1. When places other than Wakefield and Massachusetts are named in the original records, they are given in the printed copy.
2. In all records the original spelling is followed.
3. The various spellings of a name should be examined, as items about the same family or individual might be found under different spellings.
4. Marriages and intentions of marriages are printed under the name of both parties. When a marriages has its intention recorded it is designated with an asterisk.
5. Additional information which does not appear in the original text of an item, i.e., any explanation, query, inference, or difference shown in other entries of the record, is bracketed.

a age; aged jr junior
abt about m month
b born Md married
bp baptized prob probably
bur buried s son
ch child sr senior
d daughter; day; died TC from Town copy
Dea deacon unm unmarried
dec deceased w wife
dup duplicate entry wid widow
h husband; hours widr widower
inf infant y year
int publishment of intention of marriage

CR Congregational Church

GR1 Old Cemetery, formerly Town Burying Ground
GR2 Lakeside Cemetery
GR3 Jewish Cemetery

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