* Intentions also recorded
WAIT (see also Waitt)
Micah, of Malden, and Mrs. Hannah Vinton, May28,1771.*

WAITT (see also Wait, Weaight)
Louisa D., and Moses Johnson, Aug.28,1842.*
Sarah A., a.21y., d., Warren, and William H. Waitt of Medford, a.23y., sash maker, s.Henry, Oct.29,1848.*
William H., of Medford, a.23y., sash maker, s.Henry, and Sarah A. Waitt, a.21y., d.Warren, Oct.29,1848.*

Timothy, jr., widr., of Reading, a.69y., farmer, b, Reading, s, Timothy and Susan, of Reading, and Nancy B. Tuttle, wid., a.45y., d.Leonard and Mary Morse, Apr.2,1849.*

Eliza, resident in Stoneham, and John Goodwin, jr. of Reading, int. Mar.3,1827.
Eliza, and Emery Derby [both residents in Stoneham. int.], Oct.13,1829.*

Josiah, of Reading, and Ruth Richardson, Apr.15,1735. CR

James P., a.28y., cordwainer, b. Hanover, NH, s.John and Lurry [?], and Lucy M[ TC] Hadley, a.22y., shoe binder, d.James and Mary, Apr.19,1846.*

WEAIGHT (see also Waitt)
Sarah, Mrs., of Malden, and Ebenezer Bryant, int. June21,1783.

Amos B., of Somerville, and Elisabeth G[oodenow. TC] Mathews, int. Mar.1,1845.

Alice M., Mrs., and William S. Card, int. Nov.29,1844.

James, and [Mrs. int.] Hannah Bancroft of Reading, at Reading, July22,1790.*

Vol. 1
Page 150
Anna [Hay. int.], and Eli Nobles [both residents in Stoneham. int.], Apr.29,1821.*
Benjamen D., and Mahala Lynde, Nov.9,1832.*
Betsey, and John O[akes. TC] Geary, Dec.15,1814.*
Cornelia, and Abigal Oliver, both residents in Stoneham, Jan.4,1796.*
Cornelius, and Dolly Poland, both residents in Stoneham, July8,1819.*
Dolly, and Ebenezer B. Mathews, May1,1843.
Elizabeth, Mrs. [wid. Timothy. TC], and Otis Lynde, int. Dec.25,1842.
Elvira M., and Dennis Barnes, Sept.12,1842.*
Hannah, and Benjamin Swain, jr. of South Reading, June22,1815.*
Harriet A., and Squires Tidd of Woburn, int. July30,1843.
John, and Paulinia Bucknam, Apr.5,1831.*
Joseph, resident in Stoneham, and Mrs. Hannah Mathies, int. Nov.19,1794.
Lydia, Mrs., and Ebenezer Bucknam [jr. int.], Nov.16,1788.*
Miria A., a.18y., d.Gilman, and Marcus L. [T. int.] Wooddward, a.19y., shoemaker, s.Marcus, Aug.22,1848.*
Oliver, and Harriot Poland [both residents in Stoneham. int.], July23,1820.*
Samuel, resident in Stoneham, and Betsey Foster of Townsend, int. Aug.10,1817.
Timothy A., and Elizebeth Sprague, int. May29,1831.

Burnham S., and Mary Sawyer of Andover, int. July31,1842.
Emily W., of Middleton, and Charles B. Mellen of Reading, Nov.2,1843.
Horatio N., widr., of Brooklyn, NY, a.31y., housewright, and Henrietta A. Stevens, a.26y., teacher, d.Darius, May11,1847*
Huldah, wid., a.37y., d.George G, and Sarah Smith, and Mathias Gammell, a.28y., farmer, s.William and Deborah, May27,1849.*
Samuel C., of Woburn, a.23y., machinist, s.Samuel, and Ann E. Erving of Woburn. a.19y., Dec.21,1848.*
William, of Reading, and Mrs. Anna Mathies, Apr.17,1794.*

Vol. 1
Page 151
Jeremiah, and Mary M. Burbank, at Charlestown, "2lst inst. " [June21,1840. TC; June 3. int.]*

Caleb, and Mrs. Marcy Richardson, both residents in Stoneham, int. May26,1804.

Amos, of Boston, and Catharine Hunt of Woburn, Oct.31,1802. CR

D[olly. TC] D[oe. TC], of Pembroke, NH, and David H. Burnham, jr., int. Sept.5,1841.

Edward T., and Elizabith J. Young, at Malden, Apr.5,1840.*

Joseph, and Harriet C. [E. int.] Jenkins, at South Reading, Apr.14,1836.*

WILEY (see also Willey, Wyley)
Betsey, and James Leathe, Nov.13,1816.*
Caleb, and Susanna Williams, int. Feb.16,1822.
Caleb S., and Elizabeth J. Drake, int. Oct.23,1849.
Ebenezer, of Reading, and [Mrs. int.] Jerusha Cowdry, Nov.29,1804.*
Eliza G[erry. int. TC], a.24y., spinster, d.William and Sally, and Lyman Dike, a.24y., shoe manufacturer, s.Jesse and Elisabeth, Dec.18,1845.*
Henry P., and Elvira Green, Feb.9,1843.*
Ira, Capt., of South Reading, and Lucetta Geary, int. Jan.9,1825.
James, of Reading, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Brown, at Reading, June10,1779.*
Lucinda, and Abner Geary, Sept.25,1806.*
Mary Ann, a.21y., d.Caleb and Susannah, and John Steele, a.25y., shoe manufacturer, s.James and Betsey, June20,1844.*
Polly, Mrs., and Reuben Lock, Feb.1,1804.
Rebccah, and John Hill, Apr.4,1816.*
Susannah [Mrs. int.], and Peter Wright, Mar.5,1801.*
Timothy, of Reading, and [Mrs. int.] Susanna Hay, at Reading, Sept.20,1781.*
Timothy, and Polly Green, Aug.16,1818.*
Vol. 1
Page 152
Timothy, jr., and Philura Grimes, Apr.8,1841.*
William, and Sally Geary, Dec.29,1814.*

Andrew B., and Betsey Poor [both residents in Stoneham. int.], at South Reading, Dec.29,1839.*
Caroline, of Middleton, and Stephen Lynde, int. Oct.22,1846.
Joseph, and Mary H[ay. TC] Richardson, int. Apr.2,1844.

Lucinda Hurd, a.21y., d.Andrew, and Benjamin Norwood of Malden, a.24y., cordwainer, s.Ebinezer, July21,1848.
Sarah E., of Malden, and Ezra V. Sprague, int. Aug.29,1846.

Charles, of Harvard, and Mrs. Sarah Scolley, Dec.末,1762.*

WILLET (see also Willy)
James, and Hanah Hay, Dec.10,1741. CR

WILLEY (see also Wiley)
Mary, Mrs., and Silas Dean of Reading, Jan.17,1809.*
William, and Mary Allen, May14,1841.*

Anna, Mrs., of Cambridge, and Ebenezer Parker, int. Oct.7,1749.
Arnold A., and Phebe Hadley [both residents in Stoneham. int.], July5,1828.*
David, jr., of Boston, a 27y., painter, b. Saugus, s.David and Abigail, of Saugus, and Sarepta Cowdrey, a.22y., spinster, d.George and Rebecca, Sept.16,1845.*
Jonathan, and Martha Peirce, at Woburn, Feb.25,1739.
Martha, and Elisha Green, Apr.22,1830.*
Mary, of Manchester, NH, and Luther H. Pushee, 末蔓末,1841. [Aug. 15. int.]*
Micah, of South Reading, and Phebe Richardson, int. Nov.3,1838.
Phebe, and Amos Howard, int. May13,1832.
Samuel, and Mary Goold, at Reading, Apr.6,1736.
Sarah, of Reading, and John Hadly, Nov.21,1745. CR
Sarah, and Warren Cowdrey, int. Mar.10,1844 .
Vol. 1
Page 153
Stephen, and Hannah Swan of Woburn, at Woburn, July13,1737.
Stephen, and Mrs. Mary Holliman, Jan.10,1750-51.*
Stephen, and Elisabeth Grover, int. Feb.3,1753.
Susanna, and Caleb Wiley, int. Feb.16,1822.
Susannah, Mrs., of Lynn, and John Geary, jr., int. Sept.23,1749.
Warren, and Eliza Emerson, both residents in Stoneham, Mar.3,1830.*

Martha, and Osborn Richardson, int. June9,1847.

WILLY (see also Willet)
Dorothy, Mrs., and John Poland, resident in Stoneham, Nov.11,1796.
Elisabeth [Mrs. int.], and Jesse Dike of Charlestown, Dec.24,1804. [Dec. 23. PR3]*
Ephraim, and Mrs. Polly Nobles, Oct.28,1812.*
Hannah, Mrs., and George Ross of Medford, Nov.末,1761.*
Hannah, of Malden, and Stephen Lynds, Aug.19,1794.*
Hannah, and Loveman Buell of Medford, int. Jan.7,1821.
James, and Mrs. Hannah Brown, int. Dec.4,1767.
Nanna, and Robert Barnes, resident in Stoneham, Aug.14,1794. [July 1. PR6]*
Nathan, and Mrs. Persiler Hadley, int. June3,1775.
Nathan, jr., and [Mrs. int.] Elizabeth Larrabee, Aug.30,1798.*
Polly Goodale, and Daniel Bryant, Apr.18,1802.
Sally, and Capt. Caleb Richardson, jr., Sept.15,1801.
Sally, and Edward Buckuam, July7,1814.*
Sukey, Mrs., and Stephen Lock, Apr.6,1813.*

James, and Roxana Bucknam, July3,1828.*

Abigail, Mrs., and Amos Stickney of Medford, Jan.26,1812.*

James, and Mary Ann Geyer of Boston, int. May26,1844.

WOOD (see also Woods)
Mary C., of Woburn, and George W[ashington. TC] Noble, int. Nov.27,1831.

Vol. 1
Page 154
Samuell, resident in Stoneham, and Mrs. Anna Pratt, int. May1,1784.

WOODS (see also Wood)
Benjamin, of Woburn, and Ruth Richardson, Apr.7,1814.*

Marcus, and Olive Bryant [both residents in Stoneham. int.], Oct.22,1829.*
Marcus L. [T. int.], a.19y., shoemaker, s.Marcus, and Miria A. Wheeler, a.18y., d.Gilman, Aug.22,1848.*

Thomas, and Mrs. Joanna Burdet, both residents in Stoneham, int. Aug.2,1774.

Lucy Ann, and George L. Rockwell, Feb.17,1839.*
Maria L[ouisa.], and Abner Richardson, May12,1842.*
Mary, and James Hadley [both residents in Stoneham. int.], June15,1820.*

WRIGHT (see also Right)
Ann, Mrs., and James Nicols of Salem, int. Aug.1,1768.
Anna, Mrs., and John Bucknam, June17,1755.*
Daniel, and Mrs, Anne Hay, Sept.1,1767.*
Emily, and Edwin Peirce [of Reading. int.], Apr.5,1836.*
John, and [Mrs. int.] Polly Symonds, at Reading, July5,1795.*
John H[ay. int.], and Mrs. Ruthy Geary, July28,1807.*
John H[ay. TC], jr., and Melissa M. Greenwood of Ipswich, int. Aug.18,1849.
Julia, and William E. Eastman [both residents in Stoneham. int.], Dec.8,1832.*
Lavina D., and Benjamin Eames of Reading, Jan.20,1840.*
Martha H[ay. int. TC] of North Reading. a.22y., d.John H. and Ruth, and Frederick Abbott of North Reading, a.24y., shoe manufacturer, h.North Reading, s.Ebenezer and Betsey, of North Reading, Nov.26,1844.*
Mary, Mrs., and Matthew Newhall [of Lynn. int.], Mar.24,1757.*
Mary, Mrs., and Aron Hay, Mar.8,1808.*
Peter, and [Mrs. int,] Susannah Wiley, Mar.5,1801.*
Vol. 1
Page 155
Rebacah, Mrs., and Peter Hay, 3d, int. Dec.2,1780.
Rebecah, Mrs., and Peter Hay, 2d, int. Oct.28,1775.
Rutha, and Benjamin Eames [of Reading. int.] , Nov.29,1835.*
Susannah, and Abijah Bryant, Feb.9,1826.*
Timothy, Ens., and Mrs. Mary Green [wid. TC] of Reading, int. Oct.22,1756.
Timothy, jr., and Mrs. Martha Hay, Apr.末,1763. [Apr. 2. int.]*
Timothy [jr. int.], and [Mrs. int.] Hepzibah Richardson [of Woburn. int.], at Woburn, June2,1795.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Charles Jackson of Medford, Apr.末,1761.*

WYLEY (see also Wiley)
Lucinda [of South Reading. int.], and Luther Locke. Oct.23,1833.*
Samuel, and Elisabeth Vinton, both residents in Stoneham, int. Nov.5,1794.

Amasa, of Woburn, and Lyddia Hill, Apr.28,1818.*
Emma, and Rufus Lovering, both residents in Stoneham, int. Oct.27,1827.
Esther, d.Samuel and Rebecca, and Reuben Richardson, s.Joseph, 末蔓末,1726. TC
Zadock [jr. int.], of Woburn, and Beteys Holden, Nov.24,1807.*
Vol. 1
Page 156

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