ABBOT (Abbott)

Charlotte and John Gleason Jr., Dec.17,1811.

Scynthia and Bartholomew Chadwick of Western, Jan.30,1803.

Cynthia and Daniel Goss of Worcester, Dec.2,1835.

Daniel and Jemima Crabtree of Western, int.May15,1873.

Elizabeth of Bedford and Abijah Cutler, Dec.9,1756. At Bedford.

Elisabeth and Adoniram Walker, June26,1759.

Betsey and Joshua Olds, May21,1801.

Geord and Martha Ayer, Dec.5,1725.

George and Hannah Harwood, int.Sept.28,1832.

Gideon and Mary Walker of Palmer, Dec.28,1790. In Palmer.*

Hannah of Andover and David Gilbert, Aug.30,1727. At Andover.*

Jacob and Ruth Foster of Andover, May1,1722. At Andover.*

Jairus and Betsey Hastings, Apr.4,1805.

James of Sturbridge and Huldah Sanford, May17,1792.

James and Azubah Ruggles of Hardwick, int.Mar.16,1833.

Jerusha and Seneca Blodget, Oct.10,1810.

Jessee and Sarah Wakefield, Dec.4, [1765 ?].

Joel and Judith Stevens, Jan.20,1763.

Joel Jr. and Capernaum Rice, Nov.22,1808.

John and Anna Nichols, Dec.31,1789.

Jonathan and Elisabeth Barns, Jan.25,1762.

Joshua and Azubah Nash of South Hadley, int.Nov.末,1770.

Lewis and Polly Nichols of Sturbridge, int.Mar.3,1805.

Lucy and Alfred H. Jenks, Apr.7,1830.

Lydia and Foster Stiles, Apr.12,1764.*

Lydia and Thomas Danforth of Tyringham, May26,1771.

Lydia and Joseph Arnold of Western, Oct.11,1792.

Maria [] Ann and George H. Gilbert, Mar.21,1826.

Patty and Artimas Weaks, Feb.26,1795.

Martha and Ridley Banister of Boston, Feb.23,1824.

Martha A. and William T. Jenks, int.Feb.27,1833.

Polly and Ebenezer Harlet of Montague, Feb.1,1784.

Polly and Robert Crosset of Newsalem, Nov.29,1804.

Mary and Ephraim C. Stowell, May29,1828.

Moses and Bathsheba Gilburt, Feb.5,1724-5.

Moses and Saraph Snow, int.May21,1797.

Nathan and Mercy Banister, Nov.29,1764.

Nathaniel and Elisabeth Aynsworth, Oct.25,1759.

Obed of New Braintree and Elizabeth Edmunds, Apr.24,1755. In New Braintree.

Olive and Nathan Chadwick Jr. of Western, May5,1793.

Permelia and Bonum Nye of North Brookfield, int.Apr.30,1820.

Peter and Ly[d]ea Gilbort, 末蔓2,1730.

Peter and Rachel Steevens, int.Nov.末,1759.

Prudence and Isaac Beal of Mendon, Apr.12,1775.

Rachel and Zadock Cooley of Palmer, Mar.30,1795.

Sarah of Andover and Comfort Barnes, Sept.6,1728. At Andover.

Sarah and John Gilburt, Nov.3,1744.*

Sarah and Caleb Rice, June6,1775.

Sally and Azariah Rice, Feb.5,1792.

Sophia and Calvin Stone of North Brookfield, May17,1818.

Zebediah and Molly Chubb of Sturbridge, Mar.25,1780. In Sturbridge.

Zephaniah and Eunice Marble, Dec.27,1792.

ADAMS (Adames, Addams)

Abigail and Major John Bush of Worcester, July19,1807.

Abraham Jr. and Michel Bellinger, Feb.18,1762.

Abraham Jr. and Fanny Sumner, June25,1794.

Adaline and Hiram Capen of Spencer, Apr.26,1831.

Almira and Elliot Wheet of Spencer, int.Nov.20,1825.

Amos and Ruth Henshaw, int.Nov.19,1797.

Asa and Cynthia Brown, Sept.11,1808.

Benjamin and Eunice Hale, Dec.16,1773.

Benjamin and Polly Crowel, Apr.10,1800.

Caroline Frances and George W. Spurr of Charlton, int.Nov.9,1843.

Catherine and Nathaniel Greene, int.Oct.25,1806.

Catharine and Squire Harrington [Hamilton. int.], Nov.30,1817.

Catharine and Gardner Tufts, Feb.12,1829.

Charles and Martha Ward of Salem, int.May17,1807.

Charles and Mary Allen, Nov.20,1843.

Charlotte and George C. Low of Barre, Mar.28,1833.

Content and Dea.Amos Harrington, Jan.7,1822.

Cintha and John Draper of Troy, NY, int.Jan.13,1801.

Cynthia and Barnwell Bowen of Sturbridge, int.Dec.3,1814.

Daniel E. and Lucy H. Hastings, Nov.28,1827.

David and Catharine Blanchard of Charlton, int.Nov.21,1818.

Ebenezer and Elizabeth Corey of Sturbridge, Jan.12,1769. In Sturbridge.

Edith and Caleb Green, Sept.15,1763.*

Eleazar and Isabella Capon of Spencer, int.Aug.2,1807.

Elias and Hannah Flagg of Spencer, Dec.24,1789. In Spencer.

Elijah and Sophy Guildford of Spencer, int.Mar.22,1821.

Elisabeth and John Boiden of Sturbridge, Nov.10,1796.

Betsey and Cyrus Ayres, Apr.10,1800.

Elizabeth and Joshua Bemis of Spencer, Apr.5,1841.

Eneas and Mercy Rood, int.Sept.24,1753.

Enos and Mary Bond of Sturbridge, Sept.26,1753. At Sturbridge.

Ephraim and Eunice Moulton, May19,1774.

Ephraim and Sibillah Bemis of Spencer, June16,1785. In Spencer.

Esther and Clark Rice, Apr.8,1810.

Esther and George Porter, July7,1822.*

Eunice and Johnathan Maynard, Mar.15,1807.

Hannah and Isaac Hobbs of Sturbridge, int.June末,1804.

Henry and Lucinda Slayton, Apr.6,1823.*

James and Esther Flagg of Spencer, 末蔓[Jan. ?] 26,1791. In Spencer.

James and Zeruiah Sabin of Charlton, May24,1831.

Jane and George King of North Brookfield, Oct.7,1841.

Jemima of Spencer and Jude Adams, Aug.29,1771. In Spencer.

Jemima and Benjamin Blanchard, Feb.10,1791.

Jesse and Meriam Richardson, Oct.11,1781.

Joel of Montague and Joanna Hale, July14,1776.

Joel Jr. and Betsey Hamilton, Feb.19,1795.

John and Silence Clark of Medway, Mar.6,1744. In Medway.*

John and Mary Brown of Oxford, Oct.3,1754. At Oxford.

John Jr. and Deborah Beals of Medway, Jan.5,1769. In Medway.

John and Zilpah Daniels, int.midway Sept.末,1770.

John and Cylena Drury of Spencer, int.Mar.27,1836.

Josiah and Nanny Samson, July21,1768.

Jude and Jemima Adams of Spencer, Aug.29,1771. In Spencer.

Jude Jr. and Abigail Hamilton, int.Sept.9,1795.

Judie Jr. and Thirza Hamilton, Sept.17,1795.

Jude and Wid.Mary Merriam of Union, CT, int.Sept.12,1802.

Jude and Wid.Patience Lamb, int.Oct.10,1803.

Lemuel and Jerusha Hathaway, Aug.3,1786.

Levi and Persis Hamilton, int.末蔓末,1804.

Levi and Betsey Beers, June16,1825.

Lorinda and Alvin Hincher, int.Mar.26,1825.

Levina and Levi Livermore, June22,1806.

Lovisa and Baxter Hinshaw, int.Oct.23,1814.

Lucinda of New Braintree and Skelton Felton, int.Oct.2,1808.

Lucy and Rediats Stewart [of Marlborough inCR], May22,1765.

Lucy and Asa Doan, Feb.22,1803.

Lydia and Isaac Lynde of Munson, Dec.14,1784.

Merriam and Samuel Hitchcock of Brimfield, Dec.1,1803.

Mary and Erastus Hamilton, int.Jan.末,1762.

Mary and Emerson Woolcot, Dec.2,1767.*

Mary and Robert Stevenson of Oakham, June18,1776.

Mary [] and Jacob watson of Spencer, Nov.4,1789.

Mary and Josiah Flagg of Spencer, Dec.29,1796. In Spencer.

Polly and Zebulon Cary, Oct.25,1809.

Polly and John Howland, int.June13,1824.

Mary and Frederick D. Sampson, June28,1828.

Mary and Asa Guilford, int.Sept.15,1837.

Mary G. of North Brookfield and Ruel Whitney, Dec.11,1842.

Marcy and Daniel Ralf, Nov.3,1757.*

Moses and Elizabeth Green, July24,1798. In Spencer.

Moses 2d and Catharine Hobbs, int.Sept.21,1822.

Nancy and James Capen of Spencer, int.Sept.16,1815.

Nancy and William Wales of Abington, June12,1844.

Patience and Ruben Lamb of Spencer, Dec.1,1768.

Persis and Silas Stevens, Nov.21,1782.

Persis and Foster Bemis of Spencer, Feb.4,1830.

Phebe and Hiram Matthews, Apr.15,1830.

Rebecca and Obediah Bartlett, May9,1753.*

Samuel and Lucy Cheever, Nov.28,1805.

Sarah and Dr. Joseph Stow, May22,1765.

Sally and Reuben Kent of New Marlboro, Oct.12,1802.

Sarah and Capt. Josiah Slayton, Dec.22,1822.*

Sarah and Obend Walker of Sturbridge, May7,1833.

Sarah and Martin Hearsey of Spencer, Aug.3,1836.

Sarah and Charles Robinson of Belchertown, int.Nov.15,1843.

Sarah C. (d.Elihu and Sarah, a.21) and Francis R. Bullard of Spencer, Nov.29,1849.

Selina and Joseph Button Jr. of Ware, Apr.20,1836.

Sidney and Caroline Ellis, Apr.20,1827.

Silas and Rachel Marsh of Ware, Mar.7,1763. In Ware.

Silas and Tirzy Mowrey of Sturbridge, int.Feb.7,1812.

Silence and John Flaherty of Shrewsbury, May2,1776.

Silence and Rice Harrington of Westminster, VT, int.Jan.17,1800.

Susan [] and Oren Utley of Hardwick, Apr.28,1831.

Susan E. of North Brookfield and Francis Sampson, int.Aug.7,1835.

Susanna and Isaac Lackey of Spencer, Feb.15,1776.

Susanna and Levi Densmore, both of Ware, Mar.13,1788.*CR1

Thankful and Oldham Gates, Sept.5,1759.*

William and Sally Howe of Spencer, Aug.9,1795. In Spencer.

William and Sarah Andrus of Ware, int.Dec.14,1823.

William and Martha A. Marsh, Nov.2,1831.

William J. and Melinda Capen of Spencer, int.Nov.8,1834.

William F. of North Brookfield and Sarah M. Harris, int.Oct.15,1843.

Silenda and Hiram Henshaw, May22,1833.


Bridget and Charles Curtis Indians, Aug.7,1794.


Jerusha [] of New Braintree and Paul Crowell, Oct.27,1778. In New Braintree.

AINSWORTH (Aynsworth)

Amos and Lucinda W. Upham, June30,1836.

Anna and Richard Clemence, int.July22,1781.

Asenath of Sturbridge and Jason Marsh, May26,1793.

Azubah and Peter Rice, July22,1784.

Bemsly and Sophia Rice, Mar.17,1839.

Charity and Calven Chaffee, int.Jan.10,1813.

Chester and [] Cynthia Walker, July9,1812.

Chester and Emeline Brown of Charlton, int.Dec.21,1837.

Edward and Deborah Hamilton, Mar.1,1793.

Elisabeth and Nathaniel Abbott, Oct.25,1759.

Emeline and Samuel F. Bemis, int.July10,1842.

Emory R. and Clarissa A. Washburn, Oct.15,1835.

Fanny and Jonas Newell, int.Mar.3,1805.

Foster and Maria Upham, Oct.29,1832.

John and Sally Pottle of Charlton, int.Apr.4,1805.

John L. and Lydia Ann Hawes, Dec.29,1841.

Lemuel and Eunice Streeter, June22,1780.

Lucinda W., Mrs., and Jacob Watson, Apr.4,1844.

Maria and James F. Lynn of Holland, May20,1834.

Marshall (s.Chester and Cynthia, a.27) and Frances Ceviah Rice, June12,1845.

Martin and Hannah [] Streeter, Dec.13, [1763 ?].

Mary J. (d.Chester and Cynthia, a.18) and James E. Converse, Mar.9,1847.

Sarah [Crosby ?] and Winthrop Nichols, Mar.末,1830.

Sophia (d.George and Mary Rice, wid., a.29) and William Richardson, Nov.9,1846.

Thomas and Ruth Mason, Oct.14,1791.


Benjamin and Dorothy Hamilton, Nov.27,1767.


Joseph of Brimfield (s.William and Sarah, widr., a.73) and Mrs.Eleanor Twichell, Sept.12,1849.

Lydia of Western and Nathan Hathaway, June30,1796. In Western.

Sally of Western and William Tryson, July15,1799. In Western.

ALLEN (Allin)

Abel and Polly Dillingham, Apr.24,1782.

Abner of Sturbridge and Deborah Walker, Dec.15,1803.

Adeline of East Brookfield and Sylvanus M. Stebbins of Springfield, Nov.8,1843.

Amanda and Albert S. Butterworth of Holland, Mar.25,1841.

Amos C. and Charlotte H. Warren, int.Dec.2,1843.

Anna and Walter H. Allison, Sept.7,1818.

Ann of Worcester and Robert M. Peck, Dec.24,1797. At Worcester.

Asa [] Keyes of Pawlet, VT and Lucy Cutler, Oct.4,1809.

Bathiah of Oakham and George Blake, May19,1774.

Caleb and Rhoda Allen of Sturbridge, May22,1777.

Caroline M. and Alfred A. Gilbert, Nov.23,1828.

Caroline and George Colton of Southbridge, Sept.16,1834.

Daniel and Mary Hill, Apr.3,1794.

Darius and Harriet N. Stickland, Feb.4,1835.

Elijah and Hannah Hamilton, Jan.8,1784.

Betsey and Josiah Cutler, Nov.25,1784.

Elizabeth A. and Luciun Rice of Monson, May14,1839.

Esther and Amasa Ross, Sept.12,1775.

Esther and Southworth Howland, Nov.24,1799.

Eunice and Joel Richards, Nov.24,1822.*

Ezra and Lydia Ross, int.Nov.22,1807.

Freelove B. and William A. Miller, Apr.8,1834.

George W. and Casindana Hamilton, Jan.21,1824.

George W. and Martha E. Gilbert, May23,1842.

George and Mary E. Marsh of Sturbridge, int.Apr.13,1844.

George W. (s.Joseph C. and Charlotte, a.22) and Elvira Oakes, June20,1849.

Hannah and John Batchellor, Nov.15,1781.

Hannah and David Gilbert of Dierfield, Jan.15,1793.

Isaac of Bridgewater and Susanna Allin, int.June24,1788.

Isaac and Rachel Jennings, Feb.13,1812.

James and Dolly Henshaw, Nov.27,1806.

James and Thede May, int.Jan.8,1809.

Jason and Martha Johnson, int.Jan.18,1773.

John Jr. and Anna Hamilton, Dec.11,1783.

John 2d and Hepziba Howe, int.Feb.26,1809.

Joshua and Susanna Sprague [of New Braintree], Apr.20,1774.

Lemuel of Brimfield and Luthera Woods, May1,1834.

Levantia W. and Hiram Walker, Nov.21,1838.

Martha, Mrs., and Capt. Elisha Doane, int.Nov.27,1800.

Molly and Thomas Dodge, Dec.30,1773.

Polley and David Shephard of Western, Nov.27,1788.

Polly and Joseph Miller, June19,1791.

Mary, Wid., of Oakham and Aron Gilbert, int.Oct.23,1791.

Polly and Rufus Bennett, int.Aug.9,1812.

Mary Ann and Vernon Lawrence of North Brookfield, Dec.21,1831.

Mary S. of Ashfield and Dexter Cutler, int.Nov.4,1834.

Mary M. and Henry T. Loomis, int.May30,1835.

Mary and Charles Adams, May20,1843.

Mary (d.John and Hephzebah, a.24) and Henry C. Churchill, May21,1845.

Matilda of Sturbridge and Simeon Rice, Nov.7,1792. In Sturbridge.

Nathan Jr. and Perses Gilbert, Jan.20,1774.

Nathan Jr. and Sarah Cutler, Jan.25,1814.

Otis of Bakersfield, VT, and Katy Olds, Jan.17,1805.

Pardon and Ruth Tyler, both of Western, Apr.23,1812.CR1*

Philemon and Lydia Easte, Dec.2,1783.

Phelep [Philip. int.] and Sarah Kyes, Mar.20,1782.

Rebecca and Levi Gilbert, Aug.13,1772.

Reuel of Sherburn and Mirriam Davis, Dec.9,1779.

Rhoda and Zadock Gilbert, Dec.5,1776.

Rhoda of Sturbridge and Caleb Allen, May22,1777.

Roxana of Holland and Joseph Stone, int.May19,1838.

Samuell [of] and Hannah Vorce, Jan.4,1768.

Samuel Jr. [of Worcester] and Maria Merrick, Nov.2,1817.

Sally and Daniel Snow of Bridgewater, May12,1792.

Sally and Naaman Thomas, Dec.10,1794.

Sarah and Luther Wood of North Brookfield, Sept.11,1831.

Seth F. of West Brookfield (s.James and Altheda, a.27) and Sarah A. Merritt, Sept.26,1849.

Stephen of Franklin and Betsey Daniels, Nov.17,1816.

Susanna and Richard Wait, May9,1771.

Susanna and Silvester Edson, int.July10,1780.

Susanna and Isaac Allen of Bridgewater, int.June24,1788.

Susannah and Daniel Blair of Western, int.Mar.20,1791.

Susannah, Mrs., and Dea.Othniel Gilbert, Sept.11,1793.

Thomas and Sally Thomas, Nov.4,1798.

Tilly of Albany, NY and Mary Cutter, Aug.1,1813.

William Jr. and Zilpha Gilbert, Aug.18,1773.

William H. and Lucy B. Thatcher, int.Oct.9,1842.

Zebediah and Charlotte Hyde of Sturbridge, int.Jan.24,1825.


Sarah S. and Charles C. Lamb of Boston, Oct.1,1843.

Walter H. and Anna Allen, Sept.7,1818.

ALVORD (Alford)

Elijah S. of Greenfield and Mary P. Lynde, Aug.23,1830.

John and Abagail Smead of Greenfield, Dec.14,1786. in Greenfield.*

Lucy and Rufus Deland, May5,1784.

Lucy B. and Lewis Merriam, Sept.9,1834.


Mercia P. of Hardwick (d.Sampson and Elisabeth, a.21) and E. Warren Combs, Oct.7,1845.


Juann of South Wilbraham and Levi Bliss, int.Aug.1,1824.

Titus and Sabra Gilbert, Feb.28,1788.

ANDERSON (Aanderson)

Elizabeth of Rutland and Daniel Deland, int.Nov.30,1780.

Jeremiah and Martha McCombs, Mar.4,1742.

ANDREWS (Andross, Andrus)

Aaron of Ware and Chloe Bell, Feb.27,1810.

Barsheba of Ware and Charles Bonney of a Gore of Land joining to Hardwick and New Braintree, Oct.29,1776.*

Charity and Joseph Chandler, Mar.13,1781.

Sally of Ware and Daniel Coney, Dec.18,1794. In Ware.

Sarah of Ware and William Adams, int.Dec.14,1823.


Abraham of Leicester and Eliza Austin, int.Oct.22,1815.


Joseph, Rev., and Mary Hook of Kingstown, NH, int.May8,1777.


James and Mary English, Nov.8,1780.


Mary, [], of Spencer and Daniel Walker, June7,1781. In Spencer.


Thomas and Rose Myne Blacks, Nov.末,1800.


Nabby of Western and Shepard Ellis, int.Aug.19,1800.

Joseph of Western and Lydia Abbott, Oct.11,1792.

Mary and Luther Carey, Apr.19,1818.

Oliver of Western and Lucy Gilber, Nov.5,1807.

Thankful of Western and Elihu Chapin of Wardsborough, VT, Sept.13,1812.CR1*


Fanny of West Springfield and Marvin S. Phetteplace, int.Apr.18,1844.


John and Betsey Carpenter, Apr.30,1818.

John and Betsey Mellen, June1,1842.


Bethiah of Spencer and Shadrack Hardy, Apr.26,1795. In Spencer.

Hannah and Reuben Gilbert Jr., int.Oct.19,1800.

Justus of Belchertown and Betsey Hoar, int.Nov.6,1808.

Keziah and Abraham Gibbs, Dec.16,1744 ?.


Eliza and Abraham Anthony of Leicester, int.Oct.22,1815.

AVERY (Avry)

Polley of Boston and Luke Baldwin, int.Aug.16,1789.

William of Conway and Maria Howland, June17,1830.*

AXTELL (Axdel)

Persis and Aaron Gilbert, Apr.13,1791.

Thankful and Levi Brown, Apr.15,1784. In New Braintree.

AYRES (Ayer, Ayers)

Ama and Merrick Rice, Jan.20,1805.

Anna and John Ranger, Oct.16,1785.

Benjamin and Bulah Crosby, Nov.12,1762.*

Buenos and Rachel Hamilton, Mar.29,1789.

Cyrus and Betsey Adams, Apr.10,1800.

Dolly and Baruch Richardson, Nov.13,1803.

Edward and Jemimah Davis, Nov.19,1718.

Eli and Salley Crawford of Oakham, int.Apr.5,1790.

Elizabeth and Rufus Putnam, Apr.6,1761.

Hannah and Nathaniel Belnap, Aug.31,1777.

Harriett of North Brookfield and Billings Swan of Leicester, Dec.31,1838.*

Increase and Jemima Houghton, Nov.19,1797. In Leominster.

Jabez and Hannah Gilbert, int.Nov.10,1795.

Jesse and Abigail Tyler, Sept.14,1783.

Jesse [Jude. int.] and Sarah Babbet, Dec.26,1785.

Joel [Jacob. int.] and Bathsheba Jourdan, Oct.16,1796.

Jonas and Sally Winslow of Barre, int.Jan.17,1800.

Joseph and Anna Dexter, Dec.13,1795.

Jude and Salley Babbitt, int.Dec.25,1785.

Judith and Dr. Joshua Tylor, Mar.1,1781.

Lovice and Joseph Snow, Nov.13,1789.

Lucinda and Henry Woodman, May12,1805.

Lucy and Samuel Wood Jr., Apr.7,1803.

Lydia and William Lamson, Nov.7,1799.

Martha and Geord Abbot, Dec.5,1745.

Mary and Joseph Locke, int.May末,1754.

Metilda and Josiah Converse, June4,1793.

Micajah [of New BraintreeCR] and Sarah Barns, Mar.14,1764.

Meriam and Joseph Barn of New Braintree, Mar.19,1774.

Moses and Lucy Cutting, Jan.1,1777.

Moses of New Braintree and Sally Edmunds, Oct.3,1793.

Olive and Ephraim Wheeler, Dec.9,1761.*

Onisiphorus and Ann Goodale, Dec.6,1759.

Persis and Benjamin Babbit, Feb.1,1810.

Rachel B. of North Brookfield and Joel Sampson, int.Jan.10,1833.

Rebecca and John Kingsbury of Franklin, Sept.9,1789.

Samuell and Marth Bell, Jan.21,1742.*

Sarah and Peter Washburne, Apr.8,1776.

Sally and Josiah Howe, Jan.12,1797.

Thomas and Sally Converse, Oct.6,1789.

William and Hannah Hamelton, Jan.8,1724-5.*

William 2d and Rachel Barns, May3,1753.*

William, Capt., and Persis Rice, Jan.3,1758.*

William 3d and Miriam Harrington of Grafton, Feb.5,1761. In Grafton.

William Esq. and Mary Woolcott, Dec.23 [Oct.25.CR], 1772.

William 2d [] and Freelove Jenks, Oct.18,1789.

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