DAEN (Dane)

Ashel and Julia Goulding of Western, Aug.18, 末末 1796. In Western.


Mary and Richard Stratton, Dec.21,1737.

DAMON (Deming)

Aurelia of Ware and Abiel Eddy, int.July4,1830.

William of Cummington and Beulah Lamson, Feb.11,1794.

DANE (Daen)

Edmund and Nancy Rainger, Jan.15,1811.

Edward and Nancy Rainger, int.Dec.21,1810.

Elner [Edner. int.] and Jonathan Wait of North Brookfield, July1,1827.

Esther and Calvin Stone, int.Dec.28,1800.

James and Sarah Hardy, June30,1777.

Joseph and Lucy Gilbert, July10,1777.

Joseph and Polly Tyler, Nov.23,1814.

Lucy and Abel Gilbert, Jan.26,1804.

Polly and Comfort Miller of New Braintree, Mar.8,1810.

Sarah and Joseph Waite, Dec.25,1777.

Warren (s.Joseph and Polly, a.26) and Jane K. Wilson of Jackson, NY, Sept.16,1845.


Betty and David Orton of Tyringham [Framingham.CR], Jan.22,1778.

Hannah and David Sanderson, Feb.12,1786.

Hannah J. of Hardwick and Waterville Sibley, int.Mar.5,1843.

Jonathan and Judah Spaulding of Plainfield, int.June2,1780.

Samuel of Natick and Hannah Knight, Aug.31,1780.

Sarah and Daniel Dodge, June11,1772.

Thomas of Tyringham and Lydia Abbot, May26,1771.


Betsey and Stephen Allen of Franklin, Nov.17,1816.

Otis of North Brookfield and Mary Spooner, int.July28,1832.

Peninnah and Joseph Kideridge, int.Nov.27,1805.

Simeon and Hannah Chase of Sutton, int.Dec.11,1808.

Zilpah and John Adams, int.midway Sept.末,1770.


Thomas of Boston and Clarissa Williams, Jan.15,1799.


John F. and Harriet W. Bemis of North Brookfield, Apr.21,1831.*


Ariel N. of Warren and Lydia L. Maxweel, Sept.18,1837.

Elijah of Boston and Susan Ward, Feb.24,1805.

DAVIS (Daviss)

Aaron and Elizabeth Colburn, int.Feb.29,1788.

Adaline and Joseph Woods of New Braintree, Nov.末,1833.

Bemsley and Hannah Ross, July28,1812.

Benjamin and Thede Burns, int.Oct.27,1799.

Benjamin F. and Alice Rice, int.Jan.28,1838.

Calvin and Abigail Maclintick, int.Oct.7,1805.

Calvin A. and Amanda Brigham, Jan.13,1834.

Caroline and Charles E. Rogers, Nov.26,1840.

Dorcas [Darkis.int.] and Thomas Taylor, June6,1775.

Edwin and Eliza R. Spooner, Mar.10,1840.

Eliza and Chester Kellogg, int.Apr.2,1817.

Betsey [Elizabeth.int.] and Trowbridge Brigham, Jan.3,1799.

Exsperance and John Hulburd, Nov.12,1733.*

Foster and Almira Gilbert, int.Apr.30,1820.

George Esq. of Sturbridge and Sophia Hitchcock, May21,1812.

Harriet and Lory Merritt, int.Oct.17,1824.

Isaac and Rebeca Miller, Nov.7,1734.*

Jemimah and Edward Ayers, Nov.19,1718.*

Katherine and Roger Stevens Jr., int.末蔓末,1804.

Marget and Joseph Perry, Oct.13,1735.*

Maria L. (d.Barzillia and Eliza, a.21) and Lorenzo D. Prouty, both of Warren, Jan.21,1849.*

Mirriam and Reuel Allen of Sherburn, Dec.9,1779.

Martha and Pardon Keyes of Western, May21,1812.

Martha R. and Charles Burbank of Warren, Sept.16,1840.

Mary and Micajah Dunham, Nov.15,1735.*

Mary of Holden and Josiah Stratton, Oct.31,1765. At Holden.

Mary and George Rice, Dec.30,1812.

Moses and Lydia Batchelder of Western, Mar.25,1779.

Nathan and Mariana Pottle, Oct.24,1782.

Nathan and Lydia Willington, Dec.28,1809.

Rachel and John Jennings, June2,1757.

Solomon of Oxford and Tabitha Snow, Nov.19,1827.

Thankfull and David Rug,末蔓末,1729.*

Timothy and Susanna Snow, Oct.11,1789.

William of Rutland and Sally Wetherbee, Apr.24,1800.

DAVISS (Davis)

Jerusha [of Ware RiverCR] and Samuel Sherman, June8,1758.*

John Jr. and Ruth Reed, Feb.末,1761.*

Lydia and Moses Rich, int.Mar.末,1755.

DEALAND (Deland)

Daniel and Elisabeth Hatfield, int.July末,1757.

Betsey and Joseph Hayward, Nov.4,1789.

Obediah and Martha Jones, int.Jan.20,1754.

Phillip and Lucy Killum, int.Feb.末,1762.

Phillip and Patty Barnes of Spencer, int.Oct.17,1802.

Ruth and Peter Bowen, May13,1758.

DEAN (Deane, Deen)

Abiah and Samuel Spooner, int.末蔓末,1804.

Betsey and Wills King of Palmer, Oct.18,1803.

George and Amy Dixon Blacks, int July10,1808.

Henry L. and Catharine Tenny of Newburyport, int.Sept.18,1838.

James of Oakham and Sarah Hardy, int.May25,1777.

Joseph and Lucy Gilbert, int.Jan.7,1777.

Josiah and Lydia Randal of Taunton, int.Mar.5,1795.

Judith and Jason Biglow, Mar.23,1775.

Lucy and Abel Gilbert, int.Nov.12,1803.

Martha and Jacob Gilbert of New Braintree, int.Feb.10,1775.

Rachel and William Edmonds of Ashford, Nov.6,1798.

Sarah and Joseph Waite, Dec.25,1777.CR2

Sally of Templeton and William Wriley, int.Aug.24,1808.

William and Eunice Harrington, Oct.15,1772.

DEANE (Dean)

Abigail F. and Doliver Walker, Apr.8,1830.

Cyras of Dedham and Nancy Howe, Oct.12,1806.

George B. and Mrs.Nancy Bemis, Jan.1,1829.

George H. of Boston and Maria H. Ward, int.Apr.16,1843.

Julia B. and John Freeman, int.Oct.28,1844.

Mary Ann and Rev. Philo R. Hurd of Watertown, CT, May5,1842.

Nancy H. and Charles B. Lyon of Derby, CT, int.Oct.28,1844.

DEARTH (Death)

Rachel [Rachel F. int.] and Faulkner Hill of Warren, May21,1835.

DEATH (Dearth)

Gerusha [Jerusha.int.] and Asa Gould, Mar.4,1784.

DEEN (Dean, Deane)

William Jr. and Lyda Kindrick, Nov.8,1767.

DEHOUGHTY (Dougherty)

William and Hannah Gilburt, Nov.22,1752.*

DELAN (Deland)

John and Elizabeth Pellet, int.June5,1808.

DELAND (Dealand, Delan)

Charles and Lucy Barnes of Spencer, Apr.17,1794. In Spencer.

Daniel and Elizabeth Aanderson of Rutland, int.Nov.30,1780.

Jacob Hatfield and Patience Goodale, May10,1784.

James H.A. and Temperance B. Holmes, both of North Brookfield, June10,1830.*

Jedediah and Persis Green, Nov.11,1784.

Mary and Ebenezer How,末蔓末,1751.*

Paul and Phebe Green, [?]ember, 30,1725.*

Phillip of North Brookfield and Minerva Dunn, Oct.1,1875.

Rufus and Lucy Alvord, May5,1784.

Sarah of North Brookfield and Justus G. Henshaw of Leicester, Jan.15,1835. In North Brookfield.*


Cornelius and Diana Phelps of Belchertown, May12,1824.

DEMING (Damon, Demmon, Demon, Demons)

Sally [Demonds.int.] of Sturbridge and William Rice, Mar.27,1788. In Sturbridge.

DEMMON (Deming)

Thomas of Ware and Sarah Oaks, May23,1816.

DEMON (Deming)

Thomas and Abigail Lincoln, both of Western, Nov.21,1804.CR1*

DEMONS (Deming)

Elijah and Lucy How of Holden, Sept.8,1763. At Holden.


Persis and Ruben Gilbert, Dec.8,1763.

DENSMORE (Dunsmore)

Elisabeth [of Palmer. int.] and James McMitchell, May1,1759.*

Levi and Susanna Adams, both of Ware, Mar.13,1788.CR1*


Nancy and Thomas Trait, Dec.20,1789.

DEWIN (Dewing)

Rebecca and Seth Bobbit, int.May3,1772.

DEWING (Dewin)

Abigail and Jude Stevens, July1,1781.

Ephraim and Jemima Hinds, Sept.29,1807.*

Ephraim and Mrs.Esther Dodge, May12,1840.

Jeremiah and Prudence Dodge, Sept.8,1782.

Jonathan of Westford and Lucy Poland, Feb.4,1810.

Samuel and Anna Edmunds, Apr.15,1806.

Solomon and Lydia Pickard, Dec.10,1777.

Solomon Jr. and Abigail Washburn, May19,1808.*


Anna and Joseph Ayres, Dec.13,1795.

Mary of Dedham and Rev. Mr. Ephraim Ward, Nov.28,1771. At Dedham.


Lucinda and Ebenezer Cadwell, int.July29,1822.


John and Sarah Gilbort, Oct.29,1782.

Polly and Abel Allen, Apr.24,1782.


Jeremiah and Mary Hayward, May9,1775.


Ama and London Perkins Blacks, int.Apr.8,1810.

Amy and George Dean Blacks, int.July10,1808.

DOAN (Doane, Doen, Done)

Asa and Lucy Adams, Feb.22,1803.

Joseph, Capt., and Mercy Doan, Aug.28,1798.

Mercy and Capt. Joseph Doan, Aug.28,1798.

Seth and Eleanor Slayton, Feb.12,1802.

William [Doane. int.], Capt., of Ware and Anna Wetherbee, Mar.17,1799.

DOANE (Doan)

Ann W. of North Brookfield and Hubbard Shedd of Leicester, Apr.7,1830.*

Azubah of Eastham and Benjamin Doane Jr., int.Sept.22,1793.

Benjamin Jr. and Azubah Doane of Easham, int.Sept.22,1793.

Cheney and Laurinda Green, both of North Brookfield, Sept.28,1828.*

Elisha, Capt., and Mrs.Martha Allen, int.Nov.27,1800.

Betsy and Ebenezer Greene of Hardwick, int.Oct.30,1798.

Betsey and Oliver Howe, int.Nov.13,1808.

Hannah and Philimon Ross, int.Oct.2,1811.

Isaac [Isaac S. int.] (s.Reuben) and Elizabeth Morse of Kinderhook, NY, May24,1842.

Marshall and Olive Harrington, int.Nov.8,1840.

Martha and Charles Thompson of Leverett, int.Nov.20,1808.

Marcy and Noah Doane of Easham, int.July17,1796.

Nathan Jr. and Sally Waite, Nov.11,1811.

Noah of Easham and Marcy Doane, int.July17,1796.

Phebe and Royal Tyler, Sept.19,1793.

Reuben and Hannah Slayton, int.Nov.27,1800.

DODG (Dodge)

Ruben and Betsey Hayward Howard, Nov.6,1783.*

Susanna and Richardson Dunham, Apr.8,1784. [Mar.28.CR]

DODGE (Dodg)

Abel of Woodstock, CT, and Annie Woolcott, Mar.9,1817.*

Artemas and Jenny Richmond, int.Feb.7,1794. [Married May1.CR]

Caleb and Miriam Gilbert, Apr.4,1757.*

Daniel and Sarah Danforth, June11,1772.

Elisabeth and Thomas Barns, Feb.24,1756.

Elisabeth and Rufus Dodge, Dec.15,1756.

Esther, Mrs., and Ephraim Dewing, May12,1840.

Eunice and Joshua Dodge of Londonderry, NH, Jan.23,1791.

Fanny and Reuben Stoddard of North Brookfield, Dec.30,1813.

Hannah and Silas Olds, int.Feb.11,1777.

Hannah and Amasa Bacon of Brimfield, Dec.29,1799.

Hepsibah and Uriah Fay, Dec.13,1770.

John and Elizabeth Hill, Nov.25,1778.

John and Rachel Hamilton, int.Feb.29,1784.

John of Susquehannah, NY, and Lucy Kimball, int.Dec.23,1792.

Joshua and Abigail Baley, int.Sept.末,1760.

Joshua and Rebecca Melvin, Nov.23,1778.

Joshua of Londonderry, NH, and Eunice Dodge, Jan.23,1791.

Lewis and Susannah Barnes of New Braintree, int.Oct.末,1804.

Louisa and William Barrett, July13,1837. In South Brookfield.

Lucy and Francis Peeso, Dec.25,1796.*

Lydia and David Smith, June5,1775.

Mark [Lieut. int.] of Dudley and Hepsibah Bigelow, Feb.20,1793.

Patty Polly and Moses Rice, Apr.28,1789.

Mary and John Corey Jr. of Sturbridge, int.Aug.16,1772.

Mary and Azariah Selden of Hartford, VT, Jan.5,1797.*

Melisa and Charles Lewis of Monson, Apr.9,1826.

Mercy and William Hannum of Belchertown, Nov.10,1791.

Moses and Betsey Parker of Shrewsbury, int.July6,1773.

Nathaniel and Sarah Dodge, Feb.22,1763.*

Nathaniel of Belcher and Abigail Kendrick, Feb.4,1783.

Nathaniel Jr. and Susanna Jenks, Apr.17,1791.

Prudence and Jeremiah Dewing, Sept.8,1782.

Rebecca and Josiah Jennison, Nov.2,1797,1799

Reuben and Betsey Howard, int.Nov.3,1783.

Rufus and Elisabeth Dodge, Dec.15,1756.

Rufus and Lucy Hale, Nov.9,1800.

Rufus 2d of North Brookfield and Sarah Stone, int.Nov.9,1823.

Sarah and Nathaniel Dodge, Feb.22,1763.*

Sarah and Samuel Work of Sturbridge, int.Sept.20,1781.

Thaddeus and Susanna Halloway, Jan.30,1782. In New Braintree.

Thaddeus and Esther Tyler, int.Dec.17,1814.

Thomas [Jr. int.] and Molly Allen, Dec.30,1773.

Tryphosa and Royal Rich of Warren, int.Oct.10,1835.

DOEN (Doan)

Daniel of New Braintree and Sally Sanford, int.Oct.5,1815.

DONE (Doan)

Amos and Polley Merric of Easham, int.May18,1783.

Elisha Jr. and Ebiel Slayton, Feb.7,1790.

Nathan [Deane. int.], and Betsy Smalle, May21,1785.


Joseph and Exsperance Bartlit, Nov.21,1735.*

DORETY (Dougherty)

Elenor and James Blackemore of Western, Dec.2,1784.

Jenne and Benjamin Felton, Dec.24,1767.

DOROTY (Dougherty)

Charles and Hannah Hemenway, int.Nov.末,1764.

DORR (Dow)

Asell and Juley Goulden of Western, int.Aug.14,1796.

Catherine and Solomon Ingalls, Feb.22,1807.

George and Lydia Cutler, Aug.26,1790.

Mary and Capt. Oliver Fox of Fitchburg, Jan.24,1804.

Moses and wid.Abigail Wilson, Aug.28,1781.

Moses and Hannah White, June24,1788.

Prissilla and Samuel Marcy, Sept.9,1787.

Sarah, Mrs., and Lieut. Jonas Newell of Newbraintree, Sept.18,1811.

Thomas Shepherd and Malinda Persons, Nov.7,1813.


James and Elisabeth Gilburt, int.Mar.23,1785.

DOUGHERTY (Dehoughty, Dorety, Doroty, Doughety)

Micah of Framingham and Betty Pratt, int.Oct.末,1771.

Sarah and Ezra Olds, May9,1776.

DOUGHETY (Dougherty)

Elizabeth and Levi Kendall, June12,1760.

Rebecca and David Getchell, Apr.12,1759.


Stephen of Greenwich and Nancy Howe, Oct.10,1819.

DOW (Dorr)

Daniel of New Braintree and Sally Sanford, Nov.30,1815.

Jonathan of Western and Polly Woolcott, int.Dec.22,1799.

Mary and John Pepper of New Braintree, Apr.14,1780.

Pliny and Zeviah Sanford, Apr.1,1824.


Augusta (d.Frederick and Huldah, a.17) and George H. Cooms of Belchertown, June13,1848.

David of Brookline, CT, and Anne Lane, int.Nov.17,1791.


末貌n and Mary Richmond, int.Apr.13,1767.

Daniel of Spencer and Lucinda Harrington, Dec.1,1803.

Daniel of Worcester (s.Daniel and Lucinda, a.29) and Lorinda Slayton, Apr.25,1844.

Elisha and Mary Richman, July1,1773.

Reuben and Miranda Green, both of Spencer, Nov.末,1834.*


Alpha of Spencer and Lucia Parker, Dec.16,1823.

Amanda and Gilbert Olds of Spencer, int.June9,1816.

Arad L. and Catharine H. Luther of Spencer, int.Dec.29,1827.

Elizabeth and Tilly Olds, Feb.21,1802.

Hannah and Nathaniel Waite Jr. May28,1782.

Harriet (d.Lyman, a.19) and Oliver Crosby, Nov.18,1845.

Henry and Hariot Stone of Pitsfield, int.Mar.21,1813.

Huldah and Ebenezer Stevens, int.Apr.18,1817.

John of Troy, NY, and Cintha Adams, int.Jan.13,1812.

Joshua and Sarah Wright, May28,1762.*

Joshua and Mary Pratt, both of Spencer, Aug.12,1773.*

Josiah and Anna Cole of Sturbridge, int.Feb.7,1812.

Luke and Huldah Hamilton, Mar.3,1813.

Lydia and Clarke Rice, int.Feb.7,1812.

Lyman and Mary Reed, int.Dec.5,1818.

Lyman Jr. (s.Lyman and Mary, a.25) and Sarah L. Oaks, Sept.15,1846.

Mary A. and Silas C. Herring of Albany, June18,1831.

Mehitable of Spencer and Noah Furbush, Nov.19,1779. In Spencer.

Newell and Nancy R. Fay, Mar.30,1828.

Paul and Nancy Mann of Roxbury, int.May5,1816.

Sarah Ann and Emmons Twichell, Sept.26,1832.

Sarah A. (d.Lyman and Mary, a.18) and Joshua B. Bellows, Aug.26,1847.

Simeon Esq. and Mrs.Catharine C. Lewis [of Brooklyn, NY], Sept.10,1832.

Sophia and Henry Lewis of Boston, Oct.13,1817.

Thomas and Hannah Potter, July11,1776.


Moses of Charlton and Dolly Makepeace of Western, Apr.21,1813.CR1*


Asa of Dorchester and Hannah Perry, Jan.17,1832.*

Ebenezer and Mary Bartlet, int.Nov.末,1758.

Henry H. of Natick and Emily Perry, May4,1842.

Mary and Benjamin Higgins, both of Spencer, Jan.末, [1777*].

Releaf [Relief. int.] and Seth Olds, Nov.19,1811.

Cylena of Spencer and John Adams, int.Mar.27,1836.

Susanna and James Capen of Spencer, May5,1785. In Spencer.

Thankful and Asaph Rice, Feb.17,1811.

Winsor and Allice Smith of Shrewsbury, int.Mar.13,1791.


George S. and Elizabeth Hallowell of Spencer, int.Feb.19,1842.


Glode of Charlton and Sarah Dutin, int.Apr.30,1797.


Harriet [Hannah.int.] of Palmer and William Coney, Dec.30,1794. In Palmer.

James D. and Ann M. Nye of Hardwick, int.Dec.9,1844.

Sarah B. and Solomon B. Gilbert, Oct.3,1837.


Almira of Paxton and John Prouty, int.Mar.22,1841.


Cephas (s.Jabez and Hannah, a.28) and Ruth Babbitt of Sturbridge, July26,1848.

Micajah and Mary Davis, Nov.15,1735.*

Rhoda and Asa Bacon, July3,1760.*

Richardson and Susanna Dodg, Apr.8,1784. [Mar.28CR]

William L. (s.Asa and Roxanna, a.22) and Augusta C. Morse, Oct.27,1847.


Jane and Enoch Hitchcock, Jan.28,1790.

Jemima and 末末, Aug.末,1766.*

Lucy and Obadiah Cooley Jr., Jan.29,1795.

Margaret and David Wood of Sturbridge, int.Nov.15,1778.

Minerva and Phillip Deland of North Brookfield, Oct.1,1815.

Sally and Joseph Howe Jr., May14,1798.

DUNSMORE (Densmore)

Ann and Samuel Dunsmore, Dec.26,1753.

Samuel and Ann Dunsmore, Dec.26,1753.


Molly [Mary.int.] of Sturbridge and Jesse Rice, Apr.20,1795. In Sturbridge.

Polly and Elias Howe, Nov.27,1800.

Newton and Frances Watson of Haddam, CT, Apr.7,1839.

Sarah and John Gilburt, Oct.13,1763.

Warren H. and Eliza E. Jones of Spencer, int.Apr.20,1844.


Jacob and Lydia Ann Wetherbee, Apr.29,1830.


Jonathan of Hannover, NH, and Chloe Glason, Jan.3,1798.


Jonathan of Hannover and Cloe Gleason, int.Oct.15,1797.


Janet, Mrs., of Francestown, NH, and Amos Prichard, int.Mar.22,1812.


Sarah and Glode Dugar of Charlton, int.Apr.30,1797.


John B. of Worcester and Susan Upham, Jan.25,1827.


Jeremiah and Mary Howard, int.Feb.11,1775.


Dorothy and Jedidiah Foster, May18,1749.*

Joseph and Mary Pynchon, Aug.11,1726.*

Josiah and Elisabeth Buckminster, Nov.2,1757.

Lydia, Mrs., and John Willard [of Stafford], Nov.24,1758.

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