Caesar, negro servant to William and Hannah Williams, bp. Feb. 18, 1727. CRW

Cato, negro servant of Isaac and Susanna Harrington, bp. Dec. 9, 1739.

Cato, a negro child, servant of Henry and Abigail Spring, bp. June 5, 1747.

Charles, negro servant to wid. Mary Gearfield, bp. Feb. 18, 1727. CRW

Crispin, negro child, servt of Benjn Rand, bp. Oct. 27, 1728. CRW

Coffe, negro servant of Abraham and Abigail Biggelow, bp. Dec. 9, 1739.

Edom, negro child servt wid. Fr. Gregory, bp. July 6, 1740.

Flora, servant to Joseph Peirce, bp. Jan. 4, 1732. GG1

Flora, negro child, Servant of Joseph and Abigail Pierce, bp. June 4, 1732. CRW

Flora, negro servant of Josiah and Deliverence Cooledge, bp. Dec. 9, 1739.

James, negro child, servant to Shubl jr. and Sarah, bp. Jan. 25, 1747.

John, s. Charlotte, in Boston, Feb. 12, 1814.

Pegge, negro servant of Captain Jos. and Lydia Harrington, bp. Dec. 9, 1739.

Martyn, negro servant of John and Abigail Mireck, bp. Dec. 9, 1739.

Mary, d. Peter and Rose, negro, bp. May 20, 1753.

Polly, d. Salem Middlesex and Catherine, May 29, 1784. TR1

Murray, negro servant to Benjamin and Grace Harrington, bp. Feb. 18, 1727. CRW

Nelly, d. Salem Middlesex and Catherine, Apr. 17, 1786. TR1

Perkins, s. Salem Middlesex, deceased, servant to Saml Savage, Nov. 12, 1802. TR1

Peter, negro servant of Mr Woolson, bp. Feb. 6, 1726. CRW

Peter, negro servant of Ebenezer Hunt, bp. Mar. 27, 1737. CRW

Prince, negro servant to John and Mary Headley, bp. Aug. 10, 1729. CRW

Titus, a negro child, servant William Jr and Hannah Smith, bp. Oct. 4, 1747.

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