* Intentions also recorded
EADES (see also Edes)
John, and Mrs. Abigail Dexter, int. Feb. 9, 1758.

Benjamin [of Reading. int.], and Rutha Wright, Nov. 29, 1835.*
Benjamin, of Reading, and Lavina D. Wright, Jan. 20, 1840.*
Daniel [of Wilmington. int.], and Mrs. Sarah Hay, June 10, 1755.*

John H., and [Mrs. int.] Mary Ann Trobridge [both residents in Stoneham. int.], Oct. 9, 1836.*
Josiah S., a. 23 y . shoemaker, b. Andover, NH, s. Isaac and Jemima, of Andover, and Esther M[aria. int. TC] Barnes, a. 18 y., d. John and Esther, Aug. 20, 1846.*
William E., and Julia Wright [both residents in Stoneham. int.], Dec. 8, 1832.*

EATON (see also Eatton)
Ezra, or Reading, and Sarah Oliver. Oct. 23, 1806.*
Hannah K., a. 18 y., d. Thomas, and Nathaniel Hopkins, a. 23 y., shoemaker, s. Nathaniel, Sept. 17, 1847.*
John, and Abigail Miller, both of Woburn, Sept. 27, 1802. CR
Jonathan. Lt., of Reading, and [Mrs. int.] Anna Hay, May 6, 1787.*
Levi B., and Olive Harding of South Reading, int. Oct. 11, 1846.
Polly, and Nathan Bucknam, Jan. 18, 1827.*
Thomas [3d, of Reading. int.], and Mrs. Elizabeth Gerry, Aug. 21, 1751.*
Thomas, of Reading, and [Mrs. int.] Abigail Bryant, at Reading, Jan. 18, 1781.*
Zenas, of South Reading, and Lois Smith, int. Mar. 26, 1825.

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EATTON (see abo Eaton)
John, of Framingham, and Rachel Right, Apr. 27, 1732.
Noah, of Framingham, and Hannah Vinton, July 29, 1730.

EDES (see also Eades)
John, of Boston, and [Mrs. int.] Rebecca Cowel, at Reading, Dec. 14, 1783.*
John, of Boston, and Mrs. Mary Crocker, int. May 28, 1789.

Frederica, a. 21 y., spinster, and Eliphalet Sargent, a. 20 y., trader, s. Eliphalet and Sally, June 7, 1846.*

Baker, and Abby Dame of Dover, NH, int. Nov. 2, 1844.
Clarissa P., of South Reading, and Rufus Richardson, jr., int. Feb. 12, 1825. [This couple were not married. int. TC]
Franklin, and Mary D. Center, Jan. 31, 1844.*
Ruth L. [E. dup.], a. 19 y., spinster, b. Otisfield, ME, d. Jonathan and Sally, of Otisfield, ME, and Amos Upham, jr., a. 23 y., shoe manufacturer, b. Malden, s. Amos and Ruth, Feb. 15, 1846.*

G[eorge. TC] W., and A[nn. TC] E[liza. ] Drake of Providence, RI, int. Jan. 7, 1849.
Sarah G., of Canton, ME, and James Barrett of Malden, ––– ––, 1842.

Moses W., of South Reading, a. 23 y., shoemaker, and Rebecca Gerry of South Reading, a. 21 y., Jan. 15, 1849.

Andrew, and Julia E. Morse of Calais, VT, int. Sept. 20, 1846.
Charles, of Reading, and Ann H[ay. TC] Noble, int. Jan. 23, 1841.
Eliza, and Warren Williams, both residents in Stoneham, Mar. 3, 1830.*
George, and Dianthe F. Sanborn of Chelsea, VT, int. May 18, 1848.
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Sarah D., of Conway, NH, and Orin Hersam, int. July 7, 1844.
William, of Reading, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Vinton, at Reading, Nov. 3, 1785.*

Robert W., and Mary P. Langdon, int. Dec. 1, 1848.

ENGALS (see also Ingols)
Samuell, resident in Stoneham, and Mrs, Ruth Knight, int. May 24, 1777.

Ann E., of Woburn, a. 19 y., and Samuel C. White of Woburn, a. 23 y., machinist, s. Samuel, Dec. 21, 1848.

EVANS (see also Evens)
Abigail. of Woburn, and Nathan Gould, at Woburn, Apr. 23, 1789.*
Elizabeth, and Rev. John Cleveland, at Reading, Jan. 9, 1794.*
Elizabeth, of Woburn, and Samuel H. Ash of Boston, Dec. 1, 1803. CR
Hosea, and Fanny Bruce, both of Woburn, June 26, 1808. CR
Rebekah, and Lewis Sturtevant [both residents in Stoneham. int.], Apr. 51 1821.*
Rhoda, of Woburn, and Cyrus Bancroft, resident in Stoneham, int. Nov. 26, 1828.
Sarah, of Woburn, and Daniel Green, jr., at Reading, Oct. 15, 1783.*

EVENS (see also Evans)
Mary [now resident in Stoneham. int.], and Capt. Daniel Green, Apr. 30, 1807. CR*
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