Eunice, d.Edward and Sarah, Apr.10,1786.

John, s.Edward and Sarah, Sept.2,1790.

Sarah, d.Edward and Sarah, Sept.18,1784.


Polly, d.Theophilus and Hannah, Mar.8,1811.

Sarah Haywood, d.Theophilus and Hannah, Feb.6,1809,

William, s.Samuel and Lucy, bp. Sept.11,1808.CR1


Mary L., d.Jonathan W. and Lucy H., Jan.22,1845.


Michael, s.John and Mary, July21,1737.

Michael, s.Nathaniel and Ann, Sept.18,1766.

Nathaniel, s.John Esq., bp. Sept.27,1741.CR1

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel, bp. Aug.13,1769.CR1

Pamela, d.[Dr.CR1] Nathaniel and Ann, Aug.24,1767.

Richard, s.John Esq., bp. Aug.5,1739.CR1


Sumner Redway, Rev., June14,1819.GR3


Phillip J., Nov.22,1809.GR2


Caleb Augustus, s.William and Sarah, Jan.15,1847.

Charles C.,末蔓末,1836.GR3

Mary A. Hapgood, w.Charles E.,末蔓末,1838.GR3

William Austin, s.William, b. in Northborough, and Sarah Ann, b. in Bolton, Feb.15,1849.


Susannah, Nov.12,1795.GR2

MEAD (Meed, Meeds)

Asa, s.Samuel Jr. and Ame, Mar.8,1761.

Francis, s.Samuel Jr. and Ame, Oct.18,1765.

Hannah, d.Samuel Jr. and Hannah, Aug.13,1753.

John, s.Samuel and Hannah, June29,1749.

Jonathan, s.John and Sarah, Dec.11,1771.

Lucy, d.Samuel Jr. and Hannah, Jan.15,1756.

Lydia, d.Samuel and Hannah, Jan.9,1759.

Lydia Priest, gr. d.Jacob Priest, bp. Sept.5,1824.CR2

Mercy, d.Samuell and Dinah, bp. June10,1750.CR1

Marcy, d.Samuel and Hannah, Feb.15,1769.

Oliver, s.Samuel Jr. and Hannah, Sept.2,1751.

Reuben, s.Samuel Jr. and Ame, Nov.23,1769.

Reuben Whitney, orphan ch.末末, bp. July3,1825.CR1

Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah, May30,1761.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Dec.25,1773.

MEED (Mead, Meeds)

John, s.John and Sarah, Nov.9,1775.

MEEDS (Mead, Meed)

Albegence, s.Jason and Silence, Dec.10,1793.

Alice, d.Samuell and Dinah, bp. Aug.19,1744.CR1

Ame, d.Samuel [Jr.CR1] and Patience, July22,1781.

Artemus, s.Francis and Molley, bp. May5,1793.CR1

Bethiah, d.Jason and Silence, Apr.2,1788.

Beulah, d.Samuell and Dinah, Mar.24,1733-4.

Cephas, s.Francis and Molley, bp. May5,1793.CR1

Charlottee, d.Jason and Silence, Dec.22,1791.

Dinah, d.Samuell and Beulah, bp. July11,1736.CR1

Emely, d.Jason and Silence, Jan.8,1796.

Hannah, d.Samuell and Dinah, in Littleton, Apr.10,1729.

Jason, s.Samuel [Jr.CR1] and Ame, Feb.9,1764.

Jason Atherton, s.Jason and Silence, Mar.16,1803.

Lemuel, s.Samuell and Dinah, bp. Aug.30,1747.CR1

Lois, d.Samuel, bp. July12,1741.CR1

Lucy, d.Samuel bp. Mar.9,1740.CR1

Mary, d.Samuell Jr. and Hephsebeth, July20,1793.

Mary, d.Reuben and Lydia, Aug.1,1809.

Nancy, d.Samuel Jr. and Hephsebeth, Jan.2,1791.

Oliver, s.Samuel, bp. July2,1738.CR1

Onesimus, s.Samuel Jr. and Hephsebeth, Jan.22,1789.

Rebecca, d.Samuell and Dinah, in Littleton, Dec.末,1731.

Reuben, s.Samuel and Patience, Jan.31,1782.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Dinah, June18,1732.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Hephsebeth, Nov.10,1797.

Silas, s.Samuell and Dinah, bp. Aug.11,1745.CR1

MERIAM (Merriam)

Fanny, d.Jonas and Rachel, bp. Oct.25,1818.CR1 [Frances, b. Aug.18,1818.GR1]

MERRIAM (Meriam)

Asenath, d.William and Sarah, May21,1780.

Jonas, Nov.6,1773.GR1

Phebe, d.William and Sarah, Mar.30,1778.

Rachel, w.Jonas, Jan.2,1778.GR1

Sarah, d.Jonas and Rachel, bp. Oct.27,1811.CR1 [b. Jan.8,1808.GR1]

Silas Parkhurst, s.Jonas and Rachel, bp. Oct.17,1811.GR1

Susan, d.Jonas and Rachel, bp. Nov.7,1813.CR1


Sarah, d.William, bp. Aug.4,1771.CR1

William, s.William, bp. May13,1770.GR1


Cyntha Maria, d.James and Mary J., Nov.21,1845.

Lydia Ann, d.James, b. in Manchester, NH, and Mary J., b. in Hollis, NH, Aug.5,1849.


Gustin, ch.Henry, bp. at Bolton, June13,1824.CR1

MUNRO (Munroe)

Atherton, s.Ephraim and Mercy, Friday, Oct.29,1784. at four o'clock in the morning.

John Hollond, s.Ephrain and Mercy, Friday, Mar.22,1782, at ten o'clock in the morning.

Tilley Merrick, s.Ephraim and Mercy, Thursday, Oct.8,1778, at ten in the morning.

William, s.Ephraim and Mercy, Saturday, Apr.22,1780, at 5 P.M.

MUNROE (Munro)

Abel, s.John and Lucy, July8,1785.

Charles, s.John and Elizabeth, May8,1847.

Clarissa, d.Joseph and Polly, June24,1813.

James Kendall, s.Joseph and Polly, Feb.3,1808.

John, s.Joseph and Polly, Jan.11,1818.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Polly, June1,1805.

Lydia, d.Abraham and Lydia, Dec.22,1776.

Mary Ann, d.Joseph and Polly, Feb.26,1810.

Rebecca, d.Ephraim and Mercy, Mar.17,1781.

Sarah Moriah, d.John and Elisa, Mar.29,1848.

Tilly Wilder, s.John and Lncy, May1,1784.


John, s.John and Mary, both b. in Ireland, in Sterling, Aug.17,1848.

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