Ebenezer and Lucinda Dickinson, int.July29,1822.

Susanna of Barre and Lieut. Josiah Hamilton, int.May3,1801.


Philura (a.27) and Luther Jackson, Apr.20,1847.

CAPEN (Capon)

Abia of Spencer and James Raymond, int.Aug.9,1811.

Elisabeth and Moses Woods, Dec.30,1773.

Hiram of Spencer and Adaline Adams, Apr.26,1831.

James of Spencer and Susanna Drury, May5,1785. In Spencer.

James of Spencer and Nancy Adams, int.Sept.16,1815.

Mary of Spencer and Oliver Hinds, May2,1776.*

Melinda of Spencer and William J. Adams, int.Nov.8,1834.

CAPON (Capen)

Isabella of Spencer and Eleazar Adams, int.Aug.2,1807.


Eunice of Springfield and David Palmer, Jan.17,1766. At Springfield.

CAREY (Cary)

Eunice A. and Senate Johnson of Prescot, May16,1838.

Luther and Mary Arnold, Apr.19,1818.

Lydia and Stephen Newton of Belcher, int.Jan.6,1785.

CARPENDER (Carpenter)

Abilene and John Chard, int.May17,1769.

CARPENTER (Carpender, Carpinder)

Benjamin and Olive Wright, both of Wester, Dec.7,1790.CR1*

Charity of Keen, NH, and Comfort Hamilton, int.Feb.21,1802.

Dolly and Thomas Waite, Oct.22,1797. In Spencer.*

Betsey and John Aspinwall, Apr.30,1818.

Fanny and William Bostwich Wetherbee, Dec.26,1816.

Galen and Louisa Howland, both of Worcester, Apr.9,1839.*

Julia and Joseph Murdock of Macon, GA, Oct.18,1842.*

Lemira and Leonard Henshaw, Aug.31,1828.

Mahala and Shepard Rice, Apr.22,1810.

William of North Brookfield and Mary A Wetherbee, int.Aug.17,1833.

CARPINDER (Carpenter)

Polley of Brimfield and Shepard Moor, int.Oct.17,1785.


Polly and Moses Cutter, int.Nov.2,1783.


Harriet of Wardsborough, VT, and John White, int.Apr.21,1821.


Abiah and Avery Cary, Feb.6,1811.

Eliza [] and Levi Ross, Nov.29,1798.

Francis and Mary Hale, Apr.29,1802.

Lucy and Ezra Barnes, Jan.7,1802.

Nathan Jr. and Abiah Spooner, Mar.1,1807.


Abigail of Dudley and Charles Bruce, int.July8,1774.

Charles L. of Bristol, CT, and Elizabeth G. Henshaw, int.Nov.4,1843.

Sally of Hardwick and Paul Haskall, int.Jan.3,1796.

William and Polly Rockwood, Sept.5,1793.

CARY (Carey)

Avery and Abiah Carruth, Feb.6,1811.

Josiah and Molly Moulton Morton, July18,1780.*

Josiah and Lydia Hale, int.May23,1796.

Josiah Jr. and Betsy Henry of Rutland, int.Feb.22,1807.

Lydia and Nehemiah Thomas of Ware, Oct.24,1782.

Polly and Samuel Hoar, Aug.25,1805.

Mary Ann and Solomon Sibley, May3,1832.

Susan (d.Zebulon and Mary A., a.27) and Thomas Wheeler of Prescott, Apr.6,1847.

Zebulon and Polly Adams, Oct.25,1809.

CEVER (Cheever, Sever)

Samuel and Lucy Biglow, June7,1770.

CHACE (Chase)

John, Rev., and Polly Baylies of Southbridge, int.Mar.30,1821.


Ruth and Abner Cutler, int.Dec.21,1772.


Bartholomew of Western and Scynthia Abbot, Jan.30,1803.

Henry and Martha Banister, Dec.24,1761.*

John of Western and Caty Wright, Oct.12,1788.

Joseph and Charlotte Phipps, May14,1789.

Lydia and Theophilus Waterman, Nov.14,1776.

Lydia of Worcester and Foster Nowell, int.Aug.26,1802.

Nathan Jr. of Western and Olive Abbott, May5,1793.

Ruth of Malden and Phineas Walker, July3,1736. At Malden.*

Ruth and Aaron Gilbert, Nov.12,1778.

CHAFEE (Chaffee)

Cheney A. (s.Calvin and Charity, a.28) and Mary S. Johnson, May6,1847.

Betty and Nathaniel Gilbert Jr., Jan.3,1774.

CHAFFEE (Chafee)

Calven and Charity Ainsworth, int.Jan.10,1813.

Nathan of New Pomfret, VT, and Prissilla Wedge, Feb.14,1782.

William and Rachel Rice, int.Apr.24,1808.


David and Chloe Conant of Oakham, Sept.20,1779. In New Braintree.*

Harriette and Smauel N. White, int.Feb.24,1842.

Julia of Westboro' and Gaius Ellis, int.July10,1821.

Keziah of Hardwick and John Shaw 3d, int.June17,1780.

Sally of Westborough and Joshua Rainger, July2,1799. At Westborough.

CHAMBLING (Chamberlain)

John and Ann Boyd, Apr.9,1742.*


Joseph and Charity Andrews, Mar.13,1781.

CHAPEN (Chapin)

Daniel and Clarinda Hill of Ludlow, int.Dec.1,1808.

CHAPIN (Chapen)

Elihu of Wardsborough, VT and Thankful Arnold of Western, Sept.13,1812.CR1*

James of Sturbridge (s.Luke and Prudence, widr., a.57) and Sarah Richardson, Nov.5,1846.

Margaret of Bernardston and Dexter G. Barnes, int.May14,1843.


Abigail and Benjamin Kimbal, int.Mar.末,1755.

Leveret S. and Mary Ann Bates of Grafton, int.Apr.3,1838.


John and Abilene Carpender, int.May17,1769.


Lydia of Brimfield and Washington Upham, int.Nov.6,1825.

CHASE (Chace)

Betsey and Samuel Waite, Feb.4,1800.

Hannah of Sutton and Simeon Daniels, int.Dec.11,1808.

Mehitabel and Elliot Parks of North Brookfield, May23,1822.*

Rebecca and Woodbridge Belcher of Palmer, Sept.24,1778.

CHEEVER (Cever, Cheevers, Chever, Sever)

Betsey and Joshua Fiske of Sturbridge, Feb.18,1801.

Esther and Moses Fiske of Sturbridge, int.Feb.24,1811.

Lucy and Samuel Adams, Nov.28,1805.

Polly and William Parks, Dec.18,1800.

Samuel and Lucy Biglow, int.Mar.末,1770.

CHEEVERS (Cheever)

Samuel and Elizabeth Hubbard of Leicester, int.Dec.1,1778.


Sarah and Edward Rice, int.Nov.末,1763.

Thomas, Rev., and Mrs.Mary Cotton of Newton, May22,1746. At Newton.*

Thomas and Molly Rice, May15,1760.*

Waldo and Priscilla Bowen, Sept.3,1778.

CHEVER (Cheever)

Hepziba of Princeton and William Johnson Jr., int.Mar.28,1808.


Elisabeth [] and John Rich, Apr.10,1771.


David and Alzina Blanchard, Dec.29,1836.

Eliza H. and Joseph Gleason, both of Sturbridge, Dec.23,1835.*

Elzafien ? and Asenath U. Richards of Ware, int.Sept.3,1842.


Hervey and Jemima Barret of Western, int.Oct.10,1824.


John W. and Nancy J. Janes of Southbridge, int.Dec.5,1830.


Ester and Nathan Bartlett, June14,1770.

Lucretia, Mrs., of New Salem and John Lamson, int.Dec.11,1808.


Molly of Sturbridge and Zebediah Abbott, Mar.25,1780. In Sturbridge.


Esther and Samuel Jones Jr. of Shutesbury, Dec.15,1791.

Mary of Granby and Ebenezer B. Hanks of Granby, int.Feb.8,1839.

Rocksene and Jeduthun Stevens, Nov.12,1789.


Henry C. (s.Ivory and Mary, a.21) and Mary Allen, May21,1845.

CLAP (Clapp)

Apollos [Clapp. int.] and Sally Barns, Nov.25,1813.

Elijah and Azubah Ross, Apr.11,1776.

Waitstill and Elijah Bartlet Jr., Nov.6,1783.

William and Mercy Barnes, Mar.17,1808.

CLAPP (Clap)

Cephas and Hannah Spooner of Hardwick, int.Feb.26,1815.

Elijah and Eliza Kent, May5,1840.

Sarah and George Bosworth of Petersham, int.Mar.12,1833.

Thirza and Dan Merriam, int.Jan.31,1802.

CLARK (Clarke)

Adaline of Boston and Jeremiah Fairfield, int.Mar.21,1829.

Anna of Spencer and Joseph Gibbs, June3,1762.*

Asa B. of Vernon, VT, and Sarah C. Felton, Apr.10,1836.

Bicknell L. and Hariot Marsh, May28,1816.

Caley of Sturbridge and Buckminster Wood, int.Aug.11,1799.

Betsey B. and Freedon Nichols, May26,1829.

Fanny E. [] and Henry H. Hamilton, Aug.15,1830.

Francis Otis and Betsey Olds, Sept.28,1794.

Francis G. and Huldah Rice of Sturbridge, int Feb.22,1820.

Harriet and Reuben Haynes, Oct.4,1830.

Hiram B. and Augusta Hobbs, July7,1822.*

Josephine B. (d.Hiram B. and Augusta, a.22) and Hartwell Hobbs, Apr.6,1846.

Julia of Holland and Chauncey D. Thompson, int.Aug.4,1844.

Lydia A. [] and Flavius Holbrook, Oct.10,1830.

Martha and Benjamin Sumner, Aug.29,1771.*

Mary and Moses Newell of Brimfield, June23,1825.

Nancy and Joel Rice Howe, May23,1805.

Nancy [] and Shermon I. Bacon of St. Louis, MO, Feb.18,1836.*

Samuel S. of New York and Jane S. Prichard, Oct.31,1838.

Silence of Medway and John Adams, Mar.6,1744. In Medway.*

CLARKE (Clark)

James Jr. and Sophia Parkman, int.Aug.2,1807.

Thomas and Sally Patrick, both of Western, Nov.4,1790.CR1*


Polly and Nathaniel Sabens, int.July1,1798.


John and Emma Hathaway, Nov.29,1838.

CLEMENCE (Clemons)

Anna and Samuel Scranton of Belchertown, int.June21,1807.

Richard and Anna Ainsworth, int.July22,1781.

CLEMENS (Clemons)

Henry [Clemence. int.] of Templeton and Betsey Loring, Dec.31,1826.

CLEMONS (Clemence, Clemens)

William and Mary Griffin,末蔓末,1732.*


Charlotte of Greenwich and Charles Franklin, int.May7,1820.

Isabel and John McMullin, int.Nov.30,1769.

Nancy S. of Holliston and Charles B. Sanford, int.Sept.11,1841.

Wealthy of New Braintree and Josiah Witt, int.Apr.21,1799.


Timothy and Easter Peacock, May27,1761.


Asa and Mary McClure, Apr.末,1762.*


Robert and Sarah Sabin, June2,1782.


Mary and John Serjeant of Stockbridge, June26,1776.


John G. [Dr. int.] of Boston and Elizabeth Rice, Sept.13,1808.

Peter Jr. of Gloucester and Mrs.Polly Forbes, Oct.21,1773.

Stephen of Newcastle, ME and Sarah Reed, Sept.30,1815.


Elizabeth and Aaron Davis, int.Feb.29,1788.


Anna of Sturbridge and Josiah Draper, int.Feb.7,1812.

Eliza and Warren Rice, Mar.31,1825.

John and Mary Jennings, May11,1725.*

Ruth, Mrs., of Belchertown and Jacob Combs, int.May14,1787.

COLEMAN (Colman)

William and Catherine Barry, int.Jan.10,1845,1844


Mary of Scituate and Christopher Whiting, int.Mar.2,1833.


Anna of Western and Ithamer Smith, [int.May7,1797]. 1791 Married in Western.


Bethiah of Boston and Silvanus Thomas, int.Mar.21,1834.

Hannah and Isaac Robison, Aug.30,1770.

Pricilla and William Pollock, int.Feb.末,1780.

COLMAN (Coleman)

Mary and Rev. Ephraim Ward, Oct.23,1777.


George of Southbridge and Caroline Allen, Sept.16,1834.

COMBS (Coombs, Cooms)

Anna and Elkanah Rich of Ware, Jan.23,1811.

Clarissa and Atwell Barlow, May1,1839.

Clementine and Alexander G. Rich of Warren, Jan.22,1839.

Cornelia (d.Jacob and Ruth, a.20) and Warren G. Butterworth of Warren, June25,1845.

E[li] Warren (s.Jacob and Ruth, a.24) and Mercia P. Ames of Hardwick, Oct.7,1845.

Eli W. (s.Jacob and Ruth, widr., a.26) and Jane Louisa Burbank, Apr.1,1847.

Betsey and Asa Russell, Aug.25,1822.

Ezra and Polly Blair, Nov.16,1797.

Jacob and Mrs.Ruth Cole of Belchertown, int.May14,1787.

Jacob Jr. and Ruth Hall of Spencer, int.Nov.6,1808.

Lydia W. and Frederick Mathews, May1,1839.

Polly and Asa Cutler, Jan.15,1795.

Mary B. and John Haskins of Templeton, int.Sept.2,1832.

Mary and Moses Hall of Spencer, Jan.22,1839.

Ruth and James Gilmore 2d of Ware, Apr.20,1807.

Sally and Solomon Gilbert, July3,1834.

COMINGS (Cummings)

Elijah and Lydia Foster, Oct.27,1761.*


Chloe of Oakham and David Chamberlain, Sept.20,1779. In New Braintree.

John (s.James and Susan, a.25) and Elizabeth R. Sennet, Apr.22,1849.*

CONEY (Corey)

Daniel and Sally Andrews of Ware, Dec.18,1794. In Ware.

Johnson of Ware and Betsey Newton, Apr.17,1806.

Mary and Ephraim Scott of Ware, June14,1789.*

Milla [Corey?] and Ebenezer Gould of Ware, Jan.2,1783.

William and Mrs.Mary Robbins of Walpole, June14,1785. In Walpole.

William and Harriet Dunbar of Palmer, Dec.30,1794. In Palmer.*


Nancy and Ephraim Morse of Sturbridge, int.Aug.7,1814.


Alpheus T. and Sophia A. Stoddard, Jan.25,1842.

Benjamin of Belchertown and Harriot Newell, int.June22,1800.

Deborah and Cheney Rice, Apr.8,1790.

Dorothy and John Cutler, Nov.8,1770.

Eliza N. of New Braintree and Seth W. Field, int.Sept.20,1826.

Hannah and Jonathan Gilbert (of Sunderland), May27,1773.

James E. (s.James and Laura, a.23) and Mary J. Ainsworth, Mar.9,1847.

Josiah and Mercy Gilbert, Nov.18,1755.

Josiah and Metilda Ayres, June4,1793.

Lucy and Isaac Hunter of New Braintree, Feb.24,1799.

Martia Ann of North Brookfield and Luther P. Pallet, int.Mar.30,1833.

Samuel and Rebeckah Kittridge, May29,1794.

Sally and Thomas Ayres, Oct.6,1789.

Sarah and Thomas Metcalf Richardson, Jan.13,1841.

Tammy W. of North Brookfield and Ezekiel Stevens, int.Oct.25,1834.

Thomas W. of North Brookfield and Nancy H. Griffin, Mar.8,1832.*

Thomas K. and Nancy Newton, Nov.28,1833.

Terza of North Brookfield and William Sylvester of Leicester, June29,1831.*

COOK (Cooke)

Ebenezer amd Sarah Mirick, July12,1720.*

Elisabeth and Daniel Mores, int.May20,1777.

Enoch Jr. of Dummerston, VT, and Anna Ball, June17,1792. At Shutesbury.

Sarah [of Charlton. int.] and John Hill, Sept.21,1778.

COOKE (Cook)

Oliver S. and Abby E. Barnes, int.Mar.27,1842.

COOLEE (Cooley)

Kezia and Philip Goss, Nov.25,1723.*

COOLEY (Coolee)

Caroline C. and Archibald H. Ware, Jan.1,1829.

Ebenezer of Brimfield and Mary Barnes, July10,1736. [Aug.5 in dup.] At Brimfield.*

Eliza of Longmeadow and Aaron Kimball Jr., int.Feb.7,1829.

Ephraim and Lois Walker, Jan.23,1765.

Ephraim [Lieut. int.] and Rosetta Wright, Feb.19,1792.

Ephraim Jr. and Roxy Barnes, Sept.22,1802.

Polly [] and David Trask of Leicester, Dec.28,1802.

Moses and Alice Blanchard, Dec.27,1798.

Nancy and Julius R. Whiton, Jan.23,1833.

Nathaniel and Rachel Sikes, June14,1734.*

Obediah Jr. and Eunice Walker, Nov.26,1767

Obediah Jr. and Lucy Dunn, Jan.29,1795.

William and Polly Woolcot, Mar.6,1794.

William and Dolly Barnes, Sept.8,1803.

Zadock of Palmer and Rachel Abbott, Mar.30,1795.

COOMBS (Combs)

Daniel of Western and Rebekah Parker, Dec.7,1824.

COOMS (Combs)

George H. of Belchertown (s.Chauncey, a.20) and Augusta Downing, June13,1848.

Olive [] and William Stone of Ware, Feb.12,1824.


Ezekiel and Azuba A. Rice, int.Mar.17,1844.

Joseph and Elizabeth Warren of Dudley, int.Oct.31,1818.

Lamberton of Conway and Dorcas Jennings, Jan.20,1780.

Warren, Rev., of Rayalston and Harriet W. Howe, Oct.19,1836.


John H. (s.Henry and Dorcas, a.23) and Sarah L. Newton, Oct.17,1849.

CORBEN (Corbin)

Lemuel Jr. and Judeth Bush, both of Dudley, Nov.15,1796.*

CORBIN (Corben)

Louise of Dudley and Samuel Wright, May30,1774. At Dudley.

Susannah of Sturbridge and James Rice, int.Oct.15,1797.


William and Hanora Kimmerly (Irish), int.Jan.24,1838.


Lydea of Methuen and Solomon Woolcot, int.Apr.25,1778.

COREY (Coney)

Elizabeth of Sturbridge and Ebenezer Adams, Jan.12,1769. In Sturbridge.

George and Lovisa Henshaw of Spencer, int.Dec.7,1844.

John Jr. of Sturbridge and Mary Dodge, int.Aug.16,1772.

Katharine and Barzillai Howard, Feb.12,1784.

Mary Ann (d.David and Betsy, a.23) and Harvey Wood, Apr.11,1849.

Prisilla [Coney?] and James Brackernidge of Ware, Jan.2,1783.*


Mary, Mrs., of Newton and Rev. Thomas Cheney, May22,1746. At Newton.*


William [Dr. int.] and Hannah Jourdan, Feb.4,1801.


Thomas and Hannah Rich, July23,1770.


Betsy and William Bragg, Feb.28,1782.

Elisabeth of Western and John Thomson, Nov.14,1784.CR1*

Hannah and John Herrick, Dec.28,1783.

Jemima of Western and Daniel Abbott, int.May15,1783.

Phebe and John Lyscom Jr., May6 [5.CR], 1784.

Ruth and John Gilbert, Dec.24,1820.

Ruth (d.Seth and Susan, a.19) and George S. Blair, May23,1848.*

Seth and Susan Sibley, Dec.22,1825.

Sophia and Sylvester Webber, Apr.13,1823.*

Susan and Jonas R. Tyler of Weston, May11,1825.


Mary of Palmer and John McClure, 末蔓26,1772. In Palmer.


Rebecca B. of New Ipswich, NH and George W. Mirick, int.Dec.25,1842.


Rebecca and John Grainger of New Braintree, int.Oct.19,1788.


Salley of Oakham and Eli Ayres, int.Apr.5,1790.

CROSBY (Crossby)

Abigal and Ezra Hamilton, June30,1763.

Abigal and William Howe, Nov.2,1780.

Amos Jr. and Almira Watson, Jan.7,1821.

Bulah and Benjamin Ayres, Nov.12,1762.*

Flavel of Winchendon and Lucy Howe, Sept.13,1792.

Julia M. (d.William and Jane, a.21) and Jesse A. Pinneman of New Braintree, June25,1845.

Lucia M. and Nathaniel [B.] Starkweather of Worthington, Oct.10,1827.

Polly and William McClenathan of Rutland, int.May6,1794.

Oliver and Sally Bullard, Nov.2,1790.

Oliver (s.Amos, a.24) and Harriet Draper, Nov.18,1845.

Rachell and John Tylor, int.Oct.末,1771.

Rachell of Billerica and Abijah Cutler, Mar.3,1789. At Billerica.

Sarah and Parly Goddard of Shrewbury, Sept.4,1815.

Sarah Jane and Henry Loring Mellen of Nassau, NY, int.Feb.17,1841.

Simon of Fitzwilliam and Sally Howe, Jan.8,1789.

William and Jane Vanderveer of Florida, NY, int.Jan.16,1819.


Joshua and Lucy Torrey of Belchertown, int.Sept.6,1801.

Nathaniel and Elanor Rice, int.Mar.15,1801.


Ezra [Croff. int.] and Eunice Woolcot, Oct.28,1789.

Salley [Croff?] of Western and John Woolcot,末蔓末,1788.

CROSSBY (Crosby)

Jabez and Mary Hamilton, June16,1757.*


Robert of Newsalem and Polly Abbot, Nov.29,1804.

Samuel of New Salem and Lucy Forbes, int.May5,1806.


Eratus D. and Elizabeth A. Harwood of North Brookfield, int.Feb.25,1816.

CROWEL (Crowell)

Achsah and Darias Wood, Jan.30,1804.

Betsey and Thomas Wood, Oct.10,1808.

Hannah and Ansel Anselm Ross, Dec.3,1807.

Joshua, Rev., and Mercy Lyon of Canterbury, CT, May18,1806. At Canterbury.*

Polly and Benjamin Adams, Apr.10,1800.

Stephen and Sally Banister, Jan.19,1809.

Stephen and Sally Rice, Feb.7,1815.

CROWELL (Crowel)

Fanny and William Bonney of Hardwick, Mar.6,1817.

George (s.wid.Sarah) and Harriet H. Thurston, Oct.2,1844.

Joshua [Jr. int.] of Hardwick and Mary Field, Jan.12,1775.

Patty and Emery Livermore, Mar.25,1813.

Nathaniel S. and Susan P. Stearns of Ware, int.Jan.18,1825.

Paul and Jerusha Aikins of New Braintree, Oct.27,1778. In New Braintree.

Sarah and Ira Barlow of New Braintree, Oct.10,1838.

Sophia and Silas Stone of Williamstown, June10,1819.

Susan and Chester Stow Stone of Williamstown, May26,1824.


Lois and Gideon Gilbert, Aug.30,1770.


Mary of Boston and Joseph A. Sprague of West Brookfield, July20,1841. At Boston.


Hannah and Thomas Slaton,末蔓末,1707. G.S. 2*

CUMMENS (Cummings)

Mary of Charlton and Joel Parker, Sept.26,1797.

CUMMINGS (Comings, Cummens, Cummins)

Daniel and Elenor Bacon, int.Oct.30,1816.

Dinah and Joseph Pepper, Jan.16,1745.*

Lucy of Charlton and Solomon Richardson, int.Dec.30,1820.

Mary B. and Dr. Alvan Bacon of Skowhegan, ME, Sept.6,1836.

CUMMINS (Cummings)

Joseph and Temperance Nye of Ware, Mar.7,1776.CR1


James and Mary Tuff, June9,1768.

Joseph B. of Southbridge and Eliza Walker, June10,1833.*

Mary and John Peebles, Aug.17,1759.


Charles and Bridget Ahor Indians, Aug.7,1794.

Elisha and Bridget Ahor Indians, Aug.7,1794.

Hannah and Josiah Lawrence, both of Charlestown, Nov.29,1847.*

Rachel and Peter Bowen, June26,1788. In Spencer.

Salvanus and Mary Phillips of Sturbridge, Nov.14,1776.

Sylvanus of Sturbridge and Susannah Jennings, Oct.12,1797.


Carleton of Cumberland, RI, and Caroline Thomas, Nov.25,1835.

CUTING (Cutting)

Lyda of Paxton and John Potter, int.Apr.末,1768.

CUTLAR (Cutler)

Ephraim and Ruth Barn, May18,1744.

Sarah and Samuell Tid, June20,174.*

CUTLER (Cutlar, Cutter)

Abigail and Charles Rice, int.Nov.22,1778.

Abigail and Isaac Nichols, Mar.16,1797.*

Abigail and Phillip White, int.Jan.26,1806.

Abijah and Elizabeth Abbott of Bedford, Dec.9,1756. At Bedford.

Abijah and Sarah Hitchcock, Oct.12,1773.

Abijah [Jr. int.] and Rachel Crosby of Billerica, Mar.3,1789. At Billerica.

Abijah and Mary [B.] Snow, Nov.1,1821.

Abner and Hannah Peters, Oct.24,1769.

Abner and Ruth Chaddock, int.Dec.21,1772.

Abraham and Hulda Batchelder, May25,1768.

Amos of Bakerfield, VT, and Lydia Makepeace, Jan.17,1798.*

Ann and Alonzo Warner of Granby, int.May25,1827.

Asa and Polly Combs, Jan.15,1795.

Bethiah, Mrs., of Western and Jabez Upham, Nov.28,1771. In Western.

Caroline and Ephraim Mower of Worcester, Dec.31,1822.*

Dexter and Mary S. Allen of Ashfield, int.Nov.4,1834.

Dolly and Seth Banister Jr., Apr.11,1805.

Elijah and Dinah Gilbert, May6,1773.

Ephraim and Elizabeth Rider of Douglas, Sept.21,1780. At Douglas.

Fanny and Jacob Mansfield of Western, Aug.17,1819.

George and Sarah P. Vineca of Hardwick, int.Oct.9,1842.

Hannah and Asa Gilbert, Jan.3,1771.

Hannah and Joseph Batchelder, both of Western, July3,1788.CR1*

Hannah and Sewell Hall of New Braintree, Nov.18,1790.

Isaac and Elizabeth Frost of Framingham, June18,1743. In Framingham.*

Isaac [Lieut. int.] and Susanna Watson of Spencer, June17,1783. In Spencer.

Jemima and Capt. Thomas Gilbert, Aug.3,1763.

Jesse and Mehitabel Woodbury, May13,1779.

John and Dorothy Converse, Nov.8,1770.

Joseph and Martha Brown, Dec.4,1761.

Joseph, Dea., and Mrs.Judith Brown of Goshen, int.Nov.15,1801.

Joseph of Boston and Phebe Ward, June22,1802.

Joseph, Dea., and Wid.Sarah Cutler, Apr.2,1812.

Josiah and Betsey Allen, Nov.25,1784.

Lois of Spencer and Charles Wetherbee, int.Aug.10,1794. [Married Aug.12.CR]

Lucy and Asa Asaph Keyes Allen of Pawlet, VT, Oct.4,1809.

Lucy and Jonathan W. Wood of Monson, Dec.8,1828.

Lydia and George Dorr, Aug.26,1790.

Lydia of Western and Capt. Antepas Brigham of Westborough, Nov.18,1790.CR1*

Matha and John Ross, Sept.24,1782.

Mary and Ebenezer Merriam, Mar.31,1814.

Nancy and Cheney Reed Esq., Aug.26,1792.

Phebe and Pliny Cutler of Boston, Nov.19,1809.

Phebe and Luther Stone, July13,1840.

Pliny of Boston and Phebe Cutler, Nov.19,1809.

Robart and Hulda Bartlet, Feb.26,1788.

Ruth and Abraham Homes of New Braintree, Nov.24,1774.

Ruth and Pliny Merrick Esq., Dec.13,1789.

Ruth and Samuel Phips, Jan.15,1795.

Ruth and Artimas Gilbert, May4,1797.

Samuel of Petersham and Betsey Wheeler, May11,1790.

Sally and Timothy Thrasher of New Braintree, Dec.11,1794. In New Braintree.

Sarah, Mrs., and Capt. William Cutler of Greenwich Plainfield, CT, Nov.26,1800.

Sally and Henry Penniman of New Braintree, Dec.16,1801.

Sarah, wid., and Dea.Joseph Cutler, Apr.2,1812.

Sarah and Nathan Allen Jr., Jan.25,1814.

Solomon and Sally Southworth [of Rochester], Dec.8,1779. At Rochester.

Thaddeus and Hannah Barns, Jan.14,1761.

Thomas and Ruth Thomas, Jan.1,1799.

William, Capt., of Plainfield, CT, and Mrs.Sarah Cutler, Nov.26,1800.

CUTTER (Cutler)

Betsey and Asa Ellis, Feb.10,1785.

Jedediah and Lucy Harrington of New Braintree, int.Feb.1,1784.

Mary and Tilly Allen of Albany, NY, Aug.1,1813.

Moses and Polly Carrel, int.Nov.2,1783.

William and Submit Joslin of New Braintree, Apr.8,1773. In New Braintree.

CUTTING (Cuting)

Abraham and Betsey Flagg [of Spencer], Aug.16,1807.

Abraham and Abigail Severance, int.Aug.17,1829.

Cyprian and Susannah Vorce Force, Dec.3,1815.

Hezekiah and Sarah Rice, int.June26,1773.

Lucy and Moses Ayres, Jan.1,1777.

Sarah and Phinehas Mann of Paxton, Feb.7,1799.

Vashti and Dexter Pratt, Nov.30,1831.

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