* Intentions NOT recorded
Sophia and Maj. Lyman Hitchcock of Albany, Albany Co., NY, Sept. 14, 1785.*

Charles H., 24, farmer, s. Joseph and Mary, and Sarah Heard, 26, d. William and Eunice, Oct. 27, 1847.

Elizabeth of Worcester, and John Warren of Sudbury, July 24, 1776, in Worcester.*

Abigail and Micah Maynard, Jan. 15, 1797.
Abigail and Josiah M. Sherman, ––– –– [rec. between Apr. 25 and Sept. 26] [int. May 29], 1824.
Albert F. of Natick, and Cynthia Hammond [int. Hammon], Apr. 23, 1839. [Hammon. CR2]
Ame and Daniel Sanger of Watertown, Feb. 21, 1808. [Ama. ]
Benjamin and Loes Whittemore, Sept. 4, 1780.* [Lois. MR]
Elbridge J. of Natick, and Lucy Jane Dudley, May 23, 1839.
George W., 21, shoemaker, and Ellen E.A. Gillespie, 17, d. James and Catherine, Nov. 29, 1849.
Hannah and Joseph Griffin, int. Aug. 16, 1799.
Jonathan of Sudbury, and Deborah Hunt of Lancaster, Oct. 25, 1770, in Lancaster.*
Jonathan Jr. of Sudbury, and Hannah Stevens of Braintree, June 11, 1774, in Braintree.*
Lucy Wilder and James Meriam of Northfield, Dec. 12, 1790.
Sarah and Stephen Benjamin of Brookline, int. Sept. 2, 1804. [m. Jan. 23, 1805. CR1]
Susan and Paul Kendall of Watertown, int. June 21, 1804. [m. Sept. 9. CR1]
Susanna and Israil Wheeler of Sudbury, Apr. 6, 1786.*

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Mary and Joseph R. Winch of Weston, int. Aug. 14, 1846.
Sally and Prentis [int. Prentiss] Sherman of Charleston, Dec. 2, 1824. [Prentiss of Charlestown. CR1]

Mercy of Weston, and John Jackson of Sudbury, Feb. 15, 1727-8, in Weston.*

William V., 31, carpenter, of Boston, s. Thomas and Lucy, and Mary B. Dudley, 22, d. Lewis and Martha, Nov. 1, 1848.

Mary and William Cheever of Boston, July 8, 1810.

Thomas Jr. of Waltham, and Nancey Clark, int. Oct. 16, 1813.

Alexine S. of Portsmouth, NH, and Franklin F. Heard, int. Sept. 23, 1848.

??William of Boston, and Mary Champney, July 8, 1810.

John of Sudbury, and Hannah Eaton, Dec. 11, 1753, in Framingham.*

Thomas B. of Boston, and Susan Swift, int. May 16, 1812. [m. May 30. CR1]

CHILD (see Childs)
Abigail of Weston, and Rufus Babcock, int. Sept. 20, 1817.
Elisha of Weston, and Almira Rice, int. Jan. 8, 1830.

CHILDS (see Child)
Asahell of Framingham, and Sarah Johnson, int. Nov. 23, 1805. [Asahel and Sally Johnson, m. Dec. 10. CR1]
Edward of Boston, and Jane Goodnow, int. Sept. 16, 1806.
Edward of Boston, and Mrs. Emmeline [int. Emelin] Emes, Jan. 2, 1820. [Mrs. Emmeline Emmes. CR1]
George Henry, 39, laborer, and Lydia Ann Draper, 21, Nov. 26, 1845. [Child. CR1]

Abigail and Eliphalet Baley, Feb. 5, 1784.* [Bailey. MR]

Lewis I. of Milton, and Almira Jones, int. June 19, 1847.
Susannah of Sherborn [int. Susanna Clap of Sherburn], and Silas Gaout, Aug. 21, 1788, in Sherborn.

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Abigail of Sudbury, and Jason Rice of Sudbury, May 31, 1722, in Watertown.*
John of Sudbury, and Susannah Maynard of Sudbury, June 29, 1741, in Concord.*
Nancey and Thomas Chapman Jr. of Waltham, int. Oct. 16, 1813.
Samuel, 26, farmer, of Brookline, s. Caleb and Nancy of Brookline, and Lucy Ann Russell, 24, d. Josiah and Nancy, Dec. 24, 1845.
Sarah Tilton and David Allen Davis, Oct. 23, 1806.
William and Hannah Moulten, Apr. 16, 1782.* [Moulton. MR]

Andrew A. and Frances P. Damon, Sept. 8, 1842.

Harriet of Plympton, and Andrew J. stone, int. May 21, 1841.

Harriett of Weston, and Jude Damon, int. Dec. 31, 1842.
Mary of Weston, and Nathan Russell, int. Apr. 30, 1823.
Susan A. of Weston, and Jude Damon, int. Mar. 22, 1845.

Elisabeth I. of Natick, and Charles Fairbanks, int. Aug. 14, 1847.
Henry of Sudbury, and Elizabeth Harrington of Weston, Oct. 14, 1756, in Weston.*
Louisa, 19, of Natick, d. Samuel and Faithee, and Benjamin F. Reed, 23, engineer, of Natick, s. John and Martha, Oct. 30, 1848.*
Samuel of Natick, and Faithe [int. Faithee L.] Loker, Sept. 26, 1824. [Faith. CR1]
Sarah B., 23, d. Samuel and Faithee, and Paul Loker Jr., 28, tradesman, s. Paul and Abigail, June 24, 1847.

Levi of W. Cambridge, and Caroline Lee, Oct. 9, 1839.

COLLER (see Collier)
Thomas of Natick, and Elizabeth Duntin of Sudbury, Jan. 19, 1720-1, in Weston.*

COLLIER (see Coller)
Isaac and Elizabeth Smith, ––– –– [rec. Apr. 19, 1813].*

Margaret and James W. Dudley, int. Aug. 19, 1848.
Sibbell and Isaac Rice of Sudbury, Sept. 27, 1690, in Concord.*

CONANT (see Connant)
Amos of Sudbury, and Sarah Stone, Oct. 20, 1796.
Dolly of Sudbury, and Isreal [int. Israel] Stone, May 29, 1794, in Sudbury.
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Elijah of Stow, and Susan Sophia Hartsborn, Oct. 4, 1838. [Elijah of Stowe. CR2]
John, widr. [int. omits widr.], 44, trader, s. James and Dorothy, and Mary P. Francis, 21, d. James and Lucy, Mar. 31, 1847.
Silas 2d of Sudbury, and Caroline Stone, Mar. 30, 1826.

CONNANT (see Conant)
Zaviah of Sudbury, and Israel Stone, int. ––– 26, 1806.

Sally, Mrs., and Samuel S. Noyes, Apr. 25, 1824.

Lydia of Weston, and William Pope of Sudbury, Feb. 4, 1762, in Weston.*
Polly of Natick, and William Bent Jr., int. Apr. 2, 1808.

John of Boston, and Elmira [int. Almira] Loker, Dec. 10, 1832. [Elmira. ]

Eunice, Mrs., of Natick, and William Moor, int. Dec. 31, 1835.
Hannah [int. of Natick] and William Hammond Jr., shoemaker, s. William, Apr. 5, 1849.

Abigail and Elisha Rice of Framingham, July 24, 1786.*
Benjamin and Aphia Prentice of Belchertown, int. Nov. 13, 1805.
Betsey and Aaron Ball Jr. of Princeton [int. Princton], Feb. 7, 1802.
Sarah and Jonathan Stearns Jr. of Waltham, Nov. 13, 1798, in Waltham.
Sukey and Elisha Whitney of Watertown, July 24, 1806.

COTTING (see Cutting)
Robert Jr. and Mrs. Debby Maynard, int. Nov. 15, 1800.

Sarah Ann of W. Springfield, and James M. Briant of Leicester, July 19, 1842.*

Joseph and Nabby Wyman of Weston, Mar. 3, 1796, in Weston.

Emma A., Mrs., and William Sherman [int. ad], May 15, 1842.

James of Cohassett, and Roxanna Pratt of Cohassett, Aug. ––, 1838.* [James of Cohasset, and Roxanna Pratt of Cohasset. CR2]

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Charles G. of Boston, and Sarah A. Oliver, int. May 1, 1847.

Elisabeth of Marlborough, and Lt. Ephraim Barber of Marlborough, Oct. 11, 1781.* [Elizabeth. MR]

Betsey of Troy, NH, and Stephin Benjamin, int. Oct. 29, 1820.
Polly, Mrs., and Maj. [int. omits Maj.] Luther Emes, Jan. 17, 1822.

CURTICE (see Curtis)
Samuel of Sudbury, and Hannah Nichols of Reading, July 25, 1749, in Reading.*

CURTIS (see Curtice)
Catharine and James Millage [int. Milledge] of St. Johns [int. adds Newfoundland], Aug. 10, 1806. [Milledge of St. Johns, Newfound Land. CR1]
Ephraim [int. of Charleston, NH] and Elizabeth Robie [int. Betsey Roby], June 6, 1796.
Hannah, Mrs., and Henry Bemis, int. Oct. 21, 1827.
Jane and Trowbridge Taylor of Southborough, Apr. 19, 1781.* [Trowbridge of Sudbury. MR]
Lucy and John Flagg Jr. of Weston, Jan. 26, 1786.*
Lydia and David Baldwin, June 16, 1783.*
Rebecca and Isaac Gleazen, int. June 14, 1800.
Samuell and Mary Mann, July 20, 1780.* [Samuel. MR]
William, Capt., and Hannah Learnard, May 14, 1807. [Learned. CR1]

Elizabeth of Sudbury, and David Rice of Sudbury, Nov. 7, 1707, in Concord.*
Mary of Sudbury, and Nathaniel Stone of Framingham, Aug. 10, 1711, in Concord.*
Mary, Mrs., and Richard Heard, int. May 26, 1798.
Micah of Woburn, and Polly Adams, Jan. 16 [int. Mar. 31, sic], 1796, in Woburn.

Sukey of Sudbury, and William Stone, int. July 5, 1807.

CUTTING (see Cotting)
Abigail [int. Betsey] of Framingham, and Aaron Stone, Oct. 23, 1795, in Framingham.
Anna and Jotham Bullard of Holiston, June 2, 1803.
Betsey and Isaac Loker Jr., int. Dec. 28, 1793.
Betsey (see Abigail).
Caroline [int. Cotting] and George S. Parks of Shrewsbury, Apr. 12, 1830. [Cotting. CR1]
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Charles, Capt. [int. omits Capt.], and Catharine Glezen, July 2, 1821. [Capt. Charles. CR1]
Elisha and Hannah Seager, Nov. 1, 1787.*
Elisha Jr. and Rebecca Plympton of Sudbury, int. Nov. 23, 1811.
Eunice and Joel Briant, Apr. 23, 1797.
Isaac of Sudbury, and Hannah Hammond of Waltham, Feb. 10, 1741-2, in Waltham.*
John and Anna Gale of Waltham, Oct. 5, 1780, in Waltham.*
Jonathan of Sudbury, and Eunice Whitcomb of Templeton, Oct. 27, 1778, in Templeton.*
Reynolds S. and Nancy Reed, Jan. 13, 1824.
Sarah and Aaron Stone, int. ––– 22, 1806. [m. Mar. 18. CR1]
Thankful of Waltham, and Abel Holden of Sudbury, Feb. 23, 1777, in Waltham.*
Uriah of Waltham, and Mrs. Caty Puffer of Sudbury, Feb. 4, 1773, in Waltham.*
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