* Intentions also recorded
Peggy and Theodore Pritchard, July 28, 1811.
Sarah of Hanover, and Joseph Neal, in Hanover, Dec. 6, 1791.

Mary, free negro woman, and John Virginy, free negro man, of Boston, Aug. 1, 1738. CR1

Stephen of –––ham, and Ruth Damon of Scituate, ––– 2, 1734. CR1

MARBEL (see Marble, Marvel)
Abigail and Hesekiah Hudson, Sept. 22, 1776.

Vol. 1
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MARBLE (see Marbel, Marvel)
Abigail and George Merritt of Scituate, in Scituate, Dec. 7, 1788.
Abner J. and Harriott T. Whitcomb, Dec. 11, 1839.
Almira and Thomas Lincoln 2nd, Sept. 27, 1825.
Betty and Jacob Whiten, both of the third parish in Hingham, Nov. 10, 1756.
David and Susannah Tower, Dec. 11, 1755.
Elijah and Isabella Gannet of Scituate, Oct. 27, 1817.
Elijah and Lydia S. Doane of Scituate, Dec. 8, 1841.
Ephraim and Hannah Pynchon, Jan. 4, 1790.
Hannah L. and Phinehas Goodwin of Dorchester, May 20, 1827.
James and Fanny Stodder of Hingham, in Hingham, June 7, 1785.
James and Catherine Doyle, Nov. 22, 1835.
Jenny and Elijah Stodder of Hingham, in Hingham, May 30, 1785.
Joseph and Sarah Stephenson, Sept. 17, 1781.
Joseph and Betty Stephenson, Oct. 31, 1788.
Luther and Betty Bates, May 13, 1788.
Mary, wid., and Peter Bates, Jan. 24, 1826.
Mercy J. and Ebenezer C. Upton, Apr. 2, 1840.
Noah and Eunice Tower, Apr. 7, 1779.
Priscilla J. and William Coillard, July 16, 1835.
Susannah and Reuben Bates, Nov. 22, 1756.
Susannah and Francis Stephenson, May 4, 1788.
Thomas and Jane Pratt, July 23, 1790.

David and Silence Nichols, July 12, 1722. CR1
Elisha, Rev., of Narragansett Township No. 2, and Deborah Lathrop, Mar. 31, 1745. CR1
John and Esther Tower, Sept. 7, 1724. CR1

MARVEL (see Marbel, Marble, Marvell)
Daniel and Abigail Joy, Dec. 27, 1732. CR1

MARVELL (see Marbel, Marble, Marvel)
Nathaniel and Susanna Warwick, Nov. 25, 1735. CR1

Eliakim of Boston, and Elizabeth Kent, May 7, 1735. CR1
William, widr., s. Leonard and Thursey, a. 38 y., and Sarah B. Elms, b. in Scituate, d. Samuel and Lois, a. 33 y., Apr. 3, 1849.*

John of Boston, and Elizebeth Bailey, Sept. 3, 1761.

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George of Scituate, and Abigail Marble, in Scituate, Dec. 7, 1788.
Jonathan of Scituate, and Elizabeth Hobart, Apr. 6, 1742. CR1
Seth of Scituate, and Mercy Stodder, Jan. 23, 1752.

Stephen, Dr., of Stratford, CT, and Ellen Gold, Oct. 8, 1793. CR1

Josiah, Rev., of Duxbury, and Maria Foster Doane, July 10, 1839.

John H. and Ruth E. Richardson, Aug. 17, 1841. CR2

MORRICE (see Morris, Morriss)
Sarah of Scituate, and William Bailey, in Scituate, Apr. 10, 1780.

MORRIS (see Morrice, Morriss)
Henry, b. in Scituate, s. William, a. 24 y., and Louisa Wood, d. Osburn and Silence, a. 22 y., Oct. 12, 1845.

MORRISS (see Morrice, Morris)
Lemuel P. (Lemuel C., int.), b. in Scituate, s. William and Rebecca, a. 24 y., and Elizabeth C. Hall, d. Benjamin and Mary, a. 21 y., Nov. 14, 1847.*

Andrew and Lydia Lincoln, July 1, 1832.
Emeline, b. in Boston, d. John and Harriet, a. 30 y., and John Hunt, b. in Weymouth, s. John dec. and Susan, a. 31 y., Dec. 3, 1849.*
Harriet, d. John and Harriet, a. 29 y., and Thomas Hudson, s. Frost and Sarah, a. 34 y., July 25, 1844.
Jane and Josiah Crowel of Hingham, Dec. 5, 1825.
Joshua of Weymouth, and Catharine Beal (of Hingham. CR1), Apr. 27, 1800.
Louisa, b. in Boston, d. John and Harriet, a. 23 y., and George Beal Jr. of Boston, s. George and Olive, a. 22 y., Sept. 13, 1846.*

Eliza and Ichabod Briggs, Oct. 18, 1811.

Thaddeus of Rochester, and Experience Battles, Nov. ––, 1734. CR1
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