* Intention NOT recorded
Israel (of Andover. int.) and Phebe Shelden, Feb. 15, 1787.

Nathaniel of Woburn, and Levina Purkens, int. Nov. 18, 1832.

VENTEN (see Vinten, Vintin, Vinton)
Mary and Nathaniel Brown, Sept. ––, 1739.*

Bowman of Lynnfield, and Betsey Sawyer, Sept. 21, 1813.
Keziah of Waltham, and John Walton, Jan. 16, 1770. At Waltham.*

Nancy of South Reading, and Eliab Parker, int. June 16, 1816.
Nancy and Alfred W. Whittredge of Charlestown, Apr. 30, 1828.
William D. and Naamer J.K. Symes of Andover (int. May 6, 1832).

VINE (see Vinne)
Mehitable of Danvers, and John Hayward, Apr. 8, 1773. At Danvers.

VINNE (see Vine)
Joseph (of Danvers. int.) and Susanna Hayward, Sept. 23, 1773.

VINTEN (see Venten, Vintin, Vinton)
John of Stoneham, and Mary Parker, Sept. 14, 1731.*

VINTIN (see Venten, Vinten, Vinton)
Mary of Woburn, and John French of Braintree, Feb. 19, 1710-1.*

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VINTON (see Venten, Vinten, Vintin)
Benoni (of Malden. int.) and Rebecca Dix, Apr. 5, 1779.
Elizabeth and Samuel Wiley, Feb. 19, 1795.*
Hannah and Samuel Stacy, May 29, 1800.
John and Sarah Swain of Woburn, Apr. 10, 1755.*
John and Lydia Nichols, May 10, 1758.*
John, Jr., and Polly Green of Malden, June 30, 1785.
Lydia and Thaddeus Richardson (of Stoneham. int.), Nov. 2, 1780.
Mary and William Wilson, Apr. 8, –––8. (1778. TC)
Mary of Stoneham, and William Emerson, Nov. 3, 1785.
Polly of Malden, and William Putnam, Apr. 2, 1797. At Malden.
Sally and Peter B. (Peter Buckley. int.) Emerson, Nov. 22, 1810.
Sarah and Joseph Brooks of Woburn, Sept. 7, 1780. At Woburn.
Timothy and Bruce McClood (McLeaad. int.) of Shirley, Nov. 7, 1799.
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