Eliza, d.Micajah and Eliza, Dec.5,1839.
Elizebeth, d.Micajah and Eliza, Apr.8,1832.
Mary Ann Thomas, d.Micajah and Eliza, Jan.16,1828.
Nathaniel Ray Thomas, s.Micajah and Eliza, Sept.2,1835.
Ruth Dingly, d.Micajah and Eliza, Oct.2,1830.

George, Sept.6,1768. GR1
Sophronia, d.George and Mary, Sept.17,1796. GR1

Henry Clay, 末蔓末,1836. GR1

MARBEL (see Marble, Marvel, Marvell)
Fanny, d.James and Priscilla, bp. Nov.18,1787. CR1
James, s.Luther and Priscilla, bp. May29,1763. CR1

Vol. 1
Page 69
Joseph, s.David Jr. and Susanna, July10,1760.
Luther, s.Luther and Priscilla, bp. May29,1763. CR1
Nabba, d.David Jr. and Susanna, Jan.9,1767.
Susa, d.David Jr. and Susanna, June26,1764.
Thomas, s.David Jr. and Susanna, Feb.23,1758.

MARBLE (see Marbel, Marvel, Marvell)
Abner James, s.Abner and Mary, Dec.11,1818.
Abner Pinchin, s.Ephraim and Hannah, Oct.6,1794.
Almira, d.Ephraim and Hannah, Aug.24,1803.
Betsy, d.Joseph and Betty, bp. July13,1794. CR1
Betty, d.Nathaniel and Susanna, bp. May8,1737. CR1
David, s.David Jr. and Susanna, Aug.15,1769.
David Joy, s.Ephraim and Hannah, Oct.6,1807. Twin.
Elijah, s.Ephraim and Hannah, Aug.29,1796.
Elijah, s.Ephraim and Hannah, Sept.8,1818.
Enos, s.Ephraim and Hannah, July9,1798.
Enos Franklin, s.David and Jane, Jan.17,1833.
Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Hannah, Oct.4,1809.
Ephraim Litchfield, s.Ephraim, bp. May28,1801. CR1
George Delano, s.David and Jane, Aug.22,1836.
Hannah Litchfield, d.Ephraim and Hannah, Apr.10,1801.
Harriet T., w.Abner J., 末蔓末,1821. GR4
Harriott J., d.Abner J. and Harriott, Nov.11,1842.
James, s.Ephraim and Hannah, June27,1805.
Jane, d.Ephraim and Hannah, June10,1792.
Jenny, d.Luther and Priscilla, bp. June15,1765. CR1
Jerome, s.Joseph and Betty, bp. July13,1794. CR1
John, s.Joseph and Sarah, July7,1784.
John, s.James and Catherine, Jan.28,1840.
Joseph, s.Joseph and Sarah, bp. May20,1787. CR1
Luther, s.Ephraim and Hannah, Nov.13,1790.
Marcy James, d.Ephraim and Hannah, Feb.11,1812.
Martha Jane, d.Abner J. and Harriott, Sept.4,1841.
Mary Jane, d.Abner and Mary, Nov.15,1820.
Nathaniel, s.David Jr. and Susanna, bp. Sept.17,1769. CR1
Priscilla, d.James and Fanny, bp. Feb.19,1786. CR1
Priscilla James, d.Ephraim and Hannah, Oct.6,1807. Twin.
Sally, d.Joseph and Sarah, bp. Mar.28,1784. CR1
Susanna, d.Nathaniel and Susanna, bp. Aug.6,1738. CR1
Thomas David, s.James and Catherine, Oct.7,1837.

Vol. 1
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Mary, d.Rev. Elisha and Deborah, bp. Aug.14,1748. CR1
Sarah, d.Rev. Elisha and Deborah, bp. Apr.末,1746. CR1
Sophronia Oaks, Jan.末,1840. GR1

MARVEL (see Marbel, Marble, Marvell)
末末, ch. Nathaniel and Susannah, bp. Aug.15,1742. CR1
Nehemiah, s.Jno. and Esther, bp. July6,1735. CR1

MARVELL (see Marbel, Marble, Marvel)
Gershom, s.Jno. and Esther, bp. Aug.8,1725. CR1
Mary, d.Jno. and Esther, bp. Aug.27,1727. CR1
Noah, s.Jno. and Esther, bp. Apr.4,1731. CR1

Jane, d.Jane, bp. Dec.22,1737. CR1

MERRIT (see Merritt)
David Marble, s.George and Nabby, bp. Nov.4,1792. CR1
Susy, d.George and Abigail, bp. Sept.22,1793. CR1

MERRITT (see Merrit)
Eben, s.James Jr. of Scituate and 末末, bp. Sept.17,1780. CR1

MINOT (see Minott)
Mary Elizebeth, d.Philip, b. in Haverhill, and Sally, b. in Scituate, Oct.14,1849.
Ruth Jane, d.Philip and Sarah, Nov.1,1846.

MINOTT (see Minot)
Angeline Frances, d.Phillip and Sarah, in Scituate, June29,1833.
Leonard William, s.Phillip and Sarah, Aug.27,1841.
Levi Lincoln, s.Phillip and Sarah, Jan.10,1845.
Mary Jane, d.Phillip and Sarah, in Scituate, July26,1836.

John H., 末蔓末,1806. GR4
Ruth Elizabeth, w.John H., 末蔓末,1821. GR4

MORRIS (see Morriss)
George W., s.William and Rebecca, Aug.11,1834.
Henry, s.William and Rebecca, Feb.15,1821.
James H., s.William and Rebecca, Aug.28,1824.
John G., s.William and Rebecca, July31,1826.
Joseph W., s.William and Rebecca, Oct.5,1828.
Lemuel C., s.William and Rebecca, June4,1823.
Martha Ann, d.William and Rebecca, Sept.18,1837.
Mary A., d.William and Rebecca, Mar.25,1833.
Nancy R., d.William and Rebecca, Aug.1,1830.
William, s.William and Rebecca, Mar.14,1818.

Vol. 1
Page 71
MORRISS (see Morris)
Louisa Amanda, d.Henry and Louisa, May2,1848.
Rebecca C., d.Lemuel C. and Catherine B., b. in Randolph, Aug.5,1848.

Andrew, 末蔓末,1812. GR5
Andrew Jackson, s.Andrew and Lydia, May18,1837.
Catharine, w.Joshua, 末蔓末,1768. GR5
Emeline, d.Andrew and Lydia, June19,1842.
Joshua, 末蔓末,1776. GR5
Lewella Augusta, w.William H., 末蔓末,1849. GR5
Lydia Ann, d.Andrew and Lydia, July28,1833. (w. James M. Stoddard. GR5)
Lydia B., w.Andrew, 末蔓末,1812. GR5
Martha, Nov.20,1828. GR1
Mary A., Aug.22,1812. GR1
Mary Jane, d.Andrew and Lydia, Feb.22,1835.
William Henry, s.Andrew and Lydia, Apr.19,1840.

Atwood, s.Stephen Jr. and Evelina, Sept.1,1837.
Silas C., s.Stephen Jr. and Evelina, Jan.28,1839.

Matthew, s.Matthew and Ann, b. in Co. Cork, Ireland, Nov.16,1849.
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