Lucy [Hayden ?], of Hopkinton and William Johnson Jr., int.June26,1747.


Luce of Hopkinton and William Johnson Jr., int.July23,1748. [Probably same as foregoing. This May be the marriage date.]

HADEN (Hayden)

Beulah [of Hopkinton. int.] and John Warfield, Apr.11,1759.


Philander of Northbridge and Martha Taft, int.July29,1829.

William and Electa Stoddard, Sept.12,1819.


Candace A. of Grafton and William Shurtleff, int.Mar.9,1839.

Charles R. and Chloe S. Fisk, int.Dec.2,1848.

Lewis and Lucy Beals, Dec.31,1811.

Polly, Mrs., and Levi Adams, int.Mar.29,1834.

May and Robert Fisk, Sept.17,1768.

Susan M. and Joel Pierce of Medway, June8,1828.

Susannah and Moses Whitney, Mar.3,1812.

Thomas J. and Mary Angenett Sadler, in Milford, Apr.12,1849.

William and Sarah Boyce, May25,1780.

William [of Hopkinton. int.] and Mrs.Abigail Pease, Aug.29,1782.

William and Susan Bathrick of Westborough, int.Aug.1,1808.

William B. and Angeline D. Wood, Apr.16,1836.


Austin of Barre and Mrs.Roxany Lackey, Nov.26,1843.


Francis of Medway and Jemima Whitney, Mar.29,1841.

Sarah of Mendon and Isaac T. Johnson, int.Nov.3,1844.


Abner H. of Westboro and Asenath Perham, June7,1812.

Constantine and Sally Flagg, June21,1792.

Polley and John Forbush, June21,1792.

Prudence and Elijah Rice, Aug.12,1762.

Silas and Bulah Forbush of Grafton, int.Feb.10,1799.


Huldah and Peleg Hathaway, int.June18,1785.

HARRINGTON (Herrington)

Charles P. and Esther W. Page, Nov.29,1843.

Curtis N. and Sarah E. White, Dec.31,1843.

Elbridge N. and Ellenor Johnson, Jan.11,1835.

Elenor N. and David Bosworth, Nov.10,1835.

Elijah of Shrewsbury and Mary Warren, Jan.31,1781.

Francis A. and Mary T. Brightman of Sutton, int.May2,1838.

Joseph P. and Mary Claflin, Feb.5,1840.

Lucy [Lucy S. int.] and Benjamin Potter of Providence, RI, June5,1835.

Mary [Mary P. int.] and Zenas Johnson, Oct.9,1832.

Mary S. of Westborough and Elisha B. Pike, int.Mar.22,1838.

Richard P. and Melita W. Rockwood, Nov.27,1839.

Thankful of Westborough and Ephriam Whitney, int.Oct.15,1749.

William B. and Martha Chamberlain, Sept.29,1829.


Mary and Abraham Toney, int.Oct.12,1787.

Susannah and Caesor Toney Jr., Dec.16,1784.


Elias and Nancy Albee, June9,1818.


Forrister of Spencer and Lucy C. Taft, Oct.10,1835.

John of Uxbridge and Rachel Hezeltine, int.Feb.15,17末.


Clarisa of Warwick and Adams Batchelor, int.Apr.26,1823.


Cutler and Hannah B. Gunn of Worcester, int.Aug.28,1830.

Dolly P. and Charles E. Brooks of Grafton, int.Dec.3,1848.

Elizabeth of Dudley and Jacob Hill, int.Jan.26,1760.

Merena and Lincoln Fay, May9,1821.

Martha A. and George T. Prentice of Milford, May27,1846.

Polly and Ezra W. Holbrook, Nov.28,1839.

Sarah J. and Augustus W. Brooks of Grafton, int.Aug.8,1845.


Job and [Mrs.int.] Cloa Bushe, Jan.16,1783.


Mary [Hathaway.int.], and Bowing William Jr. of Northbridge, Mar.27,1783.

Melletiah of Cumberland and Sarah Hathway, int.Sept.14,1788.

Peleg and Huldah Harrice, int.June18,1785.

Sarah and Melletiah Hathway of Cumberland, int.Sept.14,1788.


Asa of Hopkinton and Hannah Rockwood, May23,1820.

Emerson of Mendon and Susan Batchelor, int.Nov.13,1830.


Caroline, Mrs.[Miss.int.] and Delafayette Rawson, Aug.26,1849.

HAWARD (Hayward)

Hannah and Joseph Glesen, Feb.28,1739.


David of Wrentham and Hannah Batchelor, int.Aug.20,1797.


Caleb [Howard.int.], and Elizabeth Taft, Nov.7,1771.

HAYDEN (Hadeden, Hadeen, Haden)

Lott of Wrentham and Lucinda H. Burdick, Aug.12,1830.

Molley, Mrs., of Hopkinton and Joseph Sadler Jr., int.Mar.9,1782.

Moses C. of Grafton and Eliza B. Shirtliff, Nov.27,1838.

Thomas and Molly Fobes, Sept.7,1778.

HAYWARD (Haward)

Aaron and Hannah Tenney, Apr.25,1765.

Amariah of Milford and Sarah Wood, Apr.5,1807.

Amaziah and Polley Whipple of Grafton, int.June27,1791.

Anna and Daniel Fisher, Nov.21,1808.

Bainbridge and Martha Falis, May9,1838.

Beaulah of Midway and Daniel Fisk, int.May25,1788.

Elias and Lydia Chapin, May3,1809.

Elisha and Louis Albee of Milford, int.May20,1792.

Eliza Ann and Calvin J. Ward, Sept.20,1829.

Elizabeth and Josiah Pease, Sept.22,1774.

Betsey of Milford and Ebenezer Gore, int.Mar.16,1799.

James and Rebeckah Aldrich of Douglas, int.Feb.11,1774.

James and Marinda Aldrich of Uxbridge, int.Mar.1,1813.

John [Howard.int.], of Mendon and Mary Pease, Jan.11,1781.

Jonathan [Hayard.int.], and Lydia Wood, Jan.23,1772.

Jonathan [Jr. int.] and Mrs.Levina Fisher of Grafton, Nov.12,1794.

Lewis of Milford and Nabby Bathrick, int.June28,1813.

Lewis of Milford and Roxalana Putnam, Sept.14,1824.

Levina and Nathaniel Lackey, Apr.18,1813.

Lydia and Nathan Holbrook, Nov.8,1791.

Lydia R. and Clark Aldrich, Aug.25,1833.

Polly and Caleb Morey [of Mendon. int.], Apr.末,1802.

Maribath and Daniel Wood Jr., Sept.30,1779.

Menerva and Jasper Winter, Aug.28,1814.

Rachel and Caleb Wilson, both of Mendon, Nov.12,1794.*

Sally and John Sawyer, Mar.末,1820.

Sylvia of Mendon and Newell Gore, int.Jan.28,1827.

William and Wid.Margaret Chadwick of Westborough, May25,1779.

William of Grafton and Lydia Aldrich of Mendon, Aug.20,1795.*

HAZELTINE (Hezeltine)

Asa and Mary Woodward of Sutton, int.Apr.3,1768.

Elizabeth and Josiah Fish of Mendon, Aug.24,1774.

Jane and Jonas Butterfield [of Westmoreland, NH,. int.], Nov.11,1766.

Mehitable and Samuel Fletcher, Apr.14,1768.

Paul and Mary Rice, July25,1754.

Peter and Mary Sadler, Jan.9,1766.

Rachel and Joshua Wood [of Sutton. int.], May末,1754.

Susanna and John Belcher of Wrentham, Oct.9,1787.


Hannah of Winchester and David Kelley Jr., int.June7,1805.


Sarah A., Mrs., of Graton [Grafton?] and Abner P. Carpenter, Oct.25,1842.


Nathan of Franklin and Salla Boon, Dec.17,1805.CR


Bulah and Hazen C. Hinkley of Hopkinton, Oct.10,1837.


William of Mendon and Sarah Richardson, int.Jan.9,1810.


William of Southborough and Elenor Newton, Dec.1,1801.


Ebenezer of Hopkinton and Abigail Wood, May29,1810.


Juda of Mendon and Marcus Merifield, int.Sept.1,1801.

HEZELTINE (Hazeltine)

Rachel and John Harwood of Uxbridge, int.Feb.15,17末.

HIDE (Hyde)

Deborah and Elijah Wood, int.Feb.1,1810.


Edmond and Mrs.Mary Warfield of Hopkinton, int.July13,1788.

Edmund Jr. and Eliza Taylor of Scituate, RI, int.June4,1831.

Betsy and Aaron Perham, Feb.18,1813.

Ellery of Medway and Hannah Lackey, Feb.20,1811.

Experience and Wilson Rawson, Sept.1,1774.

Hannah and Abraham Boyd [of Hopkinton. int.], June24,1766.

Jacob and Elizabeth Hatch of Dudley, int.Jan.26,1760.

John and Eunice Munroe, May15,1825.

Joseph and Esther Ellis of Franklin, int.Aug.18,1780.

Lucinda and Daniel Stearns, Apr.13,1826.

Lucy F. and Ransom M. Gould, Mar.30,1848.

Mary R. and Henry Barnes of Northbridge, Dec.16,1830.

Mercy, Mrs., of Northbridge and Matthew Lucas, int.Apr.1,1795.

Sarah and Samuel Warrin, int.Feb.12,1763.

Silence of Northbridge and Samuel Wilson, int.Oct.10,1796.


Esther and Enoch Forbush, int.Jan.27,1793.

Samuel of Sterlington [Starlington. int.] and [Mrs.int.] Abigail Child, Mar.4,1786.


Hazen C. of Hopkinton and Bulah Hemenway, Oct.10,1837.


Allery of Bellingham and Cintha Howard, int.Dec.10,1828.


Abigail and Harmon Torry, Apr.4,1831.


Mary and Emmons Bradish, Dec.1,1824.

HOIT (Hoyt)

Laura of Uxbridge and Genera Taft Jr., int.Mar.28,1833.


Anna and Andrew A. Wheeler, Sept.5,1824.

Benjamin F. and Lydia M. Lackey, int.July18,1849.

Caroline and Elijah Linell, Apr.23,1843.

Daniel and Sabrina Ward, int.Oct.22,1797.

David and Anna Ward, Sept.5,1790.

Elizabeth and Ebenezer Davis of Mendon, int.Mar.3,1776.

Elizabeth and Peter Thurston of Grafton, Oct.28,1779.

Elizabeth and Peter Holbrook of Crordon, int.Mar.13,1814.

Betsey and James Aldrich of Northbridge, Mar.22,1818.

Ezra W. and Polly Hatch, Nov.28,1839.

Ezra and Mary Clark, Feb.3,1848.

Huldah, Mrs., and John Taft, Feb.27,1794.

Huldah and Silvanus Bosworth, Jan.12,1820.

Jemima and Benjamin Fisk, June14,1770.

Jemima and Joseph Hunt of Milford, Feb.27,1800.

Jonathan D. and Lydia A. Witherby of Boylston, int.Mar.20,1830.

Lydia and Otis Chandler Farrar, Sept.5,1818.

Margery and Thadeus Winter of Northbridge, Nov.26,1789.

Margery and Asa Lackey, Aug.12,1810.

Nahum W. and Sally Perry, Apr.24,1828.

Nahum W. and Mary Ann Forbush, Oct.20,1840.

Nathan and Lydia Hayward, Nov.8,1791.

Nathan and Keziah Dodge of Croyden, int.Nov.16,1823.

Peter [Jr. int.] and Huldah Wood, Dec.3,1766.

Peter of Crordon and Elizabeth Holbrook, int.Mar.13,1814.

Simeon and Clotilda Farrar, Feb.11,1824.

Simion and Mrs.Nancy Gore, Apr.2,1839.

HOLMES (Homes)

Elezabeth, Mrs., [Miss Elizabeth Homes.int.] of Worcester and Henry Fish, Oct.30,1788.

John and Betsey Morse of Holeston, int.Jan.10,1805.


Mary A., Mrs., of Uxbridge and Angel Sweet, int.Apr.12,1825.


George G. of St. Marks in Floridy and Mrs.Elizabeth Wheeler, Oct.8,1838.

HOMES (Holmes)

Abigail, Mrs., of Worcester and Willard Morse, int.Mar.16,1794.

Hannah P. and Luther J. Clapp, Nov.10,1845.

Mary of Hopkinton and John H. Putnam, int.Sept.13,1829.

HOW (Howe)

Benjamin and Hannah Blanchard, Aug.19,1768.

Ebenezer and Hannah Wilson, Nov.7,1793.

Hannah of Westborough and Ebenezer Miller, int.Nov.30,1751.

Sally and William Buttersworth of Wrentham, Aug.30,1792.


Cintha and Allery Hixson of Bellingham, int.Dec.10,1828.

Edward of Holliston and Susan Gilman, int.Aug.10,1849.

HOWE (How)

Almira and Rev. Benjamin Wood, May3,1846.

Harriet [Mrs.int.] and Ebenezer Putnam, Nov.13,1837.

Harriet of Marlboro and Sewall H. Bowker, int.Dec.15,1844.

Malinda and Joseph Butler of Orange, Apr.13,1815.

HOYT (Hoit)

Catherine M. and George E. Brown of Providence, int.Feb.18,1843.


Bethiah of Southborough and Ebenezer Walker, Nov.25,1802.

John, Ens., and Sophronia Lucas, Mar.4,1819.

Nathan and Phebe Lackey, Apr.4,1833.

Nathan and Mrs.Orrilla T. Dunton, Apr.5,1838.


Adam and Sally Pond of Holliston, int.Nov.3,1826.

Albert and Susan H. French of Grafton, int.Feb.8,1833.

Augusta of Grafton and John F. Brooks, Dec.7,1848.

Daniel and Lydia Fisk, Mar.24,1836.

Daniel of Grafton and Maria [F.] Wood, Feb.8,1849.

Hannah W. and Aaron A. Eames, Aug.4,1833.

Huldah of Duxbury and John Crooker of Plympton, May1,1830.*

John and Caroline E. Fay of Grafton, int.Dec.8,1832.

Joseph of Milford and Jemima Holbrook, Feb.27,1800.

Joseph and Hannah Butler of Hopkinton, int.Dec.20,1834.

Joseph D. of Milford and Harriet Lealand, Nov.25,1846.

Lois of Milford and Nathan Lackey, int.Nov.25,1786.

Mary and Jonathan W. Stow of Grafton, Sept.11,1831.

Malinda B. and Harrison Eames, Nov.27,1834.

Oliver Jr. of Douglas and Persis G. Forbush, May10,1832.

Piersis and Timothy Aldrich, Apr.8,1814.

Sanderson [Anderson. int.] of Douglas and Eliza Forbush, May18,1831.


Frances [Frances A. int.] and John Bickford Jr. of Exeter, NH, May12,1824.


James and Susannah Tobe,末蔓末, 末末. [int.Jan.1,1785]

HYDE (Hide)

Charles of Westborough and Mrs.Jemima Pettis, Apr.21,1843.

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