BABBIT (Babbitt)

Anne, d.Nathaniel and Mary(Mandell), May24,1773.

Seth, s.Nathaniel and Mary(Mandell), Nov.23,1769.

BABBITT (Babbit)

Alfred, s.Stillman and Jane, July25,1841.

Francis Fairbanks, twin s.Pliny H. and Lydia P., Jan.1,1844.

Franklin Phinney, twin s.Pliny H. and Lydia P., Jan.1,1844.

Harriet Newell, d.Thomas and Nancy W., July11,1833.

Harriet Augusta, d.Thomas and Nancy W., Jan.14,1837.

Levi, June26,1780.GR2

Lyman Dwight, s.George W. and Susan A., Sept.5,1838.

Maria M., w.Maro F.?,末蔓末,1832.GR2

Maro F.,末蔓末,1829.GR2

Polly L., w.Levi, Apr.27,1781.GR2

Nancy W., w.Thomas, July26,1812.GR2

Sally Celista M., d.Thomas and Nancy W., May2,1831.GR2

Spencer Stockwell, s.Stillman and Jane, May30,1840.

Thomas, Mar.12,1807.GR2


Henry B., Aug.5,1829.GR1

Mary A. Farr, w.Henry B., Feb.24,1830.GR1




Adaline, d.Marshal and Elizabeth, Nov.25,1796.

Almira, d.Marshal and Elizabeth, Oct.20,1801.

Eliza, d.Marshal and Elizabeth, Jan.27,1800.

Mary H., w.Milton?, May5,1821.GR2

Milton, July28,1812.GR2

Uri, s.Marshal and Elizabeth, May15,1798.


Susan A.,末蔓末,1831.GR2


Abraham, s.Moses and Susanna(Nutt), Nov.15,1764.

Adonijah, s.Moses and Susanna(Nutt), Dec.5,1762.

Adonijah, s.Isaac Jr. and Hannah(Commins), Nov.20,1778.

Adonijah, s.Adonijah and Mary(Phillips), July12,1791.

Almira Hill, d.James and Maria(Tuttle), Aug.29,1828.

Ann Sophia, d.Adonijah Jr. and Anna(Taft), Mar.30,1822.

Charles Hervey, s.Adonijah Jr. and Anna(Taft), Apr.19,1820.

Charles Hervy, s.Adonijah Jr. and Anna(Taft), Aug.19,1821.

Francis Augustus, s.James and Maria(Tuttle), Feb.3,1823.

George Elliot, s.James and Maria(Tuttle), Apr.21,1835.

Grace Cachran [Cothrane in bp.], d.Moses and Susanna(Nutt), Aug.18,1773.

Isaac, s.Moses and Susanna(Tutt), Nov.15,1769.

Jacob, s.Moses and Susanna(Tutt), May18,1771.

James, s.Adonijah and Mary(Phillips), Aug.27,1797.

James W., s.James and Maria(Tuttle), Oct.6,1820.

Jane Maria Goodhue, d.James and Maria(Tuttle), Aug.13,1825.

Mary Ann, d.Adonijah and Mary(Phillips), June14,1805.

Mary Ann, d.James and Maria(Tuttle), Mar.13,1838.

Moses, s.Adonijah and Mary(Phillips), Oct.3,1793.

Moses Phillips, s.Adonijah and Mary(Phillips), July26,1795.

Samuel Collins, s.Adonijah and Mary(Phillips), Oct.10,1799.

Sarah, d.Moses and Susanna(Nutt), Oct.5,1767.

Susanna, d.Moses and Susanna(Nutt), Apr.22,1776.


Abigail, d.Joshua and Anne, Sept.28,1784.

Anna, d.Joshua and Anna, June20,1795.

Ann, d.Elijah and Polly(Cutting), Oct.12,1828.

Daniel, s.Joshua and Anne, Feb.21,1786.

Edward, s.Joshua and Anne, Mar.14,1783.

Elijah, s.Joshua and Anne, July22,1789.

Elizabeth, d.Elijah and Polly(Cutting), Apr.21,1822.

Franklin, s.Joshua and Anne, Apr.21,1797.

Hepsibah, d.Joshua and Anne, Mar.28,1779.

James, s.Joshua and Anne, Apr.16,1793.

Jane, d.Elijah and Polly(Cutting), Mar.4,1826.

John, s.John and Hepzibah, Oct.13,1759.

John, s.Joshua and Anne, Apr.23,1777.

John Cutting, s.Elijah and Polly(Cutting), Sept.14,1820.

Joshua, s.John and Hepzibah, Apr.14,1754.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Anne, Jan.18,1781.

Marion, d.Elijah and Polly(Cutting), Sept.21,1833.

Molly, d.John and Hepzibah, Apr.19,1762.

Molly, d.Joshua and Anne, July1,1787.

Mary, d.Elijah and Polly(Cutting), Aug.31,1823.

Stephen, s.Joshua and Anne, Apr.26,1791.

Stephen, s.John and 末末, bp. June12,1791.CR

William Morse, s.Elijah and Elizabeth(Crosby), May22,1815.


末末, d.Samuel and Esther(Briggs), June22,1844.


Charles Otis, s.Charles and Nancy(Dike),末蔓末,1827.GR1

Elizabeth Foster, w.Charles Otis,末蔓末,1828.GR1

Harriet Sarah, d.Esther(Briggs) and Samuel, July3,1838.

Hiram A., Dec.21,1847.GR2

Nancy Dike, w.Charles,末蔓末,1797.GR1


末末, s.John P. and Ellen, Oct.9,1844.

末末, d.Chauncey,末蔓末,1847?.

Emily, d.John P. and Ellen, May6,1841.

Esther Oliver, d.John P. and Ellen, Mar.24,1839.

George N., s.John P. and Ellen, Oct.9,1847.


末末, ch.末末, Jan.31,1846.


Alice George, d.John and Naomi(Baley), Nov.1,1810.

Benjamin Baily Hale, s.John and Naomi(Baley), May22,1813.

Henry Rice, s.John and Naomy(Baley), Feb.6,1793.

John Ross, s.John and Naomy(Baley), Nov.8,1804.

Lydia, d.John and Naomy(Baley), Mar.14,1798.

Polly, d.John and Naomy(Baley), Apr.21,1796.

Nancy, d.John and Naomy(Baley), Aug.4,1802.

Nancy, d.John and Naomi(Baley), Dec.21,1807.

Oliver Baley, s.John and Naomy(Baley), Mar.11,1800.

Rosanna C., d.Benjamin and Eunice, Dec.17,1841.


Mary S., w.William J.,末蔓末,1846.GR2


末末, father,末蔓末,1799.GR1

末末, mother,末蔓末,1804.GR1

末末, d.Thomas and Lucinda(Dike), Apr.15,1844.

末末, d.Thomas and Lucinda(Dike), Apr.15,1845.

Adaline, d.Thomas and Lucinda(Dike), Mar.28,1837.

Ellen Maria, d.Thomas and Lucinda(Dike), May29,1833.

Emily, d.Thomas and Lucinda(Dike), Dec.19,1841.

George Henry, s.Thomas and Lucinda(Dike), Aug.3,1839.

Laura Jane, d.Thomas and Lucinda(Dike), Apr.19,1835.

Lucinda Elisabeth, d.Thomas and Lucinda(Dike), Jan.5,1831.

Luthera, d.Thomas and Lucinda(Dike), Dec.25,1824.

Mary Ann, d.Thomas and Lucinda(Dike), July14,1826.

Thomas Gardner, s.Thomas and Lucinda(Dike), Mar.3,1829.

William Francis, s.Thomas and Lucinda(Dike), Sept.25,1846.


Chauncey, s.John and 末末, bp. Aug.4,1811.CR


Caroline C., w.Hiram?,末蔓末,1810.GR2

Charles Henry, s.Hyram and Caroline, Nov.18,1841.

Elisabeth Warren, d.Hyram and Caroline, Jan.4,1835.

Emily Smith, d.Hyram and Caroline, Dec.19,1838.

Everlena J., w.Charles H.?,末蔓末,1843.GR2


Sarah Jane, d.Hyram and Caroline, May26,1837.


Celia French, d.Jacob and 末末, bp. Dec.17,1816.CR

Cloe, d.Jacob and 末末, bp. June1,1817.CR

Cyrus, s.Jacob and 末末, bp. Dec.17,1816.CR

Electa, d.Jacob and 末末, bp. Dec.17,1816.CR

Harriet, d.Jacob and 末末, bp. Dec.17,1816.CR

Lois, d.Jacob and 末末, bp. Dec.17,1816.CR


Charles Harvey, s.Joseph and Mary T.(Humphreys), Sept.5,1824. At Greenwood, NY.


Huldah T., w.Daniel,末蔓末,1797.GR2

Huldee Maria, d.Lysander and Martha, Feb.12,1845.

John Humphrey, s.Joseph and Mary T.(Humphreys), July21,1820.

Joseph Mayo, s.Joseph and Mary T.(Humphreys), Sept.23,1822. At Greenwood, NY.


Caleb, s.William and Marcy, bp. Sept.7,1775.CR

Dolle, d.William and Mercy, bp. July27,1771.CR

Joseph F., Dec.15,1821.GR5

Susan W., w.Joseph F., Oct.15,1828.GR5

William, s.William and Marcy, bp. Sept.7,1775.CR

William Junior, s.William and Marcy, bp. June11,1776.CR


Polly, w.Naaman,末蔓末,1802.GR5



末末, s.Edmund and Hannah, Aug.27,1846.

George W., Feb.10,1818.GR2

Porter, s.Edmund and Hannah, Oct.末,1849.

Roswell, Aug.30,1824.GR2


Franklin, s.Josiah and Martha, July16,1841.

Henry, s.Josiah and Martha, Dec.11,1834.

Sarah, d.Josiah and Martha, June9,1837.


Huldah G., w.Samuel A.,末蔓末,1825.GR2

Samuel A.,末蔓末,1835.GR2


Abel, s.David and Louis(Taylor), May29,1787.

Abigail, d.William and Elizabeth(Maynard), July26,1814.

Charles William, s.William and Elizabeth(Maynard), Jan.15,1810.

Daniel, s.David and Louis(Taylor), June8,1800.

David, s.William and Margaret, Aug.30,1754.

David, s.David and Louis(Tayor), May9,1790.

Betsy Almira, d.William and Elizabeth(Maynard), Feb.6,1818.

Esther, d.William and Margaret, Nov.30,1757.

Esther, d.Abel and Hannah(Batchelor), Mar.8,1817.

Esther, d.Abel and Hannah(Batchelor), Nov.27,1821.

Fanny, d.Abel and Hannah(Batchelor), Jan.4,1819.

George Alven, s.William and Elizabeth(Maynard), Nov.1,1823.

Hannah Lucina [twin?], d.Abel and Hannah(Batchelor), Aug.25,1825.

Hannah Lucinda [twin? or dup], d.Abel and Hannah(Batchelor), Aug.25,1825.

Harriot Maria, d.William and Elizabeth(Maynard), Apr.17,1820.

Henry A., s.Abel and Eunice(Sawtell), Feb.10,1834.

Lois, d.David and Louis(Taylor), Mar.17,1793.

Lucretia, d.David and Louis(Taylor), Nov.16,1796.

Patty, d.David and Louis(Taylor), Dec.19,1784.

Mary Ann, d.William and Elizabeth(Maynard), Mar.10,1812.

Persis [Perses.dup.], d.David and Louis(Taylor), May29,1782.

Richard Sautell, s.Abel and Eunice(Sawtell), Nov.17,1831.

Rhoena Ellinwood, d.Abel and Eunice(Sawtell), Jan.27,1830.

Sarah E., d.Abel and Eunice(Sawtell), Aug.22,1836.

Solon, d.Abel and Eunice(Sawtell), Nov.29,1838.

William, s.David and Louis(Taylor), Jan.21,1780. Dup.

William, s.Abel and Hannah(Batchelor), Aug.25,1825.


Abigail R.E., w.Erastus,末蔓末,1805.GR2

David E., s.Erastus and Abigail, R.E.,末蔓末,1837.GR2


Sarah Ann, d.末末 and Mary Ann, May20,1842.


Charles F.,末蔓末,1841.GR2

Hattie A., w.Charles F.,末蔓末,1840.GR2


Ebenezer Deane, s.Timothy and Julia, Dec.5,1803.

Warren, s.Timothy and Julia, Apr.14,1801.


Elezebeth, d.Moses and Azubah(Blogget), Feb.20,1789.

Prudence, d.Moses and Azubah(Blogget), Oct.4,1786.


Emily Ann, d.Stephen W. and Persis, Oct.18,1834. Dup.

Joseph W., s.Stephen W. and Persis, Aug.3,1838.

Mary Jane, d.Stephen W. and Persis, Sept.17,1836. Dup.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Perrin and Persis Ann, Jan.19,1838.

Sarah Abby, d.Stephen W. and Persis, Nov.3 (9 and 19 in dups.), 1843.


Alonzo, s.Amos and Phebe(Harwood), July14,1814.


末末, d.James and Martha(Burleck), Mar.5,1847.

Adelia Sophia, d.John and Maria(Wilder), Feb.21,1837.

Emma Francis, d.James and Martha H.(Burleck), May13,1849.

Martha Ann, d.John and Maria Ann(Wilder), Mar.26,1844.

Mary Elizabeth, d.John and Maria(Wilder), Dec.27,1840.


John, s.John and Sabrina(Hinds), Sept.5,1849.


Robert F.,末蔓末,1828.GR2


Ellen Louisa, d.Elbridge and Louisa(Davis), May10,1835.

George Elbridge, s.Elbridge and Louisa(Davis), Aug.29,1837.


Elizabeth R., w.John, formerly w.Stillman Simonds, Dec.11,1807.GR2


Joab, s.Abial and 末末, bp. June15,1760.CR


Aden Jones, s.Aden and Luana, Apr.20,1834.

Luana Caroline, d.Aden and Luana, Dec.4,1840.

Rebeccah Catherine, d.Aden and Luana, Feb.17,1843.


Albert D., s.Sylvanus B. and Lucinda B., Feb.7,1847.

David, s.Isaac and Polly, Apr.8,1799.

Betsy, d.Isaac and Polly, Nov.28,1794.

Elvira, d.Sylvanus B. and Lucinda,末蔓末,1845?.

Esther, d.Isaac and Polly, July21,1808.

Francis N., s.Nathan G. and Betsey(Cummings), July28,1840.

George Nixon, s.Sylvanus B. and Lucinda, Feb.7,1849.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Polly, Feb.6,1790. At Tanton.

John, s.Isaac and Polly, Mar.7,1797.

Levi, Aug.20,1767.GR3

Levi, s.Isaac and Polly, July19,1803.

Marilla, d.Nathan G. and Betsy(Cummings), Jan.27,1847.

Martha W.,末蔓末,1835.GR2

Polly, d.Isaac and Polly, Nov.9,1786. At Tanton.

Moses, s.Isaac and Polly, Dec.23,1805.

Nancy, d.Isaac and Polly, Oct.10,1793.

Rhoda, d.Isaac and Polly, Feb.16,1792. At Tanton.

Sally, d.Isaac and Polly, Apr.2,1788. At Tanton.

Sophronia, d.Isaac and Polly, May19,1800.


Sophia, d.Aaron and Comfort, Jan.17,1815.

William Henry, s.Artemas and Mary Ann, Aug.18,1831.


Abby Fidelia, d.David S. and Fidelia(Hill), Mar.2,1849.

Albert Elliot, s.Isaac Z. and Esther(Cook), Nov.12,1847.

Anderson LeRoy, s.Isaac and Esther(Cook), June5,1842.

Caleb Mortimer, s.David A. and Fidelia(Hill), June29,1847.

Caroline H.(Humphreys), w.Ebenezer, June28,1821.GR2

Charles Flavel, s.Ebenezer and Caroline(Humphreys), July30,1842.

Cordelia Celia, d.Henry and Mary A. Rogers, Mar.7,1848.

David H.H., s.David S. and Elizabeth B., Jan.25,1840.

Ebenezer, Aug.8,1816.GR2

Esther(Cook), w.Isaac Z., Feb.末,1811.GR6

Esther L., d.Isaac Z. and Esther(Cook), Jan.24,1846.

George S.,末蔓末,1826.GR1

Hannah E., d.David S. and Fidelia(Hill), June12,1845.

Henry Davis, s.David S. and Elizabeth B., Nov.18,1842.

Isaac Z.,末蔓末,1814.GR6

Leonard H., s.Isaac Z., Apr.9,1838.

Mary L., May24,1814.GR6

Mary E., d.David S. and Elizabeth B., Feb.12,1837.


末末, s.William and Martha(Holt), Oct.25,1844.

Ellen, d.William and Phebe(Lewis), Sept.7,1835.

Sumner, s.William and Phebe(Lewis), Oct.3,1831.

Susan Rebeccah, d.William and Martha(Holt), Feb.21,1840.

William Tingley, s.William and Martha(Holt), June27,1842.


Eliza H.,末蔓末,1848.GR2


Hannah, d.Jonas and Joanna, June25,1786.

Polly, d.Jonas and Joanna, Aug.1,1784.

Phebe, d.Jonas and Joanna, Dec.10,1782.

Sally, d.Jonas and Joanna, Nov.19,1781.


末末, d.Samuel Somes and Elisabeth, Mar.27,1844.

末末, d.John G. and Lydia(Ward), June30,1846.

Abner G., s.Israel and Polly, Sept.29,1834.

Benjamin, s.Isreal and Polly, Mar.15,1819. In Manchester, NH.

S.S., Col., s.Isaac and Susan, June26,1827.GR1

Cyrus, s.James and Dulcenia, May5,1824.

Dolly R.G., d.Israel and Polly, Sept.24,1836.

Dulcenia, d.James and Dulcenia, Feb.21,1811.

Elizabeth, May9,1820.GR1

Elizabeth, w.Oliver E.,末蔓末,1831.GR2

Fanny M., w.Jesse, Oct.11,1825.GR2

Harriot, d.James and Dulcenia, Jan.17,1813.

Henrietta Agnes, Mar.28,1844.GR1

Isaac, Dec.13,1785.GR1

Israel, s.Isreal and Polly, Dec.2,1829.

James, s.James and Dulcenia, Nov.14,1814.

Jane Agnes, July29,1845.GR1

Jane Agnes Elizabeth, d.Samuel S. and Elizabeth, Aug.30,1845.

Jesse, Dec.30,1815.GR2

John Groves, s.Isreal and Polly, Jan.10,1817. In Manchester, NH.

John Henry, s.John G. and Lydia S.(Ward), Sept.20,1840.

K. Maria, Nov.12,1844.GR2

Lois, d.James and Dulcenia, Aug.14,1821.

Lucy, d.Isreal and Polly, Oct.14,1823.

Lydia Mariah, d.John G. and Lydia S.(Ward), June25,1839.

Oliver B., s.Isreal and Polly, Sept.19,1831.

Philander, s.Isreal and Polly, June12,1821.

Rebeccah, d.Isreal and Polly, Nov.9,1825.

Serenia, d.James and Dulcenia, Dec.24,1816.

Susan Hale, w.Isaac, Oct.9,1784.GR1

Susan Elizabeth, (b. or d.?), May12,1841.GR1

William, s.James and Dulcenia, Apr.19,1819.

Williby C., s.Isreal and Polly, July26,1827.


末末, d.Charles and Cynthia(Rich), May1,1844.

Elmira Lydia, d.Charles and Cynthia(Rich), July31,1836. At Phillipston.

Charles Eli, s.Charles and Cynthia(Rich), Aug.11,1822. At Wardsboro, VT.

Charles R., s.Charles and Lucretia(King), Feb.20,1847.

Cynthia Sophia, d.Charles and Cynthia(Rich), Dec.27,1833. At Brighton.

Marcus Rich, s.Charles and Cynthia(Rich), June22,1842.

Martha Ann Gates, d.Charles and Cynthia(Rich), Sept.24,1830. At Phillipston.


Calvin T., s.Clement and 末末蔓[Rachel (Wheeler)?], June11,1830.

Eliza Ann, d.John W. and Ellen, May15,1845.

George Q.A., s.Clement and Rachel(Wheeler), Jan.9,1819.

Jonathan W., s.Clement and Rachel(Wheeler), Feb.4,1827.

Mary Ann, d.Clement and Rachel(Wheeler), Mar.26,1817.

Rachel, d.Clement and Rachel(Wheeler), Oct.26,1832.

Richard S., s.Clement and Rachel(Wheeler), Feb.9,1822.

Silence L., d.Clement and Rachel(Wheeler), June29,1824.


Robert Broadbent, s.William and Abigail, June28,1808.

William Broadbent, s.William and 末末, bp. July3,1808.CR


Joel, s.Stephen and Sarah, Mar.11,1778.


Abner, s.Joseph and Hannah(Marble), bp. Sept.7,1766.CR

Amzy, s.Josiah[Joseph] and Hannah, bp. Oct.23,1768.CR

Asa, s.Joseph and Hannah(Marble), Junior, bp. Feb.7,1762.CR

Elisabeth, d.Amos and Mercy(Poor), Aug.2,1771.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Hannah, bp. May29,1774(Marble).CR

Jacob, s.Joseph and Hannah(Marble), bp. Oct.7,1764.CR

Mary, d.Amos and Marcy(Poor), bp. Oct.22,1769.CR

Reuben, s.Joseph Junier and Hannah(Marble), bp. July20,1760.CR

Rhoda, d.Joseph and Hannah(Marble), bp. Oct.30,1776.CR

Robert, s.Joseph and Hannah(Marble), bp. Feb.24,1771.CR


Amos, s.Amos and Polly(Ballard), July19,1809.

Daniel, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, May9,1766.

Daniel, s.Amos and Polly(Ballard), Apr.15,1807.

Daniel Franklin, s.Daniel and Polly(Bragg), Feb.8,1839.

Daniel Franklin, s.Daniel and Polly(Bragg), Apr.30,1843.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Oct.31,1768.

Elisabeth, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Apr.9,1759.

Elizabeth, d.Dea.末末 and 末末, bp. June16,1822.CR

Lydia, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Apr.8,1761.

Molle, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, May27,1771.

Mary, d.Amos and Martha(Twichel), Nov.15,1816.

Mary Ann, d.Daniel and Polly(Bragg), Apr.14,1837.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Dec.11,1763.

Seth, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, Aug.18,1773.


Hiram, s.Welcome and Grace(Fay), Nov.16,1801.


Nabby, d.Thomas and Abigail, Jan.4,1790.

Daniel, s.Thomas and Abigail, Dec.13,1781.

Eliza, w.Stephen A., June15,1806.GR1

Betsy, d.Thomas and Abigail, Nov.25,1784.

Luke, s.Thomas and Abigail, Jan.30,1792.

Polly, d.Thomas and Abigail, Jan.30,1787.

Stephen A., Mar.13,1804.GR1


Cornelia, w.Henry S.,末蔓末,1839.GR2

Henry S.,末蔓末,1835.GR2

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