* Intentions also recorded
Ede, of Merrimac, NH, and Jesse Pope, int. Apr.8,1837.

Francis, of Malden, [b. Malden. dup.], and Augusta B. Emerson, [a.27y., d.Thomas and Betsey. dup.], June7,1848.*

Daniel S., and Clarissa Walton of Lynnfield, June14,1832.*
Daniel S., Jr., and Abigail J. Pool, Nov.29,1832.*
Elisha S., and Mary Sweetser, Apr.21,1836.*
Ezekiel, and Sarah Green of Malden, May2,1816. CR*
Harriet N., and N. Franklin Bruce of Malden, int. May7,1841.
Harriet W., a.21y., and John S. Eaton of Worcester, a.24y., in Malden, Dec.24,1846.*
Henry, a.22y., [s. Ezekiel and Sarah. dup.], and Sarah Ann Bruce, a.21y., [d. Nathaniel and Frances. dup.], July27,1848.*
James, of Boston, and Abigail Bryant of Stoneham, Jan.18,1780. CR
James, and Mary Ann M. Ash, Apr.11,1843. CR*
John G., a.21y., and Mary Bruce, a.24y., Mar.27,1846.*
Mary, a.20y., and Heman Sturtevant, Jr., Sept.21,1843.*
Sarah, and Joseph W. Howe of Malden, Sept.29,1839. CR*
Susannah S., and Loel Emerson, Jan.20,1828.*
Thomas W., of Reading, and Eliza F. Poole, int. Aug.25,1838.
William W., and Sarah Guilford of Malden, int. Nov.14,1839.

John, of Newbury, and Margaret Alline, Aug.18,1726. CR

Ebenezer H., of Salem, and Mary Sweetser, Jan.29,1834.*
Hannah, of Salem, and James Marshall, int. Nov.12,1833.
Harriot, of Malden, and Hubbard Emerson, int. June4,1825.
John, of Lynnfield, and Pamela Prentiss, May9,1799. CR
Salone, and William Walls, May2,1841.*

Elizabeth, and Nathan Green, Jr., Apr.8,1787. CR
Jane, and John Nobles of Stoneham, Dec.11,1783. CR

Vol. 1
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Clarissa H., and Joseph Bryant, (widr., dup), of Lowell, [s. Elias and , b. Stoneham. dup.], Feb.21,1849.*

Peter, and Eliza Harvey of Boston, Sept.24,1837. CR
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Page 216

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