* Intentions also recorded
HADLAY (see also Hadley)
Thomas, and Mary Neagle, both residents in Stoneham, int. May8,1778.

HADLEY (see also Hadlay, Hadly)
Anthany [jr. int.], and Mrs. Sarah Sprague, Oct.15,1767.*
Charlotte, and Franklin M. Gardner, Jan.18,1835.*
Cyrus, widr., of Woburn, a.24y., shoemaker, s.Daniel, and Nancy Tarbox of Woburn, a.17y., d.David, Sept.25,1847.
Ephraim W[orcester. TC], and Harriet N. Bowen of Westborough, int. Mar.30,1845.
Gemima, and Gamaliel Gereld, both residents in Stoneham, int. May26,1781.
Hannah, and George W. Jaquith, int. Dec.15,1849.
James, and Mary Worcester [both residents in Stoneham. int.], June15,1820.*
Joanna [Mrs. int.], of Medford, and Capt. William Green of Reading [resident in Stoneham. int.], July3,1800.*
John, and [Mrs. int,] Hannah Connary of Medford, at Medford, May2,1771.*
Lois, and James Damon, both residents in Stoneham, int. Sept.30,1826.
Lucy M[ TC], a.22y., shoe binder, d.James and Mary, and James P. Warner, a.28y., cordwainer, b. Hanover, NH, S. John and Lurry [?], Apr.19,1846.*
Marcy, and William Richardson, resident in Stoneham, Apr.28,1790.*
Margreet, Mrs., and Joseph Cutler, both residents in Stoneham, int. Apr.5,1779.
Mary Ann, and Thomas Cowdrey, Nov.10,1829.*
Vol. 1
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Mary P[ierce, a.18y., d.Onesimus and Lucy. TC], and Daniel L. Sprague [a.25y., s.Jonathan and Susan. TC], Apr.18,1844.*
Onessimus, and Mary Pierce, Feb.20,1820.*
Onessimus, and Mrs. Lucy Lawrence of Dunstable, NH, int. Jan.26,1834.
Persiler, Mrs., and Nathan Willy, int. June3,1775.
Phebe, and Arnold A. Williams [both residents in Stoneham. int.] , July5,1828.*
Samuel, and Mrs. Rebekah Knight, int. Nov.14,1767.
Samuel, and Mrs. Anna Pratt, both of Medford, Aug.14,1796.
Sarah, Mrs., and Daniel Green, jr., Nov.9,1769.*
Thomas, and Mrs. Mary Cox, both residents in Stoneham, int. Apr.11,1752.
Timothy B[rooks, a.22y., s.Onesimus and Lucy. TC], and Clarissa [] H. Brown [a.20y., d.John and Nabby G. TC], Apr.18,1844.*
William P[ierce. TC], and Mrs. Harriet Barnes [wid. John. TC], int. Apr.4,1844.

HADLY (see also Hadley)
Abigail [Mrs. int.], of Woburn, and Willis Hadly, at Woburn, Sept.8,1791.*
Anthony, and Abigail Green, Nov.15,1744. CR
Daniel, of Woburn, and [Mrs. int.] Louis Holden, Nov.16,1797.*
James, jr., and Eliza Stoell, int. Aug.2,1835.
John, and Sarah Williams of Reading, Nov.27,1745. CR
Richard, and Mrs. Sarah Barton, both of Medford, Dec.21,1797.*
Samuel, and Abigail Richardson of Woburn, Mar.2,1738-9. CR
Willis, and [Mrs. int.] Abigail Hadly of Woburn, at Woburn, Sept.8,1791.*

HAE (see also Hay)
Peter, and Mary Brooks of Woburn, at Woburn, Jan.15,1734[-5. TC].

William B., of Savannah, GA, a.23y., merchant, s.William, and Elisabeth J. Clement, wid., a.25y., teacher, Aug.25,1847.*

Vol. 1
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Julia A., and Daniel Gould, 4th, Nov.17,1825. PR30
Samuel, sash and blind maker, and Julia A[nn. int.] Bryant, shoe binder, d.William, June29,1845.*

Emily H., of Malden, and David H[ay. TC] Burnham, jr., int. Nov.2,1845.

HANCOCK (see also Hankock)
Hannah, Mrs., and Hezekiah Richardson of Woburn, 末蔓末,1759.*

HANKOCK (see also Hancock)
Hannah, Mrs., and Richard Gichens of Marblehead, int. May2,1752.

Olive, of South Reading, and Levi B. Eaton, int. Oct.11,1846.

Elizabeth, a.19y., d.Samuel and Nancy, of Wilmington, and John W. Jenkins, a.22y., shoemaker, s.John and Betsey, Nov.25,1849.*

Duncan, a.25y., shoemaker, s.Isaac and Margarett, and Selina A. Flint of Reading, a.18y., b. Reading, d.Amos and Selina, of Reading, July15,1849.*
John, and Abigail Duston, both residents in Stoneham, Nov.22,1818.*

John, Dr., belonging to the army, and Mrs. Mary Gould, int. Dec.28,1778.
Relph, Capt., of Boston, and Mrs. Sarah Osgood [wid. Rev. James. TC], int. Nov.9,1752.

Joseph E., of South Reading, and Everline L. Nash, int. Jan.2,1841.
Thomas Swain, of South Reading, and Betsey Gerry, Sept.23,1827.*

John, Rev., and Martha M. Chadbourne of Concord, NH, int. Nov.15,1844.

Lydia, Mrs., of Lynn, and Samuel Sweetser, int. Feb.15,1757.

Vol. 1
Page 112
Lewis B., and Emely Lewis, both residents in Stoneham, Mar.15,1831.*

HAY (see also Hae)
Anna [Mrs. int.], and Lt. Jonathan Eaton of Reading, May6,1787.*
Anne, Mrs., and Daniel Wright, Sept.1,1767.*
Aaron, and Mrs. Mary Wright, Mar.8,1808.*
Charity [Mrs. int.], and Israel Hemmingway, resident in Stoneham, Dec.4,1794.*
Cyrus, a.26y., shoe manufacturer, s.Aaron and Polly, and Ahby H. Gove of Weare, NH, a.22y., d.Levi and Lydia, Oct.11,1846.*
Daniel, and Mrs. Anna Lues, resident in Stoneham, int. May7,1781.
Davied, and Mrs. Sarah Bryant, int. Apr.14,1773.
Dorcas, Mrs., and Jonathan Green, jr . May9,1769.*
Elisabeth, Mrs., and Samuell Brown, resident in Stoneham, int. Mar.24,1781.
Francis, and Mary B. Melbourne, 末蔓末,1841 or 1842. [Dec.19,1841. int.]*
Harrah, and James Willet, Dec.10,1741. CR
Hannah, Mrs., and Thomas Sprague, jr., Aug.4,1772.*
Ira, and Hannah Poor, 末蔓末,1841 or 1842. [Dec.5,1841. int.]*
James, and Ann Miller of Charlestown, at Charlestown, May27,1736.
Jonathan, Capt., and Mrs. Betsey Crooker, June21,1812. [June 20. PR4]*
Jonathan, and Rebecca Bayden, int. Mar.21,1841.
Martha, Mrs., and Timothy Wright, jr., Apr. 末蔓末,1763. [Apr. 2. int.]*
Mary, and Jonas Green, June2,1743. CR
Mary, Mrs., and Ebenezer Bucknam, Oct.末,1762. [Nov. 11. PR8]*
Mehittable, and Jonathan Brown of Reading, Sept.2,1740. CR
Naby, Mrs., and Joses Bucknam of Medford. int. Aug.12,1786.
Peter, and Hannah Huse, Nov.21,1717. PR18
Peter, and Dorcas Gould, Feb.14,1737-8. CR
Peter. jr., and Isabel Green, May2,1738. CR
Vol. 1
Page 113
Peter, and Ruth Marret of Cambridge, Oct.29,1742. CR
Peter, 4th, and Lydia Lynde of Malden, Dec.30,1742. CR
Peter, 3d, and Mrs. Hannah Cutler, Dec.6,1748.*
Peter [3d. int.], and [Mrs. int.] Rebecca Green of Chelsea, at Chelsea, Jan.27,1774.*
Peter, 2d, and Mrs. Rehecah Wright, int. Oct.28,1775.
Peter, 3d, and Mrs. Rebacah Wright, int. Dec.2,1780.
Peter, 3d, and Mrs. Mary Bucknam, June18,1799.*
Rebecca [Mrs. int.] , and David Geary, 3d, Sept.25,1794.*
Rebecca, and Thomas N. Bowen, int. Sept.7,1839.
Sarah, Mrs., and Daniel Eames [of Wilmington. int.], June10,1755.*
Sarah, and Aaron Green, at Reading, Oct.3,1775.
Sarah E., and Joseph W. Barrett, June24,1841.*
Susanna [Mrs. int.], and Timothy Wiley of Reading, at Reading, Sept.20,1781.*
Susannah, Mrs., and John Hill, int. Sept.26,1761.
William, and [Mrs. int.] Phebe Brown, at Medford, July25,1765.*

Rebecca, and Jonathan Hay, int. Mar.21,1841.

Newell H., and Mary Jane Merrill of Newbury, int. Nov.12,1849.

William, of Haston, and Harriet N[ewell. int. TC] Green, int. Mar.3,1842.

Israel, resident in Stoneham, and [Mrs. int.] Charity Hay, Dec.4,1794.*

Orin, and Sarah D. Emerson of Conway, NH, int. July7,1844.

HILL (see also Hills)
Asa, and Emma Lynde, June19,1838.*
Daniel [of Woburn. int.], and Nancy Rowe, Dec.10,1826.*
David, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Henry and Lucy, and Lavina B. Bryant, a.23y., d.Parkman E. and Elisabeth, Sept.28,1846.*
Elisebeth [Mrs. int.], of Reading, and Daniel Holden, June1,1787.*
Vol. 1
Page 114
Elizabeth, and Daniel Burbank of Lancaster, May29,1822.*
Francis, a.40y., cordwainer, s, James and Mary, and Hannan F. Lovring of Woburn, a.30y., spinster, d.David and Abigail, Apr.16,1846.*
Hannah [Mrs. int,], and Thomas Gould, Aug.29,1790.*
Henry C., of Lawrence, a.20y., stone-cutter, s.James and Margret J, Cater, a.15y., Nov.11,1848.*
James, and Mrs. Susanna Briant [of Lynn. int.], May1,1755.*
James, and Mrs. Abigail Smith, residents in Stoneham, June4,1772.*
James, of Reading, and Mrs. Mary Holden, int. Feb.20,1784.
James, and [Mrs. int.] Elizabeth Crooker of Harvard, at Harvard, Dec.16,1790.*
James, jr., and Mrs. Nancy Symms, int. Mar.3,1811.
John, and Mrs. Susannah Hay, int. Sept.26,1761.
John [resident in Stoneham. int.], and [Mrs. int.] Ruth Bouttell of Reading, at Reading, Jan.12,1783.*
John, and Rebecah Wiley, Apr.4,1816.*
John, and Lydia L. [D. CR] Knight of Woburn, Oct.22,1829.*
John, jr., and Sarah A. Simonds of Malden, int. Oct.18,1847.
Joseph, of Woburn, and Mary Green, May10,1818.*
Levi, and Sarah Howard, May6,1827.*
Levi, and Eliza Johnson, Sept.25,1836.*
Lucy Ann, a.18y., d.Henry and Lucy, and Samuel O[ber. int. TC] Carter, a.22y., shoe manufacturer, s, John and Sally, Nov.28,1844.*
Luther, and Sarah A. Stevens, June4,1840.*
Lyddia, and Amasa Wyman of Woburn, Apr.28,1818.*
Nancy, and John Holbrook of Weathersfield, CT, int. Nov.28,1833.
Nehemiah, of Lyme, NH, and Hannah Carter, int. Nov.7,1840.
Samuel, and Mrs, Sarah Knight, Nov.11,1756.*
Susannah, Mrs., and. Nathaniel Geary, Jan.20,1767.*

HILLS (see also Hill)
Sarah, and Edward Bucknam, jr., Jan.5,1742-3. [1741-2. CR]

John, of Weathersfield, CT, and Nancy Hill, int. Nov.28,1833.

Vol. 1
Page 115
HOLDEN (see also Holdin, Holding)
Asa [of], and Elizabeth Gould, July10,1834.*
Asa, and Mrs. Mary Lawrence of Medford, Oct.10,1841.
Betsey, and Zadock Wyman [jr. int:.] of Woburn, Nov.24,1807.*
Daniel, and [Mrs. int.] Elizebeth Hill of Reading, June1,1787.*
Elizabeth [Mrs. int.], and Reuben Dike of Woodstock, VT, Nov.16,1797.*
Jane, wid., and Joseph Cox of Cambridge, int, Dec.9,1810.
John, and Mrs. Mary Knight, Dec.5,1760.*
John, jr., and Mrs. Sibbel Mors, int. Feb.14,1784.
Joseph, resident in Stoneham, and Mrs. Mary Candige of Ipswich, int. Jan.9,1754,
Joseph, and Sally Crocker of South Reading, Sept.13,1819.
Kezia, Mrs., and David Geary, Mar.30,1748,
Levina, a.20y., shoe binder, d.Joseph and Sally, and William T. Stevens, a.24y., shoemaker, b. Salem, NH, s.Jonathan and Jane, Nov.27,1849.*
Louis [Mrs. int.], and Daniel Hadly of Woburn, Nov.16,1797.*
Lucette, and Benjamin Carey, Feb.2,1835.*
Martha, Mrs., and Aden Dike, both residents in Stoneham, Dec.25,1785.*
Mary, Mrs., and James Hill of Reading, int. Feb.20,1784.
Naomi, Mrs., and Jonathan Houll of Hollis, int. Apr.8,1793.
Samuel, of Marblehead, and Mrs. Marther Call, June6,1757.*
Sarah, Mrs., and Elisha Knight, Aug.26,1741.
Sarah [Mrs. int.], of Woburn, and Joseph Knights, jr., at Woburn, Apr.16,1769.*
Sarah, Mrs., and John Caull of Charlestown, int. Oct.15,1785.
Thomas, and [Mrs. int.] Polly Munroe [Rowe of Woburn. int.], at Woburn, Oct.12,1794.*
William, and [Mrs. int.] Elisabeth Brown of Reading, Oct.17,1790.*

HOLDIN (see also Holden)
Mary, and John Hennery Clamrod, a foreigner, resident in Stoneham, Jan.14,1796.*

HOLDING (see also Holden)
Elizabeth [Mrs. int.], and Jacob Gould, at Woburn, Nov.25,1751.*

Vol. 1
Page 116
Mary, Mrs., and Stephen Williams, Jan.10,1750-51.*

Lucy Ann, of South Woodstock, VT, and Daniel Perry, int. Nov.27,1845.
Mary F., resident in Stoneham, and James Howard, 2d of Malden, int. May23,1833.
Sarah Ann of Reading, and John C. Stone of Worcester, at Reading, May31,1843.

Robert, and Mrs, Rebekah Richardson, Nov.末,1761.*

Jeremiah, of Danvers, and Eliza Carter, Nov.1,1840.*

Lusiena A. [Lucina A.B. int.], a.19y., d.E.K., and William Bryant, jr., a.28y., shoemaker, s.William, Mar.5,1848.*

Joseph, of South Reading, and Mrs, Patty Crooker, Jan.7,1813.*
Nathaniel, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Nathanil, and Hannah K. Eaton, a.18y., d.Thomas Sept.17,1847.*
Phebe, of Barnstable, and Sylvanus Sprague, int. Sept.22,1844.

Samuel, jr., of Boston, and Elisabeth Dike, int. Apr.6,1837.

HOSMER (see also Hosmor)
Lucinda, and Aaron Lynde, Nov.6,1833.*
Rebekah, Mrs. [wid. Elijah. TC], and Peter Green, July30,1812.*
Rebekah, and Joshua Green, Oct.29,1826.*

HOSMOR (see also Hosmer)
Elijah, and Rebecca Green, May22,1806.*

Jonathan, of Hollis, and Mrs. Naomi Holden, int. Apr.8,1793.

Vol. 1
Page 117
A[bner. int. TC] B., a.23y., shoemaker, s.Samuel and Lucy W., and Malvina [T. int.] Bryant, a.16y., d.Ebenezer and Sophia, Mar.4,1849.*

Abigail B[ryant. int. TC], and Laban Burbank, Nov.30,1837.*
Amos, of Reading [resident in Reading. int.], and Polly C[heever. int. J Bryant] Oct.8,1807.*
Amos, and Phebe Williams, int. May13,1832.
Clarissa, of Malden, and John Howard, int. Apr.9,1837.
Clarrisa, Mrs. [wid. John. int. TC], and George W[illey. int. TC] Dike, Apr.2,1840.*
Elizabeth [Howard. int.], and William Porter [of Reading. int.], June15,1836.*
James, of Lynn, and Huldah Bryant, int. Oct.8,1814.
James, 2d, of Malden, and Mary F. Holt, resident in Stoneham, int. May23,1833.
John, of Reading, and Sarah W[ait. int.] Bryant, May15,1806.*
John, and Clarissa Howard of Malden, int. Apr.9,1837.
Joshua, and Susan R. Cutler, May17,1840.*
Joshua, and Mehitable P. Patten of Boston, int. Nov.9,1845.
Joshua H[arrison. TC; Haward. int.], and Elizabeth [T. int.; Thompson. int. TC] Green, May14,1835.*
Joshua H[arrison. TC], and Elvira Follett of Saugus, July9,1840.*
Lydia, and Enoch Fuller, int. Apr.26,1832.
Martha, and George W[illey. TC] Dike, May22,1828.*
Mary, and Israel Newhall [of South Reading. int.], Dec.29,1833.*
Nancy B., and Abner G[erry. TC] Locke, May6,1834.*
Samuel S[tillman. int. TC], ami Mary J. Richardson, Oct.25,1832.*
Sarah, and Levi Hill, May6,1827.*

Catharine, of Woburn, and Amos Whitney of Boston, Oct.31,1802. CR

Charles, jr., and Mary A. Fuller [both residents in Stoneham. int.], Sept.18,1836.*

Hannah, and Peter Hay, Nov.21,1717. PR18
Vol. 1
Page 118

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