BABCOCK, see Badcock.

Elijah, s.Elijah and Mary, Feb.1,1793.
Frederic N. added, s.Asa B. and Lydia A., Mar.20,1848.
Hannah, d.Joshua and Abigail, Aug.30,1791.
Joshua, s.Joshua and Abigail, Aug.17,1793.
Polly R., d.Elijah and Mary, Dec.23,1800.
Sarah, d.Steven and Mary, Sept.17,1704.
Susanna [dup. Susannah], d.Joshua and Abigail, Feb.14,1789.
William, s.Joshua and Abigail, Aug.23,1795.

Samuel, s.George and Ruth, May19,1761.

Phinehas, s.Richard and Grace, Apr.22,1756.

Milley, d.John and Elisabeth, Apr.6,1773.

Adah, d.John and Anna, Mar.13,1783.
Alse, d.Asahel and w., Aug.3,1782.
Andrue Jactson, s.Varnum and Easter, June3,1818.
Anna, d.John and Anna, Dec.11,1789.
Asa, s.Asahel and w., July18,1771.
Asahel, s.John and Susanna, June5,1741.
Asahel, s.Asa and Adah, Aug.9,1815.
Betsey, d.Micah and Katharine, Mar.1,1781.
Caleb (Balcon), s.Micah and Katherine, July27,1774.
Charles Harris, s.Joseph and Lydia, May27,1824.
Cortes, s.Joel and Lucy, Feb.6,1804.
Vol. 1
Page 12
Daniel, s.John and Susannah, Dec.13,1743.
Dorcas, d.Micah and Betty, Aug.8,1794.
Elesebeth, d.Joseph and Tabitha, May18,1717.
Eliza, d.Levi and Betsy, June24,1808.
Gorge Lewis, s.Jonos and Mary, Oct.9,1819.
Henery Alonzo, s.Henry and Sally, Jan.2,1825.
Henry, s.Micah and Betty, Sept.22,1797.
Hollis, s.Asa and Adah, May30,1811.
Isaac, s.Micah and Katherine, Aug.26,1776.
James, s.John Jr. and Susanna, Feb.14,1738-9.
Jerusha, d.Asahel and w., Apr.28,1767.
Jerusha, d.Asa and Adah, Oct.16,1817.
Joel, s.Joel and Lucy, July3,1797.
John, s.Joseph and Tabitha, Mar.13,1714-15.
John, s.John and Susanna, Apr.6,1756.
John, s.John and Anna, June10,1792.
Jonas, s.Joseph and Deberoah, Aug.7,1735.
Jonas, s.Micah and Betty, Nov.24,1782.
Joseph, s.Joseph and Tabithy, Jan.13,1712-13.
Joseph, s.John and Susanna, Apr.6,1752.
Joseph, s.Micah and Betty, Jan.18,1792.
Levi, s.James and Ruth, Aug.7,1773.
Lucy Brown, d.Joel and Lucy, Mar.2,1800.
Maranda, d.Varnum and Easter, Aug.1,1823.
Mary, d.Joseph and Tabitha, Oct.10,1719.
Mary, d.John and Susanna, Mar.6,1748-9.
Mary, d.John and Anna, May9,1798.
Micah, s.Joseph and Tabatha, Mar.4,1723-4.
Micah, s.Micah and Elizabeth, Jan.16,1744-5.
Naby, d.Micah and Betty, Aug.7,1780.
Rebekah, d.Asahel and w., Nov.22,1768.
Reuben, s.John and Anna, Dec.5,1785.
Ruth, d.Micah and Thankfull, Dec.21,1748.
Ruth (Balcon), d.James and Ruth, Sept.12,1776.
Sally, d.Micah and Betty, Aug.10,1785.
Samuell, s.Joseph and Debroah, June16,1734.
Sarah, d.John and Susannah, May23,1762.
Sarah, d.John and Anna, Dec.15,1781.
Sebezah, d.Joseph and Tabatha, July25,1721.
Stephen, s.James and Ruth, Feb.27,1769.
Sullivan, s.Henery and Sally, May6,1822.
Susanna, d.John and Susanna, Sept.5,1746.
Susannah, d.James and Ruth, Jan.25,1771.
Sylvia, d.Joel and Lucy, July3,1794.
Vol. 1
Page 13
Thaddeus, s.John and Anna, June1,1787.
Thankfull, d.Micah and Thankfull, June7,1751.
Uriah, s.Micah and Katherine, Sept.11,1778.
Varnum, s.Joel and Lucy, Mar.24,1792.

BALDIN (see Baldwin)
William, s.David and Abigail, Nov.11,1727.

BALDWIN (see Baldin)
Abigail, d.David and Abigail, Aug.18,1733.
David, s.William and Jane, Jan.23,1758.
Frances, d.William and Jane, Feb.16,1760.
Isaac, s.Isaac and Mary [this added], Dec.11,1738.
Jeduthun, s.Isaac and Mary [this added], Jan.13,1730-1.
Josiah, s.Isaac and Mary, June10,1743.
Luke, s.Isaac and Mary, Dec.23,1728.
Lydia, d.David and Abigail, Oct.27,1729.
Lydia, d.David and Abigail, Oct.5,1735.
Mary, d.David and Abigail, Sept.8,1742.
Nahum, s.Isaac and Mary [this added], May3,1734.
Nahum, s.Nahum and Martha, Jan.30,1762.
Samuell, s.David and Abigail, Aug.27,1731.
Sewall, s.William and Jane, Jan.22,1765.
Stephen Sewall, s.William and Jean, Sept.13,1755.
William, s.William and Jane, Oct.14,1753, in Watertown.
William, s.William and Jane, Dec.4,1762.

Silas, s.John and Hannah, Dec.21,1754.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Ruth, Aug.23,1786.
George, s.Ephraim and Ruth, Sept.23,1794.
Lewis, s.Ephraim and Ruth, July13,1788.
Marcy, d.Ephraim and Ruth, Mar.4,1797.
Nathan, s.Ephraim and Ruth, Nov.25,1782.
Polly, d.William and Sally, Jan.9,1774.
Sewel, s.Ephraim and Ruth, Sept.27,1791.
Silas Goodnow, s.Ephraim and Ruth, Nov.15,1784.

Elizebeth, d.Thomas and Mary, May15,1726.
John, s.Thomas and Mary, Feb.8,1717-18.
Marey, d.Thomas and Mary, Aug.29,1722.
Thomas, s.Thomas and Mary, May2,1720.

BARREL (see Barrell)
Lydia, d.Nelson and Mehitable, Feb.22,1832.

BARRELL (see Barrel)
Abigal, d.Nelson, Feb.11,1830.
Vol. 1
Page 14
Elijah Jones, s.Nelson and Mehitabl, May9,1828.
Emeline, d.Nelson (Borrell) and Mehitable, Aug.22,1825.
Nelson Dana, s.Nelson (Borrell) and Mehitable, Jan.22,1824.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Abigail, Jan.30,1761.
Nathan, s.Joseph and Abigail, Apr.17,1759.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Rechel, Feb.16,1699.

BART (see Burt)
Phinehas, s.John (Bort) and Rebackah (Burt)[this added], Nov.3,1706.

Beulah, d.William and Mehitable, Apr.9,1739.

Henry, s.Thomas B. and Sarah, Nov.9,1836, in Weston.
John W., s.Thomas B. and Sarah, July21,1844.
Lydia Ann, d.Thomas B. and Sarah, May14,1840.
Mary Elizabeth, d.Thomas B. and Sarah, Aug.6,1838.
Sarah Jane, d.Thomas B. and Sarah, Dec.18,1832, in Weston.

BEAMUS (see Beemas, Bemas, Bemos)
Abigail, d.John and Abigail, July30,1764.

Elisabeth, d.Adam and Katharine, Feb.23,1751.
Katharine, d.Adam and Katharine, Sept.15,1755.
Lucy, d.Adarn and Katharine, May30,1756.
Mary, d.Adam and Katharine, Apr.2,1752.

BEEMAS (see Beamus, Bemas, Bemos)
Charles Rufus, s.Charles and Azubah, Mar.17,1826.
Marcus La Fayette, s.Charles and Azubah, Mar.23,1824.

Danil, s.Jonathan and Hannah, June14,1736.
Edward Augustus, s.Augustus H. and Ziphorah, July5,1845.
Elisha Howe, s.Augustus H. and Mary, May30,1839.
Elizabeth, d.Andrew and Elizabeth, Aug.17,1640. [Elisabeth, d.Andrew and Elisabeth.MR]
Lydia Rosofine, d.Augustus H. and Zephorah, Aug.4,1843.
Martha, d.Andrew and Elizebeth, July26,1644. [Belchar, d.Andrew and Elizebeth.MR]
Mary Rosoline, d.Augustus H. and Zephorah, Nov.19,1841.

BEMAS (see Beamus, Beemas, Bemos)
Samuell, s.Samuell and Sarah, May24,1717.

BEMIS, see Beamus, Beemas, Bemas, Bemos.

Vol. 1
Page 15
BEMOS (see Beamus, Beemas, Bemas)
Edmund, s.Samuel and Sarah, Oct.4,1720.

BENET (see Benit, Bennet, Bennett, Bennit)
Hannah, d.Josiah and Phebe, Dec.15,1733.

BENIT (see Benet, Bennet, Bennett, Bennit)
Josiah, s.Josiah and Pheby, Dec.7,1740.
Sarah, d.Josiah and Pheby, Apr.11,1738.

Abel, s.Jonathan and Mary, Dec.18,1777. [This entry crossed out.]

BENNET (see Benet, Benit, Bennett, Bennit)
Keziah (Benet), d.Josiah and Phebe, Dec.31,1735.

BENNETT (see Benet, Benit, Bennet, Bennit)
John, s.Rolen and Lydia, May8,1767.

BENNIT (see Benet, Benit, Bennet, Bennett)
Josiah, s.Josiah, Jr. and Ruth, Feb.19,1765.
Roland, s.Roland and Lydea, Sept.末,1768.

Abigail, d.Peter and Mary, Oct.30,1737.
Abigail, d.Elijah and Susanna, Sept.3,1757.
Agnis, d.Peter and Elizabeth, Aug.19,1661.MR
Angeline Maria, d.Daniel F. and Sarah, June16,1843.
Ann, d.Micah and Grace, Apr.8,1744.
Anna, d.Peter and Mary, Dec.16,1745.
Anna, d.Jason and Anna, Oct.9,1780.
Anna Sanderson, d.Asahel W. and Hepzebeth, Jan.15,1845.
Betcy, d.Capt. Jonathon and Experiance, July28,1791.
Charles E., s.Thomas and Keziah, Sept.8,1843 [dup. 1844].
Cyrus A., s.Thomas and Keziah, Feb.1,1840.
Darkez, d.Elijah and Susanna, Jan.1,1741-2.
David, s.Micah and Grace, Mar.18,1738.
Dorathy, d.Peter and Marey, Dec.31,1730.
Elesebeth, d.Hopestill and Elesebeth, June14,1720.
Elijah, s.Hopstel and Elezabith, Aug.15,1713.
Eliza, d.Capt. Jonathan and Ruth, Feb.28,1806.
Elizabeth, d.Peter and Elizabeth, Dec.2,1658.MR
Elizabeth, ch. Joseph and Elizabeth, 末蔓末,1673.MR
Elizabeth Clough, d.Jason and Asenath, May5,1811.
Eliziabah, d.Hopestill and Beulah, Mar.25,1744.
Eunice, d.Thomas and Mary, Feb.14,1763.
Experiance, d.Jonathan and Experianc, May21,1780.
Francis Eugine, s.Thomas and Kezia, Dec.30,1848.
Vol. 1
Page 16
Francis F., s.Daniel and Sarah, July17,1845.
George Henry, s.Thomas 2d and Kezia, May8,1846.
Hannah, d.John and Hannah, May6,1661.MR
Henry, s.Jonathan and Experience, Aug.4,1787.
Hezekiah, s.Capt. Jonathon and Experiance, Nov.21,1789.
Hopestill, s.Peter and Mary, July15,1748.
Hopstel, s.Hopstel and Elezabith, Nov.4,1708.
Isabel Jewit, d.Thomas and Sally, Mar.7,1809.
Jason, s.Thomas and Mary, July25,1749.
Jason, s.Jason and Anna, Sept.12,1785.
Joel, s.Elijah and Susanna, Feb.23,1750.
John, s.Peter and Elizabeth, Jan.8,1663.MR
John, s.John and Martha, Nov.29,1689.MR
John Hastings, s.Thomas and Sally, May28,1814.
Jonathan, s.Hopestill and Bula, Apr.24,1735.
Jonathan, s.Thomas and Mary, Apr.22,1758.
Jonathan Patch, s.Thomas and Sally, Feb.26,1817.
Joseph, s.John, May16,1641.
Joseph, ch. Joseph and Elizabeth, Mar.5,1675.MR
Kathrian, d.Peter and Mary, Sept.23,1736.
Lois, d.Thomas and Mary, Dec.3,1740.
Luce, d.Thomas and Mary, Jan.30,1735-6.
Lucius P., s.Thomas and Keziah, June12,1833.
Lucrecia, d.Jonathan and Experience, Jan.5,1785.
Lucy Jane, d.Thomas and Sarah, May15,1828.
Lydia, d.Hopestill and Beulah, June15,1738.
Martha, d.Hopstill and Elizabeth, Sept.15,1701.
Martha, d.Peter and Mary, Mar.11,1728-9.
Martha, d.Thomas and Mary, Mar.21,1752.
Mary, d.Peter and Mary, June28,1727.
Mary, d.Thomas and Mary, June21,1743.
Mary Charlotte, d.Samuel and Mary, Aug.17,1834.
Mary Jane, d.Newell and Sarah, Apr.13,1841.
Micah, s.Hoopstill and Eliesabath, Apr.29,1716.
Micah, s.Nathan and Abigail, May15,1785.
Nancy, d.Capt. Jonathon and Experiance, Nov.12,1798.
Nathan, s.Elijah and Susanna, Mar.12,1760.
Newel, s.Jonathan and Experiance, Oct.9,1778.
Newel, s.Thomas and Sally, Nov.15,1807.
Peeter, s.Peeter and Elizabeth, Oct.15,1653.MR
Peter, s.Peter and Mary, Sept.10,1741.
Peter, s.Hopestill and Beulah, July18,1745.
Petter, s.Hopstill and Elizabeth, May17,1703.
Polly, d.Jonathan and Experiance, Oct.28,1782.
Vol. 1
Page 17
Rufus, s.Elijah and Susanna, Feb.13,1755.
Rufus Hurlbut, s.Thomas and Sally, May3,1820.
Samuel, s.Peter and Mary, Aug.15,1743.
Samuel, s.Thomas and Mary, June1,1755.
Samuel, s.Samuell and Mary, Feb.10,1778.
Samuel, s.Capt Jonathon and Experiance, Feb.21,1794.
Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary, Mar.13,1832.
Sarah, d.Hopstel and Elezabith, Apr.22,1711.
Sarah, d.Micah and Grace, Mar.19,1745-6.
Sarah Ann, d.Thomas and Sarah, July4,1826.
Sewal, s.Jason and Anna, Oct.9,1778.
Silas, s.Elijah and Susanna, Apr.14,1744.
Stephan, s.Elijah and Susanna, July15,1752.
Susanah, d.Peter and Mary, Sept.17,1734.
Susann, d.Elijah and Susanna, Mar.21,1748.
Thomas, s.Hopstell and Elizabeth, July29,1706.
Thomas, s.Thomas and Mary, July4,1738.
Thomas, s.Jason and Anna, Sept.4,1776.
Thomas, s.Capt. Jonathan and Ruth, Apr.11,1804.
Thomas A., s.Thomas and Keziah, July31,1835.
Thomas Elbridge, s.Thomas and Sally, June18,1812.
Timothy, s.Hopestill and Beulah, Mar.24,1747.
Unis, d.Peter and Mary, Nov.15,1732.
William, s.Micah and Grace, June8,1741.
William Glover, s.Thomas and Sally, Nov.21,1810.
William Henry, s.Newell and Sarah, Aug.10,1838.

Benjamin, s.Thomas and Hannah, June24,1712.

Anne, d.Benjamin and Ann, Apr.3,1772.
Rebekah, d.Benjamin and Ann, May11,1761.

Elizabeth, d.Rev. Jacob and Elizabeth, Dec.28,1777.
Henry, s.Rev. Jacob and Elizabeth, Oct.11,1783.
Jacob, s.Rev. Jacob and Elizabeth, Feb.27,1786.
Susanna, d.Thomas dec'd and Elizebeth, Sept.9,1775.

BLANDFORD (see Blanford)
John [dup. Blanford], s.John and Dorithy [dup. Dorothy], Mar.6,1646. [s. John and Dorothie.MR]
John, s.Stephen and Susanna, Oct.1,1687.MR
Lidia, d.John and Dorothy, Feb.28,1647.
Lidiah, d.Stephen and Suesannah, May12,1683.
Sarah [dup. Sara Blanford], d.John and Dorothie [dup. Dorothy], Jan.27,1642. [d. John and Mary.MR]
Steeven, s.John and Dorothy, Dec.3,1649.MR

Vol. 1
Page 18
BLANFORD (see Blandford)
John, s.Steven and Susanna, Sept.5,1719.
Lydia, d.Stephen and Su, May12,1683.MR
末末, d.John and Dorothy, Mar.7,1644. [Hanna, d.John and Dorothie.MR]

BOGEL (see Bogle)
Mary, d.Rowand and Elisabeth, Mar.9,1764.

BOGLE (see Bogel)
Elizabeth, d.Rowand and Elizabeth, Feb.1,1771.
Elizebeth, d.Thomas and Ester, Dec.6,1720.
Francies, s.Thomas and Ester, Oct.24,1742.
Francis, s.Rowand and Elizabeth, Dec.8,1767.
Hannah Brigham, d.Rowand and Elisabeth, Sept.28,1773.
Isable, d.Thomas and Esther, May23,1739.
Jane, d.Thomas and Easter, May25,1729.
John, s.Thomas and Easter, Oct.6,1725.
John, s.Thomas and Easter, Dec.15,1726.
Lucy, d.Francis and Patty, Feb.26,1813.
Mary, d.Thomas and Easter, Sept.20,1722.
Miranda, d.Francis and Patty, Dec.16,1802.
Rowand, s.Thomas and Esther, May9,1736.
Sarah, d.Thomas and Easter, July8,1731.
Sarah Haven, d Francis and Patty, Oct.21,1805.
Submitt, d.Rowen and Elisabeth, Feb.15,1761.
William, s.Thomas and Easter, Feb.1,1723-4.
Wiiliam, s.Thomas and Estor, Oct.1,1733.

Lydia Ann, d.Orris and w., Mar.20,1847.

BOUKER (see Bowker)
Sarah, d.Edmend and Sarah, Oct.6,1706.

BOUTTEL (see Bouttle)
Catharine, d.James and Judith, Oct.7,1732.
James, s.James and Judah, Apr.9,1726.
Judath, d.James and Elizebeth, Mar.15,1723-4.
Kendal, s.James and Judith, Apr.1,1737.
Sarah, d.James and Judith, Jan.12,1735.
Timothy, s.James and Judeth, Jan.1,1739-40.

BOUTTLE (see Bouttel)
Judath, d.James and Judath, July27,1730.
William, s.James and Judah, May4,1728.

Vol. 1
Page 19
George Walter, s.George W. and Martha, Aug.30,1846.
Julia Ann, d.George W. and Martha, Apr.8,1844.
末末, s.George W. and Martha, Mar.21,1845.
末末, d.George W. and Martha, Nov.18,1847.

BOWKER (see Bouker)
Arabelah, d.Edman and Sarah, Mar.6,1701.
Betty, d.Daniel and Sarah, June12,1756.
Charles, s.Daniel Jr. and Ruth, Feb.25,1816.
Daniel, s.Daniel and Sarah, Sept.13,1772.
Daniel, s.Daniel Jr. and Ruth, June29,1803.
Daniel Brigham, s.Daniel Jr. and Ruth, Mar.12,1801.
Danill, s.Edman and Sarah, Jan.17,1703-4.
Edmund, s.Edmund and Sarah, Aug.5,1689.MR
Elias, s.Daniel Jr. and Ruth, Jan.2,1811.
Elizabeth, d.Daniel Jr. and Ruth, Mar.19,1821.
Eunice, d.Daniel [dup. Daniell] and Sarah, Feb.9,1766.
Hannah, d.John and Sarah, Apr.4,1721.
Hannah, d.Daniel and Sarah, Sept. 27 [dup. Sept. 28], 1763.
Herriat N., d.Daniel Jr. and Ruth, Sept.30,1818.
Lois, d.Daniel and Sarah, Apr.19,1770.
Mary, d.Edmund and Margarett, Apr.15,1665.MR
Matilda, d.Daniel Jr. and Ruth, July20,1809.
Percy, d.Daniel and Sarah, Jan.23,1775.
Ruth, d.Daniel and Sarah, Mar.9,1768.
Ruth, d.Daniel Jr. and Ruth, Apr.6,1812.
Samuel Noyes, s.Daniel Jr. and Ruth, June16,1799.
Sarah, d.Daniel and Sarah, Apr.9,1760.
Sarah, d.Daniel Jr. and Ruth, Apr.5,1807.
Stillman, s.Daniel Jr. and Ruth, Sept.23,1813.
Sukey, d.Daniel Jr. and Ruth, Oct.16,1797.

BOYANTON (see Boyenton, Boynton)
Abigail, d.Edward and Abigail, Aug.1,1775.
Lydia [dup. Lydea Byanton], d.Edward and Abigail, June 2 [dup. June 6], 1768.
Mary, d.Edward and Abigail, Mar.25,1773.
Sarah, d.Edward and Abigail, July2,1771.
Stephen, s.Edward and Abigail, June12,1779.

BOYENTON (see Boyanton, Boynton)
Caleb, s.Jeremiah and Patiance, June26,1749.
Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Patiance, Mar.1,1747.
Vol. 1
Page 20
Nathan, s.Jeremiah and Patiance, May10,1753.
Patiance, d.Jeremiah and Patiance, Apr.4,1751.

BOYNTON (see Boyanton, Boyenton)
Azubah, d.Edward and Abigail, Jan.6,1790.
Patience, d.Edward and Abigail, Apr.6,1784.

Susan Bartlett, d.Lemuel and Sarah of Weston, Mar.29,1808.

BRADISH (see Broadish)
Hannah, d.Joseph and Mary, Jan.14,1669.MR

Abigail, d.Dr. Nathaniel and Ann, May30,1756, in Eastham.
Deliverance, d.Dr. Nathaniel and Ann, May6,1755, in Eastham.
John, s.Dr. Nathaniel and Ann, Oct.15,1757, in Eastham.
Nathanel, s.Dr. Nathaniel and Ann, June4,1753, in Eastham, Barnstable Co.
Thomas Knowles, s.Dr. Nathaniel and Ann, Apr.10,1761.

Abigail, d.John and Elisebeth, Apr.5,1682. [ch. John and Elizabeth.MR]
Ann, d.James and Mary, Jan.13,1750-1.
Asa, s.James Jr. and Mary, July25,1767.
Asse, s.James and Mary, June28,1734.
Daniel, s.John and Lydia, Apr.27,1771.
Elisabeth, d.Moses and Elisabeth, Jan.16,1761.
Elisha, s.Moses and Elisabeth, June10,1754.
Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, May21,1670.MR
Elizebeth, d.James and Mary, Dec.31,1732.
Hannah, ch. John and Elizabeth, Mar.22,1672.MR
James, ch. John and Elizabeth, Sept.10,1675.MR
James, s.James and Mary, Oct.28,1746.
Jams, s.Jams and Elezabith, July27,1708.
John, s.John and Elizabeth, Sept.29,1669.MR
John, s.James and Abigail, Sept.29,1721.
John, s.James and Mary, Feb.23,1741-2.
John, s.John and Lydia, Sept.5,1768.
Jonathan, s.John and Elisabeth, June21,1689.MR
Jonathan, s.Moses and Elisabeth, June3,1752.
Josiah, s.John and Mary, Sept.27,17[torn], [?1702].
Lucy, d.John and Lydia, Dec.7,1764.
Martha, d.John and Elizabeth, May5,1685.MR
Mary, ch. John and Elizabeth, Mar.17,1679-80.MR
Vol. 1
Page 21
Mary, d.James and Mary, Mar.21,1747-8.
Moses, s.Moses and Elisabeth, May20,1757.
Sarah Brewer, ch. John and Elizabeth, Jan.14,1677.MR
Thankfull, d.James and Mary, Dec.15,1740.

BRIANT (see Bryant)
Abigail, d.Abraham and Sarah, Oct.18,1737.
Abraham, s.Abraham and Sarah, July9,1724.
Ann, d.Benjamin and Mary, Aug.10,1744.
Bridget, d.Benjamin and Mary, Feb.6,1750.
Frenke, s.Abraham and Sarah, Feb.5,1725-6.
Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Mary, Aug.9,1758.
Jose, s.Abraham and Sarah, Jan.3,1728-9.
Judith, d.Zachariah and Judith Biant, Nov.23,1739.
Lucy, d.Abraham and Sarah, May13,1732.
Margeret, d.Benjamin and Mary, Nov.7,1741.
Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary, May23,1737.
Peter, s.Benjamin and Mary, Dec.5,1739.
Samuell, s.Thomas and Sarah, Nov.1,1729.
Sarah, d.Abraham and Sarah, Jan.29,1721-2.
Susanah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Jan.28,1727.
Thomas, s.Thomas and Abigail, Nov.1,1724.
Thomas, s.Benjamin and Mary, Mar.20,1747.
Zachariah, s.Zachariah and Judeth, July17,1737.

Aaron Smith, s.Rev. Josiah and Martha, Aug.11,1770.
Anna, d.Rev. Josiah and Martha, Mar.15,1776.
Martha, d.Rev. Josiah and Martha, Sept.5,1768.
William, s.Rev. Josiah and Martha, June30,1772.
William, s.Rev. Josiah and Martha, Oct.23,1773.

BRIGGES (see Brigs)
Samuell, s.Thomas Briges and Rhoda Briggs, Aug.22,1730.

BRIGGS, see Brigges, Brigs.

Abel, s.Abijah and Eunice, Mar.25,1760.
Abigail, d.John and Martha, Dec.31,1723.
Abigail, d.John and Abigail, Dec.5,1751.
Abijah, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Aug.26,1737.
Abner, s.Abijah and Eunice, Oct.31,1774.
Alson, s.Joseph and Becca, Oct.11,1802.
Charles, s.Joseph and Becca, July16,1810.
Eber, s.John and Kate, June28,1778.
Vol. 1
Page 22
Elijah, s.John and Caty, Oct.9,1773.
Elijah, s.John and Kate, Oct.13,1776.
Elizabeth, d.Abijah and Eunice, Apr.14,1772.
Emely Elizebeth, d.Rufus and Lucretia, July29,1843.
Esther Haynes, d.Joseph and Becca, Mar.30,1805.
Esther L., d.Lewis and Almira, Dec.16,1845.
Eunice, d.Abijah and Eunice, Feb.27,1767.
Eunice, d.Abijah and Eunice, July5,1779.
Eunice, d.Joseph and Becca, Dec.19,1798.
Hannah, d.John and Martha, Feb. 4. 1712-13.
Hannah, d.Samuell and Mary, Feb.1,1754.
Hosea, s.Samuel and Mary, Sept.6,1750.
Joel, s.Samuell and Mary, Mar.5,1756.
John, s.John and Sarah, Aug.19,1667.MR
John, s.John and Martha, Apr.1,1720.
John, s.Thomas and Elizebeth, Sept.14,1726.
John, twin s. Samuel and Mary, Jan.31,1745-6.
John, s.Abijah and Eunice, May19,1762.
John, s.John and Kate, Feb.20,1783.
Jonas, s.Samuel and Mary, May22,1758.
Jonas, s.Jonas and Polly, Sept.22,1783.
Joseph, s.Abijah and Eunice, Sept.26,1764.
Katy, d.John and Katherine, Apr.2,1780.
Levi, s.Jonas and Polly, Feb.29,1781.
Lewis, s.Joseph and Becca, Oct.27,1797.
Lucretia [this added] J., d.Rufus and Lucretia, Oct.5,1845.
Martha, d.Samuel and Mary, Aug.1,1739.
Mary, d.Samuel and Mary, Sept.25,1741.
Nancy, d.Joseph and Becca, Mar.11,1796.
Phebe, d.John and Martha, Oct.5,1721.
Pheby, d.Samuel and Mary, June11,1752.
Reuben, s.Abijah and Eunice, Sept.21,1769.
Samuel, s.John and Marthe, Apr.27,1716.
Samuel, twin s. Samuel and Mary, Jan.31,1745-6.
Samuel, s.John and Kate, Mar.3,1775.
Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah M., Feb.10,1846.
Sarah, d.John and Martha, Mar.29,1718.
Sarah, d.Thomas and Elizebeth, Mar.10,1734-5.
Sarah, d.Samuel and Mary, Jan.2,1743-4.
Sophia Georgianna, d.Samuel and Hannah M., Aug.1,1847.
William, s.John and Katy, Dec.20,1784.
William Rufus, s.Rufus and Lucretia, Dec.26,1847.

BRIGS (see Brigges)
Hannah, d.Thomas and Rodha, June1,1735.

Vol. 1
Page 23
BRINTNAL (see Brintnall, Brintnel)
Ann, d.Paul and Dorothy, June28,1740.
Dorotha, d.Paul and Dorotha, July31,1742.
Jerusha, d.Paul and Dorothy, Jan.14,1749.
Mary, d.Paul and Dorothy, Dec.18,1738.
Susanah, d.Thomas and Hannah, Apr.13,170[torn] [?1709].
Thomas, s.Paul and Dorothy Brintnan, Aug.10,1744.

BRINTNALL (see Brintnal, Brintnel)
Abigail, d.Thomas and Martha, Feb.17,1771.
Eunice, d.Thomas and Martha, Sept.18,1764.
Hannah, d.Phenias and Sebelah, Mar.24,1718-19.
Hannah, d.Paul and Dorothy, Apr.15,1747.
Isaac, s.Thomas and Martha, Apr.18,1750.
Jerusha, d.Thomas and Hannah, Oct.15,1704.
John, s.Poll and Mary, Oct.22,1729.
Luse, d.Thomas and Martha, Sept.1,1751.
Martha, d.Thomas and Martha, May3,1755.
Mary, d.Thomas and Martha, Feb.28,1757.
Nathaniell, s.Thomas and Hannah, July29,1703.
Parnal, d.Thomas and Martha, Nov.7,1768.
Paul [dup. Paull Brintnel], s.Thomas and Hannah, Mar.20,1701 [dup. 1700-1].
Paul, s.Paul and Dorothy, Sept.26,1754.
Peter, s.Thomas and Martho, June17,1753.
Phinehas, s.Thomas and Martha, Nov.2,1762.
Sebellah, d.Phinehas and Sebella, Dec.19,1716.
Susannah, d.Thomas and Martha, Feb.18,1761.
Syble, d.Thomas and Martha, Jan.31,1759.
Thomas, s.Thomas and Martha, Sept.17,1766.

BRINTNEL (see Brintnal, Brintnall)
Ann, d.William and Zerviah, Jan.12,1732-3.
Buckminister, s.William and Zerviah, Sept.29,1730.
Collens, s.Paul and Mary, Sept.7,1731.
Dorythy, d.Thomas and Hannah, Dec.21,1706.
Isac, s.Pheneias and Sebelah, Jan.20,1723-4.
Joseph, s.Paul and Mary, Oct.1,1727.
Nathaniel, s.Paul and Mary, Dec.19,1724.
Parnal, d.Thomas and Hannah, Sept.27,1696.
Phenias, s.Phenias and Sibelah, Jan.22,1726-7.
Thomas, s.Phenias and Sibelah, Aug.11,1721.

BROADISH (see Bradish)
Joseph, ch. Joseph and Mary, Nov.28,1672.MR
Vol. 1
Page 24
Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Apr.10,1665.MR
Sarah, d.Joseph and Mary, May6,1667.MR

BROWN (see Browne)
Abel, s.Abel and Bathsheba, July8,1796.
Abigail Broun, d.Jotham and Hepsebeth, Dec.11,1733.
Abigail [dup. Browne], d.Hopestill and Sarah, June19,1753.
Abigail, d.Nathaniel and Eleanor, Mar.10,1769.
Alice, d.John and Alice, Dec.23,1796.
Alithea M., d.John and Lucy T., Dec.23,1821.
Angelline V., d.John and Lucy T., July27,1823.
Anna, d.Samuel and Mary, Feb.7,1778.
Asa, s.Jotham and Hepsebath, Nov.13,1735.
Asher, s.Abigail, Jan.17,1792.
Bathsheba, d.Abel and Bathsheba, Feb.18,1791.
Caleb, s.Caleb and Dolly, Dec.4,1791.
Charles, s.William and Susanna, Feb.6,1798.
Dana, s.Martin and Polly, Oct.4,1827.
David, s.Abel and Bathsheba, June28,1794.
Dolly, d.Caleb and Dolly, Jan.8,1790.
Dorothy, d.Samuell Browne and Zerviah, Feb.13,1749.
Edward, s.John and Alice, Sept.7,1802.
Elijah, s.Hope and Ruth, June9,1773.
Elinor, d.Nathanael and Elenor, Mar.3,1762.
Elizabeth, ch. Thomas and Patience, Mar.17,1677.MR
Elizabeth, d.Abel and Bathsheba, Jan.30,1793.
Emerson, s.Martin and Polly, July9,1809.
Eunice, d.Thomas and Patience, Feb.28,1683.MR
Eunice, d.Nathaniel and Elinor, Sept.1,1778.
Evelina, d.John and Alice, May15,1806.
Eveline, d.Martin and Polly, Oct.2,1811.
Experience, d.Capt. Thomas and Patience, Sept.7,1690.MR
Ezra, s.Samuel and Sophia, Aug.12,1757.
George, s.Caleb and Dolly, Jan.19,1797.
George E., s.Theodore L. and Eliza, Nov.23,1846.
George H., s.Otis and Lucy, Jan.8,1845.
Hannah, ch. Thomas and Patience, Nov.9,1679.MR
Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Eleanor, June1,1767.
Harriet, d.Martin and Polly, June4,1815.
Hayman, s.William and Susanna, July5,1785.
Henry, s.William and Susanna, Aug.21,1787.
Hephzibah, d.William and Margaret, Aug.14,1685.MR
Hepzhibah, d.Jotham and Hephzibah, Aug.15,1750.
Hepzibah, d.Hope and Ruth, Aug.10,1781.
Vol. 1
Page 25
Hope, s.Jotham and Hepsibah, July22,1742.
Hopestil, s.Hopestil and Dorathy, Apr.30,1721.
Hopestill, s.Hopestill and Abigail, Aug.26,1691.MR
Hopestill, s.Caleb and Dolly, Dec.31,1793.
Isaac, s.William Jr. and Ruth, May28,1809.
Israel, s.Samuel and Zerviah, Sept.20,1755.
Israel How, s.John and Alice, Aug.1,1791.
Israel Loring, s.Charles and Sarah A., Aug.8,1848.
Jesse, s.Jothom and Hepsebah, June8,1740.
Joel, s.Nathaniel and Eleanor, Dec.16,1784.
John, s.Hopestill and Sarah, Apr.10,1755.
John, s.John and Alice, Apr.3,1794.
Jonas, s.Nathaniel and Eleanor [dup. Elenor], Jan.10,1765.
Jonas, s.Jonas and Sarah, June13,1809.
Josiah, s.Hopestil and Abigail, Nov.12,1693.
Josiah, s.Hope and Ruth, July16,1775.
Josiah, s.Jonas and Sarah, May31,1804.
Jothan, s.Josiah and Abegail, Sept.17,1708.
Julia N., d.John and Lucy T., Mar.12,1827.
Lemuel, s.Philemon and Ann, Nov.29,1772.
Lewis, s.Hope and Ruth, June9,1779.
Loring, s.William and Susanna, Apr.15,1783.
Lucy E., d.Otis and Lucy, Jan.末,1847.
Martin, Sept.26,1788.
Mary, ch. Jabez and Hannah, Nov.26,1672.MR
Mary, d.Samuel and Mary, Feb.9,1770.
Nancy, d.Nathaniel and Eleanor, Apr.11,1786.
Nancy, d.John and Alice, Nov.25,1786.
Nancy, d.Jonas and Sarah, Apr.20,1795.
Nathan, s.William Jr. and Ruth, Jan.20,1806.
Nathaniel, s.Jonas and Sarah, Feb.21,1799.
Newel, s.John and Alice, Aug.4,1799.
Newel, s.Jonas and Sarah, Nov.18,1801.
Newton E., s.John and Lucy T., May17,1833.
Paul, s.Jotham and Hephzibah, July22,1752.
Permelia, d.Caleb and Dolly, May18,1799.
Polly, d.John and Alice, Dec.26,1788.
Ruben, s.Jotham Browne and Hepzibah [dup. Hephzibah], May28,1748.
Rusha, d.Caleb and Dolly, Apr.21,1788.
Ruth, d.Samuell and Mary Browne, May25,1774.
Ruth, d.William Jr. and Ruth, Sept.23,1800.
Sally, d.John and Alice, Sept.24,1784.
Samuel, s.Hopestill and Dorothy, Oct.17,1719.
Vol. 1
Page 26
Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary, Mar.23,1784.
Sarah, ch. Jabez and Deborah, May20,1680.MR
Silence, ch. Thomas and Patience, Sept.15,1681.MR
Sophia, d.Caleb and Dolly, June18,1801.
Spencer W., s.John and Lucy T., June30,1825.
Stephen, s.Hope and Ruth, Aug.11,1769.
Sukey, d.William and Susanna, Mar.11,1781.
Susannah, d.Nathaniel and Eleanor, Aug.16,1771.
Susannah, d.William Jr. and Ruth, May19,1814.
Thadde, s.Nathaniel and Eleanor, Nov.28,1775.
Thaddeus, s.Nathaniel and Eleanor, Oct.16,1781.
Thomas [dup. Browne], s.William and Mary, May22,1645. [Browne.MR]
Thomas, s.Tho mas and Patience, 末蔓末,1674.MR
Thomas, ch. William and Margarett, Sept.1,1678.MR
Thomas, s.James and Rebakah, Mar.26,1736.
Tille, s.Hope and Ruth, July30,1771.
Uriah, s.Nathaniel and Eleanor, Mar.4,1773.
Uriah, s.Jonas and Sarah, Dec.21,1796.
William, s.William and Margarett, Sept.30,1688.MR
William, s.Philemon and Ann, Dec.30,1770.
William, s.William Jr. and Ruth, July17,1803.
Zerviah, d.Samuel and Mary, Sept.25,1780.

BROWNE (see Brown)
Abigail, d.Jotham Brown and Hepzibath, May19,1744.
Abijah, s.Thomas and Elizabith, Mar.5,170[torn].
Abijah, s.Thomas and Elizabith, Sept.24,170[torn].
Able [dup. Abel Brown], s.Jothom and Hepzibah [dup. Jotham and Hepsibah], Feb.15,1737 [dup. 1738].
Caleb, s.Lt. Hopestill and Sarah, July16,1764.
Edmund, s.William and Mary, Nov.27,1653.MR
Elizabeth, d.William and Mary, July23,1659.MR
Haman [dup. Hayman Brown], s.Lt. [dup. omits Lt.] Hopestill and Sarah, May3,1757.
Hannah, d.Jabez and Hannah, June21,1670.MR
Hepzibah, d.Hopestill Jr. and Hepzibah, July28,1770.
Hopestill, s.William and Mary, July8,1656.MR
Hopestill, s.Hopestill and Sarah, Oct.27,1747.
Hopestill, s.Hopestill Jr. and Hepzibath, Sept.28,1768.
Isaac, s.Jotham Brown, and Hepsibah, June20,1746.
Israel, s.William and Susanna, Apr.9,1779.
John, s.Hopestill and Sarah, Apr.14,1749.
Josiah, s.Samuel and Zerviah, Mar.27,1744.
Vol. 1
Page 27
Lucy, d.Samuell and Mary, Feb.27,1772.
Mary, d.William and Mary, May 18 [dup. May 28], 1643. [May 18.MR]
Mary, d.Thomas and Patience, Nov.25,1668.MR
Patience, d.Thomas and Patience, Feb.26,1671.MR
Sarah, d.Lt. Hopestill and Sarah, Sept.23,1760.
Susanna, d.William and Mary, Feb.4,1646.
Thankfull, d.Thomas and Patience, July21,1670.MR
William, s.William and Susana, Mar.21,1777.
Willian, s.Hopestill and Sarah, Mar.1,1751.
Zerviah, d.Samuel and Zerviah, Aug.13,1751.

Esther, d.John and Mary, Mar.3,1764.
John, s.John and Mary, Nov.10,1766.
Lucy, d.John and Mary, Apr.27,1753.
Lydia, d.John and Mary, Dec.4,1758.
Mary, d.John and Mary, Oct.1,1755.
Sarah, d.Chandler and Sarah, July28,1845.
William, s.John and Mary, June21,1761.

BRYANT (see Briant)
Betty, d.Zechariah Jr. and Chary, July2,1776.
Joel, s.Zechariah Jr. and Cherry, Feb.23,1772.
Judah, d.Zechariah Jr. and Chary, May9,1770.
Leonard, s.Zechariah Jr. and Cherry, Mar.15,1774.
Mary, d.William Jr. and Mary, Sept.19,1763.
Nathaniel Perkins, s.Elisabeth, Nov.18,1766, in Merimack, NH.
William, s.William Jr. and Mary, July4,1760.

Richard, s.Richard and Mary, Apr.16,1671.MR
Thomas, s.Richard and Mary, Nov.1,1686.MR

Mary, d.Henry and Mary, Jan.11,1845.

BURBANK (see Burbanke, Burbanks)
Abigail, d.Samuell and Mary, Aug.12,1742.
Abigal, d.Samuell and Mary, Sept.19,1738.
Asahel, s.John and Experiance, Aug.17,1792.
Daniel, s.Samuell and Mary, Apr.4,1736.
Daniel, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, Nov.27,1771.
Ebenezer, s.Samuel and Mary, May5,1733.
Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, Jan.8,1758.
Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, Jan.7,1761.
John, s.Samuell and Mary, Apr.8,1737.
John, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, Sept.9,1763.
Vol. 1
Page 28
John, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, Sept.14,1769.
Josiah, s.Samuel and Mary, Mar.17,1739-40.
Lydia, d.Samuel and Mary, May9,1749.
Mary, d.Samuel and Mary, Apr.11,1741.
Mary, d.Ebenezer and Sarah, Sept.25,1774.
Rachal, d.Samuel and Mary, Nov.16,1747.
Rebekah, d.Samuel and Mary, June20,1745.
Samuel, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, June18,1765.
Samuell, s.Samuell and Mary, Dec.28,1730.
Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Sarah, May25,1753.
Thomas, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, Feb.1,1755.

BURBANKE (see Burbank, Burbanks)
Samuell, s.Samuell Burbank and Mary, June24,1734.

BURBANKS (see Burbank, Burbanke)
Martha, d.Ebenezer and Sarah, Dec.2,1767.

Azuba, d.John and Rebakah, May13,1711.
Dinah, d.John and Rebakah, Apr. 15 [torn].
John, s.John and Rebeckah, Apr.16,1704.
Jonas, s.Richard and Mary, June11,1683.
Joseph, ch. Richard and Mary, Apr.1,1676.MR
Kazia, d.Rechard and Abegail, Feb.24,1710-11.
Marcy, d.Thomas and Marcy, Mar.23,1718-19.
Mary, ch. Richard and Mary, Sept.25,1680.MR
Thomas, s.Thomas and Mercy, June13,1727.

Charles Webster, s.Edmund and Irene, May7,1843.
Clara, d.Edmund and Irene, Nov.5,1847.
Eliza, d.Edmund and Irene, Feb.15,1841.

BURT (see Bart)
Elizabeth, d.John and Rebecka, Mar.22,1701-2[?].
Mary, d.John and Rebecka, May17,1702.
Rebecka, d.John and Rebecka, Apr.7,1698.

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Nov.5,1683.MR
Samuel, ch. Samuel and Mary, Mar.22,1677-8.

George Franklin, s.Luther, Nov.17,1841.
Sarah M. [dup. Melissa], d.Luther and Mary G., Sept.12,1844.
Vol. 1
Page 29

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