* Intentions also recorded
Nathaniel [jr. int.], of Reading, and Mary Green [Geary. int.], at Reading, Mar.25,1783.*

Sarah, of Billerica, and Benjamin Grover, at Billerica, Mar.2,1726-7.

BAILEY, see Baley.

Cornelius, of Grafton, and Mrs. Esther Gould, May13,1763.*

BALDWIN (see also Baldwine)
Alfred, of Reading, and Susan Brown, int. Jan.7,1849.
Elizabeth, and Joseph Mathies of Woburn, Nov.10,1741. CR
Hannah, and Joseph Vinton, Feb.19,1733-4. CR

BALDWINE (see also Baldwin)
Hannah, Mrs. [wid. Timothy. int. TC], and John Vinton, Esq. of Dudley [formerly of Stoneham. int. TC], May6,1752.*

Sally R., of Reading, and Samuel K. Farker, int. Mar.10,1834.

Cyrus, resident in Stoneham, and Rhoda Evans of Woburn, int. Nov.26,1828.
Vol. 1
Page 78
Hannah [Mrs. int.], of Reading, and James Wesson, at Reading, July22,1790.*
James, and Hannah C. Bond of Ipswich, int. Nov.17,1847.
Ruth, Mrs., of Lynn, and Daniel Gould, 3d, Dec.11,1752.*

BARNES (see also Barns)
Anna, and Thomas J. Cleaves, at Reading, Jan.20,1841.*
Dennis, and Elvira M. Wheeler, Sept.12,1842.*
Esther M[ TC], a.18y., d.John and Esther, and Josiah S. Eastman, a.23y., shoemaker, b. Andover, NH, s.Isaac and Jemima, of Andover, Aug.20,1846.*
Francis, and Betsey Nichols of Hubbardston, int. Mar.8,1840.
Harriet, Mrs. [wid. John. TC], and William P[ierce. TC] Hadley, int. Apr.4,1844.
John, jr., and Harriett Turner of Charlestown, int. Aug.20,1840.
Lidya W[illey. int. TC], and Ignatious S. Plumer [of Boston. int. TC], Dec.16,1832.*
Richard R[obert. TC] , and Joann J. Chamberlain of Charlestown, int. Feb.19,1837.
Robert, resident in Stoneham, and Nanna Willy, Aug.14,1794. [July 7. PR6]*

BARNS (see also Barnes)
Aaron, and Mary Putney, Oct.8,1820.*
Daniel H[ay. int. TC], and Sally Damon, May5,1829.*
David, and Hannah Fitch Page of Ashby, int. Oct.5,1826.
John, and Esther Page of Gardner, int. Nov.27,1819.
Martha, and Erastus B. Gould of Boston, Jan.7,1830.*

James, of Malden, and Sarah G. Ellis of Canton, ME, 末蔓末,1842.
Joseph W., and Sarah E. Hay, June24,1841.*
Joseph W., and Sarah G. Kneeland of Sweden, ME, int, Sept.12,1847.

Sarah, Mrs., and Richard Hadly, both of Medford, Dec.21,1797.
William, and Lydia Sprague of Boston, int. Sept.7,1834.

Vol. 1
Page 79
Susan, wid., a.51y., spinster, d.Noah and Abigail Weeks, and John Elliott Poland, widr., a.42y., cordwainer, s.John and Dorothy, June1,1845.*

Eliza Ann, and George W. Dame [both residents in Stoneham. int.], Mar.18,1838.*

Joseph Wheeler, and Ester Richardson, both of Woburn, Oct.3,1786.
Ruth J.F., of Woburn, and Peter B. Bucknam, 末蔓末,1841 or 1842.

Eunice M[organ. int. TC], a.17y., d.Joseph O. and Elisabeth, and William B. Ramsdell, a.26y., shoemaker, s.John and Mehitable, Oct.14,1846.*
Jeremiah, and Aeminel Tattingham of Woburn, Apr.12,1733. CR

Hannah, and Levi McIntire [both residents in Stoneham. int.], Nov.16,1828.*

BICKFORD (see also Bigford)
Mary E., of South Reading, a.25y., tailoress, b. Roxbury, d.Charles and Mary, of Wakefield, NH, and Andrew C. Perkins of South Reading, a.28y., carpenter, b. Essex, s.Ezra and Lydia, of Essex, Dec.25,1844.

Nancy, a.24y., d.Jonathan, and B[enaiah. int. TC] P. Savage, a.30y., carpenter, s.John, Dec.10,1846.*

John, of Boston, and Lydia [R. int.; Richardson. int. TC] Starr, Dec.1,1830.*

BIGFORD (see also Bickford)
Francis C., resident in Stoneham, and Charlotte S. Rhodes of Lynn, int. Sept.21,1816.

Vol. 1
Page 80
Henry S., a.19y., farmer, b. Dorchester, s.Tristam and Silvia, and Ann E[] Follinsbee, a.23y., spinster, b. New Sharon, ME, d.Joshua and Eliza, of N. Sharon, Oct.30,1845.*

John, and Agnes Brown, Oct.30,1744. CR

Walter, and Mary Paine, al South Reading, Apr.15,1840.*

Edward W., a.31y., shoemaker, s.John and Lucinda, and Lorinda Dike, a.21y., d.Jesse and Elesabeth, July9,1846.*

William F. [T., of Woburn. int.], and Amelia F. Green, May2,1837.*

Mary [Mrs. int.] , of Chelsea [of Lynn. int.], and Elias Bryant, at Chelsea, Mar.14,1782.*

Hannah C., of Ipswich, and James Bancroft, int. Nov.17,1847.

Abigail, of Amherst, NH, and Zacheus Geary, int. Mar.2,1822.
Ruth [Mrs. int.], of Reading, and John Hill [resident in Stoneham. int.], at Reading, Jan.12,1783.*

Harriet N., of Westborough, and Ephraim W[orcester. TC] Hadley, int. Mar.30,1845.
Thomas N., resident in Stoneham, and Hannah Graham of Lunenburg, int. Mar.24,1833.
Thomas N., and Rebecca Hay, int. Sept.7,1839.

BRIANT (see also Bryant)
Joseph, of Reading, and Sarah Goold, at Reading, Nov.8,1726.
Mary, Mrs., and Peter Brown, resident in Stoneham, Aug.13,1772.*
Susanna, Mrs. [of Lynn. int.], and James Hill, May1,1755.*

Vol. 1
Page 81
William, a.49y., laborer, s.Luther, and Susannah Tuffts, wid., a.52y., d.Samuel Hadley, Dec.24,1848.*

Calvin, and Mary Richardson, both of Woburn, Dec.1,1803. CR
Jerusha [Mrs. int.] , of Woburn, and Josiah Richardson, at Woburn, Apr.11,1776.*
Mary, of Woburn, and Peter Hae, at Woburn, Jan.15,1734[-5. TC]
Susannah, and John Felch of Reading, Mar.11,1802.

Abiel, of Reading, and Sarah Green, Mar.25,1736. CR
Agnes, and John Blair, Oct.30,1744. CR
Ann J., of Boston, and John Deane, int. Dec.6,1835.
Clarissa [] H. [a.20y., d.John and Nabby G. TC], and Timothy B[rooks. TC] Hadley [a.22y., s.Onesimus and Lucy TC], Apr.18,1844.*
Daniell Green, and [Mrs. int.] Rebeckah Smith of Woburn, at Woburn, May2,1771.*
Dorothy, Mrs., and John Sprague of Killingly, int. Feb.7,1758.
Dorothy, Mrs., and Ebenezer Lawrance, Jan.18,1759.*
Elisabeth [Mrs. int,], of Reading, and William Holden, Oct.17,1790.*
Elizabeth, of Reading, and John Tailor, May18,1737. CR
Ephraim, and Dorithy Green, May18,1736. CR
Ephraim, and Mrs, Sarah Ross of Boston, int, Aug.28,1762.
Eunice, Mrs., and Jacob Goodale of Southbury, Oct.29,1771.
George, and Sarah Nicholes, int. Feb.10,1787.
George W., and Sarah H, Sanders, int. Nov.21,1846.
Hannah, Mrs., and James キWilly, int. Dec.4,1767.
Hulday, Mrs., and Daniel Green [jr. int.], Jan.末,1765. [Oct. 5. int]*
Jacob, of Medford, and [Mrs. int.] Ruth Knight, at Medford. Aug.26,1773.*
John, 2d, and Hannah P. Kirk, 末蔓末,1841.
Jonathan, of Reading, and Mehittable Hay, Sept.2,1740. CR
Vol. 1
Page 82
Josiah, and [Mrs. int.] Judeth Richardson of Woburn, at Woburn, Oct.8,1772.*
Mary, Mrs., and John Crocker, Nov.9,1769.
Mary [Mrs. int.], and James Wiley of Reading, at Reading, June10,1779.*
Mary, of Reading, and Capt. Abraham Gould, at Reading, Oct.16,1788.*
Olive H., . and Thomas Furlong [both residents in Stoneham. int.], at Woburn, May20,1838.*
Peter, resident in Stoneham, and Mrs. Mary Briant, Aug.13,1772.*
Phebe [Mrs. int.], and William Hay, at Medford, July25,1765.*
Rachel, Mrs., and Luther Abbot of Hillsborough, NH, Mar.18,1800.*
Ruth [Mrs. int.], and Moses Sweetser of Reading, at Reading, Oct.11,1795.*
Samuell, resident in Stoneham, and Mrs. Elisabeth Hay, int. Mar.24,1781.
Sarah, Mrs., and Timothy Mathies, Nov.14,1763.*
Sarah, and Malachi Richardson, Mar.22,1792.*
Susan, and Alfred Baldwin of Reading, int. Jan.7,1849.
Susan R., and Rufus H. Frost. int. Nov.17,1847.
Susana, Mrs., of Lynnfield, and John Seever, int. Mar.11,1811.
Susannah, Mrs., and William Allen Rowe, Oct.12,1788.*

Ann [Mrs. int.] , and Charles Richardson, at Woburn, June26,1777.*
Fanny, and Hosea Evans, both of Woburn, June26,1808. CR

BRYANT (see also Briant)
Abigail [Mrs. int.], and Thomas Eaton of Reading, at Reading, Jan.18,1781.*
Abigail, and Lot Sweetser, both residents in Stoneham [both of Stoneham. int.], May12,1823.*
Abigal, Mrs., and James Oliver of Boston, int. Dec.23,1779.
Abijah, and Susannah Wright, Feb.9,1826.*
Abijah, and Mrs. Levina Cowdry [of Reading. int.; wid. John. TC], Apr.8,1834.*
Betsey, and Joseph Mathews, Jan.23,1817.*
Vol. 1
Page 83
Betsy, Mrs., and John Swetser, jr. of Reading, May21,1807.*
Daniel, and Mrs. Keziah Richardson, int. Oct.18,1751.
Daniel, and Mrs. Mary Bucknam, int. Jan.1,1780.
Daniel, and Polly Goodale Willy, Apr.18,1802.
Daniel, and Abigail Green, Apr.8,1830.*
Ebenezer, and Mrs. Sarah Weaight of Malden, int. June21,1783.
Ebenezer, and Mrs. Sarah Green of Reading, June12,1788.*
Elias, and [Mrs. int.] Mary Boardman of Chelsea [of Lynn. int.], at Chelsea, Mar.14,1782.*
Elias Parkman, and Betsey Ingols, Oct.18,1805.*
Hannah, Mrs., and Daniel Knight, int. Aug.20,1757.
Huldah, and James Howard of Lynn, int. Oct.8,1814.
Joseph, jr., and Mrs. Abigail Osgood, Oct.3,1752.*
Joseph, Lt., and Mrs. Elizebeth Cowell of Boston, int. Sept.28,1753.
Joseph, jr., and [Mrs. int.] Elizabeth Stimpson of Reading, at Reading, Mar.10,1784.*
Joseph, 3d, and Mrs. Temperance Ransom of Randolph, int. Apr.3,1808.
Joseph, 3d, and Mary Richardson, Sept.4,1815.*
Joshua, of South Reading, and Mrs. Delia S. Pinkham, int. May24,1849.
Julia A[nn. int.], shoe binder, d.William, and Samuel Hall, sash and blind maker, June29,1845.*
Lavina B., a.23y., d.Parkman E. and Elisabeth, and David Hill, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Henry and Lucy, Sept.28,1846.*
Loes, Mrs., and Joshue Burnham of Lynn, int. June27,1778.
Malvina [T. int.], a.16y., d, Ebenezer and Sophia, and A[bner. int. TC] B. Hovey, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Samuel and Lucy W., Mar.4,1849.*
Mary, and Daniel G. Perry, Apr.7,1825.*
Mary E., a.19y., d.William, and Benjamin F. Rix, a.32y., teacher of music. s. Nathaniel, Mar.23,1848.*
Nathan, and Mrs. Betsey Carter, both residents in Stoneham, int. Apr.18,1795.
Olive, and Marcus Woodward [both residents in Stoneham. int.], Oct.22,1829.*
Oliver, and Clementina A. Parker of South Reading, at South Reading, Apr.20,1837.*
Vol. 1
Page 84
Phebe [Mrs. int.], of Reading, and James Crocker, at Reading, July26,1795.*
Polly C[heever. int.], and Amos Howard of Reading [resident in Reading. int.], Oct.8,1807.*
Sally, and Leonard Gilson of Woburn, int. Nov.8,1829.
Sarah, Mrs., and Ebenezer Nicoldes, jr. of Reading, int. June16,1770.
Sarah, Mrs., and Davied Hay, int. Apr.14,1773.
Sarah, Mrs. [wid. TC], and James Putney of Wentworth, NH, May5,1812.*
Sarah W[ait. int.], and John Howard of Reading, May15,1806.*
William, jr., a.28y., shoemaker, s.William and Lusiena A. [Lucina A B. int.] Hook, a.19y., d.E.K., Mar.5,1848.*

Abigail, a.26y., d.Joseph and Sarah, and John Robinson of Woburn, a.30y., shoe manufacturer, b. Goshen, NH, s.William and Elisabeth, of Wendell, NH, Dec.31,1844.*
Joseph, jr., and Sophia Cowdry of South Reading, int. July7,1844.
Mary Jane, a.21y., d.Joseph, and George Green, a.27y., shoe manufacturer, s.Nathan, Dec.20,1846.*
Sarah, d.Joseph, and Allen Rowe, jr., s.Allen, registered Oct.25,1847. [July 14. int.]*

BUCKMAN (see also Bucknam)
Elisabeth G., and Woodbury Messer, July5,1840.*
Nathan, and Mrs. int.* Abigail Richardson [of Woburn. int.], at Woburn, June2,1795.*

BUCKNAM (see also Buckman, Buckname)
Abigail [Mrs. int.], and Nathaniel Richardson, Apr.24,1811.*
Asahel P[orter. PR12], and Hannah [Shirley. PR12] Matthews, May10,1821.*
Cynthia, and Leonard [H. TC] Nichols, May7,1822.*
Dexter, and Eliza Shay, int. May24,1845.
Ebenezer, and Mrs. Mary Hay, Oct.末,1762. [Nov. 11. PR8]*
Vol. 1
Page 85
Ebenezer, and Rachel Lovejoy [resident in Stoneham. int.], Mar.16,1786.*
Ebenezer [jr. int.] , and Mrs. Lydia Wheeler, Nov.16,1788.*
Edward, jr., and Sarah Hills, Jan.5,1742-3. [1741-2. CR]
Edward, Dea., und Wid. Lucy Damon of Reading, at Reading, Dec.11,1783.*
Edward, and Sally Willy, July7,1814.*
George, and Pamelia R. Green, May6,1838.*
John, and Mrs. Anna Wright, June17,1755.*
John, jr., Lt., and [Mrs. int.] Mary Green, May27,1798.*
Joses, of Medford, and Mrs. Naby Hay, int. Aug.12,1786.
Lavinia, and Martin Green, jr., Sept.18,1837.*
Lyda, Mrs., and Aron Stone of Lynn, June4,1809.*
Mary, Mrs., and Daniel Bryant, int. Jan.1,1780.
Mary, Mrs., and Peter Hay, 3d, June18,1799.*
Nalhan, and [Mrs. int.] Phebe Parker of Reading, May12,1818.*
Nathan, and Polly Eaton, Jan.18,1827.*
Paulinia, and John Wheeler, Apr.5,1831.*
Peter B., and Ruth J.F. Beers of Woburn, 末蔓末,1841 or 1842.
Polly, and Stephen Lynde [jr. int.], Oct.19,1817.*
Rebecca, and Thomas Richardson of Woburn, May14,1794.*
Reheckah, and Daniel Green, Apr.5,1743. CR
Rebekah S., and Lt. George Cowdry, May4,1820.*
Roxana, and James Wilson, July3,1828.*
Sarah, and John Cowdry, July22,1816. [July 2. CR]*
Steven, and Polly Lynde, Aug.20,1837.*
Susanna, Mrs., and Josiah Green, jr., Nov.19,1789.*
William, and Mary B[oyle. TC] Matthews, Jan.11,1830.*

BUCKNAME (see also Bucknam)
Sarah [Mrs. int.], and Jesse Green, Dec.14,1786.*

Loveman, of Medford, and Hannah Willy, int. Jan.7,1821.

Daniel, of Lancaster, and Elizabeth Hill May29,1822.*
Laban, and Abigail B[ryant. int. TC] Howard Nov.30,1837.*
Vol. 1
Page 86
Mary M., and Jeremiah Whitehouse, at Charlestown "21st inst. " [June21,1840. TC; June 3. int.]*

BURDET (see also Burdett)
Joanna, Mrs., and Thomas Woolson, both residents in Stoneham, int. Aug.2,1774.

BURDETT (see also Burdet, Burditt)
George, of South Reading, and Martha A. Stone, int. Oct.10,1840, (void forbid.)

BURDITT (see also Burdett)
Daniel, of Malden, and Mrs. Joanna Dexter, June3,1755.*

Sukey, Mrs., of Reading, and Silas Symonds, Feb.24,1799.*

David H[ay. TC], jr., and Dolly. TC D[oe. TC] Whittemore of Pembroke, NH, int. Sept.5,1841.
David H[ay. TC], jr., and Emily H. Halping of Malden, int. Nov.2,1845.
Joshue, of Lynn, and Mrs. Laes Bryant, int. June27,1778.
Mary Jane G[ould. TC], and Dr. William F[lint. TC] Stevens, May1,1831.*

Aphia E., of Sanbornton, NH, [New London, NH. TC], and William G[riffin. TC] Fuller, int. Oct.25,1840.

Almira T., a.17y., shoe binder, b. Wilmington, d, Sewall and Sally, and Otis P. Johnson, a.20y., shoe manufacturer, b. Allenstown, NH, s.John and Esther, of Allenstown, NH, June19,1845.*
Vol. 1
Page 87

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