Abigail and Enoch Safford of Newbury, int.Apr.8,1764.

Abigail and Charles Baly of Newburyport, Mar.24,1767. [Mar.25,1767.CR1]

Ellenor and Joshua Pierce of Shirley, in Shirley, June16,1763.

Enoch of Newbury, and Abigail Safford, int.Apr.8,1764.

Eunice and Elijah Wiles Jr. of Shirley, Dec.26,1771.

John Jr. and Mehitable Farnworth, Jan.31,1765.

Ruth and Samuel [Jr. int.] Haskell, Dec.6,1770.

Ward and Priscilla Randal of Stow, Apr.26,1774.

William and Sarah SoolIey, Apr.29,1778.


Elizabeth and William Dodge of Lunenburg, in Lunenburg, Jan.28,1755.

SAMPSON (Samson)

Abigail and Ebenezer Warner, Mar.22,1749-50.

Abner and Lucy Farnsworth, Oct.20,1772.

Benjamin and Elizebeth Stone of Lexington, int.Nov.2,1751.

Benjamin and Molley Atherton of Bolton, Nov.30,1792.

David and Lucy Warner, Apr.23,1761.

Hannah W. [Hannah Warner. int.] and Reuben Conant, June18,1809.

Huldah and Joshua Holden, Jan.23,1770.

John Jr. and Martha Sawyer, Oct.2,1740.

Jonathan and Mary Oak, Mar.14,1758.

Lois and Isaac Gibson Jr. of Fitchburg, Mar.16,1773.

Lucy and David Stone, in Bolton, Nov.19,1788.

Lydia and Seth Ramsdel of Groton, int.Feb.18,1799.

Martha and Timothy Powers, Mar.26,1765.

Mary and Joshua Nurs, Sept.5,1740.

Phinehas and Rachael White of Bolton, in Bolton, Jan.12,1786.

Rebecca and Edmund Larkin Jr. of Shrewsbury, int.Mar.3,1783.

Samuel and Mary Farnsworth, May10,1785.

Solomon and Rebecca Blood, June2,1762.

Willis and Moriah Houghton, July3,1797.

SAMSON (Sampson)

Abigail and Jonas Davis, May27,1784.

Abisha, Rev., and Mehitabel Herrick [Kenrick. int.] of Newton, in Newton, Jan.6,1814.

Rachel and Nathaniel Warner, Jan.17,1750.

Thomas H. and Sarah A. Haynes of Bolton, int.Mar.19,1831.


Charles s.Lowell, s.Jonathan of Gilmanton, NH, and Sally, b. in Gilmanton, NH, a.22y., and Mary J. Ball, d.Benjamin and Mary, b. in Concord.a.22y., Sept.21,1848.

Tristam and Abigail Knight, in Lancaster, Mar.17,1797.


Colmon and Submit Adams, Dec.5,1771.

Betty and George Leason of Bolton, Feb.20,1771.

Elizabeth and Edward Bolton of Shirley, int.Apr.4,1800.

Gideon and Hannah Dodge, Jan.11,1778.

Isaac and Eunice Bolton of Shirley, int.Dec.16,1805.

Jane [] and Benjamin C. [Benjamin Clark. int.] Gregory, July7,1823.

Lucy of Hollis, NH, and William Kitteredge, int.Mar.5,1824.

Oliver and Elisabeth Wintworth, Sept.11,1770.

Sarah and William Miles, Aug.14,1769.

Solomon and Olive Davis, int.Dec.10,1785.


Maria and Nathaniel Whittemore of Groton, int.Sept.16,1843.

SARTEL (Sawtel, Sawtell, Sertell)

Unice of Groton, and Nathaniel Farnworth, int.Jan.6,1739-40.


Evelina E. and Charles Henry, Sept.15,1840.


Benjamin of Pepperell, and Betsy Houghton, May7,1828.

SAWTEL (Sartel, Sawtell, Sertell)

Michael and Sarah Foster, May3,1774.

SAWTELL (Sartel, Sawtel, Sertell)

Abel [Jr. int.], of Groton, and Susanna French Bardeen, May16,1822.

Joseph Jr. of Groton, and Lucy Farnsworth, Jan.1,1794.


Abel and Polly [] Cutting of Boylston, in Bolton, Sept.19,1791.

Abel Jr. and Betsy Sawyer of Bolton, int.Apr.7,1821.

Abigail [of] and Daniel Daby, Feb.17,1784.

Arad and Lucy P. Farwell, Nov.1,1831.

Beulah and Ebenezer Taylor, June23,1737.CR1

Caleb and Relief Fairbank, Dec.9,1760.

Caleb and Sarah Patch of Stow, int.Nov.29,1766.

Caleb of Bolton, and Releaf Fairbank, Jan.24,1787. [Apr.5,1787.CR1]

Caleb 2d and Lydia Sprague [no date] [int.Aug.14,1819].

Dinah and Nathan Agar of Lancaster, Sept.17,1772. [Nov.17,1772.CR1]

Dinah and John Pierce, May16,1799.

Edmund of Boston, and Rebecca Fairbank, Feb.23,1836.

Elizabeth and Joshua Moore of Lancaster, int.Feb.16,1736.

Betty and Stephen Wilder of Lancaster, in Bolton, between 1769 and 1771 [int.June7,1770].

Elisabeth and Joseph Pratt, June6,1786.

Betsy of Bolton, and Abel Sawyer Jr., int.Apr.7,1821.

Hannah and Leonard Whetcomb of Boxborough, June11,1797.

Jabez and Ruth Wheeler, int.Oct.29,1785.

James and Naomi Whitney, June17,1817.

John and Elisabeth Gates, Feb.4,1761.

Jonathan Jr. and [] Elizabeth Whitney, Sept.30,1740.

Jonathan and Mary Priest, July2,1794.

Jonathan and Adaline Hildreth, May30,1839.

Joseph and Abigail Foskett, in Lancaster, Mar.9,1732-3.

Joseph Jr. and Sarah Townsen of Northborough, int.Feb.13,1768.

Josiah and Agatha H. Gardner of Sandwich, int.Apr.1,1827.

Josiah and Mary D. Sawyer of Boston, int.Apr.18,1829.

Lucy of Boxborough, and John Conn, Jan.20,1796.

Lucy and Jacob Gutterson of Boston, Nov.6,1828.

Luke and Mercy B. Whitcomb of Sweden, ME, int.Sept.9,1834.

Luther and Achsa Burnham, Nov.30,1797.

Lydia and James Bowers, Sept.11,1783.

Lydia and Francis Wheeler Whitney, Nov.30,1803.

Lydia and Isaiah Whitney 3d, Apr.15,1807.

Lydia and John Blanchard, int.Mar.30,1834.

Manasseh and Lydia Fairbank, Feb.18,1756.

Menassah [Jr. int.] and Mercy Meads, in Bolton, Dec.23,1788.

Maria and John Nurse, Sept.12,1830.CR2

Martha and John Sampson Jr., Oct.2,1740.

Martha of Sterling, and Augustus G. Hill, int.Jan.14,1837.

Mary and Charles W. Grover, int.Apr.5,1827.

Mary D. of Boston, and Josiah Sawyer, int.Apr.18,1829.

Mercy and Thomas Sprague Frost, int.Oct.19,1822.

Mercy W., d.Jonathan and Mary, a.34y., and Sidney Bull, widr., s.Merrit and Hannah, b. in Winchester, CT, a.40y., Dec.23,1846.

Moses of Littleton, and Ruth Robens, May16,1739.

Nathan of Bolton, and Salome Burnham, Jan.19,1804.

Olive and David Whitney, Aug.25,1747.

Olive of Boxborough, and Samuel Hill Jr., int.Oct.24,1791.

Oliver and Abigail Townsend of Westborough, int.Nov.26,1763.

Permelia and Joshua L. Boynton of Pepperell, Apr.4,1843.

Phinehas and Hannah Whitcombe, Feb.14,1771.

Phineas Jr. and Hannah Whitney, in Bolton, May19,1791.

Phineas and Mary Gilmore, Jan.23,1809.

Phineas and Nancy Wheler, int.Aug.17,1824.

Relief and Daniel Crouch, Jan.6,1803.

Rhoda and Charles Warner, Feb.1,1791.

Ruth and Justinian Holden [of Cambridge. int.], June25,1741.CR1

Ruth of Milford, NH, and William Butler, int.June27,1802.

Sarah and Gabriel Preist Jr., int.Feb.12,1742-3.

Sarah of Littleton, and Elias Stone, int.Aug.31,1754.

Sarah and William Whitcomb of Bolton, June19,1777.CR1

Sarah of Boxborough, and Jeremiah Laughton, May11,1791.

Seth and Hephsibah Whitney, in Lancaster, Oct.12,1732.

Thomas of Templeton, and Prudence Carter of Bolton, Sept.13,1762.


Anna and Josiah Whitney Jr., Jan.10,1776.

Grover and Lois Atherton, Feb.19,1752.

Grover and Rebekah Harris, int.Aug.14,1779.

Lois and Elijah Stocker of Parkersfield, int.Dec.20,1782.

Sarah of Stoneham, and Charles Willard, in Stoneham, Dec.末,1762.

Sarah and William Safford, Apr.29,1778.


Abraham of Bolton, and Mary Kent, in Bolton, Oct.2,1764.

SECCOMBE (Seecomb)

Willis and Abigail Warner, int.Apr.18,1767.

Willis and Molley Brown, int.Dec.28,1776 [m.末蔓末,1777.CR1]

SEECOMB (Seccombe)

John, Rev., and Mercy Williams of Weston, in Weston, Mar.10,1736-7.


Pamela and William Mann, Dec.26,1813.

SERTELL (Sartel, Sawtel, Sawtell)

Sarah of Groton, and John Farwell, int.Mar.6,1741-2.


Ebenezer and Mary Keyes of Roxbury [Bolton dup.], Dec.24,1804.*


Andrew of Groton, and Cyntha Stone, Apr.24,1832

Harriet A. of Percy, O., and William D. Nutting of Groton, May22,1845.CR2*

Rachel and James Maclane, int.Nov.4,1816. Marriage forbidden by Job Shattuck Jr., father of Rachel, she being under 18 years.


Mary of. Billerica, and Jonathan Gates Jr., May21,1761.

Sarah [] and Abraham Whitney of Stow, in Stow, July16,1767.

Sarah and 末末 Marett, in Ashburnham, Aug.21,1788. [Sarah Shed and Marret Burges, int.Aug.11,1788.]


Abigail of Mendon, and Oliver Brown, int.June16,1750.

SHELDEN (Sheldon)

Mary of Reading, and Nahum Daby, int.Apr.1,1742.

SHELDON (Shelden)

Peletiah of Sudbury, and Lydia Conant, Apr.3,1823.


Russell R. of Worcester, and Sarah Hill, int.Sept.10,1837.


Dexter of Wayland, and Mary P. Whitney, Apr.26,1842.


Mary Ann of Groton, and Ephraim Burgess, int.Mar.20,1833.


Prudence of Southborough, and Levi Crouch, int.July1,1817.

SIMONDS (Symonds, Symons)

Caroline of Leominster, and Cummings E. Davis, int.Apr.28,1839.

George and Clarisa Frost, Dec.27,1831.


Ketura [] and Tilley White of Lancaster, Dec.15,1761.


Elizabeth of Stow, and Jonathan Crouch [], in Stow, Feb.16,1778.


Cally of Weston, and Daniel Stratton, int.May18,1800.

Caroline and Ari Wetherbee of Bolton, Apr.24,1830.CR2

James of Coventry, and Sarah Atherton, int.Nov.11,1732.

Jerusha and Henry M. Hall of Brattleboro, VT, Nov.8,1842.*

John of Charlestown, and Mary Conn, Feb.10,1803.

Lydia of Winchendon, and Jonathan Pollard, int.June15,1816.

Nahum of Stow, and Mary Stone, in Stow, Apr.20,1792.

Rebecca of Stow, and Jabez Houghton, int.Jan.18,1813.

Samuel of Hillsborough, and Betsy Conn, int.Sept.21,1807.

Susanna and William W. Whitney of Bolton, Apr.15,1829.

William, Capt., of Lexington, and.Mary C. Green, July22,1824.


Abigail of Lancaster, and Samuel Hancock, in Lancaster, July21,1763.

Unice of Bolton, and Samuel Russel, int.Apr.1,1758.

Eunice and John Farewell, Jan.18,1762.


Noah of Bucksport, ME, and Maria Stetson, Aug.27,1817.


Nabby and Heman Knight, Oct.6,1818.

Lydia and Caleb Sawyer 2d [no date] [int.Aug.14,1819].

Nathan and Nabby Turner, May1,1800.

Samuel and Lydia Whitney, Jan.18,1798.

Samuel and Lovey Hazen of Shirley, Dec.11,1828. [Dec.17,1828.CR2]

Sarah and Scripture Frost of Shirley, Sept.15,1795.


Abby M., wid., d.Jonathan and Alice Adams, a.24y., and Alfred Atherton, s.Eben and Lucy, a.23y., Nov.26,1846.

George W. of Providence, RI, and Abba M. Adams, Aug.16,1843.

Nathaniel and Lucy Adams, Apr.5,1841.


Rebecca F. of Shirley, and William K. Harrad, int.Sept.26,1818.

STEARNS (Sterns)

Aaron W. of Leominster, and Betsy W. Houghton, June15,1828.

David and Louis Crouch, in Bolton, Dec.24,1777.*

Luther of Leominster, and Lucy Warner, Aug.18,1799.

Lydia Walker of Boxborough, and Asa Burges, int.Nov.4,1816.

Molly and Samuel Willard, Aug.27,1771.

Mary E. of Hollis, NH, and Amos Hildreth, int.Jan.17,1849.

Samuel of Leominster, and Sarah Daby, Nov.6,1792.

Sarah of Bolton, and Elijah Whitney, in Bolton, Apr.14,1772.

William of Littleton, and Elizabeth Bert, in Concord, June19,1764.

STEPHENS (Stevens)

Moses of Boxborough, and Maria Sterns, Dec.11,1837.

STERNS (Stearns)

Josiah of Lunenburg, and Abigail Emmerson, Dec.26,1765.

Lorenzo and Mary Hodege of Lowell, int.Mar.18,1839.

Maria and Moses Stephens of Boxborough, int.Dec.11,1837.

Mercy of Littleton, and Charles Taylor, Mar.29,1764.

Sarah and David Crouch Jr., int.Mar.8,1777 [m.末蔓末,1777.CR1]

STETSON (Stutson)

Maria and Noah Sparhawk of Bucksport, ME, Aug.27,1817.

Mary Grey and Jonathan Wetherbee Jr., Nov.2,1806.

Nancy and Bradford Harlow of Castine, May24,1810.

Pricilia and Moses Symonds of Alstead, Feb.13,1808.

STEVENS (Stephens)

Mary of Stow, and Jonathan Rand, int.Apr.22,1758.

Thankfull of Chelmsford, and George Robins, int.Dec.28,1734.


Moses of Leominster, and Sybil Farnworth, Nov.20,1760.

Peter of Shirley, and Eunice Carlton, Dec.5,1780.

Sybil and Ebenezer Nutting [Jr. int.] of Groton, Jan.31,1765.


Elijah of Parlrersfield, and Lois Scolley, int.Dec.20,1782.


Abigail and Jabez Wood, Mar.14,1799.

Abigail of Groton, and John Blanchard, int.Mar.25,1811.

Amos and Adna Hale, Feb.27,1754.

Amos and Rhoda Moors, Apr.11,1805.

Annis and Ebenezer Bridge, Jan.13,1785.

Cyntha and Andrew Shattuck of Groton, Apr.24,1832.

David and Lucy Sampson, in Bolton, Nov.19,1788.

Deborah and James Fanner, Nov.20,1777.

Dorcas and Benjamin Stow, Mar.14,1749-50.

Dolly [] and Gording Hutchins, Oct.12,1757.

Elias and Sarah Sawyer of Littleton, int.Aug.31,1754.

Elizebeth of Lexington, and Benjamin Sampson, int.Nov.2,1751.

Ephraim and Ame Haskell, Mar.31,1791.

Eunice of Groton, and William Park Jr., in Groton, Nov.1,1781.

George W. and Mary Ann Jordan of Albany, ME, int.Oct.24,1848.

Hannah and John Pirce, Nov.22,1744.

Hannah of Groton, and Elias Chaffin, in Groton, Oct.20,1785.

Hannah of Boxborough, and William Fallass, int.May3,1802.

Hannah D., d.William and Hannah, b. in Wellfieet, a.22y., and William S. Harrad, s.William K. and Rebecca, a.25y., June25,1845.

Isaac and Keziah Pirce, Apr.6,1744.

Jacob of Stow, and Mary Priest, in Stow, Apr.4,1782.*

James and Susanna Fosgate of Bolton, in Bolton, Feb.13,1777.

Jasper of Boxborough, and Polly Babcock, int.July31,1809.

Joel of Waterford, and Lucinda Parkhurst, Sept.24,1795.

Jonathan and Jemima Longley of Groton, in Groton, Mar.18,1773.

Jonathan Jr. of Groton [of], and Catharine Willard, July2,1786.

Joseph of Groton, and Phebe Blanchard, Nov.28,1803.

Joseph 4th and Mary Bridge, Oct.30,1817.

Joseph C. of Chelsea, s.William and Hannah, b. in Wellfleet, a.22y., and Emeline E. Harrod, d.William and Rebecca, a.21y., Jan.20,1848.

Josiah and Sally Daby, Sept.13,1797.

Lemuel and Martha Fullom, Nov.20,1777.

Louisa A., d.Joseph 2d, a.20y., and Asa Wood, a.23y., Nov.26,1844.

Lucy and Stephen Lawrance, Feb.8,1790.

Lucy and Seth Ramsdall of Groton, Feb.25,1799.

Lucy [] and Timothy Bryant of Charlestown, Jan.27,1814.

Lydia of Groton, and Nathaniel Whitmore [Whittemore. int.], in Groton, Feb.19,1778.

Moriah and Timothy Nealand, Feb.11,1761.

Mary and Peter Willard of Marlborough, Sept.30,1762.

Mary and Daniel Wetherbee of Stow, Apr.28,1774.

Mary of Stow, and Jacob Priest, in Stow, Apr.4,1782.

Mary and Nahum Smith of Stow, in Stow, Apr.20,1792.

Polley and William Fanner, Feb.1,1807.

Mary and Center Dunn of Chelmsford, May4,1836.

Mary C. of West Boylston, and Calvin Warner, int.Mar.2,1844.

Micah and Mary Whitney, Mar.17,1759 [int.Mar.25,1759].

Micah and Elisabeth Lawrence, Oct.29,1766.

Moses of New Pennycook, and Polly Hamlin, int.Aug.12,1789.

Nathaniel Stacy of Fitzwilliam, and Nancy Priest, Dec.13,1808.

Oliver and Mariah Priest of Bolton, in Lancaster, Nov.29,1739.

Oliver and Mary Lock of Cambridge, int.Apr.20,1757.

Oliver and Lucy Willard, Dec.30,1762.

Phineas and Sarah Mead, May22,1794.

Samuel of Colerain, and Arne Wheeler, int.Sept.19,1791.

Samuel F. and Sarah Robinson of Lunenburg, int.Mar.20,1839.

Sarah and Phineas Farbanks, June11,1740.

Silas of Groton, and Eunice Fairbank, June1,1767.

Susan H. and Samuel McIntire of Dorchester, July13,1834.

Susanna of Groton, and Africa Hamlin, int.Dec.24,1784.

Susanna and Josiah Davis, Jan.27,1790.

Timothy of Groton, and Lydia Farwell, in Groton, May27,1794.

Windsor and Huldah Johnson of Leominster, int.Mar.8,1816.

Zubal and Peggy Colburn of Lancaster, Aug.21,1784.


Abigail and Joseph Farnsworth, Mar.22,1803.

Benjamin and Dorcas Stone, Mar.14,1749-50.

Benjamin Jr. and Abigail Atherton of Bolton, int.Jan.18,1782.

Benjamin and Lucy Emerson, Apr.14,1796.

Darcos and Europe Hamlen, Apr.13,1786.

Hannah and John Priest 3d, Mar.19,1772.

Manassah and Molly Whitcomb of Littleton, in Littleton, Feb.27,1783.

Mary and Aaron Warner, Apr.30,1776.

Ruth of Marlborough, and Phineas Hager, int.Sept.23,1811.

Sally and John Whitney, Nov.23,1804.


Daniel and Cally Smith of Weston, int.May18,1800.

STUTSON (Stetson)

William [Capt. int.] of Boston, and Sally Gardner, Oct.31,1811.


Elbridge and Lucy P. Whitney, Jan.31,1839.


Mehitable and Ebenezer Bridge, Nov.15,1815.


James, a.24y., and Susan M. Kendall, d.Enoch, a.19y., Sept.11,1844.

SYMONDS (Simonds, Symons)

Hannah and George Willard, Dec.22,1808.

Jane and Clark Fairbank, Nov.8,1825.

Jonathan and Judeth Cole, June14,1753.

Jonathan and Jane Boynton Nutting of Groton, int.Aug.4,1806.

Jonathan B. [Jonathan Bowman of Hanover. int.] and Sally Chaffin, Sept.29,1816.

Judith and Simon Daby, July29,1770.

Lydia and Reuben Garfield, Apr.23,1776.

Moses of Alstead, and Pricilia Stetson, Feb.13,1808.

Sylvester and Nabby Pollard, Sept.7,1800.

SYMONS (Simonds, Symonds)

Jonathan and Hannah Clark, Jan.23,1778.

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