William Bourn, s.Solomon and Isabella, Jan.12,1822.

Esther M., 末蔓末,1816. GR1

Burleigh S., 末蔓末,1828. GR1
Harriet G., 末蔓末,1836. GR1

THORN (see Thorne)
Hannah, d.Joseph Jr. and Hannah, bp. June2,1728. CR1
Israel, s.Joseph Jr. and Hannah, bp. June2,1728. CR1
Joseph, s.Joseph Jr. and Hannah, bp. Apr.13,1729. CR1
Marcy, d.Joseph and Hannah, bp. Feb.26,1737-8. CR1
Sarah, d.Joseph and Hannah, bp. Sept.16,1733. CR1

Clarissa, d.Israel and 末末, Oct.18,1820.
Marcy, d.Israel and 末末, June19,1817.

THORNE (see Thorn)
Reuben, s.Sarah, bp. May8,1763. CR1

Henry A., 末蔓末,1835. GR5

末末, d.Amas Jr. and Hannah, Nov.16,1839.
Adaline, d.Amas Jr. and Hannah, Jan.12,1830.
Amos Kendall, s.Amas Jr. and Hannah, June12,1841.
Caleb Frances (Bailey in pencil), s.William A.W. and Martha, Apr.19,1841.
Vol. 1
Page 104
Charles (Charles F. GR1), s.Amas Jr. and Hannah, Oct.17,1832.
Eustis W. (Eustis Woodbury. GR1), s.Amas Jr. and Hannah, Nov.25,1834.
Eveline, d.Amas Jr. and Hannah, Feb.25,1831.
Hannah A.F., d.Amas Jr. and Hannah, Jan.21,1837.
(Herbert. GR1), s.Amas Jr. and Hannah, Sept.12,1843.
J. Maria, w.Charles F., 末蔓末,1831. GR1
Maria B., 末蔓末,1846. GR1
Mary Oakes, d.William A.W. and Martha, Feb.19,1843.
Priscilla Catherine, w.Caleb F.B., 末蔓末,1843. GR1
William, 末蔓末,1839. GR1
William A.W., Nov.28,1813. GR1

Alfred, 末蔓末,1824. GR5
Alfred R., s.Alfred and Sarah B., 末蔓末,1847. GR5
Sarah B., w.Alfred, 末蔓末,1828. GR5

Ellen E., 末蔓末,1847. GR5

末末, ch. Abraham and Marcia, Oct.17,1846.
Abagail, d.Levi and Abagail, Mar.17,1820.
Abagail, d.Jesse and Grace, Sept.29,1827.
Abagail, d.Thomas and Rebecca, June10,1830.
Abagail Ann, d.(Capt. CR2) Nichols and Anna, Sept.7,1826. (w. Cyrus Keene. GR1)
Abigail, d.Elisha and Abigail, bp. Nov.15,1730. CR1
Abigail Kent, d.Jesse and Grace, bp. June3,1827. CR1
Abner, s.David and Susanna, Apr.17,1741.
Abraham, s.Daniel and Sarah, bp. Mar.10,1722-3. CR1
Abraham, s.Daniel Jr. and Bethiah, bp. Sept.27,1741. CR1
Abraham, s.Daniel 3d and Bethiah, Apr.18,1752. Twin.
Abraham H. (Abraham Hobart. CR1), s.Abraham H. and Charlotte, Apr.1,1829.
Abraham Hobart, Oct.20,1801. GR1 (Abraham Hobart, s.Abraham and Hannah, bp. Jan.19,1803. CR1)
Adaline Jane, d.(Capt. CR2) Nichols and Anna, Feb.9,1828.
Alvin, s.Asa C. and Ruth, his 2d w., and wid. 末末 Willcutt, Sept.13,1832.
Ann, d.Levi and Abagail, Dec.15,1803.
Anna Bates, w.Nichols, Mar.22,1787. GR1
Anna Bates, d.Frederic and Elizabeth (Elizabeth P. GR1), May6,1845. (May5,1845. GR1)
Vol. 1
Page 105
Anna Humphry, d.Levi and Abigail, Dec.15,1803.
Asa C., s.Asa C. and Charlotte, May4,1811.
Asa Cushing, s.Jesse and Rebecca, bp. Mar.25,1787. CR1
Benjamin, s.Cornelius and Hannah, bp. July7,1754. CR1
Bethia, d.Daniel Jr. and Bethia, bp. Jan.24,1768. CR1
Bethia Nichols, d.Samuel and Rebecca, bp. July6,1777. CR1
Bethia Nichols, d.Thomas N. and Jane, June27,1839.
Betsy, d.Levi and Priscilla, bp. May31,1778. CR1
Betty, d.Job and Mary, bp. Oct.28,1770. CR1
Caroline Louisa, d.Nichols 2nd and Caroline, Aug.11,1837.
Charles Carroll, s.Abraham H. and Charlotte, Sept.26,1833.
Charlotte, d.Asa C. and Charlotte, Sept.18,1809.
Charlotte Bates, w.Abraham Hobart, Oct.4,1806. GR1
Charlotte M.B. (Charlotte Myra Bates. GR1), d.Abraham H. and Charlotte, Feb.28,1836.
Clement Bates, s.Daniel and Susan (Susan N. dup.), Mar.13,1848.
Cornelius, s.Cornelius and Hannah, bp. Mar.17,1751. CR1
Cornelius, s.Isaac and Mary, bp. July5,1772. CR1
Daniel, s.Ibrook, 末蔓末,1692. GR1
Daniel, s.Daniel, 末蔓末,1720. GR1
Daniel, s.Nichols and Anna, Jan.25,1815. (1814. GR1)
Daniel Lothrop, s.Nichols 2nd and Caroline, Oct.10,1842.
Daniel Nichols, s.Daniel Jr. and Sarah, June29,1793.
Daniel Nichols, s.Abraham H. and Charlotte, Feb.28,1846.
Daniell, s.Daniell (Jr. CR1) and Bethiah, July29,1771.
David, s.Daniel Jr. and Bethia, bp. Nov.12,1749. CR1
David, s.David and Susanna, Nov.16,1752.
David, s.David and Jane, bp. Aug.4,1833. CR1
David B. (David Bates. CR1), s.Nichols and Anna, May7,1808.
Deborah, d.Elisha (Jr. CR1) and Deborah, Nov.9,1761.
Desire, d.Elisha and Abigail, bp. Oct.30,1737. CR1
Edward, s.Levi (Jr. CR1) and Abagail, Dec.3,1807.
Edward Everet, s.Levi and Rebecca, Feb.1,1834.
Elisabeth, d.Abraham, bp. Oct.23,1803. CR1
Elisha, s.Elisha and Abigail, bp. Nov.10,1728. CR1
Elizabeth, d.Shadrich and Ruth, May9,1752.
Vol. 1
Page 106
Elizabeth, d.Jesse and Rebecca, bp. Sept.12,1790. CR1
Elizabeth B., w.Thomas, 末蔓末,1835. GR3
Elizabeth Hall, d.Thomas N. and Jane, July17,1841.
Elizabeth P. Bates, w.Capt. Frederick, Apr.12,1823. GR1
Elkanah, s.Isaac and Mary, bp. Oct.31,1773. CR1
Ephraim, s.David and Susanna, Sept.21,1750.
Ephraim, s.Abner and Lydia, Jan.11,1763.
Ethanah, s.Cornelius and Hannah, bp. Oct.6,1734. CR1
Eunice, d.Richard and Hannah, bp. June3,1764. CR1
Francis Cary, 末蔓末,1845. GR1 (Francis Carey, d.wid. Jane, bp. May末,1849. CR2)
Francis Hincks, Sept.15,1831. GR1
Frederic, s.Nichols and Anna, Oct.31,1820.
George, s.Nichols and Anna, Apr.9,1811.
George Washington, s.Nichols and Caroline, June24,1840.
Grace Ellen, d.Jesse Jr. and Grace (Grace S. CR1), Mar.25,1844.
Hannah, d.David and Susanna, bp. Feb.20,1731-2. CR1
Hannah, d.Cornelius and Hannah, bp. Jan.2,1736-7. CR1
Hannah, d.Richard and Hannah, bp. June26,1774. CR1
Hannah, d.Samuel and Rebecca, bp. July28,1776. CR1
Hannah, d.Asa C. and Charlotte, Sept.9,1819.
Hannah E. Delano (Hannah Elizebeth dup.), d.Edward and Elizabeth, Mar.4,1849.
Hannah Kent, d.Abraham, bp. July7,1806. CR1
Harriet, d.Thomas and Rebecca, Oct.26,1848.
Harriett Elizabeth, d.Jesse Jr. and Grace, Mar.15,1838.
Henrietta Brigham, d.Thomas and Jane, Nov.19,1846.
Henry Clay, s.Abraham H. and Charlotte, Apr.16,1831.
Horatio Bates, s.Levi and Rebecca, Sept.20,1840.
Ibrook, s.John, 末蔓末,1643. GR1
Isaac, s.Cornelius and Hannah, bp. Jan.13,1744-5. CR1
Isaac, s.Daniel 3d and Bethiah, Apr.18,1752. Twin.
Isaac Henry, s.Thomas and Rebecca, May26,1846.
Isaac Webb, s.Isaac and Mary, bp. Sept.10,1775. CR1
Isaiah, s.Elisha Jr. and Deborah, Mar.29,1760.
Israel, s.Levi (Jr. CR1) and Abagail, Aug.17,1812.
James, s.Jesse and Grace, Aug.27,1830.
James J., May25,1832. GR1
Jane, d.Thomas and Rebecca, Feb.25,1834.
Jane Bates, w.Thomas N., Jan.3,1813. GR1
Vol. 1
Page 107
Jennie Bates, 末蔓末,1846. GR1
Jesaniah Nichols, s.Daniel and Sarah, bp. Sept.22,1793. CR1
Jesse, s.Robert and Elizabeth, bp. July13,1755. CR1
Jesse, s.Jesse and Rebecca, bp. Oct.21,1792. CR1
Jesse, s.Jesse and Grace, Mar.28,1817.
Jethro, s.Elisha, bp. Aug.29,1740. Twin. CR1
Job, s.David and Sarah, bp. Sept.18,1726. CR1
Job, s.Levi and Priscilla, bp. June27,1790. CR1
Job, s.Capt. Levi and Ruth, bp. Aug.7,1803. CR1 (Job Tower, b. 1802. GR1)
Job, s.Job and Louisa, Aug.15,1826.
Job, s.Job and Louisa, bp. June19,1831. CR2
John (John Despaze. CR1), s.Jesse and Grace, Jan.18,1821.
John Jacob, s.Job and Louisa, Apr.6,1837.
John Wilson, s.wid. Jane, bp. May末,1849. CR2
Jonathan James, s.David and Jane, bp. Aug.4,1833. CR1
Joseph, s.Jesse and Grace, Mar.1,1825.
Joseph Winchester, s.David and Jane, bp. May27,1833. CR1
Levi, s.Daniel 3d and Bethiah, July26,1756.
Levi, s.Levi and Priscilla, bp. Apr.27,1783. CR1
Levi, s.Levi (Jr. CR1) and Abagail, Jan.1,1810.
Levi, s.(Capt. CR2) Nichols and Anna, Nov.18,1823. (Nov.15,1823. GR1)
Levi, s.Levi and Rebecca, June8,1836.
Levi C. (Levi Cushing. CR1), s.Thomas and Rebecca, Oct.17,1835.
Lewis, s.Levi and Abagail, Mar.24,1815.
Lewis, s.Levi and Abagail, Apr.17,1822.
Louisa Caroline, d.Job and Louisa, Mar.24,1836.
Louisa Caroline, d.Job and Louisa, July3,1842.
Louisa L., 末蔓末,1803. GR1
Lucinda P., w.Warren L., Aug.11,1831. GR1
Lucy, d.Thomas Jr. and 末末, bp. Sept.10,1758. CR1
Lucy, d.Elisha and Deborah, Jan.13,1764.
Lurana, d.Elisha Jr. and Hannah, May30,1754.
Lydia, d.Elisha and Abigail, bp. May15,1726. CR1
Lydia, d.David and 末末, bp. June30,1745. CR1
Lydia, d.Thomas Jr. and 末末, bp. Sept.10,1758. CR1
Marcia Dunlap, d.Abraham and Marcia, Feb.19,1843. (Marcia Priscilla, d.Abraham and Marcia, bp. Sept.3,1843. CR1)
Vol. 1
Page 108
Margaret, d.Job and Mary, Dec.24,17末. (bp. Oct.19,1760. CR1)
Margaret, d.Job and Mary, bp. Nov.17,1765. CR1
Margaret Elizabeth, w.Francis Cary, 末蔓末,1847. GR1
Margarett Louisa, d.Daniel and Susan, Jan.16,1843.
Maria Theresa, w.Nichols, May20,1848. CR1
Martha (Martha Barnes. CR1), d.Jesse and Grace, Dec.17,1822.
Martha Delia, 末蔓末,1837. GR1
Martin, s.Shadrach and Ruth, bp. June17,1750. CR1
Mary, d.David and Susanna, bp. Jan.2,1736-7. CR1
Mary, d.Jno. and Esther, bp. Nov.13,1737. CR1
Mary, d.Daniel and Bethia, bp. June21,1761. CR1
Mary, d.Daniel Jr. and Bethia, bp. May27,1764. CR1
Mary, d.Levi and Abagail, Sept.16,1802.
Mary, d.Asa C. and Charlotte, May13,1813.
Mary Jane, d.David and Jane, bp. Aug.4,1833. CR1
Mary Nash, d.Abraham H. (Abraham Hobart. GR1) and Charlotte (Charlotte Bates. GR1), Aug.25,1827.
Mary Rebeccah, d.Daniel and Susan, Aug.18,1840.
Meriel, d.Job and Mary, bp. Dec.2,1750. CR1
Meriel, d.Job and Mary, bp. Nov.28,1762. CR1
Meriel, d.Theophilus and Sarah, bp. Oct.3,1780. CR1
Micah, s.John and Esther, bp. Sept.10,1732. CR1
Micah, s.Richard and Hannah, bp. June28,1772. CR1
Molly, d.Job and Mary, Feb.3,1753.
Mordecai, s.Daniel and Sarah, bp. Sept.21,1729. CR1
Mordecai, s.Daniel Jr. and Bethiah, bp. June30,1745. CR1
Moses, s.Shadrach and Ruth, bp. May29,1748. CR1
Nehemiah, s.Cornelius and Hannah, bp. Apr.21,1734. CR1
Newcomb Bates, s.Abraham H. and Charlotte, Feb.20,1840.
Nichols, s.Levi and Priscilla, bp. July8,1787. CR1 (Nichols Tower, b. July2,1787. GR1)
Nichols, s.Levi and Abagail, Feb.10,1805.
Nichols, s.Nichols and Anna, May22,1817.
Nichols, s.Nichols 2nd and Caroline, Aug.14,1832.
Nichols, s.Thomas N. and Jane, July20,1844.
Obadiah, s.Elisha and Abigail, bp. Apr.8,1733. CR1
Obediah, s.Job and Mary, Oct.17,1757.
Patty, d.Levi and Priscilla, bp. May26,1793. CR1
Vol. 1
Page 109
Persis, d.Daniel 3d and Bethiah, Aug.1,1759.
Phebe, d.David and Susanna, bp. July2,1739. CR1
Polly, d.Levi and Priscilla, bp. May26,1793. CR1
Polly N. (Polly Nichols CR1), d.Thomas and Rebecca, Feb.10,1841.
Priscilla, d.Levi and Priscilla, bp. Oct.29,1786. CR1
Prissilla, d.Levi and Abagail, Dec.11,1824.
Prissilla Nichols, w.Levi, Feb.18,1758. GR1
Rebecca, d.Richard and Hannah, bp. Aug.9,1767. CR1
Rebecca (Rebeccah Cushing. CR1), d.Jesse and Grace, June1,1814.
Rebecca, d.Thomas and Rebecca, June30,1843.
Rebecca Bates, w.Levi, 末蔓末,1812. GR1
Rebecca Pike, w.Levi, Aug.末,1776. GR1
Rebeckah, d.Jesse and 末末, bp. July6,1794. CR1
Richard, s.Jno. and Esther, bp. Oct.14,1733. CR1
Richard, s.Elisha and Abigail, bp. Apr.6,1735. CR1
Richard Cobb, s.Shadrach and Ruth, bp. May29,1748. CR1
Rufus, s.Elisha Jr. and Hannah, Nov.30,1751.
Ruth, d.Shadrach and Ruth, Nov.22,1757.
Ruth, d.Jesse and Rebecca, bp. Aug.24,1788. CR1
Ruth Beal Stoddard, w.Levi, Aug.10,1776. GR1
Ruth Clark, d.Thomas and 末末, bp. Nov.3,1844. CR1
Ruth Low, d.Jesse and Rebeccah, bp. Oct.28,1798. CR1
Sally, d.Levi and Priscilla, Oct.11,1780.
Samuel, s.Daniel 3d and Bethiah, Apr.30,1753.
Samuel Delano, s.Edward and Elizabeth, May21,1838.
Sarah, d.Daniel Jr. and Bethia, bp. July3,1743. CR1
Sarah, d.Job and Mary, bp. Oct.28,1770. CR1
Sarah Cummings, d.Abraham and Marcia (Maria dup.), Oct.1,1844.
Sarah Jane, d.Thomas and 末末, bp. Nov.3,1844. CR1
Sarah Nichols, d.Frederic and Elizebeth (Elizabeth P. CR1), Sept.5,1849.
Sarah Prissilla, d.Nichols and Anna, Mar.20,1830.
Sereno Howe, s.John and Susan, b. in Hingham, July7,1848.
Silence, d.John and Esther, bp. July7,1728. CR1
Silence, d.Cornelius and Hannah, bp. Sept.16,1739. CR1
Silence, d.Richard and Hannah, bp. Apr.13,1777. CR1
Silvanus, s.Elisha, bp. Aug.29,1740. Twin. CR1
Silvanus, s.Elisha and Deborah, Feb.28,1766.
Vol. 1
Page 110
Stephen Puffer, s.Jesse Jr. and Grace (Grace S. CR1), b. in Hingham, Mar.16,1849.
Susanna, d.John and Esther, bp. May3,1724. CR1
Susanna, d.David and Susanna, bp. June9,1734. CR1
Susanna, d.Richard and Hannah, bp. June17,1770. CR1
Thankful, d.Daniel and Sarah, bp. Oct.13,1734. CR1
Thankfull, d.Daniell and Sarah, bp. Sept.10,1732. CR1
Thankfull, d of Job and Mary, July25,1755.
Thomas, s.Asa C. and Charlotte, July3,1807.
Thomas, s.Thomas and Rebecca, Feb.19,1832.
Thomas Grose, s.Shadrach and Ruth, Aug.12,1754.
Thomas Lothrop, s.Nichols 2nd and Caroline, Feb.3,1835.
Thomas N. (Thomas Nichols. CR1), s.Nichols and Anna, June18,1813.
Walter Scott, s.Daniel and Susan, Feb.5,1844.
William (William Boardman. CR1), s.Levi (Jr. CR1) and Abagail, July11,1817.
Worren L. (Worren Lothrop. CR2) s. Job and Louisa, Jan.14,1831.
Zealous B. (Zealous Bates. CR1), s.Nichols and Anna, Jan.12,1819.

Benjamin Barnes, s.Ezra and Sibel, May8,1846.
Elizebeth, d.Jeremy and Margeret, July23,1823.
Esra, s.Jeremy and Margeret, May14,1826.
Ezra, Mar.30,1804. GR1
Ezra L., s.Ezra and Sibel, Sept.22,1840.
Fanny B., d.Ezra and Sybil, May3,1846. GR1
Jeremy, s.Jeremy and Margeret, Sept.10,1831.
Joseph Martin, s.Jeremy and Margeret, May28,1839.
Maria, d.Ezra and Sibel, Nov.12,1831.
Mary Ann, d.Jeremy and Margeret, Sept.12,1837.
Mary Elizebeth, d.Ezra and Sibel, June23,1838.
Mergeret, d.Jeremy and Margeret, June20,1821.
Sibel B., d.Ezra and Sibel, July8,1835.
Sybil B., w.Ezra, Dec.27,1807. GR1
Syrus, s.Ezra and Sibel, Oct.2,1829.

Anne, d.William and Sarah, bp. Aug.13,1727. CR1
Hannah, d.William and Sarah, bp. Feb.24,1733-4. CR1
Samuel, s.William and Sarah, bp. Dec.26,1736. CR1
Sarah, d.William and Sarah, a.4y., bp. Oct.23,1726. CR1
William, s.William and Sarah, bp. Feb.24,1733-4. CR1

Vol. 1
Page 111
Albert Killburn, s.Aquilla R. and Mehitable, Mar.16,1846.
Betsey N., d.Aquilla R. and Mehitable, Mar.19,1843.
Lucy Wiley, d.Aquilla R. and Mehitable (Mehitable W., b. in Truro dup.), Oct.16,1848.

Henry J., Aug.5,1793. GR1
Henry J., s.Henry J. and Mary, Apr.22,1818.
Mary, w.Henry J., Sept.22,1798. GR1
Mary, d.Henry J. and Mary, Mar.10,1820.
Rachel, d.Henry J. and Mary, May2,1824.
Sophia, d.Henry J. and Mary, Mar.14,1822.

Charles E., 末蔓末,1837. GR1
Edward, s.John and Jane, Nov.10,1836.
Emma A., 末蔓末,1843. GR1
George, s.John and Jane, May12,1833.
Vol. 1
Page 112

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