Isaac, of Orford, NH, and Ruth Stone, Jan.1,1815.

GAITS (Gates)

Zaccheus, and Sarah Anderus of Rutland, int.Nov.21,1756.


Jonathan G., and Dorothy M. French of Millbury, int.Apr.3,1842.

Rufus, of Stratton, VT, and Lovisa Livermore, int.Aug.2,1795.


Thomas, [of Plainfield in int.], and Rebecca Gilkey, Nov.3,1774.


Artemas, and Mary C. Alexander of Hope, ME, int.Sept.23,1832.

GARFIELD (Gerfield)

Abigail, of Sutton, and Cornelius Houghton, int.July18,1773.

Eliakim, and Hannah Chace of Sutten, int.May20,1759.

Phebe, wid., of Spencer, and Ebenezer Warren, int.Aug.28,1779.


Robert, and Relief Walker of Brookfield, int.Oct.10,1830.


Martha, and William Brown, int.Apr.13,1723.

GATES (Gaits)

Betsey, of Grafton, and Martin Bridges, int.Nov.24,1833.

Harriet, of Petersham, and Thomas E. Winchester, int.Apr.19,1835.

Oldham, and Mahitable Strobridg of Framingham, int.May5,1745.

Sally, of Worcester, John Sergeant, int.Mar.11,1783.

Thomas, and Mary Eaton, both of Worcester, Mar.3,1789.*


George, of Springfield, and Mary E. Brummit, int.Mar.20,1842.

GERFIELD (Garfield)

Annah, of Westown, and Josiah Livermore, int.Apr.30,1749.

Anne, and Nathaniel Sargeant, int.Sept.2,1753.

Benjamin, and Eunice Cooley, int.Aug.16,1752.

Elizabeth, and Ephraim Moore of Worcester, int.June21,1747.

Lucy, and Nathaniel Green of Worcester, Jan.17,1744-5.

Nathanel, and Tabithy Newhall, Aug.9,1750.

Samuel, Jr., and Phebe Worster, Aug.9,1750


Charlotte A., [a.20], and William W. Woodruff, Nov.28,1844.

Luke, of Hartford, CT, and Lucetta Thayer, Dec.5,1822.

Mary, of Vollingtown, and William Warson, int.Dec.24,1752.


Abigell, [Abigail in int.], and Edmund Bemiss, Mar.12,1778.

Ezra, and Abigail Nickols, both of Brookfield, Nov.10,1772.*

Henry M., and Maryan Gould, Apr.17,1835.

Mary, and Lodwick Boothe, Apr.5,1832.

Nathan, Jr., of Brookfield, and Sally Barton, Dec.4,1803.

Thomas, of North Brookfield, and Julia Ann Denny, Dec.9,1830.


John, and Susannah Whitney of Shrewsbury, int.Feb.25,1749-50.

William, and Jene Parsons of Brookfield, int.Mar.4,1759.


Rebecca, and Thomas Gallop, Nov.3,1774.

Ruth, and Nathaniel Richardson, int.Dec.11,1762.

William, and Elizabeth Barns, Sept.15,1757.


Elisebath, and John MacClure, int.末蔓末,1730.

James S., of Oxford, [s.Thomas and Elizabeth, a.20], and Rachel M. Wood, Oct.16,1849.


Adam, and Martha Harwood, int.June18,1778.

Sanford, of Oxford, and Elisa Whittemore, June8,1836.


Dorcas, of Brookfield, and Daniel Snow, int.Apr.23,1758.


John, and Genet Little, int.Mar.1,1735.


Austin, and Harriet Nash, int.Nov.6,1831.

David, of Ward, and China Comstock, int.June12,1790.

Elizabeth, and John Alden, Feb.27,1782.

Jonas, [of Merryfield in int.], and Lucy Harwood, July8,1773.

Mary Ann, [d.Silas and Nancy, a.22], and Horace Warren, Oct.10,1849.

Richard, and Beulah Swan, Sept.23,1773.

Sarah, and James O'Neil, int.Aug.9,1835.

Sarah, and William Johnson of Fitchburg, July28,1840.

Silas, and Nancy Adams, int.Mar.19,1826.


Richard, Jr., and Rachel Emes of Framingham, int.July18,1761.


Michel, and Mary Ann Hogan, both of Clappville, int.Dec.4,1849.


David, and Marcie Stone of Watertown, int.Apr.25,1736.

David, Rev., and Mrs.Marthar Nichols of Framingham, Dec.2,1753.

David, [of Athol in int.], and Mary Shaw, Jan.17,1770.*

Edward, [of Athol in int.], and Ruth Shaw, Jan.17,1771.*

Polly, of Grafton, and Asa Wheeler, int.Apr.18,1830.

Mary N., of Paxton, and Nathan Ainsworth, Oct.13,1830.


Hosea, and Sally Studley, Jan.1,1827.

GOODIN (Goodwin)

Mary, and George Crowford, int.Apr.30,1738.


Ruphus, and Julia Green, int.Aug.3,1817.


Sewall, and Susan L. Battles of Fitchburg, int.Oct.14,1832.


Abigail, and Samuel Babbit of Killingsly, Dec.3,1761.

Deborah, and Elias Bowker, Nov.3,1760.

Shearjashub, and Elisabeth Ruggles of Hardwick, int.Sept.13,1766.


George, and Sarah Wells of Holland, int.Mar.4. 1827.

GOODWIN (Goodin)

John, and Martha Moore, both of Worcester, Feb.11,1773.*


Peter, of Petersham, and Sarah Pike, int.Feb.12,1758.


George, and Catherine Weber, int.July27,1834.


Ebenezer, [s.Lyman and 末末望, and Catherine Wall, Apr.5,1844.

Hopeann, of Wickford, RI, and Seneca Congdon, int.Oct.15,1820.

Huldah, and Josiah White, Sept.30,1822.

James, [s.Lyman and Hannah, a.23], and Charlotte Parker, July3,1844.

Joseph H., and Sally Trask, Nov.30,1837.

Louisa, and Cheny Barton, Aug.29,1825.

Maryan, [Mary Ann T. in int.], and Henry M. Gilbert, Apr.17,1835.

Otis, [Dr., of Dartmouth, in int.], and Joanna Waite, Aug.24,1789.


Luve, of Spencer, and Prince Boston, int.Aug.30,1811.

Polly, of Ward, and Ebenezer Dunbar, int.Oct.23,1802.


Molly, wid., resident of Leicester, and John Adams, a foreigner, resident of Leicester, int.Nov.19,1791.

GRATON (Greaton)

Nabby, and Laban Stetson, int.Aug.6,1800.

Ann, and Roswel Berry, int.Feb.21,1846.

Clarissa, and Robert Jonston of Beverly, Upper Canada, int.July29,1838.

Cyrus, and Sarah Miller Wheat, Oct.7,1810.

Edward, of Southbridge, and Ann Shaw, May30,1830.

Hannah, and David Jackson, Sept.24,1750.

Hannah P., and Isaac Baldwin, int.Feb.14,1836.

James, and Hannah Baldwin, Apr.27,1749.

James, and Abigail Cutting, int.Sept.16,1762.

James, and Sarah Wilson, Aug.30,1769.

James, and Lydia Brown, Nov.21,1782.

John, and Abigail Bullin, int.Jan.25,1772.

Mary, and Benjamin Bond, Jan.29 [19 in dup.], 1744-5.

William, and Lucy L. Adams, Apr.19,1830.


Ashley, (s.Moses and Abigail, a.32), and Susan M. Wheelock of Spencer, Aug.6,1845.

Lydia, and John Bond, Jan.15,1739-40.*


Daniel, of Pellham, and Elisabeth Lamond, int.Mar.22,1752.


Abigail, and Laban Stetson, Mar.4,1801.


Abel, and Eunice Wicker, int.Mar.3,1788.

Abel, and widow Sally Mead of Midford, int.Oct.15,1817.

Abigal and Henry King, int.Feb.11,1732-3.

Alice Maria, of Auburn, and Nathan Daniels, int.Aug.22,1846.

Amie, and Ebenezer Lamb, int.Feb.8,1730.

Anna, and Ellis Partridge of Holden, int.Apr.24,1807.

Asa, and Patty Scott, Apr.3,1788.

Asenath, and Isaac Center, int.Oct.20,1772.

Asenath, and John Knap of Spencer, int.Oct.11,1773.

Benjamin, and Lucy Masten of Spencer, int.Nov.17,1754.

Dorothy, and James Whittemor, Dec.31,1761.

Elisabeth, and Benjamin Sanderson, Feb.8,1736-7.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Nichols, Jr., of Worcester, int.Sept.23,1786.

Esther, and Elkanah Haven, Nov.24,1785.

Esther, and Stephen Carpenter, Mar.7,1790.

Eunice, and Levi Pierce of Chester, VT, Jan.2,1812.

Hadassah, [E. int.], and Asa Mann, May末,1816.

Hannah, and Joseph Pierce of Hubbardston, int.Nov.14,1783.

Hannah, and Howard Putnam of Ward, int.Mar.25,1784.

Hannah, and John White,末蔓末, [int.Apr.5], 1813 (?).

Harriot, and Rufus Johnson of Worcester, int.Dec.21,1808.

Hepsabah, and Samuel Keyes Of Srusbury, int.Oct.6,1733.

Israel, and Mary Holden of Worcester, Mar.9,1742.

Jabez, Jr., and Lucy Kent, Aug.9,1764.

Jabez, Jr., and Hannah Willis of Hardwick, int.Apr.28,1786.

Jabez, and Sarah [Susannah in int.] Fletcher of Rutland, Jan.5,1792.

Jerusha, and Jonathan Johnson of Sturbridg, int.Sept.9,1739.

Jesse, and Grace Hall, Aug.17,1777.

Joktan, [Jocktan. int.], and Esther Newhall, May27,1762.

Joel, and Cloe Tucker of Shrewsbury, int.Aug.8,1761.

John, and Mrs.Phebe Brown, Dec.15,1782.

Jonathan, of Northborough, and Dorcas Ellis, Sept.3,1767.

Jonathan, and Catherine Willson, Nov.13,1788.

Joseph, and Lucy Bent of Rutland, int.June26,1774.

Julia, and Ruphus Goodnow, int.Aug.3,1817.

Laurea, and Joel Collier of Oxford, June6,1823.

Lemuel, and Sarah May of Spencer, Oct.17,1771.

Lucretia Richardson, and Daniel Fairbanks of Royalston, Oct.3,1810.

Margaret [Martha in int.] and William Henderson of Rutland, Apr.10,1766.*

Martha, and Robert Crage, int.Mar.11,1753.

Martha, and William Henderson of Rutland, int.Jan.17,1766.

Mary, and Thomas Vinten, Mar.21,1771.

Polly, and Amos Crosby of Boston, July18,1793.

Polly, of Spencer, and John Brown, Jr., Sept.1,1796.

Mary, and James Robinson, Apr.9,1835.

Mehitabel, and Sanuel Call of Louesburg, Cape Breton, July15,1746.

Mercy, and James Atwater, int.Dec.8,1728.

Nahum, and Dorcas Sangar of Woodstock, int.Oct.21,1750.

Nathan, and Peggy De Jersey, int.July29,1778.

Nathaniel, of Worcester, and Lucy Gerfield, Jan.17,1744-5.

Nathaniel, Capt., and Mary Stockwell of Sutten, int.Dec.14,1755.

[Oliver in int.] Cromwell, and Abigail Whittemore, Sept.末,1804.

Orion, and Sarah Sprague, Apr.28,1830.

Pierces, and Nathaniel Cobb, May12,1789.

Phebe, and William Young, Jan.24,1772.

Pliny, and Mercy Upham, Dec.14,1783.

Rebakah, and Samuel Baldwin, int.May末,1732.

Rufus, of Belchertown, and Clarissa Sprague, July4,1839.

Rufus, and Cynthia Sprague, both of Springfield, Aug.11,1842.*

Ruth, and Earle Beard of Worcester [Ward in dup.], Jan. [June in dup.] 11,1792.

Samuel, and Zeaviah Danany of Ashford, int.Jan.28,1753.

Samuel, Jr., and Hannah Kenny, int.Feb.20,1779.

Samuel, Dea., and Jemima Fisk, wid., of Sturbridge, int.Sept.14,1799.

Sarah, and Hezekiah Ward of New Medford, Oct.13,1737.

Sally, and Joshua Barnard, Dec.7,1786.

Sally, of Spencer, and Joseph Warren, Jan.30,1811.CR

Sarah, and Daniel T. Rice, int.July1,1832.

Sally, and Isaac Hill of Spencer, May27,1841.

Solomon, and Elizabeth Page of Hardwick, int.Dec.11,1763.

Stephen, and Elizabeth Brown of Swanzey, int.June18,1803.

Tabitha, and Thaddeus Moore of Worcester, Dec.11,1763.

Tom, and Dinah Southgate [Dr. Green's negro man and Mr. Richard Southgate's negro woman"], int.Feb.26,1737-8.

Thomas, Jr., and Hannah Bugbee of Woodstock, int.Nov.16,1755.

Thomas, and Anna Hovey, Jan.16,1776.

Timothy, and Sarah Cook of Worcester, int.Apr.13,1755.

William, Jr., and Rebeckah Tucker of Milton, int.Sept.25,1737.

William, Jr., and Lydia Watson of Warren, int.Oct.5,1769.

Wenefred, and Benjamin Baldwin, Apr.6,1749.

Zolva, and Lucy D. Partridge, Mar.31,1833.


Esther, and Josiah Fuller, Jr., both of Paxton, Oct.24,1791.*

Moses, of Hubbarston, and Adeline Ayres, Aug.30,1831.


Henry, [s.Christopher and Susan, a.37], and Susan Adams, Sept.30,1846.


Sarah, of Newtown, and Nathaniel Harwood, int.Nov.3,1770.


Martha, and Jeremiah Mansfield, int.Dec.7,1751.


Samuel A., of Paxton, [s.John P. and Bethia, a.32, widr.], and Marianne Watson, Dec.16,1847.

GROSVNER (Grovner)

Ebenezer O., and Mary Ann Livermore, Jan.3,1814.


Abigail, of Spencer, and Ephraim Copland, Jr. int.Oct.22,1812.

Isaac, and Mrs, Sarah Stearns, Apr.27,1784.

John, and Roxa Snow, Sept.9,1813.

Samuel, of Westborough, and Mrs.Susanna Morse, Feb.6,1811.CR


Hannah, of Brimfield, and James Rice, int.Sept.9,1753.

GROVNER (Grosvner)

Harriet N., of Paxton, and Daniel Waldo Kent, int.Mar.24,1839.


Peter, and Cloe Red Rivera, Oct.24,1781. colored

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