Bettey and William Wood, Oct.5,1778.

RAINGER (Ranger)

Caty [Katey.int.] and Samuel Whittemore of Leicester, Oct.4,1795.

Ephraim and Susannah Jenks of Spencer, Nov.22,1795. In Spencer.

Hannah and Samuel Ball of Rutland, int.Jan.20,1789.

Joseph Jr. [Ranger. int.] and Mary Smith, Aug.2,1759.

Joseph [Ranger. int.] and Anna Joanna Hoyt, May31,1781.*

Joshua and Sally Chamberlain of Westborough, July2,1799. At Westborough.

Lucy and James Black Jr. of Barre, int.Oct.15,1796.

Moses and Hannah Ball [int.Feb.] 末,1772.

Nancy and Edmund Edward Dane, Jan.15,1811.

Rebekah and Philip Hastings of Belchertown, Nov.7,1808.

Samuel and Hannah Woods, int.Sept.21,1767.

Sally and David Gott of Oakham, int.Apr.22,1810.

Thomas and Abigail Brown, Oct.28,1804.

RALF (Rolf, Rolfe)

Daniel and Marcy Addams, Nov.3,1757.*


George F. (s.George and Roxanna, a.28) and Elizabeth A. Howe, Oct.27,1847.


Daniel of Wendall and Judith Robinson of Templeton, Jan.3,1788.CR1*

RANDAL (Randall)

Abigail and David Southwood, Mar.11,1779.

Lydia of Taunton and Josiah Dean, int.Mar.5,1795.

Vespasian of Western and Louisa Gleason, Dec.8,1805.

RANDALL (Randal)

Rachal F. of Worcester and Ebenezer P. Meriam, int.July17,1831.

RANGER (Rainger)

Hannah and John Peeso, Apr.2,1756.*

John and Sarah Hinckley, int.Mar.末,1761.

John and Anna Ayres, Oct.16,1785.

Joseph and Eunis Bond, Oct.8,1786.

Lydia and David Matthews, Nov.25,1802.

Olive of Rehoboth and Samuel Green, Dec.18,1777. At Rehoboth.

Olive (d.Isaac) and William H. Bishop, Feb.17,1848.

Thomas and Mary Mercy Woods of New Braintree, Jan.9,1770. In New Braintree.

William and Mehitable Batcheldor, Dec.17,1761.


Betsey and Charles Bruce, Apr.3,1806.

Hiram and Nancy Hamilton, Mar.1,1808.

Lucretia C. and Isaac T. Prouty of North Brookfield, Nov.8,1843.


Barnabas and Thankfull Thurston, Dec.26,1797.*

James and Polly Batchelder, June24,1798.

James and Abia Capen of Spencer, int.Aug.9,1811.

Jonathan and Polly Whipple, int.Jan.14,1794.

Sophronia and Daniel Towne of Spencer, Oct.12,1829.*

RAYNOLDS (Reynolds, Runnels)

Hannah of Enfield and Rev. Nathan Fiske, int.Dec.27,1789.

READ (Reed)

Cheeney [Cheney.int.] and Sally Rice, Jan.25,1784.

Mary [Reed.int.] of Rutland and Samuel Hair, June22,1785. In Rutland.


Zachariah and Rebeca Warren, Apr.7,1774.

REED (Read)

Aaron of Windham and Fanny Moore, Nov.9,1797. In Spencer.

Nabby and Zebulun Barns, Dec.4,1800.

Amasa and Sally Barns, int.Sept.29,1821.

Anna P. (d.Henry and Dolly, a.24) and Bezer Keith of North Brookfield, Apr.12,1849.

Benjamin and Mary Kindell, Nov.28,1743.*

Caroline and Luther Faulkner of Boston, Mar.29,1820.

Charles C. and Jane Wetherbee, Sept.17,1840.

Cheney Esq. and Nancy Cutler, Aug.26,1792.

Cheeney, Maj. and Mary Stone of Reading, int.May22,1802.

Cheney and Ruth Merrick, Dec.13,1815.

Collins of Worcester and Betsey Gilbert, Jan.末,1835.*

Eunice and Dr. Tilly Rice, Feb.2,1783.

George W. of Western and Julia Anna Hamilton, Mar.2,1825.

Hannah B. and Elijah Eddy, int.May1,1841.

Henry and Dolly Lyon of Woodstock, int.Oct.11,1823.

Jason Jr. of Rutland and Nabby Wetherbee, Sept.24,1801.

John Jr. and Martha Richmond, May11,1772.

Mary and Lyman Draper, int.Dec.5,1818.

Nathan and Rachel Streeter, Aug.20,1770.*

Phebe and Joshua Harrington, int.Jan.20,1754.

Ruth and John Daviss Jr., Feb.末,1761.*

Sarah [Sally.int.] and Stephen Coffin of Newcastle, ME, Sept.30,1815.

Thanks and Benjamin Bartlit, Jan.1,1727-8.*

Waldo of Western and Selesta Hamilton, Dec.10,1822.*

REYNOLDS (Raynolds, Runnels)

Joseph of Sturbridge and Susan Wilson, May21,1781. In Sturbridge.

RICE (Rise)

Abijail and Asa Barns, int.July10,1778.

Alfred and Fanny Rice, June30,1825.*

Alice and Joseph Rice, June19,1803.

Alice and Benjamin F. Davis, int.Jan.28,1838.

Amos and Kezia Bridges, May28,1783.

Amos and Mary Thompson, int.Oct.28,1805.

Anna and James Brigham, Jan.7,1745-6.*

Asaph and Thankful Drury, Feb.17,1811.

Asenath and Dr. Nathan Richardson of Reading, int.Mar.3,1805.

Augustus and Esther Brooks of Sturbridge, int.Dec.12,1824.

Azariah and Hanah Bartlit, June17,1720.*

Azariah and Sally Abbott, Feb.5,1792.

Azubah and Cyrus Fay Jr. of Sturbridge, Feb.10,1822.*

Azubah and Selby Richardson of Leicester, Oct.22,1833.

Azuba A. and Ezekiel Cooper, int.Mar.17,1844.

Bathsheba (wid.) and Jonathan Hinds, Dec.28,1843.

Baxter and Experience Boyden, May31,1818.

Benjamin and Elizabeth Walker of Sturbridge, int.Oct.30,1834.

Caleb and Sarah Abbot, June6,1775.

Calista and Pliny Shepard, int.Mar.10,1815.

Capernaum and Joel Abbot Jr., Nov.22,1808.

Caroline and [Dr.] Henry Gillmore, Apr.11,1831.

Caroline (d.Otis and Lydia, a.16) and John F. Bemis, Oct.17,1849.*

Cassandana T. (d.Columbus, a.22) and William S. Pike, Oct.9,1845.

Catharine and William Paul of Greenwich, Feb.5,1805.*

Charles and Leah Jennings, Jan.6,1758.*

Charles and Abigail Cutler, int.Nov.22,1778.

Charlotte and Nathan Upham Jr., May31,1807.

Charlotte and Dr. Aaron Green, Apr.7,1829.*

Charlotte A. and Lucius Tomblin, July27,1837.

Cheney and Deborah Converse, Apr.8,1790.

Clark and Esther Adams, Apr.8,1810.

Clarke and Lydia Draper, int.Feb.7,1812.

Columbus and Experience Turner of Sturbridge, int.Oct.20,1821.

Cynthia and Solomon Richardson, May2,1822.*

Deborah and Benjamin Scott, July24,1777.*

Dexter and Nancy Bemis, Jan.23,1820.

Edward and Sarah Cheney, int.Nov.末,1763.

Edwin and Francis L. Muzzy, Mar.20,1838.

Elanor and Nathaniel Crosman, int.Mar.15,1801.

Elihu and Sally Lamb of Western, int.Apr.6,1807.

Elijah and Hannah Walker, Dec.1,1785.

Elisha and Martha Rice, Oct.6,1720.*

Elisha and Catharine Gouldsberry, int.Nov.28,1779.

Eliza and Rufus Barns, Dec.3,1817.*

Eliza Ann of Hardwick and John P. Robinson, int.Feb.1,1835.

Eliza A. (d.Peter and Mary, a.18) and George Gay, Apr.9,1846.

Betty and David Bridges of Spencer, Apr.27,1756.*

Elizabeth and [Dr.] John G. Coffin of Boston, Sept.13,1808.

Betsy and Ebenezer Barnum of Danbury, CT, int.Sept.2,1820.

Betsey and Braman Ward, int.Nov.1,1843.

Elliot and Harriot Nichols of Sturbridge, int.Nov.10,1838.

Elnathan and Lucy Walker, int.Oct.末,1754.

Emma and William Morris, Oct.8,1815.

Ephraim and Thankful Walker, Apr.14,1757.

Ephraim and Zerviah Rice, May25,1762.

Ephraim Jonas and Eunice Marks, Feb.27,1764.

Ephraim Jr. and Olive Rice, int.July3,1791.

Esther and Jonathan Jennings, July17,1727. At Marlborough.*

Eunice and Jesse Parker, Oct.14,1798.

Eveline and Isaac Patrill Jr. of Ware, Dec.4,1828.

Fanny and Alfred Rice, June30,1825.*

Frances [Fanny.int.] and Maj. William Fiske, Mar.12,1795.

Frances Ceviah (d.Baxter and Experience, a.23) and Marshall Ainsworth, June12,1845.

Francis E. and Hezekiah Sabin of Worcester, Jan.31,1838.

George and Mary Davis, Dec.30,1812.

Hannah [of New Braintree. int.] and Joel Babbitt, May1,1781.

Henry and Charlotte Sibley of North Brookfield, int.Sept.29,1832.

Huldah of Sturbridge and Francis G. Clark, int.Feb.22,1820.

James, see Ross.

James and Susannah Corbin of Sturbridge, int.Oct.15,1797.

Jane and Cheney Newton, Oct.25,1836.

Jesse and Sarah Moore, Oct.31,1782.

Jesse and Molly Dunton of Sturbridge, Apr.20,1795. In Sturbridge.

Joel and Hannah Wright, Jan.24,1790.

John Jr. and Cartharine Walker [int.Oct.27], 1787.

John and Mary Gilbert, Feb.28,1789.

Jonas and Eunice Marks, 末y 末,1764.*

Joseph and Alice Rice, June19,1803.

Josiah and Hannah Bellows of Western, int.Nov.16,1800.

Julia and Samuel D. Bowen, int.Mar.5,1831.

Laura and William Bush Jr. of Spencer, Oct.15,1840.

Leah and Jesse Burk, May末,1761.

Leavins and Betsey Wright, Dec.26,1824.*

Liberty and Bershaba Walker, Nov.25,1816.

Liberty 2d and Rachel Walker, int.Jan.16,1830.

Lois and Jacob Batcheller, int.Sept.13,1773.

Lewis and Lucy Rice, Nov.21,1811.*

Louisa and Samuel Walker Jr., Nov.25,1813.

Louisa and Simeon Lamb of Charlton, Nov.26,1829.

Louisa and Isaac Hamant, int.Aug.18,1835.

Levina and Samuel Bigelow, June14,1791.

Lucia and Welcome Newton, May28,1839.*

Lucian [Lucian W. int.] of Monson and Elizabeth A. Allen, May14,1839.

Lucy and Lewis Rice, Nov.21,1811.

Lydia of Sturbridge and Seth Blanchard, int.Jan.30,1804.

Martha and Elisha Rice, Oct.6,1720.*

Mary and Ruben Old, int.Oct.末,1754.

Molly and Thomas Cheney, May15,1760.*

Mary and John Wilder of Dummerston, Apr.4,1775.

Mary and Silas Newton, Jan.10,1782.

Mary and Samuel Walker, Sept.16,1828.

Polly and Solomon Richardson, June1,1842.*

Matthias and Polly Morse, both of Western, May22,1794.*

Marrick and Polly Parks, Mar.9,1786.

Merrick and Ama Ayres, Jan.20,1805.

Miranda of Claremont and Jonas R. Barnes, int.Nov.5,1826.

Moses and Patty Polly Dodge, Apr.28,1789.

Nancy and Rosewell Jennings, Nov.19,1797.

Nancy (d.William and Rebeccah, a.27) and Martin Luther of Spencer, Nov.17,1846.

Newell and Lavina Taylor, Mar.3,1817.

Obadiah and Esther Mirick, Sept.22,1722.*

Obediah Jr. and Hannah Hill, Mar.21,1771.

Olive and Ephraim Rice Jr., int.July3,1791.

Oliver and Rinda Howes Hawes, Nov.10,1816.

Otis and Lydia Upham, Nov.5,1816.

Parker A. and Alona Boyden of Sturbridge, int.Oct.15,1815.

Patience and Joseph Walker, int.June末,1757.

Patience and Jesse Hobbs, Nov.14,1782.

Parley and Mrs.Lydia Parkhearst of Milford, int.June21,1812.

Persis and Capt. William Ayres, Jan.3,1758.*

Percis of Westborough and Rufus Putnam, Jan.10,1765. At Westborough.

Persis and George Townsend, int.Feb.末,1770.

Parcis and Samuel Olds of Chesterfield, int.Feb.11,1777.

Peter and Dinahr Woolcott末蔓末,1730.*

Peter and Sarah Brown July12,1759.

Peter and Azubah Ainsworth, July22,1784.

Peter Jr. and Mary Olds, Mar.21,1824.

Phinehas and Ruth Loomis, Nov.23,1797.

Rachel and John Hill, Feb.25, [29.CR], 1773.

Rachel and William Chaffee, int.Apr.24,1808.

Rebeckah [Rebecca.int.] and William Paige of North Brookfield, Oct.21,1834.

Rebecca and Harrison Barnes, Dec.11,1845.

Rhoda and Ebenezer Force, Sept.12,1782.

Rufus and Betsey Moor, Oct.8,1786.

Samuel Buckminster and Abigail Bradish, Nov.4,1808. [1818.]*

Sarah and Ebenezer How, Sept.29,1768.

Sarah and Hezekiah Cutting, int.June26,1773.

Sally and Ezekiel Richardson, Dec.21,1780.

Sally [Sarah.int.] and Cheeney Read, Jan.25,1784.

Sally and Moses Hitchcock Jr., Nov.29,1798.

Sally and Silvanus Brigham, Dec.1,1808.

Sarah and Benjamin B. Hayward, Feb.2,1815.

Sally and Stephen Crowel, Feb.7,1815.

Sally and Abijah Harrington of Princeton, int.Oct.17,1818.

Sarah [Sarah D. int.] and Palmer Lackey, Jan.23,1831.

Sally and Dwight Paige of North Brookfield, Mar.5,1835.

Seth and Harriot Brooks of Sturbridge, int.Mar.16,1839.

Shepard and Mahala Carpenter, Apr.22,1810.

Silas and Hannah Richardson, Jan.4,1781.

Simeon and Matilda Allen of Sturbridge, Nov.7,1792. In Sturbridge.

Simon and Sally Bigelow, Jan.1,1786.

Sophia and Bemsly Ainsworth, Mar.17,1839.

Susannah Ephraim Potter, June21,1774.

Susannah and Thomas Rice 2d, May14,1793.

Thankful and Timothy Smith of Medfield, int.May16,1789.

Thankful and Solomon Olds, Sept.21,1812.

Thomas and Sally Makepiece, July12,1792.

Thomas 2d and Susannah Rice, May14,1793.

Tilly and Mary Buckminster, Nov.2,1748.*

Tilly, Dr., and Eunice Reed, Feb.2,1783.

Vashti and Samuel Pickard, int.Oct.8,1797.

Versil of Ware and Thirza Sturtevant, int.Oct.2,1825.

Warren and Zerua Upham, Jan.10,1811.

Warren and Thankful Hathaway of North Brookfield, int.Jan.1,1819.

Warren and Eliza Cole, Mar.31,1825.

Washington and Sarah Moor, July4,1819.

William and Sally Deming of Sturbridge, Mar.27,1788. In Sturbridge.

William and Rebeckah Richardson, int.Jan.12,1798.

William Jr. and Julia Walker of Sturbridge, int.Mar.30,1833.

Zeruiah and Alexander Oliver, Apr.16,1778.

Zerviah and Ephraim Rice, May25,1762.

Zerviah and Paul Boyden [of Sturbridge], Dec.30,1790.


Alexander G. of Warren and Clementine Combs, Jan.22,1839.

Apollos of New Braintree and Bethiah Banister, Jan.27,1823.*

Bethsheba and Isaac Barron, Apr.30,1772.

Elkanah of Ware and Anna Combs, Jan.23,1811.

Experance and Hannah Goss, May27,1723.*

Hannah and Thomas Cowens, July23,1770.

Jerusha of Ware and William Thomas Jr., Jan.5,1799. In Ware.

John and Sarah Walker, Mar.18,1724.*

John [Jr. int.] and Elisabeth Chichely [Cheekerey.], Apr.10,1771.

John and Mary Baley, int.June末,1771.

Jonas and Elisabeth Trask, int.Mar.末,1760.

Lucy S. of Warren and Nathaniel Gilbert, int.Mar.7,1835.

Luther and Mary Jones of Spencer, Nov.9,1777. In Spencer.*

Margery of Ware and Eli Willington, int.Sept.28,1800.

Mary H. of New Braintree and Benjamin Goddard of Grafton, May10,1834.*

Moses and Lydia Daviss, int.Mar.末,1755.

Phillip and Sarah Whitcomb, int.Mar.末,1757.

Reed and Nancy Holmes, both of New Braintree, Aug.2,1799.*

Royal of Warren and Tryphosa Dodge, int.Oct.10,1835.

Ruth and James Nicholls, int.Apr.末,1756.

Salmon of Western and Synthia Pratt, [int.Sept.22], 1787.

Sarah and John Gilbert 3d, Mar.6,1766.*

Sarah and 末末 Patten, Jan.末,1767.*

Solomon of Western and Lucy Barritt, Feb.28,1790.

Thomas and Huldah Sandford of Mendon, Aug.18,1742. At Mendon.*

William and Sally Waterman, Sept.15,1793.


Anna M. (d.Joel and Eunice, a.18) and Charles Kimball of North Brookfield, Sept.8,1847.

Asenath U. of Ware and Elzafien Chickering, int.Sept.3,1842.

Curtis and Bulah Hamilton, int.Dec.18,1818.

Hollis and Esther Bannister, Oct.7,1819.

Joel and Eunice Allen, Nov.24,1822.*

Sullivan and Nancy Russel, Dec.24,1820.

Thomas and Lucy Wood, Nov.10,1806.


Abigail and John Newell, int.Mar.末,1795.

Nabby and Reuben Stevens of Sturbridge, Feb.27,1803.

Alpheus of Sturbridge and Betsey Wood, Dec.20,1794.

Asenah and Thomas Marsh, int.Nov.20,1777.

Baruch and Dolly Ayres, Nov.13,1803.

Benjamin and Allis McCluer, Feb.15,1776.

Charles and Frances Theodore Morton, int.Mar.12,1804.

Charles and Olive Richardson, int.Sept.1,1821.

Chloe and Jonathan Eddy, int.July14,1793.

Clarinda and Lucius R. Paige of Hardwick, Sept.14,1826.

Daniel and Ann McClure, Nov.28,1765.

Dorothy and Capt. Nathaniel Woolcot, int.Oct.末,1755.

Betsey and Joel Newton, int.Sept.30,1811.

Betsey, wid.and Benjamin Baldwin of Spencer, Dec.5,1825.

Betty [Betsey.int.] and Levi Pierce, Apr.10,1839.

Ephraim and Cynthia Hamilton, May29,1788. In Spencer.

Esther and Nathaniel Stratton of Athol, May15,1792.

Ezekiel and Sally Rice, Dec.21,1780.

Gilbert and Eunice Waite, May16,1809.

Hannah and Silas Rice, Jan.4,1781.

Israel and Susanna Forbush, Nov.10,1757.*

James Clark and Betsey Bennet of Reading, int.Aug.27,1804.

Jonathan and Hannah Jennings, Nov.21,1782.

Jonathan and Nabby Hincher, int.July15,1792.

Joseph and Hannah Stevens, Dec.7,1769.

Joseph and Esther Lammon, Dec.1,1774.

Joseph, Capt., and Priscilla Hincher, Aug.3,1786.

Joseph and Patty Lyon of Sturbridge, int.Aug.3,1806.

Lucy, Mrs., (d.Barnabus and Mary Comins, wid., a.46) and Rev. Lucius R. Paige, Oct.22,1845.

Lydia and John Woolcott Jr., Jan.17,1790.

Lydia and Thaddeus Muzzy of Whitestown, NY, Feb.21,1797.

Lydia and Charles Stebbins of Bernard, VT, Oct.31,1808.

Mary and Nathan Hamilton, July26,1758.

Polly and Hercules Sturtevant of Shutesbury, Feb.26,1795.

Matilda and Elisha Thompson Jr. of Charlton, Dec.25,1806.

Malinda [Melinda.int.] and Daniel Buel of Wilbreham, Nov.26,1812.

Meriam and Jesse Adams, Oct.11,1781.

Nancy A. (d.Charles and Olive, a.21) and C.D. Leet of Springfield, Jan.12,1847.

Nathan and Mary Knap of Sturbridge, Dec.25,1776. In Sturbridge.

Nathan, Dr., of Reading and Asenath Rice, int.Mar.3,1805.

Olive and Gad Smith, Nov.25,1762.

Olive and Henry Weed, July21,1813.

Olive and Charles Richardson, int.Sept.1,1821.

Raff and Deborah Woolcott, int.Mar.2,1774.

Rebecca and Asa Bigloo, May19,1766.

Rebeckah and William Rice, int.Jan.12,1798.

Ruth and Amasa Bigelow, Apr.3,1805.

Samuel and Mary Walker of Sturbridge, Apr.23,1767. In Sturbridge.*

Samuel of Shutsbury and Polly Stevens, Dec.19,1799.

Sally and Cheney Hamilton, Oct.16,1808.

Sarah (d.Alpheus and Betsey, a.44) and James Chapin of Sturbridge, Nov.5,1846.

Selby of Leicester and Azubah Rice, Oct.22,1833.

Solomon and Lucy Cummings of Charlton, int.Dec.30,1820.

Solomon and Cynthia Rice, May2,1822.*

Solomon and Polly Rice, June1,1842.*

Tamasin and Nathaniel Macumber of Shootsbury, Nov.25,1802.

Thomas and Sally Hamilton, Nov.17,1785.

Thomas and Betsey Walker, Apr.4,1799.

Thomas Metcalf and Sarah Converse, Jan.13,1841.

Willard and Lucy Hamilton, Mar.20,1794.

Willard of Hamilton, NY, and Polly Waite, int.Sept.14,1811.

William and Patty Hamilton, int.Dec.2,1781.

William and Jerusha Bacon of Western, int.Mar.12,1827.

William (s.Artemas and Deborah, widr., a.40) and Sophia Ainsworth, Nov.9,1846.

Winthrop of Boston and Caroline Watson, Mar.末,1830. [int.Aug.22,1831.]


Mary and Elisha Drake, July1,1773.


Allice and Nehemiah Howe, May3,1804.

Anna and Jacob McCombs, Dec.7,1768.

Elisabeth and Benjamin Babbit, int.Sept.28,1800.

Esther and Elijah Morgan of Spencer, Mar.13,1804.

Eunice and Barnard Gilbert, Feb.26,1795.

Ezra and Ruth Seger of Spencer, June26,1778.

Jenney and Artemas Dodge, int.Feb.7,1794.

Lucy and Benjamin Gilbert [of Schuylerstown], May14,1795.

Martha and John Reed Jr., May11,1772.

Mary and 末末貌n Drake, int.Apr.13,1767.

Robert and Martha Hinds [Hardy.CR], Nov.4,1766.

Ruth and Jonathan Olds, int.Oct.19,1800.

RICHOSON (Richardson)

Jonathan and Abigal Laland of Sherburn, int.May11,1767.

Nathan [Richardson. int.] and Tamyson Upham, Feb.16,1764.


John [of Otter Creek. int.] and Sarah Smith, May6,1773.


Caroline S. of North Brookfield and Albert G. Slayton, int.July30,1842.

Elizabeth of Douglas and Ephraim Cutler, Sept.21,1780. At Douglas.

Mary [Polley.int.] and Elisha Foster, Mar.16,1784.

Sally of Enfield and Seth Parker, int.Oct.24,1829.


Fanny and William Wright, July14,1802.


Jacob and Fanny Fuller, Sept.11,1794.


Stephen and Abigail Kimball, int.June19,1773.


Thankful M. and Sanford Blanchard, int.June12,1829.

RISE (Rice)

Benjamin and Sarah Upham of Malden, June30,1744. At Malden.*


Zebulun of Granby and Relief Stanly, Oct.4,1802.


Mary, Mrs., [Robbens.int.] of Walpole and William Coney, June14,1785. In Walpole.

Samuel of Watertown and Nabby Porter of Brookfield (alias Spencer precinct), Sept.22,1796. In Spencer.

ROBESON (Robinson)

Thomas and Mary Warner, Nov.3,1744.*

ROBINSON (Robeson, Robison)

Charles of Belchertown and Sarah Adams, int.Nov.15,1843.

Harriet A. of Enfield and Benjamin F. Kindrick, int.May5,1844.

Jeremiah of Oakham and Julia M. Boyden, May4,1832.

John P. and Eliza Ann Rice of Hardwick, int.Feb.1,1835.

Joseph of Hardwick and Caroline C. Banister, Feb.2,1826.

Judith of Templeton and Daniel Rand of Wendall, Jan.3,1788.CR1*

Phebe W. of Hardwick and William B. Stone, int.Feb.1,1842.

ROBISON (Robinson)

Isaac and Hannah Collins, Aug.30,1770.


Bathsheba and Josiah Walker Jr., Feb.14,1796.

John and Hannah Upham, Nov.12,1795.

Joseph and Dolly Sturdy, Nov.11,1802.

Polly and William Carter, Sept.5,1793.

Simeon and Damaris Olds, July11,1771.


Abigail and Nathaniel Brown, Apr.7,1835.

Benjamin of Holden and Sarah Bliss, int.Mar.28,1830.

Charles E. and Caroline Davis, Nov.26,1840.

James R. (s.James and Eliza F., a.24) and Nancy M. Howe, May11,1847.

Jemima and Isaac Wood, int.Dec.末,1761.

John Fisk of Monson and Martha Ann Bates of North Brookfield, Aug.8,1844. [1843 dup.]*

Mary and Ephraim Green, Dec.8,1763.

Mary and Charles A. Marcy [of Woodstock], Dec.末,1833.

Nelson F. and Hannah S. Olds, both of Monson, Aug.19,1840.*

Rebecca of Whately and Frederick W. Moore, int.Dec.7,1838.

Samuel and Mary Bliss, Feb.17,1814.

ROLF (Ralf)

Daniel and Priscilla Beals, Aug.20,1770.


Lucy and Samuel Flagg of Spencer, Dec.10,1799. In Spencer.


Libbeus of Western and Lucy Moulton, Jan.10,1782.

Mercy and Eneas Addams, int.Sept.24,1753.

Nathan [Reed.] and Rachel Streeter, int.July末,1770.

Rachel, wid., and Othniel Hyde, May11,1779.

Sarah of Sturbridge and Samuel Parker of Amherst, July9,1772.*


Mary of Westfield and John Barnes, Oct.12,1742. In Westfield.*

Orlando of Belchertown and Sophia Walker, int.Mar.10,1838.


Roena [Ross.] and Urial Spooner of Hardwick, June13,1816.


Amasa and Esther Allen, Sept.12,1775.

Amasa and Sarah Bartlet, Dec.13,1781.

Ansel [Anselm.int.] and Hannah Crowel, Dec.3,1807.

Azubah and Elijah Clap, Apr.11,1776.

Caroline C. and David B. Gleason, int.Dec.6,1832.

Ester A. and William Spooner, Nov.23,1820.

Galen and Huldah Goodman of South Hadley, int.Aug.22,1833.

Hannah and Bemsley Davis, July28,1812.

Harriet L. and Nathan Woodis, int.Mar.17,1844.

Israel N. and Harriet Miller of Warren, int.Dec.2,1837.

James [Rice] and Sarah Gilburt, Nov.6,1745.*

James of Worthington and Thankfull Barns, Oct.23,1788.

John and Matha Cutler, Sept.24,1782.

Joseph and Elizabeth Haskel Hamilton, Jan.3,1811.

Joshua of Ware and Susan Gilbert, int.Apr.28,1844.

Lemuel and Ruth Willies, Jan.6,1785.

Levi and Eliza Carruth, Nov.29,1798.

Levi and Mrs.Betsey Spooner of Barre, Jan.25,1843.

Lydia and Ezra Allen, int.Nov.22,1807.

Martha [Martha A. int.] and John Berthong of Ogdensburg, NY, Jan.17,1821.

Patty A. and Daniel Thurston, Dec.5,1822.*

Mary F. and Benjamin Eaton of Ware, Mar.26,1834.

Mary and Orville Searles, Jan.1,1843.

Persis and Asa Barns, Dec.5,1771.

Philimon and Hannah Doane, int.Oct.2,1811.

Philemon of North Brookfield and Lucy Muzzy, Sept.22,1813.

Rebeckah G. and William Foster, Oct.2,1833.

Sally and Silas Estee of Salem, NY, Jan.2,1797.

Sarah and Henry Fiske of Hardwick, Oct.1,1823.

Shelah and Anna Keyes, Apr.14,1791.

Tilly and Fanny Gilbert, Jan.15,1811.


Edna and John Shepard of Western, May16,1781.*


Molley and Abner Witt, Oct.7,1778.


David and Thankfull Davis,末蔓末,1729.*


Gideon and Dinah Hinds, July1,1760.*


Azubah of Hardwick and James Abbot, int.Mar.16,1833.

Bathsheba and Joshua Spooner, int.Dec.末,1765.

Dennison of Salem, NY, and Phebe Thomson, Jan.11,1792.

Fordice of Worcester and Rebecca Bacon, int.June23,1823.

Mercy of Hardwick and Rev. John Bisbe Jr., int.May15,1823.

Samuel and Betsey Watts of Woburn, int.Nov.18,1792.

RUNNELS (Raynolds, Reynolds)

Ezra and Elisabeth Hayward, June12,1796.

RUSSEL (Russell)

Abiel and Polly B. Walker, May5,1824.

Alfred and Martha M. Pellet, Sept.29,1836.

Asa and Betsey Barnum, May24,1840.

Cheney and Mary Gilbert, Mar.17,1825.

Josiah of Plainfield and Mrs.Abigail Whiston, int.May10,1774.

Leonard and Sarah L. Watson, Apr.3,1836.

Lucy of Killingly, CT, and Samuel Goodenough, int.June1,1811.

Nancy and Sullivan Richards, Dec.24,1820.

RUSSELL (Russel)

Asa and Deliverance Price, int.Jan.12,1798.

Asa and Esther Pepper of Ware, int.Oct.24,1814.

Asa and Betsey Combs, Aug.25,1822.*

Caroline A. (d.Cheney and Mary, a.19) and James L. Stevens, June17,1846.

Mehitable and Abner Brown, int.Apr.末,1760.


Elenor of Ware and Ebenezer Palmer, Nov.30,1775.*

RYAN (Ryon)

Edward E. of Leicester and Maria Hobbs, int.Jan.21,1827. [1828.]

Elvira H. of Charlton and John B. Bowen, int.Oct.7,1843.

Margaret of Charlton and Thomas Wedge Jr., June5,1783. In Charlton.

RYON (Ryan)

Matthias of Charlton and Eveline Hobbs, Nov.14,1822.*

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