Eliza Maria, d.William and Esther, July22,1840.


Barnard, s.Rev. Archabald and Hannah, Nov.21,1766. At East Towne.

Barnard, s.Archabald Jr., and Martha, Jan.18,1790.

Charles, s.Archabald and Prudence Twiss, and gr. s.Joseph Twiss, Mar.22,1785.

Martha Barnard, d.Archabald Jr., and Martha, Mar.22,1792.


Adaline Eliza, d.Edmund and Anna W., Sept.7,1832.

Julia Ann, d.Edmund and Anna W., June16,1831. In Spencer.

Lewis Edmund, s.Edmund and Anna W., July9,1829. In Spencer.


Abial, s.Simon and Fanny, Jan.26,1817.

Alver, s.Simon and Fanny, Oct.13,1823.

Caroline E., d.John and Clementina, Jan.20,1848.

Clarrisa M., d.George B., and Lucy E., Jan.8,1849.

Cordelia, d.Leonard and Matilda, Mar.10,1824.

Edward F., s.John and Clementina, Dec.24,1844.

Elijah Rich, s.Simon and Fanny, Nov.14,1834.

Emily, d.Leonard and Matilda, Aug.19,1822.

George B., s.Leonard and Matilda, Jan.7,1827.

Hannah E., d.Leonard and Matilda, Oct.29,1819. In Southbridge.

Henry L., s.Leonard and Matilda, Jan.27,1841.

Horace N., s.Leonard and Matilda, Aug.19,1836.

Jane M., d.Leonard and Matilda, Feb.6,1829.

Lynus, s.Simon and Fanny, Oct.21,1825.

Lorin, s.Simon and Fanny, Oct.12,1818.

Marion Estelle, d.Loren and Waty Maria P., Sept.7,1849.

Nancy, d.Simon and Fanny, Sept.16,1820.

Reuben, s.Simon and Fanny, Oct.11,1814.

Ruth E., d.Loren and Waity M.T., Jan.18,1847.

Sally A., d.Leonard and Matilda, Dec.27,1817. In Dudley.

Seth L., s.Leonard and Matilda, May1,1832.

Safrona, d.Simon and Fanny, Oct.30,1829.


Paul Dean, s.Rev. Richard and Sally, Aug.27,1813.


Abel, s.Edward and Hannah, May19,1751.

Anna, d.Calvin and Anna, Mar.16,1804.

Benjamin Stow, s.Eliakem and Anna, Dec.11,1801.

Calvin, s.Calvin and Anna, May2,1802.

Charlotte, d.Eliakem and Anne, Sept.12,1788.

Cinderilla Melvina, d.Benjamin S. and Eliza, Feb.18,1826.

Cleora, d.Benjamin S. and Eliza, Dec.27,1832.


Cumfort, s.Timothi and Judith, Nov.1,1778.

Dalenia, d.Jason and Polly, Sept.11,1826.

Dinah, d.Timothy, bp. Sept.30,1792.CR

Dulcenia, d.Samuel and Deliza, May7,1845.

Edward, s.Edward and Hannah, June30,1748.

Elemuel, s.Edward and Hannah, Nov.28,1755.

Eliakim, s.Eliakim and Anna, Feb.1,1804.

Eliza, d.Eliakim and Betsey, June25,1829.

Floretta Eliza, d.Benjamin S., and Eliza, Sept.22,1830.

Hannah, d.Edward and Hannah, July2,1759.

Jason, d.Eliakem and Anne, Nov.23,1792.

John, s.Eliakim and Anne, Oct.8,1790.

Judah, d.Timothy and Mary, Apr.30,1781.

Lucy, d.Eliakem and Anne, May12,1782.

Lucy Jane, d.Benjamin S., and Eliza, Jan.10,1838.

Mary, d.Edward and Hannah, Jan.23,1763.

Merrill, s.Eliakim and Betsey, June30,1833.

Nathaniel, s.Eliakem and Anne, May19,1786.

Porter, s.Benjamin S., and Eliza, Nov.24,1835.

Samuel, s.Jason and Polly,末蔓末, 末末.

Samuel, s.Eliakem and Anne, May21,1784.

Sally, d.Eliakim and Anna, Mar.26,1796.

Saville Anna, d.Benjamin S., and Eliza, Apr.14,1828.

Ziph, s.Eliakem and Anna, June13,1799.


Elizabeth, d.Waite and Elisha Goodale, Apr.11,1797.

Eseck, s.Eseck and Lous, Aug.22,1782.

Mark, s.Solomon and Anna, Jan.16,1788.

Timothy, s.Eseck and Louis, Nov.13,1793.


Marvin, s.Joel and Naomi, Oct.30,1802.


Danford, s.John Jr., and Sally, Apr.8,1806.


Louisa Woodbury, d.Nelson and Elizabeth S., Nov.5,1848.

Sarah Jane, d.Henry and Permelia, Feb.12,1836.

William Henry, s.Henry and Permelia, May12,1842.

CLEMANS (Clemons, Clemonts)

Caroline Matilda, d.Eli and Matilda, Dec.21,1822.

Eli Owen, s.Eli and Matilda, May22,1824.

John Warren, s.Eli and Matilda, May19,1817.

Mary Celista, d.Eli and Matilda, May27,1826.

Thomas Jefferson, s.Eli and Matilda, Aug.18,1821.

CLEMONS (Clemans, Clemonts)

Aaron, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Mar.10,1776.

Anna, d.Benjamin and Deborah, May30,1772.

Asa, s.Philip and Margaret, Sept.10,1764.

Asa, s.Abijah and Elisabeth, Feb.17,1781.

Asa Jr., s.Asa and Mary, Aug.31,1804.

Baruk, s.Joel and Betsey, Aug.24,1807.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Deborah, Sept.2,1778.

Calvin, s.Ebenezer and Eunice, Mar.21,1786.

Catherine, d.Asa and Mary [Polly in dup.] July12,1793.

Celesta, d.Asa and Mary, Sept.26,1806.

Charles, s.Jonathan Jr., and Susannah, Oct.18,1790

Chester, s.Asa and Mary, Aug.4,1800.

Chloe, d.Reuben and Chloe, Dec.21,1805.

Chloe, d.Jonathan Jr. and Susannah, Aug.13,1806.

Clarisa, d.Reuben and Chloe, Sept.19,1796.

Clarisa Chub, d.Reuben and Charity Priest Brown, May15,1814.

Daniel D., s.Jonathan Jr. and Susannah, Dec.10,1800.

David, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Dec.30,1773.

Eli, s.Asa and Mary [Polly in dup.], Aug.6,1791.

Erastus, s.Reuben and Chloe, Dec.16,1803.

Eunis, d.Philip and Margaret, Sept.5,1768.

Eunice, d.Reuben and Chloe, Dec.13,1798.

Asaph, s.Ebenezer and Eunice, May6,1784.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Feb.7,1767.

Hannah, d.Jonathan Jr. and Susannah, June27,1794.

Hannah Twiss, d.Jabez amd Meheteble, May15,1816.

Huldah, d.Phillip and Margaret, Oct.18,1765.

Jacob, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Nov.17,1771.

Jeremiah, s.Asa and Polly, June23,1798.

Jary, s.Jonathan Jr., and Susannah, July29,1792.

Jary, s.Asa and Mary, June23,1798.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hannah, June4,1770.

Joseph, s.Abijah and Elisabeth, July23,1777.

Lewis Lathe, s.Jacob and Betsey, May9,1806.

Lucy, d.Philip and Margerit, Dec.16,1773.

Margarrit M., d.Reuben and Chloe, Dec.5,1801.

Polley, d.Ebenezer and Eunice, Apr.29,1780.

Polly, d.Asa and Mary [Polly in dup.], Apr.9,1796.

Mary, d.Jonathan Jr., and Susannah, Sept.16,1796.

Mary Amelia, d.Jary and Lucina [Susanna in dup.] Feb.3,1824.

Mehitable, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Oct.25,1765.

Mehitabell, d.Jonathan Jr., and Susannah, Nov.13,1804.

Moses, s.Ebenezer and Eunice, Aug.15,1778.

Moses, s.Jacob and Betsey, Dec.27,1808.

Nancy, d.Jacob and Betsey, Nov.3,1797.

Nancy Lucy, d.Jabez and Mehetable, Dec.17,1817.

Persis, d.Ebenezer and Eunice, Sept.29,1783 [1782?].

Peter, s.Jonathan Jr. and Susannah, Nov.6,1802.

Phebe, d.Benjamin and Deborah, Aug.25,1766.

Rachel, d.Asa and Mary, Sept.12,1808.

Reuben, s.Philip and Margerit, Aug.22,1771.

Rhoda, d.Philip and Margret, Dec.9,1766.

Salem, s.Abijah and Elisabeth, Mar.17,1779.

Syrna (?), d.Asa and Mary, July22,1802.

Stephen, s.Benjamin and Deborah, Nov.4,1764.

Susannah, d.Jonathan Jr. and Susannah, Oct.19,1798.

Warren Turner, s.Asa and Rhuama, Jan.22,1813.

CLEMONTS (Clemans, Clemons)

Alpheus, s.Phillip and Margrett, June11,1786.

Anna, d.Phillip and Margarett, Mar.20,1781.

Ruth, d.Philip and Margeret, Apr.7,1786 [1776?].


Abigail Lovell, d.Edward and Betsy, Dec.5,1804.

Elmira, d.Edward and Betsy, Oct.19,1811.

Edward Chenney, s.Edward and Betsy, Feb.20,1810.

Betsey, d.Edward and Betsey, Sept.23,1801.

Emery, s.Edward and Betsey, June13,1813.

Fanny Adams, d.Edward and Betsey, Feb.3,1800.

Welcome, s.Edward and Betsey, Sept.30,1803.

COBORN (Cobourn, Coburn)

Moses, s.Alpheus and Joanna, Dec.20,1787.

COBOURN (Coborn, Coburn)

Alpheus, s.John and Sarah, Dec.16,1759.

Asa, s.Clement and Dorothi, June12,1771.

Edward, s.Clement and Dorothi, Feb.25,1776.

Elihu, s.Clement and Dorothi, July25,1773.

Jacob, s.John and Sarah, Dec.15,1770.

John, s.John and Sarah, Apr.21,1768.

Joseph, s.John and Sarah, Nov.11,1774.

Mary, d.John and Sarah, Dec.16,1778.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Apr.15,1765.

Salle [Sally.CR], d.Clement and Dorothi, July26,1778.

COBURN (Coborn, Cobourn)

Alphus, s.Alphus and Joanna, Apr.21,1783.

Andros, s.Amasa K., and Sophia, Jan.17,1835.

Babeey (?), d.Clement and Dothority, Mar.16,1783.

Clarry, d.Joseph and Polly, Mar.12,1798.

David, s.Alphus and Joanna, Feb.10,1785.

Betsey, d.Clement, bp. June15,1783.CR

Betsey, d.Jacob and Polley, June8,1796.

Ellen E., d.Amasa K., and Sophia, Jan.13,1833.

Hannah, d.Capt. John, bp. May5,1782.CR

Harriot Fox, d.Jacob and Polly, Feb.22,1807.

Henry, s.John Jr., and Dorcas, May25,1794.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Polly, Nov.26,1799.

Joanna, d.Alpheus and Joanna, Dec.6,1789.

John, s.Amasa K., and Sophia, Dec.20,1829. In Dudley.

Joseph Edwards, s.Alphus and Joanna, May20,1781.

Learned, s.Joseph and Polly, Apr.8,1800.

Leonard, s.Jacob and Polly, Sept.14,1803.

Lucy, [d.Joseph and Polly], June29,1802.

Marsha, d.John Jr., and Dorcas, Apr.16,1802.

Molley, d.John, bp. May20,1779.CR

Polley, d.Clemont, bp. Sept.10,1786.CR

Polley, d.John Jr. and Dorcas, Dec.23,1797.

Polly, d.Jacob and Polly, Aug.9,1801.

Moses, s.John Jr., and Dorcas, Dec.16,1799.

Nancy, d.Amasa K., and Sophia, Apr.13,1843.

Otis, s.Amasa K., and Sophia, Dec.3,1839.

Ruth, d.John and Sarah, Dec.27,1784.

Samuel, s.Amasa K., and Sophia, Dec.7,1825. In Dudley.

Sally, d.Joseph and Polly, Sept.25,1796. [Sally D., Feb.25, in dup.]

William, s.John Jr. and Dorcas, Jan.24,1796.

COLLAR (Coller)

Darias, s.Ebenezer and Mathew, May6,1813.

Francis Flagg, s.Ebenezer and Matthew, Oct.6,1811.

Jason, s.Ebenezer and Matthew, May23,1810.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Matthew, May19,1815.


Adaline, d.Ebenezer and Mathew, Mar.25,1817.

COMENS (Comings, Comins, Commings, Commins, Cummings, Cummins)

Coolige [Coolidge.CR], s.William and Margret, Feb.24,1765.

Collidge [Comins.CR], s.William and Margerit, Mar.23,1770.

Deliverance, d.Jacob and Phebe, July17,1774.

Elisabeth, d.Reuben and Mary, Oct.30,1778.

Hannah, d.William and Margerit, Nov.17,1777.

James, s.William and Margret, Mar.19,1768.

John, s.Lemuel and Rachel, Oct.20,1771.

Lemuel, s.Lemuel and Rachel, Oct.10,1769.

Margerit, d.William and Margerit, Feb.24,1775.

Solomon, s.Lemuel and Rachel, Dec.19,1767. [Comins.CR Bap. same day]

William, s.William and Margret, Apr.6,1766.

COMINGS (Comens, Comins, Commings, Commins, Cummings, Cummins)

Abigail, d.Free and Abigail, Nov.15,1809.

Arminda, d.Free Jr., and Abigail, Sept.19,1805.

Caroline, d.Free and Abigail, Dec.11,1820. [Comins in dup.]

Chester, s.Free Jr., and Abigail, Mar.20,1802.

Emory Washburn, s.Chester and Deborah, Dec.6,1830.

Fanny, d.Free and Abigail, Apr.28,1817.

Fanny Louisa, d.Jacob and Fanny, Mar.10,1819.

Freeman, s.Free Jr., and Abigail, Nov.3,1807.

Henry Alonzo, s.Chester and Deborah, July30,1835.

Pamela, d.Free Jr., and Abigail, Feb.25,1812.

Sarah Fiducia, d.Chester and Deborah, Jan.22,1829.

Sarah Frances, d.Chester and Deborah, Feb.20,1833.

COMINS (Comens, Comings, Commings, Cummings, Cummins)

Achsah, d.Reuben and Mary, Sept.22,1763.

Alansa, d.Barnabas and Molly, Apr.24,1802.

Alice, d.Reuben and Betsy, Nov.8,1797.

Asa, d.James and Anna, July12,1794.

Augusta, d.Free Jr., and Abigail, Oct.19,1803.

Barnabas, s.Reuben and Mary, Mar.24,1771.

Barnabas Danford, s.Barnabas and Molly, Nov.6,1803.

Caty, d.Cooledge and Margaret, June27,1799.

Coolidge, s.Coolidge and Margaret, Apr.6,1803.

Edward Issachar, s.Issachar and Lydia, Nov.16,1835.

Elizabeth, d.William and Margret, Aug.8,1781.

George Free, s.Jacob and Fanny, Jan.28,1824 (?).

Henry Barnabas, s.Issachar and Cynthia, Apr.23,1830.

Issachar, s.Reuben and Mary, Aug.28,1782.

Issachar, s.Reuben and Betsey, Nov.19,1805.

Julia Ann, d.Barnabas and Molly, June20,1814.

Lynus Bacon, s.Barnabas and Molly, Aug.28,1817.

Lewis, s.Reuben, May1,1803.

Lewis B., s.Lewis and Rebecca, Sept.2,1833.

Lucy, d.Barnabas and Molly, Mar.19,1799.

Mary, d.Reuben and Mary, Mar.6,1774.

Mary, d.Barnabas and Molly, Apr.3,1811.

Mary Bixby, d.Jacob, Oct.24,1820.

Mindwell, d.William and Margerit, Feb.25,1773.

Naomie, d.Reuben and Mary, Apr.16,1766.

Paschal Bacon, s.Barnabas and Molly, June26,1809.

Rachel, d.Lemuel, bp. Oct.24,1773.CR

Reuben, s.Reuben and Mary, July24,1768.

Reuben, s.Issachar and Cynthia, May10,1819.

Ruth, d.Reuben and Betsy, Aug.16,1800.

Serena, d.Barnabas and Molly, Sept.15,1800.

Sukey, d.Free and Rachel, Oct.31,1804.

Thomas Babbit, s.Barnabas and Molly, July28,1806.

Thomas J., s.Lewis and Rebecca, Nov.11,1835.

William, s.Cooledge and Margaret, July11,1801.

William, s.Issach and Cynthia, Feb.19,1817.

William F. s.Lewis and Rebecca, Feb.27,1839.

COMMINGS (Comens, Comings, Comins, Commins, Cummings, Cummins)

Chandler, s.Free and Rachel, Feb.21,1799.

Jacob, s.Free and Alice, Dec.8,1790.

James, s.James and Anna, Aug.7,1798.

Rachel, d.Free and Rachel, Sept.27,1797.

COMMINS (Comens, Comings, Comins, Commings, Cummings, Cummins)

Nancy, d.James and Anna, Aug.20,1796.


Abigail Lamb, d.Asa and Abigail, L. Mar.19,1832.

Addison Emery, s.Asa and Abigail L. Sept.30,1830.

Adelia Mariah, d.Hosea and Polley, May17,1840.

Albert Forbes, s, Hervey and Susannah, Dec.9,1800

Cardinal Christia, d.Harvy and Susannah, Aug.7,1806.

Charles Rufus, s.Rufus and Clarisa, Dec.5,1833.

Elizabeth Adams, d.Asa and Abigail L. Oct.18,1828.

Ellen Amelia, d.Rufus and Ruhamah, July22,1844

Harriett Patience, d.Hosea and Polley, Dec.28,1843.

Harrison Johnson, s.Rufus and Ruhamah G. May3,1848.

Julius Augustus, s, Rufus and Clarisa, May18,1836.

Lavina, d.Abijah and Bathsheba, Mar.31,1776.

Mary Lucy, d.Harvy and Susannah, Mar.17,1803.

Mary Lucy, d.Hosea and Polly, May3,1828.

Nancy Meriam, d.Rufus and Ruhamah, June29,1839.

Sally Corbin, [d.Harvy and Susannah], Aug.13,1804.


Abigail, d.John and Mary, Jan.31,1766.

Abigail, d.John and Mary, Jan.16,1774.

Demmons, s.John and Mary, Mar.18,1764.

Elijah, s.John and Mary, Sept.27,1759.

Eliza Ann, d.Ellot and Elizabeth, Apr.16,1827.

Joshua, s.John and Mary, Aug.8,1770.

Mary, d.John and Mary, June23,1768.

Polley, d.Daniel and Mary, Dec.4,1781.

Saley, d.Daniel and Mary, Dec.1,1783.

Willard, s.Dabiel and Mary, Feb.20,1779.


Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Rebecca, July19,1817.

Mercy Chapman, d.Jonathan and Rebeccah, Feb.16,1816.

Rebecca, d.Jonathan and Rebecca, Mar.9,1819.


Elmira Davis, d.Dexter and Cynthia, May11,18末. [Between 1821 and 1827.]

Arthur Daget, s.Dexter and Cynthia, Sept.25,18末. [Between 1820 and 1827.]

Calista, d.Dexter and Cynthia, July25,1810.

Catharine, d.Dexter and Cynthia, May5,1817. At Dudley.

Unice, d.Jabes and Merriam, Jan.1,1820. At Oxford.

Robert, s.Jabes and Merriam, Jan.12,1822.

Schuyler Dexter, s.Dexter and Cynthia, Jan.25,1828.

Thankful, d.Otis and Thankful, Mar.1,1830.

Walter, s.Jabes and Merriam, Apr.16,1825.

CRAIG (Craige)

David, s.David and Olive, Jan.12,1804.

Esther, d.David and Olive, Feb.10,1802.

Lucy, d.David and Olive, May12,1797.

Martha, d.David and Olive, Oct.1,1794.

Olive, d.David and Olive, Apr.11,1791.

Robert, s.David and Olive, Oct.30,1805.

Susannah, d.David and Olive, Jan.6,1800.


Hannah, d.David and Olive, Aug.21,1788.


Russel Chena, s.Cyrus S. and Relief, May9,1826.


Alma Jane, d.Moses and Alma, May30,1846.

CUMMINS (Comens, Comins)

Jonas, s.William and Margaret, Sept.28,1761. [Comens.CR]


Eleanor, d.Robert and Laurinda, Feb.14,1847.

CURTIS (Curtiss)

Anna Fairbank, d.Eli and Betsey, Nov.19,1804.

Augusta, d.Eli and Betsey, Sept.15,1813.

Asel, s.Eli and Betsey, Sept.15,1806.

Caleb, s.Rev. Caleb and Charity, Mar.12,1770.

Charity, d.Rev. Caleb and Charity, Sept.4,1773.

Dolly Arminda, d.Ezra and Betsey Livermore, and gr. -d.Johnathan Curtis, Oct.26,1816.

Edward, s.Edward and Dudley, bp. Sept.16,1772.CR

Eli, s.Jonathan and Sibbel, June24,1784.

Ezra, s.Jonathn and Sibbel, Sept.28,1797.

Jared, s.Samuel and Mary, Jan.28,1764.

Jason, s.Samuel, bp. Oct.21,1770.CR

John Bennit, s.Eli and Betsey, Feb.20,1812.

Jonathan, s.Eli and Betsey, Oct.10,1808.

Jonathan, 2d, s.Ezra and Betsey, Jan.2,1820.

Liberty, s.Eli and Betsey, Oct.17,1810.

Lucinda, d.Jonathan and Sibbel, Aug.18,1793.

Mary, d.Samuel, bp. Sept.27,1766.CR

Peter, s.Samuel, bp. Aug.21,1775.CR

Pliny, s.Caleb Jr. and Polly, Nov.14,1775.

Sabre, d.Samuel and Mary, Feb.28,1759.

Tamar, d.Samuel and Mary, July16,1761.

Willard, Harrison, s.Ezra and Betsey, Mar.8,1818.

CURTISS (Curtis)

Caleb, s.Rev. Caleb and Charity, Mar.17,1766.

Damaris, d.Rev. Caleb and Charity, July19,1762.

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