* Intentions also recorded
KEMBAL (see also Kimball)
Demas [Kimball. PR1], and Catherine Brown, Aug. 1, 1793.*

Hannah A., of Hollis, NH, and Calvin T. Cumings, int. Nov. 13, 1842.

KENDALL (see also Kindal, Kindall)
Almira P., a. 25 y., d. Jeremiah and Lydia, and George Turner, a. 23 y., cabinet maker, b. West Bridgewater, s. Joseph and Abagail, Oct. 26, 1848.*
Benjamin, of Thetford, and Sibble Cummings of Dunstable, Jan. 27, 1795.
Catherine, and Bera Swollow, July 7, 1828.*
Cummings, of Dunstable, a. 32 y., carpenter, s. Temple, of Dunstable, and Weltha Ann Cummings, a. 38 y., d. Simeon and Mary Simons, Apr. 4, 1844.*
Daniel [jr. int.], and Mary Spaulding, July 1, 1834.*
Eliza Jane, and Jonathan Bancroft, Dec. 2, 1838.*
Elizabeth, of Dunstable, and Abel Spaulding of Charlestown, May 28, 1829.
Elizabeth, and Emory Newton, both of Dunstable, Nov. 3, 1836.
George W., and Mary Ann Abbott, int. Nov. 10, 1844.
Hannah B., and Ira Adams, Apr. 1, 1834.*
Jeremiah, and Lydia Butman, Dec. 31, 1815.*
John, and Hannah Ball of Temple, int. July 21, 1807.
Leonard, and Abigail Scribner, Nov. 3, 1825.*
Louisa [Louisa Maria. int.], and Benjamin [E. int.] Parkhurst [of Chelmsford. int.], Aug. 2, 1840.*
Lucy, and Henry Robbins of Hollis [NH. PR1], Nov. 11, 1819.*
Lucy Ann, and George F. Tuttle of Chelmsford, Jan. 4, 1839.*
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Lydia Emeline, a. 22 y., d. Jeremiah and Lydia, and Edmund Sanderson of Nashville, NH, a. 26 y., baker, s. Abraham and Sarah, Apr. 4, 1844.*
Mary, and Willard B. Cumings, May 20, 1841.*
Moses, and Mindrill Read of Hollis, NH, int. Dec. 21, 1818.
Oliver, and Betsey Wilkinson, both of Dunstable, May 13, 1829.

David, and Sarah Bradley, at Westford, May 15, 1792.*
David, and wid. Abigail Littlehale, Aug. 27, 1816.*
Eliza Ann, a. 24 y., comb maker, d. Jonas and Susanna, and Stilman Bicknell, widr., of Holliston, a. 41 y., comb maker, s. Levi and Clarissa, Nov. 7, 1849.*
Jonas, and Susannah Spaulding, Dec. 5, 1822.*
Lydia, of Westford, and Thadeus U. Davis, int. June 7, 1846.
Sally, of Chelmsford, and Silas Hartwell of Carlisle, Mar. 18, 1802. PR1
Samuel, and Rebeccah Dix [residents in Tyngsborough. int.], Dec. 15, 17[96. PR1].*
Zebadiah, and Sybil Dunn, both of Chelmsford, Sept. 19, 1802. PR1

Jane R., of Portland, ME, and Ebenezer Bancroft, jr., int. Nov. 8, 1835.

Abigail, of Dunstable, NH, and Joseph Upton, Dec. 8, 1825.*
Caroline, and John Marsh of Boston, Aug. 9, 1826. [July 9. PR1]*
Hannah, of Chelmsford, and Rufus M. Blodget, int. May 15, 1827.
Jacob, and Hannah Davis, "both residents in this district," int. Jan. 8, 1797.
Julia, and Asa Hall, certificate dated Nov. 17, 1830.*
Mary Ann, and Daniel Tuck of Chelmsford, int. Mar. 2, 1818.
Mary Ann, and William Frederick, Jan. 9, 1823. PR1*
Rachel, Mrs., and William Wilson, Aug. 14, 1833.*
Samuel, and Mrs. Rachel Macumber, Apr. 29, 1824.*
Zimri, of Chelmsford, and Mary Swan, Nov. 18, 1824.*

KIMBALL (see also Kembal)
Hiram, of Nashville, NH, and Deborah D. Littlehale, Feb. 27, 1844.*

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KINDAL (see also Kendall)
Easter, and Nathaniel Cumings, both of Dunstable, Jan. 24, 1793.

KINDALL (see also Kendall)
Jonas, and Olive Butterfield, both of Dunstable, Apr. 19, 1795. [1796. PR1]

Carmi E., of Boston, and Rachel C. [E. PR1] Danforth, May 16, 1833.*
Elijah H., of Boston, and Abagail Blodget, Sept. 6, 1830.*
Huldah, and John Hadley, Nov. 28, 1838.*

Betsey, of Dunstable, and Dea. Thaddeus Davis, int. Apr. 23, 1827.

Joseph P[erkins. int.], of NY, and Hannah Scribner, Aug. 16, 1809.*

Lucinda, of Hancock, NH, and Richard Taft, int. May 2, 1839.

Sa[torn], of Nottingham West, and Ferrinton Hawks, int. May 15, 1791.

Anna, see Bowers, Anna.
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