* Intentions also recorded
Orville of Andover (of Island Creek, O., a theological student, int.), s.Silas and Rachel, a.39y., and Sophia Avery, d.Elisha and Sybil, a.39y., July14,1846.*

BAILEY (see Bayley)
Amasa of Scituate, and Jael Cushing of Hingham, Sept.29,1763.
Amasa of Scituate, and Sally Kent, Dec.29,1811 [1810 prob.].
Caleb of Scituate, and Ruth Oakes, Feb.12,1815.
Elizebeth and John McNeill of Boston, Sept.3,1761.
Lucretia O., d.Caleb and Ruth, a.24y., and John T. (John Turner, int.) Otis of Scituate, b. in Scituate, s.John T. of Scituate, and Sally W., a.27y., Apr.12,1849.*
Martha and William A.W. Tilden, Feb.12,1839.
Paul (Jr. CR1) of Scituate, and Sibyl Bates, Nov.29,1808.
Ruth L. and Henry Turner Jr. (Henry J. CR1), Feb.1,1843.
Vol. 1
Page 125
Sally B. of Scituate, and Capt. William Kilborn Jr., Apr.25,1843.
Susannah O., d.Caleb and Ruth, a.21y., and Israel T. Hardwick of Quincy, b. in Quincy, s.Thomas of Quincy, and Hannah W., a.21y., Feb.21,1849.*
Sybil B. of Scituate, b. in Scituate, d.Paul of Scituate, and Sybil, a.23y., and John A. Robie of Boston, s.John and Ann, a.23y., Oct.11,1846.*
William and Submit Clark, Nov.9,1758.
William and Sarah Morrice of Scituate, in Scituate, Apr.10,1780.

Elijah N., s.John and Hannah, a.25y., and Rosilla Lane, d.Samuel and Hannah, a.19y., Oct.26,1845.
Hannah B. and Galen J. Pratt, Mar.28,1835.
Hannah K., d.John and Hannah, a.22y., and Francis W. Dadmun of Charlestown, a.24y., Oct.12,1848.*

BARNES (see Barns)
Albert V. of Hingham, and Meriam W. Barnes, Nov.30,1837.
Benjamin Jr. and Merriam Willcutt, Feb.1,1770.
Benjamin Jr. of Hingham, and Polly Pritchard, in Hingham, June6,1787.
Benjamin and Deborah Gardner of Hingham, Dec.13,1835.
Canterbury and Hannah Burr, Aug.19,1787.
Harriot S. and Zecheus Beal, Sept.4,1836.
James of Hingham, s.Leavit dec. and Jane, a.25y., and Mary Beal, d.Caleb and Sally, a.20y., Dec.14,1845.
Jane (wid. CR1) and John Tyler (John Tyner, a foreigner. CR1), Nov.21,1832.
Joanna, d.Peter, a.44y., and (Capt. CR1) Samuel Hall, widr., s.James dec., a.46y., Apr.10,1845.
John and Martha B. Tower, Oct.末,1842.
Leavitt and Jane Souther, Oct.27,1817.
Lydia of Hingham, and Urbane Lincoln, in Hingham, May24,1781.
Malachi of Hingham, and Anna Beal, Feb.21,1819.
Meriam of Hingham, and John Burbank, Aug.23,1813.
Meriam W. and Albert V. Barnes of Hingham, Nov.30,1837.
Robert V. of Hingham, and Elizabeth N. Burbank, Dec.24,1843.
Sybil and Ezra Towle, Dec.21,1828.

BARNS (see Barnes)
Thomas of Hingham, and Martha Burr, Mar.7,1803.

Vol. 1
Page 126
James of Hanover, and Betsy Collier, Aug.26,1838. CR1

BATE (see Bates)
Deborah and Canterbury Stodder, 末蔓末,1734. CR1
Isaac and Martha Clark, Dec.28,1732. CR1
Mary and Joshua Lincoln, May18,1732. CR1

BATES (see Bate)
Abigail and John Wade of Scituate, Feb.8,1779.
Abigail and Henry Gaylord of Boston, May13,1827.
Adeline and Otis Brigham of Westborough, May15,1832.
Adeline and Capt. Lincoln L. Jenkins, Oct.14,1840.
Adna and Ruth Beal of Hingham, in Hingham, Aug.16,1770.
Adna of Boston, and Lucy B. Nichols, May5,1839.
Alexander of Boston, s.Samuel and Joannah, a.34y., and Mary L. (Mary Lincoln. CR1) Willcutt, d.Joel and Tamar, a.31y., June20,1847.*
Ambrose and Priscilla Lincoln, May26,1782.
Ann B. and Moses Starbuck of Troy, NY, Aug.3,1829.
Ann Jane and Levi Pratt, June11,1829.
Anna T. and Henry Lincoln of Boston, Jan.12,1841.
Benjamin and Huldah Cudworth, Dec.8,1757.
Betsey and Dawes Studley, May末,1817.
Betty and Luther Marble, May13,1788.
Caleb N. of Boston, and Frances Ann Stoddard, Mar.21,1843.
Caroline F., d.Lewis and Deborah, a.15y., and Francis M. Lincoln 3rd, s.Francis M. 2nd (and Sarah, int.), a.20y., Jan.14,1847.*
Caroline L., d.Zealous and Anna H., a.20y., and Jacob F. Bates, s.Samuel dec. and Joanna, a.25y., Dec.19,1847.*
Charlotte and Abraham H. Tower, Apr.30,1826.
David and wid. Mercy Stodder, June8,1757.
Deborah of Hingham, and John Ewell Jr. of Scituate, May15,1757.
Deborah and Naaman Nichols, Nov.25,1784.
Deborah and William Pratt, Mar.17,1833.
Ebenezer Jr. of Abington, and Sarah Gaines, July13,1738. CR1
Elen and Mordecai Wallace, May5,1811.
Elisha and wid. Lydia Tower, Oct.20,1767.
Elizabeth and Ebenezer Woodward of Dorchester, Oct.8,1724. CR1
Elizabeth B. and Frederick Tower, Feb.8,1844.
Vol. 1
Page 127
Elizebeth and John Kilby, Feb.9,1748.
Elvira of Scituate, b. in Scituate, d.Jaazaniah, and William Hays, b. in Vermont, Feb.8,1845.
Enos and Sally Whitcomb, Jan.24,1808.
Eunice B., d.Samuel dec. and Joanna, a.24y., and John Quincy Lothrop, s.Caleb and Mary, a.24y., Nov.30,1848.*
Ezekiel and Mary B. Pike, Nov.6,1843.
Foster, s.Louis (s. Lewis and Deborah, int.), a.18y., and Adaline Tilden, d.Amos Jr. and Hannah, a.17y., Nov.14,1847.*
Hannah and Jonathan Burr, Jr., Jan.30,1759.
Hannah and Joseph D. Jones of Hingham, Oct.20,1821.
Henry and Elizabeth Lincoln, Nov.27,1828.
Hepzibah L., d.Job T. dec. and Sarah, a.26y., and Christopher Collier of Scituate, s.James of Scituate, and Sarah, a.28y., Nov.28,1847.*
Jaazaniah and Phebe Litchfield of Scituate, in Scituate, July30,1797.
Jacob and Marah Clark, Nov.19,1730. CR1
Jacob F., s.Samuel dec. and Joanna, a.25y., and Caroline L. Bates, d.Zealous and Anna H., a.20y., Dec.19,1847.*
James of Boston, and Heneretta L. Pratt, Nov.1,1840.
Jane and Thomas N. Tower, Dec.29,1837.
Joanna N. of Boston, d.Samuel dec. and Joanna, a.25y., and James Collier, s.James and Sarah, a.31y., July6,1845.
Job T. and Sarah Whittington, Nov.22,1818.
John and Sally Lincoln, Jan.30,1814.
John Jr. and Patty Lincoln, Dec.3,1814.
John W. of Boston, and Rebeccah N. Burbank, Feb.5,1843.
Jonathan and Susanna Stodder, May13,1781.
Jonathan B. and Susanna Joy, Apr.12,1817.
Jonathan B. and Mary Bourn, Sept.1,1827.
Joseph and Sarah Beal, Mar.7,1765.
Joshua and wid. Hannah Pychon of Scituate, Oct.13,1782.
Levi and Hannah Litchfield of Scituate, in Scituate, Jan.2,1773.
Levi N. and Hannah O. Willson, Nov.11,1838.
Lewis, widr., s.Jaazaniah and Phebe, a.42y., and Martha J. (Martha Jane. CR1) Crane, wid., b. in Montville, ME, d.Benjamin (of Montville, ME, int.) and Emily Harris, a.24y., June25,1846.*
Vol. 1
Page 128
Lorenzo, s.Daniel and Sally, a.24y., and Mary Jane Tower, d.David dec. and Mary G. (Mary Jane, int.), a.23y., Dec.31,1848.*
Loring, s.Phineas dec. and Mary, a.23y., and Catherine Clarra of Scituate, b. in Scituate, a.21y., Jan.29,1846.
Lot and Winnifred Ellmes of Scituate, Jan.11,1827.
Lucretia N., d.Madicia (Mordecai int.) dec. and Lucretia, a.26y., and Bela Stoddard, b. in Hingham, s.Stephen of Hingham dec. and Margarette, a.27y., Nov.22,1846.*
Lucy and John Nichols, Sept.11,1803.
Margaret and Ephraim Snow Jr., Jan.3,1836.
Martha N. and Luther Jenkins Jr., Nov.24,1831.
Martin N., s.Newcomb and Lydia, a.36y., and Lydia N. Cousens, d.George W. and Joanna, a.21 1/2y., Apr.16,1848.*
Mary and Joseph Joy, Nov.23,1748.
Mary and Jeremiah Hatch, Nov.16,1749.
Mary, d.John dec. and Martha, a.26y., and David C. Chamberlain of Boston, s.Freeman and Almira, a.30y., Mar.29,1846.*
Mary, wid., d.John Beal dec., a.58y., and Thomas Hammond, widr., of Fitchburg, b. in Scituate, a.y., May20,1846.
Mercy, wid., and Jonathan Beal, Aug.27,1761.
Mercy and Shubael Fearing of Hingham, Dec.6,1770.
Mordecai and Betty Beal, May6,1762.
Mordecai and Lucretia Nichols, Feb.3,1805.
Myra and Capt. Joseph Willcutt, July19,1835.
Nathaniel and Mary Hamlen, both of Hingham, Dec.18,1760.
Newcomb and Lydia Nichols, Nov.25,1802.
Patience and Amos Joy, Jan.13,1742-3. CR1
Paul and Priscilla Tower, Nov.29,1805.
Paul Jr. and Harriet Joy, June17,1832.
Peter and wid. Mary Marble, Jan.24,1826.
Phebe and Levi Francis of Hingham, May1,1825.
Phineas and Abigail Lincoln, May31,1789.
Phineas Jr. and Hannah Lane, May12,1841. CR2
Polly and Peter Humphry, Apr.3,1787.
Priscilla and Squire S. Gove, Jan.12,1842.
Rachel and Increase Robinson of Bridgewater, Feb.6,1755.
Rebecca and Levi Tower Jr., Sept.1,1833.
Reuben and Susannah Marble, Nov.22,1756.
Roger and Huldah Stodder of the First Precinct, Dec.1,1768.
Vol. 1
Page 129
Ruth, d.Paul dec. and Priscilla, a.40y., and Timothy Brown, widr., s.John and Mary, a.38y. (a.38スy., int.), Feb.12,1846.*
Samuel Jr. and Martha Beal, both of Hingham Oct.18,1764.
Samuel and Joannah Nichols, Nov.27,1806.
Samuel Jr. and Sarah Collier, June23,1833.
Sarah, wid., and David Beal, May12,1806.
Sarah and Isaac Lincoln, Nov.27,1827.
Sibyl and Paul Bailey (Jr. CR1) of Scituate, Nov.29,1808.
Silas and Sarah B. Whitcom, Nov.22,1835.
Silas and Maria Litchfield, June22,1845. CR1
Silence and Jared Lincoln of Boston, May4,1806.
Susan S. (Susan N. CR2) and Daniel Tower, Feb.16,1840.
Susannah and Samuel Orcutt, Jan.22,1750.
Thankfull and Capt. Luther Stoddard of Hingham, Dec.10,1830.
Theophilus and Sarah Tower, Aug.12,1787.
Thomas and Sarah Lothrop, Apr.19,1784.
Warren and Meriam Burbank, Dec.9,1838.
William and Mercy Joy, Mar.29,1748.
William and Sarah Y. Lothrop, Apr.6,1826.
Zealous and Anna Tower, Jan.1,1822.
Zelous and Abigail Nichols, Aug.20,1775.
Zibiah and Nathaniel Nichols, Dec.15,1774.

David and Suza Souther, May19,1811. Deborah and Caleb Pratt of Abington, Nov.27,1768.
Edward and Elizebeth Willcutt, Sept.6,1749.
Elizebeth and Gershom Wheelwright, June22,1777.
Experience and Thaddeus Murkson of Rochester, Nov.末,1734.
James of Charlestown, s.David, a.27y., and Ruth N. Lothrop, d.Anslem and Priscilla, a.21y., Sept.29,1846.*
Jarrad and Elizebeth Litchfield Jr. of Scituate, in Scituate, Mar.30,1780. Jerod and Sybil Beal, July10,1778.
Sarah and Timothy Burbank, in Hingham, Feb.7,1789.
Sibyl and (Matthew. CR1) Gannet (of Scituate. CR1), Aug.13,1808.
Susanna and Benjamin Washbon of Bridgewater, Mar.23,1743. CR1

BAYLEY (see Bailey)
Adams of Bridgewater, and wid. Katherine Nichols, Nov.2,1775.
Mercy and Malachy Ewell of Scituate, Feb.9,1769.

Vol. 1
Page 130
Abel and Deborah Lambert, Mar.11,1755.
Abel and wid. Susannah Humphrey, in Hingham, Feb.6,1789.
Abel and Olive S. Sutton, Jan.17,1826.
Abigail and Daniel Nichols, Oct.13,1736. CR1
Abigail and Christopher Church, Mar.27,1801.
Abigail and Jairus Pratt, July13,1817.
Abner L. and Hannah Stoddard of Hingham, Dec.末,1835.
Adam and Jael Warwick, Nov.25,1745. CR1
Adeline A., d.George and Olive, a.20y., and James A. Wilkins of Boston, b. in Boston, s.John F. of Boston, and Fanny W., a.32y., Apr.4,1847.*
Albert and Susanna (Susan W. CR1) Souther, Jan.23,1825.
Alice and Samuel Kilby, Apr.27,1777.
Anna and John Cook of Hingham, Apr.16,1798.
Anna and Malachi Barnes of Hingham, Feb.21,1819.
Benjamin Jr. of East Abington, and Ruth B. Stoddard, Feb.12,1844.
Betsy and Aaron Nichols Jr., Apr.7,1822.
Betty and Mordecai Bates, May6,1762.
Betty of Hingham, and Galen James, in Hingham, Feb.29,1776.
Caleb and Sally Lambert of Scituate, May16,1805.
Caleb, widr., s.Daniel dec. and Sila, a.66y., and Betsey Richardson, wid. (b. in Scituate, int.), d.John and Sarah Studley, a.51y., July15,1849.*
Caroline J., Mrs. and Isaac H. Lambert, both of Hull, Apr.27,1837. CR2
Catharine (of Hingham. CR1), and Joshua Morse of Weymouth, Apr.27,1800.
Celia and Daniel Beal of Hingham, Feb.8,1781.
Charles and Lurette Worrick, Mar.20,1825.
Chloe and John Willcutt Jr., June8,1770.
Christopher Jr. and Lydia C. Lothrop, Jan.22,1834.
Daniel and Elizabeth Tucker, Oct.15,1724. CR1
Daniel of Hingham, and Celia Beal, Feb.8,1781.
Daniel and Hannah L. Burbank, Aug.14,1831.
David and wid. Sarah Bates, May12,1806.
David 2nd and Eliza Lincoln of Hingham, Dec.20,1840.
Deborah and Joseph Cushing of Hingham, Jan.26,1779.
Elizebeth of the first parish, and Noah Nichols, Sept.24,1750.
Elizebeth and Joseph Nichols, in Hingham, 末蔓末,1783.
George Jr. of Boston, s.George and Olive, a.22y., and Louisa Morse, b. in Boston, d.John and Harriet, a.23y., Sept.13,1846.*
Vol. 1
Page 131
Hannah and Samuel Gill, Apr.18,1745. CR1
Hannah and Cornelius Lincoln, Dec.2,1830.
Harriet N. and George L. Nickerson of Provincetown, Oct.6,1828.
Hezekiah and Elizebeth Burr, in Hingham, July25,1787.
Irene W. and Gerry Tucker of Canton, in Boston, Dec.23,1849.
Jacob and Mary Tower, July22,1787.
James of Hingham, s.John of Hingham, b. in Hingham, a.22y., and Sarah C. Nichols, d.Levi, a.22y., Nov.14,1844.
Jerusha of Hingham, and Edward Jenkins Jr. of Scituate, June4,1764.
Jonathan and Priscilla 末末, Oct.28,1731. CR1
Jonathan and wid. Mercy Bates, Aug.27,1761.
Joshua and Priscilla Paine, Jan.5,1743-4. CR1
Joshua Jr. and Rachel Beal, June1,1765.
Judith and Benjamin Bourn of Falmouth, Jan.19,1769.
Katherine and Jesse Willcutt Jr., Jan.1,1775.
Lazarus A. and Bethiah Lewis of Weymouth, in Weymouth, Oct.29,1776.
Lois and John James, Apr.4,1765.
Lucy of Hingham, and Elisha Stephenson, in Hingham, Sept.27,1778.
Lydia and John Jacob, Dec.10,1761.
Marcy and Nathan Beal, Nov.28,1833.
Martha and Samuel Bates Jr., both of Hingham, Oct.18,1764.
Mary and Jerom Stephenson, Dec.22,1760.
Mary of Hingham, and Isaac Burr, Nov.9,1763.
Mary, d.Caleb and Sally, a.20y., and James Barnes of Hingham, s.Leavit dec. and Jane, a.25y., Dec.14,1845.
Nathan and Marcy Beal, Nov.28,1833.
Obadiah and Sybil Orcutt, both of Hingham, Feb.23,1759.
Obadiah and Kesiah Humphry, both of Hingham, Dec.15,1763.
Obadiah, Capt., and wid. Abigail Hudson, Apr.30,1782.
Polly and Thomas Lothrop (2d. CR1), Nov.24,1811. (Nov.14,1811. CR1)
Priscilla and Isaiah Stodder of the old parish, Dec.20,1753.
Rachel and Isaac Kent, Oct.25,1739. CR1
Rachel and Joshua Beal Jr., June1,1765.
Rebecca and Seth Albey of Mendon, Oct.19,1757.
Vol. 1
Page 132
Rebecca N. of Hingham, d.Charles dec. and Lorett, b. in Hingham, a.18y., and William H. Burbeck of Boston, s.Thomas and Lydia, a.23y., Nov.27,1845.
Robert of Hingham, and Ann Humphry, Aug.19,1813.
Ruth of Hingham, and Adna Bates, in Hingham, Aug.16,1770.
Ruth and Zenas Stodder, Jan.16,1787.
Ruth and Ephraim B. Burbank, Nov.13,1819.
Sally and Stowers Beal, May14,1826.
Samuel and Elisabeth Souther, Apr.10,1835.
Sarah and Joseph Bates, Mar.7,1765.
Sarah and Nathaniel Gill of the first parish, Nov.26,1767.
Sarah and Levi Willcutt, Dec.28,1823.
Sarah, d.Stowers and Sally, a.21y., and Welcome Beal of Hingham, b. in Hingham, s.Elijah of Hingham, and Betsey, a.26y., Jan.6,1848.*
Seth and Sarah H. Willet, in Abington, Apr.2,1794.
Seth Jr. and Maria Joy, Nov.14,1824.
Silence and Aaron Pratt Jr., Nov.25,1781.
Solomon J., Esq., widr., s.Caleb and Sally, a.39y., and Irene W. Worrick of Hull, b. in Boston, d.Paul B. and Rachel P., a.24y., int. Oct.4,1849.
Stowers and Mary Leavitt of Hingham, in Hingham, May9,1792.
Stowers and Sally Beal, May14,1826.
Susanna and Elisha Lincoln, 末蔓末,1786.
Susannah and Thomas Bourn, Dec.4,1752.
Susannah and Solon Stephenson, Dec.31,1761.
Sybil and Jerod Battles, July10,1778.
Tamar and Daniel Nichols Jr., Mar.11,1762.
Thomas and Susannah Lincoln, Mar.24,1757.
Thomas and Betsey Howard, Jan.30,1831.
Welcome of Hingham, b. in Hingham, s.Elijah of Hingham, and Betsey, a.26y., and Sarah Beal, d.Stowers and Sally, a.21y., Jan.6,1848.*
Zecheus and Harriot S. Barnes, Sept.4,1836.

Stephen and Lydia Hobart, Dec.21,1796. CR1

Samuel of Boston, and Eliza Higgins, Feb.13,1842.

Charles and Mira Willcutt, Nov.30,1837.

Elkanah of Weymouth, and Anna Lambert, Sept.30,1804.

Vol. 1
Page 133
James H. of Dorchester, and Mary B. Nichols, Nov.27,1829.
Joseph of Scituate, and Sarah Souther, 末蔓1,1734. CR1
Joseph and Mary Kent, Aug.31,1743. CR1

BOURN (see Bourne)
Benjamin of Falmouth, and Judith Beal, Jan.19,1769.
Jane and William Robinson of Boston, Aug.19,1804.
Lefee and Joseph Pratt, Feb.17,1768.
Lemuel of Pembroke, and Serviah Wheelwright, Oct.1,1778.
Mary and Jonathan B. Bates, Sept.1,1827.
Priscilla and John Burr of Hingham, Mar.7,1819.
Thomas and Susannah Beal, Dec.4,1752.
Thomas Jr. and Jane Doane, Oct.16,1786.
Thomas Jr. and Betty Tower, Apr.20,1790.
Thomas Jr. and Clara L. Pratt, Jan.9,1827.

BOURNE (see Bourn)
Newcome and Phebe Tower, Jan.14,1765.
Newcome and Abigail Joy, Nov.4,1766.

Lazarus of Boston, and Martha Cushing, Oct.18,1807.

Amaziah of Dartmouth, and Elizebeth Egree, Apr.20,1766.

Joseph of Scituate, and Sarah Wheelright, Nov.30,1771.

Benjamin, Capt., and wid. Anna Doane, Nov.26,1747.
Benjamin Jr. of Scituate, and Sarah Pratt, Nov.16,1790.
Catherine and Joseph Briggs, May2,1829.
George and Catherine Higgins, Mar.10,1823.
Ichabod and Eliza Mott, Oct.18,1811.
Joseph and Betsey Stodder of Hingham, in Hingham, 末蔓2,1785.
Joseph and Catherine Briggs, May2,1829.
Seth and Deborah Lothrop, Jan.31,1779.
Solomon of Norton, and Mary Lincoln, Feb.7,1763.

Otis of Westborough, and Adeline Bates, May15,1832.

Edward, Rev., of North Yarmouth and Abigail Browne of Hingham, Sept.23,1764.
Jane C. and Joseph Otis of Barnstable, Dec.30,1841.

Vol. 1
Page 134
BROWN (see Browne)
Abigail, wid., and Lothrop Litchfield Jr. of Scituate, Feb.20,1798.
John and Hepsibah Emmes, in Boston, Aug.20,1772.
John, Rev., and wid. Honour Fitzgerald, in Hingham, Sept.15,1788.
Loring of Boston, and Joanna Pratt, Dec.27,1807.
Mary of Truro, and Gideon Howard, in Truro, Nov.7,1785.
Mary A., d.Timothy W. and Mary, a.17y., and Thaddeus L. Litchfield of Scituate, b. in Scituate, s.Leonard and Sarah (Sarah C. dup.), a.22y., int. Dec.5,1849.
Nancy of Hingham, and Seth S. Clapp, June24,1838. CR2
Samuel and Mary Lewis, Nov.29,1798.
Samuel of Hingham, and Emeline Burbank, June24,1832.
Sylvanus, Dr., and Mary Doane, Aug.11,1829.
Thomas J. and Sarah Pratt, Feb.24,1828.
Timothy, widr., s.John and Mary, a.38y. (a.38y., int.), and Ruth Bates, d.Paul dec. and Priscilla, a.40y., Feb.12,1846.*
Timothy W. and Mary S. Wood, Dec.7,1828.

BROWNE (see Brown)
Abigail of Hingham, and Rev. Edward. Brooks of North Yarmouth, Sept.23,1764.

Hiram of Waltham, and Hannah Lawrence, Nov.21,1831.

James, widr., of Boston, b. in New Hampshire, s.Ebeneazer of Dublin, NH, and Olive, a.38y., and Lavina Ford, b. in Marshfield, d.Samuel of Marshfield, and Merrill, a.20y., Jan.7,1849.*

BURBANK (see Burbanks)
Elizabeth N. and Robert V. Barnes of Hingham, Dec.24,1843.
Emeline and Samuel Brown of Hingham, June24,1832.
Ephraim B. and Ruth Beal, Nov.13,1819.
Hannah L. and Daniel Beal, Aug.14,1831.
John and Meriam Barnes of Hingham, Aug.23,1813.
Leavitt and Elizabeth Nichols, Nov.22,1818.
Meriam and Warren Bates, Dec.9,1838.
Rebeccah N. and John W. Bates of Boston, Feb.5,1843.
Robert T., s.John and Merriam, a.22y., and Cordelia Souther of Hingham, b. in Hingham, int. Nov.2,1849.
Samuel and Joanna Whitcomb, Apr.25,1819.
Timothy and Sarah Battles, in Hingham, Feb.7,1789.
Timothy L., s.John and Merriam, a.24y., and Adaline Souther of Hingham, b. in Hingham, int. Aug.12,1848.

Vol. 1
Page 135
BURBANKS (see Burbank)
Elizabeth and Robert Tower, Dec.24,1754.
John and Elizabeth Tower, June28,1728. CR1

William H. of Boston, s.Thomas and Lydia, a.23y., and Rebecca N. Beal of Hingham, d.Charles dec. and Lorett, b. in Hingham, a.18y., Nov.27,1845.

Louisa C. and William G. Chase, both of Boston, Dec.10,1837. CR1

Desire of Huntington, and Justin Hobart, s.Justin and Hannah, July1,1804. CR1
Elizebeth and Hezekiah Beal, in Hingham, July25,1787.
Hannah of Hingham, and Daniel Lincoln, in Hingham, Jan.1,1787.
Hannah and Canterbury Barnes, Aug.19,1787.
Isaac and Mary Beal of Hingham, Nov.9,1763.
John of Hingham, and Priscilla Bourn, Mar.7,1819.
Jonathan Jr. and Hannah Bates, Jan.30,1759.
Martha and Thomas Barns of Hingham, Mar.7,1803.
Merrial and Thomas White, Nov.4,1808.
Timothy and Sarah Leavitt, Sept.11,1765.

BURRELL (see Burrill)
Daniel Jr. and Betty Leavitt, May14,1769.

BURRILL (see Burrell)
Daniel of Hingham, and Elizebeth Nichols, in Hingham, July19,1770.

Henry and Mary Whiting, May24,1829.
James and wid. Abigail Scull, Feb.25,1821.

Melzar of North Yarmouth, and Elizebeth Kilby, Dec.24,1782.
Vol. 1
Page 136

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