1. When places other than Sudbury and Massachusetts are named in the original records, they are given in the printed copy.
2. In all records the original spelling is followed.
3. The various spellings of a name should be examined, as items about the same family or individual might be found under different spellings.
4. Marriages are printed under the name of both parties, but the full information concerning each party is given only in the entry under his or her name. Prior to 1850, there are no records of intentions of marriage, and but few records of deaths, found in Sudbury.
5. Additional information which does not appear in the original text of an item, i.e., any explanation, query, inference, or difference shown in other entries of the record, is bracketed. Parentheses are used only when they occur in the original text, or to separate clauses found there such as the birth-place of parents, in late marriage records.
6. The double date is used in the months from January to March inclusive, prior to 1752, only when it so appears in an entry.

a age jr junior
abt about m married; month
b born MR Middlesex County record (East Cambridge)
ch child prob probably
chn children rec recorded
Co county s son
CR Church record (First Congregational) sr senior
d daughter; day; died w wife; week
Dea deacon wid widow
dup duplicate entry widr widower
h husband y year
inf infant 2d second
int publishment of intention of marriage 3d third

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