Lewis, ––– ––, 1823. PR3
Lewis Edwin, s. Lewis, bonnet presser (b. Chesterville, Franklin Co., ME), and Lovisa (b. Rome, Franklin Co., ME), May 19, 1849.

Arthur Fairbanks, s. Samuel, farmer, and Elizabeth [Elizabeth H. (Pike). PR16], Oct. 29, 1845, in Crack Rock Village.
Benjamin Houston, ch. Dr. Benjamin and Lydia E.C. [Lydia E.G. CR1], Nov. 6, 1842.
Charles Lewis, ch. Charles and Ann Maria, Jan. 27, 1842.
Elizabeth H., w. Samuel, Apr. 6, 1819. GR9 [Elizabeth H. (Pike) [dup. ch. Benjamin and Elizabeth H. (Newton)] [in Hopkinton]. PR16]
Ellen Maria, ch. Charles and Ann Maria, Dec. 20, 1839, in Walpole.
Elvira Elizabeth, d. Samuel, hoe maker (b. Sharon), and Elizabeth (b. Ashland) [Elizabeth H. (Pike). PR16], Sept. 5, 1849.
Emily Percy, d. Dr. Benjamin and Lydia E. [Emily. CR1], Sept. 12, 1844, in Central Village.
Ernest S. [ch. Samuel and Elizabeth H. (Pike)], Oct. 18, 1847. PR16
Esther [w. John Hewes], ––– ––, 1757.
Francis D. (see ––––– Mann).
George Augustine, ch. Samuel and Elizabeth [Elizabeth H. (Pike). PR16], Aug. 20, 1840.
Horace Webster, s. Samuel, hoe maker, and Elizabeth [Elizbeth H. (Pike). PR16], July 16, 1843.
Sally Fairbanks, w. Newell Morse, Mar. 5, 1813. PR9 [[sister of Samuel] PR16]
Samuel [h. Elizabeth H.], Apr. 10, 1815. GR9 [h. Elizabeth H. (Pike) [dup. ch. Benjamin and Elizabeth H. (Newton) [in Hopkinton]]. PR16]
Samuel Ernest, s. Samuel, hoe maker, and Elizabeth, Oct. 18, 1847.
–––––, s. Samuel and Elizabeth, Aug. 12, 1842. [Francis D. [ch. Samuel and Elizabeth H. (Pike)]. PR16]

Amariah, ch. Amariah and Lois, ––– ––, ––––.
Betsey [dup. Betsy], d. Amariah and Lois, Oct. 12, 1783.
John Fisk, s. Amariah and Lois [dup. Louis], Feb. 2, 1781.
Juliet, d. Amariah and Lois [dup. Louis], Jan. 30, 1776.
Vol. 1
Page 62
Lois, d. Amariah and Lois, Apr. 24, 1778.
Martin, ch. Amariah and Lois ––– ––, ––––.
Nancy, d. Amarah [dup. Amariah] and Lois, Aug. 22, 1786.
Olivia, d. Amariah and Lois, June 2 [dup. June 8], 1789.
Seneca, ch. Amariah and Lois, ––– ––, ––––.
Sylvia, d. Amariah and Lois [dup. d. Ameriah and Louis], Feb. 2, 1793.

Frances A., w. Albert, ––– ––, 1834. PR3

William Henry, s. James, gardener, and Ann of Albany, Sept. 5, 1846.

John Calvin, s. John and Mary R., Oct. 18, 1838.

Mary, w. Willard T. Paine [July ––, 1820]. GR9

Abigail Guild, d. Timothy and Abigail, Nov. 6, 1789.
Benjamin Graves [dup. Medcalf], s. Timothy [dup. Timathy] and Abigail, Jan. 14, 1795.
Emeline W., w. William P. Shepard, Feb. 3, 1831. GR9
Esther, d. Timothy and Abigail, Jan. 4, 1797.
John, s. Timothy and Abigail [dup. Abgail], Nov. 19, 1787.

Clarissa, d. John and Lois, Feb. 14, 1842.

Mary [w. Miles Standish]. Dec. 27, 1798, in Boston.
Nancy, d. John and Nancy, Jan. 7, 1803.

William Ross, s. John and Elizabeth, Aug. 4, 1823.

Abi, d. Amos and Mary [(Pettee) PR6], Jan. 15, 1779.
Abigail [w. Soloman], ––– ––, 1719.
Abigail, ch. Elisha and Abigail [dup. d. Elsa sic and Abagail], May 23, 1781.
Abijah Mason, Dec. 26, 1842. GR9
Abner, ch. Cornelius and Merium, Oct. 13, 1816.
Albert, s. Stephen and Sally, Jan. 14, 1816.
Albert G., ch. Stephen and Sally, Oct. 3, 1819.
Alfred Leprelite, ch. Leprelite and Harriet, May 25, 1838.
Almenah Elizabeth, d. Jason, farmer, and Betsey (b. Boston), Aug. 31, 1848.
Alvarus E., s. Elisha C. and Emily R. [Nov. ––, 1849]. GR5
Ama, d. Elisha and Joanna, Aug. 27, 1753.
Vol. 1
Page 63
Amasa, ch. Cornelius and Merium, Oct. 5, 1808.
Amos [h. Mary (Pettee)], Nov. 28, 1738. [s. Jedediah and Hannah. PR6]
Amos [dup. Amon sic Jr.], s. Amos and Mary, Dec. 7, 1781. [Amos Jr. [h. Submit]. GR2] [ch. Amos and Mary (Pettee). PR6]
Angeline Esther, ch. Jason and Julia, May 13, 1833.
Ann Eliza, ch. Leprelite and Harriet, Dec. 12, 1835. [Ann Eliza Cromwell Morse, ––– ––, 1834. GR9]
Ann Maria, ch. Harvey and Sally Lewis, Oct. 25, 1840.
Anna [dup. Anner Moyse], ch. Simon and Anne [dup. Anna], June 12, 1789.
Anna Sophia, ch. Jacob and Sophia S. [(Pike) PR16], Sept. 8, 1842.
Annjennet (Mnnjennet) [dup. Annzennett], d. Isaiah and Lydia, Jan. 12, 1815. [Angenette, w. John B. Morse. GR5] [Angenette, w. Bradford Morse. PR16]
Asa, May 22, 1782. GR5
Belle [? m.], Oct. ––, 1842. PR16
Betsey [dup. Betsy], d. Elisha and Abagail [dup. Abigail], Dec. 8, 1782.
Betsy Page, d. Isaiah and Lydia, Oct. 23, 1816. [Betsey, Apr. ––. PR16]
Calvin, s. Elisha and Abigail, Aug. 5, 1787.
Caroline, d. Jairus [dup. Jarius] P. and Hannah, July 30, 1809.
Charles, ch. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, Feb. 8, 1829.
Charles Harvey, ch. Harvey and Sally Lewis, Aug. 14, 1838, in Walpole.
Charles Newell, s. Newel and Sally, bp. Nov. ––, 1836. CR1 [ch. Newell and Sally Fairbanks (Mann), b. Mar. 5, 1833. PR9]
Charlotte Elizabeth, ch. David 2d and Parmelia, Oct. 28, 1840.
Charlotte Elizabeth, d. David 2d and Parmelia P., bp. Aug. 29, 1844. CR1
Chester Freeman, s. Chester F., trader, and Arrilla B., June 17, 1844, in Thread Factory Village.
Chloe, ch. Amos and Mary [(Pettee) PR6], Feb. 6, 1776.
Chloe, d. Joel and Chloe, July ––, 1782.
Cornelius [h. Merium (White)], ––– ––, 1764.
Cyrus Bassett, ch. Chester F. and Arrilla, Aug. 18, 1842.
Daniel, s. Asa and Mary, Oct. 13, 1775.
David [dup. [h. Betsy (Page)]], s. Adam and Phebe, Dec. 13, 1778. [[h. Betsy, h. Patty, h. Eunice] GR2]
Vol. 1
Page 64
David 2d [dup. omits 2d], s. John [dup. 2d] and Charlottee [dup. Charlotte], June 21, 1807. [David, s. John 3d and Charlottee. CR1]
Edson Alberton, s. Newell, hoe maker, and Sally (b. Sharon), Sept. 30, 1848. [Edson Alburton Morse, ch. Newell and Sally Fairbanks (Mann). PR9]
Edward, s. Israel and Azubah, June 22, 1796.
Edward Adelbert, s. Jacob, farmer, and Sophia S., Sept. 6, 1846. [[ch. Jacob and Sophia (Pike)] Sept. 6, 1845. PR16]
Elbridge Francis, ch. Jesse and Joannah, Nov. 27, 1836. [Elbridge Frances sic [ch. Jesse and Joanna (Pike)]. PR16]
Elisha [dup. [h. Abigail (Holmes)]], s. Elisha and Joanna, Nov. 3, 1760.
Elisha, ch. Elisha and Abigail, Apr. 30, 1785.
Elisha Jr., s. Elisha, bp. May 6, 1801. CR1
Elisha Alvarus, s. Elisha C., farmer, and Emily R. (b. Stoughton), Aug. 12, 1849.
Elisha Clark, ch. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, Aug. 24, 1818.
Eliza, ch. Amos Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Submit, Mar. 28, 1817. [w. Albert Plimpton. GR9]
Elizabeth [dup. Elezabeth], d. Asa and Mary, June 27, 1779. [Elisabath. CR1]
Elizabeth Emily, d. Elisha C., laborer, and Emily, July 8, 1846.
Elizabeth Sophia (see Sophia Elizabeth).
Elizatbeth, w. Leonard, ––– ––, 1819. PR6
Ella Sandford, d. Edward S., shoe maker, and Mary J., Sept. 29, 1847.
Ellen Frances, s. Newell and Sally, bp. Mar. 4, 1847. CR1
Emery, ch. Cornelius and Merium, Jan. 27, 1822. [Emory. CR1]
Emogine Elisabeth, d. Jason, farmer, and Betsey, Jan. 19, 1847.
Eugene Elon, s. Samuel Otis, farmer, and Lucinda A. (b. Freeman, Franklin Co., ME), May 4, 1848.
Eunice, d. Joel and Chloe, June 15, 1793.
Eunice (see Unice).
Everett Nelson, s. Nelson, hoe maker, and Betsey, Nov. 5, 1843, in northerly part.
George, s. Israel and Azuboh [dup. Azubah], Oct. 7, 1798.
George Leonard, ch. Leonard and Lucinda, Apr. 23, 1836.
George Leonard, s. Leonard and Lucinda, bp. Oct. 20, 1839. CR1
Vol. 1
Page 65
Hannah, d. Elisha and Abigail, Sept. 1, 1791.
Hannah, d. Elisha, bp. Oct. 9, 1792. CR1
Hannah, d. Elisha and Abigail, June 17, 1796. [Hannath. CR1]
Hannah, d. Jarius P. and Hannah, Apr. 6, 1799.
Hannah Dexter, d. John 1st [dup. omits 1st] and Rhoda, Nov. 26, 1811.
Hannah E., w. Jarus P., ––– ––, 1778. GR5
Harriet Frances, d. Leonard and Lucinda, bp. Oct. 20, 1839. CR1
Harriot Frances, ch. Leonard and Lucinda, Jan. 31, 1830.
Harvey, ch. Asa Jr. and Susanna [dup. Susannah], Sept. 3, 1811.
Helen Frances, d. Newell, hoe maker, and Sally [Sally Fairbanks (Mann). PR9], July 25, 1844, in Crack Rock Village.
Hepzibah [dup. Hipsabah], d. Joel and Chloe, July 25, 1787. [Hepzibah, w. James Wilbar. GR7] [Hepzibah [w. James Wilbur]. PR15]
Herbert Francis [ch. Jacob and Sophia (Pike)], Sept. 22, 1843. PR16
Hezekiah, s. Adam and Phebe, Apr. 1, 1774.
Hiram Hoton, ch. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, Mar. 8, 1827.
Imogene Elisabeth (see Emogine Elisabeth).
Isaiah [dup. [h. Lydia (Morse)]], s. Adam and Phebe, Feb. 25, 1776. [Isiah. GR2]
Jacob [Mar. ––, 1773]. PR3
Jacob, s. Isiah [dup. Isaiah] and Lydia, Mar. 11, 1808.
Jairus Jason, ch. Jason and Betsey (second w.), Aug. 13, 1842.
Jarius [dup. Jarus] Payson, ch. Jacob and Lydia, Dec. 31, 1772.
James Albert, S. Harvey, poulterer, and Sarah L., of Taunton, Mar. 1, 1846, in E. Foxboro.
James Allen, ch. Chester F. and Arrilla, Nov. 26, 1838.
Jarus Payson, ch. Jacob and Sarah, bp. Aug. 4, 1789. CR1
Jason, s. Jarus [dup. Jarius] P. and Hannah, Aug. 8, 1806.
Jemima, d. Jedediah and Jerusha, Mar. 4, 1796.
Jesse, s. Isiah [dup. Isaiah] and Lydia, Oct. 21, 1804.
Joanna, d. Elisha and Joanna, Sept. 17, 1751.
Joel Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], s. Joel [dup. More sic] and Chloe, Nov. 4, [dup. Nov. 7], 1778.
Johanna, d. Jairus [dup. Jarius] P. and Hannah, Aug. 17, 1814.
John, s. Jacob and Lydia, Apr. 16, 1770.
Vol. 1
Page 66
John 2d [dup. omits 2d, second dup. [h. Charlotte (Allen)]], ch. Adam and Phebe, May 1, 1782. [Mors. CR1]
John Bradford, s. John and Rhoda, Oct. 5, 1804. [[h. Angenette (Morse)] PR16]
Joseph Allan, s. John 2d and w., bp. Apr. ––, 1810. CR1
Joseph Allen, s. John 2d and Charlotte, Nov. 23, 1815.
Julia Ann, ch. Jason and Julia, June 7, 1836.
Lavina, d. Tyler, laborer, and Eliza, Feb. 17, 1845, in E. Foxboro.
Lavina Ann (see Levina Ann).
Leonard, ch. Amos Jr. and Submit, Mar. 14, 1806.
Leprelette, ch. Isaiah and Lydia, Dec. 27, 1805. [Leprelite [h. Harriet (Clap)], ––– ––, 1806. GR9]
Levina Ann, ch. Jesse and Joannah, Jan. 15, 1831. [Lavina Ann [ch. Jesse and Joanna (Pike)]. PR16]
Lewis Wheaton, ch. Jacob and Sophia S. [(Pike). PR16], Jan. 4, 1839.
Lidea, ch. Jacob and Sarah, bp. Aug. 4, 1789. CR1
Linus, s. Israel and Azubah, Apr. 24, 1809.
Lois, ch. Amos and Mary, Sept. 14, 1784. [ch. Amos and Mary (Pettee) [dup. [w. Asa Plimpton]], Sept. 22. PR6]
Lois, ch. Cornelius and Merium, Apr. 9, 1819.
Lurana Wilmarth, d. Leonard, hoe manufacturer, and Elizabeth H., Feb. 27, 1845, in Crack Rock Village.
Lurana Wilmarth, d. Leonard and ––––– (second w.), bp. Oct. 11, 1846. CR1
Lydia, d. Jacob and Lydia, Sept. 5, 1779. [w. Isiah Morse. GR2]
Lydia (see Lidea).
Lydia Ann, d. John B., farmer, and Anginette [Angenette (Morse). PR16], Sept. 20, 1847.
Lydia Fisher, d. John and Rhoda, Dec. 21, 1818.
Maria Elizabeth, ch. Leonard and Elizabeth (second w.), Nov. 8, 1842.
Maria Elizabeth, d. Leonard and Elizabeth W., bp. May 5, 1844. CR1
Martha, twin d. Amos and Mary [(Pettee) PR6], Sept. 18, 1773.
Martin Clark, s. Elisha C. and Emily R., Apr. 1, 1844.
Mary, twin d. Amos and Mary [dup. [w. Oliver Capen]], Sept. 18, 1773 [dup. 1793]. [w. ––––– Capen, Sept. 18, 1773. GR2] [w. Oliver Capen [Sept. 18, 1773]. PR3] [ch. Amos and Maary (Pettee), Sept. 18, 1773. PR6]
Vol. 1
Page 67
Mary, ch. Amos Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Submit, Feb. 14, 1815. [w. John J.G. Fisher. PR5]
Mary, d. Tyler, laborer, and Eliza (b. Easton), Sept. 15, 1848.
Mary Ann [dup. Mariann], ch. Oliver and Waitstil [dup. Waity], Mar. 14, 1802.
Mary Ann [w. Elijah M. Paine], June 1, 1809, in Sharon.
Mary Elizabeth, d. Abner, farmer, and Roxana, Nov. 18, 1847, in New State.
Mary Elvira, ch. Jesse and Joannah, Dec. 27, 1840. [[ch. Jesse and Joanna (Pike)] Dec. 29. PR16]
Mary Jane, ch. Leonard and Lucinda, July 12, 1832.
Mary Jane, d. Leonard and Lucinda, bp. Oct. 20, 1839. CR1
Meletiah, ch. Joel and Meletiah, bp. Nov. 3, 1805. CR1
Melinda, d. Amos Jr. and Submit, Jan. 22, 1808.
Melvina Betsey, d. Jason, farmer, and Betsey [dup. (second w.)], Nov. 2, 1843, in E. Foxboro.
Mille, d. Joel and Millatiah [dup. Mille (second w.)], July 17, 1798. [Milly. GR5]
Milton, ch. Oliver and Waitstil [dup. Waity], Dec. 25, 1799.
Nancy, d. Isaiah and Lydia, Dec. 24, 1812.
Nelson, s. Amos Jr. and Submit, Apr. 23, 1813.
Newel, ch. Amos Jr. and Submit, ––– ––, –––– [rec. between ch. b. Jan. 22, 1808, and ch. b. Apr. 23, 1813]. [Newell, h. Sally Fairbanks (Mann), Sept. 11, 1810. PR9]
Olive, d. Israel and Azubah, Nov. 16, 1791.
Oliver, ch. Oliver and Waitstil [dup. Waity], Oct. 17, 1797.
Oswell Newton, ch. Jacob and Sophia S., Sept. 4, 1840. [Oswil Newton Morse [ch. Jacob and Sophia (Pike)]. PR16]
Otis, s, Samuel Jr. and Sarah, Oct. 18, 1816.
Polly, d. Jaros [dup. Jarius] Payson and Hannah, Feb. 9, 1802.
Pruda, ch. Cornelius and Merium, Mar. 25, 1801.
Rachel, d. Joel and Chloe, May 2, 1785.
Rhesa Hartford, s. John and Rhoda, June 14, 1809.
Rhoda Allen [? m.], ––– ––, 1786. GR9
Richard Bentley, s. Chester F., trader, and Arrilla, Nov. 13, 1846.
Rodman Elbridge, s. Stephen and Sally, Mar. 15, 1810.
Roger, s. Elisha and Joanna, Mar. 12, 1764.
Rosilla, d. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, July 27, 1821.
Sally Forrist, d. Asa Jr. and Susanna [dup. Susan], Jan. 6, 1815.
Samuel Jr., ch. Samuel and Sarah, Dec. 10, 1783.
Samuel, ch. Soloman and Abigail, ––– ––, ––––.
Vol. 1
Page 68
Samuel Otis, ch. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, Oct. 18, 1816.
Sarah [w. Joseph Tiffany], ––– ––, 1753.
Sarah, d. Amos and Mary [(Pettee) PR6], Feb. 14, 1780.
Sarah, ch. Samuel and Sarah, Oct. 25, 1785.
Sarah, d. John and Rhoda, Feb. 25, 1807.
Sarah Angenette, d. Bradford, farmer, and Angenette [(Morse) PR16], Aug. 23, 1845.
Sarah Belcher, d. Israel and Azubah, Feb. 20, 1812.
Sarah Emeline, ch. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, Dec. 4, 1824. [w. Tyler Morse. GR5]
Sarah Welman, ch. John and Rhoda, Feb. 25, 1807.
Sidney Chester, ch. Chester F. and Arrilla, June 29, 1837.
Sophia Elizabeth, ch. Jesse and Joannah, Feb. 21, 1833. [Elizabeth Sophia [ch. Jesse and Joanna (Pike)]. PR16]
Spencer, s. Israel and Azubah, Feb. 23, 1794.
Stephen, s. Joel and Chloe, May 12, 1780.
Stillman, ch. Samuel Jr. and Sarah, Apr. ––, 1837.
Susan Adella [dup. Adela], d. John 1st [dup. omits 1st] and Rhoda, Mar. 19, 1814. [Susan Adela. CR1]
Susanna, ch. Elisha and Abigail [dup. Abagail], July 16, 1789. [Susana. CR1]
Susanna, ch. John 2d and Charlotte, Feb. 4, 1812.
Susannah [dup. Susanna], d. Elisha and Joanna, Sept. 14, 1756.
Susannah Hannah, ch. Asa Jr. and Susanna, Jan. 15, 1825.
Thankful, d. Asa and Mary, May 14, 1777.
Timothy [dup. [h. Polly (Leeds)]], s. Jacob and Lydia, Oct. 17, 1783. [Dea. Timothy, w. Mary L. GR5]
Timothy Jr., s. Timothy, bp. Dec. 21, 1786. CR1
Timothy, ch. Jacob and Sarah, bp. Aug. 4, 1789. CR1
Tyler, ch. Cornelius and Merium, Feb. 25, 1806.
Unice [dup. Eunice], ch. Joel and Meletiah, bp. Nov. 3, 1805. CR1
Warren, s. Elisha and Abigail, July 31, 1794.
William Asa, s. Harvey, marketer, and Sally L. [dup. Lewis], Dec. 10, 1843, in E. Foxboro.
William Derwin, s. Jacob, farmer, and Sophia S. (b. Ashland), June 20, 1848. [Willie Derwin Morse [ch. Jacob and Sophia (Pike)]. PR16]
–––––, , "the Children of" Jacob and Sarah, bp. Dec. 31, 1786. CR1
–––––, s. David and Patty (second w.), ––– ––, ––––.

MYERS, see Miers.
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Page 69

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