Anney of Brookfield and Daniel Richardson, int.Oct.25,1765.

MacINTIRE (Mackintire, McIntier, McIntire)

Elezer Jr., and Elisabeth Mackintire, int.Mar.16,1759.


Ezra and Elizabeth Mash, int.末蔓末, [1756?].


Noah and Elizabeth Hall, int.July23,1757.


Elizabeth and Elezer Macintire Jr., int.Mar.16,1759.

Hannah and Zebulon Mackintire, int.Feb.5,1757.

Mary and Robert Mackintire of Dudley, int.Nov.6,1756.

Nathaniel and Deborah Mctire, Apr.21,1763.

Obadiah and Sarah Hilard, int.Nov.13,1756.

Robart of Dudley and Mary Mackintire, int.Nov.6,1756.

Zebulon and Hannah Mackintire, int, Feb.5,1757.


Cynthia D. of Franklin and Dvid Lapham, int.Sept.5,1813.


William of Woodstock, CT, and Olive Brown, int.Dec.3,1815.


Edward and Mrs.Abigail Ward, int.Aug.19,1798.


Hannah of Oakham and Nathan Lamb of Leicester, Oct.2,1787.*


Dolly Makepeace of Western and Moses Dresser, int.Mar.21,1813.


Eben C. [of Cavendish, VT. int.] and Rebecah Fitts, Jan.19,1826.

MANING (Manning)

Robert [Robart Manning of] and Abigail Eustes, July11,1765.


Ebin of Sturbridge and Mary Albee, Oct.12,1834.

MANNING (Maning)

Jacob and Abtgal Morey, June29,1790.

Nathaniel [Maning] of Ranslor, Albany Co., NY, and Anna White, Feb.12,1792.


Caty and Lt. Benjamin Versels, Jan.7,1788 [1789?].

Chloe of Dudley and Robbert Dodge, int.Feb.7,1813.

Daniel of Dudley and Rhoda Allbee, Oct.14,1789.

Elinoh [Elenor. int.] and Arnold Gulley, Oct.21,1800.

Hosea of Dudley and Polly Coburn, int.Sept.26,1814.

Margaret and Cooledge Comins, Mar.25,1798.


Aaron 2d and Delia Dexter, Apr.14,1811.

Aaron Jr., and Sally Hammond, int.May10,1812.

Aaron and Leafy Gibbs, May末,1840.

Abigail and Capt. Julius E. Tucker, Jan.1,1834.

Alma (d.Aaron and Sarah, a.25) and Charles S. Childs, Sept.16,1847.

Ameline (d.Daniel and Amy, a.41) and Orrin Munroe, Feb.17,1828.*

Charles and Betsey Stone, Jan.6,1813.

Clarissa M. and James M. Fairbanks of Westfield, Sept.2,1839.

Daniel and Ame McIntier, Mar.22,1792.

Elijah of Millbury and Alice McIntier, Mar.12,1820.

Freegrace and Anna Eliza Tower, July1,1827.

Hannah and Nathaniel Goodell, June22,1786.

Hiram and Aminda Coming, Jan.31,1828.

Holland and Emeline Taft, Apr.27,1830.

Jacob and Lydia Stone, Dec.13,1812.

Jerome (s.John and Ruth Ann, a.24) and Susan E. Blanchard, Mar.21,1849.

John P., and Ruth Ann Rider, Nov.30,1823.

Luther and Sophia Stone, Apr.10,1814.

Lydia, Mrs.and Issachar Comings, Apr.10,1831.

Polly and Lyman Gould, May26,1818.

Mary Ann and Edward C. Cleaveland, Oct.13,1835.

Mason and Abigal Comings, Nov.22,1830.

Persis E., and William S. Weld, May24,1827.

Ruthy Ann and Theophelus Blackmar Jr., int.Apr.23,1815.

Sanford and Sylvia Willard, Sept.7,1817.

Sarah and William B. Boomer, Nov.26,1823.

Stephen and Serenna Morris, Sept.12,1838.

Thadeus and Olive Putnam, int.Jan.8,1786.

Washington (s.Rufus and Rachel, a.22) and Ruth A. Sibley, Sept.28,1846.

William and Lydia Hammond.Sept.27,1818.

William (s.Thaddeus and Olive, a.52. widr.) and Lucy L. Wheelock, Sept.1,1847.

MARCEY (Marcy)

Lemuel and Nancy Carpenter of Woodstock, CT, Sept.7,1791.


Andrew and Nancy Parker, Dec.18,1824.

MARCY (Marcey)

Andrew A. of Dudley and Claretine Town, Dec.10,1826.

Bradford and Cynthia Stevens, Mar.31,1814.

Betsey of Dudley and Jonathan Stevens, int.Nov.3,1811.

Larned of Dudley and Harriet Perry, May12,1824.

Lucinda of Sturbridge amd Amos Oakes, int.Feb.5,1815.

Mary of Sturbridge and Samuel Curtis Edwards, May19,1812.

Matilda and William McKinstry os Sturbridge, Sept.10,1815.

Sibbe, [Sibblor. int.] and Thomas Dyar, July8,1784.

MARET (Meret)

Aaron [Marit. int.] and Prucence Cook, June29,1778.


Job [Maritt. int.] and Hannah Thomson, Oct.18,1769.


Hannah [Marit. int.] and Levy Ward, Sept.3,1772.

Mary [Marit. int.] and Abner Mellen, May16,1771.


Lidia of Western and Robart Calle, int.Sept.5,1771.

MARSH (Mash)

Albigence and Catherine Clemons, May6,1819.

Asenah of Brookfield and Samuell Lamb 3d, Apr.15,1783.

George W. and Angelina Perry, Dec.22,1835.

Esek and Lucinda Richardson, Apr.7,1805.

Jonathan of Gilford, VT, and Hannah Waters, Mar.19,1792.

Lucinda, Mrs.and Nahum Lamb, Feb.5,1837.

Nathan and Sophia Parker, Nov.26,1815.

Sarah and Jonathan Windgate, May9,1819.*

Thomas and Abigail Nichols, Feb.4,1816.


Luther P. and Angelina Bates of Grafton, int.Aug.31,1834.


Rebekah of Sutton and John Stevens, int.Sept.7,1765.

MASH (Marsh)

Elizabeth and Ezra Mackintier, int.末蔓末, [1756?].


Elias and Phebe Nickels, int.Aug.9,1801.

John and Mary Saben, int.Mar.16,1773.

Meletiah and Polly Dily, Apr.25,1813.

Polly and Json Chamberlain, Jan.6,1819. At Windham.


George and Abigal May int.Mar.31,1800.


Abigal and George Mathewson, int.Mar.31,1800.

Polly and Ezra Harwood Jr., Mar.22,1798.

Samuel and Polly Child, int.Dec.7,1803.

Sally and Otis Ammidown, Jan.11,1808.*


Sally Ann and Rodney Hewett, Oct.14,1824.


Elizabeth of Oxford and Salem Town, int.May4,1771.

Betsey and Reuben Blood, Oct.5,1814.

Samuel of Oxford and Cloe Fitts, Feb.28,1825.


David of Providence, RI. and Cynthia Davis, Feb.16,1792.


Sarah A., of Brookfield and William H. Spurr, int.Apr.23,1843.


James of Dudley and Lucinda Albee, int.Oct.29,1825.

Jane L., (d.James and Lucinda, a.21) and George J. Dodge, Apr.9,1848.


Lawrence and Phebea Batchelor, int.Nov.6,1796.


Josiah Marshal and Hepzibah Moffett of Oxford, int.Mar.22,1794.


Josiah Marshal of Oxford and Hannah Smith, int.July1,1804.


Abigail [McIntire. int.] and Silas Dennis, May1,1781.

Nehemiah [McIntire. int.] and Mary Ames, Jan.18,1781.

Susanna and Levi Partridge, int.Aug.1,1803.


Aaron and Clarissa Lyon of Woodstock, CT, int.May25,1817.

Abigal [Mrs.Abigail. int.] and Uriah Ward, May13,1790.

Abraham and Lydia White, Oct.30,1792.

Alice and Elijah Marble of Millbury, Mar.12,1820.

Alphus and Lydia Walles of Douglas, int.Feb.2,1800.

Amasa [] and Salley Edwards, July30,1794.

Amasa and Lydia Morey, Feb.7,1812.

Amos and Asenath McIntier, Aug.5,1790.

Amos and Sally Billings Howard [Hayward?], Feb.23,1796.

Amos and Nancy McIntier, Jan.3,1813.

Ame and Daniel Marble, Mar.22,1792.

Asenath and Amos McIntier, Aug.5,1790.

Calvin and Sally Dexter, int.Apr.5,1823.

Darius and Lydia Moulton, int.Jan.1,1795.

Darling and Phila Brownell of Brimfield, int.Nov.29,1812.

Deborah and Isaiah McIntier, int.Feb.16,1799.

Dwight and Nancy Trumball of Sutton, int.Mar.31,1822.

Ebenezer and Betsey Holman of Sutton, int.Mar.20,1791.

Ebenezer and Mary Bass of Ashford, CT, int.June11,1809.

Eleazer [McIntire. int.] and Barsheba Detray, Dec.5,1815.

Elias and Martha Burden, Sept.17,1789.

Elijah and Hannah Wilson, int.Jan.20,1782.

Elijah and Jerusha Carpenter, int.June1,1800.

Elijah and Eliza Goodell, Mar.31,1817.

Alkenah and Polly Chase of Dugless, int.Jan.8,1809.

Elkanah and Lydia Waters of Sutton, int.Aug.1,1820.

Eunice and Robert McIntier Jr., Dec.1,1789.

Ezra Jr., [McIntire. int.] and Mary Hatfield, May28,1783.

Hannah and Isaac Dennis, int.June1,1793.

Huldah and Samuel Ammidown, Mar.8,1804.

Isaiah and Deborah McIntier, int.Feb.16,1799.

Jane and Ebanezer Clemons, Oct.6,1803.

Jamima [] and Moses Davis, Mar.11,1794.

Joel and Nancy Detray, Oct.21,1810.

Levi and Emmela Tray of Woodstock, int.Aug.9,1805.

Lovisa [Lovice. int.] and John Douty, Nov.24,1807.

Lucinda and John Dexter [of Brimfield], Feb.12,1818.

Lucy and Malachi McIntier, int.Dec.13,1881.

Malachi and Lucy McIntier, int, Dec.13,1881.

Martha and John Charde of Leicester, int.Dec.21,1800.

Mary W. and Elisha C. Thayer, int.Mar.16,1834.

Matilda and George West, int.Oct.25,1805.

Mehetebell [Mehetabel. int.] and Jesse Burden, Dec.5,1787.

Malinda and Jesse Lee Brownell of Brimfield, int.June23,1816.

Melinda and Jesse L. Brown, Aug.15,1816 [Probably same as Malinda above.]

Meriam and Jabez Corbin, July7,1818.

Nancy and Amos McIntier, Jan.3,1813.

Naomi and James Green, Nov.9,1823.

Nathan and Hannah Drake of Duglas, int.Dec.21,1800.

Nathan and Sally Cary of Oxford, int, Mar.5,1803.

Nathaniel and Mrs.Sally Stone, Mar.4,1810.

Peter and Altheda Trumble of Leicester, int.Sept.17,1815.

Rhoda and Daniel Atwood, int.May1,1800.

Robert Jr., and Eunice McIntier, Dec.1,1789.

Robert and Esther Todd of Oxford, May28,1799.

Robbert and Mrs.Nancy Randel, Jan.24,1810.

Robert and Mrs.Sabra Needham, Aug.30,1830.

Rufus and Peggy Detray of Woodstock, CT, int.Feb.11,1810.

Salem and Anna Phillips of Mansfield, CT, int.Nov.8,1812.

Sally and Jeremiah Holman of Union, CT, Dec.14,1809.

Seth and Rachel Twiss, July1,1798.

Stephanis and Hannah Willson, Nov.22,1787.

Tryphena and Moses Dodge, Apr.29,1789.

William and Esther Knapp, int.Mar.6,1802.

Zeblun [Zebulon. int.] and Polley Rich, May28,1788.


Abel and Mary Sanders, int.Apr.29,1774.

Abigail and Thomas Wiseman, Dec.11,1783.

Adah [Edah McIntier. int.] and Nathaniel McIntire Jr., Mar.30,1786.

Ann [McIntyre. int.] and Estes A. King, May1,1842.

Caleb and Elisabeth Herwood, July11,1776.

Clementina and John Carpenter, int.May12,1844.

Deborah [McIntier. int.] and Isaiah McIntire, Apr.14,1784.

Diana and Salem Douty, Dec.1,1824.

Dianna and Nathaniel W. Quint of Oxford, Sept.21,1840.

Dorcas and Isaac Putney, Mar.30,1775.

Ebenezer and Abigail Herwood, int.Dec.12,1777.

Elbridge and Sarah Borden of Stafford, int.Nov.3,1839.

Elihu and Olive Twiss, Oct.19,1780.

Elijah and Mary Eliza Doughty, Apr.8,1844.

Elisabeth and Abijah Clemons, June18,1776.

Elizabeth [McIntier. int.] and Elliot Convers, May10,1825.

Elnathan and Martha Thomson of Dudley, int.Oct.20,1780.

Elvira and John Hill Jr., Sept.29,1842.

Ephraim and Mary Edwards, June24,1777.

Fidelia and Jarvis White, Dec.3,1836.

Gardner and Miriam McIntire, Apr.9,1778.

Isiah and Deborah McIntire, Apr.14,1784. [Int. Mar. or Apr.1784.]

James D. and Frances W. Richards of Sturbridge, int.Mar.17,1849.

Jesse and Martha Lamb, Dec.13,1768.

Jonathan and Joana Wiman, July10,1777.

Levator (s.Darlin and Phila, a.25) and Julia A. Capen of Spencer, Dec.9,1849.

Lorinda and Calven Lyon, int.Nov.5,1826.

Lorinda [McIntier. int.] and Rufus Nichols, Oct.10,1830.

Peggy, Mrs.and Ellis Thayer, int.Mar.14,1837.

Martha (d.Calvin and Sally, a.20) and Philemon Hill, Oct.19,1845.

Mary and Thomas Adams, int.Apr.4,1777.

Mehitable [Mackintire. int.] and Daniel Alexander, Oct.16,1766.

Miranda [] and Wilber Austin, Mar.20,1836.

Miriam and Gardner McIntire, Apr.9,1778.

Nancy, Mrs.and Peter Dugar of Southbridge, int.Feb.22,1834.

Nancy and Alven B. Duger, int.Oct.17,1847.

Nathan Jr., and Jemima Ames, Nov.25,1768.

Nathaniel Jr., [McIntier. int.] and Adah McIntire, Mar.30,1786.

Nelson and Amanda M. Fitts, Nov.26,1839. In Sutton.

Obadiah and Hannah Turner of Ward, int.June2,1782.

Olivia (d.Dwight and Nancy, a, 20) and Dresser L. Davis, Nov.28,1848.

Phebe and Isaac Taylor, June9,1768.

Royal P. [McIntyre. int.] and Julia A, Bacon, May27,1839.

Sarah, wid.and Zenos Holbrook of Brimfield, int.Sept.27,1807.

Salvenas and Jenne Mixter of Sutton, int.Feb.29,1784.


Andrew T. and Cornelia Ruggles, Apr.9,1843.

J.W. and H.A. Merritt, int.Dec.5,1848.

Mary W. (d.Elknah and Lydia, a.22) and Amos S. Baker, Apr.12,1849.

Salem [McIntier. int.] and Deborah Buxton of Welster, Feb.16,1843.


Rachel and James Flint, Feb.17,1833.


Mary and Amos Putney, int.Aug.4,1799.


Amos of Sturbridge and Sarah Pike, int.Sept.18,1786.

Benjamin and May Howard of Brookfield, int.Sept.3,1815.

Daniel and Rachel Brown, int.Mar.27,1814.

David and Mary Clemons, Apr.3,1815.

Elizabeth of Sturbridge and Asa Dresser Jr., int.Mar.14 [?], 1809.

John of Sturbridge and Keziah Batchelor, int.July3,1808.

Lois and Oren Bates, int.Nov.12,1800.

Marcy of Sturbridge and Luther Clemons, int.Mar.5,1815.

Moses C. (s.David and Mary, a.27) and Mrs Polly Conant, Jan.25,1846.

Nancy and Walter Woodard, Feb.9,1809.

Prevostus of Southbridge and Rosetta Hill, Apr.14,1833.

Prevostus of Southbridge and Jane M. Carpenter, int.Nov.16,1845.

Silas of Southbridge and Lucy Twiss, Feb.21,1819.

William Jr., [of Sturbridge. int.] and Matilda Marcy [Mary?], Sept.10,1815.

William F., of Southbridge and Hattiet H. Bacon, May1,1839.


Lucy of Sutton and James Boomer Jr., int.Mar.17,1822.


Deborah [Mackintire. int.] and Nathaniel Mackintire, Apr.21,1763.

MELENDY (Melinda, Mellendy)

Abi, Mrs.and John Howlet, int.Mar.3,1844.

David and Betsy Herd of Oxford, int.Mar.5,1827.

James and Mrs.Abigal Kingsbury of Oxford, int.Sept.7,1826.

Lucy (d.J. and L., a.21) ane William M. Larnded of Oxford, Apr.9,1848.

MELINDA (Melendy, Mellendy)

James and Aby Curtis of Douglas, int.Oct.4,1828.

MELLEN (Milens, Millen, Millin)

Abner [Millin. int.] and Mary Maritt, May15,1771.

Joanna and Leonard Town, Nov.5,1804.

MELLENDY (Melendy, Melinda)

Jacob and Lucy Albee, May12,1822.


James W., (s.James and Content, a.27) and Mary B. Comings, Aug.19,1847.

MERET (Maret, Merit, Merritt, Mirit)

Benjamin [Marit. int.] and Elizabeth Smith, Apr.19,1764.


Delight [Maritt. int.] and David Hammand, Nov.19,1767.


Amos [Merritt. int.] and Esther Blanchard, Sept.16,1784.

Henry Jr., and Cloe Dresser, Feb.9,1791.

Pamela and David Briges of Sturbridge, int.Sept.20,1807.


Artemas of Oxford and Jerusha Stevens, Jan.22,1821.

Sophia of Oxford and Timothy Morse Jr., int.Oct.18,1812.

MERRIT (Marit, Meret)

Benjamin Jr., and Patty Tucker, int.Aug.30,1805.

Charlotte [Merritt. int.] and Holloway Harrington, Dec.25,1817.

Dolly and Hiram Willis, Dec.2,1817.

Betsey and Silvanus Baldwin, int.Aug.30,1805.

Isaac [Merritt. int.] and Phebe Comins, May31,1810.

Lewis and Clarissa Hammond, Apr.14,1817.

Melinda and Baxter Clerk, Nov.10,1811.

Nancy and John Eddy Jr., Oct.29,1817.

Pamela [Meritt. int.] and David Reed of Spencer, int.Oct.15,1811.

Ruth and William White Jr., both of Western, Nov.25,1790.*

Submit and Samuel Tucker, Dec.31,1816.

MERRITT (Maret, Merret, Mirritt)

Amos [Meritt. int.] and Submit Stow, Dec.15,1791.

Barnard and Patty Willard, Apr.11,1802.

Brigham C., and Mrs.Harriet Reed, int.May25,1834.

Caroline and John Ryan, Apr.4,1819.

Ceny [Merrit. int.] and Harvey Dresser, Dec.6,1818.

Chloe and Elliot Alexander of Brimfield, Apr.13,1830.

H.A. and J.W. McIntyre, int.Dec.5,1848.

Herietta and Dea.Elisha Cole of Southbridge, int.Sept.28,1828.

Henry, Capt., and Polly Rich, Apr.19,1824.

Jesse and Louise Stow, Dec.29,1790.

Jesse S., and Lorana [Serena?] Comings, Dec.18,1820.

Patty and Eli Blood, Dec.18,1800.

Marvin and Margaret Spurr, int.Mar.19,1815.

Mercy [Merrit. int.] and Jason Carpenter of Southbride, Sept.1,1828.

Moses [Merrit. int.] and Pheba Merritt, Mar.28,1793.

Nehemiah and Elizabeth Harwood, Feb.10,1801.

Persis and Ichabod Gains, Apr.18,1820.

Pheba and Moses Merritt, Mar.28,1793.

Prudence [Merrit. int.] and John Clark, May29,1804.

Sarah [Marsh?] and Jonathan Wingate of Cambridge, int.Apr.25,1819.

Susan Jane (d.Harwood Erwin and Levia W., a.17) and Lucian Harwood, both of Warren, Sept.24,1846.*

Walter [Merrit. int.] and Sarah Ward, Mar.25,1800.


Lydia M., of Seekonk, MA, and Francis Anderson, int.Mar.30,1837.


Abijah, Dea.and Sally Everett of Wrentham, int.Sept.14,1817.

MILENS (Mellen, Millen)

Anne [] and Thomas Hall, Oct.26,1769.


Lucy, Mrs.and John Fessendon of Oxford, int.Jan.13,1790.


Hannah and Samuel Nichols, Nov.25,1810.

Jacob and Mehitable Putney, Mar.11,1810.

Mahable `[Mehitable], Mrs.and George West, int.Aug.17,1825


Mary and Joseph Whitmore [of Killinslee], Sept.5,1771.


Ripley [Merrell. int.] and Susannah Gleason, Nov.13,1783.

MIRRITT (Maret, Meret)

Lydia [Lyda Merrit. int.] and Silas Hobbs of Brookfield, Nov.29,1787.

MIXER (Mixter)

Arba and Althusa White, Jan.17,1813.

Clarissa and Jeremiah Brown, Apr.14,1817.

Rufus and Anna Chase of Douglass, int.Feb.27,1820.

Rufus and Nancy A. Phillips, Nov.28,1826.

MIXTER (Mixer)

Jenne of Stutton and Salvenas McIntire, int.Feb.29,1784.

Lydia of Sutton and Elijah Goodell, int.Apr.17,1784.


Hepzibah of Oxford and Josiah Marshal McFaden, int.Mar.22,1794.


Elisabeth [Moffet. int.] and Asahel Howard, Aug.26,1785.

MOLTON (Moulton)

Bartholomew of Danvers and Elisabeth Twiss, int.May25,1783.

Reuben and Abigail Tourtelot of Dudly, int.Apr.19,1818.


Alvan [Alven of South Brimfield, now resident in Charlton. int.] and Caroline Thompson, Feb.18,1812.


Benjamin and Charlotte Burt, int.Nov.9,1834.

Betsy and Jeremiah Morse, Sept.10,1822.

Lucy Ann and John Barton, Sept.27,1837.

MOOR (Moore, More)

Reuben [More. int.] and Else Nichols, Oct.17,1776.

Rufus [Moore. int.] of Dudley and Emeline Fessenden, Dec.9,1830.


Hannah [Morse?] and Elisha Ward, Oct.5,1817.

Lucy and Asel Eddy [of Thompson, CT.], June16,1816.

Ruth of Oxford and Salem Town, int.Mar.28,1774.

Serviah and Williams Polley, Mar.29,1770.

MOREY (Mory)

Abigail and Asa Town, Nov.28,1769.

Abigal and Jacob Manning, June29,1790.

Andrew A., of Dudley and Clarentine Town, Dec.10,1826.

Annah and Joseph Pratt Jr., int.Mar.26,1801.

Bennona [Bennoni. int.] and Huldah Brown, Jan.25,1781.

Charls and Phebe Blanchard, int.Jan.10,1778.

Eleanor and Phinehas Slayton of Brookfield, int.Mar.10,1761.

Elisabeth and Joseph Woodworth [of Farly, VT.], Oct.29,1778.

Ephraem and Catherine Munye of Spencer, int.Jan.10,1776.

Ephraim, Maj. and Mrs.Hanna Wadkins of Brookfield, int.Jan.24,1795.

Ephraim, Maj. and Abigal Boyden of Sturbridge, int.Nov.26,1796.

Israel and Sarah Follett, Apr.13,1785.

James and Elisabeth Weld, int.Oct.21,1780.

John and Polly Partridge, Feb.2,1823.

Kyron W., (s.John and Polly, a.24) and Rachel Lamb, Dec.27,1848.

Leonard and Mrs.Fanny Hamilton, Dec.23,1831.

Lydia and Amasa McIntier, Feb.7,1812.

Mary and Charles Dugar, Aug.24,1808.

Matilda [Marcy?] and William McKinstry Jr., Sept.10,1815.

Moses and Persis Baldwin [of Spencer], Aug.25,1774.

Nathan and Sally Rich of Thompson, CT, int.Jan.18,1798.

Nathaniel and Prudy Putney, Dec.11,1794.

Reuben and Sarah Eucsts [Eustis?], int.Jan.31,1761.

Rosanna and Lenex Titus, Nov.25,1766.

Ruth, Mrs.and Adams Wheelock, Oct.25,1829.

Silas and Mrs.Mary Eustis of Deerfield, int.June30,1790.

Simeon and Rchel Tafft of Mendon, int.Mar.16,1772.

Thomas and Ruth Wheelock, Nov.15,1789.

Tirzah of Sturbridge and Silas Adams of Brookfield, Mar.22,1812.*

Vilany and Nathan Cuting of Royealston, int.Nov.24,1768.

Zenas and Abigail Ellis of Deadham, int.June20,1764.


Roxey and Joel Johnson, both of Spencer, May17,1813.*

Ruth of Brimfield and Ebenezer Philips, int.Apr.15,1780.

Solomon of Southbridge and Mary Dexter, Apr.17,1825.


Alford of Sturbridge and Sally W. Willson, int.Aug.12,1810.

Clearessa of Dudley and John D. Thomson, int.Mar.3,1827.

Edward and Jerusha Walker of Sturbridge, int.Jan.27,1811.

Elijah Gore and Tamma Davis, both of Dudley, Nov.26,1790.*

Elisha of Dudley and Prudence Nichols, Oct.9,1814.

Lyman [Limon of Sturbridge. int.] and Mary Bacon, Apr.11,1815.

Margaret and Willis Newton of Southborough, Apr.10,1838.

Serenna and Stephen Marble [of Sutton]. Sept.12,1838.

Schuyler and Susan Comins, Mar.29,1838.

William of Dudley and Betsey Lamb, int.Oct.13,1799.


Rugals and Sally Cheeny of Dudley, int.Dec.6,1794.


Amity of Stoughton and Amasa Lamb, int.Jan.3,1806.

Amey (a.19) and John Harwood, both of Oxford, Aug.28,1848.*

Augusta (d.Timothy and Sophia, a.16) and Rufus B. Dodge, Apr.18,1847.

Catherine of Northbridge and Nathan Flecher Jr., int.Nov.18,1801.

Charlotte and Nathan Putnam, Sept.9,1804.*

David of Dudley and Seena Gibbs, int.Nov.16,1793.

David and Naomi Prince of Oxford, int.Nov.10,1802.

David and Ruth Alexander, Dec.26,1810.

David Jr., and Sally Parmer, Oct.30,1814.

David and Eliza Smith of Millbury, int.Oct.26,1834.

Hannah and Elisha Ward, Oct.5,1817.

Harriet N., and Marshal Duger, Nov.26,1843.

Jeremiah and Betsy Moon, Sept.10,1822.

Jeremiah and Susan Chase of Millbury, int.July6,1827.

Lois and Franklin Rider, Nov.19,1815.

Lucina and Jasper Brown of Oxford, int.Feb.4,1827.

Polly and John Streeter, Dec.14,1809.

Marcy and John Streeter, int.Feb.1,1784.

Mercy and Harlem Barton, Sept.26,1819.

Naomi P., and Elisha Darling of Dudley, int.June2,1833.

Prudence and James Keeth, May27,1812.

Richard and Caroline Vinton, Mar.1,1815.

Ruth S. and Elijah F. Partridge, Apr.15,1838.

Samuel of Sturbridge and Deborah Laflin, int.Apr.6,1807

Sarah and Joshua Hill Jr., of Spencer, int.Feb.1,1822.

Silence Maria [] (d.Jeremiah and Susan, a.16) and William Harrison Baker, Nov.24,1846.

Timothy Jr., and Sophia Merriam of Oxford, int.Oct.18,1812.


Abigail and Dr. David P. White of Douglas, int.Jan.11,1842.

Laura Ann and Rufus Paine of Mendon, Nov.13,1834.

Lydia of Burrillville, RI, and Joseph Albee, int.Feb.5,1809.

Reuben and Mrs.Susan Lamson of Thomson, CT, int.Feb.13,1826.

MORY (Morey)

Diadama and Samuel Mower, int.Dec.13,1781.

Lenard [Leonard] and Phebe Wheelock, Dec.23,1795.

Sarah and John Green, May17,1781.

MOULTON (Molton)

Elizabeth and Jacob Rich, Nov.9,1837.

John B., and Mary V. Reynolds, both of Oxford, Oct.11,1838.*

Lydia and Darius McIntier, int.Jan.1,1795.

MOWER (Moore)

Abigail and James Lamb Jr., May29,1782.

Alfred and Betsey Borden, int.Nov.30,1828.

Collins of Oxford and Elisabeth Chamberlain of Dudley, July1,1787.*

Curtiss [] and Hannah Hunter, May6,1827.

Ebenezer and Lucretia Ward, Sept.30,1790.

Jemima [More. int.] and Dr. David Adams of Union, CT, Feb.18,1796

John and Elisabeth Edwards, May29,1782.

Jonathan Jr., and Sarah Stepens, June17,1781.

Marshal and Charity Curtis, July1,1790.

Samuel and Diadama Mory, int.Dec.13,1781.

Sarah of Oxford and Reuben Davis, int.Feb.12,1773.

Sarah and Benjamin Pratt of Sutton, Jan.18,1786.


Orrin (s.Jeremiah and Deborah, a, 41, widr.) and Ameline Marble, Feb.17,1848.


Samuel and Aseneth Walbridge of Starford, CT, int.Apr.30,1789.


Catherine of Spencer and Ephraem Morey, int.Jan.10,1776.


Albin of Thompson, CT, and Sally Lamb, Feb.19,1843.


John (s.Joseph and Chastom, a.22) and Harriet Shambo, Mar.16,1847.


Thomas N., and Lorinda J. Bacon, Feb.3,1813.

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