CABNER (Cavenaugh)


Priscilla, w. Benjamin Rogers (brother of Henry), sister of ––––– (w. Henry Rogers), 13: 11m: 1783 [on Cape Cod]. PR38

Rhoda, w. Henry Rogers of Cape Cod, 22: 9m: 1774 [on Cape Cod]. PR38

CALAWAY (Calloway)


Andrew, ch. Samuel and Ruth (Coffin), Aug. 4, 1769; [h. Lydia (d. Elijah Coffin and Abigail), 4: 8m: 1770 PR38].

Ann B., d. Nancy (d. Robert), ––– ––, 1833. PR38

Charles, h. Aseneth (d. Thomas Farris and Aseneth), twin s. Robert and Lydia (Brock), 20: 7m: 1794. PR38

Desire H. Snow, w. Samuel (s. Robert and Lydia), ––: 10m: 1799. PR38

Elisha P., s. Robert and Margaret (Pinkham), 13: 3m: 1843 [see Sarah B.] PR38

Eliza Ann, w. William O. Tucker, d. Charles and Aseneth (Farris), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Betsey C., w. Thomas A. Hallet ("bro. to Edward Macy's wife"), d. Andrew and Lydia (Coffin), ––: 9m: 1804. PR38

Emeline H., w. Warren Trahorn, d. Samuel and Eliza Ann (Harris), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eunice P., w. David Swain (s. Obed), d. Robert and Margaret (Pinkham), 6: 2m: 1828 [dup. 1829]. PR38

George, s. Samuel and Ruth (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hannah, ch. Samuel and Ruth (Coffin), Oct. 16, 1754; [w. Jonathan Moores Jr. PR38].

Hannah, ch. George and Hannah, bp. Mar. 13, 1774. CR3

Harriet Glover, see Harriet Glover Pinkham.

James, ch. Samuel and Ruth (Coffin), Oct. 24, 1765

James, s. Robert and Lydia (Brock), 25: 1m: 1788. PR38

James Henry, ch. Desire, bp. Sept. 29, 1833. CR1; [James W., s. Samuel and Desire H. Snow, b. ––: 8m: 1826 PR38].

John, h. Eliza (d. Daniel Allen Jr.), s. Robert and Lydia (Brock), 15: 5m: 1787. PR38

John P., ch. Robert and Margaret P., Feb. 9, 1836. GR2; [s. Robert and Margaret (Pinkham), 8: 2m: PR38].

Joseph, ch. George and Hannah, bp. Mar. 3, 1771. CR3

Josiah, ch. Samuel and Ruth (Coffin), June 11, 1760; [h. Merab (d. John Folger and Love) PR38].

Josiah, h. Mary (d. Timoth Swain Jr.), s. Josiah and Merib (Folger), 12: 9m: 1791. PR38

Love, d. Josiah and Merib (Folger), 15: 8m: 1785. PR38

Lydia, ch. George and Hannah, bp. Nov. 30, 1777. CR3

Lydia, d. Robert and Lydia (Brock), 4: 4m: 1801. PR38

Lydia B., Walter N. Chase (s. William H. and Mary Jane), d. John and Eliza (Allen), 2: 2m: 1841 [? 1814]. PR38

Margaret, d. Samuel and Desire H. Snow, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Margaret, ch. Samuel and Ruth (Coffin), Nov. 1, 1752; [Margaret PR38].

Mary H., w. Samuel Blush of NY, d. Samuel and Eliza Ann (Harris), ––: 2m: 1820. PR38

Mary Burnell, ch. Desire, bp. Sept. 29, 1833. CR1; [d. Samuel and Desire H. Snow, b. ––: 3m: 1828 PR38].

Nancy, second, w. George Allen (s. Daniel), d. Robert and Lydia (Brock), 5: 10m: 1804. PR38

Robert, ch. Samuel and Ruth (Coffin), Dec. 11, 1757; [h. Lydia (d. John Brock) PR38].

Robert, h. Margaret P., Dec. 18, 1799. GR2; [h. Margaret (d. Hezekiah Pinkham), s. Robert and Lydia (Brock) PR38].

Robert, h. Sarah D. (d. Charles Evans and Caroline), s. Robert and Margaret (Pinkham), 18: 6m: 1841. PR38

Samuel, ch. Samuel and Ruth (Coffin), July 24, 1762; [h. Nancy Ellery, 26: 7m: PR38].

Samuel, h. Eliza Ann (d. David Harris and Miriam), s. Josiah and Merib (Folger), 5: 8m: 1795. PR38

Samuel, h. Desire H. Snow, s. Robert and Lydia (Brock) 13: 5m: [dup. 19: 8m: ] 1797. PR38

Samuel Brock, ch. Rebecca, bp. Aug. 25, 1833. CR1

Sarah, see Sally.

Sarah, d. George and Hannah, bp. Aug. 7, 1768. CR3

Sally [dup. Sarah], second, w. George Coffin (s. John and Elizabeth), d. Josiah and Merib (Folger), 2: 6m: 1788. PR38

Sarah F., w. Edward C. Morris (s. Charles and Eunice), d. John and Eliza (Allen), 10: 4m: 1813. PR38

Sarah B., ch. Robert and Margaret P., Mar. 29, 1843 [see Elisha P.] GR2

Thomas, s. Samuel and Desire H. Snow, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas, h. Rebecca Snow of Mattapoisett, twin s. Robert and Lydia (Brock), 20: 7m: 1794. PR38

Timothy W., Mar. 2, 1823. GR3; [h. Harriet G. (d. Lt. Reuben Pinkham), s. William and Sally (Coffin) (Wyer) PR38].

William, h. Eliza Thain of Smithfield, h. Sally (wid. Timothy Wyer, d. Simeon Coffin), s. Robert and Lydia (Brock), 5: [dup. 4: ] 6m: 1790. PR38

William B., s. Robert, merchant, and Margaret, Oct. 6, 1844; [s. Robert and Margaret P. GR2; s. Robert and Margaret (Pinkham) PR38].

CALEF (Calf, Califf)

Ebenezar (Califf), h. Elizabeth (d. Jedediah Fitch and Abigail), 25: 1m: 1696. PR38

Ebenezer (Calf), ch. Ebenezer, bp. July 22, 1739. CR1; [Ebenezar Califf [dup. Calef], h. Elizabeth (d. Enoch Coffin and Love), s. Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Fitch), b. ––: 1m: 1722 PR38].

Eliza, d. Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Coffin), 18: 2m: 1792. PR38; [Feb. 18, 1793 PR64].

Betsey, w. Benjamin Yarnal, d. Robert and Sally (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth (Califf), w. William Brock (s. Thomas), third, w. Josiah Coffin, d. Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Fitch), 10: 2m: 1736. PR38

John, s. Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Coffin), 3: 3m: 1799. PR38

Love, d. Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Coffin), 11: 12m: 1794. PR38

Margaret, ch. Ebenezer, bp. Aug. 13, 1747. CR1; [Califf, w. Joseph [dup. Hugh] Cook, w. Paul Coggeshall (s. John and Elizabeth), d. Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Fitch), b. 3: [dup. 5: ] 11m: 1745 PR38].

Mary, ch. Ebenezer, bp. Sept. 29, 1728. CR1; [Califf, w. Obed Hussey (s. Silvanus and Abial), d. Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Fitch), b. 2: 8m: [dup. 3m: ] PR38].

Mary, d. Josiah and Susan (Hussey), ––– ––, 1821. PR38

Parnal, w. Edward Coffin (s. Josiah and Elizabeth), third, w. John Brock (s. Thomas), d. Dr. Peter of Charlestown, 16: 2m: 1734 [dup. 1734-5]. PR38

Peter, ch. Ebenezer, bp. Sept. 26, 1731. CR1; [h. Abigail (d. Nathaniel Woodbury), s. Ebenezar (Califf) and Elizabeth (Fitch), b. ––– ––, 1731. PR38].

Peter, ch. Abigail, bp. Aug. 13, 1747. CR1

Robert, ch. Ebenezer, bp. Sept. 26, 1731. CR1; [Califf, h. Sarah (d. Josiah Coffin and Elizabeth), s. Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Fitch), b. ––– ––, –––– PR38].

Samuel, ch. Ebenezer, bp. Sept. 29, 1728. CR1

Sally, w. John Chester, d. Robert and Sally (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Uriah C., s. Ebenezar and Elizabeth (Coffin), ––– ––, 1797. PR38

CALLOWAY (Calaway)

Alexander, h. Eliza (d. Philip Coffin and Katy), s. Robert and Anna, 11: 2m: 1810. PR38

Ann E., w. Edward C. Barrett (s. John and Judith), d. Alexander and Eliza, ––– ––, 1835. PR38

Benjamin F. (Calaway), s. Alexander, laborer, and Eliza, Sept. 11, 1843.

George, h. Mary, s. Robert and Anna, 16: 2m: 1805. PR38

Robert, h. Anna, 4: 6m: 1782. PR38


Daniel V., s. Daniel, laborer, and Elizabeth, Oct. 4, 1847.


Malinda [dup. Hendricks of Chatham], w. Alexander Hunter (s. John), ––– ––, 1804. PR38

CANNON (Kanan)

James Jr., s. James, laborer, and Burdy, June 10, 1846.

Margaret (Kanan), d. James, laborer, and Bridget, Mar. 23, 1845.

Sally, d. George and Sally, Mar. 18, 1803. CR3


Charles Hatch, ch. Christopher and Lydia, Nov. 22, 1837. GR2

George Edward, bp. Oct. 15, 1843. CR1; [ch. Christopher and Lydia, b. May 28 GR2].

George O., s. Christopher, mason, and Lydia, Nov. 5, 1846; [George Otis Capen CR1].

Walter, s. Christopher, mason, and Lydia, Nov. 29, 1848; [Walter Nelson Capen GR2].


William, s. Leonard and Tamar (Swain), 8: 10m: 1792. PR38


Ann Maria, w. Thomas Ellis (s. John, "an Englishman," and Hepsabeth), d. Thomas and Eliza (Coleman), ––– ––, 1826. PR38

John, h. Susan F. (d. Russell Rogers and Nancy), s. Thomas and Eliza (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, w. Andrew W. Reed of NY, d. Thomas and Eliza (Coleman), ––– ––, 1822 [dup. 23: 5m: 1824]. PR38


Anna, twin d. Mary Ann, Jan. 17, 1845.

Emily J. Carpenter, w. Charles E. Snow, ––– ––, 1838. GR3; [Emily Jane Carpenter, d. Joseph and Mary Ann, 8: 9m: PR38].

Eunice, first, w. Obed B. Swain, d. Amos and Anna, 25: 8m: 1797. PR38

Jane, w. Josiah Henry Stanton Macy, d. Henry M. and Rebecca (Underhill), 11: 4m: 1841. PR38

Mary, twin d. Mary Ann, Jan. 17, 1845.

Sophia, w. Robert C. Macy, d. Amos and Hannah (Hunt), 11: 8m: 1787 [? in Hudson, NY]. PR38

Sylvia, see Silvia.

Silvia, w. Abraham Macy, d. Dr. Amos and Anna, 28: 5m: 1802 [? in Hudson, NY]. PR38


Abby, w. Obed S. Carr (s. Moses and Nancy), d. Eseck of Westport, ––: 12m: 1806. PR38

Elizabeth B., d. Obed and Abby (Carr), ––: 3m: 1832. PR38

Ezekiel, s. Robert and Jedida (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, s. Moses and Nancy (Swain), 23: 7m: 1805. PR38

James E., s. Obed and Abby (Carr), ––: 10m: 1835. PR38

John G., h. Anna B. (d. Edward C. Coffin), s. Moses and Mary (Earl), 21: 4m: 1815. PR38

John G. Jr., s. John G., mariner, and Ann B., Mar. 11, 1847.

Joseph E., s. Moses and Mary (Earl), 25: 9m: 1826. PR38

Joseph E., s. John G., mariner, and Anna, Mar. 5, 1848.

Lydia P., w. William Hammond of Boston, d. Moses and Mary (Earl), 1: 2m: 1821. PR38

Mary, d. Thomas and Mary, Feb. 11, 1752; [w. Samuel Coffin, d. Thomas and Mary (Duanne) (Bunker) PR38].

Mary, w. Obed Swain (s. William), w. Joseph G. Edwards, d. Robert and Jedida (Swain), 13: 4m: 1775. PR38

Mary Abby, w. Benjamin F. Thompson of Middleboro, d. Moses and Mary (Earl), 13: 10m: 1828. PR38

Moses, h. Nancy (d. Obed Swain), h. Mary (d. Joseph Earl), s. Robert and Jedida (Swain), 13: 6m: 1777. PR38

Nancy, d. Moses and Mary (Earl), 3: 9m: 1817. PR38

Nancy S., w. Nehemiah S. Holmes of Bridgewater, d. Obed and Abby (Carr), ––: 1m: 1839. PR38

Obed, m. "in France,", s. Robert and Jedida (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Obed Swain, ch. Nancy, bp. Oct. 29, 1809. CR1; [h. Abby (d. Eseck Carr of Westport), s. Moses and Nancy (Swain), b. 27: 5m: [dup. 26: 4m: ] 1803 PR38].

Obed S., h. Catharine S. Wright, s. Obed and Abby (Carr), ––: 2m: 1830. PR38

Parnal E., w. Jonas Knight, w. John R. Phitteplace, d. Moses and Mary (Earl), 1: 6m: 1812. PR38

Robert, m., s. Robert and Jedida (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah of Jamestown, w. Resolved of Warwick, RI, 28: 12m: 1708. PR38

William B., s. Moses and Mary (Earl), 4: 2m: 1836. PR38


Alphonse L., ch. Nathan P., carpenter, and Susan, June 5, 1848.

Elijah, ––– ––, ––––. CR4

Helen M., d. Nathan, dyer, and Susan, July 25, 1844.

Mary C., d. Nathan P., dyer, and Susan, June 27, 1846.

Nathan, ––– ––, ––––. CR4

CARTWRIGHT (Cartright)

Abigail, ch. Hasadiah and Abigail, July 15, 1741; [w. Barnabas Gardner, d. Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown), 15: 7m: [dup. 26: 7m: 1742] PR38].

Abby S., w. Oliver F. James (s. Thomas), d. Frederick and Eliza (Riddell), 27: 10m: 1828. PR38

Alexander J., h. Hester Burlock of NY, s. Benjamin and Rebecca (Luce), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Alexsander, s. Benjamin and Abigail (Padock) (Gardner), Jan. 8, 1793. PR13; [Alexander, h. Phebe (d. William Joy), s. Benjamin and Abigail (Paddack) (Gardner) PR38].

Alexander, twin s. Alexander and Phebe (Joy), 16: 8m: 1824. PR38

Alice, see Alce.

Alce (Cartright), d. Sampson, Sept. 21, 1702; [Alice Cartwright, w. David Gwinn of Salem, d. Sampson and Bethia (Pratt), 21: 9m: PR38].

Anna, w. Obed Joy (s. David Jr. and Phebe), d. Benjamin and Rebecca (Luce), 12: 8m: 1771. PR38

Ann Maria, w. Dr. Leonard R. Sheldon of VT, twin d. Charles W. and Susan (Hayden), 10: 2m: 1824. PR38

Ann Eliza, w. James H. Richardson of Boston, d. John W. and Ellen M. (Weld), 28: 8m: 1837. PR38

Benjamin, h. Mary Grose of Cape Cod, s. Benjamin and Rebecca (Luce), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, s. Hasadiah and Abigail, Nov. 15, 1748; [h. Elizabeth (Bunker), h. Abigail (Padock) Gardner, Nov. 26, 1749. PR13; h. Elizabeth (Bunker), h. Abigail (Paddack) Gardner, s. Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown), 15: 11m: [dup. 26: 11m: 1747] PR38].

Benjamin, ch. Samuel and Ann, Nov. 27, 1750; [h. Rebecca Luce of M[artha's] Vineyard, s. Samuel and Anna (Swain), 27: 11m: PR38].

Benjamin, h. Agnes Hamilton of Auckland New Zealand s. Alexander and Phebe (Joy), 10: 1m: 1821 [dup. 1831]. PR38

Bethiah, d. Hezadiah and Abigail, Oct. 5, 1750; [first, w. John Macy (s. Robert and Abigail), d. Hezadiah and Abigail (Brown), 5: 10m: [dup. 16: 11m: ] PR38].

Bryant, h. Elizabeth Weeks, s. Edward and Ruth (West), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Cassine, w. John Wilson, d. David G. and Elizabeth (Ceeley), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles W., h. Susan (d. Abishai Hayden and Merab), s. John and Mary (Starbuck), 2: 1m: 1790. PR38

Charles W., s. Charles W. and Susan (Hayden), ––– ––, 1814. PR38

Charles E., h. Elvira O. Broadwater of VA, s. John W. and Ellen M. (Weld), 14: 3m: 1839. PR38

David, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bunker), Nov. 26, 1772. PR13

David, s. Benjamin and Abigail (Padock) (Gardner), Aug. 25, 1794. PR13

David G., h. Elizabeth (d. Elias Ceeley and Dinah), s. Thomas and Elizabeth (Gardner), 5: 9m: 1799. PR38

Deborah, ch. Samuel and Ann, Aug. 16, 1748; [d. Samuel and Anna (Swain), 27: 8m: PR38].

Deborah, ch. Jonathan and Deborah, 18: 9m: 1770. CR4; [w. Thomas Swain, d. Jonathan and Deborah (Macy) PR38].

Dorcas, d. Sampson and Bethia (Pratt), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edmund G.W., h. Kate McCoy of Haverhill, s. John W. and Ellen M. (Weld), 27: 8m: 1844. PR38

Edward, h. Jane Magee, s. Edward and Ruth (West), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edward (Cartright), s. Edward, May 5, 1683; [Cartwright, h. Ruth (West), 5: 5m: PR38].

Edward S., s. John and Mary (Starbuck), 7: 10m: 1794. PR38

Edward S., h. Laura Wallace, h. Louisa [dup. Laura] Willcox, s. Charles W. and Susan (Hayden), 30: 3m: 1821. PR38

Edward C., s. Frederick and Eliza (Riddell), 12: 9m: 1823. PR38

Edward W., h. Emma S. Thompson, s. Edward S. and Laura Wallace, 22: 2m: 1845. PR38

Elenor, d. Nicholas, 14: 8m: 1697; [Eleanor, d. Nicholas and Orange (Rogers) PR38].

Elihu, s. Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown), ––– ––, 1754. PR38

Eliza, w. Thaddeus Coffin (s. Thaddeus and Anna), d. John and Mary (Starbuck), 7: 1m: 1788. PR38

Eliza H., d. Charles W. and Susan (Hayden), 29: 11m: 1816. PR38

Eliza R. [Cartwright, w. Thomas S.] James, July 16, 1826. GR3; [Cartwright, second, w. Thomas James (s. Thomas), d. Frederick and Eliza (Riddell) PR38].

Elizabeth, ch. Samuel and Ann, Oct. 20, 1743; [second, w. Peleg Swain, d. Samuel and Anna (Swain), 31: 10m: PR38].

Elizabeth, w. Reuben Glover (s. Simeon and Lydia), d. Benjamin and Rebecca (Luce), 10: 4m: 1776. PR38

Elizabeth, d. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bunker), Nov. 14, 1784. PR13; [Eliza, first, w. Seth Swain (s. Francis), 14: 11m: 1783 PR38].

Ellen C., d. David G. and Elizabeth (Ceeley), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ellen M., w. Henry L. Jones of Boston, d. John W. and Ellen M. (Weld), 27: 11m: 1834. PR38

Emily R., d. David G. and Elizabeth (Ceeley), ––– ––, 1825. PR38

Eunice, d. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bunker), Jan. 27, 1780. PR13; [w. James P. Myrick PR38].

Eunice, first, w. Peter F. Ewer (s. Sylvanus and Peggy), d. John and Mary (Starbuck), 30: 11m: 1799. PR38

Fanny, d. David G. and Elizabeth (Ceeley), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Frederick, s. Benjamin and Abigail (Padock) (Gardner), Dec. 31, 1796. PR13; [h. Eliza (d. William Riddell), s. Benjamin and Abigail (Paddack) (Gardner) PR38].

Frederick H., twin s. Charles W. and Susan (Hayden), 10: 2m: 1824. PR38

George B., h. Elizabeth (d. Zaccheus Hussey), s. John and Mary (Starbuck), 11: 12m: 1791. PR38

George C., h. Eliza (d. John Brown), s. Joseph and Priscilla (Brown), 9: 5m: 1807. PR38

George B., s. Charles W. and Susan (Hayden), 30: 10m: 1822. PR38

George Frederick, s. John W. and Ellen M. (Weld), 5: 2m: 1846. PR38

Harriet E., w. William C. Pease (s. John H.), d. David G. and Elizabeth (Ceeley), ––– ––, 1827. PR38

Hazadiah, h. Abigail (d. Dr. Joseph Brown and Tabitha), s. Sampson and Bethia (Pratt), 11: 1m: 1707. PR38

Hepsibeth, w. Matthew Jones (s. Silas), d. John and Mary (Starbuck), 8: 9m: 1777. PR38

Hope, d. Nicholas, 27: 6m: 1699; [w. Thomas Crook, d. Nicholas and Orange (Rogers), 27: 8m: PR38].

Irene, w. Charles Woodbridge, d. David G. and Elizabeth (Ceeley), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, ch., s. Hazadiah and Abigail, June 6, 1735; [James, h. Ruth (Gardner), h. Love (Macy), s. Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown), 26: 6m: [dup. 8: 7m: ] PR38].

James, s. Joseph and Priscilla (Brown), 2: 3m: 1803. PR38

James W., h. Emily Avery of Cincinnati, OH, s. John W. and Ellen M. (Weld), 3: 4m: 1842. PR38

John, s. Hezadiah and Abigail, Aug. 30, 1752; [h. Mary (Starbuck), s. Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown) PR38].

John, s. John and Mary (Starbuck), 12: 6m: 1779. PR38

John W., h. Ellen M. (d. James Weld), s. Charles W. and Susan (Hayden), 8: 9m: 1812. PR38

John W., h. Mary J. Johnson of Boston, s. John W. and Ellen M. (Weld), 23: 12m: 1832. PR38

Jonathan, s. Hazadiah and Abigail, Apr. 22, 1745; [h. Deborah (Macy), s. Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown) 22: 1m: [dup. 4m: ] PR38].

Jonathan, ch. Samuel and Ann [Anna (Swain) PR38], June 2, 1753.

Joseph, ch., s. Hazadiah and Abigail, June 27, 1743; [s. Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown), 27: 1m: PR38].

Joseph, ch. James and Love, 11: 11m: 1768. CR4; [s. James and Love (Macy) PR38].

Joseph [dup. adds B.], h. Emeline (d. Libni Barnard), s. Joseph and Priscilla (Brown), 15: 10m: 1800. PR38

Laura Wilcox, see Louisa Wilcox Cartwright.

Lois, d. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bunker), Oct. 30, 1774. PR13; [w. Richard Bunker Jr., w. Paul Ray PR38].

Louisa [dup. Laura] Wilcox, w. Edward S., 8: 8m: 1818. PR38

Love, ch. James and Love, 14: 1m: 1771. CR4; [w. Henry Barnard (s. Stephen and Phebe), d. James and Love (Macy) [dup. 14: 7m: ] PR38].

Lydia, d. Nicholas, 15: 10m: 1701; [w. John Deshan, d. Nicholas and Orange (Rogers) PR38].

Lydia, ch., d. James and Love, 10: 1m: 1762. CR4; [w. Peleg Mitchell, d. James and Love (Macy) PR38].

Lydia, w. Frederick Hussey (s. Zaccheus), d. John and Mary (Starbuck), 25: 9m: 1783. PR38

Lydia, d. Benjamin and Abigail (Padock) (Gardner), May 27, 1799. PR13; [w. John Foster Coffin (s. Hon. Isaac), d. Benjamin and Abigail (Paddack) (Gardner) PR38].

Lydia Joy, d. Alexander and Phebe (Joy), ––: 2m: 1836. PR38

Martha, d. David G. and Elizabeth (Ceeley), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary Swift, d. Frederick and Eliza (Riddell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary (Cartright), d. Edward, June 29, 1687; [Cartwright, 29: 6m: PR38].

Mary, ch. Hasadiah and Abigail, Sept. 29, 1739; [w. Ebenezar Coffin (s. Alexander and Judith), d. Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown), 29: 11m: [dup. 9m: ] PR38].

Mary, d. Benjamin and Abigail (Padock) (Gardner), May 24, 1789. PR13; [w. John Whippey (s. Coffin), d. Benjamin and Abigail (Paddack) (Gardner) PR38].

Mary, w. Peter F. Ewer (s. Sylvanus and Peggy), d. John and Mary (Starbuck), 6: 11m: 1797. PR38

Mary S., w. Lt. George W. Coffin, d. John W. and Ellen M. (Weld), 1: 10m: 1849. PR38

Nancy, d. John and Mary (Starbuck), 25: 8m: 1796. PR38

Nicholas, h. Orange (d. William Rogers and Martha (Barnard)), s. Edward, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nicholas, s. Nicholas [Nicholas and Orange (Rogers) PR38], 4: 11m: 1705.

Obed, s. Benjamin and Rebecca (Luce), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phineas, s. Sampson and Bethia (Pratt), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe, w. John McCord, w. John Gardner of Kennebec, w. Joseph Sayer of Kennebec, d. Benjamin and Rebecca (Luce), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe, ch. Samuel and Ann, Dec. 6, 1745; [w. Nason Meader (s. John), second, w. David Joy (s. David), d. Samuel and Anna (Swain), 7: 12m: 1745 "N.S. " PR38].

Phebe, ch. James and Love, 17: 11m: 1763. CR4; [w. David Starbuck, d. James and Love (Macy) PR38].

Phebe, twin d. Alexander and Phebe (Joy), 16: 8m: 1824. PR38

Priscilla, ch. Hasadiah and Abigail, Oct. 27, 1733; [d. Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown), 27: 10m: PR38].

Priscillah, d. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bunker), July 15, 1785. PR13

Rachel, ch. Hasadiah and Abigail, Aug. 9, 1737; [w. Jabez Macy Jr. (s. Jabez and Sarah), d. Hezediah and Abigail (Brown), 9: 8m: PR38].

Ruth, ch. James and Love, 1: 3m: 1766. CR4; [second, w. Job Thurston, d. James and Love (Macy), 1: 3m: 1765 [dup. 1766] PR38].

Samson (Cartright), s. Edward, Jan. 26, 1677; [Sampson Cartwright, h. Bethia (d. Joseph Pratt and Dorcas), 26: 1m: PR38].

Samuel, h. Anna (d. John Swain of England), s. Edward Jr. and Ruth (West), ––– ––, 1716. Pr38

Sarah, d. Nicolas, 13: 8m: 1695; [w. George Brown, d. Nicholas and Orange (Rogers), 14: 8m: PR38].

Sally, w. Matthew Clark of Boston, w. Samuel Gelston (s. Roland), second, w. Frederick Hussey (s. Zaccheus and Lydia), d. John and Mary (Starbuck), 23: 3m: 1786. PR38

Sarah W., w. Warren Galucia of Dedham, d. John W. and Ellen M. (Weld), 4: 3m: 1841. PR38

Seth, s. Hazadiah and Abigail, Jan. 8, 1760; [h. Polly, s. Hezediah and Abigail (Brown) PR38].

Silas, s. Edward and Ruth (West), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Susan B., w. Thomas Paddack (s. Hezekiah), d. Frederick and Eliza (Riddell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Susan H., w. John G. Newell, d. Charles W. and Susan (Hayden), 10: 4m: 1819. PR38

Susan H., w. Philip H. Folger (s. Samuel), d. John W. and Ellen M. (Weld), 22: 2m: 1836. PR38

Susanna (Cartright), d. Edward, Feb. 16, 1680; [Cartwright, w. William Stretton, 16: 2m: [dup. ––– ––, 1679] PR38].

Thomas G., s. David G. and Elizabeth (Ceeley), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas, s. Hasadiah and Abigall, Nov. 29, 1746; [Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown), 29: 11m: PR38].

Thomas, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bunker), June 13, 1776. PR13

Thomas, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth, Aug. 19, 1778; [s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bunker) PR13; h. Elizabeth (d. Shubael Gardner), 19: 8m: 1776. PR38].

William, s. Hezadiah and Abigail [Hazadiah and Abigail (Brown) PR38], Dec. 13, 1755.

William, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Bunker), Nov. 2, 1781. PR13

William J., h. Lucretia (d. James Coleman and Lydia), s. Alexander and Phebe (Joy), 12: 10m: 1819. PR38


–––––, d. James, mariner, and Margaret, Apr. 10, 1849; [Ann Eliza, d. James S. and Margaret (Hussey) PR38].

Abby L., d. Charles R., mariner, and Louisa A., Aug. 27, 1847; [w. Augustus Welcomb, d. Charles R. and Louisa A. (Fanning) PR38].

Alfred G., s. Nathaniel C., mariner, and Ann L. [Ann Louisa (Folger) PR38], Jan. 26, 1845.

Ann Eliza, see ––––– Cary.

Charles, ch. Edward and Lydia, bp. June 14, 1789. CR3; [h. Lydia (d. Uriah Swain), s. Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), b. 4: 6m: PR38].

Charles R., h. Louisa A. (d. Edmund Fanning), s. Edward Jr. and Abigail (Russell), 15: 3m: 1800. PR38

Edward P., s. James S. and Margaret (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edward of Charlestown, h. Lydia (wid. Hezekiah Barnard, d. Christopher Hussey), 18: 7m: 1738. PR38

Edward, s. Edward and Lydia, Sept. 30, 1771; [h. Abigail (Russell) of Charlestown, s. Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard) PR38].

Edward R., s. Charles R., carman, and Louisa, Mar. 24, 1849.

Betsey [Cary, w. –––––] Baxter, Apr. 3, 1806, GR3. [Cary, w. William Baxter (s. Reuben and Love), d. James and Betsey (Swain) [dup. 3: 7m: ] PR38

Elizabeth S., d. Charles and Lydia (Swain), 4: 8m: 1816. PR38

George H., s. James, mariner, and Margaret, May 31, 1847; [h. Mary G. (Folger), s. James S. and Margaret (Hussey) PR38].

Harriet, see Lydia H.

Harriet, d. Samuel and Nancy (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Harriet Ann, second, w. Peleg Ray (s. David 2d), d. Edward and Abigail (Russell), 2: 12m: 1805. PR38

James, ch. Edward and Lydia, bp. July 1, 1781. CR3; [h. Betsey (d. Uriah Swain and Elizabeth), s. Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), b. 28: [dup. 22: ] 2m: 1777 PR38].

James S., h. Margaret C. (d. Cyrus Hussey and Lydia), s. James and Betsey (Swain), 8: [dup. 12: ] 11m: 1807. PR38

Lydia, ch. Edward and Lydia, bp. June 5, 1785. CR3; [w. James Athearn [dup. Athaern], d. Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), b. 26: 5m: PR38].

Lydia H. [dup. Harriet, omits Lydia], fifth, w. William Gayer Coffin (s. Paul and Ruth), d. Edward and Abigail (Russell), 10: 11m: 1798. PR38

Lydia A. [Cary, w. –––––] Marcus, Nov. 29, 1818. GR3; [Cary, w. William N. Marcus (s. Moses), d. Charles and Lydia (Swain), 29: 11m: 1817 PR38].

Lydia G. [? m.], Mar. 16, 1835. GR3

Lydia G., w. Isaac Lounback of Europe, d. Charles R. and Louisa A. (Fanning), 21: 12m: 1840. PR38

Mary, d. Edward and Lydia, bp. July 6, 1783. CR3; [w. Dr. Martin T. Morton, d. Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), b. 29: 6m: PR38].

Mary Russell, d. Edward and Abigail (Russell), 27: 8m: 1795. PR38

Mary M., w. cHarles G. Bunker (s. Owen), d. Charles and Lydia (Swain), ––: 9m: 1824. PR38

Nathaniel, Edward and Lydia, bp. July 1, 1871. CR3; [s. Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), b. 4: 2m: 1779 PR38].

Nathaniel C., Dec. 20, 1797. GR2; [h. Ann Louise (Folger), h. Nancy (Fitzgerald), s. Samuel and Nancy (Coffin) PR38; s. Samuel and Nancy PR64].

Richard, ch. Edward and Lydia, bp. July 1, 1781. CR3; [h. Margaret (d. Bartlett Coffin), s. Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), b. 23: 11m: 1774 PR38].

Robert, ch. Edward and Lydia, bp. July 1, 1781. CR3; [h. Lydia Wood of Fairhaven, s. Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), b. 2: 2m: PR38].

Samuel, ch. Edward and Lydia, bp. July 1, 1781. CR3; [h. Nancy (d. Bartlett Coffin), h. Winnifred (wid. Benjamin Tupper, d. Reuben Gardner), s. Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), b. 16: 3m: 1773 PR38].

Samuel, s. Samuel and Nancy (Coffin), 27: 8m: 1798. PR38

Sarah M., d. Nathaniel C., mariner, and Ann Louisa, Apr. 30, 1847.

Thomas, ch. Edward and Lydia, bp. Apr. –––, 1787. CR3; [h. Eliza (d. Joshua Coffin), s. Edward and Lydia (Hussey) (Barnard), b. 19: 3m: 1773 PR38].


David E., Aug. 1, 1821. PR42

Eliza W., w. Horace Hewitt, d. John and Phebe, 16: 5m: 1835 PR38; [May 16, 1834 PR42].

Fannie B. Case, w. George H. Dunham, ––– ––, 1838 GR3; [Fanny B. Case, Mar. 3 PR42].

George W., Nov. 25, 1828. PR42

Harriet G., w. John H. Barker, Feb. 23, 1832. PR42

Mary E., w. James Maguire, Oct. 25, 1824. PR42

Phebe Ann, Jan. 29, 1837. PR42

Thomas C., ––– ––, 1830. GR3


Alexander, h. Hannah (d. Isaac Higgins and Sabra), s. William Jr. and Phebe (Bunker), 21: 4m: 1791. PR38

Alexander G., h. Rebecca A. (d. Stephen Wood of New Bedford), h. Pheba A. (wid. Charles Folger, d. Cornelius [dup. Cromwell] Morselander), s. William and Azuba, 9: [dup. 3: ] 5m: 1840. PR38

Ann Louisa, see Louisa.

Charles G., s. Reuben and Phebe (Bunker) (Cash), 25: 12m: 1809. PR38

Charles G., h. Elizabeth Ann (d. Benjamin Raymond and Ann), s. Alexander and Hannah (Higgins), 2: 4m: 1825. PR38

Charles C., h. ––––– ("an Englishwoman"), s. William B., ––: 12m: 1836. PR38

Deborah, w. Edwrad Creasy, d. William and Mary (Johnson), 26: 11m: 1764. PR38

Deborah B., divorced, w. Reuben Cleaveland d. Reuben and Phebe (Bunker) (Cash), 16: 12m: 1807. PR38

Elijah, h. Eunice (d. Paul Long and Susan)., h. Phebe (wid. Joseph Paul, d. Barnabas Briggs), s. William and Mary (Johnson), 27: 5m: 1773 [see Lurania]. PR38

Betsey, see Elizabeth.

Betsey, w. Benjamin Manter (s. Joseph), d. William and Mary (Johnson), 25: 12m: 1768. PR38

Elizabeth [dup. Betsey], w. Jared Fuller (s. Joseph of W. Barnstable), d. William and Phebe (Bunker), 21: 8m: 1793 [dup. 1792]. PR38

Elizabeth, w. Veranus Eldredge, d. Elijah and Eunice (Long), 11: 6m: 1805. PR38

Eunice, w. Richard L. Soden, d. Elijah and Eunice (Long), 10: 10m: 1799. PR38

George, s. Elijah and Eunice (Long), 24: 9m: 1803. PR38

George H., h. Emeline (d. Silas Chubbuck), s. Alexander and Hannah (Higgins), 1: 1m: 1823. PR38

George A., h. Gertrude Myers, s. William B., ––– ––, 1844. PR38

Jane B. Wing, w. William B. (s. Reuben), ––– ––, 1810. PR38

Louisa, d. George H., mariner, and Emeline, Feb. 2, 1849; [Ann Louisa, d. George H. and Emeline (Chubbuck) PR38].

Lurania, w. Thomas V. McCleave, d. William and Mary (Johnson), 27: 9m: 1773 [see Elijah]. PR38

Lydia, w. Alfred Smith (s. John of M[artha']s Vineyard), d. Elijah and Eunice (Long), 15: 4m: 1798 [dup. ––: ––m: 1800]. PR38

Mary, d. William and Mary (Johnson), 10: 12m: 1759. PR38

Mary, w. William Langton, d. William and Phebe (Bunker), ––– ––, 1788. PR38

Mary G., w. William Gammons, d. Alexander and Hannah (Higgins), ––: 3m: 1814. PR38

Obed, h. Judith (d. Paul Ames), h. Eunice (wid. Howes Swain, d. William Moores), s. William and Mary (Johnson), 9: 9m: 1778. PR38

Oliver Crocker, s. William B., ––– ––, 1848. PR38

Phebe, w. William Coon, w. Job Swain, d. William and Mary (Johnson), 20: 11m: 1771. PR38

Phebe, twin d. Elijah and Phebe (Briggs) (Paul), 28: 12m: 1807. PR38

Reuben, h. Deborah (d. James Perry), h. Phebe (wid. William Cash, d. Simeon Bunker), s. William and Mary (Johnson), 27: 10m: 1775. PR38

Reuben, s. Elijah and Eunice (Long), 23: 9m: 1794. PR38

Sarah, w. Edwin James (s. Francis), twin d. Elijah and Phebe (Briggs) (Paul), 28: 12m: 1807 [dup. 27: 12m: 1809]. PR38

Sophia, w. Thomas Fuller, d. William [dup. Reuben] and Phebe (Bunker), 11: 10m: 1800. PR38

Susan, w. Samuel B. Jones, d. Elijah and Eunice (Long), 28: 11m: 1795. PR38

Susan B., w. Thomas H. Coleman (s. Benjamin), d. Alexander and Hannah (Higgins), ––: 2m: 1821. PR38

William, h. Phebe (d. Simeon Bunker), s. William and Mary (Johnson), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, h. Mary (d. John Johnson), 25: 4m: 1740. PR38

William B., h. Jane B. Wing, h. Lucy B. Downs of New Haven, CT, h. Adah Jenks, s. Reuben and Phebe Cash, 12: 4m: 1806. PR38

William, Capt., h. Azubah B., Apr. 11, 1816. GR3; [h. Azubah (d. Bethuel Handy), s. Alexander and Hannah (Higgins) PR38].

William Henry, s. William B., ––– ––, 1846. PR38


David B., s. William, mariner, and Elizabeth, Apr. 16, 1848.

John R., Apr. 2, 1844 [in lot with Capt. William H.] GR3

Lydia, divorced, w. William Sayer, w. Roland C. Barnard (s. Libni and Lydia), d. Levi and Phebe, ––– ––, 1800 [dup. 7: 4m: 1799]. PR38

Mary Ann, w. Edward F. Easton [q.v.], d. John R. and Eliza, 21: 5m: 1818. PR38

Mary P. [? m.], Aug. 8, 1847 [in lot with Capt. William H.] GR3

William H., Capt., June 20, 1812 [in lot with Elizabeth B. [(Starbuck)]]. GR3


–––––, s. John, mariner, and Elizabeth, Sept. 2, 1848 [see Cynthia P.]

Alvin, s. Ariel, carman, and Eliza, Aug. 29, 1847.

Andrew J., s. Ariel, carman, and Eliza, Jan. 15, 1844.

Anna, w. Franklin Swain, d. Joseph and Susan, 10: 5m: 1773. PR38

Catherine, w. James W. Dunham (s. H.G.O. and Ann Wyer), d. James F. and Charlotte (Coon), ––– ––, 1848. PR38

Charles S., Nov. 6, 1825 [on stone beside that of Sarah M.] GR3

Cynthia P., d. John S., laborer, and Elizabeth H., Sept. 15, 1848 [see –––––].

David, h. Lydia (FitzGerald), Apr. 4, 1792. GR4; [s. Joseph and Susan (Cleaveland) (Long) PR38].

Elizabeth, ch. Robert and Polly, Mar. 24, 1797. CR3

Elizabeth Ann, d. Edward H., cordwainer, and Ann C., Aug. 20, 1846.

Eunice S., d. John, mariner, and Cynthea, Jan. 19, 1844.

George E., s. George, mariner, and Susan, Feb. 26, 1846.

George F., s. George G., mariner, and Susan H., Dec. 24, 1848.

Henry F., s. David and Lydia, Apr. 26, 1831. GR4

Peggy, w. Jonathan, Dec. 26, 1772. CR3

Obed, s. Joseph and Susan (Cleaveland) (Long), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Obed S., s. Edward, sail maker, and Ann, Apr. 24, 1848.

Prudence, second, w. Silvanus Allen, d. Hugh, ––– ––, 1774. PR38

Robert, ch. Robert and Polly, Nov. 25, 1798. CR3

Sarah M., see Sara Mooers Gardner.

Seth, s. Joseph and Susan (Cleaveland) (Long), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Susan, w. Daniel Bunker (s. Ebenezar), d. John and Mary, 15: 10m: 1785. PR38

Susan, w. Benjamin Sandford, d. Gershom and Charity, 23: 12m: 1787. PR38

William H., s. Alexander, cooper, and Louisa, Jan. 20, 1844.

CAVENAUGH (Cabner, Cavanah)

Mary Ann (Cabner), d. Mical, laborer, and Bridget, Dec. 20, 1843.

Mary (Cavanah), d. Michael, laborer, and Bridget, Jan. 28, 1847.

Roseanna, d. Michael, laborer, and Bridget, Apr. 28, 1845.

CEELEY (Ceely)

Elias, "an Englishman,", h. Dinah (d. Thomas Starbuck), 27: 2m: 1773. PR38

Elizabeth, w. David G. Cartwright (s. Thomas), d. Elias and Dinah, 27: 5m: 1803. PR38

Eunice, d. Elias and Dinah (Starbuck), 27: 11m: 1813. PR38

Lydia, w. Timothy R. and second, w. Thomas Coffin (sons of Francis and Ruth), d. Elias and Dinah (Starbuck), 7: 11m: 1811. PR38

Lydia M. (Ceely), d. William P., sail maker, and Mary F., Apr. 18, 1848; [Lydia Maria Ceeley, w. John Franklin Brown, d. William P. and Mary F. (Bunker) PR38].

Mary, w. Philander Coffin (s. Gardner and Mary), d. Elias and Dinah (Starbuck), 11: 5m: 1805. PR38

Rachel S., w. Benjamin F. Coffin, Sept. 12, 1818. GR3; [w. Benjamin F. Coffin (s. Barzillai and Rebecca), d. Elias and Dinah (Starbuck), 14: 9m: 1817 PR38].

Susan, w. Peter Gardner (s. Henry and Hannah), d. Elias and Dinah (Starbuck), 4: 11m: 1815. PR38

Thomas S., h. Margaret Johnson, s. William P. and Mary F. (Bunker), ––: 10m: 1841. PR38

William P., h. Mary (d. Thaddeus Bunker), s. Elias and Dinah (Starbuck), 13: 2m: 1809. PR38

CHACE (Chase)


–––––, ch. Richard and Rhoda, 23: 6m: 1798. CR4

Albert, h. Susan (d. John Hillman and Phebe), s. William, 26: 10m: 1805. PR38

Alexander, h. Belinda J. (d. Benjamin Fisher of Falmouth), h. Laura [dup. Susan] Ann (d. Jabez Cushman), s. Anthony and Polly (Perkins), ––: 4m: 1818 [dup. 17: 4m: 1817]. PR38

Alexander B., s. David and Lydia (Coffin), ––: 5m: 1827. PR38

Alfred H., s. James, painter, and Eunice, May 21, 1847.

Almira, d. Benjamin and Cynthia Howland 4: 11m: 1807. PR38

Almira, w. William Bosworth (s. Darius of New Bedford), d. Anthony and Polly (Perkins), ––– ––, 1825. PR38

Almira, d. James, painter, and Eunice, Nov. 10, 1845.

Anna, d. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), 18: 10m: 1791. PR38

Anna, first, w. Francis Ellis [q.v.], d. Anthony of Martha's Vineyard, 13: 11m: 1791. PR38

Anna, d. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), 24: 1m: 1800. PR38

Ann, w. George G. Clark (s. Albert and Margaret), d. Reuben and Betsey (Slade), 15: 1m: 1810. PR38

Ann Louisa, w. Octavius Lewis, d. Albert and Susan (Hillman), 22: 1m: 1841. PR38

Anthony, "from the Vineyard,", h. Polly (d. William Perkins and Eunice), ––– ––, 1783. PR38

Avis, w. Obed Chadwick (s. William), d. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), 9: 1m: 1782. PR38

Barzillai L., s. Alexander, cooper, and Belinda [Belinda J. (Fisher) PR38], Feb. 2, 1848.

Benjamin, h. Cynthia Howland s. Wickliff and Priscilla Hammond, 18: 3m: 1781. PR38

Benjamin, twin s. David and Elizabeth (Baker), 22: 10m: 1788. PR38

Charity, d. John and Patience, Apr. 5, 1728.

Charles H., s. Anthony and Polly (Perkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles, h. Margaret Smith of Barnstable, s. Barnabas, 27: 7m: 1792. PR38

Charles, ch. Richard and Rhoda, 24: 12m: 1801. CR4

Charles S., h. Emeline (d. Jonathan C. Baker and Hannah), s. Seth and Nancy (Sanford), 15: 12m: 1804. PR38

Charles B., h. Lydia C. (d. Obed Marshall and Eunice), s. John and Lydia (Barnard), 22: [dup. 13: ] 11m: 1807. PR38

Charles C., h. Judith (d. Charles C. Morris and Lydia (Coffin)), h. Sarah M. (wid. George F. Brown, d. Edward Narberth), s. Oliver and Sally (Coffin), 3: 7m: 1823. PR38

Charles Henry, s. Charles S. and Emeline (Baker), ––: 7m: 1834. PR38

Cordelia G., d. John and Sarah L. (Farris), ––– ––, 1829. PR38

Cynthia Howland, w. Benjamin (s. Wickliffe), 30: 9m: 1786. PR38

Daniel, s. Daniel and Hannah, Sept. 4, 1738; [s. Daniel and Hannah (Meader), 4: 9m: 1728. PR38].

David, h. Elizabeth Baker of Barnstable, Cape Cod, h. Mary (d. John Fosdick and Elizabeth), s. Richard and Deborah (Swain), 12: 1m: 1754. PR38

David, h. Mary (d. Gershom Drew), s. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), 23: 8m: 1775. PR38

David, h. Lydia (d. William Coffin and Sally), s. David and Elizabeth (Baker), 20: 10m: 1784. PR38

Deborah, d. Richard and Deborah, Nov. 13, 1735; [w. Seth Way (s. John), d. Richard and Deborah (Swain), 13: 10m: PR38].

Deborah, ch. Richard and Rebecca, 1: 12m: 1766. CR4; [ch. Richard (s. Richard and Deborah) and Rebecca (d. Robert Gardner and Jedida dec'd) PR66].

Deborah, w. Andrew Coffin (s. Elijah and Abigail), w. Capt. Isaac Hodges (s. Hercules and Lydia), d. Wickliff and Priscilla Hammond, 5: 8m: 1776. PR38

Deborah, d. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), ––– ––, 1790. PR38

Deborah B., w. Charles B. Ray (s. Charles), d. Albert and Susan (Hillman), 24: 5m: 1830. PR38

Edward, s. Anthony and Polly (Perkins), 1: 5m: 1817. PR38

Edward F., h. Macy C. (d. Amaziah Fisher), Alexander and Belinda J. (Fisher), 20: 11m: 1839. PR38

Edward P., s. Alexander, laborer, and Deborah, Sept. 26, 1847.

Eliza, see Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, ch. Thaddeus and Hepzibah, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after ch. b. Sept. 14, 1798] CR4; [Eliza, w. Joseph Bonsell (s. Isaac of Philadelphia), d. Thaddeus and Hepsibeth (Gardner), 9: 3m: 1802 PR38].

Elizabeth, d. Daniel and Hannah, Oct. 16, 1740; [w. Freeman Ellis [q.v.], d. Daniel and Hannah (Meader), 16: 10m: PR38].

Elizabeth, w. Stephen Pinkham (s. Shubael), d. David and Elizabeth (Baker), 21: 3m: 1793. PR38

Elizabeth B., w. Azariah B. Wheeler of E. Haddam, CT, d. John and Lydia (Barnard), 7: 2m: 1820. PR38

Elizabeth H., w. Peleg West Morgan (s. Dudley and Anna), d. Charles and Margaret Smith, 25: 11m: 1825. PR38

Elizabeth C., d. James S., painter, and Eunice B., June 3, 1844.

Emily F., d. John and Sarah L. (Farris), ––– ––, 1832. PR38

Emily B., d. Charles S., mariner, and Emeline, Dec. 30, 1846; [Emeline B., w. Marcus E. Howes, ––– ––, 1847 GR4; Emeline B., w. Marcus Howes (s. Silvanus), d. Charles S. and Emeline (Baker), 31: 12m: PR38].

Eunice, w. John Harps of WI, d. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), 24: 10m: 1779. PR38

Eunice, ch. Thaddeus and Hepzibah, 14: 9m: 1798. CR4

Eunice, third, w. Owen Chase (s. Judah), d. William, 28: 8m: 1808. PR38

Eunice P., w. Jesse Yatman, w. Elijah Coffin, d. Anthony and Polly (Perkins), ––: 3m: 1813. PR38

Frederick S., h. M.S. Folger, s. Reuben and Eliza (Randall), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Frederick, s. Reuben and Betsey (Slade), 3: 9m: 1807. PR38

Frederick M., s. John and Sarah L. (Farris), ––– ––, 1835. PR38

Frederick S., s. Alexander, laborer, and Deborah, May 12, 1845 [dup. 1844].

George H., see George A.

George, s. John and Patience, Oct. 7, 1737.

George, s. Wickliff and Priscilla (Hammond), 28: 12m: 1791. PR38

George A., Jan. 26, 1826. GR3; [George H., h. Mary A. Collins of Ireland s. Oliver and Sally (Coffin), 17: 1m: PR38].

George W., s. Reuben, mariner, and Eliza, Aug. 7, 1843; [George William, s. Reuben and Eliza (Randall) PR38].

George A., s. Albert, mariner, and Susan, Nov. 22, 1845.

Hannah, w. Prince Gifford of Falmouth, d. John and Lydia (Joy), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Harriet P., first, w. Barzillai Luce Jr. (s. Barzillai and Charlotte), d. Anthony and Polly (Perkins), 17: 3m: [dup. 2m: ] 1823. PR38

Helen P., d. Alexander and Belinda J. (Fisher), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Henry Clay, h. Lydia C. (d. Zenas Coleman and Phebe), s. Oliver and Sally (Coffin), ––: 6m: 1835. PR38

Hepzibah, ch. Richard and Rebecca, 2: 12m: 1762. CR4; [Hepsibeth, w. Timothy Folger (s. Nathaniel and Mary), d. Richard and Rebecca (Gardner), 12: 3m: [dup. 3: 12m: ] PR38; 2: 12m: PR66].

Hepsibeth, w. Ralph Kilburn, d. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), 20: 10m: 1783. PR38

Hepsabeth, w. Edward Innack of Albany, NY, d. Seth and Nancy (Sanford), ––– ––, 1823. PR38

Irene, w. John Fisher, d. Seth and Nancy (Sanford), 7: [dup. 3: ] 5m: 1814. PR38

James Henry, s. Reuben and Eliza (Randall), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

James S., h. Eunice B. Harding of Chatham, s. Charles and Margaret Smith, ––: 7m: 1821. PR38

Jane B. [dup. H.], w. William [dup. Stephen B.] Fisher (s. Joseph and Rosanna), w. Benjamin Starbuck (s. Charles), d. Oliver and Sally [dup. Sarah] (Coffin), 24: 5m: 1818 [dup. 26: 5m: 1819]. PR38

Jemima, d. Daniel and Hannah, Dec. 20, 1736; [Jemima Pinkham, d. David Chadwick and Hanah CR3; Chadwick, w. Peleg Pinkham, d. Daniel and Hannah (Meader) PR38].

John, s. Daniel and Hannah, Apr. 22, 1743; [h. Lydia (Joy), s. Daniel and Hannah (Meader), 22: 4m: PR38].

John, h. Avis (d. Alpheus Coffin and Love), h. Lydia (d. Benjamin Barnard and Lydia), s. David and Elizabeth (Baker), 13: 7m: 1783. PR38

John, s. Wickliff and Priscilla (Hammond), 28: 9m: 1789. PR38

John, h. Sarah L. (d. Thomas Farris and Aseneth), ––: 6m: 1806. PR38

John H., s. Benjamin and Cynthia Howland 17: 10m: 1809. PR38

John, s. David and Lydia (Coffin), ––: 12m: 1820. PR38

John P., s. Anthony and Polly (Perkins), ––– ––, 1828. PR38

John H., h. Harriet A. (d. Capt. Charles N. Cottle and Ann C.), July 22, 1842 GR4; [John Hillman Chadwick, h. Harriet Ann (Cottle), s. Albert and Susan (Hillman) PR38].

Jonathan, s. John and Patience, May 3 [dup. May 5], 1732.

Joseph, s. Isaiah and Abigail Smith, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph, twin s. David and Elizabeth (Baker), 22: 10m: 1788. PR38

Joseph, s. David and Lydia (Coffin), 23: 8m: 1829. PR38

Josiah B., s. Reuben, mariner, and Eliza, Feb. 10, 1845; [Joseph B., s. Reuben and Eliza (Randall) PR38].

Laban, ch. Richard and Rebecca, 1: 3m: 1779 CR4; [s. Richard and Rebecca (Gardner) PR38].

Latham, ch. Richard and Rebecca, 23: 8m: 1764. CR4

Louisa, w. William B. Mitchell (s. Seth and Hannah), d. John and Lydia (Barnard), 23: 12m: 1809. PR38

Louisa M., w. Edward C. Hayward of Worcester, d. Charles B. and Lydia C. (Marshall), 27: 12m: 1834. PR38

Love P., w. William Jernegan of Edgartown, M[artha's] Vineyard, d. Anthony and Polly (Perkins), 22: 4m: 1821. PR38

Lucy R., d. Alexander, cooper, Sept. 21, 1843; [d. Alexander and Belinda J. (Fisher), 27: 9m: PR38].

Lydia, d. John and Lydia (Joy), 20: 7m: 1771. PR38

Lydia, w. Seth Paddack (s. Abishai and Miriam), d. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), 6: 1m: 1788. PR38

Lydia F., w. Reuben S. Folger (s. Reuben and Puella), d. Oliver and Sally (Coffin), 29: 5m: 1839. PR38

Margaret, w. Francis Hussey (s. David and Lydia), d. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), 14: 1m: 1786. PR38

Maria, d. David and Lydia (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Martha H., w. Andrew J. Sansbury (s. James and Anna), d. Charles and Margaret Smith, 26: 12m: 1832. PR38

Martha W., d. Reuben, carpenter, and Elizabeth, Apr. 11, 1840; [Martha R., w. James B. Coffin (s. Benjamin and Polly), d. Reuben and Eliza (Randall) PR38].

Mary, w. Thomas Bunker (s. Thomas), d. William and Mary (Long), 28: 6m: 1767. PR38

Mary, first, w. David Worth (s. John and Abigail), d. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), 6: 11m: 1773. PR38

Mary, second, w. Charles J. Hilburn, d. Wickliff and Priscilla (Hammond), 20: 9m: 1786. PR38

Mary Ann, w. Joseph Gardner (s. Ammiel and Elizabeth), d. Seth and Nancy (Sanford), 12: 11m: 1809. PR38

Mary, w. Barzillai Luce Hanna, d. Anthony and Polly (Perkins), ––– ––, 1819. PR38

Mary S. Chadwick, w. William H. Phinney, ––– ––, 1828 GR3; [Chadwick, w. William H. Phinney, (s. David and Joanna), d. Oliver and Sally PR38].

Mary A. Collins, w. George H. (s. Oliver), 13: 6m: 1830. PR38

Mary H., w. Henry J. Wade, d. Alexander and Belinda J. (Fisher), 22: 12m: 1841. PR38

Mercy, d. Richard and Deborah, Feb. 15, 1731; [w. Isaac Chase, w. Benjamin Pitts, w. Daniel Swain, d. Richard and Deborah (Swain), 26: 2m: 1732 [dup. 15: 2m: 1731]. PR38]

Nathan, s. Richard and Deborah, May 23, 1740; [s. Richard and Deborah (Swain), 23: 5m: PR38].

Nathaniel, s. Daniel and Hannah, Sept. 7, 1731; [s. Daniel and Hannah (Meader), 14: 3m: PR38].

Nathaniel, h. Margaret (d. Christopher Baxter), s. Richard and Deborah (Swain), 13: 9m: 1751. PR38

Obed, h. Avis (d. Nathaniel Chadwick and Margaret), s. William and Mary (Long), 28: 3m: 1776. PR38

Oliver, h. Sally (d. Charles Coffin and Miriam), s. Micajah and Sarah of Falmouth, 27: 6m: 1791. PR38

Pardon Cook, ch. David and Lydia (Coffin), 10: 7m: 1834. PR38

Phebe, d. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), 22: 1m: 1777. PR38

Phebe, ch. Richard and Rhoda, 30: 11m: 1799 CR4; [w. William Paddack, d. Richard and Rhoda (Clasby) PR38].

Priscilla, first, w. Charles J. Hillborn [dup. Hilburn], d. Wickliff and Priscilla (Hammond), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Priscilla Hammond, w. Wickliff (s. Richard and Deborah), 29: 2m: 1749. PR38

Priscilla, w. William Nixon, d. Seth and Nancy (Sanford), ––– ––, 1820. PR38

Rachel, ch. Richard and Rebecca, 23: 9m: 1760 CR4; [w. Joseph Clasby, d. Richard and Rebecca (Gardner) PR38].

Rachel, d. Richard and Deborah, Nov. 16, 1773; [first, w. Peleg Swain Jr., d. Richard and Deborah (Swain), 16: 11m: 1733 PR38].

Rebekah, d. Daniel and Hannah, Mar. 14, 1733; [Rebecca, w. Freeman Ellis [q.v.], d. Daniel and Hannah (Meader) PR38].

Rebecca, ch. Richard and Rebecca, 18: 7m: 1777 CR4; [Rebeckah PR66].

Rebecca, divorced, w. John M. Beebe (s. Nathan), w. George Brown Chase (s. Isaac), d. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), 17: [dup. 15: ] 3m: 1793. PR38

Reuben, h. Betsey (d. Benjamin Slade and Rhoda), s. William and Mary (Long), 28: 6m: 1782. PR38

Reuben, h. Mary [dup. Polly] (d. Ichabod Aldrich Jr.), s. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), 20: 1m: 1791. PR38

Reuben, h. Eliza (d. William Randall and Susan), s. William Jr. and Betsey, 16: 5m: 1813. PR38

Reuben, s. Reuben, carpenter, and Eliza, Jan. 11, 1847; [Reuben G., s. Reuben and Eliza (Randall) PR38].

Richard, h. Deborah (d. John Swain of England and Patience), ––– ––, 1709. PR38

Richard, s. Richard and Deborah, Feb. 20, 1738; [h. Rebecca (Gardner), s. Richard and Deborah (Swain), 20: 2m: PR38].

Richard, ch. Richard and Rebecca, 2: 11m: 1768 CR4; [h. Rhoda (Clasby), s. Richard Jr. and Rebecca (Gardner) PR38].

Sally, w. Jonathan Briggs, d. Wickliff and Priscilla Hammond, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah Eliza, d. Reuben and Eliza (Randall), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Sarah H., w. Joseph Fisher Jr. (s. Joseph), d. Oliver and Sally (Coffin), 1: 1m: 1831. PR38 [See mar. of Sarah H.]

Seth, h. Nancy (d. William Sanford of Woods Hole), s. Wickliff and Priscilla (Hammond), 28: 5m: 1779. PR38

Thaddeus, ch. Richard and Rebecca, 12: 6m: 1771 CR4; [h. Hepsibeth (Gardner), s. Richard and Rebecca (Gardner) PR38].

Thomas, s. Nathaniel and Margaret (Baxter), 20: 8m: 1797. PR38

Timothy, s. Wickliff and Priscilla Hammond, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Wickliffe, h. Priscilla Hammond of Bass River, s. Richard and Deborah (Swain), 5: 8m: 1749. PR38

William P., h. Ann Eliza (d. Charles West and Ann E.), s. Anthony and Polly (Perkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, h. Mary (d. Daniel Long and Thankful), s. Daniel and Hannah (Meader), 7: 6m: 1745. PR38

William, h. Deborah (d. George Brown), h. Betsey (wid. Reuben Chadwick), s. William and Mary (Long), 3: 12m: 1779. PR38

William S., h. Eliza Ann (d. Asa Coffin and Phebe), s. Seth and Nancy (Sanford), 14: 2m: 1807. PR38

William, s. Oliver and Sally (Coffin), ––: 4m: 1820. PR38

William J., s. John and Sarah L. (Farris), ––– ––, 1838. PR38

William N., s. Edward, laborer, and Hepzibeth, May 29, 1846.

William H., s. Alexander, cooper, and Belinda [Belinda J. (Fisher) PR38], Sept. 1, 1846.


Bathsheba, w. Elijah Baldwin, d. Jacob and Ann, 20: 6m: 1790. PR38

CHASE (Chace)

–––––, s. "Cousin Eunice" of New town, [ Sept. ––,] 1796. PR64

–––––, ch. Eunice [Jan. ––,] 1803. PR64

––––– (Chace), s. ""Cousin" Eunice, Apr. ––, 1805. PR64

–––––, ch. William, Aug. 25, 1841.

Abigail, w. John Sherman of New Bedford, d. Charles and Jane (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abigail, d. Stephen and Patience, Apr. 15, 1737; [w. Jethro Gardner, w. Henry Dow, d. Stephen and Patience (Marshall), 14: 4m: PR38].

Abner, ch. Philip and Rachel, 13: 3m: 1771. CR4

Abraham, h. Jerusha (d. Joseph Heath and Catharine), s. Thomas and Anna Smith, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abraham, s. Thomas and Elizabeth (Phillbrick), 6: 8m: 1652. PR38

Abraham, h. Abigail (d. Nathaniel Barnard and Mary), s. Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, ––: 1m: 1684 [dup. 10: 1m: 1683]. PR38

Adeline, w. Francis Worth (s. Shubael and Elizabeth), d. Owen and Nancy (Slade) (Joy), ––: 7m: 1833 [dup. 2: 7m: 1834]. PR38

Albert M., s. Alexander M. and Emeline E. (Kilburn), 23: 2m: 1842. PR38

Alexander, s. Charles and Eunice (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Alexander P., s. William S. and Betsey P. (Smith), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Alexander R., s. Charles F. and Deborah (Worth) (Russell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Alexander M., h. Emeline E. (d. Ralph Kilburn and Hepsabeth), s. Judah and Phebe (Meader), 2: [dup. 29: ] 9m: 1804. PR38

Alexander, h. Elizabeth (d. Frederick Hussey), s. Benjamin W., 25: 9m: 1817. PR38

Alexander M., h. Nancy B. (d. James Wilson and Jane), s. Shubael and Mary F. (Macy), 29: 12m: 1829. PR38

Alexander C., s. Henry, mariner, and Mary, Aug. 1, 1846.

Amelia, d. Daniel, mason, and Mercy, Feb. 28, 1844.

Andrew, s. Daniel, mason, and Mercy, Sept. 14, 1845.

Andrew Morton, s. Alexander and Elizabeth (Hussey), 31: 10m: 1849. PR38

Anna, w. Joseph Hovey, d. Nathan and Parnal (Long), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Anna, d. Charles G. and Charlotte Felton, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Anna, d. Thomas and Anna Smith, 19: 1m: 1759. PR38

Anna, w. Latham Hussey (s. Stephen and Elizabeth), d. James and Mary, 1: 7m: 1776. PR38

Anna, w. Nathaniel Rand (s. Ebenezer), d. Reuben and Judith (Gardner), 31: 5m: 1786. PR38

Anna Glazier, w. Thomas Derrick, d. Francis and Anna (Gardner), 24: 3m: 1810. PR38

Anna G., w. Thomas Coggshall (s. Timothy), d. William G. and Elizabeth (Congdon), 6: 11m: 1841. PR38

Ann Louisa, w. Edward Howard of NY, d. Paul and Rose Ann Tylee, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ann, d. Isaac and Eunice (Brown), 1: 11m: 1797. PR38

Ann, w. William Austin (s. Benjamin), d. Joseph and Polly (Coffin), 20: 9m: 1800. PR38

Ann Maria Roland w. Edward (s. Joseph), ––: 11m: 1810. PR38

Ann Eliza, d. Shubael and Hepsibeth (Swain), 23: 8m: 1820. PR38

Ann R., w. Samuel Simkins (s. Edward), d. Joseph and Winifred (Bocot), 24: 7m: 1839. PR38

Ann L., d. Peter G., mariner, and Susan, Oct. 2, 1847; [Ann Louisa, w. William C. Barnard of E. Dedham, d. Peter G. and Susan C. (Swain), 4: 10m: PR38].

Ariel, h. Jane (d. Job Tripp), s. James and Mary, 15: 5m: 1770. PR38

Arthur S., s. Frederick C., merchant, [and] Delia M., Jan. 30, 1848; [Arthur Stephens Chase, s. Frederick C. and Delia Maria (Coleman), 20: 1m: PR38].

Augustus L., s. Henry, mariner, and Mary, Mar. 1, 1844.

Benjamin, s. Nathan and Parnal (Long), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, s. Judah and Phebe (Meader), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, s. Isaac and Mercy (Chadwick), 10: 8m: 1760. PR38

Benjamin, h. Deborah (d. James Fitzgerald), s. James and Mercy (Godfrey), 19: 4m: 1789. PR38

Benjamin Coffin, h. Eunice (d. Peter Paddack and Judith), h. Phebe (d. Zimri Coffin and Abigail), s. George and Rebecca (Coffin), 24: 11m: 1797 [dup. 1798]. PR38

Benjamin of Fall River, h. Susan (d. Obed Pitts and Rhoda), ––: 4m: 1802. PR38

Benjamin D., h. Eunice H. (d. George Barnard and Merab), s. George and Deborah, ––: 4m: 1817. PR38

Borden, h. Ruth (second w.), ––– ––, –––– CR4; [h. Sally (d. George Folger Jr.), h. Ruth (d. Zachery Bunker and Judith), ––– ––, 1775 PR38].

Caroline, w. Job Stratton, w. Charles Wood of Auburn, NY, d. Borden and Ruth (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles, s. Stephen and Patience, May 31, 1731; [h. Jane (Coleman), s. Stephen and Patience (Marshall), 31: 5m: PR38].

Charles, h. Eunice (d. Barnabas Coffin and Abigail), s. Charles and Jane (Coleman), ––– ––, 1763. PR38

Charles F., h. Deborah A. (wid. Alexander Russell, d. Barzillai Worth), s. Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), 21: 1m: 1795. PR38

Charles W., h. Eliza (d. William Brown), s. Stephen and Peggy (Barnard), 31: 3m: 1805. PR38

Charles G., s. William and Merib (Gardner), 6: 1m: 1809. PR38

Charles G., h. Charlotte Fulton of Ohio, s. Peter and Lurania (Wyer), 25: [dup. 15: ] 10m: 1815. PR38

Charles H., h. Margaret, ––– ––, 1820 GR5; [Charles Henry, h. Margaret F. (Gurney), h. Ann (Morselander), s. Moses and Eliza (Joy), 15: 11m: 1821 PR38; Charles H., h. Margaret F. (Gurney), h. Ann Eliza (Morselander), Nov. 16, 1820 PR42].

Charles Frederick, s. Owen and Eunics (Chadwick), 17: 1m: 1838. PR38

Charles F., h. Mary Louisa Otis of Boston, h. Una U. Keene of Abington, s. Frederick A. and Mary Ann (Myrick), 20: 8m: 1838. PR38

Charles M., h. Myra F. Cowles of Cleaveland Ohio, s. Charles W. and Eliza (Brown), 8: 8m: 1846. PR38

Charles William, s. Edward, yeoman, and Susan, Sept. 30, 1847.

Charles Frederick, s. Frederick C. and Delia Maria (Coleman), 4: 11m: 1848. PR38

Charlotte, d. William F. and Aseneth (Holmes) (Abrahms), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charlotte, w. Barzillai Coffin (s. Benjamin), d. Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), 31: 1m: 1787. PR38

Charlotte C. Chase, w. Timothy W. Riddell, July 15, 1806 GR3; [Chase, d. Joseph and Polly (Coffin) PR38].

Charlotte J., w. Peter G. Smith (s. Solomon), d. Stephen and Peggy (Barnard), 18: 11m: 1807. PR38

Charlotte, w. Prince Fisher, d. James and Mary (Long), 5: 1m: 1810. PR38

Delia C., w. Charles B. Moore, d. Obed G. and Amy W. (Sherman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Cornelius, s. Isaac and Mary (Pease), 14: 7m: 1705. PR38

Cornelius, s. Stephen and Patience, 21: 9m: 1734 [see Ruth]; [s. Stephen and Patience (Marshall), 23: 9m: PR38].

Cromwell, s. Charles and Eunice (Coffin), 17: 5m: 1791. PR38

Cynthia, ch. Ephraim, bp. June 4, 1769. CR3

David, ch. Francis and Naomi, 2: 12m: 1773 CR4; [s. Francis and Naomi (Gardner) PR38].

David C., s. Obed, cooper, and Sarah B., Aug. 16, 1845; [s. Obed and Sarah B. (Coffin), ––: 8m: 1846 PR38].

Deborah, w. John Morris Jr., d. Stephen and Dinah (Folger), 5: 5m: 1750. PR38

Edith S., d. William B. and Mary Ann (Wistar), 16: 12m: 1839. PR38

Edward, h. Ann Maria Roland of NY, h. Susan (d. Joseph Parker), h. Abby (wid. William Dayton, d. Peter Hussey), s. Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), 21: 4m: 1801. PR38

Edward B., s. Obed and Susan H. (Barnard), 17: 4m: 1826. PR38

Edward P., s. Edward and Susan (Parker), 17: 11m: 1838. PR38

Edwin B., s. George B., 6: 5m: 1807. PR38

Eleanor, w. James Long (s. Robert and Sarah), d. Abraham and Abigail (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eliza, w. Charles C. Myrick (s. George), d. Charles and Eunice (Coffin), 15: 11m: 1795 PR38; [Nov. 15, 1794 PR64].

Eliza, w. Ariel Cathcart (s. Gershom), d. Judah and Phebe (Meader), 31: 8m: 1798. PR38

Eliza Ann, w. Edward G. Barney (s. Jonathan), d. Peter, 18: 5m: 1805. PR38

Eliza, ch. Borden and Sarah, 10: 9m: 1805 CR4; [Eliza B., w. Charles B. Fowler of NY, d. Borden and Sally (Folger), ––: 10m: PR38].

Eliza Ann, twin ch. Job and Ruth, 7: 12m: 1811 CR4; [w. Capt. Robert McCleave GR2; w. Robert McCleave (s. Joseph), twin d. Job and Ruth (Macy) PR38].

Eliza Ann, w. George Sanderson, d. George Brown and Elizabeth (Ramsdell), 22: 11m: 1813. PR38

Eliza Abby, d. Reuben and Elizabeth (Bizzel), ––: 1m: 1832. PR38

Eliza C. [Chase, w. –––––] Murphy, ––– ––, 1833 GR3; [Chase, w. Frederick B. Murphy (s. Charles), d. Obed and Sarah B. (Coffin), 14: 9m: PR38].

Eliza Ann, w. Henry Smith of Buffalo, NY, d. George R. and Paulina McKinney, 21: 12m: 1839. PR38

Elizabeth, d. Charles G. and Charlotte Felton, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Elizabeth, d. Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, 9: 9m: 1703. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. Francis and Naomi, 22: 5m: 1766 CR4; [w. Capt. Asa Gardner (s. Alexander and Anna), d. Francis and Naomi (Gardner) PR38].

Betsey, w. Obed Chase (s. Francis), d. Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), 31: 10m: 1780. PR38

Elizabeth, w. Alexander Swain Jr., d. George and Rebecca (Coffin), 20: 11m: 1793. PR38

Elizabeth, d. William and Phebe (Russell), 4: 7m: 1798. PR38

Betsey (Chace) [? m.], Dec. 13, 1799. GR3

Betsey, d. Joseph and Polly (Coffin), 18: 2m: 1804. PR38

Elizabeth W., w. Edmund Macy (s. Job), d. Peter and Lurania (Wyer), 21: 4m: 1814. PR38

Elizabeth F., w. Reuben B. Gardner (s. Benjamin and Judith), d. James F. and Eliza, 29: 11m: 1815. PR38

Elizabeth, d. Isaac and Sally (Ellis), 7: 6m: 1824. PR38

Elizabeth B., w. Asa B. Hutchinson (s. Jesse), d. Frederick B. and Phebe (Allen), 14: 3m: 1828. PR38

Elizabeth Ann, w. William H. Lawrence (s. Benjamin), d. Edward and Ann Maria Roland 29: 6m: 1832 PR38; [Chace PR41].

Elizabeth Sabins, d. Benjamin and Susan (Pitts), 24: 6m: 1835. PR38

Elizabeth H., w. Josiah F. Barrett (s. Samuel), d. Nathan and Judith (Hosier), 24: 3m: 1836. PR38

Elizabeth Saunders, d. George R. and Paulina McKinney, 24: 9m: 1841. PR38

Elizabeth C., d. James G., mariner, and Sophia, Aug. 12, 1843.

Elizabeth C., d. William G., farmer, and Elizabeth, June 14, 1848.

Ellen (Chace), w. J.H. Sherman, M.D., ––– ––, 1815 GR3; [Chase, w. Dr. John H. Sherman of Augusta, ME, d. Frederick B. and Phebe (Allen), 25: 1m: 1834 PR38].

Elliot, s. Benjamin D. and Eunice H. (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Emily G., w. Frederick Skelton, d. Shubael and Mary F. (Macy), 20: 11m: 1835. PR38

Emily C., d. William J., carpenter, and Mary E., Feb. 14, 1849.

Emeline, w. Thomas Clasby (s. Lot), second, w. William Gayer Macy, d. William and Merab (Gardner), 24: 3m: 1805 [dup. 1803]. PR38

Eunice, w. Zebulon Coffin (s. John and Susanna), d. Isaac and Eunice (Brown), 27: 12m: [dup. 1m: ] 1780. PR38

Eunice, ch. Francis and Naomi, 4: 3m: 1787 CR4; [w. Alexander Swain, d. Francis and Naomi (Gardner) PR38].

Eunice H., d. Frederick B. and Phebe (Allen), 20: 9m: 1838. PR38

Francis Edward, m., s. Paul and Rose Ann Tylee, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Francis, s. Joseph and Miriam, Sept. 10, 1738. [10: 7m: 1737 CR4; h. Naomi (Gardner), s. Joseph and Miriam (Coffin), 10: 9m: 1738. PR38]

Francis, ch. Francis and Naomi, 19: 10m: 1781. CR4 [h. Anna (d. Micajah Gardner), s. Francis and Naomi (Gardner), 11: 10m: PR38]

Francis, h. Mary H. (d. Moses Folger and Eliza M.), s. James F. and Eliza, 20: 9m: 1823. PR38

Francis Cary, s. William G. and Elizabeth (Congdon), ––: 5m: 1845. PR38

Franklin, h. Nancy (d. Simeon Ellis), s. Isaac and Eunice (Brown), 8: 9m: 1787 [see Isaac, dup. 1: 9m: 1789]. PR38

Franklin B., s. Benjamin D. and Eunice H. (Barnard), 21: 6m: 1844. PR38

Frederick, s. Charles G. and Charlotte Felton, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Frederick, s. James and Mercy (Godfrey), 15: 8m: 1783. PR38

Frederick B. of Freetown, h. Phebe (d. David Allen), 22: 8m: 1795. PR38

Frederick A., h. Mary Ann (d. Matthew Myrick and Abigail), s. Peter, 26: 12m: 1800. PR38

Frederick Coffin, ch. Franklin and Nancy, bp. Oct. 6, 1822. CR2 [h. Delia Maria (Coleman), s. Franklin and Nancy (Ellis), b. ––: 7m: [dup. 15: 7m: 1821]. PR38]

Frederick W., s. Frederick B. and Phebe (Allen), 3: 10m: 1830. PR38

George M., s. George G. and Rebecca (Brown), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George, h. Rebecca (d. Barnabas Coffin and Abigail), s. Shubael and Sarah (Manter), 16: 7m: 1751 [dup. 1761]. PR38

George Brown, h. Elizabeth (d. James Ramsdell), h. Rebecca (divorced, w. John M. Beebe), d. Nathaniel Chadwick and Margaret (Baxter), s. Isaac and Eunice (Brown), 7: 4m: 1786 [dup. 1785]. PR38

George H., "Father," Dec. 31, 1792. GR3 [h. Rebecca (Coffin), h. Judith M. (Macy) (Robinson) Riddell, s. Joseph and Rebecca (Folger). PR38]

George W., h. Lydia (d. Obed Long), s. Nathan and Sally (Nobles), 2: 1m: 1799. PR38

George, s. William and Phebe (Russell), 29: 6m: 1801. PR38

George G., h. Rebecca (d. James Brown and Priscilla), s. Judah and Phebe (Meader), 18: [dup. 16: ] 9m: 1802. PR38

George H., ch. Borden and Sarah, 18: 8m: 1804. CR4

George R., h. Pauline McKinney of MO, s. George B. and Elizabeth (Ramsdell), 14: 6m: 1815. PR38

George G., s. Shubael and Hepsibeth (Swain), 14: 5m: 1818. PR38

George Brown, s. Benjamin Coffin Chase and Phebe (Coffin), 7: 8m: 1832. PR38

George W., h. Mary Macy (d. William Clisby and Mary), s. Robert Barnard and Hepsibeth (Macy), 14: 2m: 1839. PR38

George P., s. Edward and Susan (Parker), 25: 1m: 1842. PR38

Gilbert of Newport, RI, h. Mary (d. Jonathan Folger Jr. and Lydia), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hannah, w. Nathan Pease (s. Stephen and Deborah), d. Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, 25: 11m: 1693. PR38

Harriet, d. Charles G. and Charlotte Felton, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Harriet Amanda, w. Albert W. Allen (s. James), d. Joseph and Winifred (Bocot), 4: 10m: 1828. PR38

Harriet Louisa, w. Albert C. Brown (s. George and Judith), d. Shubael and Mary F. (Macy), 16: 1m: 1840. PR38

Harriet Ann, d. William S. and Betsey P. (Smith), 22: 12m: 1846. PR38

Henry, ch. Phillip and Rachel, 9: 2m: 1769. PR38

Henry C., s. William G., yeoman, and Elizabeth, Feb. 14, 1847. [Henry Clark Chase, s. William G. and Elizabeth (Congdon). PR38]

Hepsibeth, w. Ethan Tappan of L.I., d. Charles and Jane (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hepsibeth, w. William Dillingham (s. Charles), 15: 3m: 1806. PR38

Howard, h. Mary (d. Aaron McKeel of NY), s. Joseph and Winifred (Bocot), 24: 11m: 1842. PR38

Howard, s. William H., cooper, and Eliza Ann [(Tuck) PR38], Jan. 1, 1848.

Irvin, s. William G., farmer, and Elizabeth, Jan. 15, 1844.

Isaac, h. Mercy (d. Richard Chadwick and Deborah), s. Nathan and Parnal (Long), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Isaac, Lt., h. Mary (d. Isaac Perkins and Susanna of Hampton), h. Mary Tilton of Chilmark, M[artha's] Vineyard, s. Thomas and Elizabeth (Philbrick), ––– ––, 1647. PR38

Isaac, h. Mary (d. James Pease and Elizabeth of M[artha's] Vineyard), s. Isaac and Mary Tilton, 10: [dup. 21: ] 1m: 1682. PR38

Isaac, s. Isaac and Mary (Pease), 10: 7m: 1712. PR38

Isaac, h. Eunice (d. Francis Brown), s. Isaac and Mary (Chadwick), 23: 10m: 1754. PR38

Isaac, h. Sally (d. Simeon Ellis and Deborah), s. Isaac and Eunice (Brown), 6: 8m: 1787. PR38

James, h. Mercy (d. Caleb Godfrey and Mary of Barnstable), s. Thomas and Anna Smith, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, h. Elizabeth Green, s. Thomas and Elizabeth (Philbrick), ––– ––, 1649. PR38

James, h. Rachel (d. John Brown and Rachel (Gardner)), s. Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, 15: 1m: 1686. PR38

James, s. Isaac and Elizabeth of Swanzey, 19: 12m: 1705. PR38

James, h. Mary (d. Abraham Long and Mary), s. James and Mercy (Godfrey), 10: [dup. 18: ] 9m: 1781 [see Sally]. PR38

James H., s. Nathan and Sally (Nobles), 14: 3m: 1804. PR38

James Franklin, ch. Nancy, bp. Apr. 19, 1818. CR2 [h. Phebe A. (d. Simeon Macy)], s. Franklin and Nancy (Ellis), b. 7: 11m: 1816. PR38

James F., h. Ann W. (d. Thomas Brock and Sarah), s. James F. and Eliza, ––: 4m: 1821. PR38

James B., h. Louisa W. Hammond of New Bedford, s. George G. and Rebecca (Brown), ––– ––, 1827. PR38

James B., h. Mary (d. Nathaniel Cook), s. Joseph and Winifred (Bocot), 17: 5m: 1847. PR38

Jedidah, see Jedidah Barker.

Job, h. Ruth (d. Caleb Macy and Judith), s. Benjamin and Martha of Dartmouth, 3: 12m: 1772. PR38

John G., h. Lydia (d. Obed Clark), s. Francis and Anna (Gardner), 5: 12m: 1803. PR38

John B., h. Cornelia Stearns, s. Edward and Susan (Parker), 25: 7m: 1840. PR38

John R., s. Reuben and Elizabeth (Bizzel), 21: 5m: 1842. PR38

Jonathan, s. Nathan and Parnal (Long), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jonathan, h. Mehitable, s. Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, 28: 12m: 1691. PR38

Jonathan, h. Mary (d. Job Smith and Phebe), s. Isaac and Mercy (Chadwick), 28: 7m: 1753. PR38

Joseph T., h. Hannah Hawes, s. Ariel and Jane (Tripp), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph, h. Rachel (d. William Partridge), s. Thomas and Elizabeth (Phillbrick), ––– ––, 1645. PR38

Joseph, h. Lydia (d. Nathaniel Coffin and Damaris), s. Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, 26: 2m: 1689. PR38

Joseph, h. Miriam (d. Joseph Coffin and Bethia), s. Isaac and Mary (Pease) of Chilmark, 22: 12m: 1713 [dup. 1690 written in pencil above 1713]. PR38

Joseph, h. Rebecca (d. Reuben Folger), s. Stephen and Dinah (Folger), 23: 3m: 1752. PR38

Joseph, h. Polly (d. Bartlett Coffin and Peggy), s. Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), 9: 9m: 1778. PR38

Joseph M., h. Winifred (d. James Bocot Jr. and Elizabeth), s. Judah and Phebe (Meader), 15: 6m: 1800. PR38

Joseph, h. Peggy P. (d. Peter Brock), s. Stephen and Peggy (Barnard), 18: 9m: 1810. PR38

Joseph B., h. Sarah B. (d. Edward Ray and Lydia), s. George H. and Rebecca (Coffin), 22: 4m: 1821. PR38

Joseph M., h. Emily C. (d. Peleg Macy and Lydia), s. Robert Barnard and Hepsibeth (Macy), 4: 3m: 1833. PR38

Joseph M., h. Emily (sister of Samuel Simkins), s. Joseph and Winifred (Bocot), 14: 2m: 1845. PR38

Judah, h. Phebe (d. Benjamin Meader), h. Ruth (wid. Elial Coffin, d. John Beard and Ruth), s. ––––– and Desire (later, w. Bachelder Swain), 23: 1m: 1764. PR38

Judith P., w. Peter C. Pinkham (s. Hezekiah and Eunice), d. Benjamin Coffin and Eunice (Paddack), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Judith, ch. Francis and Naomi, 9: 1m: 1776. CR4 [w. Richard Gardner Swain, d. Francis and Naomi (Gardner), 9: 6m: PR38]

Judith, ch. Job and Ruth, 22: 10m: 1797. CR4 [w. Elnathan Gibbs of Wareham, w. Seth Sturtevant of Wareham, d. Job and Ruth (Macy). PR38]

Judith G., w. Lewis C. Eldredge of Dennisport, d. Reuben and Elizabeth (Bizzel), 17: 10m: 1835. PR38

Judith I., d. William H., cooper, and Eliza Ann, Feb. 2, 1845; [w. Edward Whiteford of NM, d. William H. and Eliza Ann (Tuck), 1: 2m: PR38]

Laura, d. William G., yeoman, and Elizabeth S., July 3, 1845; [w. Thaddeus Winfield Hunt, d. William G. and Elizabeth (Congdon), 3: 7m: 1846. PR38]

Leonard, h. ––––– Bodfish, s. Levi and ––––– Pike, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Levi, h. ––––– Pike, s. Isaac and Mary (Pease) of Chilmark, 30: 3m: 1716. PR38

Louisa, w. Charles C. Russell Jr., d. Stephen and Peggy (Barnard), 3: 5m: 1803. PR38

Lucinda Mc–––––, w. Timothy (s. Charles), ––– ––, 1828 [? in WI]. PR38

Lucretia, w. Thomas D. King of VA, d. Shubael and Hepsibeth (Swain), 16: 10m: 1814. PR38

Lydia, see Lidia.

Lidia, ch. Joseph and Lidia, bp. Sept. 26, 1731. CR1

Lydia, ch. Francis and Naomi, 4: 11m: 1764. CR4 [w. George Gorham Hussey (s. George and Deborah), d. Francis and Naomi (Gardner). PR38]

Lydia, w. Nathaniel Clark (s. Benjamin and Elizabeth), d. Thomas and Anna Smith, 8: 3m: 1771 [dup. 1770]. PR38

Lydia, w. Leonard Fisher [q.v.], d. Abraham and Jerusha, 4: 1m: 1797. PR38

Lydia, ch. Job and Ruth, 5: 4m: 1800. CR4 [w. Richard Hussey (s. Robert Miriam), d. Job and Ruth (Macy). PR38]

Lydia G. Chase, w. Capt. William H. Tice, ––– ––, 1822. GR3 [Chase, first, w. William H. Tice of Albany, d. Owen and Margaret (Gardner), ––: 6m: PR38]

Lydia B., w. Charles B. Reynolds of Providence, RI, d. Alexander M. and Emeline E. (Kilburn), 21: 1m: 1844. PR38

Lydia C., d. Benjamin and Susan (Pitts), ––: 5m: 1848. PR38

Lydia P., d. Benjamin D., mariner, and Eunice B., Aug. 9, 1848. [Lydia Maria, d. Benjamin D. and Eunice H. (Barnard). PR38]

Margaret, see Peggy.

Margaret, w. Crispus Gardner of L.I. (s. David and Elizabeth), d. Stephen and Dinah (Folger), 10: 5m: 1743. PR38

Peggy, w. Isaac Rose of CT, d. Benjamin and Margaret, ––– ––, 1752. PR38

Peggy [Chase, w. –––––] Coffin, w. Henry Riddell, Oct. 18, 1784. PR17 [Margaret Chase, w. Alfred Coffin (s. Abner and Elizabeth), third, w. Henry Riddell (s. Samuel and Judith), d. Joseph and Rebecca (Folger). PR38]

Maria Chase, w. Henry B. Fisher, Mar. 30, 1812. GR4 [Chase, d. Judah and Ruth (Beard) (Coffin). PR38]

Mary, w. Reuben Bunker (s. Benjamin and Deborah), d. Abraham and Abigail (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, w. Thomas Smith of M[artha's] Vineyard, d. Nathan and Parnal (Long), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Polly, see Mary.

Mary, w. Benjamin Weeks, d. Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, ––– ––, 1687. PR38

Mary, ch. Joseph and Lidia, bp. Sept. 26, 1731. CR1

Mary, w. William Bunker (s. Jonathan), w. William Slade, d. Stephen and Dinah (Folger), 13: 9m: 1756. PR38

Mary, d. Thomas and Anna Smith, 3: 11m: 1764. PR38

Mary [dup. Polly], w. Freeman Sherman (s. John), d. Reuben and Judith (Gardner), 24: 3m: 1784. PR38

Mary, first, w. Benjamin Ray (s. Seth), d. William and Merab (Gardner), 25: 12m: 1797. PR38

Mary, ch. Job and Ruth, 6: 11m: 1798. CR4 [w. Paul Chase (s. Stephen and Margaret), d. Job and Ruth (Macy). PR38]

Mary C. Chase, w. George Harris, Mar. 31, 1799. GR3 [Chase, w. George Harris (s. David and Miriam), d. Joseph Jr. and Polly (Coffin). PR38]

Mary, d. George B. and Elizabeth (Ramsdell), 24: 5m: 1809. PR38

Mary, w. John B. Jewett, second, w. George C. Russell (s. James and Polly), d. Shubael and Hepsibeth (Swain), ––: 3m: 1812. PR38

Mary Ann, w. William H. Lawrence (s. Benjamin), d. Edward and Ann Maria Roland 30: 10m: 1829. PR38

Mary Abby, d. Peter F. and Eliza (Bunker), ––: 8m: 1831. PR38

Mary Jane, d. Reuben and Elizabeth (Bizzel), 26: 8m: 1839. PR38

Mary Ann, d. Obed and Sarah B. (Coffin), 17: 11m: 1840. PR38

Mary Abby, w. George W. Cobb (s. George and Susan), d. Nathaniel C. and Martha R. (Hathaway), 7: 5m: 1844. PR38

Mary Paulina, d. George R. and Paulina McKinney, 5: 3m: 1845. PR38

Mary E., d. Benjamin C., mariner, and Phebe, Apr. 23, 1848. [Mary Elizabeth, d. Benjamin Coffin Chase and Phebe (Coffin). PR38]

Matthew M., s. Frederick A. and Mary Ann (Myrick), 11: 10m: 1836. PR38

Miriam, w. Benjamin Ray (s. Samuel), d. Stephen and Dinah (Folger), 12: 12m: 1747. PR38

Miriam, ch. Francis and Naomi, 15: 9m: 1771. CR4 [w. Timothy Parker, w. Charles Coffin, d. Francis and Naomi (Gardner). PR38]

Moses, h. Eliza (d. Reuben Joy and Mary), s. Charles and Eunice (Coffin), 11: 7m: 1793. PR38

Nancy, w. Charles C. Myrick (s. George), d. Charles and Eunice (Coffin), 29: 3m: 1798. PR38

Nancy M. [Chase, w. –––––] Hinckley, June 1, 1810. GR3 [Chase, w. Ebenezer M. Hinckley (s. Elisha M.), d. James F. PR38]

Naomi, ch. Francis and Naomi, 23: 3m: 1769. CR4 [w. Seth Hussey (s. William and Abigail), d. Francis and Naomi (Gardner), 27: [dup. 23: ] 8m: PR38]

Nathan, s. Thomas and Anna Smith, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nathan, h. Parnal (d. Robert Long and Sarah), s. Isaac and Mary (Pease), 16: 7m: 1702. PR38

Nathan, h. Sally (d. John Nobles and Eunice), s. James and Mercy (Godfrey), 25: 9m: 1777. PR38

Nathan, h. Judith (d. William Hosier), s. Nathan and Sally (Nobles), 13: 4m: 1801. PR38

Nathan, s. Nathan and Judith (Hosier), 10: 9m: 1837. PR38

Nathaniel, s. Thomas and Anna Smith, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nathaniel C. [dup. G.], h. Martha R. (d. Charles Hathaway and Lucretia), s. Francis and Anna (Gardner), 29: 8m: 1813 [dup. 1812]. PR38

Obed, ch. Francis and Naomi, 19: 12m: 1778. CR4 [h. Betsey (d. Joseph Chase), h. Elizabeth (d. Abner Coffin), s. Francis and Naomi (Gardner). PR38]

Obed, h. Susan H. (d. Paul Barnard and Mary), h. Sarah B. (d. David Coffin), s. Reuben and Judith (Gardner), 20: 3m: [dup. 8m: ] 1803. PR38

Obed G., h. Ann [dup. Amy] W. (d. Nicholas Sherman of Chataqua, NY), s. Obed and Elizabeth (Coffin), 25: 4m: 1812. PR38

Obed R., Apr. 5, 1829. GR3 [h. Hannah M. (Fitzgerald) Fuller, s. Obed and Susan H. (Barnard). PR38]

Oliver C., s. Peter and Lurania (Wyer), ––– ––, 1818. PR38

Oliver S., s. Nathan and Judith (Hosier), 16: 1m: 1843. PR38

Owen, h. Margaret (d. George Gardner), h. Nancy (wid. Matthew Joy, d. Benjamin Slade), h. Eunice (d. William Chadwick), h. Susan (wid. James Gwinn Jr., d. Jesse Coffin), s. Judah and Phebe (Meader), 7: 10m: 1797 [dup. 10: 7m: 1796]. PR38

Parnal, w. George Brown (s. Francis and Eunice), d. Shubael and Sarah (Manter), 14: 11m: 1759. PR38

Parnal, w. Tristram Swain (s. David), d. George and Rebecca (Coffin), 1: 2m: 1791. PR38

Paul, s. Charles and Jane (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Paul, s. Paul and Rose Ann Tylee, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Paul, s. Joseph and Miriam [(Coffin) PR38] Aug. 2, 1741.

Paul, ch. Francis and Naomi, 19: 6m: 1784. CR4 [h. Rose Ann Tylee of NY, s. Francis and Naomi (Gardner). PR38]

Paul, h. Mary (d. Job Chase), s. Stephen and Peggy (Barnard), 8: 4m: 1797. PR38

Paulina McKinney, of MO, w. George R. (s. George B. and Elizabeth), 2: 4m: 1827. PR38

Peter G., h. Lurania (d. Hugh Wyer and Susan), s. Reuben and Judith (Gardner), 10: 5m: 1788. PR38

Peter, s. Isaac and Eunice (Brown), 13: 1m: 1794. PR38

Peter F., h. Eliza (d. Moses Bunker), s. George and Rebecca (Coffin), 2: 11m: 1795. PR38

Peter G., h. Susan C. (d. Abraham Swain and Anna), s. Peter and Lurania (Wyer), 25: 3m: 1817. PR38

Peter, h. Clara M. (d. Addison Judson of Danbury), s. William H. and Eliza Ann (Tuck), 5: 11m: 1843. PR38

Phebe, ch. Philip and Rachel, 20: 6m: 1767. CR4

Phebe, second, w. Thaddeus Hussey (s. Obed and Priscilla), d. James and Mary, 22: 12m: 1774. PR38

Phebe, w. Nathan Swain, d. Jonathan and Mary, 22: 7m: 1787. PR38

Phebe, ch. Francis and Naomi, 16: 8m: 1789. CR4 [w. George Mitchell, d. Francis and Naomi (Gardner), 24: 8m: PR38]

Phebe Ann twin ch. Job and Ruth, 7: 12m: 1811. CR4 [w. Alexander Barnard (s. Thomas and Eunice), twin d. Job and Ruth (Macy). PR38]

Phebe Ann, w. Gardner Coffin Jr. (s. Gardner and Mary), d. Owen and Margaret (Gardner), 16: 4m: 1820. PR38

Phebe M., w. Leander A. Bly, d. George G. and Rebecca (Brown), ––: 10m: 1836. PR38

Priscilla, first, w. Henry Smith Sr., d. Joseph and Lydia of Martha's Vineyard, ––– ––, –––– [? on Martha's Vineyard]. PR38

Priscilla, w. Nathaniel Folger (s. John), d. Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, 12: 11m: 1697. PR38

Priscilla, w. William W. Morris (s. Jonathan), d. Isaac and Eunice (Brown), 8: 8m: 1782. PR38

Priscilla Morris, ch. Franklin and Nancy, bp. July 25, 1819. CR2 [w. Tillinghast Almy, b. Apr. 15 GR3; w. Tillinghast Almy of Providence, d. Franklin and Nancy (Ellis), b. 15: 4m: PR38]

Rachel, w. Samuel Knight, d. Isaac and Mary Tilton, 25: 8m: 1679. PR38

Rachael, w. Peter Fitch [q.v.], d. James and Rachael, 30: 8m: 1712. PR38

Rachel, ch. Joseph and Lidia, bp. Sept. 26, 1731. CR1 [Rachael, third, w. Thomas Gwinn (s. David and Alice (Cartwright), b. 26: 2m: 1730. PR38]

Rebecca, d. Stephen and Patience, July 10, 1739. [w. ––––– Handy of Hudson, NY, d. Stephen and Patience (Marshall), 10: 7m: PR38]

Rebecca C., w. Bradford Sherman, d. Benjamin Coffin Chase and Phebe (Coffin), 3: 11m: 1830. PR38

Rebecca F., d. Edward and Ann Maria Roland 30: 9m: 1834. PR38

Reuben, s. Charles G. and Charlotte Felton, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Reuben, h. Judith (d. Peleg Gardner and Anna), s. Stephen and Dinah (Folger), 23: 6m: 1754. PR38

Reuben, h. Elizabeth (d. William Bissel [dup. Bizzell]), s. Reuben and Judith (Gardner), 21: 12m: 1797. PR38

Reuben G., h. Lucy C.M. Howard of Maine, s. Obed and Sarah B. (Coffin), 28: 4m: 1836. PR38

Richard Wyatt, s. William B. and Mary Ann (Wistar), 7: 11m: 1841. PR38

Robert Barnard, h. Hepsibeth (d. Job Macy and Deborah), s. Stephen and Peggy (Barnard), 7: 4m: 1799. PR38

Robert B., h. Sarah E. Perry, s. Robert Barnard and Hepsibeth (Macy), 12: 5m: 1844. PR38

Rowland B., h. Lydia (d. Charles Davis and Hannah), s. Peter and Lurania (Wyer), 31: 3m: 1810. PR38

Rowland C., s. George H. and Rebecca (Coffin), 22: 8m: 1832. PR38

Ruth, d. Stephen and Patience (Marshall), 1: 9m: 1734 [see Cornelius]. PR38

Sarah, d. Isaac and Mary (Pease), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah, w. Timoth Goodspeed Sr., d. Levi and ––––– Pike, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah, w. ––––– Slocum, d. Ariel and Jane (Tripp), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah C., d. Paul and Rose Ann Tylee, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah G., d. Frederick A. and Mary Ann (Myrick), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah, w. Samuel Cobb, d. Lt. Isaac and Mary Tilton, 15: 8m: 1695. PR38

Sally, w. Joseph McCleave (s. Robert and Hannah), d. James and Mercy (Godfrey), 2: 3m: 1781 [? 1780, see James]. PR38

Sally, d. George and Rebecca (Coffin), 20: 3m: 1800. PR38

Sarah, first, w. Peleg Ray (s. David), d. Stephen and Peggy (Barnard), 22: 5m: 1801. PR38

Sarah Folger, ch. Borden and Sarah, 22: 11m: 1808. CR4 [d. Borden and Sally (Folger). PR38]

Sarah C., w. Oliver C. Swain (s. Elihu), d. Shubael and Mary F. (Macy), ––: 6m: 1826. PR38

Sarah R., d. Robert Barnard and Hepsibeth (Macy), 7: 12m: 1829. PR38

Sarah Jane, d. Obed, cooper, and Sarah B., Aug. 7, 1843. [w. Nathaniel B. Macy, d. Obed R. and Sarah B. (Coffin). PR38]

Seth C., s. Frederick B. and Phebe (Allen), 30: 10m: 1833. PR38

Shubael, h. Sarah (d. George Manter of Martha's Vineyard), s. Nathan and Parnal (Long), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Shubael, h. Hepsibeth (d. Timothy Swain Jr.), h. Mary F. (d. Peter Macy), s. George and Rebecca (Coffin), 23: 5m: 1789. PR38 [May 22. PR64]

Sidney, see Sydney.

Sydney, s. Frederick A., merchant, and Mary Ann, Dec. 3, 1846; [h. Ella May Merrihew of Fairhaven, s. Frederick A. and Mary Ann (Myrick), ––: 7m: 1840. PR38]

Sydney, s. Daniel, mason, and Mercy, Nov. 13, 1847.

Sydney, s. Henry, mariner, and Mary, Feb. 4, 1849.

Solon, s. Stephen and Dinah (Folger), 12: 7m: 1760. PR38

Sophia, w. John Crosby (s. Samuel), w. Timothy Robbins (s. John), second, w. George Barrett (s. Samuel of Boston and Sarah Manning), d. James and Mercy (Godfrey), 21: [dup. 31: ] 5m: 1791. PR38

Sophronia, w. Nathaniel W. Jenkins (s. Daniel and Susan of Falmouth), d. Arnold, 28: 4m: 1818. PR38

Stephen, h. Patience (d. Joseph Marshall and Mary [dup. Mercy (Short)]), h. Dinah (d. Jonathan Folger and Margaret), s. Isaac Jr. and Mary (Pease), 21: 12m: 1708. PR38

Stephen, h. Margaret [dup. Peggy] (d. Robert Barnard), s. Charles and Jane (Coleman), 3: 7m: [dup. 8m: ] 1773. PR38

Susan, d. Charles G. and Charlotte Felton, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Susan, d. William H. and Eliza Ann (Tuck), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Susan Amelia, d. Nathaniel C. and Martha B. (Hathaway), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Susan, w. Benjamin Austin (s. Jacob and Betsey), d. Isaac of Swanzey, 25: 5m: 1735. PR38

Susan, w. John Bunker (s. George of Fairhaven), d. James and Mary [dup. Mercy (Godfrey)], 30: 6m: 1785. PR38

Susan, w. Obed Alley (s. Reuben), w. Judge Samuel Mitchell, d. Reuben and Judith (Gardner), 13: 6m: 1791. PR38

Susan G., w. William Rawson (s. Stephen and Abigail), d. Francis and Anna (Gardner) (first w.), 6: 10m: 1805. PR38

Susan, w. Edward Gorham (s. Jonathan), d. Judah and Phebe (Meader), 10: 10m: 1806 [dup. 1805]. PR38

Susan, ch. Borden and Sarah, 22: 12m: 1806 CR4; [d. Borden and Sally (Folger). PR38]

Susan (Chase), w. Henry Paddock, Feb. 19, 1807 GR5; [Chase, w. Henry Paddock (s. Jonathan and Rachel), d. Job and Ruth (Macy). PR38]

Susan A., w. James S. Kelley (s. Allen), d. Frederick B. and Phebe (Allen), 2: 9m: 1825. PR38

Susan H. Chase, w. Charles H. Robinson, ––– ––, 1830 GR3; [Chase, d. Obed and Susan H. (Barnard), 27: 7m: [dup. 1832]. PR38]

Susan Abby, d. Benjamin and Susan (Pitts), 15: 1m: 1839. PR38

Susan H., w. David Parker (s. George), d. Robert Barnard and Hepsibeth (Macy), 4: 1m: 1841. PR38

Susan M., d. Edward, yeoman, and Susan P., July 25, 1845; [d. Edward and Susan (Parker), 19: 7m: PR38]

Tabitha, d. Isaac and Mary (Pease), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas, h. Anna Smith of Martha's Vineyard, h. Sarah Claghorn of M[artha's] Vineyard, s. Nathan and Parnal (Long), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas W., s. Charles F. and Deborah (Worth) (Russell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas, s. Thomas (s. Aquila of Hampton, NH) and Elizabeth (d. Thomas Philbrick and Anna (Knapp)), ––– ––, 1643 [? in Hampton]. PR38

Thomas, h. Jean (d. Benjamin Smith), s. Isaac and Mary Tilton, 9: 11m: 1677. PR38

Timothy S., s. Shubael and Mary F. (Macy), 24: 2m: 1823. PR38

Timothy C., m. in WI, h. Lucinda Mc–––––, s. Charles W. and Eliza (Brown), 25: 7m: 1829. PR38

Una U. Keene of Abington, w. Charles F. (s. Frederick A. and Mary Ann (Myrick)), 3: 12m: 1846. PR38

Walter S., s. Frederick C., tin plate walker, and Delia M., Nov. 11, 1846; [Walter Seabury Chase, h. Ella C. Smith of New Bedford, s. Frederick C. and Delia Maria (Coleman). PR38]

Washington M., s. Alexander M., mariner, and Emeline [Emeline E. (Kilburn) PR38], Feb. 9, 1847.

Weighty, ch. Isaac and Elizabeth of Swanzey, 13: 10m: ––––. PR38

William, s. William H. and Eliza Ann (Tuck), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William B., h. Mary Ann (d. Bartholomew Wister) [dup. Wistar] of Philadelphia, s. Borden and Ruth (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, h. Merib (d. Joseph Gardner and Abigail), s. Charles and Jane (Coleman), 23: 7m: 1766. PR38

William, h. Lydia (d. George Gardner), s. Judah and Phebe (Meader), 6: 8m: 1791. PR38

William H., s. Stephen and Peggy (Barnard), 27: 1m: 1795. PR38

William F., h. Aseneth (wid. William Abrahms Jr., d. Bartlett Holmes), s. Joseph and Rebecca (Folger), 27: 1m: 1799. PR38

William H., h. Eliza Ann (d. Samuel J. Tuck), s. Peter, 26: 11m: 1807. PR38

William G., h. Elizabeth (d. Cary Congdon of Newport), s. Francis Jr. and Anna (Gardner), 6: 12m: 1807. PR38

William S., ––– ––, 1812 GR3; [Betsey P. (d. Moses Smith), s. Stephen and Peggy (Barnard), 18: 7m: PR38]

William J., h. Mary E., ––– ––, 1821. GR4

William E., h. Charlotte A. (d. George Sanford and Rachel), s. Reuben Jr. and Elizabeth (Bizzel), 26: [dup 22: ] 1m: 1822. PR38

William Henry, h. Mary Jane (d. William W. Morris and Lucinda), s. Owen and Margaret (Gardner), 14: 9m: 1824. PR38

William B., h. Rebecca F. (d. Samuel Bunker), s. William F. and Aseneth (Abrahms), ––– ––, 1833. PR38

William Edwin, s. Benjamin Coffin Chase and Phebe (Coffin), 20: 7m: 1838. PR38

William Henry, h. Elizabeth (d. Frederick Cobb), s. William H. and Eliza Ann (Tuck), 13: 8m: 1839. PR38

William Beverley, s. William B. and Mary Ann (Wistar), 24: 2m: 1843. PR38

William B., s. Charles W. and Eliza (Brown), 3: 4m: 1848. PR38

Winifred S., w. Isaiah Smith (s. John), d. Joseph and Winifred (Bocot), 16: 9m: 1835. PR38

Zimri, s. Charles and Eunice (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Zimri, h. Dinah (d. Tristram Barnard), s. Stephen and Dinah (Folger), 11: 12m: 1758. PR38

CHILDS (Child, Chiles)

Abba T. (Child), inf. James and w., bp, May 13, 1832. CR1

Alexander Crocker (Chiles), ch. James and Elizabeth, bp. May 25, 1828. CR1

Charlotte C., d. William C., carpenter, and Mary Ann, Jan. 14, 1845.

Elizabeth P., d. William C., cooper, and Mary Ann, Nov. 19, 1846.

James Bacon (Chiles), ch. James and Elizabeth, bp. May 30, 1830. CR1

Joann Bacon (Chiles), ch. James and Elizabeth, bp. May 25, 1828. CR1

Sarah Bacon, inf. James and w., bp. May 4, 1834. CR1


Catharine G., d. Sarah, Jan. 20, 1844.

George Edward, s. George, laborer, and Mary Ann, Nov. 8, 1846.

Harriet P., w. Caleb Allen (s. George and Nancy), d. Samuel, ––– ––, 1830. PR38

Mary E., d. George, laborer, and Mary Ann, Oct. 15, 1849.


Emeline, w. George H. [dup. W.] Cash (s. Alexander and Hannah), d. Silas and Mahitabel (Hathaway) (Apply), 28: 6m: 1823 [dup. ––– ––, 1822]. PR38

George W., s. Silas and Mahitabel (Hathaway) (Apply), ––– ––, 1825. PR38

Isaac, s. Silas and Mahitabel (Hathaway) (Apply), ––– ––, 1820. PR38

Silas, h. Mahitabel (wid. John Apply, d. James Hathaway Jr.), ––– ––, 1784. PR38

CLAPP (Clap)

Emily, w. George C. Coffin (s. Hezekiah and Nancy), d. Henry and Rebecca, 17: 6m: 1819. PR38

Henry Plasket (Clap), bp. Dec. 10, 1843. CR1; [Clapp, second, s. Timothy G. and Eliza W., b. Oct. 14, 1836. GR2]

Joseph W., ch. T.G. and Eliza W., July 11, 1825. GR2

Timothy G., Feb. 12, 1800, in Hartford, CT. GR2

Walter Nelson (Clap), inf., bp. Dec. 10, 1843. CR1


–––––, s. Kata, Sept. ––, 1795. PR64

–––––, ch. Charles, Aug. 25, 1841.

Abial, first, w. Barnabas Coleman Jr., d. Church and Hannah (Long), 10: 3m: 1756. PR38

Abiel, ch. Benjamin and Abigail, Nov. 21, 1757; [Abial, w. Silas Grew, w. Benjamin Davis, d. Benjamin and Abigail (Mooers), 20: 11m: [dup. 1756 written above 1757]. PR38]

Abiel, ch. Thomas and Hepsibah, 28: 1m: 1770. PR4; [Abial, w. Andrew Myrick (s. Andrew and Hannah), d. Thomas and Hepsibeth (Gardner). PR38]

Abigail, see Abigail Moslander Clark.

Abigail, d. Thomas [Thomas and Mary (Church) PR38], 20: 6m: 1714.

Abigail Moslander [d. John and Mary, Apr. 5, 1715. [Abigail, w. Cornelius Morselander, d. John and Mary (Challing), 5: 4m: PR38]

Abigail, w. Joseph Gardner (s. Charles and Anna), d. Josiah and Ruth (Lovell), 3: 12m: 1741. PR38

Abigail, d. Eleazer and Johanna [Eleazar and Joanna (Coleman) PR38], Oct. 30, 1753.

Abigail, ch. Benjamin and Abigail, Apr. 24, 1755; [w. Jeremiah Driskil, d. Benjamin and Abigail (Mooers). PR38]

Abigail, d. Reuben and Mary [(Whippey) PR38], May 29, 1760.

Abigail, twin d. Benjamin and Lydia (Clark), ––: 3m: 1783. PR38

Abigail, w. Reuben Waldron (s. Natahn and Patience), d. Simon and Anna (Clark), ––– ––, 1790 [dup. 1791]. PR38

Albert, h. Eliza Ann (d. John Worth and Mary), s. Elisha and Eliza (Worth), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Albert, H. Margaret (d. Grindall Gardner and Judith), s. Thomas and Hepsibeth (Aldrich), 12: 8m: 1777. PR38

Albert S., h. Sarah C. (d. Valentine O. Holmes and Lydia), s. Uriah and Nancy (Swain), ––: 5m: 1829. PR38

Alexander, s. Obed and Sally (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Alexander, h. Mary S. Raymond of NY, s. Isaiah and Love (Bunker), 17: 9m: 1793. PR38

Alexander, h. Mary (d. Seth J. Hussey), twin s. Nathaniel and Lydia (Chase), 17: 11m: 1798. PR38

Amos, s. Thomas, 16: 9m: 1711. [h. Mary Cranston, s. Thomas and Mary (Church). PR38]

Andrew, s. Joseph and Anna (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Andrew, s. Jonathan and Miriam [(Worth) PR38], Aug. 20, 1747.

Anna, w. Peter Pray, d. Edmund and Rachel (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Anna, d. David and Ruth, 21: 5m: 1732. [w. Simeon Clark of CT, d. David and Ruth (Marshall), 13: 4m: PR38]

Anna, ch. Benjamin and Lydia, 5: 6m: 1761. [w. Tilley Kingsbury, d. Benjamin and Lydia (Harris). PR38]

Anna Chase, w. Seth, 14: 6m: 1779. PR38

Anna, w. Charles C. Starkey of New Bedford, w. Charles Elliot, d. Reuben and Jane (Folger), ––– ––, 1841. PR38

Ann C., w. Joseph Huxford (s. Joseph of M[artha's] Vineyard), d. Job C. and Lydia (Lawrence), 20: 1m: 1822. PR38

Ann Maria, d. Benjamin C. and Mary Ann (Fisher), 7: 7m: 1836. PR38

Artemas Ross, see Artemas Ross.

Barnabas, s. Thomas and Hephzibah, Oct. 9, 1761. [Barnabas, ch. Thomas and Hepsibah CR4; Barnabas, s. Thomas and Hepsibeth (Gardner). PR38]

Benjamin, h. Abigail (d. Jonathan Mooers), h. Elizabeth (wid. David Manning, d. Ebenezer Ellis (from Dartmouth) and Charity), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, ch. David and Ruth, Sept. 10, 1740. [h. Lydia (Harris), s. David and Ruth (Marshall), 10: 9m: PR38]

Benjamin, ch. Benjamin and Abigail, Nov. 2, 1752. [h. Lydia (d. Ichabod Clark and Deborah), s. Benjamin Jr. and Abigail (Mooers). PR38]

Benjamin of M[artha's] Vineyard, h. Lydia (d. Francis Gardner and Lydia (Comstock)), ––– ––, 1794. PR38

Benjamin F., h. Mary (d. Margaret (d. Obed Marshall Sr.)), s. Nathaniel and Lydia (Chase), 20: 9m: 1800. PR38

Benjamin, s. Uriah and Judith (Smith), 10: 9m: 1802. PR38

Benjamin C., Sept. 18, 1809. GR4 [h. Mary Ann (d. Meltiah Fisher), h. Mary Ann (wid. Edwin Ellis, d. Edward D. Gorham), s. Lemuel of M[artha's] Vineyard and Jerusha Norton, 11: 9m: 1806 [dup. 1808, ? on Martha's Vineyard]. PR38]

Benjamin F., s. Uriah and Nancy (Swain), ––: 2m: 1834. PR38

Caroline F., d. Charles H. and Lydia M. (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Caroline A., w. Eben Waldron of Southboro, d. Benjamin C. and Mary Ann (Fisher), 10: 12m: 1840. PR38

Charity, w. Simeon Ellis (s. Francis and Sarah), d. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Manning), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles A., h. Mary E. (d. Braddock Gifford of Falmouth), s. Alexander and Mary (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles F., s. Charles H. and Lydia M. (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles, h. Betsey (d. Israel Case), s. Obed and Sally (Bunker), ––– ––, 1793. PR38

Charles H., twin s. Nathaniel and Lydia (Chase), 17: 11m: 1798. PR38

Charles A., h. Lydia B. (d. Laban Coffin), h. Sarah (d. Benjamin Gardner and Rachel), s. Thaddeus and Elizabeth (Cottle), 11: 7m: 1799. PR38

Charles H., July 31, 1800. GR3 [h. Lydia M. (d. Alexander Coffin and Lydia), h. Mary (d. Barzillai Coffin and Rebecca), h. Susan (d. Tristram Gardner), h. Mary (wid. Edward Upham, d. Charles Kelley of Sidney, ME), s. Lemuel of Martha's Vineyard and Jerusha Norton, 3: 7m: [? on Martha's Vineyard]. PR38]

Charles, s. William and Hepsibeth (Ray), 24: 4m: 1803. PR38

Charles Frederick, s. Charles H. and Mary (Coffin), 4: 3m: 1841. PR38

Charlotte Amelia, w. Obed C. Parker (s. Joshua), d. Shubael and Margaret (Rawson), 1: 2m: 1838. PR38

Christopher, s. Peter and Ruth [(Barnard) PR38], Oct. 8, 1744.

Church, s. Church and Hannah (Long), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Church, s. Jonathan and Miriam, Jan. 1, 1734-5. [h. Hannah (d. John Long)], s. Jonathan and Miriam (Worth), 1: 1m: 1734 [dup. 1735]. PR38

Daniel, h. Eleanor (d. Stephen Swain and Eleanor [? Jane]), s. Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Daniel, s. John and Mary, Apr. 9, 1714. [s. John and Mary (Challing), 29: 4m: PR38]

Daniel, ch. Amos and Mary, Oct. 5, 1736. [s. Amos and Mary Cranston, 5: 10m: PR38]

Daniel, h. Lydia C. (wid. Charles B. Chadwick, d. Obed Marshall and Eunice), s. George and Phebe (Stubbs) (Tubbs), 17: 9m: 1807. PR38

David, twin s. Thomas, 18: 5m: 1704. [h. Ruth (Marshall), s. Thomas and Mary (Church). PR38]

David, ch. David and Ruth, Apr. 13, 1743. [m., s. David and Ruth (Marshall), 21: 5m: PR38]

David, m., s. George and Phebe (Stubbs) (Tubbs), 24: 12m: 1810. PR38

Deborah, w. Abraham Myrick (s. Andrew and Hannah), d. Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Deborah, w. Benjamin Packard, d. Benjamin and Lydia (Clark), 10: 7m: 1787. PR38

Desire [w. –––––] Pinkham, d. Henry and Elizabeth, Oct. 22, 1767. CR3 [w. Peter Pinkham (s. Jonathan and Jemima), first, w. Aaron Snow, d. Henry and Elizabeth (Bailey), 22: 10m: 1769. PR38]

Dinah, d. John and Mary, Nov. 19, 1716. [d. John and Mary (Challing), 19: 11m: PR38]

Dinah, w. Paul Dillingham, d. James and Rachel (Trott), 27: 2m: 1757 [? 1759, see death]. PR38

Eber, h. Catharine (d. Silvanus Coffin), s. Church and Hannah (Long), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edmond, s. Jonathan and Miriam, Nov. 29, 1743. [Edmund, h. Rachel (d. Elisha Coffin), s. Jonathan and Miriam (Worth), 29: 11m: PR38]

Edward, h. Elizabeth (d. Thomas Folger), s. Joseph and Anna (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edward G., h. Avis (d. William G. Macy and Phebe), s. Obed and Anna (Folger), 21: 6m: 1801. PR38

Edward F., h. Rebecca (d. John Hussey and Lydia), s. Elisha and Judith (Folger), 27: 4m: 1805. PR38

Edward, s. William and Phebe (Russell), 26: 2m: 1807. PR38

Elisha, s. Simon and Anna (Clark), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elisha, h. Eliza (d. Henry Worth and Persis), s. Edmund and Rachel (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elisha, twin ch. David and Ruth [(Marshall) PR38], June 1, 1749.

Elisha, h. Judith (d. Elisha Folger), s. Joseph and Anna (Coffin), 26: 1m: 1782. PR38

Eliza Ann, d. George and Phebe (Stubbs) (Tubbs), 13: 8m: 1803. PR38

Eliza, w. Andrew Bunker (s. Nathaniel), second, w. Joseph Sylvester, d. Lemuel of Martha's Vineyard and Jerusha Norton, Mar. 23, 1812 [dup. ––– ––, 1805, ? on Martha's Vineyard]. PR38

Betsey, w. Jonathan Parkhurst, d. Joseph and Anna (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, w. William Brooks, d. Benjamin and Abigail (Mooers), ––– ––, ––––. PR38 [This entry appears to be incorrect; see mar. of Elizabeth.]

Elizabeth, ch. Francis and Mary, ––– ––, ––––. CR4

Elizabeth Jane, d. Obed and Mary Ann Wing, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. Thomas and Hepsibah, 20: 12m: 1775. CR4 [d. Thomas and Hepsibeth (Gardner) PR38]

Elizabeth H., twin d. Alexander and Mary (Hussey), 21: 11m: 1820. PR38

Elizabeth G., w. Nathan Parker (s. Joshua and Deborah), d. Charles A. and Sarah (Gardner), 18: 1m: 1832. PR38

Emily Ann [dup. Emma], w. Alexander Grew (s. Barzillai), third, w. George C. [dup. W.] Allen (s. Walter and Rebecca (Fisher)), d. Obed C. and Mary (Davis), 22: 5m: 1838. PR38

Emily, d. Reuben, cooper, and Jane, Apr. 21, 1847. [w. Daniel C. Frazier, w. Roland R. Bunker, d. Reuben J. and Jane (Folger) PR38]

Emeline, first, w. Thomas Rand (s. Ebenezer Jr.), d. George and Phebe (Stubbs) (Tubbs), 4: 2m: 1809. PR38

Ephraim, h. Rebecca Brewer, s. Church and Hannah (Long), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ephraim, s. Jonathan and Miriam [(Worth) PR38], July 15, 1751.

Eunice, w. Joseph Gifford of Falmouth, d. Benjamin and Lydia (Clark), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eunice Chase, w. John Jew of Maine, d. George G. and Ann (Chadwick), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eunice, d. Peter and Ruth [(Barnard) PR38], Nov. 10, 1735.

Eunice, ch. Seth and Lucretia, 9: 12m: 1767. CR4 [w. Eber Coleman (s. John and Anna), w. Peter Grinnell of Newport, RI, d. Seth and Lucretia (Paddack). PR38]

Eunice, ch. Thomas and Hepsibah, 26: 6m: 1780. CR4 [w. Samuel Bailey (s. Ebenezar and Elizabeth), d. Thomas and Hepsibeth (Gardner), 26: 1m: PR38]

Eunice, w. Alexander Hamilton Howard of Hallowell, ME, d. Obed and Anna (Coffin), 6: 8m: 1814. PR38

Eveline, w. Warren Stewart (s. Joseph), d. Elisha and Eliza (Worth), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Francis, s. Peter and Ruth, Apr. 17, 1748. [h. Mary (Gardner), s. Peter and Ruth (Barnard). PR38]

Frederick, Rev., s. Obed and Sally (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Frederick W., h. Lucinda (wid. ––––– Hussey), s. George G. and Ann (Chadwick), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Freelove, d. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Ellis) (Manning), 19: 12m: 1768. PR38

George, h. Abigail (d. Stephen Swain), s. Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George C., h. Julia H. Baker, s. Alexander and Mary (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George, h. Phebe (wid. Charles Tubbs, d. Benjamin Stubbs), h. Ruth (d. William Russell of New Bedford), s. Church and Hannah (Long), 29: 11m: 1771. PR38

George, h. Lucretia (d. Samuel Crosby and Catharine), s. Lot and Lydia (Folger), 1: 5m: 1789. PR38

George C., s. Isaiah and Love (Bunker), 21: 2m: 1790. PR38

George, s. Obed and Sally (Bunker), 25: 9m: 1796. PR38

George S., h. Betsey (wid. Albert Swain), s. Uriah and Judith (Smith), 15: 6m: 1805. PR38

George, s. George and Phebe (Stubbs) (Tubbs), 8: 9m: 1805. PR38

George G., h. Ann (d. Reuben Chadwick and Betsey (Slade)) of E. Vassalbor[o], ME, s. Albert and Margaret (Gardner), 8: 1m: 1806. PR38

George M., h. Mary (d. Freeman Gardner), s. Nathaniel and Lydia (Chase), ––– ––, 1810. PR38

George S., h. Adeline (d. Isaac Thompson), s. Shubael and Margaret (Rawson), 3: 8m: 1825. PR38

George Fisher, s. Benjamin C. and Mary Ann (Fisher), 1: 2m: 1839. PR38

Hannah, w. Jethro Hatch, d. Benjamin and Abigail (Mooers), ––– ––, ––––. PR38 [This entry appears to be incorrect; see mar. of Hannah.]

Harriet, d. George G. and Ann (Chadwick), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Harriet, w. Charles O. Jaquith (s. John D. of Maine), d. George G. and Ann (Chadwick), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Harriet, w. John K. Lawrence of Falmouth, d. Alexander and Mary (Hussey), 17: 1m: 1819. PR38

Henry, h. Lydia (d. Sheffield Coffin and Eliza), s. Daniel and Eleanor (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Henry of RI, h. Elizabeth (d. Thomas Bailey and Mary), h. Mary (d. Theophilus Pinkham), 14: 10m: 1731. PR38

Henry, h. Elizabeth (d. David Swain), s. Henry and Elizabeth (Bailey), 22: 12m: 1764. PR38

Henry, s. Uriah and Judith (Smith), 20: 12m: 1797. PR38

Henry, h. Nancy (d. Alexander Hunter), 19: 3m: 1825. PR38

Henry A., s. Job C. and Lydia (Lawrence), ––: 1m: 1835. PR38

Hepsibeth, w. Thomas Shadwell, w. Samuel Grew, d. Sarah (d. Nathaniel and Penina Smith), 10: 3m: 1756 [dup. 1757]. PR38

Ichabod, m. "in England", s. Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ichabod, s. John and Mary, Oct. 17, 1721. [h. Deborah (d. Daniel Bunker), s. John and Mary (Challing), 17: 10m: PR38]

Ichabod, m. "in New York,", s. Benjamin and Lydia (Clark), 11: 7m: 1776. PR38

Isaac, s. Benjamin and Lydia (Clark), 27: 5m: 1784. PR38

Isaiah, ch. Thomas and Hepsibah, 11: 3m: 1767. CR4 [h. Love (d. Uriah Bunker and Susan), s. Thomas and Hepsibeth (Gardner) PR38]

James, s. John and Mary, May 9, 1724. [h. Rachel (d. Benjamin Trott), s. John and Mary (Challing), 9: 5m: PR38]

James, h. Eunice (Ramsdell), s. James and Rachel (Trott), 21: 10m: 1766. PR38

James G., s. Albert and Margaret (Gardner), 29: 3m: 1812. PR38

James L., h. Mary E. Cook of Providence, RI, s. Job C. and Lydia (Lawrence), 18: 1m: 1825. PR38

Jane, d. Reuben and Mary, Nov. 15, 1764. [Jeanette [dup. Janet], w. Edward Coffin Jr., d. Reuben and Mary (Whippey), 14: 11m: PR38]

Jedidah, w. William Swift of New Bedford, d. Lot and Lydia (Folger), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jemima, d. Daniel and Eleanor (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jerusha, d. Thomas [dup. adds and Mary], 2: 5m: 1702. [w. Shubael Folger, 22: 7m: PR38; w. Shubael Folger, d. Thomas and Mary (Church), 2: 5m: PR38]

Jerusha, d. Jonathan and Miriam, Dec. 20, 1732. [w. George –––––, d. Jonathan and Miriam (Worth), 20: 12m: PR38]

Joanna, w. Shubael Folger (s. Frederick and Peggy), [d. Lemuel of Martha's Vineyard and Jerusha Norton, 28: 8m: 1816 PR38]

Job C., h. Lydia (d. James Lawrence and Jedida), s. Seth and Anna Chase, 19: 8m: 1798. PR38

John, h. Hannah (d. John Challing and Jane (Childs)), s. Thomas (s. John of Plymouth), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, h. Jane (d. Gideon Coggshall and Mary), s. Lot and Lydia (Folger), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John M., h. Hepsibeth (d. Daniel Paddack), s. Daniel and Eleanor (Swain), ––– ––, 1780. PR38

John C., s. Obed C., cooper, and Margaret, July 2, 1843.

Jonathan, s. Joseph and Anna (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jonathan [dup. Jonothan], twin s. Thomas, 18: 5m: 1704. [Jonathan, h. Miriam (d. Jonathan Worth), s. Thomas and Mary (Church) PR38]

Jonathan, s. Jonathan and Miriam, July 29, 1737. [h. Susanna (d. Elijah Swain), s. Jonathan and Miriam (Worth), 29: 7m: PR38]

Jonathan, ch. David and Ruth, Oct. 5, 1745. [s. David and Ruth (Marshall), 5: 10M PR38]

Jonathan, ch. Benjamin and Lydia, 7: 7m: 1769. [Jonathan, m. "in England", s. Benjamin and Lydia (Harris) PR38]

Joseph, s. Joseph and Anna (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph, ch. David and Ruth, Jan. 23, 1737-8. [h. Anna (Coffin), s. David and Ruth (Marshall), 3: 2m: PR38]

Josiah, s. Thomas, 30: 9m: 1712. [h. Ruth (d. James Lovell and Abigail), s. Thomas and Mary (Church) PR38]

Judith, w. Stephen Folger (s. Eliphaz), d. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Ellis) (Manning), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Judith, w. Isaac Leggett, second, w. Elihu S. Bunker (s. Silas), d. Francis, ––– ––, 1781. PR38

Judith, w. George F. Brown (s. Shubael and Avis), d. Albert and Peggy [dup. Margaret (Gardner)], 24: 2m: 1810. PR38

Laban R., s. William and Phebe (Russell), 17: 3m: 1809. PR38

Lot, h. Lydia (d. Jethro Folger and Mary), s. Church and Hannah (Long), ––– ––, 1760. PR38

Love, w. Caleb Allen (s. Daniel and Phebe), d. Thomas and Hepsabeth (Aldrich), 22: 10m: [dup. 11m: ] 1780. PR38

Lucinda, w. Nathaniel Marshall (s. Greenleaf and Ann), d. Sarah (d. Nathaniel and Penina Smith), ––– ––, 1772. PR38

Lucretia, w. Gorham Macy (s. Peleg and Sarah (Wendell) (Starbuck)), d. Isaiah and Love (Bunker), 13: 4m: 1796. PR38

Lydia C., d. Alexander and Mary (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lydia, d. John and Mary, May 1, 1723. [w. Moses Haskel, d. John and Mary (Challing), 1: 5m: PR38]

Lydia, w. Benjamin Clark Jr., d. Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), 4: 12m: 1751. PR38

Lydia, ch. Benjamin and Lydia, 17: 7m: 1763. [w. Nathan Parkhurst, d. Benjamin and Lydia (Harris), 10: 7m: PR38]

Lydia, w. William Adams of M[artha's] Vineyard, d. William and Hepsibeth (Ray), 4: 9m: 1800. PR38

Lydia, second, w. Benjamin Ray (s. Seth), d. Nathaniel and Lydia (Chase), 1: 12m: 1805. PR38

Lydia, w. John G. Chase (s. Francis), d. Obed and Anna (Coffin), 18: 11m: 1808. PR38

Lydia M., d. Charles H., carpenter, and Mary [(Coffin) PR38], Mar. 10, 1845.

Margaret, w. Uriah Bunker (s. Caleb Jr.), d. William and Zilpah [dup. Zilpha Rich], 14: 10m: 1760. PR38

Marietta, w. Charles Bragg, d. Elisha and Eliza (Worth), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Martha Meader, d. Charles A. and Sarah (Gardner), 7: 1m: 1843. PR38

Mary, d. Joseph and Anna (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, w. John Worth (s. Benjamin and Mary [? Phebe]), d. Edmund and Rachel (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, w. Judah Paddack (s. Stephen and Eunice), d. Daniel and Eleanor (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, d. Reuben and Susanna (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary Abby, w. John Monroe (s. John and Lydia), d. Benjamin and Lydia (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, d. John and Mary, Jan. 12, 1729-30. [d. John and Mary (Challing), 12: 1m: 1729 PR38]

Mary, d. David and Ruth, Oct. 11, 1730. [w. Edmund Heath Jr., d. David and Ruth (Marshall), 11: 10m: PR38]

Mary [w. –––––] Dunham, d. Henry and Eliza, Mar. 8, 1757. CR3 [w. Gershom Dunham, w. James Baker, d. Henry and Elizabeth (Bailey), 8: 3m: 1756 PR38]

Mary, w. Joseph Toon, w. Charles Coleman (s. Simeon and Rebecca), second, w. Timothy Goodspeed, d. Henry Jr., 22: 6m: 1792. PR38

Mary, w. Samuel Mayhew of Martha's Vineyard, d. William and Hepsibeth (Ray), 27: 12m: 1795. PR38

Mary Ann Wing [–––––] of Barnstable, w. Obed (s. Thaddeus and Elizabeth), ––: 4m: 1801. PR38 [See mar. of Mary Ann Clark.]

Mary Ann, w. William Horsefield (s. Timothy and Amey), d. Obed and Anna (Coffin), 14: 7m: 1806. PR38

Mary Ann, w. Reuben Paddack (s. Reuben and Elizabeth), d. Nathaniel and Lydia (Chase), 27: 6m: 1807. PR38

Mary Abby, w. Andrew Lawrence of Boston, d. Matthew and Sarah (Cartwright), 1: 12m: 1813. PR38

Mary H., twin d. Alexander and Mary (Hussey), 21: 11m: 1820. PR38

Mary Abbe, ch. Shubael and Margaret, bp. Feb. 17, 1828. CR1 [Mary Abby, w. Charles S. Cathcart, d. Shubael and Margaret (Rawson), b. 3: 8m: 1827 PR38]

Mary Ingraham, w. George W.F. Pease (s. Joseph and Lydia), w. Mark T. Worcester of Boston, d. Charles A. and Sarah (Gardner), 21: 6m: 1840. PR38

Mary A., d. George S., mariner, and Adeline, Feb. 8, 1846.

Matthew, s. Matthew and Sarah (Cartwright), 24: 2m: 1812. PR38

Mehitable, d. James and Rachel (Trott), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Merab, see Mereby.

Mercy, d. John and Mary, June 6, 1718. [w. Francis Backus, d. John and Mary (Challing), 6: 6m: PR38]

Mercy, d. Nathaniel and Lydia (Chase), 25: 10m: 1795. PR38

Mereby [w. –––––] Gardner, d. Henry and Elizabeth, June 24, 1771. CR3 [Merab, w. Peter Gardner (s. Francis), d. Henry and Elizabeth (Bailey) PR38]

Miriam, ch. Amos and Mary, Aug. 3, 1738. [d. Amos and Mary Cranston, 3: 8m: PR38]

Miriam, d. Jonathan and Miriam, July 21, 1740. [d. Jonathan and Miriam (Worth), 21: 7m: PR38]

Miriam, d. Thomas and Hephzibah, Oct. 30, 1763. [ch. Thomas and Hepsibah, 31: 10m: CR4; d. Thomas and Hepsibeth (Gardner) PR38]

Miriam, d. Church and Hannah (Long), 8: 8m: 1773. PR38

Nancy, w. Reuben Morton Jr., d. Reuben and Susanna (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nathaniel, s. John and Hannah, Dec. 20, 1706. [h. Penina Smith, h. Sarah Coleman, s. John and Hannah (Challing), 20: 12m: 1706 PR38]

Nathaniel, s. Peter and Ruth [(Barnard) PR38], Mar. 8, 1750.

Nathaniel, ch. Benjamin and Abigail, Dec. 13, 1750.

Nathaniel, h. Lydia (d. Thomas Chase and Anna), s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Ellis) (Manning), 14: 10m: 1768. PR38

Obed, ch. Thomas and Hepsibah, ––– ––, ––––. CR4

Obed C., s. Obed and Mary (Davis), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Obed, h. Sally (d. Zacheriah Bunker and Judith), s. Church and Hannah (Long), 15: 5m: 1763. PR38

Obed, ch. Benjamin and Lydia, 14: 10m: 1771. [h. Eunice and Anna (daughters of Samuel Coffin and Eunice), s. Benjamin and Lydia (Harris), 14: 8m: 1773 [dup. 22: 2m: 1771] PR38]

Obed, h. Mary Ann Wing of Barnstable, s. Thaddeus and Elizabeth (Cottle), 2: 5m: 1794. PR38

Obed C., h. Mary (d. Joseph Davis and Thankful), s. Obed and Anna (Coffin), 4: 9m: 1803. PR38

Peter, s. Thomas and Mary, 29: 4m: 1707. [h. Ruth (d. Benjamin Barnard and Judith), s. Thomas and Mary (Church) PR38]

Peter, s. Peter and Ruth [(Barnard) PR38], Mar. 17, 1740.

Phebe, w. William Clark, d. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Ellis) (Manning), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe, ch. Francis and Mary, ––– ––, ––––. CR4

Phebe Ann, w. Albert C. Nye of Sandwich, d. Alexander and Mary (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe, w. Zacheriah Gardner (s. Andrew), second, w. Solomon Coffin (s. Zephaniah and Abigail (Coleman)), d. William and Zilpha Rich, 18: 1m: 1752. PR38

Phebe, w. John Hillman (s. John and Phebe), d. Prince and Rachel (Gardner), 19: 2m: 1781 [dup. 22: 12m: 1782]. PR38

Phebe, d. William and Phebe (Clark), 19: 2m: 1790. PR38

Phebe Ann, w. Frederick W. Folger (s. Seth and Betsey), d. George and Phebe (Stubbs) (Tubbs), 25: 2m: 1815. PR38

Phebe Ann, d. Edward G., merchant, and Avis M., Dec. 30, 1848.

Prince, s. William and Zilpah, May 13, 1755. [h. Rachel (d. Benjamin Gardner and Abigail), s. William and Zilpha Rich. PR38]

Priscilla, w. Ichabod Paddack (s. Stephen and Eunice), d. Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Priscilla, twin d. Benjamin and Lydia (Clark), ––: 3m: 1783. PR38

Randall, h. Phebe Bassett of Maine, s. Edmund and Rachel (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rebecca C., w. William S. Kelley (s. Charles and Judith), d. Charles H. and Mary Edmund and Rachel (Coffin), 8: 5m: 1843. PR38

Reuben, h. Susannah (d. Zaccheus Gardner), s. Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Reuben, s. Josiah and Ruth, Oct. 14, 1735. [h. Mary (d. James Whippey and Patience), s. Josiah and Ruth (Lovell), 14: 10m: [dup. 7m: ] PR38]

Reuben, s. Reuben and Mary, Sept. 28, 1767. [Reuben Jr., h. Susanna (Gardner), s. Reuben and Mary (Whippey) PR38]

Reuben J., h. Jane (d. Peleg Folger and Sally), h. Sarah A. (d. John Adlington and Anna), s. William and Deborah (Jenkins), 20: 11m: 1815. PR38

Reuben F., h. Almira (d. Benjamin Clark and Mary), s. Obed and Anna (Coffin), 27: [dup. 29: ] 3m: 1817. PR38

Ruth, w. ––––– Grinnell, d. Benjamin and Abigail (Mooers), ––– ––, ––––. PR38 [This entry appears to be incorrect; see mar. of Ruth.]

Ruth, ch. Francis and Mary, ––– ––, ––––. CR4

Ruth, twin ch. David and Ruth [(Marshall) PR38], June 1, 1749.

Sanford Kingsbury, s. Elisha and Eliza (Worth), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah, d. Benjamin and Abigail (Mooers) [? Elizabeth], ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah, see Sarah Johnson Clark.

Sarah Joy, w. William Austin, d. George G. and Ann (Chadwick), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah Johnson, d. John and Hannah, Aug. 29, 1707. [Sarah, w. John Johnson, d. John and Hannah (Challing), 29: 8m: [dup. 9m: ] PR38]

Sarah, w. ––––– Paige of Maine, d. Albert and Margaret (Gardner), 22: 2m: 1819. PR38

Sarah B., d. Benjamin C., mason, and Mary A. [Mary Ann (Fisher). PR38], Oct. 21, 1848.

Sarah F., w. David W. Swain (s. John P.), d. Reuben J. and Jane (Folger), ––– ––, 1849. PR38

Seth, s. Peter and Ruth, June 3, 1742. [h. Lucretia (Paddack), s. Peter and Ruth (Barnard) PR38]

Seth, ch. Seth and Lucretia, 12: 7m: 1769. CR4 [s. Seth and Lucretia (Paddack) PR38]

Seth, h. Anna Chase, h. Nancy (d. Ebenezer Fitch), s. Asa of Freetown, 27: 5m: 1776. PR38

Seth F., s. George and Phebe (Stubbs) (Tubbs), 3: 3m: 1813. PR38

Shubael, m. "in Connecticut,", s. Joseph and Anna (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Shubael, h. Margaret (d. Stephen Rawson and Abigail), h. Eliza (wid. Henry Shives, d. Henry Fisher of Falmouth), s. George and Phebe (Stubbs) (Tubbs), 11: [dup. 16: ] 10m: 1800. PR38

Silvanus, s. Eleazer and Johanna [Eleazar and Joanna (Coleman) PR38], Dec. 9, 1751.

Siman, s. Thomas, 21: 1m: 1709. [Simeon, s. Thomas and Mary (Church) PR38]

Simon of CT, h. Anna (d. David Clark and Ruth), h. Eunice Clark (sister of Anna), 24: 9m: 1742. PR38

Sophronia, w. William Mayhew of M[artha's] Vineyard, d. William and Hepsibeth (Ray), 6: 10m: 1804. PR38

Stephen, s. William and Zilpha Rich, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Stephen, s. Peter and Ruth, Jan. 20, 1737-8. [20: 11m: 1737 CR4; s. Peter and Ruth (Barnard), 20: 11m: 1737 PR38]

Stephen, ch. Seth and Lucretia, 19: 9m: 1771. CR4 [s. Seth and Lucretia (Paddack) PR38]

Stephen, s. Albert and Margaret (Gardner), 30: 4m: 1808. PR38

Susan J., w. Frederick –––––, d. Alexander and Mary (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Susan B., w. William H. Sherman (s. Freeman and Polly), d. Obed and Anna (Coffin), 1: 3m: 1819. PR38

Susan S., d. Edward G., mariner, and Avis M., Jan. 18, 1844.

Susanna, ch. Amos and Mary, Nov. 2, 1734. [d. Amos and Mary Cranston, 2: 11m: PR38]

Susanna, d. Reuben and Mary, Nov. 7, 1757. [Susan, w. John Coffin Jr., d. Reuben and Mary (Whippey) PR38]

Susanna, ch. Thomas and Hepsibah, 14: 12m: 1771. CR4 [w. Arnold Remson, d. Thomas and Hepsibeth (Gardner) PR38]

Thaddeus, ch. Benjamin and Lydia, 20: 11m: 1766. [h. Elizabeth (d. Lot Cottle and Ruth), s. Benjamin and Lydia (Harris) [dup. 20: 11m: 1768] PR38]

Thankfull, d. John and Mary, May 6, 1726. [Thankful, w. Caleb Gardner (s. Joseph and Ruth (Coffin)), d. John and Mary (Challing) PR38]

Thomas, s. Thomas and Mary (Church), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas, h. Hepsibeth (d. Ichabod Aldrich [dup. Aldridge] and Elizabeth), s. William and Zilpha Rich, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas, s. John and Mary, Jan. 15, 1719-20. [s. John and Mary (Challing), 15: 1m: 1719 PR38]

Thomas, s. David and Ruth, 11: 6m: 1735. [h. Hepsibeth (d. Barnabas Gardner), s. David and Ruth (Marshall), 22: 8m: PR38]

Thomas, s. Albert and Margaret (Gardner), 7: 12m: 1802. PR38

Tristram, s. Ichabod and Deborah (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Tristram, h. Rebecca (d. Benjamin Ray and Miriam), s. Reuben and Susanna (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Uriah, h. Judith (d. George Smith and Mary), s. Benjamin and Lydia (Harris), 2: 5m: 1774. PR38

Uriah, h. Nancy (d. Owen Swain and Abigail), s. Uriah and Judith (Smith), 25: 2m: 1800 [dup. 5: 5m: 1802]. PR38

William, see William Rawson Clark.

William Horsefield, s. Reuben F. and Almira (Clark), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, s. David and Ruth, Nov. 3, 1727. [h. Zilpha Rich, s. David and Ruth (Marshall), 3: 11m: PR38]

William, h. Hepsibeth (d. John Ray and Mary), s. William and Zilpha Rich, 31: 1m: 1765. PR38

William, h. Phebe (d. Benjamin Clark and Elizabeth), h. Phebe (d. Hezekiah Russell and Hepsibeth), s. Sarah (d. Nathaniel and Penina), 18: 3m: 1774. PR38

William, h. Deborah (d. Tristram Jenkins), s. William and Hepsibeth (Ray), 24: 3m: 1790. PR38

William, h. Ann C. (d. Joshua Barker), s. Uriah and Judith (Smith), 1: 7m: 1816. PR38

William F., s. George and Phebe (Stubbs) (Tubbs), 20: 7m: 1819. PR38

William Rawson, s. Shubael and w., bp. July 29, 1832. CR1 [s. Shubael and Margaret (Rawson), b. 3: 1m: PR38]

William, s. Reuben J. and Jane (Folger), ––: 6m: 1840. PR38

William B., s. Benjamin C., mason, and Mary Ann, Nov. 17, 1845. [William D., s. Benjamin C. and Mary Ann (Fisher) PR38]

William D., Town Crier, ––– ––, 1846. GR3

Zilpha Rich [–––––] of Cape Cod, w. William (s. David), 20: 10m: 1728. PR38

CLASBY (Clisby)

–––––, s. William, May 10, 1783. PR64

Abial, ch. Joseph and Lydia, 5: 3m: 1759. CR4 [w. Barnabas Macy (s. Jonathan and Lois), d. Joseph and Lydia (Starbuck) PR38]

Abraham, ch. Robert and Jemima, 10: 10m: 1759. CR4 [h. Sarah (d. Alexander Ray), s. Robert and Jemima (Allen) PR38]

Alexander, ch. Lot and Elizabeth, 11: 3m: 1809. CR4 [s. Lot and Elizabeth (Coffin) PR38]

Anna, w. Gayer Macy (s. Jethro), d. Charles and Anna (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ann Maria, w. Thomas Jernegan, d. Reuben and Anna (Allen), 12: 7m: 1815. PR38

Benjamin, ch. John and Ruth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Rachel (d. Seth Way and Deborah), s. John and Ruth (Gardner) PR38]

Benjamin, ch. Lot and Elizabeth, ––– ––, –––– [between 6: 8m: 1792 and 28: 1m: 1796]. CR4

Benjamin, s. William and Abiel, 27: 5m: 1726. [ch. William and Abial, 27: 8m: CR4; s. William and Abiel (Gardner) PR38]

Benjamin, ch. Abraham and Sarah, 16: 5m: [dup. 6m: ] 1798. CR4 [h. Margaret (d. Nathaniel Meader), s. Abraham and Sarah (Ray), 16: 7m: PR38]

Benjamin Hussey, ch. Charles and Elizabeth, 4: [dup. 3: ] 4m: 1799. CR4 [s. Charles and Elizabeth (Hussey), 7: 4m: PR38]

Benjamin G., s. William and Nancy (Lamb), 28: 3m: 1823. PR38

Charles, ch. Lot and Elizabeth, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after ch. b. 11: 3m: 1809]. CR4 [s. Lot and Elizabeth (Coffin) PR38]

Charles, ch. William and Abial, 9: 7m: 1733. CR4 [h. Anna (Coffin), s. William and Abiel (Gardner) PR38]

Charles, ch. John and Ruth, 19: 9m: 1774. CR4 [h. Elizabeth (d. Stephen Hussey), s. John and Ruth (Gardner) PR38]

Charles Wesley, s. William and Nancy (Lamb), 17: 4m: 1829. PR38

Charlotte, w. Edward M. Gardner (s. Rowland and Susan), d. Reuben and Anna (Allen), 30: 9m: 1811. PR38

Charlotte P., w. Joseph Warren, d. William and Nancy (Lamb), 13: 4m: 1821. PR38

Edward, ch. Lot and Elizabeth, 18: 11m: 1804. CR4 [s. Lot and Elizabeth (Coffin) PR38]

Edward, ch. Lot and Elizabeth, 6: 11m: 1806. CR4 [s. Lot and Elizabeth (Coffin) PR38]

Elisha, s. Joseph and Elizabeth (Paddack) (third w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. Benjamin dec'd and Rachel, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Nathaniel R. Macy (s. Robert Jr. and Anna (Jones)), d. Benjamin and Rachel (Way), 19: 11m: 1777 PR38]

Elizabeth, d. William, 12: 7m: 1720. [ch. William and Abial CR4; w. David Coffin, d. William and Abiel (Gardner) PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Abraham and Sarah, 6: 8m: 1791. CR4 [d. Abraham and Sarah (Ray) PR38]

Eunice, d. Joseph and Elizabeth (Paddack) (third w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Frederick, ch. Joseph and Rachel (second w.), 3: 10m: 1795. CR4 [s. Joseph and Rachel (Chadwick) PR38]

Frederick, ch. Joseph and Rachel (second w.), 10: 6m: 1797. CR4

George, s. Lot and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Eliza (d. Richard G. Swain and Judith), s. Lot and Elizabeth (Coffin), 6: 1m: 1802 PR38]

George Luce, s. William and Nancy (Lamb), 14: 3m: 1825. PR38

Jemima [dup. Jamima], ch. Abraham and Sarah, 17: 1m: 1794. CR4 [Jemima, w. Reuben Allen Jr. (s. Reuben and Jerusha), d. Abraham and Sarah (Ray) PR38]

John Green, ch. John and Sally, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Mary (d. Stephen West and Lydia), s. John and Sarah (Green), 2: 4m: 1803 PR38]

John, ch. William and Abial, 30: 11m: 1728-9. CR4 [h. Ruth (Gardner), s. William and Abiel (Gardner), 30: 11m: 1728 PR38]

John, ch. John and Ruth, 19: 6m: 1767. CR4 [h. Sarah (d. Thomas Green), s. John and Ruth (Gardner) PR38]

Joseph, ch. William and Abial, 9: 3m: 1736. CR4 [h. Lydia (d. Tristram Starbuck), s. William and Abiel (Gardner) PR38]

Joseph, ch. John and Ruth, 20: 8m: 1760. CR4 [h. Miriam (d. Stephen Coffin and Mary), h. Rachel (d. Richard Chadwick and Rebecca), h. Elizabeth (d. Eliphalet Paddack and Dinah), s. John and Ruth (Gardner) PR38]

Lot, ch. John and Ruth, 24: 8m: 1769. CR4 [h. Elizabeth (d. Stephen Coffin and Mary), s. John and Ruth (Gardner) PR38]

Louisa, d. Reuben and Anna (Allen), 1: 1m: 1805. PR38

Lydia G., ch. John and Sally, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. James Mitchell (s. Obed and Lydia), d. John and Sarah (Green), 16: 7m: 1801 PR38]

Lydia, d. Joseph and Miriam, Sept. 8, 1783. [w. John Allen ("an Englishman"), d. Joseph and Miriam (Coffin) PR38]

Lydia, ch. Abraham and Sarah, 10: 8m: 1801. CR4 [w. Joseph Allen of Fairhaven, d. Abraham and Sarah (Ray) PR38]

Lydia Barnard, ch. Charles and Elizabeth, 27: 9m: 1801. CR4 [w. Seth W. Folger (s. Elihu and Mary), d. Charles and Elizabeth (Hussey) PR38]

Mary, ch. John and Sally, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [d. John and Sarah (Green), 29: 2m: 1800 PR38]

Mary, d. William and Abial, 29: 9m: 1722. [w. William Ray (s. Samuel and Mary Fullington of Boston), d. William and Abiel (Gardner) PR38]

Mary, d. Joseph and Miriam, June 6, 1785. [6: 8m: CR4; w. Obed Bunker (s. Nathaniel), d. Joseph and Miriam (Coffin), 6: 6m: PR38]

Mary Ann, d. Reuben and Anna (Allen), 5: 3m: 1803. PR38

Phebe, ch. Lot and Elizabeth, ––– ––, –––– [rec. before ch. b. 18: 11m: 1804]. CR4 [w. William Gayer Macy (s. Silvanus and Dinah), d. Lot and Elizabeth (Coffin), 9: 12m: 1796 PR38]

Phebe, ch. John and Ruth, 16: 7m: 1764. CR4 [d. John and Ruth (Gardner) PR38]

Reuben, ch. John and Ruth, 23: 8m: 1777. CR4 [h. Anna (d. Ebenezer Allen and Mary Wing), s. John and Ruth (Gardner) PR38]

Rhoda, ch. John and Ruth, 10: 4m: 1772. CR4 [w. Richard Chadwick Jr. (s. Richard and Rebecca), d. John and Ruth (Gardner) PR38]

Robert, ch. William and Abial, 17: 6m: 1731. CR4 [h. Jemima (d. Silvanus Allen and Jemima), h. Eunice (wid. Joseph Coffin, d. Daniel Paddack), s. William and Abiel (Gardner) PR38]

Ruth, ch. John and Ruth, 25: 3m: 1780. CR4 [Ruth Palmer GR3; Clasby, w. Lot Palmer, d. John and Ruth (Gardner) PR38]

Sarah, ch. John and Sally, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Reuben Ray, d. John and Sarah (Green), 5: 5m: 1797 PR38]

Sarah G., d. John G. and Mary (West), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah R., d. William and Nancy (Lamb), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sally, ch. Abraham and Sarah, 23: 8m: 1789. CR4 [Sarah, w. Rowland Pollard (s. Jonathan and Hannah), d. Abraham and Sarah (Ray) PR38]

Stephen W., s. John G. and Mary (West), 26: 9m: 1833. PR38

Susan A., w. Thomas Rand (s. Ebenezer), d. Reuben and Anna (Allen), 14: 10m: 1806. PR38

Susanna, ch. Abraham and Sarah, 5: 6m: 1806. CR4

Thomas, ch. John and Ruth, ––– ––, –––– [rec. before ch. b. 20: 8m: 1760]. CR4 [s. John and Ruth (Gardner) PR38]

Thomas, ch. Lot and Elizabeth, 6: 8m: 1792. CR4 [h. Emeline (d. William Chase), s. Lot and Elizabeth (Coffin), 6: 8m: 1799 PR38]

William, h. Abiel (d. Joseph Gardner and Bethia), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, s. William and Abiel, 8: 8m: 1724. [ch. William and Abial CR4; h. Phebe (d. Samuel Bunker and Priscilla), h. Judith (d. John Macy and Judith), s. William and Abiel (Gardner) PR38]

William Atkinson, s. Joseph and Rachel, Sept. 13, 1793. [ch. Joseph and Rachel (second w.) CR4; s. Joseph and Rachel (Chadwick) PR38]

William, ch. Abraham and Sarah, 17: 4m: 1796. CR4 [h. Nancy (d. Abel Lamb and), s. Abraham and Sarah (Ray) PR38]

CLEAVELAND (Cleveland)

–––––, triplet daughter and sons of Aaron and w., May 30, 1775. PR64

Aaron (Cleveland), ch. Ebenezer and Susanna, Nov. 15, 1743. [Cleaveland h. Charity (d. John Meader and Hannah), s. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), 15: 11m: PR38]

Abigail, w. John Jackson, d. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), 9: 7m: 1760. PR38

Andrew Jones, s. Henry and Rebecca (Russell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Anna, w. James Sandsbury, d. David and Lydia (Marshall) (Cottle), 7: 2m: 1790. PR38

Benjamin F. (Cleveland), s. Henry, mariner, and Rebecca, Aug. 1, 1847. [Cleaveland s. Henry and Rebecca (Russell) PR38]

Charles A., s. Davis and Rebecca (Russell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charlotte (Cleveland), d. Henry, mariner, and Rebecca C., Apr. 17, 1846. [Charlotte Field Cleaveland w. Isaac C. Farrier of St. John, N.B., d. Henry and Rebecca (Russell) PR38]

David, h. Lydia (w. James Cottle, d. Greenleaf Marshall), s. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), ––– ––, 1754. PR38

Davis, h. Rebecca (d. Seth Russell and Abigail), s. Seth and Mary (Jones), 12: 3m: 1794. PR38

Ebenezar of Martha's Vineyard, h. Susanna (d. Richard Folger), s. Ebenezar and Mary (d. Thomas Vincent), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edwin Lee Lyman, s. Reuben and Deborah B. (Cash), 14: 7m: 1838. PR38

Eliza A., w. Shubael Barnard Jr., d. Davis and Rebecca (Russell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Betsey, w. Jonathan Swazey (s. Anthony), d. David and Lydia (Marshall) (Cottle), 19: 9m: 1792. PR38

Elizabeth H., w. Thomas Hussey (s. Albert and Elizabeth), d. Zimri and Sally Seabury, 16: 12m: 1819. PR38

Emily F., d. Reuben and Deborah B. (Cash), 11: 4m: 1840. PR38

Francis A., s. Zimri and Sally Seabury, 3: 7m: 1835. PR38

George S., h. Harriet (d. David Huntington and Sarah), s. Zimri and Sally Seabury, 27: 4m: 1815. PR38

Henry, h. Hannah (d. Ebenezer Rand), s. Aaron and Charity (Meader), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Henry, h. Margaret Poffit, s. Reuben and Elizabeth Foster, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Henry (Cleveland), Capt., h. Rebecca, ––– ––, 1798. GR4 [Cleaveland h. Rebecca (d. Jedediah Russell), s. Seth and Mary (Jones), 22: 8m: PR38]

Henry J., h. Irene Havens of Hartford, CT, s. Zimri and Sally Seabury, 8: 1m: 1827. PR38

James Gwinn, s. Henry and Rebecca (Russell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John (Cleveland), ch. Ebenezer and Susanna, Dec. 2, 1747. [Cleaveland h. Catharine Look of M[artha's] Vineyard, s. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), 12: 3m: PR38]

Love, second, w. Elijah Luce, d. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), 5: 2m: 1763. PR38

Love, w. Waterman Coffin (s. Zechariah), Seth and Mary (Jones), 2: 4m: 1787. PR38

Lydia (Cleveland), ch. Ebenezer and Susanna, Sept. 23, 1745. [Cleaveland first, w. Elijah Luce, d. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger) PR38]

Lydia, w. John Starbuck (s. Reuben and Deborah), d. David and Lydia (Marshall) (Cottle), 17: 4m: 1786. PR38

Mary, d. Aaron and Charity (Meader), 5: 1m: 1766. PR38

Mary, w. Roland Coleman (s. Barzillai and Abigail), s. Seth and Mary (Jones), 19: [dup. 22: ] 8m: 1796. PR38

Mary Jane, w. Jabez Hinckley (s. Harvey and Caroline), d. Zimri and Sally Seabury, 10: 1m: 1831. PR38

Oliver S., h. Alma Ricketson of Dartmouth, s. Zimri and Sally Seabury, 21: 6m: 1820. PR38

Phebe, d. Seth and Mary (Jones), 15: 5m: 1801. PR38

Phebe C. [dup. H.], w. Henry S. Coffin (s. David and Phebe), d. Zimri and Sally Seabury, 3: 9m: 1816. PR38

Reuben, s. David and Lydia (Marshall) (Cottle), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Reuben, h. Elizabeth Foster, s. Aaron and Charity (Meader), 31: 7m: 1770. PR38

Reuben, divorced, h. Deborah B. (d. Reuben Cash), h. Phebe (wid. William Dunham, d. Gilbert Perkins), s. Anna (d. David), 5: 3m: 1807. PR38

Reuben, s. Reuben and Deborah B. (Cash), 28: 12m: 1832. PR38

Seth, h. Mary (d. Ebenezer Jones of Falmouth), s. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), 3: 9m: 1761. PR38

Seth F., s. Zimri and Sally Seabury, 8: 12m: 1828. PR38

Susan P., d. Zimri and Sally Seabury, 8: 10m: 1823. PR38

Susanna, w. Paul Long (s. James), w. Joseph Cathcart (s. Hugh), d. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), 13: 6m: 1753. PR38

Zabdiel, ch. Ebenezer and Susanna, Aug. 4, 1749. [Zebdial, h. Abigail Luce of M[artha's] Vineyard, s. Ebenezar and Susanna (Folger), 4: 8m PR38]

Zimri, h. Sally Seabury of Westport, h. Lucretia (wid. Gorham Gardner, d. Paul Starbuck), s. Seth and Mary (Jones), 12: 3m: 1789. PR38

Zimri, s. Zimri and Sally Seabury, 17: 4m: 1833. PR38

CLISBY (Clasby)

Benjamin W., h. Lucy (d. Augustus Rice of E. Boston), s. William and Mary (Folger), 15: 7m: 1839. PR38

Elizabeth, w. William M. Arthur (s. Frederick), d. Seth and Elizabeth (Worth), ––: 7m: 1817 [dup. 1819]. PR38

Elizabeth, w. Charles M. Folger (s. Barzillai), d. William and Mary (Folger), 29: 11m: 1841. PR38

Eugen W., h. Elizabeth S. (d. John P. Taber and Delphinia), s. Paul and Hannah, 31: 10m: 1849. PR38

Frederick V., s. Paul, carpenter, and Hannah, Mar. 21, 1845.

Henry B., s. Paul W., housewright, and Hannah, July 14, 1846. [h. Ellen M. (Macy), 4: 7m: PR38]

Hepsibeth, w. George Sprague (s. David), w. Uriah Coffin (s. Presbury and Sarah), d. Seth and Sarah Hallett, 25: 12m: 1832. PR38

John, h. Betsey (d. Silvanus Crosby), s. William and Hepsibeth (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John P., h. Ann Maria (d. David Swain and Phebe), s. Seth and Elizabeth (Worth), 26: 10m: 1823. PR38

John P., h. Charlotte Eliza (d. Benjamin B. Long and Ann), s. William and Mary (Folger), 14: 11m: 1842. PR38

Lydia Ann, d. William and Mary (Folger), 15: 8m: 1837. PR38

Mary, second, w. Samuel Macy (s. Jonathan and Lois), d. William and Hepsabeth (Coleman), 5: 4m: 1780. PR38

Mary, d. Seth and Elizabeth (Worth), 20: 4m: 1814. PR38

Mary M., d. William 2d, laborer, and Mary, Dec. 18, 1846. [Mary W., w. George W. Chase, d. William and Mary (Folger), 17: 12m: PR38]

Mary, d. Paul W., carpenter, and Hannah, Jan. 11, 1848.

Nancy, d. William and Hepsibeth (Coleman), 30: 8m: 1781. PR38

Nancy, w. Timothy Fisher (s. Leonard), d. Seth and Sarah Hallett [dup. Nancy], ––: 5m: 1830 [dup. ––– ––, 1829]. PR38

Nancy, d. William, laborer, and Mary, Sept. 14, 1848. PR38

Paul W., h. Hannah (d. Solomon Bearse of Cape Cod), s. Seth and Elizabeth (Worth), 19: 3m: 1821. PR38

Phebe W., w. Rev. Edward [dup. Frederic] Vinton, d. Seth and Elizabeth (Worth), 26: 2m: 1816. PR38

Phebe E., d. John P. and Ann Maria, Dec. 7, 1845. GR3 [Phebe Elizabeth, d. John P. and Ann Maria (Swain) PR38]

Samuel M., s. William, carman, and Mary, Sept. 14, 1844.

Sarah Hallett [–––––] of Barnstable, second, w. Seth (s. William), 12: 9m: 1802. PR38

Seth, h. Elizabeth (d. Paul Worth and Phebe), h. Sarah Hallett of Barnstable, Cape Cod, s. William and Hepsibeth (Coleman), 3: 10m: 1785 [dup. 1787]. PR38

Seth W., h. Ann Maria (d. Thomas Barnard and Caroline), s. Seth and Sarah Hallett, ––: 12m: 1837. PR38

William, h. Lydia (d. Rufus Doolittle of Hudson), s. William and Hepsibeth (Coleman), 5: 2m: 1790. PR38

William, h. Mary (d. Nathaniel Folger and Betsey), h. Hepsabeth (wid. David Bunker, d. Alexander Russell), s. John and Betsey, 7: 9m: 1806. PR38


Samuel B., s. James, sail maker, and Catharine, Aug. 4, 1847.


Charles Alexander, ch. William and Lucretia, bp. July 4, 1820. CR1

Charlotte Cobb, w. Alexander Dow, Nov. 10, 1799. GR3 [Cobb, w. Alexander Dow (s. Samuel and Lydia), d. William and Charlotte PR38]

Eliza B., d. William, cooper, and Charlotte, Mar. 20, 1845. [Eliza Bunker Cobb CR1]

Eliza Gardner, ch. F.W., bp. May 2, 1847. CR1

Emily S., d. Edward W., N.P. Publisher, and Elizabeth W., Dec. 29, 1845. [Emily Shaw Cobb GR2]

Eunice M., d. Frederick W., merchant, and Elizabeth S., Sept. 23, 1845.

George Frederick, ch. William and Lucretia, bp. July 4, 1820. CR1

Joseph Plaskett, ch. F.W., bp. May 2, 1847. CR1

Mary, w. Gershom Drew, d. ––––– of Duxbury, 25: 11m: 1751. PR38

Mary, second, w. Jethro Coffin, d. William and Charlotte, 25: 5m: 1793. PR38

Mary Russell, ch. William and Lucretia, bp. July 4, 1820. CR1

Mary Jane, inf., bp. May 21, 1843. CR1

Phebe, ch. Timothy, bp. Mar. 29, 1818. CR1

Samuel Mooers, ch. William and Lucretia, bp. July 21, 1822. CR1

Susan Haden, ch. William and Lucretia, bp. July 21, 1822. CR1 [Susan H., w. Edward Hammond of Matapoisett, b. 30: 10m: 1812 PR38]

Susan E., d. Edward W., editor, and Elizabeth, Apr. 12, 1847. [Susan Elizabeth, Apr. 11 GR2]

William Coffin, ch. William and Lucretia, bp. July 4, 1820. CR1

Winnifred, second, w. Daniel Russell Jr., d. George and Susan, ––– ––, 1824. PR38


James, Sept. 8, 1808. GR2

Louisa, w. Charles H. Fisher [q.v.], d. Mary, 16: 12m: 1818. PR38

Mary Eliza, d. John C., mariner, and Eliza Ann, Mar. 10, 1847. [w. Charles G.S. Austin (s. James and Mary) PR38]

Sarah C., d. James, mariner, and Rebecca, June 1, 1844.


–––––, s. Seth and Susanna (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

–––––, d. Stephen Jr. and w., Aug. 27, 1775. PR64

–––––, s. Walter and w., Oct. 3, 1775. PR64

–––––, ch. Mary, Aug. 5, 1780. PR64

–––––, twin d. Philip and Hannah, Mar. 11, 1794. PR64

–––––, ch. Mark and Judith, ––: 7m: 1799. CR4

–––––, ch. Isaiah and Sarah, 4: 7m: 1799. CR4 [ch. Isaiah and Sarah (Folger) PR38]

–––––, s. Daniel and w., [Jan. ––,] 1803. PR64

–––––, ch. Mahala (d. Paul Coggeshall), May 16, 1809. PR64

–––––, ch. Aaron [and] Rebecca, Aug. 21, 1838. PR62

–––––, d. Charles D., mariner, and Charlotte D., Aug. 2, 1848.

Aaron, ch. Benjamin and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Mary (d. William Barnard and Mary), h. Sarah (d. John Hussey of NC), s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hussey), ––– ––, 1761 PR38]

Aaron, ch. Benjamin and Judith [(Macy) PR38], 10: 10m: 1773. CR4

Aaron, s. Uriah and Sarah Butler, 25: 8m: 1798. PR38

Aaron, h. Rebecca (d. Barzillai Burdett and Eunice), h. Lydia B. (d. Hezekiah Folger and Lucinda), h. Harriet (wid. Joseph F. Barrett, d. Frederick Barnard), s. Barzillai and Rebecca (Coffin), 11: 9m: 1805. PR38

Abbot, s. Charles G., merchant, and Eliza, Jan. 28, 1845. [Abbott, h. Agnes [dup. Avis] Sawyer, s. Charles G. and Eliza (McArthur) PR38]

Abel, h. Deborah (d. Benjamin Russell and Rebecca (Gardner)), s. James and Priscilla (Rawson), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abel, h. Rhoda (d. Stephen Gardner Jr.), s. Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abel, h. Eunice (d. Richard Alley and Martha), s. Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin), 22: 3m: 1768. PR38

Abel, ch. James and Janet, Apr. 18, 1779. [ch. James and Jennet CR3; h. Anna (d. Silvanus Russell), s. James and Jeanette (Coffin) PR38]

Abial, ch. Barnabas and Abigail, 7: 12m: 1758. CR4 [w. Jonathan Barney 2d, Dec. 27 GR3; w. Jonathan Barney (s. Benjamin and Huldah), d. Barnabas and Abigail (Folger) PR38]

Abial, ch. Nathaniel and Rebecca, 25: 10m: 1759. CR4 [Abiel, second, w. Christopher Hussey (s. Christopher and Mary), d. Nathaniel and Rebecca (Coleman) PR38]

Abial, w. Paul Coleman (s. Matthew and Hannah), d. Christopher and Abigail (Coleman), 22: 7m: 1785. PR38

Abial, w. John Fisher, d. Gideon and Mary, 8: 7m: 1791. PR38

Abby, d. Prince and Judith (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abigail, see Abby.

Abigail, w. James J. Pollock, d. Elias and Abigail (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abigail, ch. Sheffield and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Jonathan Purrington of Hudson, d. Sheffield and Elizabeth (Barnard) PR38]

Abigail, d. Libni and Hepzibah (Starbuck), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abigail, d. Paul and Susanna (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abigail, d. Matthew and Hannah Mendenhall, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abigail, d. Francis and Ruth (Upham), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abigail, ch. Zimri and Abigail, ––– ––, ––––. CR4

Abigail, ch. Zimri and Abigail, ––– ––, ––––. CR4

Abigail, w. Daniel Davidson of Ipswich and Newbury, d. Peter and Abigail (Starbuck), 20: 10m: 1657 [? in NH]. PR38

Abigail, w. Nathaniel Gardner (s. Richard and Sarah), d. James and Mary (Severance), ––– ––, 1666. PR38

Abigail, d. Peter Jr., July 9, 1683. [w. Jedediah Fitch ("1st of Nantucket, From Norwich, CT. "), d. Peter and Elizabeth (Starbuck), 9: 7m: PR38]

Abigaile, d. Jethro, 12: 12m: 1700-1. [Abigail, w. Nathaniel Woodbury, w. Eliakim Swain, d. Jethro and Mary (Gardner), 12: 2m: 1701 PR38]

Abigail, d. John, Oct. 21, 1708. [w. Zaccheus Folger (s. John and Mary), d. John and Hope (Gardner), 21: 10m: PR38]

Abigail, d. George and Ruth, July 12, 1719. [w. Daniel Smith, d. George and Ruth (Swain), 12: 7m: PR38]

Abigail, ch. Richard and Ruth, 22: 6m: 1729. CR4 [w. Seth Swain (s. John and Mary), w. Nathaniel Worth (s. Joseph and Lydia), d. Richard and Ruth (Bunker) PR38]

Abigail, ch. Cromwel and Ruth, bp. Sept. 14, 1735. CR1 [w. James Gardner (s. Abel), d. Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin), b. ––– ––, 1735 PR38]

Abigail, ch. Benjamin and Jedidah, 24: 10m: 1736. CR4 [w. Matthew Macy (s. Jabez and Sarah), d. Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey) PR38]

Abigail, ch. Capt. Josiah and Elizabeth, June 1, 1743. [ch. Josiah Esq. CR1; w. Elias Coffin Jr., d. Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), 1: 6m: PR38]

Abigail, w. Samuel Marshall (s. James), d. Abner and Phebe (Butler), 6: 6m: 1746 [dup. 1745]. PR38

Abigail, ch. Zepheniah and Abigail (second w.), ––: 7m: 1752. CR4 [w. Solomon Bunker (s. David and Elizabeth), d. Zephaniah and Abigail (Colemen) PR38]

Abigail, d. Joseph, painter, and Elizabeth (Jillings), 3: 3m: 1764. PR38

Abigail, d. Obed and Phebe (Gardner), 6: 10m: 1770. PR38

Abigail, ch. Solomon and Eunice, 23: 11m: 1775. CR4 [w. Joseph Allen (s. Benjamin and Abigail), d. Solomon and Eunice (Macy) PR38]

Abigail, d. Elijah and Abigail (Folger), ––: 1m: 1783 [see death of Elijah]. PR38

Abby P., w. George B. Waldron, w. Gen. Richard Arnold ["Arnold" written in pencil], d. Timothy G. and Betsey (Parker), ––– ––, 1835. PR38

Abihu, ch. Hezekiah and Lydia, 24: 9m: 1757. [h. Elizabeth (Folger) Wharton, h. Elizabeth (d. John Long), s. Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger) PR38]

Abijah, h. Olive Sumner, s. Libni and Hepzibah (Starbuck), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abijah, s. William and Priscilla [(Paddack) PR38], May 22, 1760.

Abijah, ch. Ebenezer and Mary, 7: 2m: 1773. CR4 [h. Priscilla (d. Thomas Brock), s. Ebenezar and Mary (Cartwright) PR38]

Abishai, s. Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abishai, ch. Tristram and Jemima, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Sarah (d. John Long and Jane Luce), s. Tristram and Jemima (Barnard), 3: 1m: 1746 PR38]

Abner, h. Phebe (d. John Butler of Newport, RI), s. Peter "(Nope)" and Hope (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abner, h. Patience (d. Jonathan Russell and Patience), h. Desire Benthal, s. Abner and Phebe (Butler), 11: 11m: 1745. PR38

Abner, ch. Benjamin and Jedidah, 20: 3m: 1753. CR4 [h. Elizabeth (d. Peleg Gardner), s. Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey) PR38]

Abner, h. Esther Godfrey Northrop, s. Philip and Catherine (Thompson) (second w.), 15: 12m: 1810. PR38

Abraham, ch. Benjamin and Jedidah, 5: 9m: 1750. CR4 [h. Hannah Gaskill, s. Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey) PR38]

Abraham, h. Lydia (d. Nathaniel Bunker and Lydia), s. Matthew and Matilda (Coffin), 15: 1m: 1785. PR38

Absolem [dup. Absalom], h. Mary (d. Paul Folger and Catherine), s. Obed and Phebe (Gardner), ––– ––, 1768. PR38

Achsah, w. Joseph Hubbard (father of Jeremiah), d. William and Elizabeth Vestal (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Adam, ch. Benjamin and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Jemima (d. Francis Barnard and Elizabeth [Catherine, dup., d. William Barnard and Mary (Coffin)]), h. Margaret (wid. Silvanus Folger, d. Daniel Russell), s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Hussey), ––: 5m: 1767 PR38]

Addison, h. Ruth Hadley, s. Vestal and Aletha Fluke, 29: 1m: 1822 [? in NC]. PR38

Adaline, see Adeline.

Adeline, w. Francis Clark, d. Ralph and Abigail (Chase), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Adeline [dup. Adaline], d. George B. [dup. C.] and Sarah [dup. Susan] Sanborn of Maine, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Adeline, w. Eli C. Balch (brother of Simeon of VT), d. Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), 18: 5m: 1806. PR38

Adeline, w. David Upham Coffin (s. Francis and Ruth), d. Barrett and Hannah (Coffin), 21: 11m: 1807. PR38

Adeline, w. Oliver Couse, d. Barnabas and Mary (Starbuck), 12: 3m: 1818. PR38

Albert, h. Elizabeth (wid. Job Coleman, d. John Fosdick), s. Brown and Deborah (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Albert, ch. Zepheniah and Hepsibah, ––– ––, ––––. CR4

Albert, h. Anstrus (d. Pelatiah Varney), s. Charles F. and Mary (Fulson), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Albert J., h. Jane, s. Capt. Noah and Lydia (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Albert, ch. Nathaniel and Rebecca, 2: 6m: 1764. CR4

Albert, ch. William and Hepzibah, 18: 11m: 1766. CR4 [h. Eliza Ripley of Edgartown, h. Polly (d. James Fay), s. William and Hephzibah (Barney), 12: [dup. 18: ] 11m: PR38]

Albert, ch. James and Janet, June 24, 1773. [ch. James and Jennet CR3; h. Martha Gibbs, s. James and Jeanette (Coffin) PR38]

Albert, h. Sarah (d. Nathaniel Earl), s. Jethro and Sophia Whitefield, 4: 4m: 1809. PR38

Albert M., ch. Charles 3d and Mary, 20: 8m: 1809. CR4

Albert, s. Amial and Mary (Coffin), 21: 2m: 1815. PR38

Albert S., h. Mary Ann (d. David Baker), s. Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker), 26: 1m: 1819. PR38

Albert C., s. Prince and Eliza (Austin), 1: 9m: 1838. PR38

Alexander, s. Charles M. and Judith (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Alexander Jr., s. Alexander M. and Catherine Campbell, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Alexander J., h. Lydia (d. Latham Stratton and Phebe), h. Mary (d. Salmon Coffin and Anna), s. Eliab and Mary (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Alexander, s. Ebenezer, 20: 12m: 1713. [h. Judith (d. Jonathan Bunker), s. Ebenezar and Eleanor (Barnard) PR38]

Alexander, h. Eunice (d. David Bunker), s. Alexander and Judith (Bunker), 21: 9m: 1740. PR38

Alexander Jr., h. Lydia (d. Bachelor Hussey and Anna), h. Mary (wid. William Gelston, d. John Dayton), s. Alexander and Eunice (Bunker), 16: [dup. 17: ] 11m: 1764. PR38

Alexander, h. Lucinda (d. Joseph Weeks and Content), h. Eliza (d. Reuben Burdett), s. James Jr. and Rhoda (Gardner), 10: 10m: 1784. PR38

Alexander, ch. Benjamin and Judith, 30: 4m: 1788. CR4 [s. Benjamin and Judith (Macy) PR38]

Alexander, h. Lydia (d. Peter Myrick and Merab (Gardner)), s. Samuel and Eunice (Folger), 20: 8m: 1790. PR38

Alexander M., h. Catherine Campbell, s. Albert and Polly (Fay) (second w.), ––– ––, 1791. PR38

Alexander, s. Alexander Jr. and Lydia (Hussey), ––– ––, 1793. PR38

Alexander F., s. Benjamin F. and Ann (Stubbs), 2: 5m: 1794. PR38

Alexander H., h. Jane Vincent, s. Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), 7: 6m: 1805. PR38

Alexander H., h. Eliza Ann (d. Thaddeus Worth and Love), s. Owen and Jedidah (Hall), 28: 8m: 1808. PR38

Alexander Jr., h. Mary G. (d. Joseph Edwards and Lydia), s. Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks), 13: 9m: 1813. PR38

Alexander Drew, h. Judith M. (d. Prince Baker), s. Job and Mary (Drew) (Chadwick), 25: 7m: 1814. PR38

Alexander G., s. William Barnard and Deborah, 22: 7m: 1817. CR4 [h. Narcissa (Batty), s. William Barnard and Deborah (Swain), 10: [dup. 22: ] 7m PR38]

Alexander G., h. Caroline C. (d. Benjamin Turner and Rhoda), s. Alexander and Lydia (Myrick), 17: 5m: 1821. PR38

Alexander B., h. Lucy Ann (d. David Andrews and Phebe), s. Jesse and Mary (Bunker), 1: 4m: [dup. 18: 3m: ] 1825. PR38

Alexander W., s. Alexander H. and Eliza (Worth), ––– ––, 1834. PR38

Alfred, see George Alfred.

Alfred, h. Margaret (d. Joseph Chase and Rebecca), s. Abner and Elizabeth (Gardner), 4: 5m: 1780. PR38

Alfred M., h. Lydia M. (d. Gideon Coffin), h. Julia A. Shaw, s. William and Valina, 28: 10m: 1815. PR38

Alfred, h. Mary E. Johnson, s. Vestal and Aletha Fluke, 26: 10m: 1819 [? in NC]. PR38

Alfred, h. Lilian [dup. Lillias] (d. Moses Marcus of New York), s. Gorham and Rebecca, ––– ––, 1822 [dup. ––: 5m: 1821]. PR38

Alfred M., h. Nancy M. (d. Benjamin F. Coffin and Mary), s. Valentine and Jemima, ––: 4m: 1825. PR38

Alfred B., h. Emeline G. (d. William B. Bunker and Susan P.), s. Reuben and Hepzibah (Gardner), 2: 10m: 1828. PR38

Alice, see Elsie.

Alice, w. Antipas Taber of New Bedford, d. Timothy and Priscilla (Cook), ––– ––, 1778. PR38

Allen, h. Isabella M. (d. Allen Lucas of New Bedford), s. Jesse and Mary (Bunker), 8: 7m: 1837. PR38

Alpheus, ch. Stephen and Mary, 19: 3m: 1767. CR4 [h. Love (d. Jonathan Pitts), s. Stephen and Mary (Bunker) PR38]

Alvin N., s. James M. and Ann J. (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Alvin S., h. Phebe Ann Bolton, s. Cyrus and Abigail (Butler), 29: 11m: 1807. PR38

Alvin C., h. Martha Ann (wid. "of his bro. Wm B. "), s. Capt. Seth Jr. and Lydia (Coleman), ––– ––, 1836. PR38

Amelia F., d. Lohn Foster and Lydia (Cartwright), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Amelia, d. Peter and Charlotte (Mooers), ––– ––, 1818. PR38

Amelia, d. William and Elizabeth, Oct. 24, 1822. GR3

Amelia Lafayette, d. William Jr. and Elizabeth C. (Hussey), ––: 10m: 1824. PR38

Amelia, twin d. Charles and Hannah Lyon, 15: 5m: 1836. PR38

Amial, h. Mary (d. William Bunker and Abigail), h. Mary (d. Elijah Coffin and Ruth), s. John and Susanna (Clark), 11: 4m: 1784. PR38

Ammiel, ch. Shubael and Mary (second w.), 30: 9m: 1765. CR4 [Ammial, s. Shubael and Mary (Swain) (second w.) PR38]

Andrew, s. Josiah and Judith (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38 [s. Josiah Esq. and Judith, Nov. 23, 1762 PR56]

Andrew, h. Frances Saunders, s. Elisha and Eunice (Myrick), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Andrew, ch. Capt. Josiah and Elizabeth, Aug. 12, 1736. [s. Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), 12: 8m: PR38]

Andrew, ch. Hezekiah and Lydia, 22: 6m: 1745. CR4 [s. Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger) PR38]

Andrew, ch. James and Janet, Aug. 21, 1769. [ch. James and Jennet CR3; s. James and Jeanette (Coffin) PR38]

Andrew, h. Deborah (d. Wickliffe Chadwick), s. Elijah and Abigail (Folger), 15: 7m: 1773. PR38

Andrew Swain, ch. Laban and Abigail (second w.), 19: 7m: 1795. CR4 [s. Laban and Abigail (Tobey or Talman) PR38]

Andrew G., h. Elizabeth M. (d. Isaac Sherwood of New York), h. Elizabeth Pearson of New York, s. Gorham and Rebecca (Mitchell), 4: 9m: 1816. PR38

Anna, w. Solomon Gardner (s. Richard and Mary), d. Stephen and Mary (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Anna, w. ––––– Carruthers, d. Gayer and Rebecca Parker, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Anna, d. Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Anna, d. Adam and Jemima (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Anna, w. ––––– (s. Joseph Leonard and second w.), d. Aaron and Mary (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Anna, d. William H. and Jane Mabbitt, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Anna, d. Jonathan, 5: 1m: 1720. [Ann, ch. Hephzibah CR1; Anna, w. Paul Paddack, d. Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker) PR38]

Anna, w. Bachelor Hussey (s. Silvanus and Hepzibah), d. Daniel and Mary Blake, 2: [dup. 12: ] 7m: 1729. PR38

Anna, ch. Elias and Love, Aug. 11, 1735. [second, w. George Pinkham (s. Barnabas and Priscilla), d. Elias and Love (Coffin), 11: 8m: PR38]

Anna, ch. Zaccheus and Mary, 22: 1m: 1736. CR4 [first, w. Silvanus Russell, d. Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham) PR38]

Anna, ch. Benjamin and Jedidah, 28: 6m: 1740. CR4 [w. Charles Clasby, d. Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey) PR38]

Anna, ch. John and Anna, 9: 6m: 1755. CR4 [w. Jonathan Upham (s. Jonathan), d. John and Anna (Coleman), 8: 7m: PR38]

Anna, ch. Paul and Ruth, 1: 7m: 1771. CR4 [d. Paul and Ruth (Pinkham) PR38]

Anna, d. Jethro and Margaret (Brock), 20: 4m: 1773. PR38

Anna, d. Elijah and Abigail (Folger), 6: 8m: 1778. PR38

Anna, d. John and Elizabeth, Aug. 3, 1779. CR3 [w. Eliakim Swain (s. Timothy), w. William Hart, d. John and Elizabeth (Gardner) PR38]

Anna, second, w. Obed Clark (s. Benjamin and Lydia (Harris)), d. Samuel and Eunice (Folger), 21: 6m: 1780 [dup. 26: 6m: 1779]. PR38

Anna, w. Benjamin Hussey (s. John and Lydia), d. John and Susanna (Clark), 3: 8m: 1791. PR38

Anna, teacher, d. Valentine and Anna (Wilson), 22: 2m: 1815. PR38

Anna B., w. Henry A. Kelley, d. Jared and Hepzibah (Swain), 20: 8m: 1819. PR38

Anna B., w. John G. Carr (s. Moses), d. Edward C. and Elizabeth (Bunker), 15: 3m: 1821. PR38

Anna N., w. Lot Crocker of Barnstable, w. ––––– Enos of Boston, d. Valentine and Sarah (Nye), ––– ––, 1825. PR38

Anna [dup. Ann] W., w. Cyrus H. Sawtelle of Maine, d. Charles West and Sophia F. (Sherman), 28: 6m: 1833. PR38

Anna, w. Frank Miller, d. Benjamin Franklin and Elizabeth Besse, 9: 12m: 1842. PR38

Ann, ch. Peter and Priscilla, ––– ––, ––––. CR4

Ann, w. Zachariah Hyatt, d. Libni and Hepzibah (Starbuck), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ann Joy, d. James M. and Emily (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ann, w. Gilbert Deblois, d. William and Ann (Holmes), 15: 12m: 1730. PR38

Ann, ch. Capt. Josiah and Elizabeth, Apr. 11, 1741. [Anna, w. Joseph Clark (s. David and Ruth), d. Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), 11: 4m: PR38]

Ann, ch. Peleg and Hephzibah, Nov. 22, 1749. [Ana, w. Valentine Barnard (s. Thomas and Sarah), d. Peleg and Hepsibeth (Coffin), 22: 11m: PR38]

Ann [–––––, w. Thaddeus], Dec. 25, 1764. PR18 [w. Thaddeus Coffin (s. Henry and Mary), d. ––––– Parker of London PR38]

Ann, ch. Jonathan and Abigail, 19: 3m: 1780. CR4 [w. Frederick Swain, d. Jonathan and Abigail (Austin), 20: 3m PR38]

Ann [dup. Nancy, mother of Adeline Fanning, w. P.S. Folger, d. Thaddeus and Ann], Oct. 7, 1784. PR18 [Ann [Nancy written above Ann], w. John C. Fanning [q.v.], second, w. Peleg Slocum Folger, d. Thaddeus and Ann PR38]

Ann, w. Archibald Craig, d. Alexander Jr. and Lydia (Hussey), ––– ––, 1788. PR38

Ann, d. Hezekiah Jr. and Nancy (Bunker), 22: 1m: 1809. PR38

Ann, second, w. Daniel Coffin (s. John and Elizabeth), d. Robert and Anna (Black), 4: 7m: 1811. PR38

Ann, w. George F. Russell ("a Portuguese"), d. David and Susan (Swain), 10: 10m: 1817. PR38

Ann, second, w. Edward C. Swain (s. Silas), d. Paul and Priscilla (Johnston) (Gardner), 12: 2m: 1818. PR38

Ann Eliza, w. Charles E. Gorham (s. Davis), d. Thaddeus and Eliza (Cartwright), 13: 3m: 1828. PR38

Ann M., w. Joseph W. Francis Jr., d. Eliza, ––– ––, 1836. PR38

Ann E., twin d. Henry 2d, mariner, and Phebe, Feb. 6, 1848. [Anna B., w. Joseph W. Marshall, twin d. Henry S. and Phebe F. (Barnard), 9: 6m: PR38]

Ann Maria, w. Ezra W. Lewis (s. Simeon and Eliza), d. Charles G. and Hannah S. (Phinney), 3: 8m: 1849. PR38

Antipas, ch. Peter and Susanna (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Antipas, ch. John and Lidia, bp. July 11, 1742. CR1

Ariel, h. Priscilla (d. Benjamin Fosdick Jr.), h. Judith (d. Benjamin Coffin and Judith), s. Samuel and Eunice (Folger), 6: 2m: 1775. PR38

Arnold, ch. Nathaniel and Rebecca, 14: 9m: 1773. CR4

Arthur, twin s. Charles and Hannah Lyon, 15: 5m: 1836. PR38

Arthur M., ––– ––, 1837. GR2 [s. Charles G. and Eliza (McArthur), 21: 8m: PR38]

Arthur, twin s. Alfred and Lilian (Marcus), 15: 2m: 1844. PR38

Arthur, twin s. Frederick W. and Mary (Waters), 14: 8m: 1847. PR38

Asa, ch. Hezekiah and Abigail, 24: 12m: 1766. CR4 [h. Judith (d. Reuben Coleman and Abigail), h. Eunice (wid. Newcomb Colesworthy, d. Jonathan Long), s. Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman) PR38]

Asa, h. Phebe (d. Cornelius Morselander Jr.), s. Obed and Phebe (Gardner), 19: [dup. 15: ] 6m: 1785. PR38

Asa, Dec. 14, 1802. GR4 [h. Hannah (d. Ebenezer Gardner 2d), s. Ichabod and Nancy (Brown) PR38]

Asa, s. Asa 2d, cooper, and Hannah, Feb. 28, 1849. [Asa Jr., s. Asa and Hannah (Gardner) PR38]

Augustus, bp. Dec. 10, 1843. CR1 [s. Edward W. and Mary (Plasket), b. 5: 2m: 1840 PR38]

Aurelia C., d. Thomas S., mariner, and Deborah C., Nov. 25, 1843.

Avis, w. Remington H. Varney (s. Pelatiah), d. Charles F. and Mary (Fulson), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Avis, second, w. Oscar Dorning (brother of William), d. George B. and Abigail (Allen), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Avis, w. Daniel Nicher, w. Howes Sears, d. Zacheriah and Deborah (Beard), 17: 4m: 1777. PR38

Avis, ch. Bartlet and Sarah, 2: 9m: 1783. CR4 [Hiram Folger (s. Charles and Lydia), d. Bartlett and Sarah (Coffin), 17: 9m: PR38]

Avis, w. John Chadwick (s. David), d. Alpheus and Love (Pitts), ––– ––, 1790. PR38

Avis, d. George B. and Abigail (Allen), ––– ––, 1816. PR38

Avis M., w. Joseph Enos ("Portuguese"), d. George P., "a Portuguese," and Azuba G. (Gould), 12: 6m: 1838. PR38

Barna, h. Susan (d. George Gardner and Judith), s. Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), 9: 12m: 1794. PR38

Barnabas Jr., h. Sarah (d. John Wheeler), s. Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Barnabas, h. Miriam (d. David Worth and Eunice), s. Joseph and Hannah Ballinger, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Barnabas, s. Peter Jr., Feb. 11, 1690. [s. Peter and Elizabeth (Starbuck), 12: 4m: PR38]

Barnebas, ch. Richard and Ruth, 11: 8m: 1727. CR4 [Barnabas, h. Abigail (d. Daniel Folger and Abigail), s. Richard and Ruth (Bunker) PR38]

Barnabas, ch. William and Priscilla, Dec. 25, 1751. [Barnabas CR4; Barnaba, h. Phebe (d. Joseph Marshall and Phebe), s. William and Priscilla (Paddack), 25: 12m: PR38]

Barnebas, ch. Samuel and Elizabeth, 7: 3m: 1763 in Martha's Vineyard. CR4 [Barnabas, s. Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner) PR38]

Barnebas, ch. Obed and Deborah, 10: 6m: 1787. CR4

Barnabas, ch. Daniel and Huldah, 19: 4m: 1791. CR4 [h. Mary (d. David Starbuck), s. Daniel and Huldah (Bunker) PR38]

Barrett, h. Hannah (wid. Henry Coffin, d. David Swain), s. James and Rhoda (Gardner), 5: 10m: 1777. PR38

Bartlett, h. Judith (d. Peleg Bunker and Susanna (Coffin)), s. Peter and Christian (Conde), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Bartlet, ch. Bartlet and Judith, Jan. 17, 1737. [Bartlett, h. Lydia (d. Isaac Myrick), s. Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), 17: 1m: PR38]

Bartlet, ch. Peleg and Hephzibah, May 13, 1748. [Bartlett, h. Peggy (wid. Benjamin Tupper, d. Barnabas Pinkham), s. Peleg and Hepsibeth (Coffin), 18: 5m: PR38]

Bartlet, s. Benjamin and Rebekah (Coffin), July 19, 1757. PR16 [Bartlett, s. Sarah (d. Richard Coffin), h. Judith (Starbuck) Coffin, s. Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin) PR38]

Bartlet, ch. Thomas and Abigail, 14: 6m: 1767. CR4 [Bartlett, h. Elizabeth (d. Charles Bunker and Mary), h. Anna (d. Benjamin Worth), h. Eunice Williams, s. Thomas and Abigail (Russell) PR38]

Barzillai, s. Brown and Deborah (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Barzillai, ch. Richard and Mary, 8: 9m: 1756. CR4 [s. Richard Jr. and Mary (Starbuck) PR38]

Barzillai, ch. Benjamin and Judith, 1: 2m: 1778. CR4 [h. Rebecca (d. Samule Coffin), h. Charlotte (d. Joseph Chase), s. Benjamin and Judith (Macy) PR38]

Barzillai, s. Zebdial and Hepsibeth (Swain), 2: 9m: 1799. PR38

Barzillai, s. Benjamin F., mariner, and Rachel S., June 23, 1845. [h. Henrietta A. (d. Joseph Trehon of Brooklyn, NY), s. Benjamin and Rachel (Ceely), ––– ––, 1843 PR38]

Barzillai S., h. Clara Ricket of Barnstable, s. James M. and Eunice (Swain), 28: 2m: 1843. PR38

Benjamin, s. Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, s. Peter and Judith (Pinkham) (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, h. Catharine Saunders, s. Elisha and Eunice (Myrick), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, h. Hannah (d. James Stanton and Mary), s. Adam and Jemima (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin Jr., s. Benjamin and Mary (Brown), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, s. Moses and Nancy (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin Franklin, s. Benjamin Franklin and Hepzibah (Paddack), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, s. John and Deborah (Austin), ––– ––, 1683. PR38

Benjamin, s. James, Aug. 28, 1683. [s. James and Mary (Severance), 28: 8m: PR38]

Benjamin, s. Nathaniell, 3: 4m: 1705. [h. Jedidah (d. Bachelder Hussey and Abigail), h. Deborah (d. Thomas Macy), s. Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), 3: 6m: PR38]

Benjamin, h. Elizabeth (Norton) of M[artha's] Vineyard, s. Enoch and Beulah, 25: 6m: 1718. PR38

Benjamin, s. James and Ruth, Nov. 16, 1718. [h. Rebekah (Coffin) PR16; h. Rebecca (d. Bartlett Coffin), h. Hannah (d. Jabez Bunker), s. James and Ruth (Gardner), 16: 1m: PR38]

Benjamin, s. Ebenezer, Jan. 27, 1725-6. [s. Ebenezar and Eleanor (Barnard), ––: 1m: 1725 PR38]

Benjamin, ch. Benjamin and Jedidah, 26: 9m: 1732. CR4 [h. Elizabeth (d. Daniel Hussey), s. Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey) PR38]

Benjamin, ch. Benjamin and Rebekah, Sept. 1, 1744. [ch. Benjamin and Rebekah (Coffin) PR16; h. Judith (d. Francis Macy), s. Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), 1: 9m: PR38]

Benjamin, ch. Barnabas and Abigail, 5: 1m: 1768. CR4 [h. Mary (d. Silas Paddack and Hepsibeth), s. Barnabas and Abigail (Folger), 5: 7m: PR38]

Benjamin, h. Mary (d. William Brown and Dorcas), s. William and Lydia (Gardner) (second w.), 21: 10m: 1771. PR38

Benjamin F., h. Ann (d. Benjamin Stubbs and Eunice), s. Jonathan and Sally (Fosdick), 15: 12m: 1771. PR38

Benjamin Franklin, ch. Isaiah and Sarah, 29: 5m: 1789. CR4 [h. Hepzibah (d. Joseph Paddack and Amey), s. Isaiah and Sarah (Folger) PR38]

Benjamin, s. Aaron and Mary (Barnard), ––– ––, 1792. PR38

Benjamin, h. Mary (d. Thomas V. McCleave), h. Lydia (d. William Fuller and Elizabeth), h. Abigail [dup. Abba] (wid. Ira Emmons, d. Eben Durham), s. John and Susanna (Clark), 2: 4m: 1795. PR38

Benjamin F., h. Sarah (d. David Harris), s. Seth and Lydia (Myrick), 7: 6m: 1796. PR38

Benjamin, ch. Mark and Judith, 29: 5m: 1797. CR4

Benjamin F., Dec. 10, 1806. GR3 [Benjamin Franklin Coffin, h. Elizabeth Besse of Rochester, s. Benjamin and Mary (Paddack) PR38]

Benjamin, s. Waterman and Love (Cleaveland), 10: 9m: 1807. PR38

Benjamin F., h. Mary C. (d. Matthew Crosby and Lydia), s. Jared and Hepsabeth (Swain), 1: 12m: 1813. PR38

Benjamin F., h. Rachel (d. Elias Ceely and Dinah), s. Barzilla and Rebecca (Coffin), 3: 10m: 1814. PR38

Benjamin Swift, s. Obed and Ann (Swift), 9: 5m: 1820. PR38

Benjamin, ch. John G. and Rebecca, bp. Oct. 14, 1821. CR1 [Benjamin Joy [dup. G.] Coffin, h. Elizabeth (d. George Paddack), s. John Gayer and Rebecca (Joy), b. ––– ––, 1821 PR38]

Benjamin, h. Sophia (d. Anselm Hamblin), s. Benjamin and Mary (McCleave), 3: 10m: 1824. PR38

Benjamin A., h. Lydia M. (d. Frederick Ray and Almira), s. Prince and Eliza (Austin), 23: 8m: 1825. PR38

Benjamin F., s. Capt. Seth Jr. and Lydia (Coleman), ––– ––, 1829. PR38

Benjamin, twin s. Benjamin F., laborer, and Elizabeth, Aug. 24, 1846.

Benoni, ch. James and Love (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Bethuel, s. Jethro and Eunice (Pinkham), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Bethuel, s. William and Priscilla, Feb. 9, 1756. [h. Hannah Dicks, h. Catherine (wid. Thaddeus Macy), s. William and Priscilla (Paddack), 26: 3m: PR38]

Bethiah, ch. Zaccheus and Mary, 14: 11m: 1743. CR4 [Bethia, w. Matthew Bunker (s. James), d. Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham) PR38]

Bethiah, w. Jeremiah Gardner (s. Jeremiah and Apphia), d. Zaccheus and Thankful (Joy), 3: 7m: 1771. PR38

Bezaliel, s. Elias and Abigail (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Brown, h. Deborah (d. Solomon Coleman and Mehitable), s. Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham), 25: 6m: 1753. PR38

Brown, s. Brown and Deborah (Coleman), 21: 3m: 1790. PR38

Byron, s. Charles and Hannah Lyon, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Caleb, ch. Cromwell and Ruth, bp. July 22, 1739. CR1 [h. Deborah Alden of Duxbury, s. Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin), b. ––– ––, –––– PR38]

Caleb Jr., h. Ann, s. Caleb and Deborah Alden, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Caleb, ch. Shubael and Mary (Swain) (second w.), 3: 7m: 1778. CR4 [h. Hannah, h. Ruth Greene, s. Shubael and Mary (Swain) (second w.) PR38]

Caleb, h. Anna (d. Charles West and Hepsibeth), s. Obed and Phebe (Gardner), 5: 6m: 1780. PR38

Caroline, d. Job B. and Deborah (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Caroline, d. Asa and Hannah (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Caroline, d. Charles and Hannah Lyon, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Caroline J., w. George Mendall of IL, d. Alexander Jr. and Mary (Dayton) (Gelston) (second w.), ––– ––, 1819. PR38

Caroline A., d. Grafton and Lydia (Maxey), ––– ––, 1826. PR38

Caroline, w. Reuben Burdett (s. Barzillai), d. Philander and Mary (Ceely), 15: [dup. 19: ] 12m: 1826. PR38

Caroline, d. Benjamin and Mary (McCleave), ––– ––, 1829. PR38

Caroline Carter, w. Thaddeus (s. Frederick W. and Mary), 2: 3m: 1843. PR38

Caroline C., d. Alexander G. and Caroline C. (Turner), ––– ––, 1848. PR38

Catharine, w. Joshua Gardner, d. Gayer and Rebecca Parker, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Catharine, d. Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Catherine, see Katharine.

Catherine, w. John Hunt (s. John), d. Adam and Jemima (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Catharine, ch. Silvanus and Elizabeth, 9: 9m: 1773. CR4 [w. Eber Clark, d. Silvanus and Elizabeth (Hussey) PR38]

Caty, d. John and Margaret, May 31, 1776. CR3

Catharine, w. Stephen Abbot of Maine, d. Robert and Anna (Black), 14: 2m: 1808. PR38

Charles, s. Alexander and Eunice (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles, ch. Zepheniah and Hepsibah, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Charlotte Hunt of New York, s. Zephaniah and Hepzibah (Bunker) PR38]

Charles Jr., s. Charles and Charlotte Hunt of New York, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles C., s. John Foster and Lydia (Cartwright), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles E., s. Matthew and Hannah (White) (Macy), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles F., h. Ann M. (d. Micajah Pratt of Lynn), s. Charles F. and Mary (Fulson), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles F., s. Capt. Seth and Lydia (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles Frederick, s. Alexander and Lydia (Myrick), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles G., h. Susan (wid. Joseph Milwood, d. David Hall), s. Francis and Hepsibeth (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles H., s. Charles Gorham and Theodosia Van Orden, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles H., s. James Gorham Coffin and Phebe (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles I., s. Job B. and Deborah (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles, s. Nathaniell, 1: 1m: 1702. [h. Mary Barrett of Boston, s. Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), 9: [dup. 1: ] 3m: PR38]

Charles, h. Susanna Stoodly of Portsmouth, s. Charles and Mary Barrett, 13: 5m: 1721. PR38

Charles, ch. Nathan and Lydia, Oct. 8, 1742. [h. Dinah (d. Benjamin Coleman), h. Merab (Gardner) (Coleman) Coffin, s. Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), 8: 10m: PR38]

Charles, ch. Richard and Mary, 17: 2m: 1769. CR4 [h. Miriam (Chase) Parker, s. Richard Jr. and Mary (Starbuck) PR38]

Charles M., h. Judith (d. William Barnard and Elizabeth), s. Seth and Lydia (Myrick), ––: 10m: 1780. PR38

Charles Alexander, h. Catharine Hardwick of NY, s. Alexander and Eunice (Bunker), 9: 5m: 1784. PR38

Charles, ch. Obed and Deborah, 3: 8m: 1785. CR4 [h. Mary (Macy), s. Obed and Deborah (Coleman) PR38]

Charles, ch. Zenas and Abial, 23: 3m: 1790. CR4 [s. Zenas and Abigail (Gardner) PR38]

Charles Gorham, ch. Charles and Miriam, 7: 9m: 1793. CR4 [h. Theodosia Van Orden of Nova Scotia, s. Charles and Miriam (Chase) (Parker), 3: 9m: PR38]

Charles F., h. Mary (d. James Folson [dup. Fulson] of NH), s. Alpheus and Love (Pitts), 18: 4m: 1794. PR38

Charles Henry, h. Eliza B. (d. Jared Gardner), s. William Esq. and Sarah (Gardner), 11: 11m: 1795. PR38 [s. Billy and Sally PR64]

Charles Norris, ch. Simeon Jr. and Polly, Jan. 23, 1800 [see Peter Hussey Coffin]. [h. Elizabeth Ann (d. Samuel Gardner and Elizabeth), s. Simeon and Mary (Whippey) PR38]

Charles Bunker, ch. Bartlet and Elizabeth, 6: 3m: 1800. CR4 [h. Eliza A. (d. Jonathan Parker), s. Bartlett and Elizabeth (Bunker) PR38]

Charles Griffin, h. Miranda (Hastings) (adopted, d. Simeon Tubbs), h. Mary Ann Hughes, h. Esther D. (wid. George W. Stone), s. Albert and Polly (Fay), 28: 5m: 1801. PR38

Charles G., ch. Zenas and Abial, 23: 10m: 1801. CR4 [h. Eliza, h. Susan GR2; h. Eliza (d. Arthur McArthur), h. Susan (Folger) Macy, s. Zenas and Abial (Gardner) PR38]

Charles P., s. James Josiah and Susanna (Pinkham), 21: 7m: 1803. PR38

Charles, s. Barrett and Hannah (Coffin), 21: 5m: 1805. PR38

Charles West, h. Sophia F. (d. Nathaniel Sherman and Hepsabeth), s. Caleb and Anna (West), 14: 10m: 1806. PR38

Charles, h. Harriet [dup. Hannah] Lyon, s. Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), 18: 4m: 1809. PR38

Charles F., h. Mary Jane (d. Frederick Coffin and Sarah), s. Charles M. and Judith (Barnard), 2: 4m: 1810. PR38

Charles Drew, h. Charlotte (d. Alexander Drew and Priscilla), s. Job and Mary (Drew) (Chadwick), 8: 4m: 1812. PR38

Charles, h. Frances Myers of Baltimore, s. George G. and Lydia (Gardner), 17: 3m: 1814. PR38

Charles S., s. Cromwell and Margaret (Swain), 4: 3m: 1818. PR38

Charles G. 2d, h. Hannah S., ––– ––, 1819. GR4 [h. Hannah S. (d. Gershom Phinney and Martha), s. Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks), 1: [dup. 2] 1m: 1821 PR38]

Charles C., Feb. 22, 1820. GR3 [s. Prince and Eliza (Austin) PR38]

Charles H., h. Lydia H. (d. Gilbert Swain), h. Orinda (Thomas) Gardner, s. David and Susan (Swain), 4: 2m: 1821. PR38

Charles G., h. Angeline White of CT, s. Asa and Hannah (Gardner), 9: 5m: 1821. PR38

Charles H., h. Jane (d. Silas Sisson), s. William and Phebe (Congdon), ––– ––, 1824. PR38

Charles, h. Almira (d. John Gardner and Mary), s. Obadiah and Lucretia (Paddack), 8: 3m: 1824. PR38

Charles H., h. Eliza G. (d. Robert Folger), s. Zimri and Abigail (Paddack), 25: 2m: 1825. PR38

Charles H., s. Capt. Edwin and Sarah (Folger), ––: 9m: 1825. PR38

Charles Augustus, h. Elizabeth (d. Lewis Moss), s. Charles Griffin and Miranda Hastings, 10: 8m: 1826. PR38

Charles E., ––– ––, 1828. GR3 [Charles Edward, h. Margaret F. (Ewer), s. David Upham Coffin and Adeline (Coffin), 9: 2m: PR38]

Charles Bouton, h. Allie M. (d. John Blunt and M.M.), s. Allen and Deborah G. (Coffin), 3: 3m: 1830. PR38

Charles B., h. Lucy A. Shaw, s. William and Valina, 12: 3m: 1830. PR38

Charles F., s. Jesse and Mary (Bunker), 16: 8m: 1830. PR38

Charles H., s. Valentine and Sarah (Nye), ––– ––, 1831. PR38

Charles H., ––– ––, 1832. GR3 [Charles Henry, h. Charlotte M. (d. William Miller and Mary Ann), s. Charles G. and Eliza (McArthur), 29: 11m: [dup. ––: ––m: 1833] PR38]

Charles B., h. Elizabeth Ann (d. Charles Pitman Jr. and Mary), s. Seth B. and Hepzibah F. (Mooers), 26: 4m: 1834. PR38

Charles Frederick, h. Eliza P. (d. John J. Gardner and Eliza), s. Henry and Eliza (Starbuck), 8: 4m: 1835. PR38

Charles Henry, s. Edward B. and Mary Green, ––: 8m: 1844. PR38

Charles W., s. Samuel C., mariner, and Sarah B., Sept. 3, 1845. [Charles Warren Coffin CR1; Charles W., h. Etta Butler of Falmouth, s. Samuel C. and Sarah B. (Nye), ––– ––, 1846 PR38]

Charles A., s. Charles G. and Angeline White, 6: 3m: 1846. PR38

Charles H., s. Nathaniel F. and Lydia (Coffin), ––– ––, 1847. PR38

Charles Gould, h. Sarah H. (d. Alexander Hunter and Malinda), s. George P., "a Portuguese," and Azuba G. (Gould), 21: 2m: 1849. PR38

Charlotte G., d. Benjamin and Abigail (Dunham) (Emmons), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charlotte, w. William Cobb, d. Joshua and Catherine (Coffin), 30: 9m: 1763. PR38

Charlotte, w. Reuben Myrick (s. George and Lydia), d. Thaddeus and Ann Parker, 21: 3m: 1796. PR38

Charlotte G., w. Edward Swain (s. Gilbert), d. Peter F. and Margaret (Coffin), 18: 10m: 1809. PR38

Charlotte, w. David C. Barnard (s. Libni), d. Zebdial and Hepsibeth (Swain), 12: 1m: 1811. PR38

Charlotte, ch. Elihu and Sarah, 16: 4m: 1813. CR4 [w. Benjamin Field of Providence, RI (s. Benjamin and Sarah), d. Elihu and Sarah (Austin) PR38; Charlotte B. PR53]

Charlotte, d. Paul and Nancy (Barnard) (Ramsdell) (second w.), 13: 10m: 1813. PR38

Charlotte, second, w. Rufus P. Moses, d. Job C. and Phebe (Grew), 26: 3m: 1815. PR38

Charlotte M., w. John C. Brock (s. Peter and Waity), d. Capt. Seth Jr. and Lydia (Coleman), 12: 5m: [dup. 2m] 1818. PR38

Charlotte, second, w. Capt. William B. Gardner (s. Samuel), d. George and Sarah (Calder) (second w.), 5: 1m: 1820. PR38

Charlotte, ch. Jesse and Phebe, bp. Aug. 28, 1820. CR1

Charlotte, w. Charles B. L'Hommedieu (s. Benjamin), d. Hezediah and Sarah (Bunker), 8: 11m: 1820. PR38

Charlotte, w. Reuben Andrews (s. David), d. Jesse and Mary (Bunker), 25: 12m: 1823. PR38

Charlotte C. Coffin, w. Samuel C. Wyer, Apr. 18, 1824. GR3 [Coffin, w. Samuel C. Wyer (s. Timothy), d. Asa and Phebe (Morselander) PR38]

Charlotte Maria, d. Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), 1: 1m: 1835. PR38

Charlotte A., d. Alexander B., cooper, and Lucy A., Nov. 12, 1845. [w. William A.B. Wilson, d. Alexander B. and Lucy (Andrews), ––– ––, 1846 PR38]

Christian, w. Peter Long (s. Samuel), d. Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Christian, d. Nathaniell, Apr. 8, 1695. [w. John Edwards of Hartford, CT, w. Timothy Williams of Barnstable, d. Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), 8: 4m: PR38]

Christian, ch. Bartlet and Judith, June 18, 1730. [w. Samuel Barker (s. Samuel), d. Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), 18: 6m: PR38]

Christopher, s. George and Abigail (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Christopher, ch. Peter and Priscilla, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [s. Peter and Miriam (Perry) (second w.) PR38]

Christopher Folger, ch. Isaiah and Sarah, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after ch. b. 8: 10m: 1803]. CR4 [h. Alice Gibson of New York, s. Isaiah and Sarah (Folger), 25: 4m: 1806 PR38]

Christopher, ch. Richard and Ruth, 30: 4m: 1721. CR4 [s. Richard and Ruth (Bunker) PR38]

Christopher, ch. Richard and Mary, 24: 7m: 1758. CR4 [h. Abigail (d. Enoch Coleman), s. Richard Jr. and Mary (Starbuck) PR38]

Christopher, h. Nancy W. Bridger of Wayne Co., VA, s. Edward and Parnal (Calef), 10: 12m: 1758. PR38

Christopher, ch. Bartlet and Sarah, 6: 3m: 1786. CR4 [h. Rebecca (d. Reuben Swain and Thankful), s. Bartlett and Sarah (Coffin) PR38]

Christopher Columbus, ch. Edward and Mary, bp. Mar. 23, 1834. CR1 [s. Edward W. and Mary (Plasket), b. ––– ––, 1833 PR38]

Clarissa, ch. Eliakim and Judith, 28: 9m: 1782. CR4 [d. Judith (d. William Starbuck) PR64]

Clarissa, ch. Eliakim and Judith, 14: 11m: 1784. CR4 [w. George Macy of Hudson, NY, d. Eliakim and Judith (Starbuck), 16: 1m: 1783 PR38; Nov. 14, 1783 PR64]

Clement, ch. Nathaniel and Rebecca, 20: 2m: 1767. CR4 [h. Phebe (d. Charles Swain and Elizabeth), s. Nathaniel and Rebecca (Coleman) PR38]

Cora, w. Homer Fitch, d. Hezekiah R. and Myra Barlow, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Delia M., w. Henry A. Ten Broack, d. George G. and Sally (Nixon), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Cordelia, d. Cromwell and Margaret (Swain), ––: 9m: 1820. PR38

Cromwell, see Oliver Cromwell Coffin.

Cromwell, s. Ebenezer, 1: 9m: 1709. [h. Ruth (d. James Coffin Jr. and Ruth), s. Ebenezar and Eleanor (Barnard) PR38]

Cromwell, ch. Ebenezer and Mary, 6: 9m: 1763. CR4

Cromwell, h. Mary (d. Ebenezar Coffin), s. Obed and Phebe (Gardner), 2: [dup. 11] 11m: 1775. PR38

Cromwell, h. Margaret (d. Margaret Swain, grand d. Simeon and Susan), s. Philip and Catherine (Thompson) (second w.), 15: 9m: 1798 [dup. 1797]. PR38

Cyrus, m. "in New York,", s. Isaiah and Mary (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Cyrus, ch. Isaiah and Sarah, 14: 3m: 1782. CR4 [h. Abigail (d. Rev. Zebulon Butler and Anna), s. Isaiah and Sarah (Folger) PR38]

Daniel, h. Mary Blake ("one a/c says Anna Waldo of Newport"), s. Peter (s. Stephen), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Daniel, s. Stephen and Mary (Bunker), ––– ––, 1670. PR38

Daniel, s. Jonathan, 23: 12m: 1718. [s. Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), 22: 2m: PR38]

Daniel, ch. Richard and Ruth, 21: 7m: 1725. CR4 [s. Richard and Ruth (Bunker) PR38]

Daniel, h. Mary (Harlock) (first w.), s. Enoch and Beulah, 23: 1m: 1728. PR38

Daniel, h. Abigail Ferguson, s. Daniel and Mary (Harlock) (first w.), ––– ––, 1748 [? in Edgartown]. PR38

Daniel, s. Jonathan and Priscilla, Nov. 28, 1749. [h. Elizabeth (d. Joshua Gardner and Elizabeth), s. Jonathan and Priscilla (Coffin), 28: [dup. 26] 11m: PR38]

Daniel, ch. Barnabas and Abigail, 22: 3m: 1754. CR4 [h. Huldah (d. Bachelor Bunker), s. Barnabas and Abigail (Folger), 22: 8m: PR38]

Daniel, ch. Nathaniel and Priscilla (second w.), 13: 11m: 1777. CR4 [h. Merab (d. Shubael Macy), s. Nathaniel and Priscilla (Gardner) (second w.), 13: 11m: 1778 PR38; Nov. 13, 1777 PR53]

Daniel G., h. Mary (d. Peleg Gardner and Hepsabeth) [see Ann Coffin, 4: 7m: 1811], s. John and Elizabeth (Gardner), 25: 3m: 1789. PR38

Daniel Black, s. Robert and Anna (Black), 7: 9m: 1816. PR38

David, h. Caroline Worth, s. Daniel and Elizabeth (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

David, s. Samuel and Mary (Macy) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

David, s. Moses and Nancy (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

David C., s. Philander and Mary (Ceely), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

David, ch. Samuel and Miriam, 25: 8m: 1718. CR4 [h. Ruth (d. Elihu Coleman and Jemima), h. Christian (Heath) Allen, h. Elizabeth (d. William Clasby and Abiel), s. Samuel and Miriam (Gardner) PR38]

David, h. Mary Lambert, h. Abigail (d. Jonathan Folger), s. Tristram and Mary (Bunker), 17: 9m: 1718. PR38

David, ch. David and Ruth, 6: 9m: 1750. CR4 [David Jr., h. Elizabeth (Swain), s. David and Ruth (Coleman) PR38]

David, ch. William and Lydia "of the vinyard," 25: 10m: 1772. CR4 [h. Sarah (d. Silvanus Coleman and Mary), s. William and Lydia (Coleman) PR38]

David, h. Eunice Preble, s. John and Mary Wass, 9: 7m: 1776. PR38

David, ch. Seth and Susanna, 22: 3m: 1777. CR4 [h. Phebe (d. David Barnard and Abigail), s. Seth and Susanna (Barnard), 23: [dup. 22] 3m: PR38]

David, h. Judith (d. Tristram Jenkins), h. Ester of Gallipolis, Gallia Co., Ohio, s. John and Elizabeth (Gardner), 25: 12m: 1783. PR38

David, ch. Jonathan and Abigail, 8: 6m: 1786. CR4 [h. Mahala (Coggleshall), h. Susan (d. Franklin Swain), h. Maria (d. James Hussey), s. Jonathan and Abigail (Austin), 18: 6m PR38]

David Upham, h. Adeline (d. Barrett Coffin and Hannah), s. Francis and Ruth (Upham), 10: 2m: 1802. PR38

David G., s. James Gorham Coffin and Phebe (Coffin), 17: 10m: 1838. PR38

David Irving, s. Henry S. and Phebe H. (Cleaveland), 12: 8m: 1839. PR38

Deborah, w. Thomas Macy (s. John and Deborah), d. John and Deborah (Austin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Deborah, w. Samuel Folger (s. Owen and Eunice), d. Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Deborah, w. Job B. Coffin (s. Stephen and Eunice), d. Zephaniah and Hepzibah (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Deborah, w. Henry Wilson, d. Matthew and Hannah Mendenhall, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Deborah Barnard, ch. Zebulun and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Daniel V. Westgate (s. James), d. Zebulon and Eliza (Barnard) (second w.), 15: 7m: 1809 PR38]

Deborah, d. Tristram and Dionis (Stevens), 15: 11m: 1642 [see Haverhill Vital Records]. PR38

Deborah, w. George Bunker Esq. (s. William and Mary (Macy)), d. James Esq. and Mary (Severance), ––: 7m: 1676 [? in N.] PR38

Deborah, ch. Samuel and Miriam, 11: 4m: 1708. CR4 [w. Tristram Starbuck, twin d. Samuel and Miriam (Gardner) PR38]

Deborah, ch. John, sheriff, and Lidia, bp. Sept. 7, 1735. CR1 [w. Jonathan Myrick (s. Isaac and Deborah), d. John and Lydia (Gardner), b. 25: 10m: 1731 PR38]

Deborah, ch. Nathan and Lydia, Feb. 18, 1736. [w. Abner Briggs, d. Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), 18: 2m: [dup. 1: 2m: 1737] PR38]

Deborah, ch. William and Priscilla, Mar. 31, 1743. [w. Abel Gardner, w. Micajah Tirrell of VA, d. William and Priscilla (Paddack), 31: 4m: PR38]

Deborah, w. Matthew Barnard (s. Robert), d. David and Mary Lumbert, 29: 7m: 1746. PR38

Deborah, w. Sandford Davis, d. Daniel and Mary (Harlock) (first w.), ––– ––, 1756 [? in Edgartown]. PR38

Deborah, w. George Pinkham (s. William and Phebe), w. Eliakim Willis, d. Simeon and Jedidah (Coffin), 25: 6m: 1764. PR38

Deborah, ch. Paul and Susanna, 8: 10m: 1764. CR4 [w. Pardon Macomber of Westport, d. Paul and Susanna (Bunker) PR38]

Deborah, ch. Thomas and Abigail, 25: 9m: 1765. CR4 [w. Henry Perry (s. James and Miriam), d. Thomas and Abigail (Russell) PR38]

Deborah, ch. Benjamin and Deborah (second w.), 25: 8m: 1768. CR4 [d. Benjamin and Deborah (Macy) PR38]

Deborah, d. Seth and Lydia (Myrick), 13: 5m: 1787. PR38

Deborah, ch. Bartlet and Elizabeth, 11: 7m: 1791. CR4 [d. Bartlett and Elizabeth (Bunker) PR38]

Deborah, w. Calvin Swain, (s. Tristram and Parnell), w. ––––– Terry, d. Obadiah and Lucretia (Paddack), 12: 9m: 1821. PR38

Deborah I., d. Charles Griffin and Miranda Hastings, 10: 2m: 1825. PR38

Diana Marchant, w. Valentine (s. Obed and Phebe), 23: 7m: 1789. PR38

Dinah, ch. Shubael and Abigail, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Capt. Timothy Bunker, d. Shubael and Abigail (Paddack), ––: 7m: 1765 PR38]

Dinah, d. Stephen, Sept. 21, 1671. [Dionis, w. Jacob Norton of M[artha's] Vineyard, d. Stephen and Mary (Bunker), 21: 9m: PR38]

Dinah, w. Nathaniel Starbuck Jr., d. James and Mary (Severance), ––: 5m: 1674 [? in N.] PR38

Dinah, d. Stephen Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], 23: 5m: 1713. [w. Benjamin Starbuck, w. Abigail Folger, d. Stephen and Experience (Look) PR38]

Dinah, ch. Elias and Love, Apr. 6, 1733. [second, w. Jeremiah Prior, d. Elias and Love (Coffin), 6: 4m: PR38]

Dinah, ch. Zepheniah and Miriam, ––– ––, 1736. CR4 [w. Abishai Bunker, d. Zephaniah and Miriam (Macy) PR38]

Dionis, see Dinah.

Dorcas, w. Christopher Swain (s. Richard), d. Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Dorcas, w. Joshua Gardner, d. Gayer and Rebecca Parker, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Dorcas, w. Nathan Rolfe, d. Benjamin and Mary (Brown), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Dorcas, d. Nathaniell, July 22, 1693. [w. John Soley of Charlestown, d. Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), 22: 7m: PR38]

Ebenezer, s. James, Mar. 30, 1678. [h. Eleanor (d. Nathaniel Barnard and Mary (Barnard)), s. James and Mary (Severance), 30: 3m: PR38]

Ebenezar, m. "in Stockbridge,", s. William and Ann (Holmes), 21: 5m: 1736. PR38

Ebenezar, h. Mary (d. Hazadiah Cartwright), s. Alexander and Judith (Bunker), 11: 11m: 1738. PR38

Eber, ch. Stephen and Mary, 20: 2m: 1765. CR4 [h. Hepzibah (d. Jonathan Gorham Fitch and Elizabeth), h. Judith (d. George Coleman and Eunice), h. Elizabeth (Pitts) Lawrence, s. Stephen and Mary (Bunker) of Hudson, NY PR38]

Edmond, s. Elisha Jr. and Betsey Lacey, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edmond B., h. Barbara (d. William Young), s. William and Phebe (Congdon), ––– ––, 1822. PR38

Edward, s. Daniel and Elizabeth (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edward, s. Salmon and Anna (Mitchell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edward, s. Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edward B., s. Alexander and Eliza (Burdett) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edward Starbuck, s. Cyrus and Abigail (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edward, h. Ann (d. Hon. John Gardner and Priscilla), s. Peter and Abigail (Starbuck), 20: 2m: 1669 [? in NH]. PR38

Edward, ch. Capt. Josiah and Elisabeth, May 15, 1734. [h. Parnel (d. Dr. Peter Calef and Sarah of Boston), s. Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), 15: 5m: PR38]

Edward Jr., h. Janet (d. Reuben Clark and Mary), s. Edward and Parnal (Calef), 4: 9m: 1759. PR38

Edward, h. Elizabeth (d. Charles Folger), h. Rhoda Champion of CT, s. John and Susanna (Clark), 26: 2m: 1789. PR38

Edward C., h. Elizabeth (d. Thomas Bunker Jr. and Mary), s. Edward Jr. and Janet (Clark), 17: [dup. 11] 11m: 1794. PR38

Edward W., h. Mary (d. Joseph W. Plasket), s. Christopher and Nancy W. Bridger, 18: 3m: 1802. PR38

Edward G., h. Phebe (d. Micajah Swain and Mary), s. Barrett and Hannah (Coffin), 10: 4m: 1803. PR38

Edward, Capt., m. "in New York,", s. Hezekiah Jr. and Nancy (Bunker), 5: 10m: 1805. PR38

Edward C., h. Olive G. (d. David Eldredge and Mary of Barnstable), s. Andrew and Deborah (Chadwick), 8: 11m: 1805. PR38

Edward H., h. Lydia (d. James Law and Lydia), s. Owen and Jedidah (Hall), 6: 9m: 1806. PR38

Edward B., h. Mary Green of RI, s. Paul and Priscilla, 31: 3m: 1807. PR38

Edward, h. Olive, s. Paul and Nancy (Barnard) (Ramsdell) (second w.), 8: 6m: 1807. PR38

Edward P., h. Lydia B. (d. Henry Gardner and Hannah), s. Obadiah and Lucretia (Paddack), 8: 11m: 1807. PR38

Edward G. 2d, ––– ––, 1814 [on stone with Lydia G.] GR2, h. Lydia G. (d. David Swain and Sophia), s. Reuben and Hepzibah (Gardner), 7: 9m: 1815 PR38

Edward B., h. Delia M. (d. Peter B. Hussey), s. Edward C. and Elizabeth (Bunker), 25: 5m: 1825. PR38

Edward A., h. Deborah (d. Peter Russel and Lydia), s. Elihu and Sarah (Austin), ––: 6m: 1825. PR38 [15: 6m: PR53]

Edward S., ––– ––, 1829 [on stone with Edward G. and Phebe B.] GR3 [s. Edward G. and Phebe (Swain) PR38]

Edward B. 2d, Dec. 9, 1837 [on stone with Edward G. 2d and Lydia G.] GR2

Edward B., s. George G., merchant, and Emily [(Clapp) PR38], Feb. 20, 1845.

Edwin G. Jr., h. Ann Cromett of Waterville, ME, s. Capt. Edwin and Sarah (Folger), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edwin, Capt., h. Sarah (d. Aaron Folger and Mary), h. Mary M. Baker of Dennis, s. Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), 13: 3m: 1801. PR38

Eliab, see Eliel.

Eliab, ch. Shubael and Abigail, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Mary (d. Joseph Jenkins and Ruth), s. Shubael and Abigail (Paddack), ––: 9m: 1756 PR38]

Eliakim, s. Benjamin and Rebekah (Coffin), Apr. 29, 1761. PR16 [h. Judith (d. William Starbuck and Mary), s. Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin) PR38]

Eliakim, h. Mary (d. William Barnard and Elizabeth), s. Seth and Lydia (Myrick), 18: 1m: 1785. PR38

Elias, s. John and Elizabeth (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elias, s. John, 18: 6m: 1702. [h. Love (d. Ebenezar Coffin and Elinor), s. John and Hope (Gardner) PR38]

Elias, s. Elias and Love, Aug. 8, 1741. [h. Abigail (Coffin), s. Elias and Love (Coffin), 8: 8m: PR38]

Eliel, ch. Hezekiah and Lydia, 31: 11m: 1750. [31: 12m: CR4; Elial [dup. Eliab], h. Ruth (d. John Beard and Ruth), s. Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger), 31: 11m: PR38]

Elihu, h. Jane (d. William Starbuck and Jane), s. William and Esther Hunt, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elihu, ch. Sheffield and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [s. Sheffield and Elizabeth (Barnard) PR38]

Elihu, ch. Samuel and Elizabeth, 9: 7m: 1745 in Martha's Vineyard. CR4 [h. Jemima Pease, s. Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner) PR38]

Elihu, ch. Benjamin and Jedidah, 14: 10m: 1746. CR4 [h. Jedida (d. Paul Hussey), s. Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey) PR38]

Elihu, ch. David and Ruth, 8: 11m: 1748. CR4 [h. Eunice (d. Benjamin Folger and Judith), h. Deborah (Peckham) Myrick, s. David and Ruth (Coleman), Feb. 8, 1748 "N.S. " PR38]

Elihu, ch. Nathaniel and Mary, 13: 4m: 1754. CR4 [s. Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield) PR38]

Elihu, ch. Nathaniel and Priscilla (second w.), 24: 4m: 1787. CR4 [h. Sarah (d. Benjamin Austin and Lydia), s. Nathaniel and Priscilla (Gardner) (second w.), 24: 9m: 1786 PR38; h. Sarah (Austin), 24: 4m: 1787 PR53]

Elihu, twin s. Elihu and Deborah (Peckham) (Myrick) (second w.), 8: 8m: 1793. PR38

Elijah, h. Mary Rose, s. Uriah and Mary, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elijah, ch. Hezekiah and Lydia, 21: 6m: 1747. [h. Abigail (d. Zaccheus Folger and Abigail), s. Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger) PR38]

Elijah, h. Ruth (d. Benjamin Coffin and Rebecca), s. David and Mary Lumbert, 13: 7m: 1751. PR38

Elijah, h. Eunice (d. William Ramsdell and Silvia), h. Eunice (wid. Jesse Yatman, d. Anthony Chadwick), s. Elijah and Ruth (Coffin), 5: 3m: 1795. PR38

Eliphalet, s. Peter and Abigail (Starbuck), ––– ––, –––– [? in NH]. PR38

Eliphalet, s. Joseph and Judith (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eliphalet, s. Matthew and Matilda (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eliphalet, ch. Paul and Susanna, 2: 12m: 1768. CR4 [h. ––––– Sherman, s. Paul and Susanna (Bunker) PR38]

Elishai, s. Elisha Jr. and Betsey Lacey, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elishai, s. Benjamin and Mary (Brown), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elisha, s. James Jr., 10: 6m: 1699. [h. Dinah (d. Peleg Bunker and Susanna), s. James and Ruth (Gardner), 10: 8m: PR38]

Elisha, ch. Nathan and Lydia, Feb. 9, 1726. [h. Mary (d. Nathaniel Gardner Jr. and Mary), s. Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), 9: 2m: PR38]

Elisha, ch. Benjamin and Rebekah, Mar. 21, 1740. [ch. Benjamin and Rebekah (Coffin) PR16; h. Eunice (d. Andrew Myrick), s. Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), 21: 3m: PR38]

Elisha, twin ch. Elisha and Mary, 9: 8m: 1758. CR4 [Elishai Jr., h. Betsey Lacy, twin s. Elishai and Mary (Gardner) PR38]

Elisha, ch. Elisha and Eunice, Oct. 9, 1763. [m., s. Elisha and Eunice (Myrick) PR38]

Elisha, s. Matthew and Matilda (Coffin), ––– ––, 1783. PR38

Elisha Folger, h. Pamela Brown, s. Albert and Polly (Fay), ––– ––, 1796. PR38

Eliza, first, w. Edward Hills, d. Elial and Ruth (Beard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eliza, w. Thaddeus Waterman Jr., d. Daniel and Elizabeth (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eliza, see Elizabeth.

Eliza, d. Uriah and Mary, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eliza, see Elizabeth.

Eliza, w. ––––– Graves of Rochester, NY, d. Moses and Nancy (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eliza Ann, d. George B. and Abigail (Allen), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eliza Ann, w. John Chenery of England d. Tristram and Deborah (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eliza S., d. Moses and Judith (Smith), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eliza Coffin, w. Benjamin Worth, June 19, 1788. GR2 [Coffin, w. Thomas Cary (s. Edward), third, w. Benjamin Worth, d. Joshua and Jeanette (Gardner) PR38]

Eliza, w. Samuel Harris (s. Obed), w. John B. Nicholson (s. Isaiah), w. Leonard Fisher (s. Nathaniel), d. Silvanus and Lydia (Long), 29: 4m: 1791. PR38

Eliza, w. Henry Douglass, d. Francis and Hepsibeth (Swain), 3: 7m: 1797. PR38

Eliza, ch. Isaiah and Sarah, 28: 8m: 1801. CR4 [w. Thomas F. Foster, w. William Brown of New York, d. Isaiah and Sarah (Folger) PR38]

Eliza Coffin, w. Robert Gillespie, May 10, 1800. GR4 [Coffin, w. Gamaliel Bates, w. Robert Gillespie (s. John and Elizabeth of Tyrone Co., Ire.), d. Elias and AQbigail (Coffin) [? parentage], ––– ––, 1802 PR38]

Eliza, w. John M. Gardner (s. Grafton and Abigail), d. Jesse and Phebe (Rawson), 29: 8m: 1802. PR38

Eliza, w. Alexander Calloway (s. Robert), d. Philip and Catherine (Thompson) (second w.), 1: 8m: 1803. PR38

Eliza G., w. Thomas M. Clark of Maine, d. Owen and Jedidah (Hall), 7: [dup. 3: ] 10m: 1803 [see death of Eliza, 18: 12m: 1810]. PR38

Eliza, d. David and Phebe (Barnard), 3: 3m: 1805. PR38

Eliza, ch. Laban and Abigail (second w.), 5: 3m: 1806. CR4 [d. Laban and Abigail (Tobey or Talman) (second w.) PR38]

Eliza, d. Silvanus and Judith (Macy), 13: 11m: 1807. PR38

Eliza, w. Samuel B. Romaine, d. Gorham and Rebecca (Mitchell), 22: 6m: 1809. PR38

Eliza, w. Timothy Ellis of Mattapoisett, d. Job C. and Phebe (Grew), 30: 4m: 1811. PR38

Eliza, d. Paul and Nancy (Barnard) (Ramsdell) (second w.), 19: 12m: 1811. PR38

Eliza M., w. George B. Caldwell, d. Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), 9: 6m: 1813. PR38

Eliza S., w. David Nevins, d. Jared and Hepzibah (Swain), 28: 5m: 1815. PR38

Eliza Ann, w. William S. Chadwick (s. Seth and Nancy), d. Asa and Phebe (Morselander), 18: 2m: 1820. PR38

Eliza Ann, w. Cornelius Williams of Elizabethtown, NJ, d. Elijah and Eunice (Ramsdell) [see mar. of Eliza Ann], ––– ––, 1821. PR38

Eliza H., w. George Snow (s. Gideon and Lucinda), d. William R. and Mary (Robbins) (first w.), 5: 6m: 1824. PR38

Eliza M., d. Alexander and Lydia (Myrick), ––– ––, 1825. PR38

Eliza F., w. George Cushman (s. Caleb Esq.), d. Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), 6: 1m: 1830. PR38

Eliza F., w. Jacob Ten Eych, d. Alexander and mary G. (Edwards), 7: 4m: 1839. PR38

Eliza Ann, d. Benjamin F., laborer, and Elizabeth, June 2, 1844

Eliza M., w. F. Brayton King of Ohio, d. James B. and Mary (Coffin), 26: 10m: 1845. PR38

Eliza G., d. Benjamin F., laborer, and Elizabeth, Aug. 3, 1847 [see Eliza Gorham Coffin].

Eliza Gorham, w. William A. Coy, d. Benjamin Franklin and Elizabeth (Besse), 8: 9m: 1848. PR38

Betsey, see Elizabeth.

Elizabeth, w. Thomas Amory, d. William and Ann (Holmes), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, w. John Brock (s. John and Anna), d. Jonathan and Priscilla (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, d. Simeon and Jedidah (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. Peter and Priscilla, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [d. Peter and Miriam (Perry) (second w.) PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Benjamin and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4

Elizabeth, ch. Sheffield and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Matthew Van Borgan, d. Sheffield and Elizabeth (Barnard) PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Jared and Eunice, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. William J. Hubbell of Hudson, NY, d. Jared and Eunice (Barnard) PR38]

Elizabeth, w. Stephanus Hunt, d. Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, w. John Stanton (s. James and Mary), d. Adam and Jemima (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, w. William Hacket (s. Joseph), d. Matthew and Hannah Mendenhall, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, w. Elma Nichols, d. Henry S. and Harriet King, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Elizabeth Ann, m., d. Ralph and Abigail (Chase), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth B., w. Milton Bostwick, d. George G. and Sally (Nixon), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth B. or Emily B., d. Charles F. and Mary (Fulson), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth B., d. George W. and Ellen M. Howland ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth C., w. Alfred Thomas Esq., d. Charles M. and Judith (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth C., w. Edward Platt, d. Owen Tristram and Belinda Maison, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, w. Jonathan Bunker (s. William and Mary), w. Thomas Clark, d. James 1st and Mary (Severance), 9: [dup. 19: ] 7m: 1675. PR38

Elizabeth, w. Capt. John Gilman of Exeter, NH, d. Peter and Abigail (Starbuck), 27: 1m: 1680 [? in NH]. PR38

Elizabeth, d. James Jr., 27: 8m: 1703. [w. Maj. Josiah Coffin (s. Jethro and Mary), d. James and Ruth (Gardner), 27: 12m: [dup. 11m: ] PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Nathan and Lydia, Apr. 9, 1724. [w. Charles Swain (s. Eliakim), d. Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), 9: [dup. 24: ] 4m: PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Capt. Josiah and Elizabeth, Nov. 8, 1731. [Elisabeth CR1; Elizabeth, w. Nathaniel Woodbury Jr., d. Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), 8: 11m: 1731 PR38]

Elizabeth, d. Abner and Phebe, May 2, 1740. [w. Daniel Black, d. Abner and Phebe (Butler), 2: 5m: PR38]

Elizabeth, d. Daniel and Elizabeth, Mar. 3, 1741. [w. Jonathan Gorham Fitch [q.v.], d. Daniel and Elizabeth (Stretton), 3: 3m: PR38]

Elizabeth, d. Henry and Mary, May 21, 1744. [Betsey, w. Henry Folger (s. Timothy and Anna), w. John Gardner (s. John), d. Henry and Mary (Woodbury), 21: 5m: PR38]

Elizabeth, d. Peter and Deborah, Aug. 25, 1745.

Elizabeth, ch. Hezekiah and Lydia, 12: 9m: 1749. [12: 10m: CR4; first, w. William Ray Jr. (s. William and Mary), d. Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger) 12: 9m: PR38]

Elizabeth, w. Ebenezer Calif Jr. (s. Ebenezer and Elizabeth), d. Enoch and Love (Gardner), 19: 2m: 1752. PR38

Elizabeth, d. Barnabas and Abigail (Folger), 7: 10m: 1756. PR38

Elizabeth, d. Joseph, painter, and Elizabeth (Jillings), 20: 9m: 1761. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. Hezekiah and Abigail, 12: 3m: 1763. CR4 [w. William Brown (s. Francis and Eunice), d. Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman) PR38]

Betsey, w. Amaziah Gardner (s. John), d. Peter and Judith (Pinkham) (Gardner), ––: 10m: 1764. PR38

Elizabeth, second, w. Grindall Gardner (s. Caleb), d. George and Abigail (Bunker), 23: 1m: 1766. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. Stephen and Mary, 7: 1m: 1771. CR4 [w. Lot Clasby (s. John and Ruth), s. Stephen and Mary (Bunker) PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Seth and Susanna, 28: 1m: 1775. CR4 [w. George Deniman [dup. Dennamon] (s. Augustus of Halifax), d. Seth and Susanna (Barnard) PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Reuben and Pernal, 20: 10m: 1775. CR4 [w. John B. Coleman, d. Reuben and Parnal (Gardner) PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. James and Janet, Mar. 6, 1776. [ch. James and Jennet CR3; w. Abraham Long (s. Samuel), d. James and Jeanette (Coffin) PR38]

Elizabeth, w. Reuben Paddack (s. Eliphalet), d. Zebdial and Lurania (Coffin), ––– ––, 1777. PR38

Elizabeth, second, w. Obed Chase (s. Francis and Naomi), d. Abner and Elizabeth (Gardner), 9: 9m: 1777. PR38

Elizabeth, d. John and Elizabeth, Nov. 21, 1777. CR3 [w. Joseph Shane, d. John and Elizabeth (Gardner) PR38]

Betsey, w. Elisha Starbuck (s. William), d. William and Deborah (Pinkham), 10: 10m: 1782. PR38

Elizabeth, d. Aaron and Mary (Barnard), ––– ––, 1784. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. Nathaniel and Priscilla (second w.), 9: 9m: 1785. CR4 [d. Nathaniel and Priscilla (Gardner) (second w.), 7: 4m: 1784 PR38; Sept. 7, 1785 PR53]

Betsey, w. Robert Coggeshell (s. Paul and Margaret), d. Elijah and Ruth (Coffin), 31: 3m: 1785. PR38

Elizabeth [dup. Eliza], w. Joseph Hussey (s. Albert and Rebecca), d. Robert and Lydia (Coleman), 4: 12m: 1794. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. Thomas and Anna, 22: 12m: 1794. CR4 [w. Benjamin H. Yarnall of Philadelphia, d. Thomas and Anna (Folger) PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Solomon Jr. and Sarah, 15: 11m: 1796. CR4 [Eliza, w. ––––– Van Zant of Ohio, d. Solomon and Sarah (Barnard), 15: 12m: PR38]

Elizabeth [dup. Betsey], first, w. Henry I. Defrieze of England (s. Richard and Elizabeth), d. Thaddeus and Ann (Parker), 20: 9m: 1798. PR38

Elizabeth, w. Andrew Symms, d. Peleg and Eunice (Barker), ––– ––, 1799 [? 1791]. PR38

Betsey Mooers, d. Hiram, bp. July 4, 1813. CR1 [w. Allen H. Gifford (s. Luther and Phebe (Coffin)), d. Hiram and Betsey (Moores), b. ––: 1m: 1803 [dup. 14: 8m: 1812] PR38]

Elizabeth [dup. Eliza], w. Paul Bunker (s. Hezekiah), w. William Folger (s. Charles and Lydia (Coleman)), d. Albert and Elizabeth (Fosdick) (Coleman), 16: 4m: 1803. PR38

Elizabeth, w. Uriah Russell Jr. (s. Uriah and Lydia), d. Christopher and Nancy W. Bridger, 30: 9m: 1806. PR38

Betsy, ch. Alfred and Peggy, Jan. 22, 1807. GR3 [Betsey, d. Alfred and Margaret (Chase) PR38]

Elizabeth, teacher, d. Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), 9: 4m: 1812. PR38

Elizabeth R., w. Charles H. Hussey (s. David G. and Nancy), d. Capt. Seth Jr. and Lydia (Coleman), 12: 2m: 1816. PR38

Elizabeth G., w. Samuel Harris (s. Moses and Parnal), d. Barnabas and Susan (Gardner), 18: [dup. 10: ] 9m: 1818. PR38

Elizabeth, w. John Henley, d. Vestal and Aletha Fluke, 16: 9m: 1818 [? in NC]. PR38

Elizabeth E., w. Henry Coleman (s. J. Gorham and Phebe), d. Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker), 21: 12m: 1820 [dup. 1821]. PR38

Elizabeth S., first, w. Capt. William C. Fuller [q.v.], d. Prince and Eliza (Austin), 20: [dup. 24: ] 8m: 1822. PR38

Elizabeth, w. Henry D. Robinson (s. Jarvis), d. Kimbal and Amey (Perkins) (Pauls), 6: 4m: 1824. PR38

Elizabeth, w. Ezra Gifford (s. Clothier of New Bedford), d. Paul and Priscilla (Johnston) (Gardner), 14: 2m: 1826. PR38

Elizabeth Ann, w. Francis H. Brown (s. George F. and Judith), d. Asa and Hannah (Gardner), ––: 1m: 1828. PR38

Elizabeth Ann, w. Joseph Loomis of Springfield, d. Edward H. and Lydia (Law), ––– ––, 1830. PR38

Elizabeth C., d. Philander and Mary (Ceely), ––– ––, 1830. PR38

Elizabeth R., d. John Bridger and Phebe (Gardner), 22: 3m: 1836. PR38

Elizabeth Ann, d. George P., "a Portuguese," and Azuba G. (Gould), 1: 9m: 1842. PR38

Ellen, w. Albert Henry, d. Emory and Elmina Foster, ––– ––, 1848 [? in NC]. PR38

Elsie [dup. Alice], w. Jared Plumb of Hudson (s. Samuel Sr. and Eunice), d. Philip and Hannah (Wharton), 1: 7m: 1790. PR38

Emily, m., d. Abraham and Lydia (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Emily A., d. Philander and Mary (Ceely), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Emily B., see Elizabeth B.

Emily, w. Charles Myrick (s. George Jr. and Eliza), d. Elijah and Eunice (Ramsdell), 11: 6m: 1818. PR38

Emily B., d. Hezediah and Sarah (Russell), 5: 9m: 1818 [? 1813]. PR38

Emily M. Matchett, w. Roland G. (s. Jared and Hepzibah), 12: 8m: 1828. PR38

Emily F., w. Alexander Moore, w. Nathaniel B. Gardner (s. Daniel), d. Thomas and Valina (Swain), 12: 4m: 1836. PR38

Emily, w. Edward Fitzgerald (s. Nathaniel), d. Benjamin Franklin and Elizabeth (Besse), 10: 3m: 1840. PR38

Emily Francis, d. Reuben, cooper, and Rebecca, Aug. 28, 1843.

Emily Jane, d. Samuel C., mariner, and Sarah B., Sept. 18, 1843.

Emma, ch. Isaiah and Sarah, 8: 10m: 1803. CR4 [d. Isaiah and Sarah (Folger) PR38]

Emma, d. Simeon Jr. and Polly, May 2, 1805. [w. Nathan B. Gardner (s. Eliakim), d. Simeon and Mary (Whippey) PR38]

Emma, w. Edwin Barnard (s. Thomas and Eunice), d. Ariel and Priscilla (Fosdick), 8: 8m: 1805. PR38

Emma H., w. Philip McElrath, d. Frederick W. and Mary (Waters), 10: 3m: 1844. PR38

Emma L.M., w. Charles M. Estes, s. Alfred M. and Lydia M. (Coffin), 13: 12m: 1845. PR38

Emma B., twin d. Charles G. 3d, laborer, and Angeline, Mar. 15, 1848. [Martha W., twin d. Charles G. and Angeline White PR38]

Emeline, d. Absalom and Mary (Folger), 9: 1m: 1800. PR38

Emeline P., w. William Bartlett, merchant, of St. Salvador, Brazil, d. Thaddeus and Ann (Parker), Sept. 23, 1802. GR3

Emeline, w. William G. Edwards [q.v.], d. Jethro and Sophia Whitefield, 14: 4m: [dup. 10: 5m: ] 1810. PR38

Emeline G., d. Charles M. and Elizabeth Ann, bp. Aug. 9, 1829, a. 1 y 6m. CR3 [w. ––––– Abbot, w. F.A.B. Clark, d. Charles N. and Elizabeth Ann (Gardner), b. 7: 6m: 1827. PR38]

Emeline F., w. I. Nelson Hastings, d. Jared and Hepzibah (Swain), ––– ––, 1831. PR38

Emeline B., w. Jethro Hilman of New Bedford, d. Asa and Hanah (Gardner), ––: 12m: 1837 [see Nancy B.] PR38

Emeline, June 12, 1840. GR3 [d. John C. and Sarah (Ray), 14: 6m: PR38]

Emeline B., d. George W., yeoman, and Emeline [George W. and Emeline (Barnard) (Cartwright) PR38], Oct. 15, 1847.

Emory, h. Elmina Foster, s. Vestal and Aletha Fluke, 19: 9m: 1824 [? in NC]. PR38

Enoch, h. Beulah Eddy of Martha's Vineyard, s. John and Deborah (Austin), ––– ––, 1678. PR38

Enoch, ch. Bartlett and Judith, July 5, 1727. [h. Love (d. Peter Gardner), s. Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), 5: 7m: PR38]

Enoch, h. Huldah (d. Beriah Norton), s. Daniel and Mary Harlock (first w.), ––– ––, 1760 [? in Edgartown] PR38

Ephraim, s. Jonathan, 18: 12m: 1714. [ch. Hephzibah CR1; s. Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker) PR38]

Ephraim, ch. Robert and Susanna, Jan. 4, 1743. [ch. Susan CR1; h. Sarah (d. Susanna (d. Richard Folger)), s. Robert and Susanna (Coffin), 4: 1m: [dup. 14: 1m: 1742] PR38]

Esther, w. William Starbuck (s. William and Jane), w. Jesse Gardner (s. WIlliam and Susanna), d. William and Esther Hunt, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eugene, twin s. Frederick W. and Mary (Waters), 14: 8m: 1847. PR38

Eunice, ch. Cromwel and Ruth, bp. July 18, 1742. CR1 [w. Joseph Coleman (s. Joseph and Rachel), d. Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin), b. ––– ––, –––– PR38]

Eunice, w. Manual Joseph (Portuguese), w. Reuben Perry, d. Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eunice, first, w. Obed Clark (s. Benjamin and Lydia), d. Samuel and Eunice (Folger), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eunice, w. George Smith (s. Alexander and Sally), d. Isaiah and Mary (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eunice, d. Alexander and Eunice (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eunice, w. Timothy W. Bunker (s. Tristram and Anna), d. Eliab and Mary (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eunice, ch. Stephen and Eunice, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Alexander Jenkins, d. Stephen and Eunice (Coffin) PR38]

Eunice, ch. Jared and Eunice, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [d. Jared and Eunice (Barnard) PR38]

Eunice, d. Joseph, 2: 9m: 1707. [w. Andrew Newell, d. Joseph and Bethia (Macy) PR38]

Eunice, d. George and Ruth, Aug. 25, 1721. [w. Francis Brown (s. George and Sarah), d. George and Ruth (Swain), 25: 8m: PR38]

Eunice, ch. Zaccheus and Mary, 17: 8m: 1732. CR4 [w. Stephen Paddack (s. Daniel), d. Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham) PR38]

Eunice, ch. Elisha and Eunice, July 7, 1766. [w. John Morey, d. Elisha and Eunice (Myrick) PR38]

Eunice, ch. Barnabas and Abigail, 31: 7m: 1766. CR4 [w. Charles Chase (s. Charles), d. Barnabas and Abigail (Folger) PR38]

Eunice, ch. Paul and Ruth, 25: 12m: 1772. CR4 [w. Libni Barnard (s. Benjamin of NC), d. Paul and Ruth (Pinkham) PR38]

Eunice, ch. Jonathan and Eunice, ––: 3m: 1775. CR4 [w. Stephen Coffin (s. Stephen and Mary), d. Jonathan and Eunice (Barnard) PR38]

Eunice, ch. William and Lydia "of the vinyard," 27: 6m: 1775. CR4 [d. William and Lydia (Coleman) PR38]

Eunice, ch. Solomon and Eunice, 21: 3m: 1777. CR4 [w. Jared Gardner (s. Crispus and Margaret), d. Solomon and Eunice (Macy) PR38]

Eunice, ch. Zenas and Abiel, 13: 3m: 1788. CR4 [w. Thomas Macy PR21; second, w. Thomas and Macy (s. Obed and Abigail), d. Zenas and Abial (Gardner) PR38]

Eunice, ch. Daniel and Huldah, 20: 1m: 1789. CR4 [w. Frederick Hoeg [dup. Hoag] (s. Abraham), d. Daniel and Huldah (Bunker) PR38]

Eunice, w. Tristram Coleman (s. Matthew and Hannah), d. Elihu and Eunice (Folger), 5: 1m: 1791. PR38

Eunice, d. Isaac and Margaret (Swain), June 6, 1800. [second, w. Robert Way Jenks (s. Samuel), d. Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain) PR38]

Eunice F., w. William Pitman (s. Charles), d. Ariel and Priscilla (Fosdick), 22: 11m: 1803. PR38

Eunice C. Coffin, w. James M. Coffin, Feb. 4, 1804. GR3 [Coffin, w. Barzillai Swain (s. George and Hannah), w. James M. Coffin (s. Zebdial and Hepsibeth), d. Zebulon and Eunice (Chase) PR38]

Eunice, d. Henry, merchant, and Eliza, Dec. 4, 1846. [w. Wilbour C. Rogers of Somerville, d. Henry and Eliza (Starbuck) PR38]

Everett, ––– ––, 1842. GR2 [s. Charles G. and Eliza (McArthur), 26: 10m: PR38]

Experience, d. James and Mary (Severance), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ezra Goodwin, s. Philander and Mary (Ceely), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Fanny, d. Caleb and Deborah, Dec. 20, 1773. [w. Phineas Jean, d. Caleb and Deborah (Alden) PR38]

Fanny, d. Zebdial and Hepsibeth (Swain), 17: 5m: 1797. PR38

Ferdinand G., s. Shubael and Lucretia Struse, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Frances, w. Fitch Hall of Medford, d. William and Deborah (Pinkham), 31: 12m: 1790. PR38

Frances, w. Ferdinand Matthews of NY, d. William Jr. and Elizabeth C. (Hussey), ––: 8m: 1829. PR38

Frances H., w. Joshua C. Smith, d. Frederick W. and Mary (Waters), 12: 4m: 1837. PR38

Francis, s. Francis and Hepsibeth (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Francis, h. Susan (d. James Stanton and Mary), s. Adam and Jemima (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Francis, s. John, Nov. 13, 1706. [h. Theodate (d. Shubael Gorham and Puella), s. John and Hope (Gardner), 13: 11m: PR38]

Francis, ch. Richard and Ruth, 11: 1m: 1743. CR4 [h. Ann (d. Jonathan Hussey and Hepzibah), s. Richard and Ruth (Bunker) [dup. 11: 1m: 1742] PR38]

Francis, ch. Peleg and Elizabeth, 28: 10m: 1752. CR4 [h. Hepsibeth (d. Reuben Swain and Hannah), h. Lydia (Gardner) Bunker, s. Peleg and Elizabeth (Hussey) PR38]

Francis, ch. Francis and Ann, 28: 10m: 1767. CR4 [h. Lydia (d. Benjamin Gardner and Abigail), s. Francis and Ann (Hussey) PR38]

Francis, ch. Thomas and Abigail, 22: 8m: 1771. CR4 [h. Ruth (d. Jonathan Upham and Anna), h. Sally (d. James Coffin and Rhoda), s. Thomas and Abigail (Russell) PR38]

Francis Chase, ch. Charles and Miriam, 30: 6m: 1803. CR4 [h. Emeline (d. Timothy Wyer), s. Charles and Miriam (Chase) (Parker) PR38]

Francis E., h. Emily C., ––– ––, 1828. GR2 [h. Emily C. (d. Anselm Hamblin), s. Francis C. and Emeline (Wyer), 16: 7m: PR38]

Franklin, s. Charles and Hannah Lyon, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Franklin, ch. Isaiah and Sarah, 2: 7m: 1786. CR4 [s. Isaiah and Sarah (Folger) PR38]

Franklin B., May 16, 1824. GR4 [h. Rebecca C. (d. William R. Coffin and Ruth), s. Asa and Hannah (Gardner), ––: 5m: 1823 PR38]

Franklin R., s. Charles D., mariner, and Charlotte, Aug. 22, 1846. [s. Charles Drew and Charlotte (Drew), 22: 5m: PR38]

Frederick, ch. Jared and Eunice, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [Frederick Joseph, h. Charlotte Green, s. Jared and Eunice (Barnard) of Hudson PR38]

Frederick Joseph, see Frederick.

Frederick R., s. Charles West and Sophia F. (Sherman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Frederick W., s. Frederick and Sarah (Comstock), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Frederick, ch. Tristram and Elizabeth (second w.), 2: 10m: 1761. CR4 [s. Tristram and Elizabeth (Starbuck) PR38; 28: 11m: 1758 PR63]

Frederick H., s. Alexander and Eunice (Bunker), 14: 4m: 1773. PR38

Frederick, h. Sarah (d. John Comstock), s. Elijah and Ruth, 25: 2m: 1779. PR38

Frederick, ch. Reuben and Pernal, 13: 4m: 1784. CR4 [s. Reuben and Parnal (Gardner) PR38]

Frederick G., ch. Zenas and Abial, 28: 6m: 1796. CR4 [s. Zenas and Abial (Gardner) PR38]

Frederick Folger, ch. Isaiah and Sarah, 29: 5m: 1800. CR4 [s. Isaiah and Sarah (Folger) PR38]

Frederick G., ch. Zenas and Abial, 14: 2m: 1804. CR4 [s. Zenas and Abial (Gardner) PR38]

Frederick, s. Alexander Jr. and Lydia (Hussey), ––– ––, 1809. PR38

Frederick W., h. Mary (d. Elisha Waters), s. Albert and Polly (Fay) (second w.), 6: 1m: 1809. PR38

Frederick F., s. Cyrus and Abigail (Butler), 25: 11m: 1809. PR38

Frederick A., s. Amial and Mary (Coffin), 20: 3m: 1811. PR38

Frederick, s. William and Phebe (Congdon), ––– ––, 1812. PR38

Frederick William, ch. William Barnard and Deborah, 15: 6m: 1813. CR4 [h. Mary Jane (d. Obed Alley and Susan), s. William Barnard and Deborah (Swain) PR38]

Frederick M., s. Capt. Joshua and Delia (Baker), 29: 4m: 1822. PR38

Frederick G., h. Rebecca Ann (d. Andrew E. Arthur and Delia M. (Upham)), s. Charles G. and Eliza (McArthur), 18: 1m: 1827. PR38

Frederick S., h. ––––– (first w.), h. Catherine Taylor (second w.), s. James B. and Phebe, 17: 7m: 1828. PR38

Frederick Elijah, s. Elijah Jr. and Eunice (Ramsdell), 16: 5m: 1836. PR38

Frederick, s. Henry S. and Harriet King, ––: 2m: 1845. PR38

Frederick W., s. Frederick W., mariner, and Mary J., Oct. 28, 1845. [F. Wallace Coffin, h. Flora Torrey, s. Frederick W. and Mary Jane (Alley) PR38]

Frederick, s. John P. and Polly Ann Green, 9: 9m: 1847. PR38

Frederick M., s. William H., painter, and Emeline [William Henry and Emeline (Burdett) PR38], Mar. 11, 1849.

Freeman, s. Seth and Susanna (Barnard), 28: 10m: 1768. PR38

Gardner, h. Mary Jackson (d. Nathaniel Goodwin and Lydia of Plymouth), s. Joshua and Beulah (Gardner), 13: 7m: [dup. 9: 6m: ] 1769. PR38

Gardner, ch. Gardner and Mary, bp. Aug. 26, 1821. CR1 [h. Phebe Ann (d. Owen Chase and Margaret), s. Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), b. 29: 11m: 1813 PR38]

Gayer, s. Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Gayer, see Geyer.

Gayer, h. Rebecca Parker of RI, s. Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), 24: 3m: [dup. 5m: ] 1709. PR38

Gehogan, d. John and Hope (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George, s. Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George, s. Joseph, painter, and Elizabeth (Jillings), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George, s. Jared and Eunice (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George, s. Gideon and Elizabeth (Mooers), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George, s. Henry S. and Harriet King, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

George Albert, s. Zephaniah and Hepzibah (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George [dup. omits George] Alfred, s. George C. [dup. B.] and Susan Sanborn [dup. of Maine], ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George B., Capt., h. Abigail (d. Ebenezar Allen and Mary), s. Capt. Noah and Lydia (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George Bunker, ch. Daniel and Huldah, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after ch. b. 9: 4m: 1801]. CR4 [Daniel and Huldah (Bunker) PR38]

George C., see George B.

George C., s. Paul and Nancy (Barnard) (Ramsdell) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George E., s. Edward C. and Olive G. (Eldridge), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George Fox, h. Lydia Jessup, s. Aaron and Mary (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George G., s. Barna and Susan (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George Rawson, ch. Jesse and Phebe, bp. Aug. 28, 1820. CR1 [s. Jesse and Phebe (Rawson), b. ––– ––, –––– PR38]

George S., [? twin], s. Tristram Deborah (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George W., see George.

George W., s. John Foster and Lydia (Cartwright), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George, s. James Jr., 22: 2m: 1693. [h. Ruth (d. John Swain and Experience), s. James and Ruth (Gardner), 22: 4m: PR38]

George, ch. Nathan and Lydia, May 23, 1728. [h. Abigail (d. John Bunker and Mary), s. Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), 23: 5m: PR38]

George G., h. Sarah Nickerson of Hudson, s. Alexander and Eunice (Bunker), 23: 1m: 1768. PR38

George, s. Matthew and Matilda (Coffin), 4: 9m: 1781. PR38

George, ch. Solomon and Eunice, 31: 12m: 1781. CR4 [h. Keziah (d. John Comstock), s. Solomon and Eunice (Macy) PR38]

George Washington, ch. Peleg and Eunice, 16: 1m: 1783. CR4 [h. Mary W. Spooner, s. Peleg and Eunice (Barker), 15: 1m: 1784 PR38]

George, h. Nancy (d. James Stubbs), h. Sarah (d. Josiah Calder), s. John and Elizabeth (Gardner), 8: 5m: 1787. PR38

George Gorham, ch. Simeon Jr. and Polly, June 4, 1789. [h. Lydia (d. Silas Gardner and Susanna), s. Simeon and Mary (Whippey) PR38]

George Mitchel, ch. Mark and Judith, 11: 9m: 1790. CR4 [h. Sarah (d. Obed Mitchell), s. Mark and Judith (Hussey) PR38]

George P., s. James Josiah and Susanna (Pinkham), 12: 9m: 1795. PR38

George Starbuck, ch. Charles and Miriam, 10: 11m: 1795. CR4 [s. Charles and Miriam (Chase) (Parker) PR38]

George B. [dup. C.], h. Sarah [dup. Susan] Sanborn of Maine, s. Alpheus and Love (Pitts), ––: 10m: 1797. PR38

George Starbuck, ch. Charles and Miriam, 21: 4m: 1801. CR4 [h. Mary Fisher "of the Vineyard,", s. Charles and Miriam (Chase) (Parker) PR38]

George, s. David and Rebecca (second w.), 15: 2m: 1803. PR38

George F., s. Benjamin and Mary (Paddack), 8: 9m: 1804. PR38

George, ch. Robert and Mary, 3: 10m: 1804. CR4 [George W., h. Phebe Ann (d. Henry Barnard and Love), h. Emeline (wid. Joseph B. Cartwright Jr., d. Libni Barnard), s. Robert and Mary (Coffin) PR38]

George Drew, h. Mary F. (d. Thaddeus Joy and Judith), h. Sarah Ann (d. Asa Rawson), s. Job and Mary (Drew) (Chadwick), 11: 2m: 1807. PR38

George, h. Sarah (d. Gideon Coffin), h. Sarah (wid. ––––– Perry, d. Francis Ellis), s. Obadiah and Lucretia (Paddack), 28: 6m: 1811. PR38

George P., "a Portuguese,", h. Azuba G. (d. Joseph Gould and Polly of Chatham), ––– ––, 1812. PR38

George, h. Eliza Ann Greenlow of Vassalborough, s. Asa and Phebe (Morselander), 8: 7m: 1812. PR38

George Black, h. Cordelia M. (d. Daniel Dunham and Dorcas), s. Robert and Anna (Black), 14: 1m: 1813. PR38

George F., s. Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), 9: 1m: 1814. PR38

George A., Dec. 30, 1815. GR3 [h. Mary Ann (d. Joseph Morey and Rebecca), s. Prince and Eliza (Austin) PR38]

George, m., s. George G. and Lydia (Gardner), ––– ––, 1817. PR38

George W., h. Helen [dup. Ellen] M. Howland s. Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), 22: 6m: [dup. 26: 2m: ] 1817. PR38

George Cobb, ch. Capt Jethro and Mary, bp. Mar. 29, 1818. CR1 [h. Selina Eldredge of Cape Cod, s. Jethro and Mary (Cobb), b. 14: 9m: 1817 PR38]

George G., h. Emily (d. Henry Clapp and Rebecca), s. Hezekiah and Nancy (Bunker), 5: 7m: 1818. PR38

George Henry, s. George and Sarah (Calder) (second w.), 4: 2m: 1825. PR38

George W., h. Mary T. (d. Samuel Snow), s. Peter and Charlotte (Mooers), ––– ––, 1826. PR38

George F., s. Timothy G. and Betsey (Parker), 27: 8m: 1827. PR38

George F., ch. Elihu and Sarah, 1: 9m: 1827. CR4 [s. Elihu and Sarah (Austin), 12: 9m: PR53]

George M., m. "in Sandwich Is.,", s. Jesse and Mary (Bunker), 28: 8m: 1828. PR38

George Gideon, h. Ann (d. John M. Gardner), s. Barna and Susan (Gardner), ––: 4m: 1829. PR38

George Frederick, h. Mary E. (d. James Pitman and Amelia), s. George W. and Emeline (Barnard) (Cartwright), 1: 7m: 1833. PR38

George Henry, "s. Peggy and Isaiah Nicholson," 5: 6m: 1835. PR38

George Henry, s. Henry S. and Phebe H. (Cleaveland), 29: 8m: 1837. PR38

George M., s. Frederick W. and Mary (Waters), 31: 12m: 1839. PR38

George A. Jr., s. George A. and Mary Ann (Morey), 24: 8m: 1840. PR38

George Henry, s. George P., "a Portuguese," and Azuba G. (Gould), 7: 4m: 1841. PR38

George C., s. George G. and Emily (Clapp), 28: 12m: 1842. PR38

George Alfred, s. George B. and Cordelia M. (Dunham), Sept. 6, 1844. PR46

George Phineas, h. Emma Kinney, s. Charles Griffin and Mary Ann Hughes (second w.), 24: 10m: 1844. PR38

George C., s. Asa, cooper, and Hannah, Oct. 22, 1844. [m., s. Asa and Hannah (Gardner), ––– ––, 1845 PR38]

George H., s. Obed, yeoman, and Angeline M., Mar. 29, 1846. [s. Obed and Angeline M. (Douglas), ––– ––, 1845 PR38]

George W., s. Francis C., mariner, and Emeline, Dec. 22, 1845. [h. Mary S. (Cartwright), s. Francis C. and Emeline (Wyer), 23: 12m: PR38]

George C. Jr., s. George C., mariner, and Salina, Apr. 30, 1848.

George E., s. Alexander B., cooper, and Lucy A., July 13, 1848. [George Ellery Coffin, s. Alexander B. and Lucy (Andrews), 12: 7m: PR38]

Geyer, ch. Sheffield and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [Gayer, h. Nancy Fellows, s. Sheffield and Elizabeth (Barnard) PR38]

Gideon G., s. Barna and Susan (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Gideon, ch. David and Ruth, 7: 5m: 1761. CR4 [h. Mary (d. John "Marvel or Marble" and Abial), s. David and Ruth (Coleman) PR38]

Gideon, ch. William and Lydia (second w.), 31: 1m: 1773. CR4 [h. Elizabeth (d. Alexander Mooers and Elizabeth), s. William and Lydia (Gardner) (second w.) PR38]

Gideon, ch. Seth and Susanna, 12: 2m: 1785. CR4 [h. Elizabeth (d. Simeon Ellis and Deborah), s. Seth and Susanna (Barnard) PR38]

Gilbert, ch. Joshua and Hepsibeth, bp. Dec. 30, 1770. CR3 [s. Joshua and Hepsibeth (Coffin), b. ––– ––, –––– PR38]

Gilbert, s. Zephaniah and Hepzibah (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Gilbert, ch. Nathaniel and Rebecca, 11: 6m: 1757. CR4

Gilbert, ch. Micajah and Abigail, 1: 8m: 1759. CR4 [h. Phebe (d. William Barnard and Mary), h. Phebe (wid. Charles Jenkins, d. Barnabas Gardner and Abigail), s. Micajah and Abigail (Coleman), 21: 8m: PR38]

Gilbert, s. Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), 15: 10m: 1819. PR38

Gilbert, s. Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), 20: 4m: 1821. PR38

Gorham, h. Rebecca (d. Christopher Mitchell and Jemima), h. Susan (Hussey) (Nichols) Coleman, s. Abner and Elizabeth (Gardner), 25: 1m: 1784. PR38

Grace, d. Matthew and Hannah Mendenhall, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Grace C., w. Dr. Daniel Fisher, d. Allen and Deborah G. (Coffin), 4: 5m: 1812. PR38

Grafton, h. Lydia (d. Reuben Maxey), s. Elijah and Ruth (Coffin), 1: 5m: 1789. PR38

Griffin, s. Benjamin and Mary (Brown), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Griffin, ch. William and Hepzibah, 22: 12m: 1768. CR4 [h. Rebecca (d. Nathan Gardner and Rhoda), s. William and Hepzibah (Barney) of Easton, NY PR38]

Griffin Alexander, h. Elizabeth Stanton, s. Charles Griffin and Miranda Hastings, 23: 1m: 1830. PR38

Hannah, w. Benjamin Gardner (s. Richard and Mary), d. John and Deborah (Austin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hannah, w. Abishai Barnard (s. Benjamin), d. Peter ("Nope") and Hope (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hannah, w. Reuben Folger (s. Peter 3d and Christian), d. Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hannah Maria, w. Capt. Prince W. Ewer, d. Capt. Seth Jr. and Lydia (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hannah, d. Ebenezer, 20: 7m: 1707.

Hannah, d. Prince and Mercy, Oct. 15, 1728. [w. John Wilcox (s. Stephen and Judith), d. Prince and Mary (Skiff), 15: 10m: PR38]

Hannah, w. Jonathan Pease, d. Daniel and Mary (Harlock), ––– ––, 1752 [? in Edgartown]. PR38

Hannah, ch. Caleb and Deborah, Feb. 4, 1770. [d. Caleb and Deborah Alden, 4: 7m: PR38]

Hannah, w. George Swain (s. William), d. Seth and Lydia (Myrick), 11: 6m: 1778. PR38

Hannah, w. Benjamin Osborn (s. William and Anna), d. Aaron and Mary (Barnard), ––– ––, 1786. PR38

Hannah, w. James Drew (s. Gershom), d. Brown and Deborah (Coleman), 21: 1m: 1793. PR38

Hannah, ch. Shubael and Sarah (second w.), 30: 6m: 1795. CR4 [d. Shubael and Sarah Olney PR38]

Hannah, w. Reuben Fish, d. Philip and Catherine (Thompson) (second w.), 23: 6m: 1801. PR38

Hannah, w. Charles Taber (s. John and Lucretia), d. Valentine and Anna (Wilson), 28: 9m: 1816. PR38

Hannah W., w. Maj. Moris M. Olmstead, d. Capt. Joshua and Delia (Baker), 28: 1m: 1825. PR38

Hannah M., first, w. John Porter of Hartford, CT, d. Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker), ––– ––, 1828. PR38

Harriet, w. Prince Lewis, d. Daniel and Mary (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Harriet, see Harriet Goodwin Coffin.

Harriet Ann, d. Capt. Edwin and Sarah (Folger), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Harriet Goodwin, see Harriet Goodwin Coffin.

Harriet M., d. Hezediah and Sarah (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Harriet Coffin, w. Cyrus Pierce, June 26, 1794. GR3 [Coffin, d. William and Deborah (Pinkham). PR38]

Harriet, d. Alexander Jr. and Lydia (Hussey), ––– ––, 1807. PR38

Harriet, w. Samuel S. Salisbury, d. Gorham and Rebecca (Mitchell), 27: 8m: 1814. PR38

Harriet, w. William C. Hayden (s. Prince Gorham and Priscilla), w. Elisha D. Fisher (s. Henry and Jane), d. Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker), 21: [dup. 11: ] 10m: 1815. PR38

Harriet, w. Cyrus H. Crosby, w. Josiah Ames of Cape Cod, d. Cromwell and Mary (Coffin), 1: 5m: 1817. PR38

Harriet P., w. William Colesworthy (s. John and Mary), d. Zimri and Abigail (Paddack), 28: 10m: 1820 [dup. ––– ––, 1821]. PR38

Harriet Goodwin, ch. Gardner and Mary, bp. Aug. 26, 1821. CR1 [Harriet, w. Barzillai T. Folger (s. Aaron and Mary), second, w. Uriah G. Tuck (s. Samuel J.), d. Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), b. 2: 10m: 1816 [dup. 1818] PR38]

Harriet Deborah, d. Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), 10: 11m: 1837. PR38

Harriet, w. Charles A. Valentine, d. Alexander H. and Jane Vincent, 12: 1m: 1844. PR38

Harriet W., twin d. William Henry and Elmina Howard, 8: 6m: 1848. PR38

Hezediah, ch. Ebenezer and Mary, 10: 10m: 1766. CR4

Hezediah, ch. Ebenezer and Mary, 22: 9m: 1783. CR4 [h. Sarah (d. John Russell), h. Sarah (d. Barnabas Bunker), s. Ebenezer and Mary (Cartwright) PR38]

Henrietta, d. Capt. Oliver C. and Henrietta Boult, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Henry, see Hennery.

Henry, s. Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Henry, s. Henry and Lydia, bp. Nov. 19, 1775. CR3 [h. Hannah (d. David Swain), s. Henry and Lydia (Fosdick), b. ––– ––, –––– PR38]

Henry, ch. Sheffield and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [s. Sheffield and Elizabeth (Barnard) PR38]

Henry, ch. Benjamin Franklin and Hephzibah, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after ck. b. 15: 4m: 1811]. CR4 [Henry Clay Coffin, s. Benjamin Franklin and Hepzibah (Paddack) PR38]

Henry, h. ––––– (d. Dr. Phinney), s. Salmon and Anna (Mitchell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Henry, s. Levi and Catherine (White), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Henry, s. Moses and Nancy (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Henry Clay, see Henry.

Henry P., h. Susan M. (d. Freeman Sherman and Mary), s. Timothy and Deborah (Pease) [dup. Deborah (d. Henry Pierce of Cape Cod), ––– ––, ––––. PR38]

Henry Swain, ch. William Barnard and Deborah, ––– ––, –––– [rec. between ch. b. 15: 6m: 1813 and ch. b. 22: 7m: 1817]. CR4 [h. Harriet King of Ravenna, Ohio, s. William Barnard and Deborah (Swain), 13: 1m: 1815 PR38]

Hennery, s. Jonathan, 23: 1m: 1716. [Henry, ch. Hephzibah CR1; Henry, h. Mary (d. Nathaniel Woodbury and Abigail), s. Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), 23: 2m: PR38]

Henry, s. Henry and Mary, Mar. 25, 1748. [h. Lydia (d. Benjamin Fosdick), s. Henry and Mary (Woodbury), 25: 3m: PR38]

Henry, s. Henry and Lydia, bp. Nov. 28, 1773. CR3

Henry B., h. Mary Greenleaf, s. Cyrus and Abigail (Butler), 10: 10m: 1806. PR38

Henry, Mar. 17, 1807. CR2 [ch. Zenas and Abial CR4 GR3; h. Eliza (d. Levi Starbuck and Elizabeth), s. Zenas and Abial (Gardner) PR38]

Henry F. [dup. Capt.], h. Judith (d. Benjamin Gardner Esq. and Judith), h. Hepsibeth E. (d. John Bridger Coffin and Phebe), s. Peter F. and Margaret (Coffin), 9: 8m: 1813. PR38

Henry S., h. Phebe C. (d. Zimri Cleveland and Sarah), s. David and Phebe (Barnard), 20: 11m: 1813. PR38

Henry S., h. Phebe F. (d. Benjamin Barnard and Anna), s. Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks), 1: 11m: 1815. PR38

Henry A., h. Susan Lyman Osborn, s. Allen and Deborah G. (Coffin), 26: 7m: 1816. PR38

Henry, h. Charlotte M. Hungersford, s. Capt. William Henry and Laurania (Gardner), ––: 1m: 1829. PR38

Henry Freeman, s. Edward W. and Mary (Plasket), 11: 4m: 1836. PR38

Henry F., s. Charles Drew and Charlotte (Drew), ––: 2m: 1842. PR38

Henry Jr., May 21, 1842. GR3 [s. Henry and Eliza (Starbuck), 21: 8m: PR38]

Henry Judson, s. Charles Griffin and Mary Ann Hughes (second w.), 29: 6m: 1842. PR38

Henry C., h. ––––– Coon, s. George B. and Cordelia (Dunham), 18: 4m: 1846. PR38 [Henry Coleman Coffin PR46]

Henry P., [? twin], s. Alexander G. and Caroline C. (Turner), ––: 7m: 1846 [see Sarah E.] PR38

Henry I., h. Sarah Jones, s. Tristram (s. Abishai and Sarah), ––: 6m: 1847. PR38

Henry C., s. George G. and Emily (Clapp), 14: 2m: 1848. PR38

Henry, s. Alfred and Lilian (Marcus), ––: 2m: 1849. PR38

Hephzibah, see Hebsabeth.

Hepsabeth, w. Matthew Luce of M[artha's] Vineyard, d. Jethro and Lydia (Cottle), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hepsabeth S., w. Charles C. Gifford of Ohio, d. Reuben and Mary (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hepsibeth, w. Samuel Gardner (s. James and Mary), d. Stephen and Mary (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hepsibeth, w. Nathaniel Barnard (s. Abishai and Hannah), d. Enoch and Love (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hepzibah, w. Reuben P. Bunker (s. Barzilla and Lydia), d. Stephen and Eunice (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hepzibah, w. ––––– Montgomery, w. Zebulon Webb, d. Benjamin Franklin and Hepzibah (Paddack), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hephzibah, d. Stephen Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], 20: 10m: 1708. [Hepsibeth, w. Robert Barnard (s. John and Sarah), d. Stephen and Experience (Look), 20: 11m: PR38]

Hepsibah, ch. Zepheniah and Miriam, 15: 4m: 1726. CR4 [Hepzibah, w. Tristram Coffin (s. Tristram and Mary), d. Zephaniah and Miriam (Macy) PR38]

Hephzibah, ch. Hephzibah, bp. Sept. 26, 1731. CR1 [Hepsibeth, w. Peleg Coffin (s. Bartlett and Judith), d. Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), b. 18: 10m: 1727 PR38]

Hephzibah, ch. Robert and Susanna, bp. Sept. 26, 1731. CR1

Hephzibah, ch. Robert and Susanna, Nov. 18, 1736. [Hepsibeth, w. Joseph Allen (s. Nathaniel and Mercy), d. Robert and Susanna (Coffin), 18: 11m: PR38]

Hephzibah, ch. Robert and Jemima, 11: 11m: 1744. CR4 [w. Timothy Jackson PR38]

Hephzibah, d. Jonathan and Eunice, Oct. 14, 1748. [Hepzibah CR4; Hepzibah, w. Joshua Coffin (s. Jonathan and Priscilla), d. Jonathan and Eunice (Barnard), 17: 10m: PR38]

Hepzibah, ch. Tristram and Elizabeth (second w.), 7: 3m: 1752. CR4 [d. Tristram and Elizabeth (Starbuck) (second w.), 18: 3m: PR38]

Hepsibeth, w. Thaddeus Waterman, d. Jonathan and Priscilla (Coffin), 9: 6m: 1755. PR38

Hepsibah, ch. William and Hepzibah, 24: 3m: 1760. CR4 [Hepzibah, w. Elishai Folger (s. Daniel), d. William and Hepzibah (Barney) PR38]

Hepzibah, ch. Francis and Ann, 29: 12m: 1764. CR4 [first, w. Charles Russell (s. Reuben), d. Francis and Ann (Hussey) [dup. 29: 6m: 1763] PR38]

Hepzibah, ch. Shubael and Mary (second w.), ––: 9m: 1769. CR4 [d. Shubael and Mary (Swain) (second w.) PR38]

Hephzibah, d. Ephraim and Sarah, Aug. 27, 1770. [Hepsibeth, w. John Ellis ("an Englishman"), 4: [dup. 14: ] 8m: PR38]

Hepsibah, ch. Tristram Jr. and Mary, 11: 8m: 1771. CR4 [Hepsabeth, w. Griffin Barney (s. Jonathan), d. Tristram 3d and Mary (Pinkham) PR38]

Hepzibah [dup. Hepsabeth, second dup. Hepsibeth], first, w. Benjamin Starbuck (s. Thomas), second, w. David Allen (s. Edward), d. Elihu and Eunice (Folger), 6: 2m: 1778 [dup. 1774, second dup. ––: 2m: 1780]. PR38

Hebsabeth, d. Peter and Judith (Pinkham) (Gardner), 31: 9m: 1779. PR38

Hepzibah, w. Matthew Pinkham (s. Daniel and Eunice), w. John Drury, w. Samuel Townsend, d. Zephaniah and Hepzibah (Bunker), 1: 9m: 1782. PR38

Hepsibeth, w. Joel Barney, w. George A. Stockman, w. Samuel Royce, d. Francis and Hepsibeth (Swain), 9: 6m: 1784. PR38

Hepzibeth Edwards, d. John B. and w., bp. Sept. 30, 1832. CR1 [Hepsabeth E., second, w. Capt. Henry F. Coffin (s. Peter F.), d. John Bridger and Phebe (Gardner), b. 7: [dup. 9: ] 9m: 1831 PR38]

Hezekiah, s. Stephen and Experience (Look), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hezekiah, h. Mary Marsh, s. Uriah and Mary, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hezekiah, h. Mary E. Fisher of Sonora, s. Capt. Oliver C. and Henrietta Boult, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hezekiah, s. Joseph, 4: 8m: 1712. [h. Lydia (d. Jethro Folger and Mary), s. Joseph and Bethia (Macy) PR38]

Hezekiah, ch. Zaccheus and Mary, 20: 8m: 1741. CR4 ["said to have been the first to heave tea overboard in Boston harbor,", h. Abigail (Coleman), s. Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham), 21: 8m: PR38]

Hezekiah, ch. Hezekiah and Abigail, 12: 9m: 1775. CR4 [Hezekiah Jr., h. Nancy (d. Uriah Bunker and Susan), s. Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman) PR38]

Hezekiah R., h. Myra Barlow, s. Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), 23: 4m: 1807. PR38

Hiram, h. Betsey (d. Jonathan Moores), s. Zebdial and Lurania (Coffin), 12: 6m: 1774. PR38

Hiram Folger, s. Christopher and Rebecca (Swain), ––: 4m: 1824. PR38

Holmes, h. Lydia (d. Hezekiah Russell and Hepzibah), s. John and Mary Wass of M[artha's] Vineyard, 5: [dup. 20: ] 9m: 1780. PR38

Horace P., h. Ann M. (d. William Folger and Lucy), s. Thaddeus and Eliza (Cartwright), 23: 6m: 1824. PR38

Huldah, ch. Tristram and Jemima, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Moses Akin, d. Tristram and Jemima (Barnard), 16: 6m: 1755. PR38]

Huldah, w. Jesse Stanley, d. Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

I. Sherwood, s. Andrew G. and Elizabeth M. (Sherwood), 28: 2m: 1842. PR38

Ichabud, ch. Hezekiah and Abigail, 24: 6m: 1771. CR4 [Ichabod, h. Ann [dup. Nancy] (d. Francis Brown Jr. and Anna), s. Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman) PR38]

Isaac, s. Joseph, painter, and Elizabeth (Jillings), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Isaac, s. Abner and Desire (Bunker) (Benthal), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Isaac, s. Benjamin and Mary (Brown), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Isaac, s. Moses and Nancy (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Isaac, Sir, 16: 5m: 1759. PR63

Isaac, s. Benjamin, Sept. 1, 1764. [Hon., s. Benjamin and Deborah (second w.) CR4; h. Margaret (d. Francis Swain Jr. and Lydia), s. Benjamin and Deborah (Macy), 9: 1m: PR38; 7: 9m: PR63]

Isaac Newton, s. Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain), 30: 6m: 1806. PR38

Isaac, ch. Valentine and w., bp. Oct. 31, 1830. CR1 [s. Valentine and Jemima, b. ––– ––, 1830 PR38]

Isaac, s. Vanentine and w., bp. Dec. 6, 1835. CR1

Isabella G., d. Christopher F. and Alice Gibson, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Isabella, w. John G. Brown, d. Frederick S. and first w., 13: 2m: 1847. PR38

Isaiah, ch. Zephaniah and Hepsibah, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Mary (d. Stephen Coffin and Eunice), s. Zephaniah Jr. and Hepzibah (Bunker) PR38]

Isaiah, h. Sophronia, s. Reuben and Mary (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Isaiah, ch. Benjamin and Jedidah, 8: 12m: 1748. CR4

Isaiah, ch. Micajah and Abigail, 11: 9m: 1757. CR4 [h. Sally [dup. Sarah] (d. Christopher Folger and Abigail), s. Micajah and Abigail (Coleman) PR38]

Isaiah E., s. William H., mariner, and Nancy P., Nov. 8, 1847. [h. Anna C. (Swain), s. William H. and Nancy P. (Eldridge) PR38]

Jabez Hunt, s. William and Elizabeth Vestal (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jacob, ch. William and Hepzibah, 14: 10m: 1764. CR4 [h. Eliza Norton, s. William and Hepzibah (Barney) PR38]

James, ch. Hephzibah, bp. Sept. 26, 1731. CR1 [h. Jemima (d. John Swain and Mary), s. Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), b. ––– ––, –––– PR38]

James, s. Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, h. Sally (d. Matthew Starbuck and Lydia), s. Matthew and Hannah Mendenhall of Chester Co., PA, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, h. Caroline (d. Eleazer Burbank), s. Charles F. and Mary (Fulson), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, s. Moses and Nancy (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James Alexander, h. Adeline (d. Isaac Stevens and Rachel), s. George C. and Sally (Nixon), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James L., s. Edward H. and Lydia (Law), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, h. Mary (d. John Severance and Abigail of Salisbury), s. Tristram and Dionis (Stevens), 12: 8m: 1640, in England. PR38

James, h. Love (d. Richard Gardner and Sarah), h. Ruth (d. John Gardner and Priscilla), s. James and Mary (Severance), 9: 5m: 1664. PR38

James, s. James Jr., 10: 4m: 1713. [h. Priscilla (d. Wilson Rawson), s. James and Ruth (Gardner), 10: 6m: PR38]

James, h. Rachel Young of Boston, s. Charles and Mary Barrett, 28: 5m: 1729. PR38

James Esq., h. Jeanette (d. Maj. Josiah Coffin Esq.), s. James and Priscilla (Rawson), 20: 3m: 1744. PR38

James, ch. Nathaniel and Mary, 13: 9m: 1743. CR4 [h. Sarah (Whitney), h. Hannah (Chipman) Gardner, h. Abigail (Chipman), h. Merab (Gardner) Coleman, s. Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield) PR38; Sept. 13, 1744 PR53]

James, ch. Josiah, bp. Nov. 12, 1749. CR1

James, h. Rhoda (d. Nathaniel Gardner and Anna (Beard)), s. James and Jemima, 27: 2m: 1755. PR38

James Josiah, h. Susanna (d. John Pinkham and Susanna), s. Josiah and Judith (Coffin), 18: 3m: 1755. PR38 [s. Josiah Esq. and Judith PR56]

James Gorham, h. Phebe (d. Gideon Coffin and Mary), s. Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks), 28: 3m: 1806. PR38

James B., h. Phebe Taber, s. Albert and Polly (Fay), 29: 3m: 1806. PR38

James M., h. Eunice C., ––– ––, 1809. GR3 [h. Eunice (wid. Barzillai Swain, d. Zebulon Coffin), s. Zebdial and Hepsibeth (Swain), 7: 2m: 1810 PR38]

James P., Capt., s. James Josiah and Susanna (Pinkham), 19: 1m: 1809. PR38

James B., ch. W[illia]m Barnard and Deborah, 14: 3m: 1811. CR4 [h. Mary (d. Alexander Coffin and Lydia), s. William Barnard and Deborah (Swain). PR38]

James G., h. Susan (d. John Barrett and Judith), s. Job C. and Phebe (Grew), 17: 10m: 1819. PR38

James Madison, ch. Gardner and Mary, bp. Aug. 26, 1821. CR1 [h. Ann J. (d. Abraham Swain), h. Emily (d. George Swain and Hannah), twin s. Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), b. 15: 8m: 1810 PR38]

James H., h. Amy Ann Sherman of New Bedford, s. Prince and Judith (Hussey), ––– ––, 1825. PR38

James W., h. Sarah, s. Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker), ––– ––, 1825. PR38

James B., h. Caroline A. Pray, h. Martha C. (d. Reuben Chadwick and Eliza (Randall)), s. Benjamin and Mary (McCleave), ––: 6m: 1833. PR38

James Albert, h. Fidelia Palmer, s. Charles Griffin and Mary Ann Hughes (second w.), 12: 11m: 1833. PR38

James B., h. Rebecca P. Smith of NH, s. Jesse and Mary (Bunker), 16: 11m: 1833. PR38

James G., s. Nathaniel F. and Lydia (Coffin), 27: 5m: 1835. PR38

James S., h. Lydia M. (wid. Peter C. Brooks, d. Seth Coffin), s. Stephen P. and Eliza S. Fisher, 25: 4m: 1841. PR38

James H., h. Helen F. (d. Lot D. Fisher and Martha B.), s. Edward G. and Phebe (Swain), 26: 8m: 1843. PR38

Jane, see Jean.

Jane L., d. Ralph and Abigail (Chase), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jane, ch. Elias and Love, Jan. 5, 1730-1. [d. Elias and Love (Coffin), 5: 1m: 1730 PR38]

Jane, w. Caleb Morgan, d. Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), 26: 4m: 1803. PR38

Jane P., w. Gamaliel Lincoln, w. George D. Matherson, d. Timothy G. and Betsey (Parker), 1: 11m: 1823. PR38

Jane, w. Edward W. Perry, d. Charles G. and Eliza (McArthur), 26: 3m: 1835. PR38

Janet, see Jennet.

Jared, ch. Peleg and Elizabeth, 29: 3m: 1754. CR4 [h. Eunice (d. Joseph Barnard and Mary), s. Peleg and Elizabeth (Hussey) PR38]

Jared, ch. Isaiah and Sarah, 9: 5m: 1784. CR4 [h. Hepzibah (d. Abisha Swain and Jedidah), s. Isaiah and Sarah (Folger) PR38]

Jared, h. Sarah Baylies, s. John and Mary Wass, 15: 8m: 1790. PR38

Jared, s. Benjamin F. and Mary C. (Crosby), ––– ––, 1836. PR38

Jean, d. Ebenezer, 14: 4m: 1712. [Jane, w. William Bunker (s. Peleg and Susanna), w. Jonathan Ramsdell, d. Ebenezer Esq. and Eleanor (Barnard), 17: 1m: PR38]

Jeanette, see Jennet.

Jennet, ch. Capt. Josiah and Elizabeth, Feb. 22, 1746. [Janet, ch. Josiah Esq. CR1; Jeanette, w. James Coffin (s. James and Priscilla), d. Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), 22: 2m PR38]

Jeannet, w. Edward H. Morton (s. Martin T.), d. Peter F. and Margaret (Coffin), 21: 7m: 1815. PR38

Jedidah, w. Robert Meader, d. Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jedidah, d. Joseph, 4: 12m: 1715. [w. John Hussey (s. Bachelor), w. Robert Gardner (s. Benjamin and Hannah), d. Joseph and Bethia (Macy) PR38]

Jedidah, ch. Micajah and Abigail, 5: 7m: 1761. CR4 [w. Francis (Joy), d. Micajah and Abigail (Coleman) PR38]

Jedida, w. Reuben Beetle, d. Daniel and Mary Harlock (first w.), ––– ––, 1765 [? in Edgartown]. PR38

Jedidah, ch. Simeon Jr. and Polly, Dec. 16, 1797. [Jedida, w. Briggs Wilbur, second, w. William Tuckerman, d. Simeon and Mary (Whippey) PR38]

Jemima, ch. Tristram and Jemima, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Robert Russell (s. Benjamin), d. Tristram and Jemima (Barnard), 19: 1m: 1751 PR38]

Jemima, w. Samuel Stanton (s. William and Catherine), d. Adam and Jemima (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jemima, d. Peter and Elizabeth, 19: 9m: 1695. [w. William Swain, d. Peter and Elizabeth (Starbuck) PR38]

Jemima, ch. Nathan and Lydia, Oct. 1, 1721. [w. Zaccheus Gardner, d. Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), 10: 1m: PR38]

Jemima, ch. David and Ruth, 2: 2m: 1759. CR4 [w. William Morton (s. Tabor), third, w. Prince Gardner (s. Robert and Jedida), d. David and Ruth (Coleman) PR38]

Jemima, ch. Nathaniel and Phebe, 28: 11m: 1765. CR4 [w. Enoch Gardner (s. Peter and Elizabeth), d. Nathaniel and Phebe (Coffin), 25: 11m: PR38]

Jemima "Milsfow or Archibald", second, w. Valentine (s. Brown), 15: 4m: 1799. PR38

Jerusha, w. John Matthews, d. Peter and Hope (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jerusha, ch. Robert and Jemima, 1: 4m: 1765. CR4 [w. Gideon Randall (brother of Constant) PR38]

Jesse, s. Levi and Catherine (White), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jesse, h. Phebe (d. Wilson Rawson), s. Obed and Phebe (Gardner), 26: 2m: 1778. PR38

Jesse, h. Mary (d. James Bunker and Susan), s. Robert and Lydia (Coleman), 17: 9m: 1789. PR38

Jethro, h. Eunice (d. Shubael Pinkham), s. Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jethro, h. Ann McChristian, s. Samuel and Mary (Carr), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jethro, h. Mary (d. John Gardner and Priscilla (Grafton)), s. Peter (s. Tristram and Dionis (Stevens)) and Abigail (d. Edward Starbuck and Catherine of Dover, NH), 16: 9m: 1663 [? in NH]. PR38

Jethro, ch. John, sheriff, and Lidia, bp. Sept. 7, 1735. CR1 [h. Hannah (d. Jonathan Pinkham and Hannah), b. ––– ––, 1726 PR38]

Jethro, ch. Robert and Susanna, Dec. 23, 1744. [ch. Susan CR1; h. Margaret (d. John Brock and Ann), s. Robert and Susanna (Coffin), 22: [dup. 23: ] 12m: PR38]

Jethro, ch. William and Lydia "of the vineyard," 21: 9m: 1780. CR4 [h. Lydia (d. Shubael Cottle), h. Drusilla (d. Richard Delano), s. William and Lydia (Coleman) PR38]

Jethro, h. Sophia Whitefield, h. Mary (d. William Cobb and Charlotte), s. Brown and Deborah (Coleman), 28: [dup. 23: ] 4m: 1784. PR38

Joanna, first, w. Benjamin Stubbs (s. William), d. Robert and Parnal (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Job, s. William and Elizabeth Vestal (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Job B., h. Deborah (d. Zephaniah Coffin and Hepsabeth), s. Stephen and Eunice (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Job, ch. Stephen and Mary, 29: 10m: 1755. CR4 [h. Mary (d. Samuel Ray and Eunice), s. Stephen and Mary (Bunker) PR38]

Job, s. Mary (wid. David Chadwick, d. Gershom Drew), h. Sarah (wid. Stephen Arthur, d. Peter Macy and Sally), s. Jethro and Eunice (Pinkham), 26: 6m: 1776. PR38

Job C., h. Phebe (d. Silas Grew), s. Latham and Elizabeth (Coleman), 5: 1m: 1789. PR38

John, ch. Samuel and Miriam, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after ch. b. 11: 4m: 1708]. CR4 [h. Keziah (d. Daniel Folger and Abigail), twin s. Samuel and Miriam (Gardner), 11: 4m: 1708 PR38]

John, s. John and Susanna (Clark), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, h. Mary Green of Newport, RI, h. Susan [dup. Sarah] (d. John Archibald of NY), s. Brown and Deborah (Coleman), ––– ––, –––– [dup. ––– ––, 1793, see Hannah]. PR38

John, h. Mary, s. Capt. Uriah and Mary (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, s. Moses and Nancy (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John Avery, h. Mary B. Gourgas [dup. Gourges], s. Ralph and Abigail (Chase), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John C., s. Thaddeus Jr. and Eliza (Cartwright), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, h. Deborah (d. Joseph Austin and Sarah), s. Tristram and Dionis (Stevens), 30: 10m: 1647 [see Haverhill Vital Records]. PR38

John, h. Hope (d. Richard Gardner and Sarah (Shattuck)), s. James and Mary (Severance), ––: 4m: 1672. PR38

John, s. John, Feb. 10, 1673.

John, s. Jethro, Apr. 12, 1694. [h. Lydia (d. Richard Gardner Jr. and Mary (Austin)), s. Jethro and Mary (Gardner), 12: 4m: PR38]

John, h. Anna (d. Elihu Coleman and Jemima), s. Tristram and Mary (Bunker), 28: 3m: 1727. PR38

John, ch. John, sheriff, and Lidia, bp. Sept. 7, 1735. CR1 [h. Mary (d. John Davis and Margaret), s. John and Lydia (Gardner), b. 14: 8m: 1727 PR38]

John, h. Isabella Childs, s. William and Ann (Holmes), 19: 8m: 1729. PR38

John, h. Elizabeth (d. George Gardner), s. Elias and Love (Coffin), 20: 4m: 1748 "O.S. " PR38

John, ch. John and Anna, 12: 4m: 1753. CR4 [h. Susanna (d. Reuben Clark and Mary), s. John and Anna (Coleman) PR38]

John, h. Hepsibeth (d. Paul Folger and Catharine), s. Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham), 9: 9m: 1761. PR38

John, h. Anna Martin, s. Peter and Lucretia, ––– ––, 1768. PR38

John, h. Harriet (d. Frederick Baylies), s. John and Mary Wass, 21: 1m: 1783. PR38

John Starbuck, ch. Laban and Abigail (Second w.), 6: 8m: 1793. CR4 [s. Laban and Abigail (Tobey or Talman) PR38]

John Gayer, h. Rebecca (d. Obed Joy and Anna), s. Samuel and Eunice (Folger), 11: 8m: 1795. PR38

John Foster, s. Isaac and Margret (Swain), Jan. 14, 1797. [h. Lydia (d. Benjamin Cartwright and Abigail), h. Eliza Hatch of NY, s. Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain) PR38]

John G., s. John and Susanna (Clark), 1: 3m: 1797. PR38

John Hussey, ch. Daniel and Huldah, 21: 9m: 1798. CR4 [s. Daniel and Huldah (Bunker) PR38]

John C., h. Sarah (d. Paul Ray and Priscilla), s. George and Keziah (Comstock), 11: 1m: 1803. PR38

John Bridger, h. Phebe (d. Benjamin Gardner Esq. and Judith), s. Christopher and Nancy W. Bridger, 31: 10m: 1808. PR38

John, s. Francis and Ruth (Upham), ––: 2m: 1814. PR38

John P., h. Polly Ann Green, s. Thomas and Sarah, 21: 4m: 1816. PR38

John F., h. Martha (d. Samuel Meader), s. George and Sarah (Calder) (second w.), 15: 4m: 1823. PR38

John A., h. Martha McDonald of Providence, RI, s. Prince and Eliza (Austin), 22: 2m: 1825. PR38

John C., h. Josephine Wilson of Topsham, ME, s. Benjamin and Mary (McCleave), ––: 5m: 1831. PR38

John G., h. Mehitable Hook of NH, s. Reuben F. and Susan (Barnard), 10: 11m: 1831. PR38

John B., s. Valentine and Jemima, ––– ––, 1842. PR38

John P. Jr., h. Flora Hines of Glens Falls, s. John P. and Polly Ann Green, 21: 7m: 1843. PR38

John Linsey, s. Henry S., carpenter, and Phebe [Phebe H. (Cleaveland) PR38], Nov. 12, 1846.

John B. Jr., s. John B., merchant, and Phebe, Dec. 25, 1846. [s. John Bridger and Phebe (Gardner), ––– ––, 1847 PR38]

Jonathan, s. Jonathan and Priscilla (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jonathan, h. ––––– (d. John Woodbury), h. Priscilla (d. William Pinkham and Phebe), s. Abner and Patience (Russell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jonathan, s. Jonathan and Sally (Fosdick), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jonathan, s. Capt. Noah and Lydia (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Jonathan, s. James and Mary, 28: 6m: 1692. [h. Hepsibeth (Harker) of NC, s. James and Mary (Severance), 28: 8m: PR38]

Jonathan, s. Jonathan, 24: 3m: 1723. [ch. Hephzibah CR1; h. Priscilla (d. Maj. Josiah Coffin), s. Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker) PR38]

Jonathan, h. Eunice (d. Robert Barnard and Hepsibeth), s. Tristram and Mary (Bunker), 6: 4m: 1725. PR38

Jonathan, ch. Nathan and Lydia, Sept. 3, 1732. [h. Peggy (d. Robert Coffin), s. Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), 3: 9m: PR38]

Jonathan, ch. Robert and Susanna, Dec. 22, 1746. [ch. Robert and Susan CR1; h. Sarah (d. Benjamin Fosdick), s. Robert and Susanna (Coffin), ––: 12m: 1746 [dup. Jan. 22, 1747 "N.S. "] PR38]

Jonathan, h. Phebe (d. Richard Coffin Jr. and Mary), s. David and Mary Lumbert, 15: 4m: 1749. PR38

Jonathan, ch. Tristram and Elizabeth (second w.), 25: 6m: 1756. CR4 [h. Abigail (d. Benjamin Austin and Susanna), s. Tristram and Elizabeth (Starbuck) [dup. 25: 6m: 1757] PR38]

Jonathan and Abigail, 13: 8m: 1798. CR4 [Sarah, w. Capt. Benjamin Gardner (s. Gideon), d. Jonathan and Abigail (Austin) PR38]

Joseph, s. Peter and Hope (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph, painter, h. Elizabeth (d. Thomas Jillings), h. Betsey (d. Samuel Palmer), s. Joseph and Abigail (Pilsbury) of Newbury, ––– ––, –––– [see Newbury Vital Records]. PR38

Joseph, s. Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph, ch. Peter and Priscilla, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [s. Peter and Miriam (Perry) (second w.) PR38]

Joseph, h. Bebe Mackey, s. Elisha and Eunice (Myrick), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph, h. Hannah (d. John Billinger and Catherine), s. Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph, s. Alexander J. and Lydia (Stratton), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph, s. Capt. Oliver C. and Henrietta Boult, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph W., s. John Foster and Lydia (Cartwright), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph Warren, s. Ralph and Abigail (Chase), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph, s. James, Feb. 4, 1679. [h. Bethia (d. John Macy and Deborah), s. James and Mary (Severance), 4: 2m: 1680 PR38]

Joseph, s. Ebenezer, Nov. 10, 1719. [h. Judith (d. Elisha Coffin and Dinah), s. Ebenezar and Eleanor (Barnard), 19: 11m: PR38]

Joseph, ch. Zaccheus and Mary, 15: 12m: 1733. CR4 [h. Eunice (Paddack), s. Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham) PR38]

Joseph, s. Abner and Phebe, Mar. 23, 1738.

Joseph, ch. Benjamin and Jedidah, 25: 12m: 1738. CR4 [s. Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey) PR38]

Joseph, h. Lucy (d. Samuel Grew and Hepzibah), s. Latham and Elizabeth (Coleman), 31: 10m: 1798. PR38

Joseph Warren, s. Isaac and Margret [Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain) PR38]; Sept. 26, 1803.

Joseph C., h. Tryphena Crosby of Barnstable Co., s. Cromwell and Mary (Coffin), 9: 4m: 1823. PR38

Joseph, h. Winifred (d. Obed Bunker and Eliza), s. Job C. and Phebe (Grew), ––– ––, 1824. PR38

Joseph A., s. Alexander, cooper, and Mary, Feb. 10, 1845. [s. Alexander and Mary G. (Edwards), 12: 2m: PR38]

Josephine Rodman, d. Charles Griffin and Mary Ann Hughes (second w.), 14: 7m: 1840. PR38

Joshua, ch. Hephzibah, bp. Aug. 24, 1735. CR1 [h. Beulah (d. Peter Gardner and Elizabeth), s. Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), b. ––– ––, –––– PR38]

Joshua, s. Timothy and Priscilla (Cook), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joshua, s. James Jr., 16: 7m: 1701. [h. Priscilla (d. Peleg Bunker), s. James Jr. and Ruth (Gardner), 16: 9m: PR38]

Joshua, s. James and Priscilla, Oct. 10, 1737. [h. Catharine (d. Nathaniel Coffin and Mary), s. James and Priscilla (Rawson), 10: 12m: [dup. 10m: ] PR38]

Joshua, s. Jonathan and Priscilla, Aug. 7, 1745. [h. Hepsibeth (d. Jonathan Coffin and Eunice), s. Jonathan and Priscilla (Coffin), 7: 8m: PR38]

Joshua, twin ch. Elisha and Mary, 9: 8m: 1758. CR4 [rwin, s. Elishai and Mary (Gardner) PR38]

Joshua, Apr. 20, 1759. GR1 [h. Jeanette (d. Joshua Gardner and Elizabeth), s. Joshua and Beulah (Gardner) PR38]

Joshua, Capt., h. Delia (d. Lemuel Baker), s. Philip and Hannah (Wharton), 5: 3m: 1794. PR38 [twin s. Philip and Hannah, Mar. 11 PR64]

Joshua B., s. Capt. Joshua and Delia (Baker), 22: 8m: 1828. PR38

Josia, s. Jethro, July 28, 1698. [Maj. Josiah, h. Elizabeth (d. James Coffin Jr. and Ruth), s. Jethro and Mary (Gardner), 28: 7m: ]

Josiah, ch. Capt. Josiah and Elizabeth, Aug. 17, 1728. [Josiah Esq., h. Judith (Coffin), h. Priscilla (Woodbury) Gardner, h. Elizabeth (Caleff) Brock, s. Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), 17: 8m: PR38; Josiah Esq., h. Judith, Aug. 7 PR56]

Josiah, h. Eunice (d. Uriah Gardner), s. Josiah Jr. and Judith (Coffin), 29: 12m: 1751. PR38 [Josiah Jr., s. Josiah Esq. and Judith, Dec. 29 PR56]

Josiah, ch. James and Janet, May 4, 1784. [s. James and Jennet CR3; s. James and Jeanette (Coffin) PR38]

Josiah P., h. Mary (d. Roland Gelston and Love), s. James Josiah and Susanna (Pinkham), 16: 7m: 1793. PR38

Judith, w. Peter Folger 2d (s. Eleazar and Sarah), w. Nathaniel Barnard Jr., w. Stephen Willcox, d. Stephen and Mary (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Judith, d. Peter and Abigail (Starbuck), Apr. 4, 1672 [? in NH]. PR38

Judith, d. John, 8: 5m: 1700. [second, w. Ebenezar Gardner (s. Nathaniel and Abigail), d. John and Hope (Gardner) PR38]

Judith, ch. Richard and Ruth, 2: 7m: 1719. CR4 [w. Francis Macy (s. Thomas and Deborah), d. Richard and Ruth (Bunker) PR38]

Judith, w. Joseph Coffin (s. Ebenezer and Eleanor), d. Elisha and Dinah (Bunker), 23: 3m: 1722. PR38

Judith, d. Francis dec'd and Theodata, Aug. 13, 1732. [w. Nathaniel Hussey (s. Silvanus and Hepsibeth), d. Francis and Theodate (Gorham), 13: 8m: PR38]

Judith, ch. Bartlet and Judith, Mar. 4, 1733. [w. Josiah Coffin Jr., d. Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), 4: 3m: PR38; w. Josiah Coffin Esq. PR56]

Judith, d. Daniel and Elizabeth, Sept. 8, 1739. [second, w. George Lawrence, d. Daniel and Elizabeth (Stretton), 8: 9m: PR38; w. George Lawrence, 8: 9m: 1740 PR41]

Judith, ch. Peleg and Hephzibah, Feb. 17, 1744. [w. Charles West, d. Peleg and Hepsibeth (Coffin) PR38]

Judith, ch. Elisha and Mary, 9: 10m: 1751. CR4 [w. Andrew Arthur (s. Thomas and Mary), d. Elishai and Mary (Gardner) PR38]

Judith, w. Thomas Brock (s. John and Ann), d. Josiah, 22: 8m: 1753. PR38 [d. Josiah Esq. and Judith, Aug. 20 PR56]

Judith, ch. Shubael and Mary (second w.), 27: 8m: 1767. CR4 [w. Timothy Bunker, d. Shubael and Mary (Swain) (second w.) PR38]

Judith, w. Oliver Gelston (s. Samuel), d. Alexander and Eunice (Bunker), 26: 7m: 1770. PR38

Judith, ch. Paul and Susanna, 6: 6m: 1775. CR4 [w. Adam Gould, d. Paul and Susanna (Bunker) PR38]

Judith, w. Benjamin Gardner (s. Peleg), d. Josiah and Eunice (Gardner), 22: 1m: 1778. PR38

Judith, ch. Benjamin and Judith, 1: 8m: 1784. CR4 [[dup. second], w. Ariel Coffin (s. Samuel and Eunice), d. Benjamin and Judith (Macy), 8: 1m: PR38]

Judith, w. Charles Folger (s. Charles and Lydia), d. Robert and Lydia (Coleman), 18: 9m: 1784. PR38

Judith, w. John Barrett (s. Nathaniel and Margaret), d. Elihu and Eunice (Folger), 23: 2m: 1785 [dup. 1784]. PR38

Judith, ch. Ebenezer and Mary, 6: 11m: 1786. CR4 [w. Valentine Coffin (s. Obed and Phebe), w. Charles Folger (s. Charles and Lydia), d. Ebenezar and Mary (Cartwright) PR38]

Judith, w. George Warren Nye (s. Maltiah), d. Cromwell and Mary (Coffin), 18: 5m: 1803. PR38

Julius Vestal, h. Sally Jones, s. Emory and Elmina Foster, ––– ––, 1846 [? in NC]. PR38

Katharine, see Catharine and Catherine.

Katharine, w. Bethuel Gardner (s. Joseph and Ruth), d. Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), 15: 6m: 1715. PR38

Katharine, ch. Robert and Susanna, Nov. 11, 1733. [Catharine, w. Paul Folger (s. Nathaniel), d. Robert and Susanna (Coffin), 11: 11m: PR38]

Katharine, ch. Nathaniel and Mary, 30: 7m: 1737. CR4 [Catharine, w. Joshua Coffin (s. James), d. Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield) PR38; Kathern, July 30 PR53]

Keziah, w. David Joy (s. David), d. Abner and Elizabeth (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Keziah P., d. Timothy and Deborah (Pease) [? (Pierce)], ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Kezia, ch. John, sheriff, and Lidia, bp. Sept. 7, 1735. CR1 [Keziah, w. John Gardner (s. Peleg and Hepsabeth), d. John and Lydia Gardner, b. Oct. 16, 1721 PR56]

Kezia [w. –––––] Fanning, d. John and Kezia, Jan. 5, 1759. CR3 [5: 1m: 1760 CR4; w. Phineas Fanning (s. Col. Phineas of LI), d. John and Kezia (Folger), 5: 1m: 1759 PR38]

Keziah J., d. John Gayer and Rebecca (Joy), 16: 3m: 1825. PR38

Kezia C., d. John C. and Sarah (Ray), 29: 11m: 1843. PR38

Kimbal, Ebenezar and Eleanor (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Kimbal, s. Joshua and Beulah (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Kimbal, ch. Elisha and Eunice, July 12, 1768. [h. Elizabeth McEwen, s. Elisha and Eunice (Myrick) PR38]

Kimbal, ch. Ebenezer and Mary, 8: 8m: 1769. CR4 [s. Ebenezar and Mary (Cartwright) PR38]

Kimbal, h. Amy ([w. John Brown 3d], w. Jeremiah Pauls, d. John Perkins), h. Abigail (w. Richard Gay, formerly, w. Joseph C. Hubbard, d. Obed Foy and Hannah), s. Latham and Elizabeth (Coleman), 23: 6m: 1795. PR38

Laban, ch. Charles and Catharine, ––– ––, ––––. CR4

Laban, ch. Hezekiah and Lydia, 16: 10m: 1764. [h. Jemima (wid. Jonathan Folger, d. John Folger [see mar. of Jemima]), s. Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger) PR38]

Laban, ch. Richard and Mary, 15: 11m: 1764. CR4 [h. Phebe (d. Charles Bunker and Mary), h. Abigail (d. Dr. Tobey or Talman of New Bedford), s. Richard and Mary (Starbuck) PR38]

Laban, ch. Jonathan and Phebe, 16: 9m: 1772. CR4 PR4 [s. Jonathan and Phebe (Coffin) PR38]

Laban, s. Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), 13: 3m: 1802. PR38

Laban, h. Sarah B. (d. Lemuel Lyon of Roxbury), s. Philander and Mary (Ceely), 17: 4m: 1825. PR38

Lathum, s. Benjamin and Rebekah (Coffin), July 6, 1751. PR16 [Latham, s. Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), 6: 1m: PR38]

Latham, ch. Elisha and Eunice, Oct. 7, 1761. [h. Elizabeth (d. Enoch Coleman and Mary), h. Elizabeth (Shadwell) (Russell) (Swain) Barney, h. Anna (wid. James Mitchell), s. Elisha and Eunice (Myrick), 2: 10m: PR38]

Latham, ch. Paul and Susanna, 14: 2m: 1771. CR4 [s. Paul and Susanna (Bunker), 14: 2m: 1770 PR38]

Lettice, ch. Nathaniel and Mary, 18: 11m: 1760. CR4 [first w. Reuben Ray (s. Alexander and Elizabeth), d. Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield) PR38]

Laura, w. ––––– Pickrell (s. Jessie), d. Abraham and Lydia (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Laura, w. August Bump, d. George W. and Ellen M. Howland ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lavinia, d. Isaac and Margaret, Feb. 28, 1802. [Lavina, w. Obed Barney (s. Jonathan and Abiel) PR38]

Lebbeus, ch. Hezekiah and Lydia, 22: 1m: 1762. [Libbeus CR4; Lebbeus, s. Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger) PR38]

Lemuel, see Lamuell.

Lamuell, s. Peter, Feb. 26, 1689. [Samuel, s. Peter and Elizabeth (Starbuck), 26: 4m: PR38]

Levi Jr., h. Catherine (d. Stanton White), s. Levi and Prudence, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Levi, h. Prudence Williams of NC, s. William and Priscilla (Paddack), 10: 10m: 1763. PR38

Levi, ch. Hezekiah and Abigail, 27: 7m: 1773. CR4 [s. Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman) PR38]

Levi S., s. Henry, merchant, and Eliza, June 3, 1844. [h. Anna C. (Swain), s. Henry and Eliza (Starbuck) PR38]

Libbeus, see Lebbeus.

Libni, ch. Samuel and Miriam, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [ch. Samuel and Miriam (Gardner) PR38]

Libni Jr., h. Elizabeth (d. Matthew Macy and Abigail), s. Libni and Hepzibah (Starbuck), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Libni, ch. William and Priscilla, Oct. 7, 1745. [h. Hepzibah (d. Joseph Starbuck and Ruth), s. William and Priscilla (Paddack) PR38]

Lindsey, h. Abigail Phinney, s. Philip and Hannah (Wharton), 5: 9m: 1785. PR38

Lois, d. Abishai and Sarah (Long), ––– ––, 1771. PR38

Lewis, h. Augusta Newton, s. Thomas and Sarah, 28: 12m: 1823. PR38

Louisa, w. ––––– Young, d. Charles and Catherine Hardwick, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Louisa W., d. Christopher F. and Alice Gibson, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Louisa F., w. Isaac Parker Jr., d. Valentine and Sarah (Nye), ––– ––, 1823 [see mar.] PR38

Louisa W., w. James M. Bede (s. John and Patience), d. Alexander H. and Eliza (Worth), ––– ––, 1843. PR38

Love, d. John, Apr. 23, 1676.

Love, d. Ebenezer, 17: 7m: 1705. [w. Elias Coffin (s. John Esq. and Hope), d. Ebenezar and Eleanor (Barnard), 17: 1m: PR38]

Love, ch. Elias and Love, Oct. 27, 1739. [first w. Jeremiah Prior, d. Elias and Love (Coffin), 27: 10m: PR38]

Love, w. William Allen, d. Daniel and Mary (Harlock) (first w.), ––– ––, 1758 [? in Edgartown]. PR38

Love, w. Alfred Alley (s. Reuben and Catharine), d. Robert and Love (Black), 19: 8m: 1789. PR38

Love [dup. w. ––––– Cogswell], d. Uriah and Sarah Butler, 16: 8m: 1794. PR38

Love, d. Solomon and Phebe (Clark) (Gardner) (second w.), 29: 8m: 1794. PR38

Lucinda, d. Zebdial and Lurania (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lucretia, ch. Zimri and Abigail, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Andrew B. and John Brooks (sons of William and Ruth), d. Zimri and Abigail (Paddack), 27: 2m: 1816 PR38]

Lucretia F., w. Samuel J. May (philanthropist), d. John and Anna Martin, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lucretia, ch. Reuben and Pernal, 27: 5m: 1781. CR4 [w. Shubael Barnard (s. Shubael and Ruth), d. Reuben of Halifax and Parnal (Gardner), 15: 7m: [dup. 27: 5m:] PR38]

Lucretia, ch. Thomas and Anna, 3: 1m: 1793. CR4 [w. James Mott of Philadelphia, d. Thomas and Anna (Folger) PR38]

Lucretia, w. Ichabod Champion of Cleveland OH, d. Amial and Mary (Coffin), 11: 6m: 1813. PR38

Lucy, w. Newton Holbrook, d. Hezekiah R. and Myra Barlow, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lucy, w. Robert Swain (s. Francis), w. Paul West (s. Charles), d. William and Deborah (Pinkham), 23: 2m: 1785. PR38

Lucy P., w. William Drew (s. Gershom and Mary), second w. Frederick Swain (s. Grafton), d. James Josiah and Susanna (Pinkham), 6: 9m: 1785. PR38

Lucy W., d. Alexander and Eliza (Burdett) (second w.), ––: 9m: 1834. PR38

Lucy S., w. Maj. Leslie of Leadville, d. William Jr. and Elizabeth C. (Hussey), ––: 5m: 1838. PR38

Lucy A., d. George P., laborer, and Azubah, Oct. 7, 1847. [Lucy Ann, w. Albert S. Baker of Harwich, d. George P., "a Portuguese," and Azuba G. (Gould) PR38]

Lurana, ch. Benjamin and Rebekah, Sept. 1, 1746. [ch. Benjamin and Rebekah (Coffin) PR16; Lurania, w. Zebdial Coffin (s. Peleg and Hepsibeth), w. William Ellis [q.v.], d. Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), 12: 9m: PR38]

Lydia, see Lidia.

Lydia, see Lidia.

Lydia, ch. Tristram and Jemima, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Richard Russell (s. Benjamin), d. Tristram and Jemima (Barnard), 24: 12m: 1749 PR38]

Lydia, w. Jonathan Downs (s. Nathaniel and Deborah), d. Enoch and Love (Gardner), ––– ––, –––– [? twin of Elizabeth, 19: 2m: 1752]. PR38

Lydia, w. John Hurley, d. Eliza and Abigail (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lydia, w. ––––– Davis, d. Samuel and Mary (Carr), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lydia, ch. Sheffield and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Henry Clark, d. Sheffield and Elizabeth (Barnard) PR38]

Lydia, w. George Gardner (s. Stephen and Abigail), d. Aaron and Mary (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lydia, w. Henry Perkins, d. Uriah and Mary, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lydia A., see Lydia.

Lydia B., see Lydia.

Lydia B., d. Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lydia B., d. Alexander and Eliza (Burdett) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lydia C., ch. William Barnard and Deborah, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after ch. b. 9: 8m: 1822]. CR4 [w. Christopher Coffin Hussey, Jan. 1, 1825 GR3; w. Christopher C. Hussey (s. Albert and Elizabeth), d. William Barnard and Deborah (Swain), ––– ––, 1825 [dup. ––– ––, 1824] PR38]

Lydia G., d. Alexander Drew and Judith M. (Baker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lidia, d. John, June 1, 1669. [Lydia, w. Robert Logan, w. John Draper of Boston, w. Thomas Thaxter of Hingham, d. John and Deborah (Austin), 1: 6m: PR38]

Lydia, d. Nathaniell, May 16, 1697. [w. Joseph Chase (s. Lt. Isaac), d. Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), 16: 5m: PR38]

Lidia, d. Peter (s. John), Nov. 23, 1697. [Lydia, w. Samuel Long (s. Robert and Sarah), d. Peter and Christian (Conde), 23: 11m: 1697 PR38]

Lydia, ch. Richard and Ruth, 22: 7m: 1735. CR4 [w. James Anthony (s. James of NC), d. Richard and Ruth (Bunker) PR38]

Lidia, ch. John, sheriff, and Lidia, bp. Sept. 7, 1735. CR1 [Lydia, w. Benjamin Fosdick Sr. (s. Jonathan and Sarah), d. John and Lydia (Gardner), b. 7: 12m: 1728 PR38]

Lydia, w. Thomas Tileston (schoolmaster), d. Charles and Mary Barrett, 26: 8m: 1736. PR38

Lydia, ch. Nathan and Lydia [(Bunker) PR38], Mar. 20, 1739.

Lydia, w. Samuel Frink, d. Daniel and Mary (Harlock) (first w.), ––– ––, 1746. PR38

Lydia, ch. Hezekiah and Lydia, 4: 11m: 1753. CR4 [d. Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger) PR38]

Lydia, w. Tristram Pinkham (s. Solomon), d. Peter and Susanna (Bunker), 17: 7m: 1754. PR38

Lydia, ch. Hezekiah and Lydia, 7: 7m: 1755. CR4

Lydia, w. Jedediah Fitch (s. Beriah), third w. Paul Gardner (s. Paul), d. Richard and Abigail (Gardner), 9: 11m: 1766. PR38

Lydia, ch. Richard and Mary, 21: 10m: 1767. CR4 [w. Daniel Barney (s. Benjamin and Jemima), d. Richard and Mary (Starbuck), 21: 10m: 1766 PR38]

Lydia, w. Andrew Calder (s. Samuel), d. Elijah and Abigail (Folger), 18: 8m: 1771. PR38

Lydia, ch. Paul and Susanna, 18: 5m: 1773. CR4 [d. Paul and Susanna (Bunker) PR38]

Lydia, ch. William and Lydia (second w.), 30: 6m: 1774. CR4 [w. Alexander Mooers (s. Alexander), w. Aaron Folger (s. Daniel and Judith), d. William and Lydia (Gardner) (second w.) PR38]

Lydia, ch. Paul and Ruth, 3: 9m: 1774. CR4 [w. Samuel Dow (s. Henry), d. Paul and Ruth (Pinkham) PR38]

Lydia, ch. Jonathan and Phebe, 10: 9m: 1775. CR4 PR4 [w. John Green (s. Thomas and Mercy), d. Jonathan and Phebe (Coffin) PR38]

Lydia, ch. William and Lydia "of the vinyard," 24: 3m: 1778. CR4 [d. William and Lydia (Coleman) PR38]

Lydia, w. George W. Gardner (s. Solomon Jr.), d. Jethro and Eunice (Pinkham), 25: 7m: 1779. PR38

Lydia, ch. Nathaniel and Priscilla (second w.), 7: 4m: 1780. CR4 [w. Obed Macy (s. Shubael and Eunice (Gardner)), d. Nathaniel and Priscilla (Gardner) (second w.) PR38]

Lydia, w. William Mooers (s. William and Hepsabeth), d. Miriam (d. Tristram and Jemima), 18: 10m: 1781. PR38

Lydia, ch. Henry and Lydia, bp. July 7, 1782. CR3

Lydia, w. Telemechus Bartlett (s. Dr. John and Lucretia Stewart), d. Seth and Lydia (Myrick), 9: 10m: 1782. PR38

Lydia, ch. Reuben and Pernal, 15: 7m: 1787. CR4 [w. Reuben Swain (s. John and Mary), d. Reuben and Parnal (Gardner) PR38]

Lydia (Coffin) [w. Charles C.] Morris, Nov. 5, 1792. PR33 [Coffin, w. Charles C. Morris (s. John), d. Robert and Lydia (Coleman), 3: 11m: PR38]

Lydia, ch. Zenas and Abial, 16: 2m: 1793. CR4 [w. Matthew Crosby (s. Sylvanus and Huldah), d. Zenas and Abial (Gardner) PR38]

Lydia, w. David Chadwick Jr. (s. David), d. William Esq. and Sarah [dup. Sally] (Gardner), 31: 5m: 1793 [dup. 31: 8m: 1795]. PR38

Lydia, d. Isaac and Margret (Swain), Dec. 1, 1794. [w. Frederick Brown Coleman (s. Barnabas Jr.), d. Hon. Isaac and Margret (Swain) PR38]

Lydia, w. Edward B. Wyman of Charleston, SC, d. Alexander Jr. and Lydia (Hussey), ––– ––, 1796. PR38

Lydia, ch. Bartlet and Elizabeth, 25: 10m: 1796. CR4 [d. Bartlett and Elizabeth (Bunker) PR38]

Lydia, d. Albert and Polly (Fay) (second w.), ––– ––, 1798. PR38

Lydia, ch. Laban and Abigail (second w.), 24: 1m: 1801. CR4 [Lydia B., w. Charles A. Clark (s. Thaddeus), d. Laban and Abigail (Tobey or Talman) (second w.) PR38]

Lydia, w. William Wyer (s. Owen and Mary), d. Owen and Jedidah (Hall), 27: 3m: 1801. PR38

Lydia, ch. Daniel and Huldah, 9: 4m: 1801. CR4

Lydia, ch. Thomas and Anna, 14: 3m: 1804. CR4 [d. Thomas and Anna (Folger) PR38]

Lydia, w. Nathaniel B. [dup. F.] Coffin (s. Absalom and Mary), d. Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), 5: 6m: 1805. PR38

Lydia, ch. Charles and Miriam, 7: 11m: 1805. CR4 [w. Benjamin Fuller of West Port [dup. of NH], d. Charles and Miriam (Chase) (Parker) PR38]

Lydia G. Coffin, w. Charles P. Swain, Mar. 4, 1807. GR2 [Coffin, w. Charles P. Swain (s. Uriah and Elizabeth), d. Shubael and Priscilla (Bunker) (second w.) PR38]

Lydia, d. David and Phebe (Barnard), 6: 10m: 1807. PR38

Lydia L., w. ––––– Browne of Anderson, Co., SC, d. Abraham and Lydia (Bunker), 11: 10m: 1808. PR38

Lydia D., w. Benjamin F. [dup. Franklin, omits Benjamin] Riddell (s. Henry), d. Job and Mary (Drew) (Chadwick), 19: 6m: 1809. PR38

Lydia, ch. Thadeus [dup. Thaddeus] and Jemima, 17: 6m: 1810. CR4 [Lydia G., w. Tristram Pinkham (s. Hezekiah), d. Thaddeus and Jemima (Folger) PR38]

Lydia, w. Christopher Capen of Dorchester, d. Christopher and Nancy W. Bridger, 5: 2m: 1812. PR38

Lydia, d. Paul and Priscilla (Johnston) (Gardner), ––: 4m: 1812. PR38

Lydia, w. William Brock (s. Peter), second w. John C. Macy (s. Alexander and Polly), d. Jethro and Sophia Whitefield, 28: 8m: 1812. PR38

Lydia M., w. Alfred M. Coffin (s. William and Valina), d. Gideon and Elizabeth (Mooers), 12: 10m: 1812. PR38

Lydia, w. William B. Gardner (s. Samuel), d. George and Nancy (Stubbs), 20: 10m: 1813. PR38

Lydia M., w. Charles H. Clark (s. Lemuel of [Martha's] Vineyard and Jerusha), d. Alexander and Lydia (Myrick), 15: [dup. 14:] 5m: 1814. PR38

Lydia, d. Holmes and Lydia (Russell), 30: 4m: 1815. PR38

Lydia, ch. Elihu and Sarah, 3: 10m: 1815. CR4 [w. Valentine O. Holmes (s. Bartlett and Abigail of Barnstable), d. Elihu and Sarah (Austin) PR38; Lydia A. PR53]

Lydia M., w. Joseph Allen (s. Joseph), w. Burgess P. Allen, d. Eliakim and Mary (Barnard), 5: 2m: 1817. PR38

Lydia, d. William and Phebe (Congdon), ––– ––, 1818. PR38

Lydia M., w. James S. Mitchell (s. Thomas) [? w. Thomas S. Mitchell], d. Gorham and Rebecca (Mitchell), 4: 3m: 1818. PR38

Lydia F., w. Andrew M. Macy (s. John and Eliza), d. Peter F. and Margaret (Coffin), 6: 5m: 1820 [dup. 1821]. PR38

Lydia, w. Clarkson T. Collins, M.D., of NY (s. Job S.), d. Charles G. and Eliza (McArthur), 11: 11m: 1824. PR38

Lydia F. Coffin, w. Reuben Long, Apr. 13, 1827. GR3 [Coffin, w. Reuben Long (s. Reuben and Avis), d. Prince and Eliza (Austin), 13: 4m: 1825 PR38]

Lydia G. [Coffin, w. –––––] Wilber, ––– ––, 1829. GR3 [Coffin, w. George S. Wilber (s. Francis Sanford), d. Asa and Hannah (Gardner), 4: 7m: PR38]

Lydia, w. Richard Everett (s. Charles of Boston), d. Henry and Eliza (Starbuck) 8: 12m: 183–. PR38

Lydia M., w. Peter C. Brooks (s. William and Emeline), w. James S. Coffin (s. Stephen P.), d. Capt. Seth Jr. and Lydia (Coleman), 5: 1m: [dup. 6m:] 1832. PR38

Lydia R., w. Thomas R. Fisher (brother of Alvan), d. John C. and Sarah (Ray), ––– ––, 1834. PR38

Lydia W., w. John Round of RI, d. Edward H. and Lydia (Law), ––– ––, 1834. PR38

Lydia B., w. William S. Russell (s. Daniel and Eliza), d. William R. and Ruth (Coffin) (second w.), 27: 2m: 1838. PR38

Lydia B., w. John Cressey of Beverley, d. George W. and Emeline (Barnard) (Cartwright), ––– ––, 1840. PR38

Lydia R., w. ––––– Busby of New York, d. George Drew and Mary F. (Joy), 21: 3m: 1840. PR38

Lydia G., d. Alexander and Mary G. (Edwards), 29: 5m: 1843. PR38

Lydia T., d. Gardner, merchant, and Phebe Ann, Apr. 4, 1844. [Lydia Tice Coffin, w. William C. Russell PR38]

Lydia C., d. Benjamin F., merchant, and Mary, Mar. 28, 1846.

Lysander W., h. Elise Fleurot, s. William and Valina, 5: 12m: 1820. PR38

Magdalen, d. Hezekiah R. and Myra Barlow, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Magdalen, d. Owen Tristram and Harriet Barlow (second w.), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Margaret, w. John Davis, w. Daniel Bunker (s. George and Deborah), d. Peter and Hope (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Margaret, see Peggy.

Margaret, d. Joshua and Beulah (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Margaret N., d. Charles Drew and Charlotte (Drew), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Peggy, see Margaret.

Margaret, d. Jethro, June 10, 1689. [w. Rev. John Wilson, w. Rev. Samuel Terry of Barrington [? accuracy], d. Jethro and Mary (Gardner), 10: 6m: PR38]

Margaret, ch. Capt. Josiah and Elisabeth, July 9, 1721. [w. John Whitney, M.D., of Boston, w. Shubael Gardner (s. Joseph and Ruth (Coffin)), d. Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), 9: 7m: PR38]

Margaret, ch. Richard and Ruth [(Bunker) PR38], 25: 6m: 1738. CR4

Margaret, ch. Robert and Susanna, Sept. 26, 1738. [Peggy, w. Jonathan Coffin (s. Nathan and Lydia), d. Robert and Susanna (Coffin), 26: 9m: PR38]

Margaret, ch. Barnabas and Abigail, 30: 1m: 1751. CR4 [d. Barnabas and Abigail (Folger) PR38]

Margaret Coffin, w. Jethro Hussey, Mar. 12, 1752. PR27 [Coffin, first w. Jethro Hussey (s. George and Elizabeth), d. James and Priscilla (Rawson) PR38]

Peggy [w. –––––] Arey, d. George and Abigail, Sept. 29, 1755. CR3 [Margaret, w. Jabez Arey [dup. Airey], d. George and Abigail (Bunker) PR38]

Margaret, w. Nicholas Codd (s. Thomas) [see death of Margaret], d. Elias and Abigail (Coffin), 23: 7m: 1765. PR38

Peggy, w. Richard Cary (s. Edward), d. Bartlett and Peggy (Pinkham) (Tupper), 21: 3m: 1771. PR38

Margaret, w. Peter F. Coffin (s. Henry and Lydia), d. Joshua and Jeanette (Gardner), 1: 4m: 1786. PR38

Margaret P., second w. William Hill, d. Shubael and Margaret (Pinkham), 2: 3m: 1801. PR38

Margaret P., d. Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), 22: 7m: 1818. PR38

Margaret, d. Peter and Peggy, Sept. 19, 1822. GR1

Margaret P., w. Charles H. Gammons of Nevada Ter., d. Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), 25: 3m: 1833. PR38

Margaret Ann, w. Dr. L. Brusie, d. Charles Griffin and Mary Ann Hughes (second w.), 9: 10m: 1835. PR38

Maria, w. David P. Craig of Freehold, NJ, d. Alexander Jr. and Lydia (Hussey), ––– ––, 1791. PR38

––––– [see Maria], d. Lydia, Nov. 29, 1791. PR64

Maria, d. Isaac and Margaret (Swain) [Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain) PR38], Feb. 16, 1793.

Maria, ch. Simeon Jr. and Polly, Feb. 19, 1796. [w. Alexander Russell (s. Charles), d. Simeon and Mary (Whippey) PR38]

Maria, d. Alexander Jr. and Mary G. (Edwards), 6: 9m: 1847. PR38

Maria R., d. Charles N., mariner, and Elizabeth Ann, July 20, 1848. [w. George W. Lewis of Wilmington, NC, d. Charles N. and Elizabeth Ann (Gardner) PR38]

Marietta, w. Charles O. Porter, d. William Henry and Elmina Howard, 9: 4m: 1845. PR38

Mark, ch. Shubael and Mary, 16: 10m: 1768. CR4 [h. Judith (d. Benjamin Hussey and Phebe), s. Shubael and Mary (Mitchell) PR38]

Mark, s. Christopher and Rebecca (Swain), 26: 8m: 1815. PR38

Marmaduke, h. Mary Nixon, s. Matthew and Hannah Mendenhall, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Martha S., see Martha G.

Martha W., see Emma B.

Martha W., w. Thomas Edwards of Providence, d. William Gayer and Phebe (Coffin) (Hills) (third w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Martha W., w. Samuel H. Jenks (s. Samuel and Mary), d. William and Deborah (Pinkham), 21: [dup 28:] 4m: 1801. PR38

Martha, w. Capt. Peter Pelham, w. David Wright of New York, d. Thomas and Anna (Folger), 26: 12m: 1806. PR38

Martha Weed, ch. Capt. Uriah and Eliza, bp. May 30, 1820. CR1 [w. Jesse M. Bowles of NY, d. Uriah and Elizabeth (Hiller), b. 6: 3m: PR38]

Martha, ch. William Barnard and Deborah, 9: 8m: 1822. CR4 [w. Silas B. Swain (s. Obed B.), d. William Barnard and Deborah (Swain) PR38]

Martha McDonald of Providence, RI, w. John A. (s. Prince and Eliza), ––: 2m: 1823. PR38

Martha W., w. Reuben B. Spencer (s. Tristram), d. Elijah Jr. and Eunice (Ramsdell), ––– ––, 1824. PR38

Martha E., second w. John Porter, w. Charles E. Gardner (s. Timothy), d. Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker), 22: 4m: 1834. PR38

Martha W., w. Levi Allen Jennings, d. Frederick W. and Mary (Waters), 3: 2m: 1835. PR38

Martha Ann, d. Stephen, cooper, and Eliza [Eliza S. Fisher PR38], June 18, 1844.

Martha Ann, d. Henry, cooper, and Phebe, July 14, 1846.

Martha G., d. Edward C., mariner, and Olive G., Dec. 3, 1846. [Martha D., d. Edward C. and Olive G. (Eldridge), ––: 1m: 1847 PR38]

Martha C., twin d. Henry 2d, mariner, and Phebe, Feb. 6, 1848. [twin d. Henry S. and Phebe F. (Barnard), 9: 6m: PR38]

Martin, h. Mary Sherwood, h. Harriet B. (d. William J. Clark), s. Thomas and Sarah, 15: 6m: 1818. PR38

Mary, ch. Hephzibah, bp. Sept. 29, 1728. CR1 [w. Christopher Hussey (s. Silvanus), d. Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), b. ––– ––, –––– PR38]

Mary, w. Brown Folger (s. Timothy), w. William Swain (s. John and Lydia), d. Henry and Mary (Woodbury), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, w. John Magro, d. Gayer and Rebecca Parker, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, d. Barnabas and Abigail (Folger), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, d. Joshua and Hepsibeth (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, d. Joshua and Catherine (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, w. Peter Duffey, d. Elias and Abigail (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, w. Amaziah Washburn, d. Ephraim and Sarah, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, ch. Sheffield and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Jared Macy (s. Reuben and Ruth), d. Sheffield and Elizabeth (Barnard), 5: 8m: 1785 PR38]

Mary, see Polly.

Mary, d. Samuel and Eunice (Folger), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, ch. Stephen and Eunice, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Isaiah Coffin (s. Zephaniah Jr. and Hepsabeth), d. Stephen and Eunice (Coffin) PR38]

Mary, w. Nathaniel Sands, d. Uriah and Mary, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, w. Gideon Stevens, d. Samuel and Mary (Macy) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, w. William Barnard (s. Asa and Hannah), d. Aaron and Mary (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, ch. Zimri and Abigail, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [d. Zimri and Abigail (Paddack), 14: 10m: 1806 PR38]

Mary, w. Alexander J. Coffin (s. Eliab and Mary), d. Salmon and Anna (Mitchell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, first w. Oscar Dorning (brother of William), d. George B. and Abigail (Allen), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, d. Kimbal and Amey (Perkins) (Pauls), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, d. Charles and Hannah Lyon, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Mary Ann, w. Christopher Whaley, M.D., d. Ralph and Abigail (Chase), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary Ann, second w. Nathan Davis, d. Benjamin and Hannah (Stanton), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary Ann, d. Charles F. and Mary (Fulson), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary Anna, d. Valentine and Sarah (Nye), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary B., see Mary.

Mary B., d. Jethro and Lydia (Cottle), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary C., d. Cromwell and Mary (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary C., d. Hezediah, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary C., w. James B. Thompson (teacher), d. Capt. William Henry and Lurania (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary Eliza, d. Charles Gorham and Theodosia Van Orden, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary Emma, d. Henry S. and Harriet King, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Mary F., see Mary.

Mary F., w. John F. Stanisbury of Ohio, d. Moses and Judith (Smith), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary J., d. Eliab and Mary (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary Jane, w. Charles F. Coffin (s. Charles M. and Judith), d. Frederick and Sarah (Comstock), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary Jane, d. Peter and Charlotte (Mooers), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary Jane, d. Amial and Mary (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary Jane, d. Shubael and Lucretia Struse, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Polly, see Mary.

Mary, w. Nathaniel Starbuck (s. Edward and Catharine), d. Tristram and Dionis (Stevens), 20: 2m: 1645 [see Haverhill Vital Records]. PR38

Mary, w. Richard Pinkham 1st of Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, Eng., fourth w. James Gardner (s. Richard and Sarah (Shattuck)), d. James and Mary (Severance), 18: 4m: 1665. PR38

Mary, d. Stephen Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], 31: 3m: 1705. [d. Stephen and Experience (Look), 31: 5m: PR38]

Mary, d. James Jr., 29: 5m: 1710. [w. John Bunker (s. George and Deborah), d. James Jr. and Ruth (Gardner), 29: 7m: PR38]

Mary, w. Isaac Chase of M[artha's] Vineyard, d. Joseph and Bethia (Macy), 9: 2m: 1720. PR38

Mary, ch. Samuel and Miriam, ––– ––, 1724. CR4 [w. William Barnard (s. Ebenezar), d. Samuel and Miriam (Gardner) PR38]

Mary, d. Paul and Mary, Dec. 28, 1724. [w. John Thurston of RI, d. Paul and Mary (Allen), 28: 12m: 1724 PR38]

Mary, twin ch. Capt. Josiah and Elizabeth, Nov. 4, 1725. [w. John Gardner 4th, sheriff, twin d. Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), 4: 11m: PR38]

Mary, d. Prince and Mercy, Feb. 28, 1729-30. [w. Tristram Folger (s. Jethro), d. Prince and Mary [dup. Mercy] (Skiff), 28: 2m: PR38]

Mary, w. Jonathan Barnard (s. Robert and Hepsibeth (Coffin)), d. Tristram and Mary (Bunker), 6: 10m: 1733 [6: 10m: 1738]. PR38

Mary, ch. Zepheniah and Abigail (second w.), 27: 6m: 1738. CR4 [w. Charles Bunker (s. Samuel), d. Zephaniah and Abigail (Coleman) (second w.), 27: 7m: [dup. 6m:] PR38]

Mary, ch. Robert and Susanna, Nov. 18, 1740. [w. Coggeshall Rathbone, d. Robert and Susanna (Coffin), 18: 11m: PR38]

Mary, d. Peter and Deborah, June 23, 1741. [first w. George Lawrence of Alexandria, VA PR38]

Mary, ch. Hezekiah and Lydia, 28: 9m: 1743. [w. John Cox, d. Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger) PR38]

Mary, w. Thomas Brock Jr. (s. Thomas and Patience), w. Benjamin Fosdick Jr., d. Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin), ––– ––, 1746. PR38

Mary, ch. John and Lydia, bp. Aug. 13, 1747. CR1

Mary, w. Jonathan Ferguson, d. Daniel and Mary (Harlock) (first w.), ––– ––, 1750 [? in Edgartown]. PR38

Mary, d. Jonathan and Eunice, Aug. 17, 1750. [first w. Paul Starbuck, d. Jonathan and Eunice (Barnard), 17: 8m: PR38]

Mary Wass, w. John (s. John and Hepsabeth), ––– ––, 1752. PR38

Mary, w. Zephaniah Pinkham Jr. (s. Zephaniah and Sarah), w. Charles Pinkham (s. Benjamin and Hepsabeth), d. James and Jemima (Swain), 9: 3m: 1753. PR38

Mary, ch. Zaccheus and Mary, 14: 4m: 1754. CR4 [w. William Abrahms (s. William Jr. and Elizabeth), d. Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham) PR38]

Mary, w. William Johnson, d. Timothy and Priscilla (Cook), 15: 2m: 1768. PR38

Mary, ch. William and Lydia "of the vinyard," 3: 1m: 1770. CR4 [d. William and Lydia (Coleman) PR38]

Mary, ch. Seth and Susanna, 22: 9m: 1770. CR4 [w. Judah Starbuck (s. Thomas and Dinah), w. Kimbal Starbuck (s. William and Mary), d. Seth and Susanna (Barnard) PR38]

Mary, w. Benjamin Kidder (s. Stephen), d. Peter and Judith (Pinkham) (Gardner), ––: 1m: 1771. PR38

Polly, w. Jonathan W. Colesworthy Jr. (s. Jonathan and Hepsabeth), d. Obed and Phebe (Gardner), 19: 9m: 1774. PR38

Mary, ch. Peleg and Eunice, 11: 8m: 1779. CR4 [w. Dr. Peter Easton of RI, d. Peleg and Eunice (Barker), 14: 8m: PR38]

Polly Coffin, w. Joseph Chase Jr., Nov. 24, 1779. GR3 [Coffin, w. Joseph Chase (s. Joseph), d. Bartlett and Peggy (Pinkham) (Tupper) PR38]

Mary, ch. Isaiah and Sarah, 23: 12m: 1780. CR4 [d. Isaiah and Sarah (Folger) PR38]

Mary, ch. Ebenezer and Mary, 19: 3m: 1781. CR4 [w. Cromwell Coffin (s. Obed), d. Ebenezar and Mary (Cartwright), 19: 6m: 1784. PR38]

Mary, ch. Jonathan and Abigail, 12: 5m: 1782. CR4 ["Grandmother," May 8 GR5; w. Robert Coffin (s. Nathaniel), d. Jonathan and Abigail (Austin), 8: 5m: PR38]

Mary, w. Amial Coffin (s. John and Susan), d. Elijah and Ruth (Coffin), 15: 7m: 1782. PR38

Polly, ch. Joseph and Betsey, bp. Mar. 26, 1786. CR3 [b. Mar. 16. PR10; [dup. Mary] w. Theodore Fish, d. Joseph and Elizabeth [dup. Betsey (Palmer) (second w.)], b. 16: 3m: PR38]

Mary, w. William Nash, d. John and Mary Wass, 13: 7m: 1786. PR38

Mary, w. Samuel Luffborough, d. Philip and Hannah (Wharton), 25: 6m: 1787. PR38

Polly, w. Alexander Macy (s. Peter and Sarah (Folger)), d. John and Hepzibah, 30: 7m: 1789. PR38

Mary, ch. Mark and Judith, 10: 11m: 1792. CR4 [school teacher, d. Mark and Judith (Hussey) PR38]

Mary, w. Samuel Gelston (s. Dr. Rowland and Love), d. Thaddeus and Ann (Parker), 24: 7m: 1793. PR38

Mary, w. Stephen T. Mace of Baltimore, d. John and Elizabeth (Gardner), 22: 2m: 1794. PR38

Mary, ch. Daniel and Huldah, 26: 12m: 1794. CR4

Mary, ch. Thomas and Anna, 20: 11m: 1796. CR4 [d. Thomas and Anna (Folger) PR38]

Mary, ch. Daniel and Huldah, 12: 12m: 1796. CR4 [school teacher, d. Daniel and Huldah (Bunker) PR38]

Mary Green, w. John (s. Brown and Deborah), ––– ––, 1797. PR38

Mary, first w. Ruel Rawson (s. Wilson and Ursula), d. Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), 12: 2m: 1797. PR38

Mary, ch. Laban and Abigail (second w.), 15: 2m: 1797. CR4 [w. Robert Ingraham of New Bedford, d. Laban and Abigail (Tobey or Talman) (second w.) PR38]

Mary, d. Isaac and Margret (Swain), Aug. 26, 1798. [Mary F., d. Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain) PR38]

Mary, ch. Zenas and Abial, 15: 2m: 1799. CR4 [first w. Henry Swift of Boston (s. Henry), d. Zenas and Abial (Gardner) PR38]

Mary, ch. Gilbert and Phebe, 3: 4m: 1799. CR4 [Mary B., w. Thomas M. Macy (s. Francis Jr. and Hannah), d. Gilbert and Phebe (Barnard), 3: 5m: PR38]

Mary J., d. Gardner and Mary, May 20, 1799. [w. James C. Swain (s. Samuel), d. Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin) PR38]

Mary, w. Silvanus Covil (s. Silvanus of NH), d. Alpheus and Love (Pitts), ––– ––, 1800. PR38

Mary Coleman, ch. David 2d and Sarah, 2: 9m: 1799. CR4 [w. Paul J. Barney (s. Peter and Sarah), d. David and Sarah (Coleman), ––– ––, 1800 PR38]

Mary, ch. Thomas and Anna, 20: 3m: 1800. CR4 [w. Solomon Underhill of Philadelphia, d. Thomas and Anna (Folger) PR38]

Mary B. Coffin, w. David Thain, Sept. 2, 1803. GR2 [Coffin, w. Robert Macy (s. Jonathan Jr.), second w. David Thain, d. Shubael and Priscilla (Bunker) (second w.) PR38]

Mary Ann, d. Latham and Elizabeth (Coleman), 28: 8m: 1805. PR38

Mary Ann Hughes, second w. Charles Griffin (s. Albert and Polly), 18: 1m: 1806. PR38

Mary B., w. ––––– Pickrell (s. Jessie), d. Abraham and Lydia (Bunker), 10: 2m: 1807. PR38

Mary [dup. Polly], w. Silvanus Swain (s. Uriah), d. Asa and Phebe (Morselander), 25: 2m: 1808. PR38

Mary, second w. Charles H. Clark (s. Lemuel and Jerusha), d. Barzillai and Rebecca, 11: 8m: 1808. PR38

Mary Starbuck, ch. Thadeus [dup. Thaddeus] and Jemima, 8: 9m: 1808. CR4 [w. Reuben Barney (s. William and Sarah), d. Thaddeus and Jemima (Folger) PR38]

Mary Ann, d. Alfred and Margaret (Chase), ––– ––, 1809. PR38

Mary, w. ––––– Fitch, d. Paul and Nancy (Barnard) (Ramsdell) (second w.), 23: 3m: 1809. PR38

Mary Ann, w. Whitcomb Rider, d. Waterman and Love (Cleaveland), 15: 4m: 1810. PR38

Mary Ann, w. Henry Smith, w. Asa Lowell, d. Albert and Polly (Fay) (second w.), abt. 1814. PR38

Mary, w. James Nichols (s. Charles and Sally), d. Paul and Priscilla (Johnston) (Gardner), ––– ––, 1815. PR38

Mary A. Coffin, w. Capt. William Miller, ––– ––, 1815. GR3 [Mary Ann Coffin, w. William Millar (s. John and Avis), d. Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), 1: 9m: PR38]

Mary, w. Charles B. Hatch of New York, d. Christopher and Nancy W. Bridger, 22: 3m: 1815. PR38

Mary, w. James B. Coffin (s. William Barnard and Deborah), d. Alexander and Lydia (Myrick), 15: 10m: 1816. PR38

Mary, w. Edward B. Pease of Hudson, d. Alexander Jr. and Mary (Dayton) (Gelston) (second w.), ––– ––, 1817. PR38

Mary, ch. Elihu and Sarah, 5: 11m: 1817. CR4 [w. Braddock Childs of Falmouth, d. Elihu and Sarah (Austin), 5: 11m: 1816 PR38]

Mary, d. Christopher and Rebecca (Swain), 6: 4m: 1818. PR38

Mary E., w. James Mackie of Halifax, w. Obed G. Coffin (s. Valentine), d. David and Susan (Swain), 24: 10m: 1819. PR38

Mary B., w. John Caulk of Norfolk, VA, d. Eliakim and Mary (Barnard), ––– ––, 1820. PR38

Mary, w. Thomas G. Sater (an Episcopal minister), d. Timothy G. and Betsey (Parker), 27: 4m: 1821. PR38

Mary B. [Coffin, w. –––––] Hussey, Feb. 21, 1823. GR3 [w. Charles S. Hussey (s. Thomas Jr. and Phebe), d. Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker) PR38]

Mary Jane, w. Henry Baker (s. Prince and Mary), w. Linus Anderson Hooper, d. William R. and Mary (Robbins) (first w.), 22: 10m: 1826. PR38

Mary P., d. Zimri and Abigail (Paddack), 14: 4m: 1827. PR38

Mary, d. William and Phebe (Congdon), ––– ––, 1828. PR38

Mary Abby, ch. John G. and w., bp. July 18, 1830. CR1 [w. George R. Simpson (s. William and Sally), d. John Gayer and Rebecca (Joy), b. 3: 3m: 1828 PR38]

Mary Ann, w. James Mitchell (s. Thomas and Lucy), d. Gorham and Rebecca (Mitchell), ––: 9m: 1828. PR38

Mary J., w. Barzilla Ray (s. Peleg), d. Philander and Mary (Ceely), 16: 12m: 1828. PR38

Mary, w. Timothy Davis of Gloucester, d. William Jr. and Elizabeth C. (Hussey), ––: 1m: 1831. PR38

Mary B., second w. Capt. William C. Fuller [q.v.], d. Prince and Eliza (Austin), 2: 11m: 1832. PR38

Mary Abby, w. Moses Fisher of Barnstable Co., d. Joseph and Lucy (Grew), ––– ––, 1833. PR38

Mary Ann, w. George F. Hammond (s. Edward and Susan), w. Obed J. Swain (s. Benjamin and Mary), d. Abner and Esther Northrop, 31: 1m: 1833. PR38

Mary R., d. James Gorham and Phebe (Coffin), 3: [dup. 2:] 3m: 1833. PR38

Mary Jane, w. William A. Folger, d. Capt. George W. and Emmeline, sister of P.A. (w. ––––– Hanaford), Oct. 24, 1835. GR3 [d. George W. and Emeline (Barnard) (Cartwright) PR38]

Mary Jane Coffin, w. John L. Paddock, Jan. 1, 1836. GR3 [Coffin, w. John Paddock (s. Jonathan and Nancy), d. John C. and Sarah (Ray) PR38]

Mary Ann, d. Valentine and Jemima, ––– ––, 1837. PR38

Mary Bunker, w. Obed G. Smith (s. Obed and Nancy), d. Edward G. and Phebe (Swain), ––– ––, 1839. PR38

Mary Elizabeth, w. Darwin A. Greene of New York City, d. Charles G. and Eliza (McArthur), 20: 12m: 1839. PR38

Mary Anna, w. Frederick Worth, d. Benjamin F. and Mary C. (Crosby), 4: 2m: 1842. PR38

Mary J., w. John A. Bates of New Bedford, d. George A. and Mary Ann (Morey), 29: 11m: 1842. PR38

Mary Abby, w. William A. Mitchell ("a stranger"), w. William J. Hussey (s. Albert and Mary), d. Asa and Hannah (Gardner), ––– ––, 1843. PR38

Mary G., d. Obed G., mariner, and Sarah, July 12, 1843.

Mary B., d. Alexander, mariner, and Judith M., Sept. 6, 1843. [d. Alexander Drew and Judith M. (Baker) PR38]

Mary Joy, d. George D., mariner, and Mary J. [George Drew and Mary F. (Joy) PR38], Mar. 26, 1844.

Mary Elizabeth, d. Nathaniel F., mariner, and Lydia [(Coffin) PR38], Apr. 21, 1844.

Mary G., d. George, laborer, and Azubah, Jan. 4, 1845. [Mary Gould Coffin, d. George P., "a Portuguese," and Azuba G. (Gould) PR38]

Mary J., d. Reuben M., cooper, and Rebecca, Sept. 23, 1845.

Mary, twin d. Benjamin F., laborer, and Elizabeth, Aug. 24, 1846.

Mary Ann, twin d. Charles G. 3d, laborer, and Angeline, Mar. 15, 1848. [w. William E. Bates, d. Charles G. and Angeline White PR38]

Mary Louisa, w. Clarence B. Westcott, d. Charles Griffin and Mary Ann Hughes (second w.), 21: 4m: 1848. PR38

Matilda, ch. Peleg and Elizabeth, 4: 12m: 1750. CR4 [d. Peleg and Elizabeth (Hussey) PR38]

Matilda, w. Matthew Coffin (s. Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield)), d. Joseph and Judith (Coffin), 22: 9m: 1752. PR38

Matthew, s. Matthew and Hannah Mendenhall, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Matthew B., h. Emily Stewart, s. Charles F. and Mary (Fulson), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Matthew, s. Tristram and Mary (Bunker), 7: 11m: 1735. PR38

Matthew, ch. Nathaniel and Mary, 20: 5m: 1751. CR4 [h. Matilda (d. Joseph Coffin and Judith), s. Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield) PR38; Matthew, May 20 PR53]

Matthew, ch. William and Priscilla, Feb. 13, 1754. [h. Hannah Mendenhall, h. Hannah (White) Macy, s. William and Priscilla (Paddack), 23: 2m: PR38]

Matthew Jr., h. Anna (d. William Bunker and Mary Pitts), s. Matthew and Matilda (Coffin), 28: 4m: 1787. PR38

Mehitable, w. Armstrong Smith (s. George and Jane), d. Stephen and Mary (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mehitable, w. Peter Davis (s. Thomas and Hepsabeth), d. Libni and Hepsibah (Starbuck), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Melrose, ch. Martin and Mary Sherwood, ––: 1m: 1841. PR38

Merab, see Merib.

Merab, d. Eliab and Mary (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Merab, ch. Elias and Love, Sept. 3, 1737. [w. John Woodbury, d. Elias and Love (Coffin), 3: 9m: PR38]

Merab, w. William Myrick (s. Isaac), d. Joseph and Judith (Coffin), 13: 3m: 1754. PR38

Merab, w. Paul Mitchell (s. Richard), d. Alexander and Eunice (Bunker), 25: 9m: 1762. PR38

Merib [w. –––––] Alley, d. John and Elizabeth, ––– ––, 1774. CR3 [Merab, w. Benjamin Alley (s. Jacob and Eunice), w. Jeremiah Spooner (s. Isaac and Ruth), d. John and Elizabeth (Gardner), 30: 6m PR38]

Merab, ch. Bartlett and Sarah, 14: 8m: 1782. CR4 [w. Benjamin Taber of New Bedford, d. Bartlett and Sarah (Coffin), 2: 8m: PR38]

Mercy, d. Charles and Mary Barrett, 14: 9m: 1739. PR38

Mercy G., second w. Thomas Coffin (s. Gilbert and Phebe), d. Joseph and Lucy (Grew), 14: 9m: 1830. PR38

Micah, see Micha.

Micajah, ch. Benjamin and Jedidah, 18: 8m: 1734. CR4 [h. Abigail (d. Elihu Coleman and Jemima), h. Priscilla (Macy) Ray, s. Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), 29: 8m: PR38]

Micha, s. Joseph, July 6, 1705. [Micah, h. Dorcas (d. Thomas Coleman and Jane), s. Joseph and Bethia (Macy), 6: 6m: PR38]

Milton, s. Charles and Hannah Lyon, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Miranda Augusta, w. William L. Coolidge, d. Charles Griffin and Miranda Hastings, 3: 9m: 1828. PR38

Miriam, d. Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Miriam, ch. Tristram and Jemima, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [d. Tristram and Jemima (Barnard), 7: 1m: 1753 PR38]

Miriam, d. Joseph, 2: 12m: 1717. [w. Joseph Chase (s. Isaac Jr. and Mary), d. Joseph and Bethia (Macy) PR38]

Miriam, ch. Samuel and Miriam, 29: 7m: 1723. CR4 [w. Richard Pinkham (s. Shubael and Abigail), d. Samuel and Miriam (Gardner) PR38]

Miriam, ch. Zepheniah and Abigail (second w.), 19: 2m: 1740. CR4 [w. Richard Macy (s. Zaccheus and Hepzibah (Gardner)), d. Zepheniah and Abigail (Coleman) (second w.) PR38]

Miriam, ch. David and Ruth, 29: 5m: 1752. CR4 [Miriam, w. Charles Hobbs, d. David and Ruth (Coleman), 29: 5m: 1754 PR38]

Miriam, ch. Stephen and Mary, 21: 1m: 1760. CR4 [w. Joseph Clasby (s. John and Ruth), d. Stephen and Mary (Bunker) PR38]

Miriam, ch. Samuel and Elizabeth, 14: 9m: 1765 in Martha's Vineyard. CR4 [Miriam, "m. ––––– Beal doubtful," d. Samuel and Elizabeth Gardner PR38]

Miriam, ch. Seth and Susanna, 6: 4m: 1779. CR4 [w. Robert Hussey (s. Robert and Elizabeth), d. Seth and Susanna (Barnard) PR38]

Moses, m., s. Adam and Jemima (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Moses, s. Moses and Nancy (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Moses, h. Phebe (d. Joseph Leonard and Phebe), s. Aaron and Mary (Barnard), ––– ––, 1700. PR38

Moses, ch. Nathaniel and Rebecca, 1: 7m: 1762. CR4 [s. Nathaniel and Rebecca (Coleman) PR38]

Moses, ch. Isaiah and Sarah, 13: 12m: 1791. CR4 [h. Judith (d. John Smith and Hepsibeth), s. Isaiah and Sarah (Folger) PR38]

Moses, h. Nancy (d. Ebenezer Gardner and Rachel), h. Caroline Hatch, s. David and Phebe (Barnard), 14: [dup. 15:] 11m: 1799. PR38

Nancy, w. Samuel Cary (s. Edward), d. Bartlett and Peggy (Pinkham) (Tupper), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nancy, w. George F. Barker, d. Isaiah and Mary (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nancy, see Ann.

Nancy B., d. Moses and Judith (Smith), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nancy W. Bridge of VA, w. Christopher (s. Edward and Parnal), 9: 3m: 1775. PR38

Nancy, w. George C. Colesworthy (s. Jonathan W. and Polly), d. Abijah and Priscilla (Brock), ––– ––, 1801. PR38

Nancy, w. Ebenezer W. Tallant of Pelham, NH, d. William and Deborah (Pinkham), 16: 4m: 1803 [dup. 1804]. PR38

Nancy, w. Elisha Doane of Barnstable, w. George Cobb Esq. (s. William), d. Christopher and Nancy W. Bridger, 12: 5m: 1804. PR38

Nancy, first w. George Creasy (s. Edward and Deborah), d. Gideon and Elizabeth (Ellis), 10: 2m: 1808. PR38

Nancy, w. John P. Swain (s. Uriah and Judith), d. Asa and Phebe (Morselander), 9: 10m: [dup. 10: 9m:] 1809. PR38

Nancy Butler, twin d. Cyrus and Abigail (Butler), 8: 5m: 1818. PR38

Nancy M., w. Alfred M. Coffin (s. Valentine), d. Benjamin and Mary (McCleave), 7: 12m: 1827. PR38

Nancy B. [Coffin, w. –––––] Hussey, Mar. 9, 1838 [see Emeline B.] GR3 [Coffin, w. Columbus Hussey (s. Joseph and Eliza), d. Asa and Hannah (Gardner) PR38]

Nathan, s. Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nathan, h. Elizabeth Branson, s. William and Elizabeth Vestal (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nathan, s. James Jr., 13: 9m: 1696. [h. Lydia (d. Jonathan Bunker and Elizabeth), s. James Jr. and Ruth (Gardner), 13: 11m: PR38]

Nathan Jr., ch. Nathan and Lydia, Dec. 23, 1734. [h. Eunice (d. William Bunker and Jane), s. Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), 23: 12m: PR38]

Nathaniel, h. Lydia (d. Reuben Bunker and Judith), s. Libni and Hepzibah (Starbuck), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nathaniel, m., s. Gideon and Elizabeth (Mooers), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nathaniel, h. Damaris (d. William Gayer and Dorcas (Starbuck)), s. James and Mary (Severance), ––: 3m: 1671. PR38

Nathaniel, s. Peter, Mar. 26, 1687. [s. Peter and Elizabeth (Starbuck), 26: 3m: PR38]

Nathaniel, h. Mary (d. James Sheffield of Newport, RI), s. Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), 9: [dup. 19:] 7m: 1711. PR38

Nathaniel, h. Elizabeth (d. Henry Barnes Esq.), s. William and Ann (Holmes), father of Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin, 24: 7m: 1725. PR38

Nathaniel, ch. Benjamin and Jedidah, 27: 1m: 1729. CR4 [h. Abiel (d. Obed Hussey and Margaret), h. Rebecca (d. Barnabas Coleman), s. Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey) PR38]

Nathaniel, ch. Nathaniel and Mary, 29: 9m: 1739. CR4 [h. Phebe (d. Tristram Coffin and Jemima), h. Priscilla (d. Thomas Gardner and Hannah), s. Nathaniel Jr. and Mary (Sheffield) [dup. 10: 10m:] PR38; Sept. 29 [dup. Oct. 10] PR53]

Nathaniel, ch. Elisha and Mary, 11: 9m: 1761. CR4 [s. Elishai and Mary (Gardner) PR38]

Nathaniel F., h. Lydia (d. Gideon Coffin and Mary), s. Absalom and Mary (Folger), 7: 4m: 1806. PR38

Noah, ch. Stephen and Mary, 25: 2m: 1762. CR4 [Capt., h. Lydia (d. Jonathan Bunker and Judith), s. Stephen and Mary (Bunker) PR38]

Obadiah, see Obediah.

Obediah, ch. David and Ruth, 12: 9m: 1757. CR4 [Obadiah, s. David and Ruth (Coleman) PR38]

Obediah, ch. Nathaniel and Mary, 31: 10m: 1757. CR4 [h. Mary Rogers of Cape Cod, s. Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield) PR38]

Obediah, ch. Seth and Susanna, 12: 3m: 1781. CR4 [h. Lucretia (d. Nathaniel Paddack), s. Seth and Susanna (Barnard) PR38]

Obed, m., s. Abraham and Lydia (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Obed, ch. Cromwell and Ruth, bp. Aug. 13, 1747. CR1 [h. Phebe (d. Caleb Gardner (s. Joseph and Abigail)), s. Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin), b. 17: 10m: 1743 PR38]

Obed, ch. Samuel and Elizabeth, 14: 9m: 1757, in Martha's Vineyard. CR4 [h. Deborah (d. Jethro Coleman and Lydia), h. Phebe (Coleman) Joy, s. Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner) PR38]

Obed, ch. Gilbert and Phebe, 24: 2m: 1793. CR4 [h. Ann (d. Benjamin Swift), s. Gilbert and Phebe (Barnard) PR38]

Obed S., h. Lydia Thurstain of Plymouth, s. David and Rebecca, 8: 9m: 1808. PR38

Obed G., h. Sarah (d. Cromwell Coffin and Mary), h. Mary (wid. James Mackie, d. David Coffin), s. Valentine and Diana Marchant, 10: 12m: 1808. PR38

Obed M., h. Caroline Mareschall of Baltimore, s. George and Nancy (Stubbs), 4: 4m: 1811. PR38

Obed, h. Angeline M. (d. Henry Douglas and Eliza), s. Obadiah and Lucretia (Paddack), 6: 3m: 1815. PR38

Olive, d. George and Abigail (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Oliver, s. Ebenezer [Ebenezar and Eleanor (Barnard) PR38], 30: 8m: 1701.

Oliver Cromwell, ch. Ebenezer and Mary, 27: 9m: 1778. CR4 [Cromwell, s. Ebenezar and Mary (Cartwright) PR38]

Oliver Cromwell, s. Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain), 14: 8m: 1807. PR38

Oliver C., Capt., h. Henrietta (Boult) of Osterville, h. Martha A. (Boult) (sister of Henrietta), s. Cromwell and Mary (Coffin), 8: 10m: 1812. PR38

Oliver Cromwell, twin s. Cyrus and Abigail (Butler), 8: 5m: 1818. PR38

Oliver Cromwell, h. Sarah Nickerson, s. Barnabas and Mary (Starbuck), 4: 3m: 1823. PR38

Oliver C., h. Mary F. (d. Thomas Brown and Elizabeth), s. Reuben and Hepzibah (Gardner), 2: 4m: 1826. PR38

Orville, s. Henry, merchant, and Eliza, Feb. 13, 1849.

Owen, s. Abel and Deborah (Russell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Owen, s. John and Elizabeth (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Owen C., s. Timothy and Deborah (Pease) [? (Pierce)], ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Owen, s. Hezekiah and Abigail (Coleman), 17: 2m: 1765. PR38

Owen, h. Jedidah (d. John Hall and Elizabeth), s. Miriam (d. Tristram and Jemima), 3: 1m: 1777. PR38

Owen, s. Hezekiah Jr. and Nancy (Bunker), 24: 8m: 1802. PR38

Owen C., s. Waterman and Love (Cleaveland), 2: 8m: 1806. PR38

Owen Tristram, h. Belinda Maison, h. Harriet Barlow, s. Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), 17: 7m: 1815. PR38

Owen K. [dup. V.], h. Ellen E. Coe of Middletown, CT, s. Alexander H. and Jane Vincent, 20: 6m: 1836. PR38

Owen C., s. Edward H. and Lydia (Law), ––– ––, 1837. PR38

Pardon C., ch. William Esq. and Sarah (Gardner), 28: 6m: 1803. PR38

Parnal, first w. Silas Rand (s. Caleb), d. Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Parnall, ch. Peter and Abigail (Starbuck), ––– ––, –––– [? in NH]. PR38

Parnel, ch. John, sheriff, and Lidia, bp. Sept. 7, 1735. CR1 [Parnal, w. Joseph Paddack, second w. John Brock (s. Thomas), d. John and Lydia (Gardner), b. ––– ––, –––– PR38]

Parnell, see Pernal.

Pernal, ch. Samuel and Miriam, ––– ––, –––– [rec. before ch. b. 11: 4m: 1708]. CR4 [Parnal, w. Robert Coffin (s. Jethro and Mary), d. Samuel and Miriam (Gardner) PR38]

Patience, ch. Robert and Jemima, 4: 8m: 1749. CR4 [w. Elihu Miller, third w. Nathaniel Starbuck, ––: 12m: PR38]

Paul, s. Paul and Jerusha Tuell, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Paul, s. Paul and Susanna (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Paul West, s. Caleb and Anna (West), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Paul, s. Stephen Sr., Apr. 15, 1695. [h. Mary (d. Edward Allen and Ann), s. Stephen and Mary (Bunker), 15: 4m: PR38]

Paul, s. Paul and Mary, Aug. 28, 1728. [h. Jerusha Tuell of Newport, RI, s. Paul and Mary (Allen), 28: 8m: PR38]

Paul, ch. Zepheniah and Abigail (second w.), ––: 11m: 1742. CR4 [h. Susanna (d. Jonathan Bunker), s. Zephaniah and Abigail (Coleman) (second w.), ––: 1m: PR38]

Paul, ch. Benjamin and Jedidah, 25: 11m: 1744. CR4 [h. Ruth (d. Shubael Pinkham and Eunice), h. Mary (Wyer) Coleman, s. Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), 21: 11m: PR38]

Paul Starbuck, ch. Jonathan and Phebe, 7: 5m: 1777. CR4 [h. Mary (d. George Bunker and Phebe), h. Nancy (wid. Obed Ramsdell, d. Nathaniel Barnard), s. Jonathan and Phebe (Coffin) PR38]

Paul, ch. Gilbert and Phebe, 18: 1m: 1784. CR4 [h. Priscilla Gardner, s. Gilbert and Phebe (Barnard), 12: 1m: PR38]

Paul B., s. Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker), 18: 6m: 1830. PR38

Peleg, s. Josiah and Judith (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38 [s. Josiah Esq. and Judith, Oct. 9, 1757 PR56]

Peleg, s. Paul and Susanna (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Peleg [dup. Pelege], s. John, Nov. 16, 1696. [Peleg, s. John and Hope (Gardner), 16: 11m: PR38]

Peleg, s. Bartlet and Judith, Dec. 5, 1719. [h. Hepsibeth (d. Jonathan Coffin and Hepsibeth), s. Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), 5: 12m: PR38]

Peleg, s. Francis and Theodata, Nov. 8, 1728. [h. Elizabeth (d. George Hussey and Elizabeth), s. Francis and Theodate (Gorham), 8: 11m: PR38]

Peleg, ch. Peleg and Elizabeth, 3: 11m: 1756. CR4 [h. Eunice (d. Josiah Barker and Elizabeth), s. Peleg and Elizabeth (Hussey) [dup. 3: 11m: 1754, see Jared] PR38]

Peter, s. Abner and Phebe (Butler), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Peter, ch. Peter and Priscilla, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [s. Peter and Miriam (Perry) (second w.) PR38]

Peter, s. Parnell Brock, bp. June 28, 1772. CR3 [s. Edward and Parnal (Calef), b. ––– ––, –––– PR38]

Peter, s. Peter and Judith (Pinkham) (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Peter, s. Abner and Desire (Bunker) (Benthal), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Peter, h. Lucretia, s. Capt. Uriah and Mary (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Peter, h. Elizabeth (d. Nathaniel Starbuck and Mary (Coffin)), s. Peter (father of Abigail, Peter, Jethro, Tristram, Robert, Edward, Judith, Parnall, Elizabeth, and Eliphalet; s. Tristram and Dionis (Stevens)) and Abigail (d. Edward Starbuck and Catharine of Dover, NH), 20: 8m: 1660 [? in NH]. PR38

Peter, s. John, Aug. 5, 1671. [h. Christian (Conde), h. Hope (d. Joseph Gardner and Bethia), s. John and Deborah (Austin), 5: 8m: PR38]

Peter, s. Stephen, Nov. 14, 1673. [m. "in Boston," s. Stephen and Mary (Bunker), 14: 11m: PR38]

Peter, s. Paul [dup. adds and Mary], 26: 12m: 1717-8. [h. Deborah (d. George Hussey), h. Anna (d. Andrew Myrick and Jedida), s. Paul and Mary (Allen), 26: 12m: 1717 PR38]

Peter, ch. John, sheriff, and Lidia, bp. Sept. 7, 1735. CR1 [h. Susanna (d. William Bunker and Jane), h. Judith (wid. Josiah Gardner, d. Peleg Pinkham), s. John and Lydia (Gardner), b. ––– ––, 1724 PR38]

Peter, s. Peter and Hope, Nov. 3, 1729. [h. Priscilla (d. Elihu Coleman), h. Miriam (d. James Perry), s. Peter "(Nope)" and Hope (Gardner), 3: 7m: [dup. 23: 11m: 1727] PR38]

Peter Fosdick, ch. Henry and Lydia, bp. Nov. 7, 1779. CR3 [b. Oct. 5 GR1; h. Margaret (d. Joshua Coffin and Jeanette), s. Henry and Lydia (Fosdick) PR38]

Peter, h. Charlotte (d. Robert Mooers and Mary), s. Edward Jr. and Janet (Clark), 11: 6m: 1785. PR38

Peter Folger, ch. David and Huldah, 7: 3m: 1793. CR4 [s. David and Huldah (Bunker) PR38]

Peter Hussey, ch. Simeon Jr. and Polly, Aug. 20, 1800 [see Charles Norris Coffin]. [s. Simeon and Mary (Whippey), 20: 8m: PR38]

Peter F. [Coffin, ch. Samuel], 15: 11m: 1824. CR4 [Coffin, h. Emily Jane (d. Daniel F. Macy and Mary), s. Reuben F. and Susan (Barnard), 4: 11m: 1823 PR38]

Peter M., s. Peter and Charlotte (Mooers), ––– ––, 1825. PR38

Peter F., h. Cornaelia M. (d. Isaiah Robinson and Mary), s. Capt. Henry F. and Judith (Gardner), 10: 11m: 1839. PR38

Philander Jr., s. Philander and Mary (Ceely), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Philander, h. Mary (d. Elias Ceely and Dinah), s. Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), 13: 7m: 1804. PR38

Philip, h. Hannah (d. Lindsey Wharton), h. Catharine (d. Richard Thompson and Esther), s. Timothy and Priscilla (Cook), 19: 10m: 1764. PR38

Philip Cook, twin s. Abner and Esther Northrop, 5: 12m: 1837. PR38

Philip S., twin s. Charles H., laborer, and Lydia H., Nov. 22, 1848.

Philip M., s. Frederick W. and Mary Jane (Alley), 20: 5m: 1849. PR38

Phebe, ch. Tristram and Jemima, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Nathaniel Coffin (s. Nathaniel Jr. and Mary), d. Tristram and Jemima (Barnard), 26: 3m 1745 PR38]

Phebe, ch. Benjamin and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [second w. Jonathan Anthony (s. James of New Garden), d. Benjamin Jr. and Elizabeth (Hussey) PR38]

Phebe, d. Elijah and Abigail (Folger), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe, d. Abner and Desire (Bunker) (Benthal), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe, ch. Zepheniah and Hepsibah, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Gilbert Gardner, d. Zepheniah and Hepsibah (Bunker) PR38]

Phebe, w. Jonathan Hunt (s. John), d. Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe, w. Ellery Corey of Westport, d. Capt. Noah and Lydia (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe, ch. Zimri and Abigail, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Benjamin C. Chase (s. George and Rebecca), d. Zimri and Abigail (Paddack), 28: 5m: 1809 PR38]

Phebe, d. William and Phebe (Congdon), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe, d. Alexander Jr. and Lydia (Stratton), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe G., w. William Dorning, d. George B. and Abigail (Allen), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe, ch. Benjamin and Judith, 5: 8m: 1700. CR4 [w. John Folger (s. Charles and Lydia (Coleman), d. Benjamin and Judith (Macy)), 5: 10m: 1789 [dup. 1790] PR38]

Phebe, ch. Richard and Ruth, 20: 11m: 1723. CR4 [first w. Tristram Swain (s. John), d. Richard and Ruth (Bunker), 30: 11m: PR38]

Phebe, ch. David and Ruth, 29: 12m: 1743. CR4 [first w. David Joy (s. David), d. David and Ruth (Coleman), 29: 12m: 1743 "N.S. " PR38]

Phebe, ch. John and Anna, 9: 6m: 1751. CR4 [w. Benjamin Worth, d. John and Anna (Coleman) PR38]

Phebe, ch. Richard and Mary, 9: 7m: 1754. CR4 [w. Jonathan Coffin, d. Richard Jr. and Mary (Starbuck) PR38]

Phebe, ch. Samuel and Elizabeth, 10: 11m: 1760, in Martha's Vineyard. CR4 [w. ––––– Small, d. Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner) PR38]

Phebe, ch. Nathaniel and Priscilla (second w.), 4: 9m: 1772. CR4 [d. Nathaniel and Priscilla (Gardner) (second w.), 1: 9m: PR38; Sept. 1 PR53]

Phebe, ch. Seth and Susanna, 18: 11m: 1772. CR4 [w. Luther Gifford (s. Christopher), d. Seth and Susanna (Barnard) PR38]

Phebe, ch. Stephen and Mary, 23: 1m: 1775. CR4 [first w. Isaiah Ray (s. Alexander and Elizabeth), d. Stephen and Mary (Bunker) PR38]

Phebe, ch. Reuben and Pernal, 22: 12m: 1777. CR4 [w. Srephen Collins of N.S., d. Reuben and Parnal (Gardner) PR38]

Phebe, w. Charles Mitchell (s. Christopher and Jemima), d. Solomon and Phebe (Clark) (Gardner) (second w.), 18: 10m: 1787. PR38

Phebe, ch. Bartlet and Elizabeth, 19: 9m: 1788. CR4 [d. Bartlett and Elizabeth (Bunker), 22: 12m: PR38]

Phebe, w. Edward Hills, second w. William Gayer Coffin (s. Paul and Ruth), d. Elial and Ruth (Beard), 11: 4m: 1798. PR38

Phebe, ch. Mark and Judith, 9: 7m: 1798. CR4

Phebe, ch. Laban and Abigail (second w.), 18: 1m: 1799. CR4 [w. Robert Ingraham, d. Laban and Abigail (Tobey or Talman) (second w.) PR38]

Phebe, w. Samuel Sandford Jr. (s. Samuel and Lydia), d. Andrew and Deborah (Chadwick), 26: 5m: 1802. PR38

Phebe, w. James Gorham Coffin (s. Alexander and Lucinda), d. Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), 12: 5m: [dup. 5: 12m:] 1803. PR38

Phebe, d. Francis and Lydia (Gardner), 23: 10m: 1807. PR38

Phebe Ann, w. David Baker (s. Prince and Mary), d. Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), 22: 1m: 1817. PR38

Phebe M., d. Capt. William Henry and Lurania (Gardner), 12: 10m: 1818. PR38

Phebe F., w. Julius A. Pratt (s. C.T. Hinckley), d. Gorham and Rebecca (Mitchell), 2: 3m: 1820. PR38

Phebe Barnard, d. Paul and Priscilla (Johnson) (Gardner), ––: 5m: 1821. PR38

Phebe, d. Tristram and Deborah (Swain), ––– ––, 1822. PR38

Phebe Ann, d. Joseph and Lucy (Grew), ––– ––, 1824. PR38

Phebe Ann B., ch. George W. and Phebe Ann, 6: 5m: 1829. CR4 [Rev., w. Dr. Joseph H. Hannaford of Newton, d. George W. and Phebe Ann (Barnard) PR38]

Phebe C., w. Ainsworth Dexter of New Bedford, d. Prince and Eliza (Austin), ––– ––, 1830. PR38

Presbury, h. Sally (d. Seth Hussey and Naomi), s. Uriah and Sarah Butler, 6: 8m: 1796. PR38

Prince, h. Mary (d. Thomas Arthur and Mary), s. Elias and Love (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Prince, s. Ebenezer, 19: 6m: 1703. [h. Mary (d. Nathan Skiffe), s. Ebenezar and Eleanor (Barnard) PR38]

Prince, ch. Thomas and Abigail, 25: 11m: 1756. CR4 [s. Thomas and Abigail (Russell) PR38]

Prince, h. Eliza (d. Benjamin Austin Jr. and Lydia), s. Solomon and Phebe (Clark) (Gardner) (second w.), 9: 12m: 1789. PR38

Prince, h. Judith (d. Peleg Hussey and Temperance (Swain)), s. Francis and Ruth (Upham), 15: 1m: 1798. PR38

Priscilla, see Precilla and Prissilla.

Priscilla, ch. William and Priscilla, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after ch. b. 22: 5m: 1760]. CR4 [w. Asa Hunt of NC, d. William and Priscilla (Paddack), 21: 10m: 1765 PR38]

Priscilla, d. Peter and Miriam (Perry) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Priscilla, w. Imelius Mendenhall (s. James and Miriam), d. Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Priscilla, d. Jethro, Dec. 26, 1691. [Priscilla, w. John Gardner 3d (s. John and Susanna), d. Jethro and Mary (Gardner), 26: 12m: PR38]

Priscilla, d. James Jr., 3: 4m: 1708. [Priscilla, w. Abel Gardner (s. Nathaniel and Abigail), d. James and Ruth (Gardner) PR38]

Priscilla, ch. Capt. Josiah and Elizabeth, Oct. 19, 1723. [w. Jonathan Coffin Jr. (s. Jonathan and Hepsabeth), d. Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), 19: 10m: PR38]

Priscilla, d. George, May 24, 1724. [w. Jonathan Ramsdell (s. Jonathan), d. George and Ruth (Swain), 24: 5m: PR38]

Priscilla, ch. Samuel and Miriam, 21: 12m: 1730. CR4 [w. Christopher Coleman, d. Samuel and Miriam (Gardner), 21: [dup. 26:] 12m: 1729 PR38]

Priscilla, ch. James and Janet, Aug. 1, 1771. [ch. James and Jennet CR3; d. James and Jeanette (Coffin) PR38]

Priscilla, d. Jonathan and Sally (Fosdick), 8: 3m: 1775. PR38

Priscilla, w. Prince Gorham Hayden (s. Prince and Rebecca), d. Timothy and Priscilla (Cook), 5: 1m: 1783. PR38

Priscilla, w. Jabez Hunt, w. Joseph Cadwallader, d. Matthew and Hannah Mendenhall, 10: 7m: 1786. PR38

Priscilla, d. Zebdial and Hepsibeth (Swain), 16: 10m: 1795. PR38

Priscilla M. [dup. R.], w. David Cottle (s. Laban and Eunice), d. John C. and Sarah (Ray), 29: 6m: 1829. PR38

Rachel, d. Samuel and Eunice (Folger), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rachel, w. Stephen Hussey, d. Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rachel, d. Moses and Nancy (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rachel, ch. Elisha and Mary, 9: 6m: 1749. CR4 [w. Edmund Clark (s. Jonathan), d. Elisha and Mary (Gardner) PR38]

Rachel, ch. Nathaniel and Rebecca, 9: 4m: 1769. CR4 [w. David Palmer, w. Sanford Moon, d. Nathaniel and Rebecca (Coleman) PR38]

Rachel, first w. William Hart, d. John and Elizabeth (Gardner), 16: 3m: 1792 [dup. 1791]. PR38

Rachael J., d. Asa 2d, cooper, and Hannah, Jan. 5, 1848. [Rachel G., w. William H. Bliss of New Bedford, d. Asa and Hannah (Gardner) PR38]

Ralph, ch. Nathaniel and Rebecca, 17: 1m: 1771. CR4 [h. Abigail (d. Thomas Chase of Boston or Newport, RI), s. Nathaniel and Rebecca (Coleman) [dup. ––– ––, 1760] PR38]

Rebecca, d. William and Ann (Holmes), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rebecca, w. Samuel Conant of Charlestown, d. Gayer and Rebecca Parker, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rebecca, d. William and Jedida (Folger), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rebecca, d. Daniel and Mary (Harlock) (first w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rebecca, w. Jethro Bunker (s. Richard and Eunice), d. Abel and Deborah (Russell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rebecca, ch. Zimri and Abigail, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. William S. Hussey (s. Albert and Elizabeth), d. Zimri and Abigail (Paddack), 11: 1m: 1812 [dup. 1813] PR38]

Rebecca, d. Gideon and Elizabeth (Mooers), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rebecca, d. Bartlet and Judith, Dec. 7, 1721. [Rebekah, w. Benjamin Coffin, Dec. 9 PR16; w. Benjamin Coffin (s. James and Ruth), d. Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), 7: [dup. 9:] 12m: PR38]

Rebecca, w. ––––– Dexter, d. William and Ann (Holmes), 22: 11m: 1739. PR38

Rebekah, ch. Benjamin and Rebekah, Feb. 21, 1741. [ch. Benjamin and Rebekah (Coffin) PR16; Rebecca, w. George Gardner (s. Grafton and Abigail), d. Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), 21: 2m: PR38]

Rebecca, ch. Barnabas and Abigail, 22: 4m: 1764. CR4 [w. George Chase (s. Shubael and Sarah), d. Barnabas and Abigail (Folger) PR38]

Rebecca, ch. Samuel and Elizabeth, 29: 5m: 1770 in Martha's Vineyard. CR4 [w. Charles Jacobs, d. Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner) PR38]

Rebecca, w. William Jernegan, d. John and Mary Wass, 4: 6m: 1774. PR38

Rebecca, ch. Benjamin and Judith, 16: 12m: 1776. CR4 [d. Benjamin and Judith (Macy), 16: 2m: PR38]

Rebecca, w. Barzillai Coffin (s. Benjamin and Judith), d. Samuel and Eunice (Folger), 22: 7m: [dup. 1: 2m:] 1782. PR38

Rebecca, w. Henry Clapp, d. William and Deborah (Pinkham), 10: 1m: 1787. PR38

Rebecca, ch. Daniel and Huldah, 5: 3m: 1787. CR4

Rebecca, ch. Paul and Ruth, 29: 1m: 1793. CR4

Rebecca, w. George H. Chase (s. Joseph), d. Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), 3: 1m: 1799. PR38

Rebecca, d. Holmes and Lydia (Russell), 17: 8m: 1807. PR38

Rebecca, w. William S. French of VT (s. Roger), d. Jared and Hepzibah (Swain), 14: 3m: 1809. PR38

Rebecca, w. James Codd (s. Nicholas), d. Abel and Eunice (Alley), ––: 4m: 1816. PR38

Rebecca M., second w. Joseph B. Macy (s. George), d. Barzillai and Rebecca (Coffin), 26: [dup. 2:] 5m: 1825. PR38

Rebecca C., w. Franklin B. Coffin (s. Asa and Hannah), d. William R. and Ruth (Coffin) (second w.), 2: 7m: 1836. PR38

Rebecca M., w. George D. Smith, d. Alfred and Lilian (Marcus), 30: 4m: 1842. PR38

Rebecca C., d. Obed G., mariner, and Sarah, Dec. 28, 1845.

Reuben, s. Jacob and Eliza Norton, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Reuben, s. Francis and Hepsibeth (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Reuben, h. Phebe Todd, s. Capt. Noah and Lydia (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Reuben F. [h. James H. Smith of Ohio, ch. Reuben and Mary (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Reuben Swain, s. Christopher and Rebecca (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Reuben, ch. Benjamin and Jedidah, 21: 1m: 1726-7. CR4 [h. Mary (d. David Joy and Mary), s. Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), 21: 1m: 1727 PR38]

Reuben, ch. Tristram and Elizabeth (second w.), 6: 7m: 1754. CR4 [h. Parnal (d. Daniel Gardner), s. Tristram and Elizabeth (Starbuck) (second w.) PR38]

Reuben, s. Josiah Esq. and Judith, Mar. 19, 1760. PR56

Reuben, h. Hepzibah (d. Ebenezer Gardner and Susanna), s. John and Susanna (Clark), 22: 1m: 1787. PR38

Reuben, h. Elizabeth (d. Hezekiah Bunker), s. Robert Jr. and Lydia (Coleman), 26: 7m: 1787. PR38

Reuben F., h. Susan (d. William Barnard and Elizabeth), s. Samuel and Eunice (Folger), 18: 3m: 1793. PR38

Reuben, ch. Isaiah and Sarah, 2: 10m: 1796. CR4 [h. Mary [dup. Polly] (d. Jonathan Swain and Hepsabeth), s. Isaiah and Sarah (Folger) PR38]

Reuben M., h. Rebecca (d. Prince G. Hayden), s. Asa and Phebe (Morselander), 25: 2m: 1815. PR38

Reuben C., s. Reuben and Hepzibah (Gardner), 7: 12m: 1818. PR38

Rhoda Champion of CT, w. Edward (s. John and Susanna (Clark)), 3: 8m: 1791. PR38

Richard, ch. John and Lydia, bp. July 22, 1739. CR1 [h. Abigail (d. Andrew Gardner), s. John and Lydia (Gardner), b. ––– ––, ––––. PR38]

Richard, h. Anna Westlake, s. Uriah and Mary, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Richard, s. John, 12: 6m: 1694. [h. Ruth (d. Jonathan Bunker and Elizabeth), s. John and Hope (Gardner) PR38]

Richard, h. Mary Cooke, s. Tristram and Mary (Bunker), 20: 10m: 1729. PR38

Richard, ch. Richard and Ruth, 31: 5m: 1751 [dup. 1731]. CR4 [h. Mary (d. Paul Starbuck and Ann), s. Richard and Ruth (Bunker), 31: 5m: 1731 "O.S. " PR38]

Richard, ch. Silvanus and Elizabeth, 1: 12m: 1780. CR4 [s. Silvanus and Elizabeth (Hussey) PR38]

Richard, ch. Bartlet and Sarah, 16: 3m: 1788. CR4

Richard, s. Francis and Lydia (Gardner), 5: 8m: 1800. PR38

Richmond, s. Alexander and Eunice (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Robert, s. Jonathan and Sally (Fosdick), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Robert, s. Jared and Eunice (Barnard), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Robert, h. Lydia (d. Timothy W. Bunker and Eunice), s. Salmon and Anna (Mitchell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Robert, m., s. Gideon and Elizabeth (Mercer), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Robert, s. Shubael and Lucretia Struse, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Robert, h. Helen (d. John Prescott of Troy, NY), h. Amy I. Lottridge, s. Hezekiah R. and Myra Barlow, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Robert B., s. William Henry and Mary Ann (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Robert I., s. Job B. and Deborah (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Robert, h. Joanna (wid. Henry Dyer, d. Hon. John Gilman), s. Peter and Abigail (Starbuck), ––– ––, 1667 [? in NH]. PR38

Robert, s. Jethro, 21: 2m: 1704. [Parnal (d. Samuel Coffin), h. Susannah (d. Jonathan Coffin and Hepsabeth), s. Jethro and Mary (Gardner), 11: 4m: PR38]

Robert, h. Jemima (d. Samuel Gardner and Patience), s. Peter and Hope (Gardner), ––– ––, 1720. PR38

Robert, ch. Robert and Susanna [(Coffin) PR38], Dec. 4, 1755.

Robert, ch. Robert and Jemima, 23: 10m: 1760. CR4 [h. Lydia (d. Reuben Coleman) PR38]

Robert, h. Love and Anna (daughters of Daniel Black and Elizabeth (Coffin)), h. Ruth (d. Ebenezar Gardner), h. Sally (Long) (Buckley) Ellis, s. Jonathan and Peggy (Coffin), 28: 1m: 1766. PR38

Robert, h. Mary, s. Ephraim and Sarah, 15: 8m: 1773. PR38

Robert, ch. Nathaniel and Priscilla (second w.), 25: 4m: 1774. CR4 [Robert 2d, "Grandfather," Feb. 28, 1776 GR5; h. Mary (d. Jonathan Coffin and Abigail), s. Nathaniel and Priscilla (Gardner) (second w.), 28: 2m: 1775 PR38; Feb. 28, 1776 PR53]

Robert, h. Magdalen (d. Taber Bentley and Elizabeth), s. Abishai and Sarah (Long), 2: 10m: 1778. PR38

Robert, s. Robert and Lydia (Coleman), 7: 12m: 1796. PR38

Robert, s. William and Martha (Allen), ––– ––, 1799. PR38

Robert I., s. Absalom and Mary (Folger), 11: 11m: 1802. PR38

Robert G., h. Ann H. (d. Nathan Meader), s. Reuben and Elizabeth (Bunker), 17: 3m: 1817. PR38

Robert G., h. Eliza Sackett, s. Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), ––– ––, 1822. PR38

Robert B., h. Adeline (d. Alfred Folger and Lydia), s. George W. and Emeline (Barnard) (Cartwright), 1: 1m: [dup. ––: 11m:] 1831. PR38

Robert I., h. Calista A. Harris of Unionville, Ohio, s. Nathaniel F. and Lydia (Coffin), 26: 4m: 1831. PR38

Robert Emmett, s. William Henry and Elmina Howard, 10: 4m: 1844. PR38

Roland s. Abner and Elizabeth (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Roland A., s. George W. and Emeline (Barnard) (Cartwright), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rowland s. Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain), 3: 1m: 1805. PR38

Roland ch. Alfred and Peggy, Feb. 9, 1806. GR3 [Rowland s. Alfred and Margaret (Chase), 19: 2m: PR38]

Rowland M., s. Job C. and Phebe (Grew), 2: 4m: 1817. PR38

Roland F., h. Elizabeth R. (d. Obed Starbuck and Eunice), s. Hezediah, ––– ––, 1826. PR38

Roland [dup. Rowland] G., h. Emily M. Matchett, s. Jared and Hepzibah (Swain), 16: 4m: 1826. PR38

Rufus, s. William Esq. and Sarah (Gardner), 5: 11m: 1782. PR38

Rufus, Mar. 20, 1819. GR3 [h. Winifred (d. Daniel Chase and Anna), s. Timothy G. and Betsey (Parker) PR38]

Ruth, w. Joseph Gardner (s. Richard 3d and Mary (Austin)), d. James and Mary (Severance), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ruth, third w. Jonathan Anthony (s. James of New Garden), d. Benjamin Jr. and Elizabeth (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ruth, w. –––––, d. Libni and Hepzibah (Starbuck), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ruth, d. James and Ruth, June 17, 1716. [w. Cromwell Coffin (s. Ebenezar and Eleanor), d. James and Ruth (Gardner), 17: 6m: [dup. 17: 1m:] PR38]

Ruth, twin ch. Capt. Josiah and Elizabeth, Nov. 4, 1725. [w. Samuel Calder ("a Scotchman"), twin d. Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffrin), 4: 11m: PR38]

Ruth, ch. Richard and Ruth, 9: 2m: 1733. CR4 [w. William Folger [q.v.], d. Richard and Ruth (Bunker) PR38]

Ruth, d. Benjamin and Rebekah (Coffin), Oct. 15, 1755. PR16 [w. Elijah Coffin (s. David of Martha's Vineyard), d. Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), 5: [dup. 15:] 10m: PR38]

Ruth, ch. David and Ruth, 19: 5m: 1763. CR4 [d. David and Ruth (Coleman) PR38]

Ruth, ch. Jonathan and Phebe, 14: 4m: 1779. CR4 PR4 [second w. Reuben Starbuck (s. Matthew and Rose), d. Jonathan and Phebe (Coffin) PR38]

Ruth, w. Jonathan Parker (s. Nathan), d. Elihu and Eunice (Folger), 9: 9m: 1782. PR38

Ruth, w. William R. Coffin (s. Elial and Ruth), d. Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), 19: 12m: 1800. PR38

Salmon, see Solomon.

Salome, ch. Caleb and Deborah, Jan. 15, 1768. [Saloma, w. Peter –––––, d. Caleb and Deborah (Alden), 15: 4m: PR38]

Samuel, see Lamuell.

Samuel Jr., s. Samuel and Mary (Macy) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Samuel B., s. Owen Tristram and Harriet Barlow (second w.), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Samuel C., h. Sarah B. (d. George Warren Nye), s. George and Sarah (Calder) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Samuel G., s. Mary Ann, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Samuel, h. Miriam (d. Richard Gardner Jr. and Mary (Austin)), s. John and Deborah (Austin), 12: 12m: 1680. PR38

Samuel, h. Elizabeth (d. Jonathan Gardner and Patience), s. Tristram and Mary (Bunker), 7: 8m: 1720. PR38

Samuel, ch. Nathaniel and Mary, 25: 2m: 1745. CR4 [h. Eunice (d. Peter Folger and Christian), s. Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield) PR38; Feb. 25, 1745-6 PR53]

Samuel, ch. William and Priscilla, Dec. 8, 1749. [h. Mary (d. Thomas Carr and Mary), h. Mary (d. Jethro Macy and Hepzibah), s. William and Priscilla (Paddack), 8: 12m: [dup. 8: 10m:] PR38]

Samuel, ch. Samuel and Elizabeth, 7: 9m: 1752, in Martha's Vineyard. CR4 [s. Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner) PR38]

Samuel, ch. Obed and Deborah, 3: 9m: 1782. CR4

Samuel Whippy, ch. Simeon Jr. and Polly [Mary (Whippey) PR38], Apr. 8, 1786.

Samuel, h. ––––– Warren, s. Elihu and Eunice (Folger), 24: 5m: 1786. PR38

Samuel F., h. Rebecca (d. John Pinkham and Merab), h. Harriet (wid. Aaron Coffin), s. Barzillai and Rebecca (Coffin), 15: 11m: 1811. PR38

Samuel, twin s. Abner and Esther Northrop, 5: 12m: 1837. PR38

Sandford, h. Catherine Wing, s. Thomas and Sarah, 28: 8m: 1821. PR38

Sally, see Sarah.

Sally, d. Jacob and Eliza Norton, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sally, w. Ralph Barber, d. Capt. Uriah and Mary (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sally, d. William and Electa, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sally G., see Sally.

Sarah, ch. Samuel and Miriam, ––– ––, –––– [rec. before ch. b. 25: 8m: 1718]. CR4 [w. Samuel Stanton, w. James Pinkham (s. Richard 1st and Mary), d. Samuel and Miriam (Gardner) PR38]

Sarah, w. Obed Folger (s. John and Love), d. Jonathan and Priscilla (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah, ch. Peter and Priscilla, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [d. Peter and Miriam (Perry) (second w.) PR38]

Sarah, see Sally.

Sarah, see Sally.

Sarah, d. William and Phebe (Congdon), ––– ––, ––––. PR36

Sarah, w. Frank Reed, d. William H. and Jane Mabbitt, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Sarah Ann, w. Nathan Sanborn, d. Presbury and Sarah (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah B., see Sally.

Sarah B., ch. Reuben and Susan, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Stephen Arthur (s. Frederick and Mary), w. William Wood, d. Reuben F. and Susan (Barnard), 18: 9m: 1820 PR38]

Sarah F., d. Charles F. and Mary (Fulson), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah, d. James Jr., 9: 1m: 1695. [w. Judge Jeremiah Gardner (s. John and Susanna), d. James and Ruth (Gardner), ––: 9m: PR38]

Sarah, w. John Leach, d. Charles and Mary Barrett, ––– ––, 1733. PR38

Sarah, ch. Capt. Josiah and Elizabeth, Oct. 1, 1738. [Sally, w. Robert Calef (s. Ebenezer and Elizabeth), d. Maj. Josiah and Elizabeth (Coffin), 1: 10m: PR38]

Sally Calif Coffin, w. John Morris, Oct. 27, 1761. GR1 [Coffin, w. John Morris (s. Jacob and Judith), d. Edward and Parnal (Calef) PR38]

Sarah, ch. Richard and Mary, 25: 11m: 1761. CR4 [w. Bartlett Coffin (s. Benjamin and Rebecca), d. Richard Jr. and Mary (Starbuck) PR38]

Sarah, w. Thomas Jones, d. Daniel and Mary (Harlock) (first w.), ––– ––, 1762 [? in Edgartown]. PR38

Sarah, ch. William and Hepzibah, 23: 4m: 1762. CR4 [w. James Barker (s. Robert), d. William and Hepzibah (Barney), 25: 4m: [dup. 23: 3m:] PR38]

Sally, w. Henry Riddell, Feb. 26, 1766. PR17 [first w. Henry Riddell (s. Samuel), d. Joshua and Catharine (Coffin) [dup. 26: 2m: 1769] PR38]

Sally, w. Samuel Barrett Jr. (s. Samuel of Boston), w. Jonathan C. Briggs (s. Abner), d. Simeon Jr. and Jedidah (Coffin), 25: 5m: 1767. PR38

Sarah, ch. Joshua and Hepsibeth, bp. Mar. 27, 1768. CR3 [w. Jonathan Pinkham (s. Peleg Jr. and Jemima), d. Joshua and Hepsibeth (Coffin) PR38]

Sarah, ch. Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. Sept. 11, 1768. CR3 [w. Peleg Long (s. Robert), d. Joseph, painter, and Elizabeth (Jillings), b. 2: 9m: PR38]

Sarah Butler, w. Uriah (s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Norton) of Martha's Vineyard, 2: 8m: 1769. PR38

Sarah, w. Daniel Whitney of Boston, d. Timothy and Priscilla (Cook), 31: 8m: 1770. PR38

Sally, d. Elias and Abigail, ––– ––, 1772. CR3 [w. Nathaniel Carnah, d. Elias and Abigail (Coffin) PR38]

Sarah, w. Peter Kipp, d. Abishai and Sarah (Long), 13: 11m: 1772. PR38

Sally, ch. Silvanus and Elizabeth, 1: 2m: 1778. CR4 [w. Reuben Jones (s. Silas Jr.), d. Silvanus and Elizabeth (Hussey) PR38]

Sally [dup. Sarah], second w. Francis Coffin (s. Thomas and Abigail), d. James and Rhoda (Gardner), 3: 10m: 1780. PR38

Sarah, w. David Hall (s. John and Elizabeth), d. Charles, 25: 4m: 1782. PR38

Sarah, ch. Thomas and Anna, 27: 10m: 1790. CR4 [d. Thomas and Anna (Folger) PR38]

Sarah, w. Edward Chapman of CT, d. William Esq. and Sarah (Gardner), 3: 12m: 1790. PR38

Sally, ch. Simeon Jr. and Polly, Aug. 14, 1791. [w. Timothy Wyer (s. John), second w. William Calder (s. Robert and Lydia), d. Simeon and Mary (Whippey) PR38]

Sarah, ch. Isaiah and Sarah, 2: 2m: 1793. CR4 [d. Isaiah and Sarah (Folger) PR38]

Sally, ch. Charles and Miriam, 18: 12m: 1797. CR4 [Sally G., w. Oliver Chadwick (s. Micajah and Sarah of Falmouth), w. Benjamin Swain (s. Franklin), d. Charles and Miriam (Chase) (Parker), 19: [dup. 18:] 12m: PR38]

Sally, w. Asher Taylor of New York, d. Alexander Jr. and Lydia (Hussey), ––– ––, 1799. PR38

Sally [dup. Sarah B.], w. Thomas Hillar [dup. Hiller] (s. Thomas and Elizabeth), d. Christopher and Nancy W. Bridger, 15: 8m: 1799. PR38

Sarah B., second w. Obed Chase (s. Reuben and Judith (Gardner)), d. David and Phebe (Barnard), 20: 3m: 1802. PR38

Sally, ch. Laban and Abigail (second w.), 6: 3m: 1804. CR4 [Sarah, w. ––––– Aikins, d. Laban and Abigail (Tobey or Talman) PR38]

Sarah, d. Albert and Elizabeth (Fosdick) (Coleman), 24: 1m: 1805. PR38

Sarah Barker, w. William S. Knapp, w. Hiram B. Andrews (s. David), d. Hon. Isaac and Margaret (Swain), 11: 9m: 1808. PR38

Sarah, w. George Coffin (s. Obadiah and Lucretia), d. Gideon and Mary ("Marvel or Marble"), 7: 12m: 1808. PR38

Sarah, w. Russell Bodfish, d. Silvanus Jr. and Judith (Macy), 15: 1m: 1809. PR38

Sarah, w. Henry M. Swift, d. Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), 12: 3m: 1811. PR38

Sarah, ch. Benjamin Franklin and Hephzibah, 15: 4m: 1811. CR4

Sarah, d. Christopher and Rebecca (Swain), 4: 9m: 1811. PR38

Sarah B., ch. Solomon Jr. and Sarah, 4: 3m: 1813. CR4 [d. Solomon and Sarah (Barnard) PR38]

Sarah, w. Samuel B. Coleman (s. Joseph Gorham and Phebe), d. Obadiah and Lucretia (Paddack), 20: 9m: 1813. PR38

Sarah, w. Obed G. Coffin (s. Valentine and Diana Marchant), d. Cromwell and Mary (Coffin), 22: [dup. 18:] 8m: 1815. PR38

Sarah W., w. Freeman Robbins of Norwich, CT, d. Philip and Catherine (Thompson) (second w.), 17: 12m: 1815. PR38

Sarah S., w. Charles W. Macy (s. Peleg), d. Tristram and Deborah (Swain), ––: 9m: 1817. PR38 [Sarah Smith Coffin, w. Charles Wendell Macy, Sept. 3 PR59]

Sarah L., w. Benjamin L'Hommedieu (s. Benjamin and Amelia), w. Edward P. Coffin (s. Obedhiah), d. William M. and Mary (Burdett), 3: 12m: 1817. PR38

Sarah P., d. Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), 5: 2m: 1823. PR38

Sarah Rathbon, d. Paul and Priscilla (Johnston) (Gardner), ––: 10m: 1823. PR38

Sarah F., w. John Baxter of VT, d. Jared and Hepzibah (Swain), ––– ––, 1824. PR38

Sarah J. Coffin, "Mother," w. ––––– Folger, ––– ––, 1825. GR3 [Coffin, w. Alfred Folger Jr., (s. Alfred and Lydia), d. Asa and Hannah (Gardner), 27: 12m: [dup. ––: ––m: 1826] PR38]

Sarah Emily, w. Alexander S. Easton (s. Charles and Rachel S.), d. Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), 16: 5m: 1828. PR38

Sarah Abby, w. Freeman Lewis (s. Freeman and Betsey), d. David and Maria (Hussey), ––– ––, 1832. PR38

Sarah Frances, inf. Valentine and w., bp. Oct. 21, 1832. CR1 [w. Lemuel Bassett, d. Valentine and Jemima, b. ––: 4m: PR38]

Sarah Elizabeth, inf. Jethro and w., bp. Oct. 21, 1832. CR1 [d. Jethro and Mary (Cobb) PR38]

Sarah C., w. George Rand (s. William), w. John H. Pease (s. John H. and Mary), d. Philander and Mary (Ceely), 30: 11m: 1834. PR38

Sarah Elizabeth, d. Charles Griffin and Mary Ann Hughes (second w.), 28: 7m: 1838. PR38

Sarah G., w. Joseph Frazier of S. Boston, d. George W. and Emeline (Barnard) (Cartwright), ––– ––, 1843. PR38

Sarah E., [? twin] d. Alexander and Caroline C. (Turner), ––– ––, 1846 [see Henry P.] PR38

Sarah S., twin d. Charles H., laborer, and Lydia H., Nov. 22, 1848. [w. Richard F. Clark, d. Charles H. and Lydia (Joy) PR38]

Seth, s. Zephaniah and Hepzibah (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Seth, m., s. Gideon and Elizabeth (Mooers), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Seth, s. Shubael and Lucretia Struse, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Seth, ch. Benjamin and Jedidah, 31: 5m: 1742. CR4 [h. Lydia (d. William Barnard), s. Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey) PR38]

Seth, ch. David and Ruth, 17: 7m: 1746. CR4 [h. Susanna (d. Timothy Barnard and Mary), s. David and Ruth (Coleman) PR38]

Seth, ch. Benjamin and Rebekah, June 25, 1753. [ch. Benjamin and Rebekah (Coffin) PR16; h. Lydia (d. Jonathan Myrick), s. Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin) PR38]

Seth, ch. Nathaniel and Priscilla (second w.), 11: 6m: 1782. CR4 [s. Nathaniel and Priscilla (Gardner) (second w.) PR38]

Seth Jr., Capt., h. Lydia (d. Gardner Coleman), s. Seth and Lydia (Myrick), 29: 2m: 1790. PR38

Seth, twin s. Elihu and Deborah (Peckham) (Myrick), 8: 8m: 1793. PR38

Seth, h. Elizabeth, s. Aaron and Mary (Barnard), ––– ––, 1794. PR38

Seth M., s. Barzillai and Rebecca (Coffin), 3: 2m: 1803. PR38

Seth B., h. Hepsabeth [dup. Hepzibah F.] (d. William Mooers and Lydia), s. David and Phebe (Barnard), 15: 5m: 1810. PR38

Seth G., s. Capt. Seth Jr. and Lydia (Coleman), 9: 8m: 1820. PR38

Seth M., h. Priscilla F. (d. Edwin Barnard and Emma), s. Benjamin F. and Rachel (Ceely), ––– ––, 1840. PR38

Sheffield, ch. Nathaniel and Mary, 24: 2m: 1741. CR4 [h. Elizabeth (d. Matthew Barnard), s. Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield) PR38; Feb. 24, 1741-2 PR52]

Shubael, ch. Zepheniah and Miriam, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after ch. b. 30: 1m 1730-1]. CR4 [h. Abigail (d. Eliphalet Paddack and Naomi), h. Mary (d. Caleb Swain), s. Zepheniah and Miriam (Macy) PR38]

Shubael, h. Lucretia Struse, s. Zephaniah and Hepzibah (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Shubael, h. Elizabeth James, s. Jethro and Lydia (Cottle), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Shubael, s. Shubael and Lucretia Struse, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Shubal, s. Stephen Jr., 2: 12m: 1694. [Shubael, h. Priscilla (d. Nathaniel Starbuck Jr.), s. Stephen and Experience (Look) PR38]

Shubael, ch. Zaccheus and Mary, 29: 3m: 1739. CR4 [h. Mary (d. Richard Mitchell and Mary), h. Sarah Olney of Providence, RI, s. Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham) PR38]

Shubael, h. Margaret (d. Paul Pinkham and Jemima), h. Priscilla (d. William Bunker), s. Henry and Mary (Woodbury), 13: 2m: 1754. PR38

Shubael, ch. Shubael and Mary, 29: 5m: 1764. CR4

Shubael, ch. Shubael and Mary (second w.), ––: 7m: 1774. CR4 [Shubael Jr., s. Shubael and Mary (Swain) (second w.) PR38]

Shubael, ch. Shubael and Sarah (second w.), 21: 12m: 1791. CR4 [s. Shubael and Sarah Olney PR38]

Sidney, h. Catherine Barbour, s. Thomas and Sarah, 31: 12m: 1831. PR38

Silas, h. Anna Paine, s. Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Silvanus, ch. Sheffield and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [s. Sheffield and Elizabeth (Barnard) PR38]

Silvanus, ch. Richard and Ruth, 21: 1m: 1745. CR4 [h. Elizabeth (d. William Hussey and Abigail), s. Richard and Ruth (Bunker) PR38]

Silvanus, s. Ephraim and Sarah, Aug. 30, 1768. [h. Lydia (d. Jonathan Long) PR38]

Silvanus, ch. Silvanus and Elizabeth, 9: 9m: 1783. CR4 [Silvanus Jr., h. Judith (d. Barzilla Macy and Elizabeth), s. Silvanus and Elizabeth (Hussey) PR38]

Simeon, ch. Nathan and Lydia, July 11, 1730. [h. Jedida (Folger) Coffin, s. Nathan and Lydia (Bunker), 24: 7m: [dup. 26: 7m: 1732] PR38]

Simeon, ch. Samuel and Elizabeth, 5: 4m: 1750, in Martha's Vineyard. CR4 [h. Eunice (d. Benjamin Coffin and Elizabeth of Martha's Vineyard), s. Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner) PR38]

Simeon, h. Mary (d. Samuel Whippey and Parnal), h. Anna (wid. ––––– Fish, d. James Coleman of Cotuit [dup. Barnstable], Cape Cod), s. Simeon and Jedidah (Coffin), 3: 4m: 1761. PR38

Simeon, ch. Obed and Deborah, 17: 11m: 1789. CR4

Simeon R., s. Valentine and Diana Marchant, 16: 12m: 1812. PR38

Simeon R., h. Henrietta Fisher of Falmouth, s. Stephen P. and Eliza S. Fisher, 23: 8m: 1839. PR38

Solomon, s. Zephaniah and Hepzibah (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Solomon, ch. Zepheniah and Abigail (second w.), ––: 1m: 1750. CR4 [h. Eunice (d. Nathaniel Macy), h. Phebe (Clark) Gardner, s. Zephaniah and Abigail (Coleman) (second w.), ––: 11m: 1750 PR38]

Solomon, ch. Shubael and Mary (second w.), ––: 11m: 1771. CR4 [Salmon, h. Ann (d. William Mitchell and Hannah), s. Shubael and Mary (Swain) (second w.) PR38]

Solomon, ch. Solomon and Eunice, 25: 10m: 1772. CR4 [h. Sarah (d. Thomas Barnard and Ruth), s. Solomon and Eunice (Macy), 26: 10m: [dup. 26: 10m: 1773] PR38]

Sophia Whitefield, w. Jethro, 22: 2m: 1785. PR38

Sophia Whitfield, ch. Jethro and w., bp. Oct. 31, 1830. CR1 [d. Jethro and Mary (Cobb), b. 22: 9m: 1829 PR38]

Sophia W., w. Lewis Jefferson Pringle, d. Frederick W. and Mary (Waters), 29: 12m: 1832. PR38

Sophronia B., w. Elliot Walker Esq., d. Capt. Edwin and Sarah (Folger), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sophronia C., w. Simeon Balch of VT, d. Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), 3: 8m: 1808. PR38

Stephen, h. Sarah (d. Richard Macy), s. Isiah and Mary (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Stephen, h. Rachel (d. John Hunt), s. Barnabas and Phebe (Marshall), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Stephen G., s. Gorham and Rebecca (Mitchell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Stephen, h. Mary (d. George Bunker and Jane), s. Tristram and Dionis (Stevens), 11: 5m: 1652 [see Newbury Vital Records]. PR38

Stephen, s. Stephen, Feb. 20, 1675. [h. Experience (d. Thomas Look), s. Stephen and Mary (Bunker), 20: 2m: PR38]

Stephen, ch. Zepheniah and Miriam, 30: 1m: 1730-1. CR4 [h. Mary (d. Samuel Bunker and Priscilla), s. Zephaniah and Miriam (Macy), 30: 1m: 1730 PR38]

Stephen, ch. Stephen and Mary, 22: 11m: 1752. CR4 [h. Eunice (d. Jonathan Coffin and Eunice), s. Stephen and Mary (Bunker) PR38]

Stephen P., h. Mary Eliza Fish [dup. Eliza S. Fisher], s. Valentine and Diana Marchant, 13: 7m: 1816. PR38

Susan, see Susanna.

Susan, d. Paul and Susanna (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Susan, ch. Zebulun and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. Reuben P. Folger (s. Isaac and Love), d. Zebulon and Eliza [dup. Elizabeth] (Barnard) (second w.), 20: 3m: 1808 PR38]

Susan, d. Hezekiah Jr. and Nancy (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Susan E., d. Henry S. and Harriet King, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Susan [dup. Susanna], third w. Joseph Earl [dup. Earle], d. Peter of Tuckernuck and Judith (Pinkham) (Gardner), 6: 8m: 1767. PR38

Susan [Coffin, w. –––––] Poole, ––– ––, 1777. GR3 [Coffin, w. John Silvea Sr., w. Charles Darling, w. Benjamin Coffin of Martha's Vineyard, d. Ephraim and Sarah, 20: [dup. 22:, second dup. 26:] 1m: [a third entry reads Susan Berry, w. Samuel Emery, see mar. records, 20: 1m: 1779] PR38]

Susan, second w. Reuben Alley (s. Jacob), d. Brown and Deborah (Coleman), 30: 4m: 1778. PR38

Susan, w. Edward Wood ("an Englishman"), d. William Esq. and Sarah (Gardner), 11: 1m: 1787. PR38

Susan, w. Joseph P. Melcher, d. James Josiah and Susanna (Pinkham), 20: 8m: 1801. PR38

Susan, ch. William Barnard and Deborah, 25: 12m: 1804. CR4 [w. Capt. John B. Coleman (s. John B.), d. William Barnard and Deborah (Swain) PR38]

Susan, w. James Gwinn (s. James Jr.), fourth w. Owen Chase (s. Judah), d. Jesse and Phebe (Rawson), 25: 8m: 1807. PR38

Susan, w. Amos Eldredge (s. James T.), d. Gideon and Elizabeth (Ellis), 10: 4m: 1811. PR38

Susan, w. Rufus P. Moses of Montpelier, VT, d. Job C. and Phebe (Grew), 7: 11m: 1813. PR38

Susan C., w. Nathan P. Cartland of Maine, d. Edward C. and Elizabeth (Bunker), 3: 6m: 1817. PR38

Susan, d. William and Phebe (Congdon), ––– ––, 1826. PR38

Susan, w. David Brayton Jr., d. Jethro and Mary (Cobb), 6: 1m: 1826. PR38

Susan Plasket, ch. Edward and Mary, bp. Mar. 23, 1834. CR1 [w. Francis M. Barrett (s. John W.), d. Edward W. and Mary (Plasket), b. ––: 5m: 1829 PR38]

Susan Starbuck, d. Henry and Eliza, Dec. 22, 1839. GR3 [d. Henry and Eliza (Starbuck) PR38]

Susan E., d. Alexander and Mary G. (Edwards), 12: 1m: 1841. PR38

Susan S., d. Charles H., mariner, and Lydia, Feb. 10, 1846.

Susan E., w. James A. Holmes (s. Frederick and Mary), d. Obed and Angeline M. (Douglas), ––– ––, 1847. PR38

Susanna, see Susan.

Susanna, w. Peleg Bunker (s. William and Mary), d. Stephen and Mary (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Susanna, w. Obed Folger (s. John and Love), d. Jonathan and Priscilla (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Susannah, d. Jonathan, 30: 10m: 1712. [Susanna, second w. Robert Coffin (s. Jethro and Mary), d. Jonathan and Hepsibeth (Harker), 30: 12m: PR38]

Susanna, d. Joshua and Priscilla, Aug. 1, 1721. [d. Joshua and Priscilla (Bunker), 1: 8m: PR38]

Susanna, ch. Robert and Susanna, Sept. 7, 1731. [Susannah, w. James Whippey Jr., d. Robert and Susanna (Coffin), 7: 9m: PR38]

Susanna, d. Cromwel and Ruth, Oct. 11, 1733. [d. Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin), 11: 10m: PR38]

Susanna, d. James and Priscilla, Dec. 14, 1740. [Susan, first w. John Pinkham (s. Solomon and Eunice), d. James and Priscilla (Rawson), 14: 12m: PR38]

Susanna, ch. Benjamin and Rebekah, Aug. 25, 1748. [ch. Benjamin and Rebekah (Coffin) PR16; w. Jethro Pinkham (s. Theophilas and Deborah), d. Benjamin and Rebecca (Coffin), 25: 8m: [dup. 6: 9m:] PR38]

Susanna, w. Simeon Swain (s. Daniel), d. Abner and Phebe (Butler), 28: 8m: 1749. PR38

Susanna, ch. Joseph and Eunice, 11: 12m: 1756. CR4 [second w. Abishai Swain, d. Joseph and Eunice (Paddack) PR38]

Susanna, ch. James and Janet, Nov. 2, 1781. [d. James and Jennet CR3; d. James and Jeanette (Coffin) PR38]

Susanna, ch. Charles and Miriam, 1: 3m: 1808. CR4 [Susan, w. Henry Swain, ––– ––, 1809 GR3; Susan, w. Henry Swain (s. Franklin), s. Charles and Miriam (Chase) (Parker), 1: 3m: 1809 PR38]

Silvester, s. Shubael and Lucretia Struse, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sylvester, see Silvester.

Sylvia, see Silvia.

Silvia, w. William Alley (s. Jacob), d. John and Elizabeth (Gardner), 11: 10m: 1771. PR38

Tabitha, w. Dr. Tobey, d. Gayer and Rebecca Parker, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Tamar, w. Jedidah Russell (s. Seth), d. Obed and Phebe (Gardner), 13: 2m: 1788. PR38

Telemachus B., h. Bridget Kierman, s. Cyrus and Abigail (Butler), 7: 12m: 1802. PR38

Thaddeus [h. Ann], Oct. 12, 1755. PR18 [h. Ann (d. ––––– Parker of London), s. Henry and Mary (Woodbury) PR38]

Thaddeus, ch. Tristram Jr. and Mary, 1: 12m: 1768. CR4 [Jemima (d. Barzillai Folger and Miriam (Gardner) (first w.)), s. Tristram 3d and Mary (Pinkham), 1: 12m: 1769 PR38]

Thaddeus, h. Eliza (d. John Cartwright and Mary), s. Thaddeus and Ann (Parker), 15: 2m: 1789. PR38

Thaddeus, s. Thaddeus and Eliza (Cartwright), 26: 5m: 1821. PR38

Thaddeus, h. Caroline Carter, s. Frederick W. and Mary (Waters), 2: 3m: 1841. PR38

Theodate, w. Charles Wheeler, d. Francis and Hepsibeth (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas, h. Abigail (d. John Rusell), s. Micah and Dorcas (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas, h. Miriam (d. Zeno Worth and Abigail), s. Samuel and Mary (Macy) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas, s. Salmon and Anna (Mitchell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas, s. Benjamin and Mary (Brown), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas, s. Tristram and Mary (Bunker), 7: 8m: 1714. PR38

Thomas, ch. Samuel and Elizabeth, 7: 11m: 1747, in Martha's Vineyard. CR4 [h. Sarah (d. Enoch Coffin Jr. and Jane Claghorn), s. Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner) PR38]

Thomas, s. Daniel and Mary (Harlock) (first w.), ––– ––, 1754 [? in Edgartown]. PR38

Thomas, ch. Benjamin and Deborah (second w.), 5: 9m: 1766. CR4 [h. Anna (d. William Folger and Ruth), s. Benjamin and Deborah (Macy) PR38]

Thomas Maverick, ch. Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. Jan. 20, 1771. CR3 [s. Joseph, painter, and Elizabeth (Jillings), b. 15: 1m: PR38]

Thomas, h. Sally Pettis, s. Albert and Polly (Fay), 3: 1m: 1789. PR38

Thomas, ch. Gilbert and Phebe, 19: 7m: 1789. CR4 [h. Margaret (d. Nathaniel Paddack), h. Mercy G. (d. Joseph Coffin and Lucy) PR38]

Thomas Mayhew, ch. Thomas and Anna, 19: 6m: 1798. CR4 [s. Thomas and Anna (Folger) PR38]

Thomas B., s. Uriah and Sarah Butler, 20: 5m: 1801. PR38

Thomas, ch. Bartlet and Elizabeth, 23: 2m: 1803. CR4 [s. Bartlett and Elizabeth (Bunker) PR38]

Thomas, h. Velina [dup. Valina] (d. Owen Swain and Abigail), h. Lydia (wid. Timothy Coffin, d. Elias Ceely and Dinah), s. Francis and Ruth (Upham), 13: 2m: 1806. PR38

Thomas H., ch. William Barnard and Deborah, 29: 1m: 1821. CR4 [s. William Barnard and Deborah (Swain). PR38]

Thomas Jefferson, ch. Gardner and Mary, bp. Aug. 26, 1821. CR1 [h. Lurana M. Fisher, h. Deborah (Coleman), twin s. Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), b. 15: 8m: 1810 PR38]

Thomas F., s. Thomas and Margaret (Paddack), 4: 3m: 1826. PR38

Thomas R., h. Maria M. (d. Gershom Phinney and Martha), s. Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks), 21: 4m: 1829. PR38

Thomas B., s. Edward C. and Elizabeth (Bunker), 1: 8m: 1834. PR38

Thomas E., h. Laura A. Aldrich of Adrian, MI, s. Alexander H. and Eliza (Worth), ––– ––, 1838. PR38

Thomas A., s. Thomas 2d, mariner, and Valina, Jan. 20, 1845. [Thomas Augustus, h. Rebecca Ann (Snow), s. Thomas and Valina (Swain) PR38]

Timothy, s. Cromwell and Ruth (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Timothy, s. Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Timothy, s. Obed and Phebe (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Timothy, h. Eunice (d. Tristram Gardner and Deborah), s. Tristram and Mary (Bunker), 29: [dup. 26:] 8m: 1731. PR38

Timothy, s. Abner and Phebe, May 14, 1734. [h. Priscilla (d. William Pardon Cook and Rebecca of Tiverton), s. Abner and Phebe (Butler), ––: 6m: PR38]

Timothy, ch. Hezekiah and Abigail, 19: 3m: 1769. CR4 [s. Hezekiah and Abigail (Gardner) PR38]

Timothy, ch. Obed and Deborah, 22: 10m: 1783. CR4 [s. Obed and Deborah (Coleman) PR38]

Timothy, h. Deborah (d. Henry Pierce of Cape Cod), s. Miriam, 6: 2m: 1786. PR38

Timothy G., h. Betsey (d. John Avery Parker of N.B.), s. William Esq. and Sarah (Gardner), 1: 11m: 1788. PR38 [s. William, cooper, and w. PR64]

Timothy R., Capt., h. Lydia (d. Elias Ceeley and Dinah), s. Francis and Ruth (Upham), 27: 11m: 1809. PR38

Timothy W., s. Tristram and Deborah (Swain), ––– ––, 1813. PR38

Tristram, h. Jemima (d. Ebenezar Barnard and Mary), s. Peter "(Nope)" and Hope (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Tristram, h. Dionis (d. Robert Stevens of Brixton), s. Peter [q.v.] of Brixton, co. Devon, Eng., and Joan Thumber, father of Peter, Tristram, Elizabeth, James, John, Deborah, Mary, John, and Stephen, ––– ––, 1605, in England. PR38

Tristram, h. Deborah Colcord, s. Peter and Abigail (Starbuck), Mar. 8, 1665 [? in NH]. PR38

Tristram, h. Mary (d. William Bunker and Mary), s. John and Deborah (Austin), ––– ––, 1685. PR38

Tristram, s. Peter Jr., Apr. 26, 1685. [h. Hannah (d. John Brown and Rachel), s. Peter and Elizabeth (Starbuck), 26: 4m: PR38]

Tristram Jr., h. Hepsibeth (d. Zephaniah Coffin), h. Elizabeth (d. Paul Starbuck and Ann), s. Tristram and Mary (Bunker), 4: 12m: 1722. PR38

Tristram, s. Tristram and Hepzibah, Aug. 18, 1746. [h. Mary (d. Richard Pinkham), s. Tristram Jr. and Hepzibah (Coffin), 18: 8m: PR38]

Tristram, ch. Samuel and Elizabeth, 5: 4m: 1755, in Martha's Vineyard. CR4 [h. Abigail (d. Benjamin Coffin and Elizabeth of Martha's Vineyard), s. Samuel and Elizabeth (Gardner) PR38]

Tristram, Dec. 15, 1763. PR53

Tristram, Oct. 10, 1774. PR53

Tristram, ch. Tristram Jr. and Mary, 6: 12m: 1779. CR4 [Tristram 4th, h. Eunice (d. Paul Mitchell), s. Tristram 3d and Mary (Pinkham) PR38]

Tristram M., h. Mary F. (d. William Mooers), s. Tristram and Eunice (Mitchell), 30: 4m: 1803. PR38

Tristram, h. Deborah (d. George Swain and Deborah), s. Tristram and Abigail of Martha's Vineyard, 8: 9m: 1808 [see death]. PR38

Tristram, s. David and Maria (Hussey) (third w.), ––– ––, 1828. PR38

Tristriam, s. Alexander H. and Jane Vincent, 17: 12m: 1837. PR38

Uriah Jr., h. Lydia (d. Elihu Coffin and Jemima), s. Capt. Uriah and Mary (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Uriah H., h. Pluma Hough, h. Hepsy (wid. George Sprague, d. Seth Clisby), s. Presbury and Sarah (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Uriah, ch. Bartlet and Judith, Jan. 2, 1739. [h. Hepsibeth (d. Uriah Bunker and Zaruiah), s. Bartlett and Judith (Bunker), 2: 1m: PR38]

Uriah, ch. Hezekiah and Lydia, 3: 8m: 1751. [8: 8m: CR4; h. Mary of NY, s. Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger), 3: 8m: PR38]

Uriah, Capt., h. Mary (d. Peter Jenkins and Abigail), s. Jethro and Hannah (Pinkham), ––– ––, 1752. PR38

Uriah, ch. Paul and Susanna, 18: 8m: 1766. CR4 [h. Mary (Pinkham), s. Paul and Susanna (Bunker) PR38]

Uriah, h. Sarah Butler, h. Hannah Vincent, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Norton) of Martha's Vineyard, 18: 12m: 1767. PR38

Uriah, May 14, 1777. GR2 [h. Elizabeth (d. Thomas Hiller and Elizabeth), s. Joshua and Beulah (Gardner) PR38]

Uriah, h. Susan Nye, h. Abigail Cook, s. John and Mary Wass, 8: 4m: 1778. PR38

Uriah, m., s. Abihu and Elizabeth (Folger) (Wharton), 9: 1m: 1786. PR38

Uriel, s. Silvanus and Elizabeth (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ursula, w. Clark James Wells, d. Gayer and Rebecca Parker, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Valentine, s. Ebenezer, Dec. 21, 1716. [s. Ebenezar and Eleanor (Barnard), 21: 12m: PR38]

Valentine, ch. Ebenezer and Mary, 27: 3m: 1760. CR4 [s. Ebenezar and Mary (Cartwright) PR38]

Valentine, h. Diana Marchant, h. Judith (d. Ebenezar Coffin and Mary), s. Obed and Phebe (Gardner), 23: 9m: 1782. PR38

Valentine, h. Sarah (d. Samuel Nye and Polly), s. William Esq. and Sarah (Gardner), 25: 1m: 1785. PR38

Valentine, h. Anna (d. "William or John" Wilson), h. Jemima Archibald of Orange, Co., NY, s. Brown and Deborah (Coleman), 13: 5m: 1788. PR38

Vestal, h. Aletha Fluke, s. William and Elizabeth Vestal (second w., of NC), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Walter, ch. Nathaniel and Mary, 20: 10m: 1748. CR4 [h. Polly Gardner, s. Nathaniel and Mary (Sheffield) PR38; Oct. 20. PR53]

Walter, ch. Gilbert and Phebe, 9: 3m: 1787. CR4 [s. Gilbert and Phebe (Barnard) PR38]

Waterman, h. Love (d. Seth Cleaveland and Mary), s. Zacheriah and Deborah (Beard), 25: 12m: 1783. PR38

William, s. Tristram and Mary (Bunker), ––– ––, –––– [rec. before ch. b. 17: 9m: 1718]. PR38

William, s. Joseph, painter, and Elizabeth (Jillings), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, s. Joshua and Beulah (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, h. Eunice (wid. Roy Alford, d. Zeno Worth and Abigail), s. Samuel and Mary (Carr), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, h. ––––– Clark, s. Isaiah and Mary (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, h. Hannah (d. George Idins and Alice), s. Libni and Hepzibah (Starbuck), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, h. Electa, s. Capt. Uriah and Mary (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, h. Phebe (d. Timothy Bunker and Judith), s. Salmon and Anna (Mitchell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, m., s. Abraham and Lydia (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, s. Alexander J. and Lydia (Stratton), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, s. William H. and Jane Mabbitt, ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

William B., h. Merab (d. Barzillai Bunker and Lydia), s. Stephen Jr. and Eunice (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William G., s. Moses and Judith (Smith), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William Henry, s. Valentine and Sarah (Nye), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William J., s. Benjamin and Mary (Brown), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William M., see William.

William, s. Nathaniell, Dec. 1, 1699. [h. Ann (d. Ebenezar Holmes of Boston), s. Nathaniel and Damaris (Gayer), 1: 12m: [dup. 21: 12m: 1690] PR38]

William, ch. Samuel and Miriam, ––– ––, 1720. CR4 [h. Priscilla (d. Nathaniel Paddack and Ann), s. Samuel and Miriam (Gardner) PR38]

William, Sheriff of Kingston, Ont., Can., h. Mary (d. Thomas Ashton), s. William and Ann (Holmes), 11: 4m: 1723. PR38

William, s. Francis dec'd and Theodata, Aug. 5, 1730. [h. Jedidah (d. John Folger and Rebecca), s. Francis and Theodate (Gorham), 5: 8m: PR38]

William, ch. Benjamin and Jedidah, 13: 11m: 1730. CR4 [h. Hepsibeth (d. Benjamin Barney), h. Lydia (d. Zaccheus Gardner and Jemima), h. Elizabeth (Macy) Moores, s. Benjamin and Jedidah (Hussey), 13: 12m: PR38]

William, h. Lydia (d. Jethro Coleman and Lydia), s. David and Mary Lumbert, 20: 7m: 1743. PR38

William, ch. William and Priscilla, Sept. 25, 1747. [h. Esther Hunt, h. Elizabeth Vestal of NC, s. William and Priscilla (Paddack) PR38]

William, ch. Jonathan and Eunice, ––– ––, 1752. CR4 [s. Jonathan and Eunice (Barnard) PR38]

William, ch. William and Jedidah, 16: 12m: 1756. CR4 [h. Deborah GR3; h. Deborah (d. Jonathan Pinkham), s. William and Jedida (Folger) PR38]

William, ch. William and Ann (Holmes), ––– ––, 1758. PR38 [? accuracy of this entry]

William, h. Sarah (d. Thaddeus Gardner and Susanna), s. Timothy and Priscilla (Cook), 11: 1m: 1761. PR38

William Henry, h. Martha (d. Ebenezer Allen and Mary of Hudson, NY), s. Alexander and Eunice (Bunker), 9: 11m: 1778. PR38

William, ch. Joseph and Elizabeth, bp. June 13, 1779. CR3 [William M., h. Mary (d. Edward Burdett and Parnell), s. Joseph, painter, and Elizabeth (Jillings), b. 11: 6m: PR38]

William, s. Matthew and Matilda, Nov. 26, 1779.

William, h. Hepzibah (d. Gersham Cathcart), s. Elihu and Eunice (Folger), 16: 2m: 1780. PR38

William B., ch. Gilbert and Phebe, 21: 8m: 1781. CR4 [William Barnard Coffin, h. Deborah (d. John Swain), h. Lydia Chadwick (wid.), h. Lucy Macy (wid.), h. Mary (d. Richard Worth and Phebe), s. Gilbert and Phebe (Barnard) PR38]

William, ch. William and Lydia "of the vineyard," 25: 2m: 1784. CR4 [h. Phebe (d. Caleb Congdon of New Bedford), s. William and Lydia (Coleman) PR38]

William Henry, Capt., h. Lydia (d. David Coleman), h. Lurania (d. Grafton Gardner and Abigail), s. Solomon and Phebe (Clark) (Gardner) (second w.), 26: 6m: 1786. PR38

William, h. Valina (d. Jabez Wheldon Jr.), s. Albert and Polly (Fay), 23: 1m: 1787. PR38

William P., s. James Josiah and Susanna (Pinkham), 18: 11m: 1787. PR38

William, h. Anna (d. Joseph Swain and Jedida), s. Aaron and Mary (Barnard), ––– ––, 1788. PR38

William Geyer, ch. Paul and Ruth, 20: 6m: 1791. CR4 [William Gayer Coffin, h. Anna (d. Thomas Bunker Jr.), h. Lucretia (d. William Hosier), h. Phebe (Coffin) Hills, h. Betsey (d. Franklin Swain), h. Lydia H. [dup. Harriet, omits Lydia] (d. Edward Cary), s. Paul and Ruth (Pinkham) PR38]

William R., h. Mary (d. John Robbins and Elizabeth), h. Ruth (d. Gideon Coffin and Mary), h. Eliza M. (wid. David Swain, d. Shubael Russell and Betsey [d. Abel Bunker and Elizabeth]), s. Elial and Ruth (Beard), 28: 1m: 1794. PR38

William, May 4, 1798. GR3 [William Jr., h. Elizabeth C. (d. Peter Hussey and Mary), s. William and Deborah (Pinkham) PR38]

William Henry, s. William Esq. and Sarah (Gardner), 31: 12m: 1798. PR38

William G., s. Francis and Lydia (Gardner), 29: 3m: 1803. PR38

William H., h. Betsey Currier of Maine, s. Alpheus and Love (Pitts), ––– ––, 1804. PR38

William Henry, h. Mary Ann (d. Gayer Gardner of Hudson), s. William and Martha (Allen), ––– ––, 1804. PR38

William A., s. George B. and Abigail (Allen), 4: 1m: 1809. PR38

William B., h. Mary Reynolds, s. Matthew Jr. and Anna (Bunker), 19: 8m: 1809. PR38

William N., s. Tristram and Deborah (Swain), 20: 9m: 1810. PR38

William Henry, h. Elmina Howard, s. William and Valina, 22: 1m: 1812. PR38

William Gardner, s. Paul and Priscilla (Johnston) (Gardner), 24: 12m: 1814. PR38

William C., h. Sarah C. (d. Paul Barney and Mary C.), s. William and Phebe (Congdon), ––– ––, 1816. PR38

William Henry, h. Emeline (d. Barzillai Burdett and Eunice), h. Maria L. (wid. Joseph Chase, d. Reuben Jenkins and Lydia), s. William M. and Mary (Burdett), 18: 3m: 1816. PR38

William H., h. Nancy B. (d. Isaiah Eldridge [dup. Eldredge] and Jane of Cape Cod), s. Prince and Eliza (Austin), 12: 10m: 1818. PR38

William G., h. Caroline of Baltimore, s. George G. and Lydia (Gardner), ––– ––, 1819. PR38

William H., h. Jane Mabbitt, s. Robert and Magdalen (Bentley), ––– ––, 1819. PR38

William Goodwin, ch. Gardner and Mary, bp. Aug. 26, 1821. CR1 [s. Gardner and Mary Jackson (Goodwin), b. ––: 10m: 1814 PR38]

William H., h. Mary A. Cornell of N. Bedford, s. Joseph and Lucy (Grew), ––– ––, 1827. PR38

William R., h. Cornelia F. (d. Frederick Gardner and Mary), s. Elijah Jr. and Eunice (Ramsdell), ––– ––, 1827. PR38

William L., h. Ann Amelia (d. Isaac Gardner), s. George and Sarah (Calder) (second w.), 28: 2m: 1830. PR38

William H., h. Margaret Montgomery, s. Timothy G. and Betsey (Parker), 5: 5m: 1830. PR38

William Hughes, s. Charles Griffin and Mary Ann Hughes (second w.), 13: 2m: 1832. PR38

William B., h. Martha Ann Ferguson, s. Capt. Seth Jr. and Lydia (Coleman), ––: 3m: 1834. PR38

William, s. William Jr. and Elizabeth C. (Hussey), ––: 6m: 1835. PR38

William H., h. Emmeline C. (d. Edward S. Ray and Lydia B.), s. Capt. Timothy R. and Lydia (Ceely), 5: 6m: 1836. PR38

William Seabury, s. Benjamin F. and Mary C. (Crosby), ––– ––, 1838. PR38

William C., s. Gardner and Phebe Ann (Chase), ––: 10m: 1838. PR38

William B., s. James B. and Mary (Coffin), 23: 1m: 1843. PR38

William, twin s. Alfred and Lilian (Marcus), 15: 2m: 1844. PR38

William H., s. William H., mariner, and Nancy P., Sept. 28, 1845. [William H. Jr., s. William H. and Nancy B. (Eldridge) PR38]

William F., s. Stephen, cooper, and Eliza [Stephen P. and Eliza S. Fisher PR38], May 11, 1847.

William Henry Jr., twin s. William Henry and Elmina Howard, 8: 6m: 1848. PR38

William F., s. Obed and Angeline M. (Douglas), ––– ––, 1849. PR38

Wilmot, s. John and Mary Wass, 27: 11m: 1788. PR38

Winifred, w. Henry L. Day of Ohio, d. Josiah P. and Mary (Gelston), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Winifred, w. Frederick Lawrence (organist), d. Capt. William Henry and Lurania (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Winifred, second w. Elisha Starbuck (s. William), d. William and Deborah (Pinkham), 12: 2m: 1789. PR38

Winifred, w. Jethro B. Brooks (s. William), d. Alexander and Lucinda (Weeks), 4: 10m: 1808. PR38

Winifred B. [? m.], Nov. 17, 1819 [on stone beside that of Rufus]. GR3

Winifred B., w. Charles A. Worth (s. Reuben and Mary), d. Henry S. and Phebe F. (Barnard), 9: 11m: 1840. PR38

Zabdiel, see Zebdial.

Zabdiel, ch. Peleg and Hephzibah, Aug. 17, 1745. [Zebdial, h. Lurania (d. Benjamin Coffin), s. Peleg and Hepsibeth (Coffin), 17: 8m: PR38]

Zaccheus, see Zacheus.

Zacheus, s. Joseph, 11: 1m: 1710. [Zaccheus, h. Mary (d. Shubael Pinkham and Abigail), s. Joseph and Bethia (Macy) PR38]

Zaccheus, ch. Zaccheus and Mary, 19: 3m: 1751. CR4 [h. Thankful (Joy), s. Zaccheus and Mary (Pinkham) PR38]

Zaccheus, s. Zaccheus Jr. and Thankful (Joy), 8: 5m: 1780. PR38

Zacheriah, h. Deborah (d. John Beard and Deborah), s. Joseph and Judith (Coffin), 20: 11m: 1742. PR38

Zebdial, h. Hepsibeth (d. Timothy Swain and Mary (Coleman)), s. Zebdial and Lurania (Coffin), 29: 8m: 1769. PR38

Zebulon, h. Eunice (d. Isaac Chase and Eunice), h. Eliza (d. Matthew Barnard and Deborah), s. John and Susanna (Clark), 28: 11m: 1779. PR38

Zebulon Butler, s. Cyrus and Abigail (Butler), 19: 4m: 1813. PR38

Zebulon Butler, h. Catherine Elizabeth (d. Jesse Justice and Susan), s. Cyrus and Abigail (Butler), 17: 11m: 1815. PR38

Zenas, s. Charles G. and Eliza (McArthur), 13: 4m: 1829. PR38

Zenas, h. Eliza Jane (d. Edward Field and Eliza Jepson), s. Charles G. and Eliza (McArthur), 3: 5m: 1830. PR38

Zenos, ch. Micajah and Abigail, 3: 6m: 1764. CR4 [Zenas, h. Abial (d. Daniel Gardner and Provided), s. Micajah and Abigail (Cleman) PR38]

Zepheniah, ch. Zepheniah and Hepsibah, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [Zephaniah, h. Deborah (d. John Macy and Bethiah), h. Sally Hatch, s. Zephaniah and Hepsibah (Bunker), 14: 6m: 1772 PR38]

Zephaniah, s. Stephen Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], 28: 8m: 1699. [h. Miriam (d. John Macy Jr. and Judith), h. Abigail (d. Solomon Coleman and Mary), s. Stephen Jr. and Experience (Look), 28: 10m: PR38]

Zepheniah, ch. Zepheniah and Abigail (second w.), ––: 1m: 1747. CR4 [Zephaniah Jr., h. Hepzibah (d. Jonathan Bunker and Judith), s. Zephaniah and Abigail (Coleman) (second w.) PR38]

Zimri, ch. Seth and Susanna, 14: 2m: 1783. CR4 [h. Abigail (d. Eliphalet Paddack), s. Seth and Susanna (Barnard) PR38]


–––––, d. Mrs. Coggeshall, Sept. 24, 1779. PR64

–––––, Nov. 26, 1787. PR64

Amey, d. Gideon and Mary, 17: 10m: 1790. PR38

Anna, ch. Peleg and Sarah (second w.), 2: 7m: 1770. CR4 [w. David Ray 2d (s. William and Mary), d. Peleg and Sarah (Fish) (second w.) PR38]

Anna, ch. Peleg Jr. and Deborah, 9: 4m: 1799. CR4 [w. George F. Joy PR5; w. George Joy (s. William and Jedida), d. Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger) PR38]

Ann Eliza, d. William B. and Ann M. (Jenkins), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Benjamin, s. Benjamin and Sarah (Norton), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, ch. Peleg and Anna, 17: 11m: 1758. CR4 [h. Sarah "of the Vine-yard" (d. Judah Norton), s. Peleg and Anna (Folger) PR38]

Benjamin, ch. Peleg Jr. and Deborah, 4: 2m: 1801. CR4 PR5 [s. Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger) PR38]

Benjamin, ch. Peleg Jr. and Deborah, 15: 2m: 1803. CR4 PR5 [h. Eunice (d. Benjamin Gardner and Judith), s. Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger) PR38]

Benjamin G., s. Benjamin and Eunice (Gardner), ––– ––, 1833. PR38

Boylston, m., s. John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Caleb, h. Mercy Mitchell, [? s. Job and Deborah] ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Caleb, ch. Job and Deborah, 28: 8m: 1758. CR4 [h. Elizabeth Hozier, s. Job and Deborah (Starbuck) PR38]

Caroline J., w. Thomas M. Lyme of Philadelphia, d. William B. and Ann M. (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles G., ch. Peleg Jr. and Deborah, 11: 1m: 1811. CR4 PR5 [h. Phebe M. (d. Alexander Swain and Eunice), s. Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger) PR38]

Cornelius, h. Mahitabel, s. John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Cynthia, d. Gideon and Mary, 3: 10m: 1794. PR38

Deborah, ch. Job and Deborah, 7: 6m: 1769. CR4 [second w. Paul Macy (s. Joseph and Hannah), d. Job and Deborah (Starbuck) PR38]

Edward, ch. Peleg Jr. and Deborah, 26: 9m: 1808. CR4 PR5 [s. Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger) PR38]

Eliza, w. Richard C. Lovell of Cape Cod, w. J.B. Prince of Boston, d. Robert and Betsey (Coffin), 14: 6m: 1806. PR38

Elizabeth, w. David Albro, d. John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. Cornelius and Meheteble, 27: 3m: 1766. CR4 [d. Cornelius and Mehitable PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Peleg Jr. and Deborah, 7: 10m: 1815. CR4 PR5 [w. Henry D. Gardner of Maine (s. John and Phebe), d. Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger), 7: 10m: 1814 PR38]

Elizabeth G., d. George F. and Anna F. (Gardner), ––– ––, 1841. PR38

Frederic, m. "in Boston," s. Robert and Betsey (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Frederick C., s. William B., sail maker, and Ann, Mar. 15, 1845.

Freeborn, h. Abigail (d. John Gwynn and Eunice), s. John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George, s. Gideon and Mary, 18: 1m: 1804. PR38

George Folger, ch. Peleg Jr. and Deborah, 7: 11m: 1804. CR4 PR5 [h. Anna F. (d. Henry Gardner and Hannah), s. Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger) PR38]

Gideon, h. Mary, 28: 8m: 1765. PR38

Giles, h. Elizabeth (sister of David Mitchell), s. Caleb and Elizabeth (Hosier), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hannah, w. Henry Hadley of RI, d. John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Henry Gardner, s. George F., mariner, and Ann, July, 29, 1843. [s. George F. and Anna F. (Gardner), ––– ––, 1844 PR38]

James, s. Gideon and Mary, 1: 12m: 1801. PR38

Jane, twin d. Gideon and Mary, 21: 10m: 1792. PR38

Job, h. Deborah (d. Tristram Starbuck and Deborah), h. Miriam (wid. Tristram Macy, d. William Barnard), s. Caleb and Mercy Mitchell, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Job, ch. Job and Deborah, 5: 7m: 1764. CR4 [s. Job and Deborah (Starbuck) PR38]

John of RI, h. Mary Slocum, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John Jr. of RI, h. Elizabeth (d. Gideon Freeborn), s. John and Mary (Slocum), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John H., s. Robert and Betsey (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John E., s. Gideon and Mary, 15: 8m: 1799. PR38

Joseph Calef, ch. Paul and Margaret, bp. July 14, 1776. CR3 [Josiah Calif Coggeshall, h. Nancy (Fitz Gerald), s. Paul and Margaret (Calif) (Cook), b. 11: 7m: PR38; b. July 10 PR64]

Lucius D., s. Amasa, musician, and Caroline, Aug. 28, 1844.

Lydia, ch. Peleg Jr. and Deborah, 20: 5m: 1813. CR4 PR5 [w. Farnham Spofford, d. Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger) PR38]

Lydia B., d. William B., sail maker, and Ann [Ann M. (Jenkins) PR38], Nov. 7, 1848.

Mahala, w. David Coffin (s. Jonathan), d. Paul and Margaret (Calif) (Cook), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Marcellus, s. George F., laborer, and Anna, July 29, 1847. [Marcellas, s. George F. and Anna F. (Gardner), ––– ––, 1848 PR38]

Margaret, w. Lyman Frink of Buffalo, d. William B. and Ann M. (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Peggy, see Margaret.

Margaret [dup. Peggy], w. George W. Ewer (s. Alvin of Barnstable), d. Robert and Betsey (Coffin), 18: 10m: 1803. PR38

Martha, ch. Peleg Jr. and Deborah, 28: 1m: 1818. CR4 PR5 [d. Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger) PR38]

Martha S., d. Benjamin and Eunice (Gardner), ––– ––, 1837. PR38

Mary Ann, w. Dr. Knox, d. Robert and Betsey (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, d. John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), ––– ––, 1752. PR38

Mary, w. Gideon, 2: 5m: 1769. PR38

Mary, twin d. Gideon and Mary, 21: 10m: 1792. PR38

Nancy, d. Josiah Calif and Nancy (Fitz Gerald), 15: 5m: 1803. PR38

Nathaniel, h. Eliza (d. Jonathan Pitts and Lucy), ––– ––, 1815. PR38

Obed, s. Benjamin and Sarah (Norton), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Paul, h. Margaret (wid. Joseph [dup. Hugh] Cook, d. Ebenezer Calif and Elizabeth), s. John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), 15: 3m: 1750. PR38

Peleg, h. Anna (d. Timothy Folger and Anna), h. Sarah (d. Benjamin Fish), s. Caleb and Mercy Mitchell, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Peleg, ch. Peleg and Anna, 8: 9m: 1762. CR4 [s. Peleg and Anna (Folger), 18: 9m PR38]

Peleg, ch. Peleg and Sarah (second w.), 2: 12m: 1772. CR4 [h. Deborah (Folger) PR5; h. Deborah (d. Tristram Folger and Rhoda (Hussey) (first w.)), s. Peleg and Sarah (Fish) (second w.) PR38]

Peter, ch. Job and Deborah, 27: 11m: 1766. CR4 [h. Pamela (d. Gayer Starbuck and Rachel), s. Job and Deborah (Starbuck) PR38]

Rhoda, ch. d. Peleg Jr. and Deborah, 25: 9m: 1797. CR4 [w. Benjamin Turner (s. Baker and Susan), d. Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger) PR38]

Robert, h. Betsey (d. Elijah Coffin and Ruth), s. Paul and Margaret (Calif) (Cook), ––– ––, 1782. PR38

Rosamond, d. William B. and Ann M. (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ruth, w. Stephen Fish (s. Benjamin and Priscilla), d. John and Elizabeth (Freeborn), sister of Paul, 28: 12m: 1745. PR38

Sarah, ch. Job and Deborah, 22: 1m: 1760. CR4 [w. Peleg Gardner, d. Job and Deborah (Starbuck) PR38]

Sarah, d. Gideon and Mary, 5: 4m: 1796. PR38

Sarah, ch. Peleg Jr. and Deborah, 25: 10m: 1806. CR4 [w. Edward W. Gardner GR3; first w. Edward W. Gardner (s. Tristram and Kezia), d. Peleg Jr. and Deborah (Folger) PR38]

Sarah, d. Robert and Betsey (Coffin), 1: 8m: 1808. PR38

Sarah G., w. Charles H. Rule (s. George and Rebecca), d. Benjamin and Eunice (Gardner), ––– ––, 1829. PR38

Susan, w. George G. Bailey of Boston, d. Robert and Betsey (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Susan, d. Gideon and Mary, 19: 3m: 1809. PR38

Thomas D., s. Gideon and Mary, 22: 10m: 1806. PR38

Tristram, ch. Job and Deborah, 2: 3m: 1762. CR4 [s. Job and Deborah (Starbuck) PR38]

William B., h. Ann (d. Peter Jenkins and Rose), s. Robert and Betsey (Coffin), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William J., s. William B. and Ann M. (Jenkins), ––– ––, ––––. PR38


May, w. Burton Hathaway, d. John, 31: 7m: 1737 [? in N.] PR38


Amelia, w. George W. Defrieze (s. Henry I. and Betsey), d. Francis and Mary B. (Baxter), ––– ––, 1834. PR38

Francis, "Father," h. Mary B., Sept. ––, 1806. GR3 [h. Mary B. (d. Reuben Baxter and Love), ––– ––, 1807 PR38]

George, s. Francis and Mary B. (Baxter), ––– ––, 1837. PR38

Mary F., d. Francis, merchant, and Mary, July 16, 1844.

Reuben B., s. Francis and Mary B. (Baxter), ––– ––, 1840. PR38

Samuel, h. Margaret (d. William Riddell and Betsey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah, w. Josiah C. Swain (s. Frederic and Lucy P.), d. Samuel and Margaret [dup. Peggy] (Riddell), ––: 10m: 1823. PR38

COLEMAN (Colman)

––––– (Colman), ch. Jonathan and Mehetable, bp. July 11, 1742. CR1

–––––, d. Ebenezer and w., Nov. 5, 1787. PR64

–––––, d. David B., saddler, and Mary F., Jan. 13, 1848.

Aaron, twin ch. Francis and Abigail, 12: 11m: 1776. CR4 [s. Francis and Abigail (Bunker) PR38]

Abial, ch. Solomon Jr. and Mahitabel (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abial, ch. Barnebas and Rachel (second w.), 16: 9m: 1736. CR4 [w. Timothy Folger (s. Abishai and Sarah), d. Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey) (second w.) PR38]

Abial, ch. Enoch and Mary, 4: 9m: 1755. CR4 [s. Enoch and Mary (Myrick) PR38]

Abial, w. Charles Myrick (s. Peter and Merab), d. Gardner and Hepsabeth (Ray), 27: 7m: 1791. PR38

Abby, d. Walter and Polly Frieze, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Abigail, w. James Tisdale of Dighton, Bristol, Co., [? twin] d. John and Joanna (Folger), 17: 1m: 1676-7 [see Benjamin]. PR38

Abigail, second w. Zepheniah Coffin, ch. Solomon and Mary, 15: 8m: 1713. CR4 [w. Zephaniah Coffin (s. Stephen Jr. and Experience), d. Solomon and Mary (Macy) PR38]

Abigail, ch. Joseph and Rachel, Feb. 15, 1731-2. [w. William Wyer (s. Robert and Catharine), d. Joseph and Rachael (Norton), 15: 2m: 1732 PR38]

Abigail, ch. Elihu and Jemima, 21: 9m: 1735. CR4 [w. Micajah Coffin PR38]

Abigail, w. Hezekiah Coffin (s. Zaccheus and Mary), second w. Sylvanus Russell (s. Jonathan and Patience), d. Daniel and Elizabeth (Mooers), 10: 8m: [dup. 3m:] 1743. PR38

Abigail, w. John Wilson of England w. William Wilson of England d. Jeremiah and Anna (Russell), 2: 7m: 1758. PR38

Abigail, ch. Enoch and Mary, 3: 9m: 1761. CR4 [w. Christopher Coffin (s. Richard Jr. and Mary), second w. Uriah Pinkham (s. Peleg and Jemima), d. Enoch and Mary (Myrick), 29: 8m: [dup. 28: 9m:] PR38]

Abigail, d. Reuben and Lydia (Swain), 29: 6m: 1768. PR38

Abigail, d. William and Abigail [(Barnard) PR38], Aug. 23, 1774.

Abby B., w. Horace O. Browne (s. John J. and Mary), d. George S. and Susan (Bunker), 24: 3m: 1835. PR38

Abishai, ch. Francis and Abigail, ––– ––, –––– [rec. between ch. b. 9: 11m: 1760 and ch. b. 11: 10m: 1764]. CR4 [s. Francis and Abigail (Bunker) PR38]

Abraham, ch. Nathaniel and Hepsibah, 22: 8m: 1769. CR4 [h. Hepsabeth (d. Stephen Macy and Mercy), h. Abigail (d. Matthew Barnard and Deborah), s. Nathaniel and Hepsabeth (Hussey) PR38]

Abraham B., h. Mary Elma Wood, s. Nathan and Phebe (Bunker) (Macy), 12: 7m: 1812. PR38

Albert, ch. Nathaniel and Hepsibah, 8: 7m: 1772. CR4 [h. Hepsabeth (d. Robert Gardner and Miriam), s. Nathaniel and Hepsabeth (Hussey) PR38]

Albert Coffin, ch. John Franklin and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], 7: 7m: 1812. CR4 [s. John Franklin and Elizabeth (Macy) PR38]

Albertina, second w. John Coe, d. George W. and Sarah (Hussey), ––– ––, 1843. PR38

Alexander, h. Mary Case, s. Paul and Eunice (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Alexander, s. Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Alexander, ch. Silvanus and Huldah, 15: 1m: 1783. [s. Silvanus and Huldah (Gwinn) PR38]

Alexander, h. Mary (d. Freeman Gardner and Anna), s. Barnabas and Abial (Clark), 11: 3m: 1794. PR38

Alexander, ch. Seth and Deborah, 13: 8m: 1797. CR4 [h. Jane (wid. Stephen Elliot, d. Stephen Collins (grand s. Thomas Green)), s. Seth and Deborah (Swain), 23: 8m: PR38]

Alexander, s. Sylvanus and Mary (Myrick), 8: 8m: 1819. PR38

Alfred, h. Mary Jane (d. Benjamin Winslow Jr.), h. Mary M., s. George S. and Susan (Bunker), 4: 6m: 1838. PR38

Alvin, h. Lydia Robbins [dup. Robins] (sister of ––––– (w. Capt. Lot Phinney)), s. John and Love Fish, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Amelia, see Pamelia.

Amelia F., d. Edward, carpenter, and Emily, July 16, 1847. [Amelia French Coleman, w. Francis H. Brown, d. Edward and Emily C. (Powell) PR38]

Amey, w. Amos Baker of Cape Cod, d. Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Wyer), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Andrew, twin ch. Enoch and Mary, 30: 11m: 1763. CR4 [h. Lydia (d. Jonathan Folger and Lydia), twin s. Enoch and Mary (Myrick), 30: 7m: PR38]

Andrew J., h. Fanny G., ––– ––, 1810. GR3 [h. Fanny (d. Jabez Cushman), s. Sylvanus and Mary (Myrick), 5: 2m: 1811 PR38]

Andrew J., h. Susan (wid. Charles Sisson, d. Perry Russell), s. John and Phebe (Swain), 10: 8m: 1819. PR38

Andrew B., s. Josiah and Mary (Bunker), 28: 11m: 1820. PR38

Andrew, ––– ––, 1835. GR2 [h. Mary Ann [dup. Agnes] Jones of Mattapoisett, s. Job and Lydia (Russell), 20: 1m: PR38]

Anna, w. Joseph Clapp, d. John and Anna (Davis), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Anna, w. ––––– Fish, second w. Simeon Coffin Jr. (s. Simeon), d. James of Barnstable, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Anna, d. Richard Lake and Sally (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Anna, ch. Elihu and Jemima, 24: 12m: 1728. CR4 [w. John Coffin (s. Tristram and Mary), w. Jonathan Gardner (s. Barnabas and Mary), d. Elihu and Jemima (Barnard) PR38]

Anna, ch. Peleg and Mary, 20: 6m: 1755. CR4 [d. Peleg and Mary (Folger) (Worth) PR38]

Anna, ch. Jethro and Lydia (second w.), 12: 4m: 1759. CR4 [w. Latham Bunker (s. Peleg and Lydia), d. Jethro and Lydia (Macy) (second w.) PR38]

Anna, ch. William and Eunice, 3: 6m: 1773. CR4 [d. William and Eunice (Swain) PR38]

Anna, w. Abraham Swain (s. Simeon and Susan), d. Barzillai and Abigail (Way), 30: 5m: 1785. PR38

Anna, d. Jethro and Deborah (Russell) (Coffin), 13: 3m: 1795. PR38

Anna, w. Obed Swain (s. Pelatiah and Lucinda), d. David and Margaret (Swain) (Morselander), 4: 12m: 1795. PR38

Anna, w. Benjamin B. Raymond (s. Samuel and Mary), d. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Harris), 4: 8m: 1804. PR38

Anne, d. Joseph, Nov. 10, 1675. [Ann, w. Edward Allen 1st "from Piscataqua," d. Joseph and Ann (Bunker), 10: 11m: 1675 PR38]

Ann, ch. John Brown and Elizabeth, 12: 12m: 1802. CR4 [w. Jonathan Elliot (s. Jonathan and Amey), d. John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin) PR38]

Ann, ch. Joseph Gorham and Phebe, 30: 1m: 1824. CR4 [w. Capt. Joseph Abbott of "N.B.," d. Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker) PR38]

Ann Maria, d. Charles and Mary, Mar. 1, 1825. PR29

Ann Maria, d. Charles and Mary, Sept. 28, 1829. PR29 [w. James H. Bunker, d. Charles H. and Mary A. (Austin), 21: 9m: PR38]

Ann M., ––– ––, 1837. GR2 [Ann Maria, d. Job and Lydia (Russell), 12: 1m: PR38]

Ann Eliza, w. Henry F. Hall of Maine, d. Zenas and Luna Sears [? Phebe (Swain)], 26: 5m: 1839. PR38

Arthur, s. George, carpenter, and Susan, Dec. 26, 1844. [h. Etta Nash, s. George S. and Susan (Bunker) PR38]

Asenath, w. Reuben Gardner (s. Christopher and Anna), d. Owen and Aseneth (Worth), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Avis, ch. Seth and Deborah, 5: 9m: 1781. CR4 [w. Horatio G. Allen of Kennebec, d. Seth and Deborah (Swain) PR38]

Avis, w. Shubael Brown (s. George), d. Shubael [dup. d. Lydia (d. Shubael Coleman, later w. David Swain)], 12: 1m: 1786. PR38

Avis, ch. Silvanus and Mary, 6: 1m: 1787. CR4 [d. Sylvanus and Mary (Swift) PR38]

Avis, w. ––––– Wooding ("at the West"), d. Frederick W. and Amelia (Worth), 6: 1m: 1809. PR38

Avis, d. Gardner and Lydia (Whitefield) (second w.), 2: 3m: 1812. PR38

Barnebas, ch. Jethro and Lydia, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [Barnabas PR38]

Barnabas (Colman), s. John, Apr. 24, 1704. [Barnebas Coleman, ch. John and Priscilla CR4; Barnabas Coleman, s. John and Priscilla (Starbuck), 24: 4m: PR38]

Barnabas, s. John and Prissilla, 14: 9m: 1708. [Barnebas, ch. John and Priscilla CR4; Barnabas, h. Elizabeth (Barnard), h. Rachael (Hussey), s. John and Priscilla (Starbuck) PR38]

Barnebas, ch. Barnebas and Rachel (second w.), 23: 4m: 1751. CR4 [Barnabas Jr., h. Abial (Clark), h. Sally (Myrick) Morse, s. Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey) (second w.) PR38]

Barnabas, h. Rachael (d. Abraham Macy and Priscilla), s. Elihu and Elizabeth (Macy), 10: 4m: 1778. PR38

Barzillai, h. Abigail (d. John Way Jr. and Elizabeth), s. Daniel and Elizabeth (Mooers), 13: 1m: 1755. PR38

Barzillai, s. Barzillai and Abigail (Way), 3: 6m: 1789. PR38

Benjamin, s. Shubael and Priscilla (Worth) (Upham), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, ch. John and Anna, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Merab (d. Solomon Gardner and Jemima), s. John and Anna (Davis) PR38]

Benjamin, s. Richard Lake and Sally (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, s. Walter and Polly Frieze, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Benjamin, s. Thomas and Susanna (first w.), 2: [2 written above 1] 5m: 1640. PR38

Benjamin, s. John, Jan. 17, 1676. [[? twin] s. John and Joanna (Folger), 17: 1m: 1676-7 [see Abigail] PR38]

Benjamin, h. Huldah (d. Moses Swett and Mary), s. Thomas and Jane Challenge, ––– ––, 1703. PR38

Benjamin, h. Judith (wid. John Arthur, d. Ebenezer Gardner), s. Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), 19: 1m: 1730. PR38

Benjamin, ch. Nathaniel and Mary, 8: 1m: 1735. CR4 [s. Nathaniel and Mary (Folger) (Gardner) PR38]

Benjamin, h. Elizabeth (d. Thomas Harrox [dup. Harris] and Anna), s. Matthew and Hannah (Meader), 8: 7m: 1773. PR38

Benjamin, s. Prince and Sarah (Norton) (Coggeshall), 27: 12m: 1784. PR38

Benjamin, h. Sarah Deane, s. Jethro and Deborah (Russell) (Coffin), 8: 12m: 1788. PR38

Benjamin Franklin, ch. Silvanus and Mary, 14: 10m: 1790. CR4 [h. Abigail B. Hardy of RI, s. Sylvanus and Mary (Swift) PR38]

Benjamin Allen, ch. Silas and Elizabeth, Aug. 1, 1797. [h. Eliza (d. Stephen Parr and Betsey), s. Silas and Elizabeth (Allen) PR38]

Benjamin M., h. Anna (d. Obed Macy and Lydia), s. Sylvanus and Mary (Myrick), 21: 9m: 1800. PR38

Benjamin B., ch. John Franklin and Elizabeth, 21: 3m: 1821. CR4

Benjamin B., ch. John Franklin and Elizabeth, 15: 3m: 1828. CR4 [s. John Franklin and Elizabeth (Macy) PR38]

Benjamin Allen, s. Thomas and Emma (Paddack), 23: 12m: 1835. PR38

Bethuel, ch. Christopher and Priscilla, 29: 4m: 1770. CR4 ["father to Bethuel who m'd Mary Lamb," s. Christopher and Priscilla (Coffin), ––: 6m: PR38]

Bethuel, ch. Simeon and Rebecca, 8: 11m: 1773. CR4 PR26 [s. Simeon and Rebecca (Swain) PR38]

Bethuel, h. Mary (d. Abia Lamb and Deborah), s. Bethuel and Elizabeth (Skinner) (later w. Joel Watson) [? accuracy], ––– ––, 1793 [dup. 9: 1m: 1791]. PR38

Braddock, h. Martha (d. Solomon Bearce and Hannah), s. Hezekiah and Dorothy (Fish), 11: 3m: ––––. PR38

Caroline, m. "in California," d. David and Avis (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Caroline, d. Charles and Mary, Aug. 25, 1843. PR29 [w. Obed G. Smith, d. Charles H. and Mary A. (Austin) PR38]

Charles, h. Sophia Yellot, s. Nathan and Phebe (Bunker) (Macy), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles H., see Charles.

Charles, ch. Jethro and Lydia (second w.), 16: 10m: 1750. CR4 [h. Catharine (d. William Hussey), h. Matilda Allen, s. Jethro and Lydia (Macy) (second w.) PR38]

Charles, ch. David and Elizabeth, 19: 6m: 1783. CR4 [h. Nancy (d. Dr. Roland Geltson and Love), h. Sarah (d. Wyer Swain and Rebecca), s. David and Elizabeth (Russell) PR38]

Charles Howland ch. Seth and Deborah, 13: 11m: 1785. CR4 [h. Sally (d. Francis Swain and Lydia) 6: 12m: 1786 PR38]

Charles, ch. Simeon and Rebecca, 1: 8m: 1787. CR4 PR26 [Charles H., h. Mary (wid. Joseph Toon, d. Henry Clark Jr.), s. Simeon and Rebecca (Swain) PR38]

Charles W., ch. Richard L. [Lake PR38] and Sally (d. Christopher Hussey and Lydia), May 24, 1799.

Charles H., h. Mary Austin, s. Simeon and Mary, Oct. 5, 1799. PR29 [h. Mary (d. Benjamin Austin and Lydia), s. Simeon and Mary (Arthur) PR38]

Charles H., h. Lydia (d. William Bennett and Phebe), s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Harris), 2: 2m: 1807. PR38

Charles, ch. John Brown and Elizabeth, 29: 8m: 1808. CR4 [h. ––––– Greene, s. John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin) PR38]

Charles F., h. Ann (d. James Easton and Sarah), s. Alexander and Mary (Gardner), 22: 5m: 1815. PR38

Charles William, s. Charles and Mary, Mar. 6, 1827. PR29 [s. Charles H. and Mary A. (Austin) PR38]

Charles B., twin s. Tristram and Eunice (Coffin), ––: 12m: 1827. PR38

Charles M., ch. James B. and Lydia W., 8: 11m: 1836. CR4 [s. James B. and Lydia W. (Macy) PR38]

Charles Edward, s. Charles, carpenter, and Ann [Charles F. and Ann E. (Easton) PR38], Apr. 20, 1846.

Charles H., s. Reuben, mariner, and Catharine, Oct. 15, 1846.

Charlotte A., w. George H. Brock (s. George and Susan), d. Thomas and Emma (Paddack), 12: 1m: 1828. PR38

Christopher, s. Ebenezer and Mary (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Christopher, ch. Solomon and Deliverance, Aug. 30, 1723. [ch. Solomon and Deliverance (second w.) CR4; h. Priscilla (d. Samuel Coffin and Miriam), s. Solomon and Deliverance (Swett) (second w.) [dup. 3: 8m: 1722 [see Elizabeth]] PR38]

Christopher, ch. Joseph and Rachel [Rachael (Norton) PR38], Apr. 2, 1748.

Christopher, ch. Christopher and Priscilla, 11: 6m: 1765. CR4 [m. "in London," s. Christopher and Priscilla (Coffin) PR38]

Clarissa, w. Robert M. Folger (s. Robert C. and Susan), d. David and Avis (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Clarissa, w. Joseph H. Toon (s. Joseph and Mary), d. John and Love Fish, ––– ––, 1819. PR38

Delia Maria, w. George C. Gardner (s. Benjamin and Sarah), d. John and Phebe (Swain), 1: 7m: 1808. PR38

Cordelia, w. William H. Hall (s. David and Sarah), d. John and Love Fish, ––– ––, 1815. PR38

Delia Maria, w. Frederick C. Chase (s. Franklin and Nancy), d. Zenas and Luna Sears, 18: 1m: 1825. PR38

Cynthia B., d. David B. and Mary F. (Crocker), 21: 4m: 1849. PR38

Daniel, ch. Solomon and Deliverance, Sept. 12, 1719. [ch. Solomon and Deliverance (second w.) CR4; h. Elizabeth (d. Jonathan Mooers and Elizabeth), s. Solomon and Deliverance (Swett) (second w.), 12: 9m: PR38]

David, h. Avis (d. Timothy Bunker and Dinah), s. Elihu and Elizabeth (Macy), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

David, ch. Christopher and Priscilla, 22: 5m: 1758. CR4 [h. Elizabeth (d. Reuben Russell and Ruth), s. Christopher and Priscilla (Coffin), 22: 4m: [dup. 22: 4m: 1757] PR38]

David, h. Anna (d. Ebenezer Jones and Delight), h. Peggy (wid. Zenas Morselander, d. William Swain), s. Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Wyer), 2: 12m: 1760. PR38

David, h. Ruth (d. Rufus Butler and Jane), of Falmouth, s. Robert and Deborah (Morselander), 7: 4m: 1805. PR38

David R., h. Ann A. (d. Alfred Folger and Lydia), s. Job and Lydia (Russell), 4: 9m: 1825. PR38

David B., h. Mary F. (d. Zeno Crooker [dup. Crocker of Barnstable]), h. Caroline E. Phinney of New Bedford, s. David B. and Ruth (Butler), 19: 7m: 1830. PR38

Davis, h. Elizabeth (d. John Way Jr. and Elizabeth), s. Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Deborah, d. Tobias, May 25, 1676.

Deborah, ch. Joseph and Rachel, Nov. 23, 1736. [w. Isaac Myrick (s. Andrew and Jedida), d. Joseph and Rachael (Norton) PR38]

Deborah, ch. Jethro and Lydia (second w.), 6: 1m: 1757. CR4 [w. Obed Coffin (s. Samuel and Elizabeth), d. Jethro and Lydia (Macy) (second w.) PR38]

Deborah, ch. Solomon and Meheteble, 13: 9m: 1758. CR4 [w. Brown Coffin (s. Jethro and Hannah), d. Solomon and Mahitabel (Gardner) PR38]

Deborah, w. John Shaw, d. Reuben and Deborah (wid. Peter Gardner), 25: 11m: 1769. PR38

Deborah, ch. Seth and Deborah, 21: 11m: 1783. CR4 [w. Samuel Paddack, d. Seth and Deborah (Swain), 12: 11m: 1784 PR38]

Deborah, d. Nathan and Phebe (Bunker) (Macy), 23: 9m: 1800. PR38

Deborah P., w. Alexander Chadwick (s. William and Betsey), d. Sylvanus and Mary (Myrick), 4: 8m: 1814. PR38

Deborah C., w. Thomas J. Coffin (s. Gardner and Mary), d. Ebenezer and Aurelia C. Winslow, 3: 10m: 1824. PR38

Dinah, w. Charles Coffin (s. Nathan and Lydia), d. Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Dinah, w. Alfred Taylor, w. James Stoop [dup. Strop], d. David and Avis (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Dorcas, w. Micah Coffin (s. Joseph and Bethiah), d. Thomas and Jane Challenge, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ebenezer, h. Sarah Smith, s. Thomas and Jane Challenge, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ebenezer, ch. Joseph and Rachel, Sept. 20, 1734. [h. Mary (d. Andrew Gardner and Mary), h. Lydia (Pinkham) Long, s. Joseph and Rachael (Norton) PR38]

Ebenezer, Capt., h. Lydia (d. George Ray and Deborah), s. Henry and Susan (Harris), 2: 3m: 1795. PR38

Ebenezer, h. Aurelia C. Winslow, s. James (s. Edward of Barnstable (s. James) and Anna), 25: 8m: 1795. PR38

Ebenezer T., s. Ebenezer and Aurelia C. Winslow, 10: 3m: 1818. PR38

Eber, ch. John and Anna, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Eunice (Clark), s. John and Anna (Davis) PR38]

Edmund, ch. Abraham and Hephzibah, 11: 11m: 1799. CR4 [s. Abraham and Hepsabeth (Macy) PR38]

Edmund, ch. John Brown and Elizabeth, 7: 8m: 1812. CR4 [Edmond, h. Elizabeth Walker of Halifax, s. John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin) PR38]

Edward, s. Richard Lake and Sally (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edward G., s. Gardner and Lydia (Whitefield) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Edward of Barnstable, h. Anna (d. Lemuel [dup. Samuel] Fish), s. James of Barnstable, 28: 7m: 1764. PR38

Edward, ch. Joseph Gorham and Phebe, 4: 2m: 1807. CR4 [h. Emily C. (Powell), s. Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker) PR38]

Edward B., h. Lucretia Marshall, h. Ellen M. Voorhees, s. Natah and Phebe (Bunker) (Macy), 6: 2m: 1809. PR38

Edward, s. George W. and Sarah (Hussey), ––: 2m: 1845. PR38

Edwin, s. Frederick W. and Amelia (Worth), 20: 5m: 1812. PR38

Edwin M., s. John W. and Eliza (Monroe), ––: 6m: 1828. PR38

Elihu, ch. Jethro and Lydia, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Elizabeth (d. Jonathan Macy and Lois), s. Jethro and Lydia (Paddack), ––– ––, 1737 PR38]

Elihu [dup. Colman], s. John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.], Feb. 12, 1699. [Coleman, ch. John and Priscilla CR4; Coleman, h. Jemima (Barnard), s. John and Priscilla (Starbuck), 12: 2m: PR38]

Elihu, ch. William and Eunice, 26: 9m: 1761. CR4 [s. William and Eunice (Swain) PR38]

Elishai P., h. Sarah A. Bass of VT, s. Thomas and Emma (Paddack), ––: 11m: 1823. PR38

Eliza, see Elizabeth.

Eliza, w. Reuben Pinkham of Maine (s. Reuben and Susan), d. Owen and Aseneth (Worth), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eliza, see Elizabeth.

Eliza, m., d. John and Love Fish, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eliza, w. Christopher Barnard (s. Nathaniel and Margaret), d. Reuben and Deborah (wid. Peter Gardner), 28: 9m: 1775. PR38

Eliza, ch. Samuel and Phebe, 26: 10m: 1800. CR4 [w. William Collins of RI (s. Dr. Isaac of RI), d. Samuel and Phebe (Folger) PR38]

Eliza, w. Thomas Carnes (s. Thomas and Eliza), d. Job and Phebe (Pinkham), 28: 12m: 1801. PR38

Eliza, w. Alden Bump, d. Bethuel and Mary (Lamb), 4: 6m: 1819. PR38

Eliza B., ch. John Franklin and Elizabeth, 7: 3m: 1823. CR4 [Eliza Barker Coleman, d. John Franklin and Elizabeth (Macy) PR38]

Eliza Ann, w. Gustavus Gifford (s. Jesse and Abigail), d. Frederic B. and Lydia (Coffin), 5: 7m: 1826. PR38

Eliza Parker, w. ––––– Demoransville, w. ––––– Malcom, w. George Clark of Halifax, twin d. Tristram and Eunice (Coffin), ––: 12m: 1827. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. Elihu and Elizabeth, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after ch. b. 4: 12m: 1763]. CR4

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Elizabeth, ch. Andrew and Lydia, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after ch. b. 30: 10m: 1796]. CR4 [Eliza, w. Coffin Brown (s. William and Elizabeth), d. Andrew and Lydia (Folger), 21: 3m: 1800 PR38]

Elizabeth, w. P. Dean Carrique, d. David and Avis (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, d. Walter and Polly Frieze, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. Solomon and Deliverance, July 3, 1722. [ch. Solomon and Deliverance (second w.) CR4; w. Jonathan Gwinn (s. David and Alice of Salem), d. Solomon and Deliverance (Swett) PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Nathaniel and Mary, 30: 6m: 1730. CR4 [first w. Samuel Ray Jr., d. Nathaniel and Mary (Folger) (Gardner) PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Barnabas and Rachel (second w.), 29: 3m: 1755. CR4 [w. Abishai Folger Jr. (s. Abishai and Dinah), d. Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey) (second w.) PR38]

Elizabeth, twin ch. Enoch and Mary, 30: 11m: 1763. CR4 [w. Latham Coffin (s. Elishai and Eunice), twin d. Enoch and Mary (Myrick), 30: 7m: PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Francis and Abigail, 3: 10m: 1770. CR4 [second w. John Gurrell, d. Francis and Abigail (Bunker), 29: 10m: PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Simeon and Rebecca, 24: 12m: 1771. CR4 PR26 [d. Simeon and Rebecca (Swain) PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Seth and Deborah, 5: 9m: 1773. CR4 [w. William Paddack, d. Seth and Deborah (Swain) PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Joseph and Eunice, bp. Dec. 19, 1773. CR3

Elizabeth, w. William Long, second w. Ebenezer Raymond (s. Ebenezer), d. Barzillai and Abigail (Way), 13: 11m: 1777. PR38

Betsey, w. Joseph Earle Jr. (s. Joseph and Hannah), d. Eber and Eunice (Clark), 18: 6m: [2 written above 6] 1788. PR38

Elizabeth [dup. w. Benjamin Barker], ch. Obed and Elizabeth, 24: 4m: 1797. CR4 [Eliza, w. Benjamin Barker (s. James and Sarah), second w. Paul Barney (s. Peter and Sarah), d. Obed and Elizabeth (Swain) PR38]

Elizabeth, w. James Staples, d. David and Margaret (Swain) (Morselander), 1: 8m: 1797. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. John Brown and Elizabeth, 21: 9m: 1798. CR4 [Eliza, w. John Blacklock, d. John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin) PR38]

Betsey, d. Gardner and Lydia (Whitefield) (second w.), 16: 2m: 1802. PR38

Elizabeth, ch. Joseph Gorham and Phebe, 3: 3m: 1820. CR4 [d. Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker) PR38]

Elizabeth M., w. Charles C. Myrick Jr. (s. Charles C. and Nancy), d. James B. and Lydia W. (Macy), 29: 1m: 1822. PR38

Elizabeth F., ch. Joseph Gorham and Phebe, 27: 10m: 1826. CR4 [second w. Daniel R. Remson, d. Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker) PR38]

Emily, "Mother," w. –––––, June 3, 1808. GR3

Emily F., w. George P. Coleman (s. Job and Lydia), d. Obed and Ruth (Butler) (Coleman), 26: 12m: 1837. PR38

Emma, d. Thomas and Emma (Paddack), 9: 7m: 1841. PR38

Emeline, d. Alvin and Lydia Robbins, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Emeline, d. Walter and Polly Frieze, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Enoch, ch. Jerimiah and Sarah, Mar. 24, 1724-5. [h. Mary (d. Andrew Myrick and Jedida), s. Jeremiah and Sarah (Pratt), 24: 3m: PR38]

Esther of Cape Cod, w. Rowland G. (s. Alexander and Mary), 27: 3m: 1827. PR38

Eunice, ch. George and Eunice, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after ch. b. 28: 10m: 1755]. CR4

Eunice, ch. George and Eunice, ––– ––, –––– [rec. before ch. b. 8: 3m: 1769]. CR4 [d. George and Eunice (Folger) PR38]

Eunice, d. Owen and Aseneth (Worth), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Eunice, ch. Elihu and Jemima, 18: 10m: 1724. CR4 [w. John Macy, d. Elihu and Jemima (Barnard) PR38]

Eunice, ch. Jethro and Lydia (second w.), ––: 5m: 1749. CR4 [w. Christopher Gardner, d. Jethro and Lydia (Macy) (second w.) PR38]

Eunice, ch. Enoch and Mary, 20: 9m: 1749. CR4 [w. Benjamin Whippey (s. James and Patience), d. Enoch and Mary (Myrick), 19: 9m: PR38]

Eunice, ch. Silvanus and Huldah, 21: 5m: 1776. [w. Abishai Gardner, d. Silvanus and Huldah (Gwinn) PR38]

Eunice, ch. Simeon and Rebecca, 24: 3m: 1778. CR4 PR26 [d. Simeon and Rebecca (Swain) PR38]

Eunice, ch. Obed and Elizabeth, 22: 8m: 1781. CR4 [w. George Whippey (s. Benjamin), w. William Whippey (s. Benjamin), d. Obed and Elizabeth (Swain) PR38]

Eunice, w. John Ellis (s. Parnal (d. Freeman)), d. George and Mary (Ramsdell), 29: 10m: 1782. PR38

Eunice, w. Jeremiah Lester, d. Matthew and Hannah (Meader), 22: 12m: 1784 [dup. 1786]. PR38

Eunice, d. Simeon and Rebecca (Swain), 5: 1m: 1790. PR38

Eunice, Feb. 1, 1806. GR3 [d. John and Phebe (Swain) PR38]

Eunice G., w. Edward Pinkham (s. John C. and Avis), w. John Prairo of Rio, d. Sylvanus and Mary (Myrick), 5: 4m: 1809. PR38

Euretta G., w. William Lewis of Edgartown, d. George S. and Susan (Bunker), 4: 2m: 1841. PR38

Ezra, h. ––––– Fisher, s. John and Love Fish, ––– ––, 1809. PR38

Florence, d. Robert S. and Araminta D. (Mayhew), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Francis, ch. Solomon and Deliverance, Aug. 25, 1732. [ch. Solomon and Deliverance (second w.) CR4; h. Abigail (Bunker), s. Solomon and Deliverance (Swett) (second w.), 25: 8m: PR38]

Francis Folger, h. Lucy B. [dup. Brambilla] Ralph of Red Bank, NJ, s. Andrew J. and Susan (Russell) (Sisson), 10: 7m: 1849. PR38

Franklin, s. John Franklin and Elizabeth (Macy), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Frederic, s. George and Mary (Ramsdell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Frederick A., h. Eliza M. Gonigle of Butler Co., Ohio, s. Roland and Hannah (Stanton) (Coffin), 4: 8m: 1782 [m. 11m: 1858]. PR38

Frederick William, ch. Silvanus and Mary, 19: 4m: 1783. CR4 [h. Amelia (d. Gideon Worth and Phebe), s. Silvanus and Mary (Swift) PR38]

Frederic, s. Job and Phebe (Pinkham), 16: 4m: 1790. PR38

Frederic B., h. Lydia (d. Isaac Coffin and Peggy [dup. Margaret]), s. Barnabas and Abial (Clark), 2: 2m: 1791. PR38

Frederic W., s. Laban and Lydia (Bocott), 6: 7m: 1800. PR38

Frederick, ch. John Brown and Elizabeth, 18: 9m: 1805. CR4

Gardner, ch. Solomon and Meheteble, 6: 7m: 1768. CR4 [h. Hepsabeth (d. Alexander Ray and Elizabeth), h. Lydia (d. Joseph Whitefield and Parnal), h. Sally (Noble) [dup. Nobles] Chase, s. Solomon Jr. and Mahitabel (Gardner) PR38]

George W., s. Walter and Polly Frieze, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George, ch. Solomon and Deliverance, May 14, 1730. [ch. Solomon and Deliverance (second w.) CR4; h. Eunice (Folger), h. Lydia (Bunker) Folger, 14: 5m: PR38]

George, ch. George and Eunice, 28: 10m: 1755. CR4 [h. Mary (d. Jonathan Ramsdell), s. George and Eunice (Folger) PR38]

George, ch. John Brown and Elizabeth, 25: 9m: 1794. CR4 [h. Jane Story, h. Ann Story, s. John Brown and Elizabeth (Coffin) PR38]

George, ch. David and Elizabeth, 19: 6m: 1800. CR4 [h. Love (d. Hezekiah Coleman of Cotuit), h. Lucretia (d. Jonathan Paddack and Nancy), s. David and Elizabeth (Russell), 19: 7m: PR38]

George S., ––– ––, 1801 [on stone with Susan Bunker]. GR3 [h. Susan (d. James Bunker and Susanna), s. John and Phebe (Swain), 29: 12m: PR38]

George, h. Eliza (d. Timothy W. Bunker and Eunice Macy), s. Nathan and Phebe (Bunker) (Macy), 27: 1m: 1802. PR38

George M., ch. Richard L. and Sally, (d. Christopher Hussey and Lydia), Apr. 17, 1802. [m., s. Richard Lake and Sally (Hussey) PR38]

George W., h. Sarah F. (d. Alexander S. Hussey and Eliza), s. Gardner and Lydia (Whitefield) (second w.), 23: 8m: 1807. PR38

George, s. Robert and Deborah (Morselander), 12: 7m: 1808. PR38

George William, ch. John Franklin and Elizabeth, 28: 6m: 1819. CR4 [h. Susan F. (d. George Barnard and Mary), s. John Franklin and Elizabeth (Macy) PR38]

George Howland ch. Charles H. and Sally, 27: 10m: 1822. CR4 [s. Charles H. and Sally (Swain), ––: 10m: 1823 PR38]

George P., h. Emily F. (d. Obed Coleman and Ruth), s. Job and Lydia (Russell), 4: 4m: 1831. PR38

George Henry, s. Ebenezer and Lydia, Oct. 27, 1831. GR3 [s. Capt. Ebenezer and Lydia (Ray) PR38]

H. Elizabeth, w. James H. Bigelow (s. Henry and Mary), d. Thomas and Emma (Paddack), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Harriett, w. Joseph Simmons ("a Portuguese"), d. Tristram and Eunice (Coffin), 18: 7m: 1816. PR38

Harriet W., w. Thomas Earle (s. Henry and Ruth of Worcester), d. Frederic B. and Lydia (Coffin), 14: 8m: 1819. PR38

Harriett, d. Thomas and Emma (Paddack), 26: 8m: 1839 [see death]. PR38

Henry, h. Susan (d. Jonathan Harris and Susan of RI), s. Ebenezer and Mary (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Henry, s. Ebenezer and Aurelia Winslow, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Henry, ch. Silvanus and Huldah, 1: 8m: 1785. [h. Clarissa (Daggett), h. Mary Mansfield (d. Elijah Luce), h. Mary (Allen) Griffith PR38]

Henry Taber, s. Frederick W. and Amelia (Worth), 15: 4m: 1807. PR38

Henry, ch. Joseph Gorham and Phebe, 27: 5m: 1815. CR4 [h. Elizabeth E. (Coffin), s. Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker) PR38]

Henry R., s. David R. and Ann A. (Folger), 20: 2m: 1849. PR38

Henry T., s. Henry and Elizabeth W. (Coffin), 27: 7m: 1849. PR38

Hepzibah, ch. Solomon and Deliverance (second w.), Jan. 20, 1727. [ch. Solomon and Deliverance (second w.) CR4; d. Solomon and Deliverance (Swett) (second w.) PR38]

Hepsabeth, w. Jonathan FitzGerald (s. Henry Sr. and Deborah), d. Joseph and Rachael (Norton), 14: 6m: 1751. PR38

Hepzibah, ch. George and Eunice, 19: 6m: 1753. CR4 [Hepsabeth, d. George and Eunice (Folger) PR38]

Hepsibeth [dup. Hepsabeth], w. William Clisby, d. Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), 16: 9m: 1754. PR38

Hephzibah, ch. Barnebas and Rachel (second w.), 15: 10m: 1759. CR4 [Hepsabeth, w. John Russell Jr. (s. John and Ruth), d. Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey) (second w.) PR38]

Hepsa [Coleman, w. Capt. David] Osborne, Dec. 20, 1798. GR2 [Hepsabeth Coleman, w. David Osborne, d. Silas and Elizabeth (Allen) PR38]

Hepsabeth Coleman, w. Calvin F. Crocker, ––– ––, 1818. GR4 [Hepsabeth S. Coleman, w. Calvin F. Crocker (s. Theophilus and Dorothy), d. Tristram and Eunice (Coffin), 19: 12m: [dup. ––– ––, 1819] PR38]

Hezekiah, h. Dorothy Fish, s. James of Barnstable, ––– ––, 1771. PR38

Horace B., h. Mary (d. Peter Russell and Lydia), s. Frederic Brown and Lydia (Coffin), ––: 6m: 1822. PR38

Horatio A., h. Winifred (d. Henry Coleman and Mary), s. Charles H. and Sally (Swain), 24: 2m: 1828. PR38

Huldah, w. Seth Worth (s. John and Mary), d. Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Huldah, d. Jonathan and Mehetable, Oct. 12, 1747. [w. Jonathan Pitts (s. Jonathan and Jedida), w. Henry Dow, d. Jonathan Mahitable (Davis), 12: 10m: PR38]

Huldah, d. Matthew and Hannah (Meader), 27: 9m: 1776. PR38

Isaac, s. Thomas and Susanna (first w.), 20: 2m: 1647. PR38

Isaac, s. John, Feb. 6, 1671. [h. Ann Reynolds, h. Jane (wid. Robert Watson, d. William Bunker and Mary), s. John and Joanna (Folger), 6: 2m: 1671-2 PR38]

Isaac Coffin, h. Sarah A. Hawkins of Providence, RI, s. Frederic B. and Lydia (Coffin), 1: 5m: 1834. PR38

J–––– Warren, h. Eva Seymour, s. David and Avis (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, h. Malinda Parker, s. Edward and Anna (Fish), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, h. Mercy (d. Solomon Bearse), h. Sophia F. (d. Silvester Hodges), s. Hezekiah and Dorothy Fish, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, ch. Obed and Elizabeth, 26: 6m: 1791. CR4 [James Brown Coleman, h. Lydia W. (d. Job Macy and Anna), s. Obed and Elizabeth (Swain) PR38]

James, ch. John Brown and Elizabeth, 28: 8m: 1796. CR4 [h. Sally, s. John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin) PR38]

James Franklin, ch. James B. and Lydia W., 26: 5m: 1834. CR4 [h. Mary Ann (d. John Hopkins and Lois of Amherst), s. James B. and Lydia W. (Macy), 25: 5m: PR38]

James Egan, s. Alexander and Jane (Greene) (Elliott) [see mar.], ––: 6m: 1836. PR38

Jane (Colman), d. Jonathan and Mehetable, Oct. 23, 1735. [Jennette Coleman, w. Charles Chase (s. Stephen and Patience), d. Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), 3: 11m: PR38]

Jane, ch. John Franklin and Elizabeth, 2: 5m: 1826. CR4

Jane, ch. John Franklin and Elizabeth, 20: 8m: 1830. CR4 [d. John Franklin and Elizabeth (Macy) PR38]

Janet, see Jane and Jennet.

Janet, ch. Solomon and Mehetable, 28: 6m: 1776. CR4 [Jennette, w. William House (s. John and Lydia), d. Solomon and Mehitable (Gardner), 28: 6m: 1778 PR38]

Jeannette, see Jane.

Jennet, ch. Joseph and Eunice, bp. Dec. 19, 1773. CR3

Jemima (Colman), ch. Mehetable, bp. Aug. 13, 1747. CR1

Jemima, ch. William and Eunice, 21: 10m: 1759. CR4 [w. Benjamin Paddack, d. William and Eunice (Swain) PR38]

Jeremiah, h. Sarah (d. Joseph Pratt and Dorcas), s. John and Joanna (Folger), ––– ––, 1678. PR38

Jeremiah, ch. Jerimiah and Sarah, Oct. 19, 1729. [h. Anna (d. Jonathan Russell and Patience), s. Jeremiah and Sarah (Pratt), 19: 10m: PR38]

Jethro, s. John and Prissila, 8: 7m: 1706. [ch. John and Priscilla CR4; h. Lydia (d. Nathaniel Paddack and Ann), h. Lydia (d. Thomas Macy and Deborah), s. John 2d and Priscilla (Starbuck) PR38]

Jethro, s. Jethro and Lydia, Oct. 28, 1734. [28: 8m: CR4; twin s. Jethro and Lydia (Paddack), 28: 10m: PR38]

Jethro, ch. Jethro and Lydia (second w.), 1: 1m: 1755. CR4 [h. Deborah (Russell) Coffin, s. Jethro and Lydia (Macy) (second w.) PR38]

Jethro, ch. Simeon and Rebecca, 11: 7m: 1785. CR4 PR26 [s. Simeon and Rebecca (Swain) PR38]

Joanna, d. Thomas and Susanna, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joanna, see Johanna.

Johanna, ch. Jerimiah and Sarah, Sept. 19, 1722. [Joanna, w. Eleazar Clark, d. Jeremiah and Sarah (Pratt), 19: 9m: PR38]

Job, h. Phebe (d. Shubael Pinkham and Mary), s. Daniel and Elizabeth (Mooers), 22: 12m: 1762. PR38

Job, ch. Enoch and Mary, 8: 6m: 1768. CR4 [h. Elizabeth (d. John Fosdick and Elizabeth), s. Enoch and Mary (Myrick) PR38]

Job, h. Susan (wid. Edward Nichols, d. David Hussey and Lydia), s. Barzillai and Abigail (Way), 4: 8m: 1782. PR38

Job, ch. Andrew and Lydia, 30: 10m: 1796. CR4 [h. Lydia (d. Uriah Russell and Lydia), s. Andrew and Lydia (Folger) PR38]

John, ch. Elihu and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4

John, s. John and Anna (Davis), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, h. Julia (wid. Shubael Gardner Jr. of Baltimore), s. Ebenezer and Lydia (Pinkham) (Long) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, h. Dorcas (sister of James Childs), s. Hezekiah and Dorothy Fish, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, s. Walter and Polly Frieze, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John G., s. Richard Lake and Sally (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John Howland s. John H. and Sarah (Walton), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John Way, ––– ––, ––––. GR2 [h. Eliza (d. John Monroe and Lydia), s. John Way and Mary (Maxey), 28: 6m: 1802 PR38]

John, h. Joanna (d. Peter Folger 1st and Mary), s. Thomas and Susanna (first w.), ––: 4m: 1644. PR38

John, s. John, Aug. 2, 1667. [h. Priscilla (d. Nathaniel Starbuck and Mary), s. John and Joanna (Folger), 2: 8m: PR38]

John, s. John and Prissilla, 20: 11m: 1715. [ch. John and Priscilla CR4; h. Ruth (Pinkham), h. Ann (Trott), s. John and Priscilla (Starbuck) PR38]

John, ch. Nathaniel and Mary, 15: 8m: 1732. CR4 [h. Anna (d. John Davis and Margaret), s. Nathaniel and Mary (Folger) (Gardner), 8: 2m: PR38]

John, h. Love Fish, s. James of Barnstable, ––– ––, 1770. PR38

John Brown, ch. Seth and Deborah, 6: 9m: 1771. CR4 [h. Elizabeth (d. Reuben Coffin and Parnal), s. Seth and Deborah (Swain) PR38]

John, h. Phebe (d. Joseph Swain and Phebe), s. Barnabas and Abial (Clark), 3: 8m: 1779. PR38

John Way, h. Mary (d. Isaiah Maxey and Judith), s. Barzillai and Abigail (Way), 15: 1m: 1780. PR38

John Franklin, ch. Obed and Elizabeth, 7: 2m: 1786. CR4 [h. Eliza (Macy), s. Obed and Elizabeth (Swain) PR38]

John Howland ch. Simeon and Rebecca, 3: 1m: 1793. CR4 PR26 [h. Sarah (d. Matthias Walton of London), s. Simeon and Rebecca (Swain), 1: 1m: [dup. 1: 1m: 1791] PR38]

John, ch. John Brown and Elizabeth, 12: 11m: 1800. CR4 [Capt. John B. Jr., h. Susan B. (d. William B. Coffin and Deborah), s. John B. and Elizabeth (Coffin), ––– ––, 1803 PR38]

John B., h. Emeline (d. Timothy Horsfield and Eliza), h. Harriet A. (Childs) of Falmouth, s. John and Phebe (Swain), 15: 9m: 1810. PR38

John W., h. Anna N. Barker, s. Gardner and Sally (Nobles) (Chase) (third w.), 10: 5m: 1817. PR38

John Milton, s. Roland and Hannah (Stanton) (Coffin), 23: 12m: 1835. PR38

Jonathan, h. Mahitabel (Davis) of Falmouth, s. Thomas and Jane Challenge, ––: 6m: 1711. PR38

Jonathan, h. Hepsabeth (d. Robert Wyer and Catharine), s. Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), ––– ––, 1731. PR38

Joseph, h. Rachael (d. Jacob Norton and Bethiah "of the Vineyard"), s. Thomas and Jane Challenge, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph, s. Shubael and Priscilla (Worth) (Upham), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph, s. Ebenezer and Lydia (Pinkham) (Long) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph, h. Ann (d. George Bunker and Jane), s. Thomas and Susanna (first w.), 2: [3 written above 2] 12m: [dup. 12: 2m:] 1642. PR38

Joseph, s. Joseph and Ann (Bunker), 17: 11m: 1673. PR38

Joseph, ch. Joseph and Rachel, Sept. 30, 1739. [h. Eunice (d. Cromwell Coffin and Ruth), s. Joseph and Rachael (Norton) PR38]

Joseph Gorham, ch. Obed and Elizabeth, 25: 12m: 1783. CR4 [h. Phebe (d. Barnabas Bunker and Lydia) PR38]

Joseph R., h. Ann Dean, h. Ann (d. Laban Coleman), s. Jethro and and Deborah (Russell) (Coffin), 10: 9m: 1793. PR38

Joseph, ch. Silas and Elizabeth, Oct. 5, 1795.

Joseph, h. Charlotte (d. Elishai Paddack and Love), s. Silas and Elizabeth (Allen), 29: 8m: 1803. PR38

Joseph Dodge, s. Ebenezer and Aurelia C. Winslow, 16: 3m: 1830. PR38

Josiah, ch. Obed and Elizabeth, 30: 3m: 1794. CR4 [h. Mary (d. Moses Bunker and Mary), h. Sally (d. Latham Bunker and Susanna), s. Obed and Elizabeth (Swain) PR38]

Judith, w. Asa Coffin (s. Hezekiah and Abigail), d. Reuben and Lydia (Swain), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Judith, ch. Barnebas and Rachel (second w.), 28: 4m: 1742. CR4 [w. Andrew Worth (s. Christopher and Dinah), d. Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey) (second w.), 28: 4m: [dup. 9: 7m:] PR38]

Judith, w. Samuel Riddell (s. Samuel), d. Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), 21: 12m: 1751. PR38

Judith, ch. George and Eunice, 8: 3m: 1769. CR4 [second w. Eber Coffin (s. Stephen and Mary of Hudson, NY), d. George and Eunice (Folger) PR38]

Julia Ann, w. George Grinnell ("her step bro. "), d. Eber and Eunice (Clark), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Kezia, d. Jonathan and Mehetable, Aug. 7, 1745. [Colman. CR1; Coleman, w. Daniel Overton of L.I., d. Jonathan and Mehitable (Davis) PR38]

Laban, h. Lydia (d. John Bocott and Sarah), h. Sally (wid. David Pinkham, d. Benjamin Bunker and Rebecca), s. Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Wyer), 15: 10m: 1774. PR38

Leban, ch. Charles and Catharine, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [Laban, h. Jane (d. Morris Carman), s. Charles and Catharine (Hussey), 2: [dup. 14:] 5m: 1777 PR38; May 1, 1777 PR64]

Libni, ch. Christopher and Priscilla, 15: 2m: 1773 [see William]. CR4 [s. Christopher and Priscilla (Coffin), ––: 6m: PR38]

Louisa, w. James Richdale of Red Banks, NJ (s. John), d. John B. and Emeline (Horsfield) [Harriet (Childs)], 3: 6m: 1849. PR38

Love, w. George Coleman (s. David and Elizabeth), d. Hezekiah and Dorothy Fish, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Love Fish, w. John (s. James, brother of Edward), ––– ––, 1780. PR38

Lucretia R., ch. James B. and Lydia W., ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. William J. Cartwright (s. Alexander and Phebe), d. James B. and Lydia W. (Macy), 4: 1m: 1829 PR38]

Lucretia, d. Barnabas and Abial (Clark), 25: 4m: 1785. PR38

Lucretia, ch. Seth and Deborah, 25: 1m: 1788. CR4 [w. Samuel Paddack, d. Seth and Deborah (Swain) PR38]

Lucretia Coleman, w. Francis B. Folger, July 16, 1813. GR3 [Coleman, w. Francis B. Folger (s. George G. and Anna), d. John and Phebe (Swain) PR38]

Lucretia, ch. Charles and Sarah, 6: 1m: 1815. CR4 [d. Charles H. and Sally (Swain) PR38]

Lucretia, w. William P. Hazel "from the W. Indies," d. Charles H. and Sally (Swain), 6: 10m: 1825 [dup. 1826]. PR38

Lydia, ch. Jethro and Lydia, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [w. William Coffin (s. David and Mary Lambert), d. Jethro and Lydia (Paddack) PR38]

Lydia, w. Peter Grinnell Jr. (s. Peter Sr.), d. Eber and Eunice (Clark), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lydia, ch. Jerimiah and Sarah, Feb. 17, 1717-8. [second w. William Starbuck (s. Jethro and Dorcas), second w. Theophilas Pinkham (s. Richard 1st and Mary (Coffin)), d. Jeremiah and Sarah (Pratt), 18: 2m: 1717-18 [dup. 28: 2m: 1718] PR38]

Lydia, ch. Joseph and Rachel, July 28, 1730. [w. Jonathan Upham (s. Jonathan and Ruth), d. Joseph and Rachael (Norton), 7: 2m: PR38]

Lydia, ch. Peleg and Mary, 17: 9m: 1753. CR4 [w. Stephen Douglas, d. Peleg and Mary (Folger) (Worth) PR38]

Lydia, d. Enoch and Mary, Dec. 4, 1757. [4: 11m: CR4; w. Charles Folger (s. Frederic and Mary), [d. Enoch and Mary (Myrick) PR38]

Lydia, second w. David Swain (s. David and Hannah), d. Shubael and Priscilla (Worth) (Upham), 8: 5m: 1762. PR38

Lydia, w. Robert Coffin (s. Robert and Jemima), d. Reuben and Lydia (Swain), 11: 9m: 1763. PR38

Lydia, ch. Elihu and Elizabeth, 4: 12m: 1763. CR4 [w. Ezra Gardner, w. Richard Macy, d. Elihu and Elizabeth (Macy) PR38]

Lydia, ch. Nathaniel and Hepsibah, 9: 10m: 1767. CR4 [w. Solomon Macy (s. Stephen and Mercy), d. Nathaniel and Hepsabeth (Hussey) PR38]

Lydia, ch. Solomon and Mehetable, 6: 3m: 1775. CR4 [w. John Marshall of Newport, RI, w. James Law of Scotland d. Solomon and Mahitabel (Gardner), 6: 3m: 1777 PR38]

Lydia, ch. Seth and Deborah, 23: 8m: 1779. CR4 [Lydia, w. Latham Paddack (s. Benjamin and Elizabeth), d. Seth and Deborah (Swain) PR38]

Lydia, ch. Simeon and Rebecca, 28: 9m: 1780. CR4 [d. Simeon and Rebecca (Swain) PR38]

Lydia Wing, d. William and Hepsabeth (Wing) (second w.), 22: 7m: 1787. PR38

Lydia, d. Jethro and Deborah (Russell) (Coffin), 18: 9m: 1791. PR38

Lydia, ch. Andrew and Lydia, 5: 8m: 1792. CR4 [w. William Mitchell (s. Peleg and Lydia), d. Andrew and Lydia (Folger) PR38]

Lydia, w. Capt. Seth Coffin Jr. (s. Seth and Lydia), d. Gardner and Hepsabeth (Ray), 26: 3m: 1793. PR38

Lydia H., d. Richard L. and Sally (d. Christopher Hussey and Lydia), Aug. 25, 1796. [w. David Giles (s. David and Eunice), w. ––––– Sweet, d. Richard Lake and Sally (Hussey) PR38]

Lydia, ch. David and Elizabeth, 10: 7m: 1797. CR4 [w. Capt. William Henry Coffin (s. Solomon and Phebe), d. David and Elizabeth (Russell) PR38]

Lydia, ch. Samuel and Phebe, 27: 8m: 1802. CR4 [w. Jonathan Nye of New Bedford, d. Samuel and Phebe (Folger) PR38]

Lydia, w. Thomas Hawes of Maine, d. Job and Phebe (Pinkham), 6: 6m: 1803. PR38

Lydia, ch. John Brown and Elizabeth, 1: 7m: 1804. CR4

Lydia B., w. Edward S. Ray (s. Obed and Lurania), d. Laban and Lydia (Bocott), 1: 6m: 1809. PR38

Lydia, w. Ansel Thomas, d. Tristram and Eunice (Coffin), 11: 6m: 1814. PR38

Lydia M., ch. John Franklin and Elizabeth, 2: 10m: 1814. CR4

Lydia W., w. Timothy C. Coleman (s. Benjamin and Elizabeth), d. Sylvanus and Mary (Myrick), 23: 5m: 1816. PR38

Lydia M., second w. Amos Eldridge [q.v.], d. James and Lydia W. (Macy), 3: 11m: 1817. PR38

Lydia F., d. Charles and Mary, Mar. 2, 1840. PR29 [Lydia Folger Coleman, d. Charles H. and Mary A. (Austin), 3: 3m: PR38]

Margaret, see Peggy.

Margaret, d. Walter and Polly Frieze, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Peggy, w. Giles Sandford of RI, d. Barnabas and Abial (Clark), 3: 9m: 1780. PR38

Maria, w. Henry Van Every, d. David and Avis (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Maria, ch. Andrew and Lydia, 19: 8m: 1794. CR4 [d. Andrew and Lydia (Folger) PR38]

Martha, w. Daniel Pratt of Middleboro [dup. Middletown], CT, d. Edward and Anna (Fish), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Martha Coleman, w. Edward McCleave, Oct. 7, 1819. GR3 [Martha C. Coleman, w. Edward McCleave (s. Joseph and Sally), d. James B. and Lydia W. (Macy) PR38]

Martha S. [Coleman, w. –––––] Huxford, ––– ––, 1832. GR2 [Coleman, w. Capt. Charles Huxford of M[artha's] Vineyard, d. John W. and Eliza (Monroe), 24: 2m: 1831 PR38]

Martha Folger, d. Capt. Ebenezer and Lydia (Ray), 15: 5m: 1840. PR38

Mary, d. John and Anna (Davis), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, w. Charles Baker of Baltimore, w. ––––– Jillard, d. Ebenezer and Lydia (Pinkham) (Long) (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary Ann, w. Benjamin Davis, d. Walter and Polly Frieze, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Polly, w. Abraham Hart of West Chester Co., NY, d. John and Anna (Davis), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Polly, w. Horris Grinnell (brother of Peter of RI), d. Eber and Eunice (Clark), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, d. John and Prissilla, 30: 3m: 1718. [ch. John and Priscilla, 30: 3m: 1717 CR4; second w. William Russell (s. Daniel and Deborah), d. John and Priscilla (Starbuck) PR38]

Mary, ch. Elihu and Jemima, 25: 7m: 1733. CR4 [second w. Shubael Pinkham (s. Shubael and Abigail), d. Elihu and Jemima (Barnard) PR38]

Mary, first w. Timothy Swain (s. Eliakim and Elizabeth), d. Benjamin and Huldah (Swain), 12: 11m: 1733. PR38

Mary, d. Jonathan and Mehetable, Oct. 2, 1740. [w. John Eldridge, d. Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), ––– ––, 1745 PR38]

Mary, ch. William and Eunice, 26: 11m: 1756. CR4 [d. William and Eunice (Swain) PR38]

Mary, first w. William Dyer of Maine, d. Owen and Aseneth (Worth), 2: 4m: 1786. PR38

Mary, ch. David and Elizabeth, 7: 10m: 1786. CR4 [w. Joseph Barney (s. Robert and Huldah) PR38]

Mary, ch. Seth and Deborah, 7: 3m: 1790. CR4 [d. Seth and Deborah (Swain) PR38]

Mary, w. Reuben Gardner (s. Christopher and Anna), d. Job and Phebe (Pinkham), 22: 9m: 1792. PR38

Mary, ch. Seth and Deborah, 23: 8m: 1794. CR4 [d. Seth and Deborah (Swain) PR38]

Mary, w. George Turner (s. Baker and Susan), d. Gardner and Lydia (Whitefield) (second w.), 16: 8m: 1805. PR38

Mary, w. Alfred Myrick (s. Benjamin and Esther of CT), d. Sylvanus and Mary (Myrick), 20: 3m: 1807. PR38

Mary F., w. Samuel Drake Fisher, d. John and Love Fish, ––– ––, 1811. PR38

Mary Ann, w. John Crosby (s. Marshall and Nancy), d. Bethuel and Mary (Lamb), 10: 10m: 1814. PR38

Mary Jane, w. Charles Wyer (s. Owen and Polly), d. John and Phebe (Swain), 16: 7m: 1816. PR38

Mary C., w. Joseph H. Starbuck (s. Frederic and Chloe), d. Frederic B. and Lydia (Coffin), ––: 2m: 1823. PR38

Mary Ann [Coleman, w. –––––] Starbuck, Feb. 15, 1826. CR3 [Coleman, w. Charles H. Starbuck (s. Obed and Eunice), d. Thomas and Emma (Paddack) PR38]

Mary F., d. Job and Lydia (Russell), 8: 9m: 1829. PR38

Mary B., ch. James B. and Lydia W., 2: 8m: 1831. CR4 [Mary Bunker Coleman, d. James B. and Lydia W. (Macy) PR38]

Mary Elizabeth Coleman, w. Joseph C. Brock (s. Peleg and Lydia), Jan. 14, 1832. PR24 [Coleman, d. Benjamin and Lydia PR38]

Mary J., w. Lewis L. Adams of Cotuit, d. Obed and Ruth (Butler) (Coleman), 27: 9m: 1834. PR38

Mary R., w. Samuel Jennings, d. John B. and Emeline (Horsfield), 23: 1m: 1835. PR38

Mary Jane, d. Charles and Mary, Feb. 22, 1838. PR29 [w. John W. Cook (s. Charles), d. Charles H. and Mary A. (Austin) PR38]

Mary G., w. Henry P. Tallant (s. Eben W. and Nancy), d. Capt. Ebenezer and Lydia (Ray), 7: 3m: 1843. PR38

Mary M., d. Andrew J., carman, and Fanny G., Feb. 6, 1848. [Mary Myrick Coleman, d. Andrew J. and Fanny J. (Cushman) PR38]

Mary Joy, d. Horace B. and Mary (Russell), 30: 8m: 1849. PR38

Matthew, h. Hannah (d. John Meader and Hannah), s. Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), ––– ––, 1739. PR38

Matthias, s. John H. and Sarah (Walton), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Merab, w. Daniel Whitehouse, d. Owen and Aseneth (Worth), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Merab, w. Israel Brayton of RI, d. Barnabas Jr. and Abial (Clark), 27: 4m: 1782. PR38

Mercy, w. Charles G. Whippey (s. Coffin and Lucinda), d. John and Love Fish, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Miriam, ch. Christopher and Priscilla, 30: 8m: 1751. CR4 [w. David Rand (s. Caleb and Catharine), d. Christopher and Priscilla (Coffin), 7: 1m: 1753 PR38]

Miriam, ch. Francis and Abigail, 1: 7m: 1779. CR4 [d. Francis and Abigail (Bunker) PR38]

Moses, twin ch. Francis and Abigail, 12: 11m: 1776. CR4 [s. Francis and Abigail (Bunker) PR38]

Nancy, d. Gardner and Lydia (Whitefield) (second w.), 5: 6m: 1809. PR38

Nathan, ch. Elihu and Elizabeth, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [h. Phebe (wid. Isaiah Macy, d. Silas Bunker), s. Elihu and Elizabeth (Macy), 9: 11m: 1775 PR38]

Nathan, h. Lydia, s. Hezekiah and Dorothy Fish, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nathaniel, ch. George and Eunice, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [s. George and Eunice (Folger) PR38]

Nathaniel, s. John and Anna (Davis), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nathaniel [dup. Colman], s. John Jr., Dec. 20, 1697. [Coleman, ch. John and Priscilla CR4; Coleman, h. Mary (Folger) Gardner, s. John and Priscilla (Starbuck), 20: 12m: PR38]

Nathaniel, ch. Barnebas and Elizabeth, 11: 8m: 1729. CR4 [h. Hepsabeth (d. Sylvanus Hussey and Hepsabeth), s. Barnabas and Elizabeth (Barnard) PR38]

Obadiah, see Obediah.

Obediah, ch. Christopher and Priscilla, 26: 2m: 1763. CR4 [Obadiah, s. Christopher and Priscilla (Coffin) PR38]

Obed, ch. Barnebas and Rachel (second w.), 1: 9m: 1757. CR4 [h. Elizabeth (d. Joseph Swain and Elizabeth), s. Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey) (second w.) PR38]

Obed, h. Ruth (Butler) Coleman ("wid. his bro. David"), s. Robert and Deborah (Morselander), 3: 4m: 1810 [dup. 3: 5m: 1809]. PR38

Obed M., musician, s. John and Love Fish, ––– ––, 1817. PR38

Obed H., ch. James B. and Lydia W., 27: 3m: 1824. CR4 [s. James B. and Lydia W. (Macy) PR38]

Obed H., ch. James B. and Lydia W., 16: 3m: 1827. [s. James B. and Lydia W. (Macy) PR38]

Oliver, ch. John Franklin and Elizabeth, 3: 3m: 1817. CR4 [h. Matilda (d. David R. Bunker and Deidamis of Hudson), s. John Franklin and Elizabeth (Macy) PR38]

Owen, h. Asenath (d. John Worth and Mary), s. Daniel and Elizabeth (Mooers), ––– ––, 1760 [dup. 1757]. PR38

Pamelia [Coleman, w. –––––] Bennett, ––– ––, 1819. GR3 [Coleman, w. Edward Hyde Bennett (s. William and Phebe), d. Robert and Deborah (Morselander), 22: 7m: 1818 PR38]

Patience, w. Alvin Swift [dup. Smith], d. Edward and Anna (Fish), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Paul, ch. Jethro and Lydia, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after ch. b. 28: 8m: 1734]. CR4 [twin s. Jethro and Lydia (Paddack), 28: 10m: 1734 PR38]

Paul, ch. George and Eunice, ––– ––, –––– [rec. before ch. b. 19: 6m: 1753]. CR4

Paul, s. Jeremiah and Anna (Russell), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Paul, ch. Elihu and Elizabeth, ––– ––, –––– [rec. before ch. b. 18: 10m: 1771]. CR4 [h. Lydia (d. Abraham Macy and Priscilla), h. Eunice (d. Elihu Bunker and Phebe), s. Elihu and Elizabeth (Macy), 24: 11m: 1769 PR38]

Paul Jr., h. Elvira Tobey, h. Esther Norton, s. Paul and Eunice (Bunker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Paul, h. Abial (d. Christopher Coffin and Abigail), s. Matthew and Hannah (Meader), 25: 10m: 1783. PR38

Peleg, ch. Solomon and Deliverance, Oct. 12, 1725. [ch. Solomon and Deliverance (second w.) CR4; h. Mary (Folger) Worth, s. Solomon and Deliverance (Swett) (second w.), 12: 10m: PR38]

Persis [dup. Colman], d. John Jr., Dec. 7, 1695. [Percis Coleman, ch. John and Priscilla CR4; Percis Coleman, d. John and Priscilla (Starbuck), 7: 12m: PR38]

Peter, s. Jeremiah, 6: 2m: 1716. [h. Susanna (d. Jonathan Upham and Ruth), s. Jeremiah and Sarah (Pratt) PR38]

Phebe, w. Reuben Barnard (s. Francis and Elizabeth), d. Daniel and Elizabeth (Moores) [dup. (Mooers)], ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Phebe, d. John, June 15, 1674. [w. Gershom Cathcart "of the Vineyard," d. John and Joanna (Folger) PR38]

Phebe, d. John and Prissilla, 10: 4m: 1711. [ch. John and Priscilla CR4; w. Barzillai Folger, d. John and Priscilla (Starbuck) PR38]

Phebe, ch. Elihu and Jemima, Aug. 10, 1726. [w. Seth Folger, Aug. 22. PR36; w. Seth Folger [q.v.], d. Elihu and Jemima (Barnard) PR38]

Phebe, ch. Joseph and Rachel, Apr. 20, 1745. [w. Francis Worth, d. Joseph and Rachael (Norton), 25: 4m: [dup. 14: 4m: 1746] PR38]

Phebe, ch. Christopher and Priscilla, 10: 10m: 1760. CR4 [w. Peter Joy (s. Reuben and Anna), second w. Obed Coffin (s. Samuel and Elizabeth of the Vineyard), d. Christopher and Priscilla (Coffin) PR38]

Phebe, ch. Francis and Abigail, 11: 10m: 1764. CR4 [d. Francis and Abigail (Bunker) PR38]

Phebe, first w. David Swain, d. Shubael and Priscilla (Worth) (Upham), 10: 12m: 1766. PR38

Phebe, d. William and Abigail [(Barnard) PR38], Mar. 28, 1771.

Phebe, w. Robert Jones ("an Englishman"), d. Matthew and Hannah (Meader), 19: 3m: 1790 [dup. 15: 5m: 1789]. PR38

Phebe, ch. Samuel and Phebe, 8: 10m: 1805. CR4 [w. Willet Marshall (s. Justus of Ghent, Columbia Co., NY), d. Samuel and Phebe (Folger) PR38]

Prince, h. Sarah (wid. Benjamin Coggeshall, d. Judah Norton), s. Shubael and Priscilla (Worth) (Upham), 15: 2m: 1759. PR38

Priscilla, d. John and Prissilla, 28: 9m: 1713. Priscilla, ch. John and Priscilla, 26: 9m: CR4; Priscilla, w. Samuel Bunker (s. Jabez), [d. John and Priscilla (Starbuck) PR38]

Priscilla, ch. Elihu and Jemima, 15: 8m: 1731. CR4 [w. Peter Coffin PR38]

Priscilla, ch. Francis and Abigail, 9: 11m: 1760. CR4 [d. Francis and Abigail (Bunker) PR38]

Priscilla, w. Christopher Wyer (s. Robert and Zilpha), d. Prince and Sarah (Norton) (Coggeshall), 14: 3m: 1788. PR38

Rachel, ch. Nathaniel and Hepsibah, 29: 11m: 1763. CR4 [Rachel, first w. Job Thurston, d. Nathaniel and Hepsabeth (Hussey) PR38]

Rachael, w. Christopher Folger Jr. (s. Christopher and Susanna (–––––) (Gardner) (third w.)), d. Ebenezer and Mary (Gardner), 20: 1m: 1770. PR38

Rachel, ch. Silvanus and Mary, 11: 6m: 1775. CR4 [d. Silvanus and Mary (Swift) PR38]

Rachel, ch. Silvanus and Mary, 30: 4m: 1776. CR4 [d. Silvanus and Mary (Swift) PR38]

Rebecca, ch. Barnebas and Rachel (second w.), 10: 10m: 1738. CR4 [d. Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey) (second w.) PR38]

Rebecca, ch. Barnebas and Rachel (second w.), 28: 12m: 1740. CR4 [second w. Nathaniel Coffin (s. Benjamin and Jedida), d. Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey) (second w.), 28: 12m: 1739-40 PR38]

Rebecca, ch. Seth and Deborah, 12: 6m: 1775. CR4 [w. William Allen of Kennebec, d. Seth and Deborah (Swain) PR38]

Reuben, h. Lydia (d. Eliakim Swain and Elizabeth), h. Deborah (wid. Peter Gardner, d. John Pinkham), s. Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Reuben, s. Richard Lake and Sally (Hussey), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Reuben, s. Matthew and Hannah (Meader), 30: 5m: 1791. PR38

Reuben, h. Catharine B. Seymour of S. Yarmouth, s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Harris), 15: 1m: 1815. PR38

Rhoda, w. Benjamin Slade (brother of William), d. Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), 1: 3m: 1759. PR38

Richard L., s. Silvanus and Mary, Mar. 23, 1768. [Richard Lake Coleman, 23: 4m: 1773 CR4; Richard Lake Coleman, h. Sally (d. Christopher Hussey Jr.), h. Susanna (Gardner) Clark, s. Sylvanus and Mary (Swift) PR38]

Robert, h. Deborah (d. Cornelius Morselander and Hepsabeth), s. Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Wyer), 28: 1m: 1777. PR38

Robert G., ch. Albert and Hephzibah, 30: 7m: 1800. CR4 [s. Albert and Hepsabeth (Gardner) PR38]

Robert B., h. Susan Angerine, h. Emeline Angeline, s. Nathan and Phebe (Bunker) (Macy), 2: 6m: 1805. PR38

Robert, ch. Joseph Gorham and Phebe, 6: 11m: 1812. CR4 [Robert B., s. Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker), 6: 11m: 1813 PR38]

Robert S., h. Araminta D. (d. Thomas Mayhew of M[artha's] Vineyard), s. Charles H. and Sally (Swain), 31: 1m: 1820. PR38

Robert B., s. Samuel B. and Sarah (Coffin), 7: 2m: 1834. PR38

Robert Walter, h. Mary J. (d. Stephen B. Fisher, grand d. Oliver Chadwick and Jane), 19: 1m: 1839. PR38

Roland h. Hannah (wid. Benjamin Coffin (s. Adam), d. James Stanton), s. Barnabas and Abial (Clark), 15: 8m: 1787. PR38

Roland h. Mary (d. Seth Cleaveland and Mary), s. Barzillai and Abigail (Way), 9: 2m: 1792. PR38

Roland ch. Joseph Gorham and Phebe, 17: 4m: 1821. CR4 [s. Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker) PR38]

Roland G., h. Esther Ann of Falmouth (d. ––––– Childs and Polly of Falmouth), s. Alexander and Mary (Gardner), 25: 1m: 1822. PR38

Ruth, ch. Elihu and Jemima, 9: 9m: 1721. CR4 [w. David Coffin, d. Elihu and Jemima (Barnard) PR38]

Ruth, w. Lot Cottle (s. James and Thankful), d. Daniel and Elizabeth (Mooers), 13: 6m: 1750. PR38

Ruth, ch. William and Eunice, 21: 9m: 1765. CR4 [w. Uriah Paddack, d. William and Eunice (Swain) PR38]

Samuel, ch. Elihu and Elizabeth, ––– ––, –––– [rec. after ch. b. 18: 10m: 1771]. CR4 [h. Phebe (d. Walter Folger and Elizabeth), s. Elihu and Elizabeth (Macy), 11: 11m: 1773 PR38]

Samuel, ch. Simeon and Rebecca, 23: 9m: 1782. CR4 PR26 [s. Simeon and Rebecca (Swain) PR38]

Samuel, ch. Joseph Gorham and Phebe, 11: 5m: 1810. CR4 [Samuel B., h. Sarah (d. Obadiah Coffin and Lucretia) [dup. 5: 5m:] PR38]

Samuel, h. Mary Mattock, s. Nathan and Phebe (Bunker) (Macy), 6: 10m: 1814. PR38

Samuel C., h. Mary Elizabeth (d. Hewson Parrish of Lynn), s. Tristran and Eunice (Coffin), 22: 2m: 1824. PR38

Samuel B. Jr., s. Samuel B. and Sarah (Coffin), 26: 12m: 1837. PR38

Sally, see Sarah.

Sally, w. John Coleman ("of Maine, not of Nan. origin"), d. Owen and Aseneth (Worth), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sally, w. Daniel McKinley, d. Walter and Polly Frieze, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sarah, see Sally.

Sarah, d. Robert S. and Araminta D. (Mayhew), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Sarah, ch. Barnebas and Rachel (second w.), 25: 7m: 1734. CR4 [w. George Folger (s. Abishai and Sarah), d. Barnabas and Rachel (Hussey) (second w.) PR38]

Sarah, ch. Nathaniel and Hepsibah, 25: 11m: 1761. CR4 [Sally [dup. Sarah], w. Petwr Barney (s. Benjamin and Jemima), d. Nathaniel and Hepsabeth (Hussey) PR38]

Sarah, ch. Silvanus and Mary, 24: 3m: 1770. CR4 [w. David Coffin (s. William and Lydia), d. Sylvanus and Mary (Swift), 14: 3m: PR38]

Sarah, ch. Seth and Deborah, 13: 9m: 1777. CR4 [w. James Egan, w. Latham Paddack (s. Benjamin and Elizabeth), d. Seth and Deborah (Swain) PR38]

Sally, ch. Obed and Elizabeth, 7: 9m: 1788. CR4 [Sally Gardner, 15: 1m: 1789 PR34; Sarah Coleman, first w. Benjamin Gardner (s. Prince and Deborah), d. Obed and Elizabeth (Swain), 7: 9m: PR38]

Sally, ch. David and Elizabeth, 11: 1m: 1793. CR4 [d. David and Elizabeth (Russell) PR38]

Sally, d. John and Phebe (Swain), 19: 11m: 1803. PR38

Sally, ch. Joseph Gorham and Phebe, 22: 3m: 1818. CR4 [Sarah, first w. Daniel R. Remson (s. Stephen and Sally), d. Joseph Gorham and Phebe (Bunker) PR38]

Sally Ann, June 2, 1822. GR3 [d. John and Phebe (Swain) PR38]

Sarah A. Bass, w. Elishai P. (s. Thomas and Emma), d. ––––– of VT, ––– ––, 1829. PR38

Sarah M., w. George W. Haggerty (s. George W.), d. George S. and Susan (Bunker), 12: 11m: 1831. PR38

Sarah J., d. Alexander, carpenter, and Jane, Sept. 29, 1844. [Sarah Jane, d. Alexander and Jane (Greene) (Elliott) [see mar.], ––: 9m: 1845 PR38]

Seth, ch. Barnebas and Rachel (second w.), 1: 5m: 1744. CR4 [h. Deborah (d. Reuben Swain and Elizabeth), s. Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey) (second w.), 8: 5m: [dup. 19: 7m:] PR38]

Seth, ch. Abraham and Hephzibah [dup. Hepzibah (first w.)], 2: 4m: 1796. CR4 [s. Abraham and Hepsabeth (Macy) PR38]

Seth, h. Betsey (d. Joel Gardner and Mary), s. Owen and Aseneth (Worth), ––– ––, 1797. PR38

Seth, ch. Abraham and Hephzibah, 13: 8m: 1797. CR4 [s. Abraham and Hepsabeth (Macy) PR38]

Shubael, h. Priscilla (wid. David Upham, d. Richard Worth and Lydia), s. Benjamin and Huldah (Swett), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Silas, ch. Francis and Abigail, 17: 3m: 1767. CR4 [h. Elizabeth (d. Benjamin Allen and Abigail), s. Francis and Abigail (Bunker) PR38]

Silvanus, ch. Jerimiah and Sarah, June 2, 1720. [s. Jeremiah and Sarah (Pratt), 2: 6m: PR38]

Silvanus, ch. Barnebas and Rachel (second w.), 12: 5m: 1746. CR4 [Sylvanus, h. Mary (d. Benjamin Swift of New Bedford), h. Phebe (d. Joseph Brown), s. Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey) (second w.), 8: 5m: [dup. 12: 7m:] PR38]

Silvanus, ch. Enoch and Mary, 15: 9m: 1751. CR4 [Sylvanus, h. Huldah (d. John Gwinn and Eunice), s. Enoch and Mary (Myrick) PR38]

Silvanus, ch. Silvanus and Huldah, 27: 11m: 1778. [Sylvanus, h. Mary (d. Benjamin Myrick and Deborah), s. Silvanus and Huldah (Gwinn) PR38]

Silvanus B., s. Benjamin F. and Abigail B. Handy, ––: 3m: 1812. PR38

Simeon, s. John H. and Sarah (Walton), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Simeon, ch. Jethro and Lydia (second w.), 22: 9m: 1752. CR4 [h. Rebecca [(Swain)] PR26; h. Rebecca (d. Reuben Swain and Elizabeth), s. Jethro and Lydia (Macy) (second w.) PR38]

Simeon, ch. Simeon and Rebecca, 29: 1m: 1776. CR4 PR26 [Simeon 2d, h. Mary [(Arthur)] PR29; Simeon, h. Mary (d. Stephen Arthur and Phebe), s. Simeon and Rebecca (Swain) PR38]

Solomon, h. Mary (d. John Macy and Deborah), h. Deliverance (d. Moses Swett and Mary), s. John and Joanna (Folger), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Solomon, ch. Solomon and Deliverance, Mar. 3, 1735. [ch. Solomon and Deliverance (second w.) CR4; h. Mahitabel (d. James Gardner Jr. and Susanna), s. Solomon and Deliverance (Swett) (second w.) [dup. 24: 3m:] PR38]

Solomon, ch. Solomon and Meheteble, 28: 7m: 1766. CR4 [h. Hepsabeth (twin d. William Wyer and Abigail), s. Solomon Jr. and Mahitabel (Gardner), ––– ––, 1776. PR38]

Sophia Ann, d. Zenas and Luna Sears [? Phebe (Swain)], ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Stephen Jr., s. Stephen and Susanna (Bocott), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Stephen, ch. Christopher and Priscilla, 11: 9m: 1754. CR4 [s. Christopher and Priscilla (Coffin) PR38]

Stephen, h. Susanna (d. John Bocott and Sarah), s. Jonathan and Hepsabeth (Wyer), 25: 3m: 1765. PR38

Stephen G., h. Hannah Addison, h. Maria Rhodes, s. Walter and Polly Frieze, 11: 11m: 1803. PR38

Susan Coleman, w. Alexander S. Swift, Sept. 21, 1803. GR5 [Coleman, w. Alexander S. Swift (s. Benjamin and Elizabeth), d. Gardner and Lydia (Whitefield) (second w.) [dup. 21: 9m: 1804] PR38]

Susan, d. Silas and Elizabeth (Allen), ––– ––, 1806. PR38

Susan A., w. Gilbert Trusler, d. Roland and Hannah (Stanton) (Coffin), 24: 2m: 1834. PR38

Susan A., w. Frederic U. Lovell of Sandwich, d. Charles H. and Mary A., Feb. 10, 1835. GR3 [d. Charles H. and Mary A. (Austin), 10: 2m: 1825. PR38]

Susan Harris, w. Samuel D. Hosmer, d. Capt. Ebenezer and Lydia (Ray), 18: 8m: 1838. PR38

Susan S., d. Thomas and Emma (Paddack), 14: 7m: 1847. PR38

Susanna, d. Thomas and Susanna, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Susanna, d. Jonathan and Mehetable, Oct. 23, 1737. [Susan, w. Nathaniel Whippey (s. James and Patience), d. Jonathan and Mehitable (Davis), 23: 12m: PR38]

Susanna, ch. Solomon and Meheteble, 15: 9m: 1760. CR4 [[dup. Susan] w. Joseph Brown (s. Joseph), d. Solomon Jr. and Mahitabel (Gardner) [dup. 11: 4m: 1769] PR38]

Susanna, ch. Seth and Deborah, 6: 10m: 1769. CR4 [w. Edmond Macy (s. Stephen and Mercy), d. Seth and Deborah (Swain) PR38]

Susanna, ch. David and Elizabeth, 27: 5m: 1789. CR4

Susanna, ch. David and Elizabeth, 25: 7m: 1791. CR4 [Susan, second w. Joseph Barney (s. Robert and Huldah), d. David and Elizabeth (Russell), 5: 7m: 1792 [dup. 25: 6m: 1791] PR38]

Sylvia, ch. Solomon and Meheteble, 15: 1m: 1771. CR4 [w. William Ramsdell (s. William and Ruth [see mar.]), d. Solomon and Mahitabel (Gardner), 15: 1m: 1772 PR38]

Tamar, ch. Joseph and Eunice, bp. Dec. 19, 1773. CR3

Thaddeus, ch. George and Eunice, ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [s. George and Eunice (Folger) PR38]

Thaddeus, ch. Christopher and Priscilla, 2: 11m: 1767. CR4 [s. Christopher and Priscilla (Coffin), 10: 11m: PR38]

Thaddeus, ch. Elihu and Elizabeth, 18: 10m: 1771. CR4 [h. Eunice (d. Abraham Macy Jr. and Priscilla), s. Elihu and Elizabeth (Macy) PR38]

Thomas, s. Thomas and Jane Challenge, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas of Newbury, h. Susanna, h. Mary (wid. Edmund Johnson), h. Margery (wid. Thomas Rowell, formerly wid. Christopher Osgood, d. Peter Fowler), ––– ––, 1602. PR38

Thomas, s. John, Oct. 17, 1669. [h. Jane (wid. John Challenge, d. William Bunker and Mary), s. John and Joanna (Folger), 17: 10m: PR38]

Thomas, s. Jonathan and Mehetable, Apr. 15, 1743. [s. Jonathan and Mahitable (Davis), 15: 4m: PR38]

Thomas, "Father," h. Emma, July 19, 1800. GR3 [h. Emma (d. Elishai Paddack and Love), s. Silas and Elizabeth (Allen), 19: 7m: PR38]

Thomas H., h. Susan B. (d. Alexander Cash and Hannah), s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Harris), 28: 12m: 1812. PR38

Thomas Jr., s. Thomas and Emma (Paddack), ––: 10m: 1830. PR38

Timothy, ch. Joseph and Rachel, May 13, 1742. [h. Mary (d. John Bunker and Mary), s. Joseph and Rachael (Norton), 25: 8m: 1743 [dup. 25: 5m: 1742] PR38]

Timothy C., h. Lydia W. (d. Sylvanus Coleman and Mary), h. Lucretia (wid. William A. Easton, d. Daniel MacDonald and Polly), s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Harris), 19: 2m: 1809. PR38

Tobias, h. Lydia, s. Thomas and Susanna, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Tristram, h. Mary (d. Edward Wyer and Abigail), s. Shubael and Priscilla (Worth) (Upham), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Tristram, h. Eunice (d. Elihu Coffin and Eunice), s. Matthew and Hannah (Meader), 17: 8m: 1787 [dup. 1789]. PR38

Tyler, s. Ebenezer and Aurelia Winslow, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Walter, h. Polly Friez of Braintree, s. John and Anna (Davis), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, ch. William and Hepzibah (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. CR4 [s. William and Hepsabeth (Wing) (second w.), 23: 5m: 1783 PR38]

William Henry, s. John H. and Sarah (Walton), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William, ch. Elihu and Jemima, 3: 6m: 1723. CR4 [h. Eunica (d. John Swain and Mary), s. Elihu and Jemima (Barnard) PR38]

William, s. Christopher and Priscilla (Coffin), 27: 2m: 1773 [see Libni]. PR38

William, ch. Barnebas and Rachel (second w.), 19: 6m: 1784. CR4 [h. Abigail (d. Joseph Barnard), h. Hepsabeth (d. Samuel Wing), s. Barnabas and Rachael (Hussey) (second w.) [dup. 19: 8m:] PR38]

William, ch. Seth and Deborah, 25: 5m: 1792. CR4 [in Dartmouth, N.S. GR3; h. Wliza (wid. Alexander Inott, d. Benjamin Walcott), s. Seth and Deborah (Swain) PR38]

William, ch. David and Elizabeth, 8: 1m: 1796. CR4

William, h. Harriet Davis, s. Walter and Polly Frieze, ––– ––, 1799. PR38

William, s. Nathan and Phebe (Bunker) (Macy), 15: 5m: 1807. PR38

William R., h. Betsey (d. Thomas Gibbs Sr.), s. Henry and Clarissa (Daggett) of M[artha's] Vineyard, 28: 4m: 1808. PR38

William, h. Martha Jones of Cape Cod, s. Robert and Deborah (Morselander), 22: 9m: 1813. PR38

William, ch. John Brown and Elizabeth, 2: 11m: 1814. CR4

William B., h. Mary Humphrey of Ravenna, Ohio, s. Capt. John B. and Susan (Coffin), ––– ––, 1834. PR38

William M., s. John W. and Eliza (Monroe), 6: 3m: 1843. PR38

Winnifred [dup. Winifred], w. Horatio A. Coleman (s. Charles H. and Sally), w. Andrew B. Green (s. Thomas and Betsey [dup. Eliza]), w. ––––– Sheldon of Providence, d. Henry and Clarissa (Daggett) [Mary (second w.)] of M[artha's] Vineyard, 1: 2m: 1840. PR38 [Winnie B., Jan. 3 PR57]

Zebulon, s. David and Ruth Butler, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Zebulon, h. Eliza (d. Edward Creasy and Deborah), s. Robert and Deborah (Morselander), 10: 10m: 1800. PR38

Zenas, "Father," Apr. 5, 1801. GR3 [h. Luna Sears of Hartford, CT, s. Edward and Anna (Fish) of Cape Cod, 5: 4m: 1800 PR38]

Zenas M., h. Phebe S. (d. David Swain and Sophia), s. Robert and Deborah (Morselander), 17: 10m: 1815 [dup. 17: 11m: 1816]. PR38

Zenas, s. Ebenezer and Aurelia C. Winslow, 10: 7m: 1820. PR38


Alexander, s. Jonathan W. and Polly (Coffin), 9: 8m: 1802. PR38

Andrew H., s. Charles W. and Anna (Hussey), 1: 9m: 1803. PR38

Andrew B., s. William, cooper, and Harriet P. [Harriett P. (Coffin) PR38], Oct. 7, 1843.

Charles Newcomb, h. Eunice (d. Jonathan Long and Sarah), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles W., h. Anna (d. Ebenezer Hussey and Mahitabel), s. Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), 26: 3m: 1788. PR38

Charles W., s. William and Harriet P. (Coffin), ––– ––, 1841. PR38

Edwin M., s. John and Mary (Meader), ––– ––, 1823. PR38

Emmiline, d. Charles W. and Anna (Hussey), 10: 4m: 1799. PR38

Eunice, w. Laban Cottle (s. Lot and Ruth), d. Charles Newcomb and Eunice (Long), ––– ––, 1782. PR38

George, h. Nancy (d. Abijah Coffin and Priscilla), s. Jonathan W. and Polly (Coffin), 28: 3m: 1800. PR38

George C., s. George and Nancy (Coffin), ––– ––, 1829. PR38

Hannah, d. ––– ––, 1818 [see Henry]. PR38

Harriet F., see Harriet F. Perkins.

Henry, Apr. 19, 1818 [see Hannah]. GR3 [h. Martha (d. Benjamin Barnard and Anna), s. John and Mary (Meader) PR38]

Hepsibeth [dup. Hepsabeth], w. Noah Bunker (s. Obed and Hepsabeth), w. James Barnard (s. Shubael and Ruth), d. Jonathan W. Jr. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), 13: 3m: 1773 [dup. 1774]. PR38

Hiram, h. Susan Reman of NY, s. Jonathan W. and Polly (Coffin), 31: 1m: 1806. PR38

John, h. Mary (d. Nicholas Meader and Rachel), s. Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), ––– ––, 1783. PR38

John M., ––– ––, 1826. GR3 [h. Ann C. (d. Moses Smith and Susan), s. John and Mary (Meader) PR38]

Jonathan W., ship carpenter, h. Hepsabeth (d. John Gardner and Kezia), s. Jonathan of Boston, 16: 10m: 1746. PR38

Jonathan W., h. Polly (d. Obed Coffin and Phebe), s. Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), 18: 6m: 1772. PR38

Mary W., w. William C. Myrick (s. George and Lydia), d. John and Mary (Meader), ––– ––, 1812. PR38

Mary C., w. William B. Pitman (s. Samuel and Deborah), d. George and Nancy (Coffin), ––– ––, 1835. PR38

Mary M., d. William, cooper, and Harriet, June 17, 1847. [Mary M. Paddock, June 16 GR3; Colesworthy, w. George B. Paddack, d. William and Harriet P. (Coffin) PR38]

Nancy, w. Andrew (s. Uriah Bunker and Peggy), d. Jonathan W. and Hepsabeth (Gardner), 18: 11m: 1786. PR38

Perces, w. Joseph Plaskett, d. Susan, 29: 8m: 1773 [? in N.] PR38

Reuben C., s. John and Mary (Meader), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas, s. John and Mary (Meader), ––– ––, 1808. PR38

William, h. Harriet P. (d. Zimri Coffin and Abigail), s. John and Mary (Meader), ––– ––, 1814. PR38

COLMAN (Coleman)


Edward, see Thomas.

Betsey, w. Joseph Winslow (s. Joseph and Isabella), d. John and Lydia (Gardner), 29: 6m: 1784. PR38

George, ch. Nathan and Elizabeth, 29: 1m: 1808. CR4 [s. Nathan and Elizabeth (Emmett) PR38]

John, h. Lydia (d. John Gardner and Kezia), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Keziah [dup. Kezia], w. George Coffin (s. Solomon and Eunice), second w. Josiah Sheffield, d. John and Lydia (Gardner), 27: [dup. 2:] 9m: 1782. PR38

Lucy, ch. Nathan and Elizabeth, 28: 2m: 1806. CR4 [d. Nathan and Elizabeth (Emmett), 31: 12m: 1805 PR38]

Lydia, w. Francis Gardner Jr. (s. Francis and Anna), d. John and Lydia (Gardner), 15: 4m: 1776. PR38

Martha, d. Nathan and Ann (Merritt), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nathan, s. Nathan and Ann (Merritt), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Samuel, ch. Nathan and Elizabeth, 8: 10m: 1802. CR4 [Samuel B., Sept. ––, ––––. PR1; Samuel, s. Nathan and Elizabeth (Emmett) PR38]

Sally, see Sarah.

Sarah [dup. Sally], w. Frederick Coffin (s. Elijah and Ruth), d. John and Lydia (Gardner), 4: 1m: 1779. PR38

Sophia, first w. David Swain Jr. (s. David and Phebe), d. John and Lydia (Gardner), 1: 8m: 1790. PR38

Thomas, ch. Nathan and Elizabeth, 6: 6m: 1810. CR4 [Edward, s. Nathan and Elizabeth (Emmett) PR38]

William, ch. Nathan and Elizabeth, 24: 4m: 1804. CR4 PR1 [s. Nathan and Elizabeth (Emmett) PR38]


Ann [–––––] [third w. Assa], ––– ––, 1768. PR38

John [s. Assa and Anna], Nov. 25, 1810. PR32

Mehetable [w. Lemuel Jones, d. Asa and Anna], Sept. 16, 1808. PR32 [w. Lemuel Jones (s. Stephen and Abigail), d. Asa and Anna, 6: 9m: PR38]

Sarah, w. Charles Jones, [d. Assa and Mahitable] Nov. 20, 1795, in Barnstable. PR32 [20: 11m: 1796 PR38]


Christian, w. Peter Coffin (s. John and Deborah), d. "Mrs. Mary who later m'd Wm. Gayer," ––– ––, ––––. PR38


Arthur B., twin s. James C., tailor, and Eliza R. [Eliza (Thain) PR38], Apr. 6, 1845.

David, s. Joseph and Phebe F. (Wood), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

David T., twin s. James C., tailor, and Eliza R. [Eliza (Thain) PR38], Apr. 6, 1845.

Elizabeth C., d. James C. and Eliza (Thain), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Elizabeth, w. William G. Chase (s. Francis Jr.), d. Cary of RI, 24: 4m: 1813. PR38

Howard, s. Joseph and Phebe F. (Wood), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James C., h. Eliza (d. David Thain and Mary), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph of Newport, RI, h. Phebe F. (d. David Wood), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph W., s. Joseph and Phebe F. (Wood), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Louisa T., d. James C., merchant, and Eliza R. [Eliza (Thain) PR38], Mar. 1, 1847.

Marianna, d. Joseph and Phebe F. (Wood), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary R., d. James C. and Eliza (Thain), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Phebe, w. William Coffin (s. William and Lydia), d. Caleb of New Bedford, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Robert, s. James C. and Eliza (Thain), ––– ––, –––– [? before 1850]. PR38

Robert, h. Kezia P. (d. Joseph Dodge and Sarah), 18: 1m: 1815. PR38

Sarah P., d. Joseph and Phebe F. (Wood), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

COOK (Crook)

Ann E., d. Charles W., merchant, and Charlotte P., Jan. 1, 1848.

Charles H., s. Henry, baker, and Laura, Dec. 25. 1847. [s. Henry P. and Laura A. (Gould), ––– ––, 1848 PR38]

Clarissa A., w. John W. Hallett (s. Dea. Ezekiel and Patie), d. Charles and Clara, 8: 12m: 1824 [in Newburyport]. PR38

Helen M., second w. William H. Sumerhays, d. John, sister of Joseph, ––– ––, 1819 [see Newburyport Vital Records]. PR38

Henry P., h. Laura A. (Gould), s. Charles, ––– ––, 1826. PR38

Joseph, s. Joseph and Margaret, bp. Mar. 22, 1772. CR3

Joseph A., h. Maria (d. Dr. Richter), ––– ––, 1824. PR38

Martha B., d. Charles W., merchant, and Charlotte [(Folger) PR38], July 19, 1844.

Polly, first w. Samuel Swain (s. Reuben and Hannah), d. Hugh and Margaret (Calif), 30: 8m: 1770. PR38

Mary, ch. Joseph and Margaret, bp. Sept. 2, 1770. CR3

Mary F., d. John Jr., merchant, and Mary Jane, Sept. 27, 1844.

Priscilla, w. Timothy Coffin (s. Abner and Phebe), d. William Pardon and Rebecca of Tiverton, 24: 2m: 1741. PR38

Richard H., s. Henry C., baker, and Susan P., Nov. 8, 1846.

Richard H., s. Henry P. and Laura A. (Gould), ––– ––, 1847. PR38

Sarah E., w. William H. Geary of New Brunswick, d. John of Newburyport, ––– ––, 1813 [see Newburyport Vital Records]. PR38

Susan, d. Charles W. and Charlotte (Folger), ––– ––, ––––. PR38


Daniel, h. Lydia (d. John Addlington and Lydia), ––– ––, 1786. PR38

Joseph A., s. Daniel and Lydia (Addlington), ––– ––, 1821. PR38


Charles, h. Lydia Ann (d. Charles F. Brock and Lydia (Wood)), h. Ellen (Macy), s. William and Catharine (Marsh), ––– ––, 1820. PR38 [s. William and Catherine, May 28 PR55]

Charlotte M., w. James F. Cathcart (s. David and Lydia), d. William and Catharine (Marsh), ––– ––, ––––. PR38 [Sherlot M., d. William and Catherine, July 10, 1830 PR55]

Sherlot M., see Charlotte M.

George H., h. Eunice P. (d. Charles F. Brock and Lydia), s. William and Catharine (Marsh), ––– ––, 1822. PR38 [s. William and Catherine, Sept. 7, 1822 PR55]

James, h. Mary Handy of Cape Cod, s. William and Catharine (Marsh), ––– ––, 1817. PR38 [s. William and Catherine, July 13, 1818 PR55]

Mary M., d. William and Catherine, June 13, 1824. PR55

Mary, m., d. William and Catharine (Marsh), ––– ––, 1825. PR38 [Mary M., "the 2," d. William and Catherine, June 21 PR55]

Obed, s. William and Catharine (Marsh), ––– ––, 1827. PR38 [s. William and Catherine, Nov. 28. PR55]

Phebe, w. William Hurlburt (s. William and Abigail), d. William and Catharine (Marsh), 7: 6m: 1813. PR38 [d. William and Catherine PR55]

Roswell, h. ––––– Cleaveland of M[artha's] Vineyard, s. William and Catharine (Marsh), ––– ––, 1815. PR38 [s. William and Catherine, Aug. 5, 1816 PR55]

W.S., s. William and Catherine, Mar. 4, 1833. PR55

William, h. Elizabeth (d. James T. Worth), s. William and Catharine (Marsh), ––– ––, ––––. PR38 [s. William and Catherine, Oct. 12, 1814 PR55]

William, h. Catharine (d. ––––– Marsh (brother of Roswell)), s. William and Phebe, ––– ––, 1791. PR38 [h. Catherine, Aug. 19, 1790 PR55]


Josephine, d. Randolph, mariner, and Ann, Jan. 20, 1848.

Nancy, w. Timothy Bunker, May 7, 1794. PR31

Rebecca, d. Thomas, mariner, and Ann, May 21, 1845.

William H., s. Cyrus, mariner, and Maria B., Nov. 8, 1844.


Susan, d. Thomas and Eliza, ––– ––, ––––. PR38


George R., s. William and Lydia (Hussey), 27: 12m: 1806. PR38

William of New Port, h. Lydia (d. Christopher Hussey and Lydia), 28: 2m: 1776. PR38


Brailey [? Bailey], h. Rachel C., h. Lydia E. (wid. William Hunter, d. Sylvanus Morey), 22: 5m: 1807. PR38

Bailey Jr., s. Bailey, yeoman, and Rachael, Nov. 20, 1847.

Brailey [? Bailey] Jr., h. Ida (d. W.I. Fisher), s. Brailey [? Bailey] and Rachael C., 9: 12m: 1849. PR38

Elizabeth, d. Baily, yeoman, and Rachael C., Nov. 15, 1846 [see Naomi H.]

Emily F., w. Benjamin S. Cathcart (s. Zimri and Eunice), d. Brailey and Rachel C., ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Julia Ann, d. Brailey and Rachael C., ––– ––, 1841. PR38

Mary F., w. Charles A. Baker, w. ––––– Mowry, d. Brailey and Rachel C., ––– ––, 1844 [see Sarah L.] PR38

Naomi H., w. Andrew Hunt of Boston, d. Brailey and Rachel C., ––– ––, 1846 [see Elizabeth]. PR38

Rachael, w. Andrew W. Sprague of Bridgewater, d. Brailey and Rachel C., ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rachael C., first w. Brailey [? Bailey], 21: 5m: 1808. PR38

Sarah L., d. Bailey, yeoman, and Rachael C., Sept. 10, 1844 [see Mary F.] [Sarah Louisa, second w. William T. Swain of CT, d. Brailey and Rachel C. PR38]

William, s. Bailey, farmer, and Rachael, Sept. 9, 1843.

COTTLE (Cottel, Cottell)

–––––, s. James (brother of Juda) and w., Mar. ––, 1779. PR64

Alexander, s. Henry and Phebe (Pease), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Anne, d. Edward, Mar. 3, 1672-3. [Ann, d. Edward and Dorothy PR38]

Barzillai, h. Rachael (d. Tristram Swain and Rachael (Bunker)), s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), 8: 4m: 1778. PR38

Barzillai, Dr., s. Laban and Eunice (Colesworthy), ––– ––, 1814. PR38

Barzillai R., h. Elizabeth B. (d. Charles Ray and Clarissa), s. Owen S. and Sarah (Ray), ––– ––, 1829. PR38

Catherine, see Lucy C.

Charels, h. Phebe B. (d. William Ramsdell and Mary), s. David and Mary (first w.), ––– ––, 1807. PR38

Charles N., h. Ann (d. James Staples and Elizabeth), s. Laban and Eunice (Colesworthy), ––– ––, 1811. PR38

Charles S., s. Charles N., merchant, and Ann C., Jan. 27, 1847.

Delia M., w. Robert S. Wyer (s. Christopher and Priscilla), d. Shubael and Rebecca (Sayer), ––– ––, 1826. PR38

Cornelia, d. Shubael and Rebecca (Sayer), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

David, h. Mary (d. Owen Folger), h. Rebecca (wid. Obed Cottle, d. Nathaniel Russell), s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), 16: 3m: 1775. PR38

David, h. Priscilla M. (d. John C. Coffin (s. George and Kezia) and Sarah), s. Laban and Eunice (Colesworthy), ––– ––, 1819. PR38

Edward 1st, h. Dorothy, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, w. ––––– Brooks, d. James and Thankful Norton, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, w. Thaddeus Clark (s. Benjamin), d. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), 6: 3m: 1774. PR38

Elizabeth R., m., d. Shubael and Rebecca (Sayer), ––– ––, 1829. PR38

Emily, d. Charles, mariner, and Phebe, May 4, 1844 [dup. 1845]. [d. Charles and Phebe (Ramsdell), ––– ––, 1845 PR38]

Freeman, R., s. Obed and Lydia Thurstain, ––– ––, 1842. PR38

George B., s. Obed and Lydia Thurstain, ––– ––, 1840. PR38

Harriet Ann, d. Charles N., merchant, and Ann C., Apr. 8, 1844. [w. John H. Chadwick, Capt. Charles N. and Ann C. GR4]

Henry, h. Phebe (d. David Pease and Sally), s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), 3: 12m: 1789. PR38

Henry Coleman, s. Obed, mariner, and Lydia, Dec. 17, 1843. [s. Obed and Lydia Thurstain, ––– ––, 1844 PR38]

James, h. Mercy Wheelden of Martha's Vineyard, h. Thankful Norton "of the Vineyard," ––– ––, ––––. PR38

James, h. Lydia (d. Greenleaf Marshall), s. James and Thankful Norton, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, s. Edward [Edward and Dorothy PR38], Sept. 7, 1675.

John, s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), ––– ––, 1782. PR38

John, s. Laban and Eunice (Colesworthy), ––– ––, 1816. PR38

Judith (Cottell), d. Edward, Apr. 13, 1670. [Cottle, d. Edward and Dorothy PR38]

Judith, w. Henry Hood, w. Isaiah Maxey (s. Samuel), d. James and Thankful Norton, 5: 4m: 1745. PR38

Laban, h. Eunice (d. C. Newcomb Colesworthy and Eunice), h. Jane Ewell, s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), 15: 9m: 1786. PR38

Laban, s. Charles, merchant, and Ann C., Feb. 19, 1846.

Lot, h. Ruth (d. Daniel Coleman and Elizabeth), s. James and Thankful Norton, 7: 3m: 1748. PR38

Lucy C., d. Obed, laborer, and Lydia C., Mar. 5, 1846. [Catharine, d. Obed and Lydia Thurstain PR38]

Lydia, w. Jethro Coffin (s. William and Lydia), d. Shubael and Drusilla, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lydia (Cottel), d. Edward, May 17, 1672. [Cottle, d. Edward and Dorothy PR38]

Lydia Thurstain, w. Obed (s. David and Rebecca), ––– ––, 1817. PR38

Mary, w. George Smith (s. Daniel and Abigail), d. James and Thankful Norton, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, w. Reuben Joy (s. Reuben and Mary), d. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), 22: 4m: 1796. PR38

Mary Joy, d. Henry and Phebe (Pease), ––– ––, 1823. PR38

Mary E., d. Charles N. and Ann (Staples), ––– ––, 1840. PR38

Mercy, w. Francis Mooers, d. James and Thankful Norton, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Nancy, d. Obed and Rebecca (Russell), 12: 4m: 1800. PR38

Nancy A., d. Obed, laborer, and Lydia [Lydia Thurstain PR38], Mar. 14, 1849.

Obed, h. Rebecca (d. Nathaniel Russell and Judith), s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Owen, h. Margaret (d. Tristram Swain and Rachel (Bunker)), s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Owen S., h. Sarah (d. David Ray and Anna), s. Owen and Margaret (Swain), 9: 11m: 1808. PR38

Phebe, w. James S. Murphy (s. George and Lydia), d. Henry and Phebe (Pease), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rebecca, d. David and Mary, 13: 6m: 1799. PR38

Shubael, h. Rebecca (d. Joshua Sayer and Jedida), s. Lot and Ruth (Coleman), 15: 10m: 1792. PR38

Susan F., d. Charles and Phebe B. (Ramsdell), ––– ––, 1841. PR38

Thankful, w. Zephaniah Gardner (s. Thomas and Hannah), d. James and Thankful Norton, 10: 2m: 1756. PR38

William Henry, s. Shubael and Rebecca (Sayer), ––– ––, 1821. PR38

William R., s. Charles and Phebe B. (Ramsdell), ––– ––, 1831. PR38


Amanda, d. Sylvanus P. and Lydia White (second w.), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Anna, w. Dr. Samuel Gelston of Southampton, L.I., ––– ––, 1723 [? in N.] PR38

Henry G., h. Almira Sears, s. Josiah and Judith (FitzGerald), 25: 1m: 1800. PR38

John, h. Mary (d. Samuel Burnell and Mary), s. Josiah and Judith (FitzGerald), 5: 10m: 1802. PR38

John B., s. John and Mary (Burnell), ––– ––, 1837. PR38

Josiah, h. Judith (d. Jonathan FitzGerald), 20: 8m: 1780. PR38

Sylvanus P., h. Sarah (d. Isaac White of Yarmouth), h. Lydia White of Yarmouth, s. Josiah and Judith (FitzGerald), 6: 1m: 1798. PR38

COVELL (Covill)

Charles H., s. Edward, carpenter, and Dighton, Dec. 6, 1846.

Obed (Covill), s. Obadiah and Susanna (Kelley), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Thomas (Covill), s. Obadiah and Susanna (Kelley), ––– ––, ––––. PR38


Eliza A., w. Edward Burdett (s. William and Polly), d. Joseph and Phebe (Easton), ––– ––, 1841. PR38

Samuel, s. Joseph and Phebe (Easton), ––– ––, 1836. PR38


Jane, d. John and Mary [(Coffin) PR38], Jan. 1, 1774.


Matilda, d. John, laborer, and Catharine, Nov. 9, 1843.


Charles P., s. Reuben and Emmeline (Perry), ––– ––, 1824. PR38

Charlotte, second w. William Keen (s. Moses and Anna), twin d. Edward and Deborah (Cash), 17: 6m: 1804. PR38

Edward, h. Deborah (d. William Cash and Mary), 19: 11m: 1765. PR38

Eliza, w. Zebulon Coleman (s. Robert and Deborah), d. Edward and Deborah (Cash), 5: 6m: 1801. PR38

George, h. Nancy (d. Gideon Coffin and Elizabeth), h. Sarah (wid. ––––– Davis, d. Stephen Rice Jr.), twin s. Edward and Deborah (Cash), 17: 6m: 1804. PR38

George E., h. Sarah Elizabeth (d. James Mathison of Gardiner, ME), s. George and Sarah (Rice) (Davis), ––– ––, 1841. PR38

Reuben, h. Emmeline (d. Samuel Perry and Polly), s. Edward and Deborah (Cash), 14: 5m: 1796. PR38

Susan [Creasy, w. –––––] Austin, Sept. ––– ––, 1792. GR4 [Creasy, w. George Austin (s. John and Rhoda), d. Edward and Deborah (Cash), 24: 7m: 1793 PR38]

William, s. Edward and Deborah (Cash), 11: 10m: 1798. PR38

William H., s. George and Nancy (Coffin), ––– ––, 1827. PR38


Lydia Webb, inf., bp. Dec. 10, 1843. CR1


–––––, s. Mrs. Crocker, ––: 5m: 1790. PR64

–––––, s. Samuel F., mariner, and Betsy C., Mar. 12, 1846. [Frederic S., s. Samuel and Betsy C. (Fisher) PR38]

Abby B., d. Zaccheus and Lucy, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Adaline, w. James G. Fisher, d. Abiather of Sandwich, ––– ––, 1827. PR38

Albert I., s. Calvin, farmer, and Hepzibah, Mar. 1, 1849. [Albert J., s. Calvin F. and Hepsabeth S. (Coleman) PR38]

Alfred, s. John and Susan (Weeks), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Calvin F., h. Hepsabeth, ––– ––, 1816. GR4 [h. Hepsabeth S. (d. Tristram Coleman and Eunice), s. Theophilus and Dorothy, ––– ––, 1817 PR38]

Catharine, d. John and Susan (Weeks), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles, s. Charles and Julia Ann (wid. Alex Brayton, d. Maltiah Nye), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Charles W., h. Eliza Ann (d. William Christian), s. Samuel and Betsy C. (Fisher), ––– ––, 1840. PR38

Charles, A., s. Ezekiel, cordwainer, and Caroline, Mar. 8, 1845.

Charles M., s. Calvin [dup. adds F.], yeoman, and Hepzibeth, June 18 [dup. June 8], 1847. [Charles N., s. Calvin F. and Hepsabeth S. (Coleman) PR38]

Charlotte S., d. Ansel, yeoman, and Tabitha, Oct. 31, 1845.

David, s. Charles and Julia Ann (wid. Alex Brayton, d. Maltiah Nye), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Dorothy [? m.], ––– ––, 1800. PR38

Betsey, w. Crocker Backus (s. Clark), d. Ansel of E. Falmouth, ––: 6m: 1793. PR38

Emeline C., d. Warren, cordwainer, and Mary T., Aug. 11, 1844.

Enoch, s. Isaiah and Elizabeth (Gardner), 26: 1m: 1791. PR38

Eugene, s. Warren P., cordwainer, and Mary, Mar. 11, 1847.

Frederick S., see ––––– Crocker.

George, h. Eliza H. Lewis, s. Isaiah and Elizabeth (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George H., s. George H. and Eliza H. Lewis, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George L., s. Luther and Chloe Hodges, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George Weston, ch. H.S. and Hannah, bp. Jan. 5, 1845. CR1 [s. Henry S. and Hannah (Crocker), b. ––– ––, –––– PR38]

George W., s. Calvin F. and Hepsabeth S. (Coleman), ––– ––, 1842. PR38

Hannah, d. Charles and Julia Ann (wid. Alex brayton, d. Maltiah Nye), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Hannah, w. Barnabas Sears, d. Isaiah and Elizabeth (Gardner), 17: 2m: 1800. PR38

Harriet, ––– ––, 1840. GR4 [Harriett N., d. Calvin F. and Hepsabeth S. (Coleman) PR38]

Harvey, h. Lydia B. (d. Luther Gifford and Phebe), ––– ––, 1791. PR38

Henrietta, d. Rufus and Temperance, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Henry H., s. Samuel and Betsey C. (Fisher), ––– ––, 1841. PR38

Hercules H., s. Luther and Chloe Hodges, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Isaac, s. Nathaniel H. and Mercy F., ––– ––, 1837. PR38

Isaiah, h. Elizabeth (d. Solomon Gardner and Mary), 17: 7m: 1771. PR38

James F., s. George and Eliza H. Lewis, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, m. "in Wilmington," s. Isaiah and Elizabeth (Gardner), 15: 11m: 1801. PR38

Joseph, s. Henry S. and Hannah (Crocker), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Joseph H., ch. Heman and Sylvia G., ––– ––, –––– [rec. before ch. b. 17: 2m: 1840]. CR4

Joseph W., ––– ––, 1843 [on stone beside that of Rebecca A. Crocker and Thomas A. Coffin]. GR3

Julia, d. John and Susan (Weeks), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Laban P., ch. Heman and Sylvia G., 17: 2m: 1840. CR4

Lucy, w. Zaccheus, ––– ––, 1789. PR38

Lydia C., d. Calvin F., farmer, and Hepsabeth S. [(Coleman) PR38], June 12, 1843.

Marion C., see Marian C. Appleton.

Martha, d. Charles and Julia Ann (wid. Alex brayton, d. Maltiah Nye), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Martha of Barnstable, w. Nathan Fisher, 26: 8m: 1794. PR38

Martha [? m.], ––– ––, 1813. PR38

Martha J., d. Samuel F., mariner, and Betsey, Oct. 19, 1844.

Martha J., d. Samuel F., laborer, and Betsey, Feb. 11, 1848. [w. Frank W. Gardner, Feb. 10, 1849 GR3; d. Samuel and Betsey C. (Fisher), ––– ––, 1848 PR38]

Mary, d. John and Susan (Weeks), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary Paddack, ch. Heman and Sylvia G., 24: 7m: 1841. CR4

Mehitable [w. Heman Backus], d. Anthony, ––: 8m: 1787. PR38

Nathaniel H., h. Mercy F., ––– ––, 1806. PR38

Rebecca A., see Rebecca A. Snow.

Reuben B., s. George and Eliza H. Lewis, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rowland s. John and Susan (Weeks), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Rufus, h. Temperance, ––– ––, 1785. PR38

Samuel, h. Betsy C. (d. Nathan Fisher), ––– ––, 1819. PR38

Samuel C., s. Calvin, laborer, and Hepzibeth, Apr. 9, 1845. [s. Calvin F. and Hepsabeth S. (Coleman), ––– ––, 1844 PR38]

Sarah, d. Charles and Julia Ann (wid. Alex brayton, d. Maltiah Nye), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Seth, s. Isaiah and Elizabeth (Gardner), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sidney, s. John and Susan (Weeks), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Sylvia G., d. Heman, yeoman, and Lydia, Oct. 16, 1844. [Sylvia, ch. Heman and Lydia B. (second w.) CR4; Sylvia Ann, d. Heman and Lydia (Barker) PR38]

Temperance, w. Rufus, ––– ––, 1789. PR38

Thomas B., s. George and Eliza H. Lewis, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William B., s. Nathaniel H., laborer, and Mary [Mercy PR38] F., Dec. 17, 1844.

Zaccheus, h. Lucy, ––– ––, 1794. PR38


Emily F., d. Mary R., Nov. 29, 1844.


Andrew, ch. Thomas and Hope, Oct. 18, 1729. [Cook or Crook, s. Thomas and Hope (Cartwright) PR38]

Ann, ch. Thomas and Hope, May 2, 1734. [Cook or Crook, d. Thomas and Hope (Cartwright) PR38]

Elizabeth, ch. Thomas and Hope, Apr. 30, 1721. [Cook or Crook, d. Thomas and Hope (Cartwright) PR38]

Eunice, ch. Thomas and Hope, Dec. 14, 1732. [Cook or Crook, d. Thomas and Hope (Cartwright) PR38]

Lydia, ch. Thomas and Hope, May 17, 1730. [Cook or Crook, d. Thomas and Hope (Cartwright) PR38]

Sarah, ch. Thomas and Hope, Oct. 17, 1726. [Cook or Crook, d. Thomas and Hope (Cartwright) PR38]

Shubal, ch. Thomas and Hope, July 19, 1724. [Cook or Crook, d. Thomas and Hope (Cartwright) PR38]

Susanna, ch. Thomas and Hope, Feb. 5, 1725. [Cook or Crook, d. Thomas and Hope (Cartwright) PR38]

Thomas, ch. Thomas and Hope, Feb. 5, 1722. [Cook or Crook, d. Thomas and Hope (Cartwright) PR38]

William, ch. Thomas and Hope, Nov. 20, 1736. [Cook or Crook, d. Thomas and Hope (Cartwright) PR38]


–––––, d. Matthew and Elizabeth, ––– ––, 1838. GR3

Abigail, w. Jesse Gifford, d. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Ada R. [see Adela], w. Henry Tucker (s. ––––– of New Bedford), d. Jesse and Temperance (Allen), ––– ––, 1846. PR38

Adela [see Ada R.], d. Jesse, carpenter, and Temperance, Apr. 9, 1845.

Alfred, h. Maria (d. Benjamin Stubbs), s. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), ––– ––, 1807. PR38

Amelia, d. Matthew, merchant, and Elizabeth, Feb. 4, 1844.

Anna, first w. Sylvanus Ewer (s. Seth of Cape Cod), d. Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), ––– ––, 1771. PR38

Ann H., w. George Folger (s. Obed), d. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), ––– ––, 1815. PR38

Ann G. [Crosby, w. –––––] Macy, Sept. 27, 1818. GR3 [Ann C. Crosby, w. George C. Macy (s. Gorham and Lucretia (Clark)), d. Matthew and Lydia (Coffin), ––– ––, 1819 [dup. 27: 1m: 1818] PR38]

Charles C., July 17, 1836. GR3 [h. Ellen M. (d. William R. Easton and Eliza), s. Matthew and Elizabeth (Barnard), ––– ––, 1837 PR38]

David L., s. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), ––– ––, 1804. PR38

Desire, w. Obed Luce (s. Elija and first w.), d. Samuel and Mary [dup. Sarah] (Marshall), 7: 11m: 1775 [see Mary]. PR38

Betsey, w. Nathaniel Folger (s. Nathaniel and Mary), d. Samuel and Mary [Sarah] (Marshal), 19: 8m: 17-1. PR38

Betsey, w. John Clisby (s. William), d. Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), ––– ––, 1785. PR38

Elizabeth B., w. William C. Gardner (s. Edward W. and Sarah), d. Matthew and Elizabeth (Barnard), 16: 6m: 1831. PR38

Emma B., d. Matthew and Elizabeth (Barnard), ––– ––, 1839. PR38

Enoch P., s. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), ––– ––, 1812. PR38

Frances, d. Matthew and Elizabeth (Barnard), ––– ––, 1841. PR38

Frank J., ––– ––, 1834. GR3 [Francis J., s. Jesse and Temperance (Allen) PR38]

Huldah, w. Benjamin Whippey (s. Benjamin and Eunice), d. Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), ––– ––, 1776. PR38

Jesse, h. Susan (Lumbert), ––– ––, 1770. PR38

Jesse, h. Temperance (d. David Allen and Temperance of Cape Cod), s. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), ––– ––, 1805. PR38

John, h. Sarah (d. ––––– Luce and Sarah (Look)), a. Simeon and Mary Nickerson, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, s. John and Sarah, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, h. Sophia (d. James Chace and Mercy), s. Samuel and Mary [Sarah] (Marshall), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, h. Mary Ann (d. Bethuel Coleman and Mary), s. Marshall and Nancy (Bunker), 24: 5m: 1807. PR38

Judith C., d. Matthew and Elizabeth (Barnard), ––– ––, 1833. PR38

Lot, s. John and Sarah, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lucretia, w. Isaac Hinckley, d. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Lydia, w. Barker Burnell Jr., d. Matthew and Lydia (Coffin), ––– ––, 1820. PR38

Marianna, w. George H. Mitchell (s. James and Lydia), d. Jesse and Temperance (Allen), ––– ––, 183–. PR38

Marshall, h. Nancy (d. Richard Bunker), s. Samuel and Mary [Sarah] (Marshall), 20: 9m: 1780. PR38

Martha, d. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), ––– ––, 1810. PR38

Martha B., w. Dennis Wood of New Bedford, d. Matthew and Elizabeth (Barnard), ––– ––, 1826. PR38

Mary, w. ––––– Mayhew of Plymouth, d. John and Sarah, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, w. George Barrett (s. Samuel and Sally), d. Samuel and Mary [Sarah] (Marshall), 22: 3m: 1776 [see Desire]. PR38

Mary, w. Owen Wyer (s. Robert and Zilpha), d. Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), ––– ––, 1778. PR38

Mary, w. Bartlett Jenkins (s. John and Susanna), d. Jesse and Susan (Lumbert), 19: 3m: 1796. PR38

Mary B. [Crosby, w. –––––] Brown, June 13, 1814. GR3 [Crosby, w. John Brown (s. John and Deborah), w. Thomas Brown (s. John), d. Marshall and Nancy (Bunker), 14: 6m [dup. ––– ––, 1812] PR38]

Mary C., w. Benjamin F. Coffin (s. Jared and Hepsabeth), d. Matthew and Lydia (Coffin), 20: 7m: 1816 [dup. ––– ––, 1817]. PR38

Matthew, s. Sylvanus and Huldah, Mar. 31, 1791. CR3 [h. Lydia (d. Zenas Coffin and Abial), h. Elizabeth (Barnard) Powel, s. Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease) PR38]

Matthew Jr., h. Sarah (d. Daniel Whitney and Eliza), s. Matthew and Elizabeth (Barnard), ––– ––, 1827. PR38

Samuel, h. Sarah (Marshall), s. Johnson and Mary (Worth), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Samuel, s. John and Mary, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Samuel, h. Catharine McCauly (d. John Bartlett Sr.), s. Samuel and Mary [Sarah] (Marshall), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Samuel, s. Marshal and Nancy, Nov. 11, 1802. CR3 [s. Marshall and Nancy (Bunker) PR38]

Sally, see Sarah.

Sarah [w. –––––] Osburn, d. Samuel and Sarah, July 19, 1771. CR3 [Sally, w. Samuel Osborn (s. Samuel and Sally), d. Samuel and Sarah (Marshall) PR38]

Sarah, w. Stephen Bennett (s. William), w. ––––– Cramm of Boston, d. Marshall and Nancy (Bunker), ––: 2m: 1811 [dup. ––– ––, 1816]. PR38

Silvanus, see Sylvanus.

Simeon, h. Mary Nickerson, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Susan B., w. Paul Gardner Lamb (s. Abel and Deborah), d. Marshall and Nancy (Barnard), 27: 1m: 1805 [dup. 1806]. PR38

Susan C. [dup. B.], w. Andrew Lowden of N.B., d. Matthew and Elizabeth (Barnard), ––– ––, 1835 [dup. 23: 10m: 1834]. PR38

Sylvanus, h. Huldah (d. Matthew Pease and Mary), s. John and Sarah (Luce), 19: 11m: 1747. PR38

Sylvanus, s. Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), ––– ––, 1773. PR38

Sylvanus, m., s. Matthew and Elizabeth (Barnard), ––– ––, 1829. PR38

William, s. Sylvanus and Huldah (Pease), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

William H., Nov. 18, 1813. GR3 [h. Elizabeth C. (d. Seth Pinkham and Mary), s. Matthew and Lydia (Coffin), ––– ––, 1815 PR38]


Betsey, w. Charles Baker (s. Lemuel), d. Silvanus, ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John, h. Sarah (d. Benjamin Gardner and Susan G.), ––: 4m: 1809. PR38

Ruth, w. Franklin Baker (s. Lemuel and Abial (Pinkham)), d. Silvanus, ––– ––, ––––. PR38


Sarah M., "Mother," ––– ––, 1813. GR3


Charles B., s. Walter and Lucretia (Allen), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

John W., s. Walter and Lucretia (Allen), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Josiah A., m., s. Walter and Lucretia (Allen), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Mary, w. Benjamin Towne of Hudson, NY, d. Walter and Lucretia (Allen), ––– ––, ––––. PR38


Mary A. Hinckley, w. Charles R., Apr. 5, 1842. GR3


Alfred, s. Jabez, 28: 11m: 1823. PR38

Almira, w. Edson C. Blake of Carver, d. Jabez, 27: 12m: 1829 [see Elizabeth]. PR38

Caleb, h. Sally (d. John Green and Lydia), s. Isaac, ––– ––, 1786. GR38

Charles C., h. Amelia (d. Uriah Gardner and Lurania), s. Caleb and Silvea Bessey, 18: 12m: 1826. PR38

Daniel, s. Jabez and Nancy Gibbs, 2: 3m: 1818. PR38

Eliza Emily, d. Eliphalet and Eliza (Doane), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

Elizabeth, d. Jabez, 1: 5m: 1830 [see Almira]. PR38

Esther, d. Caleb, police officer, and Sylvia [Silvea Bessey PR38], Oct. 7, 1844.

Fanny G. [Cushman, w. Andrew J. Coleman, ––– ––, 1822. GR3] [Cushman, w. Andrew J. Coleman (s. Sylvanus and Mary), d. Jabez, 1: 1m: 1821 PR38]

Frederick Eliphalet, s. Eliphalet and Eliza (Doane), ––– ––, ––––. PR38

George W., h. Eliza F. (d. Thomas Coffin and Peggy), s. Caleb and Silvea Bessey, ––– ––, 1828. PR38

Howard, h. Lydia C. (d. Charles Morris and Lydia), s. Caleb and Silvea Bessey, 20: 1m: 1833. PR38

Jabez, h. Nancy Gibbs, h. Cynthia (Bassy), s. Isaac and Esther of Plymouth, 20: 4m: 1783 [4 written above 3]. PR38

James, s. Jabez, 30: 6m: 1837. PR38

Laura [dup. Susan] Ann, second w. Alexander Chadwick (s. Antonie and Polly), d. Jabez, 17: 12m: 1827. PR38

Lucy S., w. Oliver Hoxie of Cape Cod, d. Jabez, 8: 4m: 1832. PR38

Mary Whippy, w. Capt. William Felix Brown, Apr. 26, 1814. CR3 [w. William F. Brown (s. William and Elizabeth), d. David and Kezia (Bunker) (Whippey), ––– ––, 1820. PR38]

Oliver, s. Caleb and Silvea Bessey, 13: 1m: 1842. PR38

Peter, h. Caroline (Jordan), h. Sarah C. (d. Edward Gorham), s. Jabez, 6: 11m: 1825. PR38

Susan Ann, see Laura Ann.

Susan, w. James Irish of RI, d. Caleb and Sally (Green), 16: 9m: 1817. PR38

Sylvia Bessey, see Silvia Bessey Cushman.

Silvea Bessey, second w. Caleb (s. Isaac), ––– ––, 1800. PR38

William H., "m'd a Scotch girl," s. Caleb and Sally (Green), 26: 1m: 1821. PR38


George W., s. John and Winnifred (Swain), ––– ––, 1827. PR38

John, h. Winnifred (d. Alexander Swain and Eunice), ––– ––, 1805. PR38

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