, and Susanna Maynard, Apr.22,1821.


John C. of Boston and Lucy Andrews, Oct.9,1831.


Samuel and Sarah Billing, int.Jan.5,1760.


Phinehas, Jr. of Shrewsbury and Keziah Snow, Nov.19,1772.

Samuel and Sarah Billing, int.Mar.6,1756.


Benjamin, Capt. of Belfast, ME and Marianna (Mirianna) Bellows, Jan.21,1824.

Judith [Hazeldon. int.] of Sutton and Eli Whitney, July15,1779, in Sutton.

Nancy and Daniel Stockwell, Jr., Mar.27,1792.

Silas and Hannah Baker, int.June3,1783.


Judith [Hazeldon. int.] and Ebenezer Brigham, Sept.29,1782.

HEGGINS (Higgins)

Esther and Benjamin Whitney, Apr.4,1775.


Sarah and Atkins Hutchinson of Northborough, Aug.24,1795.

HEMENWAY (Hemingway)

Moses of Framingham and Lucretia Warren, Apr.12,1803.

HEMINGWAY (Hemenway)

Beulah of Southborough and Ithemer Bellows, int.Dec.16,1775.


Elizabeth of Shrewsbury and Amasa [Amsden Gail. int.] Gale, Mar.17,1772, in Shrewsbury.

Samuel of Northborough and Polly Severs, Sept.15,1789.


Susan and Dr. Edwards Dickinson of Waterford, NY, Apr.22,1824.

HERRINGTON (Harrington)

Eunice and Joseph Rice, Apr.18,1749.

Lydia and Jonas Warrin, Jan.20,1742-3.

Lydia and Daniel Chamberlain, Jan.4,1775

Sarah and Samuel Thirsting, July16,1770.

HEYWOOD (Hayward, Heyward)

Isaac of Hopkinton and Polly Fisher, Apr.4,1821.


Rebecca and Elijah Warrin, Oct.3,1748.

HIDE (Hyde)

Noah, Jr. of Newton and Rachel Fay, int.Apr.6,1774.

HIGGINS (Heggins, Hougings)

Martha and Thomas Whipple, June17,1755.


Catharine [Katherine. int.] of Warwick and Abner Warren, Feb.10,1798, in Warwick.

David W. of Westminster (s.Jonas and Lucretia, a.25.) and Ellen E. Brigham, May12,1847.

Eliza B. of Newton and Benjamin H. Emery, int.June17,1839.

Eunice and John Beeton, Jr., Sept.26,1776.

Jemima and Benjamin Conant of Warwick, Aug.21,1787.

Levi [of Northborough.dup.] and Lucy Maria Bigelow, Jan.5,1826.

Levi and Mary A. [Mary Ann. int.] Miller, May16,1844.

Nancy and Levi Bathrick, May10,1795.

Nathan of Sewsbury and Mary Whipple, int.July11,1772.

Sarah of Royalston and Silas Howe, int.July17,1841.

Silas and Jemima Thomson, Feb.6,1766.


Margaret and Benjamin Tainter, Jr., May16,1776.


Cody of Hopkinton and Patty Ball, Nov.14,1805.


Lyman D. and Caroline S. Bartlett of Boston, int.Apr.29,1848.

Samuel of Shrewsbury and Martha A. Whitney, int.Feb.20,1835.


William and Mrs.Rhoda Forbush, Apr.6,1831.


Daniel of Framingham and Molly Bowman, Apr.14,1790.

Margaret, Mrs.Wrentham and Elihu Blake, int.Mar.16,1828.

Sarah E. of Natick and Syvanus Colman, int.Sept.1,1849.


Betty and Daniel Wheeler of Worcester, int.July9,1754.

Jemimah and John Taylor of Shrewsbury, int.May11,1758.

Mary and Jonathan Bartlitt of Marlborough, int.Apr.18,1753.

William and Mary Howard, Feb.1,1720, in Marlborough.


Florella M. of Douglas and Jonathan Grout, int.May14,1842.

HOLMES (Holms)

Reuben G. and Rebecca Winch of Holden, int.Nov.11,1848.

Samuel of Hopkinton and Mary Twitchell, Mar.24,1818.

HOLMS (Holmes)

Hannah and Moses Miller, Jan.10,1793.


Daniel [Dennis.int.] of Lancaster and Lucy Walker, Sept.16,1841.


Abagail [Hopins.int.] of Southborough and Elijah Snow, Dec.1,1782, in Southborough.


Susanna and Samuel Wheelock, Apr.1,1787.


Anna and James Godfrey, Jr., Nov.28,1793.


Silence of Boylston and Barnabas Miller, Int. Apr.4,1838.

HOUGINGS (Higgins)

Martha and Thomas Whipple, int.May3,1755.

HOW (Howe)

Abigal and John Fesenden of Rutland District, Oct.31,1763.

Azubah and Samuel Crosby of Shrewsbury, int.Sept.8,1753.

Benjamin and Tabitha Garfield, Mar.10,1736. [1738.CR].

Benjamin of Northborough and Hephzibath Warren, June11,1798.

Damaris and Jonathan Champney of Southborough, Mar.12,1767.

Hannah and Ebenezer Miller of Upton, Jan.15,1752.

Jedidiah and Abigail Warren, Nov.27,1728.CR

Jonathan and Lydia Maynard, Nov.29,1759.

Lucretia and Benjamin Warren, Apr.23,1767.

Martha and Merodackbaladan Smith, Oct.26,1762.

Martha and Elijah Hardy, int.Mar.10,1764.

Noah and Mary Walker, Dec.8,1748.

Persis and Henry Gaschet, int.June25,1757.

Sarah of Framingham and Benjamin Gafel, int.May30,1752.

Susannah of Middleton and William Wood, int.Apr.4,1759.

Thankfull and Timothy Warrin, May26,1767.


Edwin (s.Ebenezer and Hannah, a.21.) of Holliston and Susan Gilman of Upton, Sept.9,1849.*

Mary and William Holloway, Feb.1,1720, in Marlborough.

William of Upton and Maget Chadock, int.May7,1779.

HOWE (How)

Almena of Framingham and Nahum Newton, int.Apr.15,1838.

Archelaus M. (s.Luther and Lucy, a.24.) and Hannah J. Brigham, Apr.6,1848.

Cynthia L, of Millbury, and Capt. Joel F. Andrews, int.Feb.1,1831.

Emily J. (a.19) and George M. Garfield, Oct.26,1847.

Emeline and Truman Morey of Natick, July3,1833.

Gideon (s.Lyman and Catherine, a.18) and Elmira S. Miller, Dec.7,1848.

Israel G. and Louisa A. Flagg of Southborough, int.Mar.26,1842.

Julia Ann (d.Lyman) and Moses Wood, Nov.6,1845.

Margaret and James Miller, July26,1749.CR

Noah [How int.] and Martha Stevens of Holden, July12,1757, in Holden.

Samuel G. (s.Samuel and Jerusha, a.29) and Rhoda Ann Richards, July4,1848.

Sarah of Grafton and William E. Tidd of Marlborough, May8,1838, at Grafton.

Silas and Sarah Maynard of Northborough, int.Nov.12,1836.

Silas and Sarah Hill of Royalston, int.July17,1841.

Stedman W. and Clarissa M. Weston, both of Hopkinton, July7,1841.*

William of Marlborough and Sarah Harrington of Northborough, July16,1804.*


Ebenezer of Warwick, RI, and Susan Sherman, int.Jan.30,1836.


Charles, Rev., of Westminster and Ann Rider, July21,1825.

Elijah of Marlborough and Elizabeth Goodenow, int.Dec.13,1760.

Prudence of Southborouogh and Abraham Beeman, int.Oct.3,1795.


Lucy A. of Northborough and Elijah Bowman, int.Aug.18,1838.

W.L.G. and Caroline A. Fisher, Oct.28,1845.


Atkins of Northborough and Sarah Hellet, Aug.24,1795.

George H (s.Atkins) and Harriet W. Fay, May3,1843.


Charles [Hide. int.] and Hannah Ware [Ward?], Dec.14,1807 [Dec.10,1806. dup.]

Charles and Mrs.Jemima Pettis of Upton, int.Apr.7,1843.

Eliza A. (d.Charles and Hannah, a.22.) and Charles A. Brigham, Oct.11,1846.

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