* Intentions also recorded
Abigail, and Willard Fletcher, at Chelmsford, Dec.26,1775.*
Benjamin, and Sarah Adames of Lexington, int. Nov.29,1746.
Ebenezer, and Abigail Spaulding [of Chelmsford. int.], at Chelmsford., June11,1753.*
Eunice, and Levy Farr of Littleton, at Littleton, Dec.17,1775.*
Jesse, of Brattleborough, and Nabby Fletcher, May29,1803.
John, jr., and Ruth Kemp of Groton, at Groton, Jan.6,1774.*
Jonas, and Azubah Prescott [of Groton. int.], at Groton, Dec.14,1780.*
Mary R., of Lowell, and William Marten, int. Dec.1,1848.
Peter, and Elizabeth Green, Aug.17,1824.*
Sarah, and Joseph Warren of Littleton, Sept.5,1769.*

John, of Weathersfield, VT, and Sarah Wright [resident in Westford. int.], Feb.25,1788.*

HAILD (see also Heald)
Ephraim, and Sarah Hardy, int. Apr.6,1776.

HALD (see also Heald)
Saly, and David Patch of Groton, May18,1800.

Saly, of Stow, and Thomas Prescott, int. Aug.13,1814.
Samuel, of Stow, and Moley Parlin, int. Feb.22,1780.

Abigail [Mrs. int.], and Oliver Abbot of Billerica, Aug.1,1769.*
Abigall, and Oliver Spaulding, Aug.14,1787.*
Anne, and Capt. Leonard Whiting, Apr.23,1761.*
Elizabeth [Mrs. int.], and Caleb Symmes of Charlestown. Sept.21,1756.*
Grace, and Benjamin Whiting, at Portsmouth, NH, Sept.9,1770.
Hannah, and Thomas R. [B. int.] Wright, May2,1815.*
Isaiah, of Groton, and Hannah Keep, May12,1788.*
Vol. 1
Page 176
James, of Cavendish [VT. int.], and Thankfull Hildreth, Jan.20,1784.*
John C., and Elizabeth Carrigain of Lowell, int. Sept.24,1842.
Jonathan, of Ashby, and Beulah Bigelow, at Groton, Sept.22,1778.*
Mary [Mrs. int.], d.Rev. Willard, and Jonas Minot of Concord, Jan.16,1759.*
Mary Ann, of Lowell, and Joseph Hildreth, 2d, int. Nov.5,1836.
Ruth [wid. int.], and Jacob Chamberlin [of Chelmsford. int.], at Chelmsford, Feb.8,1780.*
Sarah B., and Rufus Patten, Dec.2,1836.*
Willard, jr., and Ruth Fletcher, Jan.16,1755.*
Willis, and Mehetabel Pool of Hollis, int. Sept.4,1779.

HAMBLIN (see also Hamlin)
Isaac, and Mary Walcut of Bolton, int. Aug.14,1802.

HAMLIN (see also Hamblin)
Asia, and Hannah Moulton of Littleton, int. Oct.10,1845.
Eleazer [Capt. int.], of Harvard, and Mrs. Hannath Fletcher [wid. int.], June3,1789.*
Maria, of Lowell, a.28y., b. Waterford, ME, d.America and Huldah, and Samuel Wiley, a.29y., farmer [b. Jay, ME. in pencil.], S. Robert and Hannah, July30,1848.*
Nathan S., and Harriet Fletcher, Nov.末,1829.*
Sarah Dix, and Ira G. Richardson, Sept.16,1841.*
Susan, and Pelatiah Fletcher, May末,1830. CR1*

Nathaniel, and Abigail Chamberlin, both of Littleton, Mar.8,1732.

Amos, of Acton, and Hannah Daughty, int. Apr.23,1837.

Martha W., of Lowell, and John B. Palmer, int. June21,1847.

Mary, Mrs. [Hapwood. int.], of Acton, and Dea.Andrew Fletcher, Dec.16,1819.*

Thomas [J. int.], of Brighton, and Sylvia Leland, Dec.2,1824.*

Vol. 1
Page 177
Amos, and Lydia Stratton, int. Aug.6,1768.
Hannah, and Jacob Gibson of Stow, at Stow, Oct.7,1789.*
Jameson, of Lowell, and Harriet Hildreth, int. May24,1841.
Martha, and Jacob Bixby, Oct.14,1773.*
Sarah, and Ephraim Haild, int. Apr.6,1776.

Irena, late of Westford, and Jonathan Keyes, int. June16,1841.

Joseph, of Concord, and Mary Snow, May3,1821.*

Sarah [resident in Westford. int.], and John Hill of Acton, at Concord. Jan.7,1770.*

Elizabeth B., of Littleton, and Peter C. Edwards, int. Apr.15,1837.
Ellen, a.18y., b. Acton, d.Timothy and Elenor, and Joseph B. Hildreth of Acton, a.25y., shoemaker, s.Joseph and Permelia, Mar.22,1849.
Martha, of Littleton, and D. Augustus Kimball of Burlington, VT, June26,1838.
Nathan, of Littleton, and Mrs. Almira Foster, June9,1842.*
Sarah, and Daniel Fletcher of Acton, at Acton, Nov.12,1741.*
Sarah E., of Littleton, and Leonard C. Sanburn of Chelmsford, Oct.5,1837. PR2
Thomas, of Littleton, and Caroline Reed, at Littleton, Sept.28,1799. [Dec. 22. int.]*
William, and Abigal Stratton of Concord, int. Nov.21,1761.

Elisabeth, and Jonas Prescott, int. Mar.7,1730-31.
Ephraim, and Lydia Parker of Carlisle, int. Feb.24,1816.
Ephraim A., and Louisa Cook of Meredith Village, NH, int. Nov.8,1845.
Jonathan, of Chelmsford, and Mary Comings, int. Mar.8,1776.
Joseph [Josiah. dup.], of Boston, and Patty Gilbert, Jan.15,1801.*
Joseph Gilbert, and Mary Fletcher, int. Aug.9,1828.
Lydia Maria, and Rev. Socrates Smith of New York City, June26,1845. PR2*
Mary, wid., and [Capt. int.] Preserved Leonard of West Springfield, Apr.6,1788.*

Vol. 1
Page 178
George, Dr., of Cambridge, and Eunice P. Edwards, June13,1827.*
Joseph, of Lowell, and Mary Prescott, Dec.7,1826.*

HASTIN (see also Hastings)
Mary, of Dunstable, and Isaac Patch of Groton, May26,1748.

HASTINGS (see also Hastin)
Nancy, of Waltham, and Levi Robbins, int. Apr.25,1817.
Samuel, and Arville Patch, int. Oct.6,1798.
Thomas, 3d, of Watertown [New town. int.], and Bridget Richardson, July3,1796.*
Zadok P., and Hannah Duttin of Chelmsford, int. Mar.4,1829.

Grant, of Tyngsborough, and Patty Fletcher, at Tyngsborough, June6,1796.*

HAWARD (see also Hayward)
Sarah, of Chelmsford, and Ephraim Chamberlin, int. Oct.10,1801.

Nathan, of New Milford, CT, and Sarah Kent, May1,1765.*

HAWOOD (see also Hayward)
Josiah [Howard. int.; Heywood. CTR], and Rebecca Read of Littleton, Mar.23,1786.*

HAYDEN (see also Heyden)
Daniel, of Groton, a.32y., farmer, b. Groton, s.Luther and Betsy, and Calista
Hildreth, 2d m., a.33y., d.Levi and Lucy Baxter, July22,1847.*

Joseph, jr., of Townsend, and Lucy Osgood, Feb.8,1814.*

HAYWARD (see also Haward, Hawood, Haywood, Heywood)
Josiah, and Abigail Fisk of Waltham, int. Nov.13,1823.
Olive, and Prescott Barrett of Concord, Jan.15,1818.*

HAYWOOD (see also, Hayward)
Alice [Howard. int.], of Dunstable, and David Bixby, at Dunstable, Feb.10,1773.*
Vol. 1
Page 179
Amos, and Lydia Buck, Oct.16,1817.*
Betcy, of Chelmsford, and John Wright, int. Aug.22,1819.
Beulah [Mrs. CR1], of Concord, and Pelatiah Fletcher, jr., June28,1803. [June 23. CR1]*
Beulah, and Samuel Fletcher, jr., Apr.13,1815.*
Elizabeth [Howwood. int.], and Samuel Brown, jr. of Malden, Apr.23,1815.*
Levi, and Martha Keyes, Apr.13,1815.*
Mary, and Zacheus Read, jr., Nov.28,1822.*

HEALD (see also Haild, Hald, Heild)
Dorothy, and Joseph Wright, May23,1757.*
Eleazer, and Elizabeth Lawrence of Pepperell, at Pepperell, Aug.7,1783.*
Eliazer, of Concord, and Elisabeth Barrit, int. Jan.11,1745-6.
Elisabeth, and Benjamin Robbins of Littleton, Jan.23,1783.*
Elizabeth R., and Otis H. Penniman of Carlisle, at Carlisle, Oct.26,1843.*
Ephraim, jr., and Lydia Patch of Groton, int. Apr.22,1808.
Esther, and David Dutton, Nov.19,1761.*
Eunice, and Jacob Bigsby, Apr.6,1749.*
Gershom, and Hannah Blood, Oct.31,1750.*
Isaac, and Ruth Read, Mar.4,1813.*
Jonas, and Sally Parker, Mar.31,1823.*
Joseph, of Carlisle, and Mary Proctor, int. Mar.16,1804.
Lydia, of Acton, and Jacob Robbins, int. Nov.25,1749.
Moria Adeline, and John Edwards of Acton, Dec.5,1826.*
Phebe, and Benjamin Twist of Chelmsford, Apr.17,1792.*
Sarah, Mrs., and John Mclain [McCoin. TC], both of Concord, Jan.3,1744.
Sarah, and Benjamin Easterbrook [resident in Westford. int.], Nov.28,1769.*
Susanna, and Jonathan Johnson, Nov.6,1792.*
Thomas, and Elizabeth Boynton [wid. int.] of Pepperell, at Pepperell, Aug.15,1759.*
Thomas, of Carlisle, and Abi Hildreth, at Carlisle, Sept.11,1791.*
Thomas, and Rebekah Smith, Apr.7,1808.*

HEILD (see also Heald)
Josiah, of Concord, and Triphene Core, int. Sept.16,1773.
Oliver, and Esther Fletcher, Dec.26,1786.*

Daniel W., of Concord, and Sophia Adams, Dec.3,1835.*

Vol. 1
Page 180
HERRICK (see also Herrik)
Bethiah, and Benjamin Fletcher, June29,1742.*
Henery, 2d, of Beverly, and Elizabeth Prescott, Mar.6,1808. [Mar. 2. dup.]*
Henery P. [jr. PR2], and Betsey Hildreth, Dec.29,1831.*
Joseph, and Lois Cutler, both of Townsend, Nov.11,1742.
Luce, and Benjamin Horsley, Dec.17,1744.*
Mary, and Ezra Jewett of Littleton, at Littleton, Mar.4,1734-5.*
Molly, and Thomas Smith, Mar.3,1772.*

HERRIK (see also Herrick)
Bethyah, and Leonard Read, int. Nov.25,1769.

Laban, jr., of Hingham, and [Mrs. int.] Martha C. Davis, June3,1812.*
Theophilus C., of Portland, ME, and Abigail D. Fletcher, Sept.24,1840.*

Charles, and Caroline Smith of Duxbury, int. Aug.22,1833.

HEYDEN (see also Hayden)
Almira, and William S. Comey, int. Mar.15,1845.
Parazina, a.23y., b. Groton, d.Luther and Betsy, and Samuel Prescott, a.23y., forgeman, s.Ebenezer and Sally, Apr.3,1845.*

HEYWOOD (see also Hayward)
Benjamin, of Jaffrey, NH, and Mrs. Betsey Wright, Dec.7,1843.*
Eliel, and Mary Read, May17,1832.*
Levi, and Mrs. Lucy Pike of Tyngsborough, int. Nov.8,1842.
Lydia, of Concord, and Josiah Brooks, Jan.12,1753.*
Mary E., d.Levi and Martha, and Ira G. Richardson, 2d m., currier, [b. Templeton. in pencil], Nov.24,1844.*
Nancy L., and Charles B. Richmond of Lowell, May26,1840.*
Silas N., of Springfield, a.28y., farmer [and gardner. CR1]. b. Boylston, s.Silas, and Mary E[lizabeth. CR1] Reed, a.21y., d.Zacheus and Mary, jr., Jan.28,1844.*
Trueworthy, and Catherine Richardson, Apr.4,1844.*

HILDRETH (see also Hildrith)
Abel, and Ruth lIildreth, int. Nov.24,1802.
Abi, and Thomas Heald of Carlisle, at Carlisle, Sept.11,1791.*
Vol. 1
Page 181
Abigail, and John Russell, jr. of Littleton, July18,1749.*
Abigail, and Abel Fletcher, June23,1768.*
Abigail [of Chelmsford. int.], and Zacheus Wright [jr. int.], at Chelmsford, Feb.末,1799.*
Abigail, 2d, Mrs., and Dea.Andrew Fletcher, Dec.13,1838.*
Abigail H., of Townsend, and Augustus S. Hildreth, int. Apr.13,1843.
Abigal, and Zachariah Robins, jr., Apr.14,1785.*
Abijah, of Townsend, and Joanna Keyes, int. June3,1779.
Abijah, and Susannah Hildreth, Apr.19,1809.*
Amiziah, and Ruth Read, int. May30,1761,
Amiziah, and Peggy Marstins [resident in Westford. int.], Mar.2,1796.*
Amos, and Priscilla Hildreth, May21,1765.*
Amos, 2d, and Martha Parker, Feb.6,1834.*
Augustus S., and Abigail H. Hildreth of Townsend, int. Apr.13,1843.
Benjamin, and Lydia Fasset, Jan.20,1731-2.*
Benjamin, and Eunice Willis, both now resident in Westford, int. Nov.24,1753.
Benjamin, and Polly Kemp, Sept.6,1790.*
Betsey, and Lt. Abijah Tarbell, Nov.6,1803.*
Betsey, and Henery P. Herrick [jr. PR2], Dec.29,1831.*
Betty, and Stephen Fletcher, Nov.28,1796.*
Bridget, d.William, and Nathaniel Hildreth of Cavendish, VT, 末蔓末,1796.*
Calista, 2d m., a.33y., d.Levi and Lucy Baxter, and Daniel Hayden of Groton, a.32y., farmer, b. Groton, s.Luther and Betsy, July22,1847.*
Charles, and Mehitable Trast [Trask. int.] of Beverly, Sept.5,1819.*
Clarisa, and Ebenezer Brackett of Peterborough [NH. int.], Nov.16,1817.*
Dolly, and Jacob Robbins, jr., Jan.16,1783.*
Dorcas, and Abner Kent, jr., Nov.29,1764.*
Dorcos, of Chelmsford, and Simeon Wright, Oct.31,1738.*
Dorothy, and Peletiah Fletcher, Jan.13,1757.*
Elijah, and Molly Read, int. Jan.13,1776.
Elisabeth, and Thomas Comings, 3d, int. Jan.16,1779.
Elisabeth, and Samuell Richardson, May27,1784. [May 20. CTR]*
Eliza A., a.17y., and George S. Frederick, a.30y., int. Nov.11,1849.
Vol. 1
Page 182
Eliza D., and Edward Richardson, int. Jan.28,1837.
Elizabeth, and William Hunt of Concord, at Concord, Apr.3,1743. [Jan.25,1745-6. int.]*
Elizabeth, and Amos Byam of Chelmsford, Feb.9,1832.*
Emerline E., a.20y., d.Sylvester and Mary, and Horace K. Brown of Groton, a.24y., farmer, b. Groton, s.Joseph and Sybil, Nov.23,1848.*
Emily, and Elisha Shaw of Chelmsford, June2,1840.*
Ephraim [jr. int.], and Priscilla Batton, Nov.30,1741.*
Ephraim, 3d, and Elisabeth French of Hollis, NH, int. Aug.25,1753.
Esther, and Thomas Brown, jr. of Billerica, at Littleton, May7,1791.*
Everline, 2d m., a.43y., d Jonas and Betsy Reed, and Cyrus Fletcher, 2d m., a.46y., carpenter, s.Willard and Abigail, Aug.7,1849.*
Experience, wid., and Ebenezer Parker, Nov.18,1777.*
Ezekiel, and Luce Robbins of Chelmsford, int. Apr.11,1774.
Fanny, and Addison Parker, Mar.4,1819.*
George B., and Nancy Childs of Cambridge, int. Sept.8,1838.
Hannah, and Diliverance Davies of Acton, int. Sept.9,1749.
Hannah, and Jonathan Keep, July26,1769.*
Hannah, and Timothy Hildreth, int. Mar.15,1777.
Hannah, and Reuben Laighton, at Littleton, Nov.20,1788.*
Hannah, of Sterling, and James Pollard Patten, int. May5,1816.
Hannah W., and Greenleaf Gennis Chesley of Canterbury, NH, resident in Westford, Apr.7,1818.*
Harriet, and Jameson Hardy of Lowell, int. May24,1841.
Harriet S[usanah. dup.], and George E. Burt, Sept.20,1838.*
Harriot, and Israel [Isaac. CR1] Litchfield, both of Lowell, Sept.9,1832.
Henry A., a.23y., famer, s.Abijah and Susun, and Martha T. Davis, a.23y., d.John and Lois, Apr.30,1846.*
Hezekiah, and Esther Parlin, Jan.29,1784.*
Horace, and Evelina Reed of Lowell, int. Oct.7,1830.
Hosea, and Experience Keep, June22,1769.*
Isabella, and Amos Day, Nov.3,1839.*
Isaiah, and Lydia Leighton, Mar.17,1789.*
James, of Townserid, and Esther Fletcher, at Townsend, May20,1772.*
James, and Sarah R. Tenney, Jan.3,1841.*
Jeremiah, and Abigail Parker, Mar.6,1788.*
Vol. 1
Page 183
Jesse, and Olive Fletcher, Mar.24,1801. [Mar. 27. PR5]
Jesse, jr., and Lucretia Ingals of Tyngsborough, int. Nov.6,1830.
Joann, and John B. Fletcher, Dec.6,1827.*
John, and Abigail Parker, July27,1762.*
John, and Betty Gates, Dec.24,1772.*
John, and Ruth Bicknell [wid. int.] . of Shirley, at Shirley, Apr.21,1789.*
John, Lt., and Elisibeth Laighton, int. May15,1793.
Jonas, and Dilly Johnson, May10,1794.*
Jonathan, and Eunice Warren, int. Aug.14,1779.
Joseph [jr. int.], and Abigail Hill of Billerica, Feb.22,1743-4.*
Joseph, 3d, and Lydia Fletcher, Apr.7,1747.*
Joseph, and Parmela Read, Nov.10,1822.*
Joseph, 2d, and Mary Fletcher, int. June24,1830.
Joseph, 2d, and Mary Ann Hall of Lowell, int. Nov.5,1836.
Joseph, 2d, and Sarah Brown, Nov.23,1838.*
Joseph B., of Acton, a.25y., shoemaker, S. Joseph and Permelia, and Ellen
Hartwell, a.18y., b. Acton, d.Timothy and Elenor, Mar.22,1849.
Lemuel, and Molley Dutton, int. June20,1802.
Levi, and Rebecca Hildreth, int. June19,1800.
Levi, and Adeline M. Conant of Groton, int. Sept.17,1831.
Lois, and Joshua Snow [of Chelmsford. it. L], at Chelmsford, May28,1761.*
Louis H., and Catharine E. Raymond of Malden, int. Feb.14,1840.
Lowiza, and Jeremiah B. Reed, Sept.14,1823.*
Lucy, and Aaron Parker, jr., int. July9,1763.
Lucy, and William Whiting, Dec.17,1786.*
Lucy, and Abraham Knowlton of East Sudbury, now resident in Westford, Feb.28,1824.*
Lucy, and Robert Worden, both of Lowell, Jan.末,1836. PR2
Luther, and Calista Baxter of Littleton, int. Apr.18,1840.
Lydia, and David Procter of Acton, int. Apr.15,1757.
Lydia, and David Parker, Oct.8,1789.*
Martha Ann, and John H. Spalter of Groton, July15,1841.*
Mary, and Samael Lawrence of Littleton, at Littleton, May5,1737.*
Mary, and Ephraim Comings, Oct.12,1742.*
Vol. 1
Page 184
Mary, and Samuel Squire [resident in Westford. int.], Apr.10,1764.*
Mary, wid., and Capt. Eleazer Cummings of New Ipswich, June6,1803.*
Mary, of Townsend, and Sylvester Hildreth, int. May1,1821.
Mary, and Lyman Gilbert of Boston, Oct.5,1828.*
Mary A.P., and Harvey F. Blodgett of Robbinston, ME, int. Sept.25,1845.
Mary Ann, a.34y., d.Jeremiah and Abigail, and Isaac Minott, a.48y., farmer, s.Jesse, Aug.30,1844.*
Mehitable, and Seth Hildreth, int. Apr.末,1797.
Mehitable [Mrs. CR1], and Joseph Adams of Littleton, Nov.3,1805.*
Mehitable, Mrs., and Foster Woorlward of Lyndeborough, NH, int. May6,1838.
Moriah, and Abram Wright, Oct.7,1824.*
Nancy, and Jacob Upham of Lowell, Oct.8,1833.*
Nancy B., and Nathaniel S. Gilson of Groton, Aug.19,1821.*
Nancy S., and Joel Glover, Nov.6,1828.*
Nathaniel, of Cavendish, VT, and Bridget Hildreth, d.William, 末蔓末,1796.*
Nathaniel, Lt., and Mary Peirce, Jan.1,1807.*
Olive, and Eleazer Parlin of Concord, June10,1783.*
Olive, and Benjamin Green, Nov.24,1793.*
Olive A[ugusta.PR2], a.22y., d.Sylvester and Mary, and
James M. Barry, a.26y., wheelwright, S. David and
Sarah W., Oct.9,1845.*
Oliver, and Ann Blasdale, Oct.26,1744.*
Oliver, and Mary Wright, Apr.22,1773.*
Oliver, jr., and Betsey Lamard, Jan.4,1801.*
Peter, jr., and Bridget Comings, int. July24,1797.
Phebe, and Phillip Procter, Feb.10,1746-7.*
Polly, and David Davis of Acton, at Carlisle, July4,1793.*
Polly, and Abel Brown, Dec.24,1794. [1795. CR1]*
Polly, and Aaron Maynard of Concord, Oct.30,1797.*
Priscilla, and Amos Hildreth, May21,1765.*
Rebecca, and James Dutton, June28,1750.*
Rebecca, and Levi Hildreth, int. June19,1800.
Rebeckah, and Silas Johnson of Dunstable, Dec.2,1788.*
Rhoda, and Levi Wright, Apr.22,1794.
Richard, of Chelmsford, and Hanah Wrignt, int. May15,1736.
Ruth, and Abel Hildreth, int. Nov.24,1802.
Vol. 1
Page 185
Ruth, and Benjamin Sleeper of Francistown, NH, int. June8,1822. [Mar.19,1823. dup.]
Sally, and Joash Minot, Mar.31,1794.*
Samuel, and Sarah Proctor [of Chelmsford. int.], at Chelmsford, Mar.14,1753.*
Sarah, and Amos Russel of Harvard, June25,1747.*
Sarah, wid., and Thomas Fletcher, int. Jan.15,1763.
Sarah, and Daniel Goodhue, Apr.7,1774.*
Seth, and Mehitable Hildreth, int. Apr.末,1797.
Sibbel, and Thomas Wood of Littleton, int. Aug.28,1733. [1773?]
Sibbel, and Phineas Chamberlin of Chelmsford, int. July4,1776.
Simeon, and Hannah Spaulding, Feb.8,1758.*
Simeon, and Ruth Bicknall, May13,1798.*
Simion, jr., and Harriot Prescott, Jan.31,1823.*
Sophia, and George W. Wocester, Apr.19,1827.*
Stephen, and Esther Manning of Townsend, at Townsend, Apr.3,1764.*
Stow, of Townsend, and Mary Richardson, int. Jan.4,1832.
Susanna, and Simeon Kemp, Nov.19,1785. [Nov. 11. CTR]*
Susannah, and Abijah Hildreth, Apr.19,1809.*
Sylvester, and Mary Hildreth of Townsend, int. May1,1821.
Thankfull, and James Hall of Cavendish [VT. int.], Jan.20,1784.*
Timothy, and Hannah Hildreth, int. Mar.15,1777.
William, and Dorothy Parker, int. Apr.16,1763.
Zachariah [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Keyes, at Townsend, Sept.1,1777.*
Zechariah, and Elizabeth Prescott, Apr.12,1753.*

HILDRITH (see also Hildreth)
Ann, and Nathan Crosby, both residents in Westford, int. Dec.19,1829.

Abigail, of Billerica, and Joseph Hildreth [jr. int.], Feb.22,1743-4.*
Ebnenezer, Rev., of Mason, and Molly Boynton, int. Oct.24,1790.
Hannah W., of Lowell, and George N. Trowbridge, int. Sept.16,1843.
John, of Acton, and Sarah Harris [resident in Westford. int.], Jan.7,1770.*
Jonathan S., and Nancy Abbot, Aug.29,1833.*

Vol. 1
Page 186
HILTEN (see also Hilton)
Samuel, jr., of Lunenburg, and Nancey Braybrooks, int. Feb.23,1801.

HILTON (see also Hilten)
Mary, of Lunenburg, and Thomas Spaulding, jr., int. Oct.31,1818.
Nancy, of Lunenburg, and Stephen N. Nichols, int. Oct.10,1824.
Rebecca, of Lunenburg, and Stephen Nichols, at Lunenburg, May31,1798.*

HINCKLEY (see also Hinkley, Hinkly)
John, and Eunis Warren of Littleton, int. Aug.22,1800.

HINKLEY (see also Hinckley)
Lucy, and Isaac Prescot, int. May5,1796.
Sophia, and John D[ay. int.] Howard [Haywood. int.] of Boston, Oct.19,1807. [Oct. 18. CR1]*

HINKLY (see also Hinckley)
Stephen, of Gorham, ME, and Sophronia Shed, int. Oct.3,1829.

Benjamin, of New Ipswich, and Anna Brooks, May28,1750.*

Jonas, and Sarah Read, int. Nov.13,1775.

HOLMES (see also Holms)
Barney, and Jane Cooper, int. Sept.10,1842.
Elijah, and Mrs. Mary Green, both of Windham, NH, Mar.2,1844.

HOLMS (see also Holmes)
Calvin, and Dolly Fletcher, int. June5,1828.

Thomas, and Polly Bevens, both of Wilmington, Jan.26,1785.

Joseph, jr., and Ruth Powers, Apr.7,1756.*

Harriet, and Samuel Farwell [jr. int.], Oct.8,1839.*
Mary, of Lowell, and Benjamin O. Farwell, Dec.22,1842.*

HORSLEY (see also Hosley)
Benjamin, and Luce Herrick, Dec.17,1744.*

Vol. 1
Page 187
HOSLEY (see also Horsley, Hosly)
Samuel, of Pepperell, and Mary Reed, Apr.4,1815.*
Samuel W., a.26y., and Mary Anne Laws, a.18y., at Waltham, Apr.21,1844.*

HOSLY (see also Hosley)
Samuel, of Billerica, and Elisabath Keeys, int. Nov.22,1740.

Mira, of Concord, and Joel Wright, jr., int. May25,1821.

Nason S., of Bolton, and Elizabeth N. Cowdry, int. Nov.29,1849.

HOUSTON, see Hauston.

Betsey, of Hollis, and Henery Butterfield, int. Apr.8,1805.
Isaac, of New Ipswich, and Sibel Proctor, Dec.17,1760.*
Ivory H., of Methuen, a.38y., stone-mason, s.Benjamin and Vasta, and Betsy W. Read, a.27y., d.Joseph and Abigail, Oct.8,1846.*

Calvin, of Chelmsford, and Betsy Fletcher, Apr.20,1826.*
Calvin, and Mrs. Sarah Richardson of Tyngsborough, int. Nov.5,1842.
John D[ay Haywood. int.], of Boston, and Sophia Hinkley, Oct.19,1807. [Oct. 18. CR1]*
Olive, of Chelmsford, and Thomas Read, jr., int. Feb.21,1746-7.
Silas, and Sibel Read, Jan.6,1775.*
Susanna, and Asa Bixby, int. Apr.17,1756.
Timothy, and Estha Taylor, at Groton, Dec.10,1755.
Timothy, and Sarah Spaulding, both of Chelmsford, July15,1788.

Samuel, and Hannah Cilley, Oct.6,1833.*

HUBBARD (see also Hubbart, Huboard, Huburd)
David, and Sarah Parker, both of Groton, Mar.12,1744.

HUBBART (see also Hubbard)
Gershom, of Groton [resident in Westford. int.], and Phebe Patch, July11,1769.*

Vol. 1
Page 188
HUBOARD (see also Hubbard)
Gershom, and Mary Townshend, both of Groton, Jan.11,1743.

HUBURD (see also Hubbard)
Deborah, and Robert Parker, both of Groton, Aug.13,1745.

HUCHINS (see also Hutchins)
Benjamin, of Putney, NY, and Sarah Richardson, int. Dec.20,1776.

Betsey, and Benjamin A. Read, Jan.29,1835.*
John, of Concord, and Martha Perry, Feb.2,1815.*
Mary, and Asa Brown of New Ipswich, int. Oct.13,1783.
Mary, and Andrew Kelly of Concord, Mar.23,1815.*
Paul, and Bitty Parkhuerst, both of Chelmsford, Nov.19,1789.
Rebecca, and Samuel Parker, jr. of Groton, at Groton, Dec.27,1768.*
Ruth, and Nathan Wheeler of Carlisle, at Concord, Nov.16,1785. [at Carlisle, Nov. 17. dup.]*
Sally, and John Allen, residing in Danvers, Sept.17,1821.*
Sarah, and Josiah Johnson, Mar.7,1750.*
Simon [jr. CTR], of Acton, and Lydia Procter [wid. int.], June16,1785.*
Warren, and Clarissa Willson, Nov.26,1840.*
William, of Concord, and Elizabeth Hildreth, at Concord, Apr.3,1743. [Jan.25,1745-6. int.]*

Joel, of Chelmsford, and Lucy Read [Kent. int.], Aug.10,1809.*

William, Of Mobile, AL, and Sophia H. Kimball of Littleton, July30,1840. PR2

HUTCHINGS (see also Hutchins)
Mary, and Solomon Flagg of Littleton, int. Sept.13,1827.

HUTCHINS (see also Huchins, Hutchings)
Catharine, 2d m., a.37y., b. Dunstable, d.Leonard and Mary Butterfield, and Robert J. Taylor, a.28y., farmer, b. Ryegate, VT, s.Archibald and Jennet, Feb.12,1846.*
Eliakim, of Carlisle, and Mary Prescott, Feb.22,1793.*
Eliakim, and Sibel Robbins of Carlisle, int. Sept.27,1817.
Eliakim [jr., and Eunice Whitney of Stow. int.], Dec.16,1828. PR6*
Vol. 1
Page 189
Hannah M., of Chelmsford, and George B. Dupee, at Chelmsford, Nov.30,1843.*
John, and Lois Deadman of Littleton, int. Sept.3,1825.
Lucy, and Mial Davis of Dunstable, May28,1822.*
Nancy, and Capt. Nathaniel Switsir [Sweetsar. int.], Nov.17,1817.*
Rebeca, and Andrew Fletcher, jr., Nov.28,1816.*
Thomas, of Carlisle, and Esther Prescott, June18,1792. [Nov. 29. CR1]*
Thomas, and Abigail Prescott, int. Aug.11,1818.
Thomas, 3d, and Hannah Dadman, Apr.12,1832.*
Thomas, jr., and Sarah Dadman, at Chelmsford, Oct.22,1840.*

Charles A., and Asenath Bailey, both now resident in Westford, int. Nov.28,1840.
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