Mary, Eveline, d.Ichabod and Percis, Mar.27,1822.


Hellen Amanda, d.William and Emeline, Oct.5,1833. In Oxford.

Irenia, d.Enock and Susan, Nov.6,1815.

Jerusha, d.Enock and Susan, Nov.24,1810.

Lorinda A. d.William and Emeline, May19,1847.

Mary Jane, d.Enock and Susan, Jan.11,1826.

Susan, d.Enock and Susan, June13,1818.

Susan E. d.William and Emeline, Oct.6,1844.

Silvester, s.Enock and Susan, June20,1823.

William, s.Enock and Susan, May4,1813.

William Franklin, s.William and Emeline, July30,1837.


Dedeimia, d.Moses and Sarah, June14,1763.

John, s.Moses and Sarah, Apr.25,1765.


Mellenda, d.Levi and Chloe, Mar.1,1792.

Nancy, d.Levi and Chloe, Mar.17,1793.


Betsey, d.John and Mehitabel, Feb.10,1799.

John, s.John and Mehitabel, June2,1797.

Obadiah, s.John and Mehitabel, Oct.28,1800.


Danford, s.John and Mary Bixby, June14,1801.

Daniel Lake, s.John and Mary Bixby, Apr.15,1799.

Edward Daniel. s.Daniel L. and Elizabeth, Aug.25,1842.

Fanny, d.John and Mary Bixby, Aug.20,1790. At Sutton.

George Washington, s.Daniel L. and Elizabeth, May1,1827.

John, July8,1768.

John, s.John and Mary B. May3,1792. At Sutton.

Leafy, d.John and Mary Bixby, Aug.26,1797.

Mary Bigl. w.John, Feb.20,1770.

Polly Bixby, d.John and Mary Bixby, Dec.14,1795.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Daniel L. and Elizabeth, Sept.26,1830.

GLEASON (Gleson)

John, s.Uriah, bp. June10,1764.CR

Ruth, d.Abner, bp. Sept.15,1793.CR

GLESON (Gleason)

Abigail, d.Abner and Abigail, Dec.11,1780.

Abner, s.Abner and Abigail, Feb.11,1783.

David, s.Abner and Abigail, May24,1772.

Paul, s.Abner and Abigail, Jan.12,1778.

Rachel, d.Abner and Abigail, Oct.18,1774.

William, s.Abner and Abigail, Apr.5,1786.


Mary Lucy, d.Artemas and Cynthia R. Feb.15,1844.

GOODAIL (Goodell)

John, s.Abraham and Relief,末蔓末, 末末.


Elizabeth, d.Elisha and Waite Chase, Apr.11,1797.

Phebe, d.David and 末末, Sept.12,1784.

GOODELL (Goodail, Goodale)

Aaron, s.Jeduthan and Mehetable, Jan.28,1799.

Abraham, s.John and Sarah, July29,1782.

Alvah, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Hannah, Feb.17,1798.

Amos, s.David, June18,1786.

Charlotte, d.Abraham and Relief, Mar.7,1806.

Daniel, s.John and Sarah, June28,1780.

Elisha, s.Zechariah, bp. Nov.10,1771.CR

Eunis, d.John and Sarah, Dec.2,1778.

Henry, s.Stephen and Margaret, Feb.19,1779.

Huldah, d.Zechariah, bp. Sept.11,1774.CR

James Alexander, s.Jeduthan and Mehetable, Aug.4,1802.

Jeduthan, s.Zechariah, bp. Nov.11,1770.CR

Jeduthan, s.Jeduthan and Mehetable, Jan.19,1797.

Jery, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Hannah, Feb.18,1790.

John, s.John and Sarah, Oct.1,1776.

Lefe, d.Abraham and Relief, Oct.4,1803.

Polly, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Hannah, Oct.17,1795.

Marchent, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Hannah, June18,1787.

Marchant, s.Abraham and Relief, Sept.4,1808.

Moses, s.Jeduthan and Mehetable, Sept.8,1800.

Oliver, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Hannah, Apr.10,1791.

Peter, s.Stephen and Margaret, Dec.4,1791.

Relief, d.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, Mar.14,1778.

Rhoda, d.Jeduthan and Mehetable, Jan.3,1811.

Ruth, d.John, bp. Aug.7,1785.CR

Salem, s.Jeduthan and Mehetable, Feb.18,1804.

Sanfurd, s.Abraham and Relief, Aug.28,1799.

Sally, d.Stephen and Matgret, May12,1788.

Selly, d.Jeduthan and Mehetable, July18,1793.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Margaret, Sept.7,1782.


Jacob, s.Phinehas and Sarah, June2,1790.

Phineas, s.Phinehas and Sarah, Nov.9,1792.


John Gilman, s.Martha and William D. Hammond, both of Boston, Sept.17,1826.


Abigail, d.Sanford and Roxa, July21,1825.

Anderson, s.Sandford, Mar.9,1818.

Avis H. d.John and Hope, Jan.20,180 [1803?].

Benjamin Borroughs, s.John and Hope, Mar.10,1798.

Burroughs, s.Sandford and Roxa, May9,1823.

Charles A. s.George B. and Phebe, Apr.8,1822.

Daniel, s.John and Hope, Apr.4,1790. At Pomfret, CT.

Dexter, s.George B. and Phebe, Sept.18,1826.

Edwin, s.George B. and Phebe, June28,1810.

Emely, d.Sandford and Roxa, Feb.26,1816.

George B. s.John and Hope, Apr.20,1788. At Pomfret, CT.

George, s.George B. and Phebe, Feb.11,1817.

Hope Ann, d.John and Hope, Jan.20,1792.

Hope, d.George B. and Phebe, Jan.10,1812.

Independence Whipple, s.John and Hope, June10,1801.

James, s.George B. and Phebe, Jan.4,1821.

James Sanford, s.Sanford and Martha, Nov.16,1831.

John, s.John and Hope, May20,1794.

John Anthony, s.George B. and Phebe, July25,1819.

John Henry, s.Sanford and Martha, Apr.23,1833.

Oliver, s.Sandford and Roxa, Oct.26,1820.

Phebe, d.George B. and Phebe, Sept.11,1813.

Roxa, d.Sanford and Roxa, Sept.2,1828.

Sanford, s.John and Hope, Apr.15,1796.

Whipple, s.George B. and Phebe, Mar.13,1824.


Aaron, s.Jonathan and Polly, Sept.9,1801.

Adaline Eliza, d.George and Sophia, Sept.18,1838.

Alice, d.Jonathan and Polly, Jan.7,1799.

Alma, d.Lyman and Persis Thompson, Oct.24,1810.

Amos, s.Jonathan and Polly, 末蔓13,1796.

David, s.Jonathan and Polly, Feb.26,1789.

Betsey, d.Thomas and Hannah, Mar.12,1790. In Ashford CT.

Franklin, s.Lawson and Elsey, Oct.5,1832.

George, s.Jonathan and Polly, Aug.3,1806.

Gilman Noyes, s.George and Sophia, June10,1832.

Hannah Williams, d.Willard and Asenath, May11,1807.

Harriot, d.John and Esther, Feb.9,1812. At Watertown.

Harriet, d.Jonathan and Susannah, July24,1823.

Harvey, s.Lawson and Elsey, Mar.6,1830. In Oxford.

Hollies, s.Lawson and Elsey, Sept.14,1837.

Horris, s.Thomas and Hannah, June28,1801.

Jane Amanda, d.Aaron and Jemima, Feb.13,1833.

John, s.Thomas and Hannah, Feb.7,1785. At Sturbridge.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Polly, May21,1791.

Julian, d.Lawson and Elsey, Jan.15,1839. In Oxford.

Liberty Bond, s.Willard and Asenath, Aug.27,1808.

Lius, s.Thomas and Hannah, Nov.6,1794.

Lyman, s.Thomas and Hannah, Sept.19,1787. In Sturbridge.

Manson, s.Lawson and Elsey, Nov.23,1842.

Mariah, d.Thomas and Hannah, Mar.5,1799, In Sturbridge.

Polly, d.Jonathan and Polly, Aug.20,1793.

Mary Ann, d.Jonathan and Susannah, Apr.22,1821.

Marcy M. d.Jonathan and Susannah, May24,1832.

Nancy Elizabeth, d.Lawson and Elsey, Dec.13,1849.

Rufus, s.Thomas and Hannah, Sept.3,1792.

Zebina Abbot, s.Amos and Martha, Aug.24,1803.

Sally, d.Jonathan and Polly, June12,1804.

Sylvanus S. s.Lawson and Elsey, Jan.12,1827. In Dudley.

Susan, d.Jonathan and Susannah, July20,1829.

Thomas, Nov.24,1755.

Tirza, d.Lawson and Elsey, Mar.15,1835.

Tirza Lavina, d.Lawson and Elsey, Oct.1,1844.

Willard, s.Thomas and Hannah, Mar.3,1783. At Sturbridge.

William, s.John and Esther, Sept.15,1810. At Watertown.


Anngenett, d.Thomas J. and Olivia, Sept.20,1833.

Helena, twin d.Thomas J. and Olivia, Dec.17,1848.

Helenus, twin s.Thomas J. and Olivia, Dec.17,1848.

Horace M. s.Thomas J. and Olivia, Oct.8,1840.

Martha, d.Thomas J. and Olivia, Mar.12,1845.

Olivia S.C. d.Thomas J. and Olivia, Nov.4,1835.

Thomas J. s.Thomas J. and Olivia, Dec.29,1842.

William J. s.Thomas J. and Olivia, May20,1837.


Arnold, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Easther, Mar.7,1780.

Deliverance, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Esther, Apr.7,1784.

Relief, d.John and Sarah, Sept.22,1781.


Abigail, d.Aaron and Anna, Jan.2,1780.


Adaline S. d.Zina and Lydia, Sept.26,1832. In Millbury.

Harriet Tryphena, d.Zina and Lydia, June12,1842.

James Madison, s.Zina and Lydia, July18,1834. In Grafton.


Caty Maria, d.Arnold and Elenor, Dec.29,1804.

Erasmus, s.Arnold and Elenor, Dec.4,1802.

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