* Intentions NOT recorded
READ (see Reed)
Ruth of Sudbury, and Samuel Staples, July 31, 1788, in Sudbury.

REED (see Read)
Almira (see Elmira).
Arsenette Kelly of Framingham, and James C. Roberts of Framingham, Sept. 5, 1842.* [Asenath Kelly Reed of Framingham. CR2]
Benjamin F., 23, engineer, of Natick, s. John and Martha, and Louisa Coggin, 19, of Natick, d. Samuel and Faithee, Oct. 30, 1848.*
Charlotte and Eldad Butters of Sherburne, int. Mar. 13, 1836.
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Daniel B. and Martha A Warden, Mar. 15, 1842, in Newton.
Elmira [int. Almira] and George Heard, Mar. ––, 1828. [Almira, Mar. 4. CR1]
George, Dea., of Woburn, and Sibbilli Rice of Sudbury, May 24, 1721, in Woburn.*
Matilda, Mrs., and Joseph Farwell of Concord, Apr. 26, 1827.
Micajah of Hubbardston, and Ruth Gleason, int. ––– 28, 1806. [Gleazen, m. Apr. 27. CR1]
Nancy and Reynolds S. Cutting, Jan. 13, 1824.
Nathan of Littleton, and Elisabeth Damon, Oct. 3, 1841.
Sibbell [int. Sibbel] and John [int. adds P.] Allen, Nov. 7, 1824. [Sibbel, CR1]
Thomas of Sudbury, and Mary Bruce of Watertown, Dec. 3, 1701, in Watertown.*
Thomas 3d of Abington, and Achsah Wesson, int. May 23, 1840. [m. June 11. CR1]
William of Acton, and Anna Glezen, Mar. 28, 1826.

Eliza E., 22, d. Walter and Elmira, and John T. Dame Esq., 29, lawyer, of Lancaster, s. John and Abigail, "formerly" of Lyme, NH, June 11, 1845.
Emeline A. [int. Amanda] and James S. [int. Sumner] Draper, Aug. 18, 1834.
Henry and Nancy Glezen, June 16, 1816.
Hervey and Phebe Bond, May 30, 1814.
Hervey, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], and Lucretia Bond, Apr. 14, 1816. [Capt. Hervey. CR1]
Mary of Sudbury, and Jonathan Underwood of Weston, Feb. 3, 1780, in Weston.*
Milliesent [int. Mellisant], Mrs., and Sylvester Reeves, Oct. 1, [int. Oct. 2, sic], 1818. [Mrs. Millescent, Oct. 1. CR1]
Nancy G. and Ellis Packard of Bridgewater, Jan. 1, 1844.
Nancy Georgiana [int. N. Georgianna], 24, d. Walter and Almira, and Abner Rice, 25, teacher, of Woburn, s. Edward and Nancy, Dec. 4, 1845.
Nathaniel Jr. and Mellisent Rice of Framingham, int. Dec. 2, 1809.
Samuel and Abigail Parris, Feb. 9, 1786.*
Sarah G., 19, d. Walter and Elmira, and Edward Rice Jr., 23, farmer, s. Edward and Nancy, June 24, 1847.
Sylvester and Mrs. Milliesent [int. Mellisant] Reeves, Oct. 1 [int. Oct. 2, sic], 1818. [Mrs. Millescent, Oct. 1. CR1]
Walter and Almira Griffin, June 8, 1820.

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Aaron and Lois Bond of Westminster, int. Dec. 13, 1806.
Abagail of Sudbury, and Palmer Golding of Sudbury, Dec. 4, 1722, in Concord.*
Abigail of Sudbury, and Uriah Wheeler of Sudbury, Dec. 28, 1704, in Watertown.*
Abigail and Richard Heard Jr., Feb. 23, 1815.
Abner and Caroline W. Latham of Grafton, int. Aug. 18, 1843.
Abner, 25, teacher, of Woburn, s. Edward and Nancy, and Nancy Georgiana [int. N. Georgianna] Reeves, 24, d. Walter and Almira, Dec. 4, 1845.
Almira and Elisha Child of Weston, int. Jan. 8, 1830.
Benjamin L. and Lois Hoar, Dec. 26, 1812.
Betsey [int. Elizabeth] and Jonas Goodnow [int. Goodenow], June 21, 1795.
Buckminster and Abigail How, Jan. 12, 1798.
Calvin and Mary P. Drury of Natick, int. Nov. 25, 1820.
Charles H., 28, mariner, s. Charles and Miranda, and Mary L. [int. Lucy] Ames, 23, d. Ebenezer and Lucy, July 15, 1847.
Charles R., 22, blacksmith, and Eliza B. Adlington, 23, Nov. 27, 1845.
Chole [int. Chloe] and Samuel Lovewell [int. Lovwell] of Weston, Feb. 11, 1812. [Chloe and Samuel Lovewell of Weston. CR1]
Cynthia and Dr. Levi Goodenough of Derby, VT, int. Jan. 8, 1830.
Cyrus of Cambridge, and Barbara Dunton of Cambridge, Oct. 12, 1837.* CR1
David of Sudbury, and Elizabeth Cutler of Sudbury, Nov. 7, 1707, in Concord.*
David and Ruth Garfield, Apr. 9, 1788, in Waltham.*
Edmund and Mrs. Betsey Train of Weston, int. Nov. 22, 1815.
Edward and Nancy Bond of Westminster, int. May 31, 1817.
Edward Jr., 23, farmer, s. Edward and Nancy, and Sarah G. Reeves, 19, d. Walter and Elmira, June 24, 1847.
Elener and Enoch Harrington of Weston, int. June 12, 1799.
Eliakim of Sudbury, and Mehitable Livermore of Weston, May 14, 1730, in Weston.*
Elisha of Sudbury, and Elizabeth Wheeler of Concord, Feb. 10, 1707-8, in Concord.*
Elisha of Framingham, and Abigail Cory, July 24, 1786.*
Elisha and Mrs. Elizabeth Risbrough of Boston, int. May 6, 1827. "May 17, 1827 directed by Elisha Rice to discontinue the publishment of his intentions of Marriage with Elizabeth Risbrough. "
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Elizabeth (see Betsey).
Elizabeth D. and Appleton P. Eames of Milford, int. Mar. 29, 1835. [m. Apr. 23. CR1]
Emily of Waltham, and Samuel B. Ward of Framingham, May 25, 1842.*
Eunice and Daniel Jones of Boston, May 17, 1808.
Ezekiel Jr. and Polly Newton of Weston, int. Dec. 28, 1798.
George A., 25, farmer, s. Samuel and Dorcas, and Mary Bent, 25, d. William and Mary, Jan. 6, 1848.
Grace of Leicester, and Richard Baley of Sudbury, Feb. 4, 1755, in Leicester.*
Harriot and William Badger of Natick, July 4, 1822. [Harriet. CR1]
Isaac of Sudbury, and Sibbell Collins, Sept. 27, 1690, in Concord.*
Isaac of Sudbury, and Anna Mixer of Watertown, May 21, 1741, in Watertown.*
Isaac of Sudbury, and Thankful Graves of Weston, Apr. 26, 1769, in Weston.*
Isaac Jr. of Sudbury, and Sarah Lamb of Spencer, Jan. 14, 1771, in Spencer.*
Isaac, 26, shoemaker, s. Aaron and Lois, and Emily Stone, d. Aaron and Sarah, June 19, 1846.
Issabella [int. Isabella] and Torry [int. Torrey] Hancock of Cambridge, June 5, 1811.
Jason of Sudbury, and Abigail Clark of Sudbury, May 31, 1722, in Watertown.*
Jemima, Mrs. [int. omits Mrs.], and Jeremiah [int. Nehemiah] Miller of Westboro [int. Westborough], May 24, 1792, in Westboro.
John of Sudbury, and Sarah Dunton of Sudbury, Nov. 11, 1731, in Weston.*
Joice of Sudbuy, and Samuel Abbott of Sudbuy, June 26, 1705, in Watertown.*
Jonas of Sudbury, and Mary Stearns of Weston, Feb. 13, 1766, in Weston.*
Jonathan of Sudbury, and Anne Derby of Stow, Mar. 25, 1702, in Concord.*
Jonathan of Sudbury, and Lydia Pratt, Nov. 18, 1714, in Framingham.*
Joseph A. and Lorana Dingley, Sept. 17, 1848.
Joyce (see Joice).
Levina [int. Levinah] and Joseph Rutter, June 14, 1789.
Vol. 1
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Lot and Elizabeth Bellows of Southborough, Apr. 7, 1778, in Southborough.*
Lot Jr. [int. omits Jr.] and Elizabeth Bellows of Southborough, May 15, 1788, in Westboro.
Lucy and Isaac Stearns, [torn]tr. Sept. or Oct. 2, 1786*
Lydia and Joseph Parmenter, Mar. 20, 1799.
Margeret, wid., and Thomas Damon, int. Dec. 6, 1799.
Mary of Sudbury, and Jonathan Bigelow of Weston, Jan. 19, 1741-2, in Weston.*
Mary [int. adds Harris] and Charles Heard, Nov. 21, 1822.
Mary and Samuel Willis of Concord, Dec. 7, 1824.
Mary D., 23, d. Calvin and Mary, and William Stowe, widr. [int. omits widr.], 29, merchant, of Boston, s. Trueman and Hannah, Dec. 15, 1845.
Mellisent of Framingham, and Nathaniel Reeves Jr., int. Dec. 2, 1809.
Nancy and Aaron Johnson, int. ––– 17, 1808.
Nancy and Mark C. Sibley, Nov. 28, 1821.
Peter and Maria [int. Marcia] Roby, June 23, 1831. [Marcia. ]
Phinehas Jr. of Framingham, and Sally Rutter, int. ––– 28, 1812. [m. May 3. CR1]
Polly and Caleb Hayward, May 17, 1787.*
Rebecca of Sudbury, and Jonathan Heywood of Concord, Aug. 23, 1768, in Concord.*
Ruammi and Jesse Goodnow, int. Nov. 2, 1805. [Ruhamah, m. Jan. 23, 1806. CR1]
Salome and Warren Nixon of Framingham, May 23, 1818.
Samuel and Dorcas Heard, June 15, 1815.
Sarah and Gideon Putnam of Boston, June 17, 1823.
Sibbilli of Sudbury, and Dea. George Reed of Woburn, May 24, 1721, in Woburn.*
Unity and William Dudley Jr., June 26, 1806.
William of Framingham, and Joanna Johnson, July 30, 1795.

William M., 21, shoemaker, s. Eliakim and Fanny, and Abby F. Dudley, 17, d. Gary and Betsey K., Apr. 29, 1847.

Abigail of Woburn, and Nathaniel Gibbs of Sudbury, Apr. 18, 1753, in Medford.*
Josiah of Chelmsford, and Experience Wight of Sudbury, Oct. 23, 1728, in Chelmsford.*
Luther of Sudbury, and Persis Hemeaway of Framingham, June ––, 1770, in Framingham.*
Vol. 1
Page 105
Thomas of Westford, and Polly [int. Mrs. Mary] Noyes, Jan. 1, 1797.
Willard of Westford, and Mary Griffin, Apr. 19, 1802.

Esther and Marshall Damon, int. Jan. 21, 1836.

Elizabeth, Mrs., of Boston, and Elisha Rice, int. May 6, 1827. "May 17, 1827 directed by Elisha Rice to discontinue the publishment of his intentions of Marriage with Elizabeth Risbrough. "

Mary of Sudbury, and Nathan Stone of Sudbury, May 5, 1740, in Concord.*

James C. of Framingham, and Arsenetie Kelly Reed of Framingham, Sept. 5, 1842.* [Asenath Kelly Reed of Framingham. CR2]

ROBIE (see Roby)
Elizabeth [int. Betsey Roby] and Ephraim Curtis [int. of Charleston, NH], June 6, 1796.

Curtis and Emeline Puffer of Sudbury, int. Nov. 26, 1838.
Dexter and Ann Hapgood of Waltham, int. Feb. 23, 1834.

ROBY (see Robie)
Abigail [int. Nabby] and Dr. Moses Dudley of Westmoreland, NH, Jan. 16, 1798.
Ann and John Bowen of Roxbury, Apr. 15, 1798.
Betsey (see Elizabeth Robie).
Ebenezer of Sudbury, and Sarah Swift of Framingham, June 6, 1729, in Framingham.*
Edwin A. and Chloe A. Twichell of Franklin, int. Sept. 2, 1832.
Elvira [int. adds S.] and Charles S. Drury of Dorchester, May 8, 1828. [Elvira S. CR1]
Emily and Artimas Bond, Feb. 11, 1821.* [Artemas. CR1]
Joseph, Dr., and Mrs. Lucy Parks of Charleston, NH, Nov. 19, 1807.*
Maria [int. Marcia] and Peter Rice, June 23, 1831. [Marcia. ]
Mary B., Mrs., of Boston, and John Allen, int. Nov. 20, 1824.
Nabby (see Abigail).
Rebecah and Daniel Learnard, int. Nov. 3, 1804. [Rebecca, m. Dec. 23. CR1]
Sarah of Sudbury, and Joseph Ruggles of Billerica, ––– ––, ––––, in Billerica.*
Vol. 1
Page 106
Thomas S. [int. Robie] of Gorham, ME, and Clarissa Adams, May 21, 1820. [Robie. CR1]
William and Susanna [int. Sukey] Harland, Mar. 5, 1797.

Abigail of Groton, and Ebenezer Wood of Sudbury, Dec. 15, 1744, in Groton.*

Thomas P. of Providence, RI, and Marie Smith, int. July 13, 1840. [m. Aug. 2. CR1]

Ann and Thomas McCain, int. Feb. 21, 1845.

Isabelle and Samuel H. Mann, Oct. 28, 1829. [Samuel H. Esq. CR1]

Joseph of Billerica, and Sarah Roby of Sudbury, ––– ––, ––––, in Billerica.*

RUSSELL (see Russill)
Asa of Fitchburgh, and Lucy Brewer, Jan. 7, 1782.* [Asa of Fitchburg, and Lucy Brown. MR]
Josiah and Nancy [int. Nancey] Hosmer of Acton, Sept. 30, 1819. [Nancy. CR1]
Lucy of Lexington, and Moses Goodnow of Sudbury, Nov. 23, 1738, in Lexington.*
Lucy Ann, 24, d. Josiah and Nancy, and Samuel Clark, 26, farmer, of Brookline, s. Caleb and Nancy of Brookline, Dec. 24, 1845.
Nancy, 24, d. Ephraim and Rebecca, and Ephraim Eager [int. Aiger], 34, farmer, of Sterling, s. Uriah and Nancy Dec. 31, 1846.
Nathan and Mary Coburn of Weston, int. Apr. 30, 1823.
Samuel [int. Jr.] and Abigail Maynard, May 26, 1788.
Samuel and Lucy Brigham of Princeton, int. Oct. 11, 1806.
Samuel Jr. and Mrs. Lydia H. Southwick, int. Mar. 15, 1835. [m. Apr. 2. CR1]
William and Sarah Loker, June 13, 1822.

RUSSILL (see Russell)
Elisabeth and Joseph Tilten of Ipswich, Jan. 9, 1781.* [Elizabeth Russell and Joseph Tilton. MR]

Abigail (see Nabby)
Eunice and William Bridge Esq. [int. omits Esq.], Nov. 23, 1824.
Eunice and Ira Draper, July 6, 1828.
Joseph and Levina [int. Levinah] Rice, June 14, 1789.
Micah Maynard and Nancy Plympton of Sudbury, int. Sept. 14, 1805.
Vol. 1
Page 107
Nabby [int. Abigail] and Calvin [int. Calven] Fuller of Dedham, Dec. 5, 1817. [Nabby and Calvin Fuller of Dedham. CR1]
Sally and Phinehas Rice Jr. of Framingham, int. ––– 28, 1812. [m. May 3. CR1]
Susan R. and Charles Pierce [int. Peirce] of Boston, Nov. 9, 1828. [Peirce. CR1]
Thomas and Damaris Pool, June 7, 1795.
Thomas and [int. adds Mrs.] Mary Boyles, Apr. 23, 1809.
Thomas and Susan R. Noyes, int. Mar. 1, 1835. [m. Apr. 5. CR1]
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