KALEY (Caley)

David N., s. David, mason, and Mary, Feb. 23, 1844.

James Edward (Caley), s. Daniel, laborer, and Mary Ann, July 31, 1844.

Julia A., d. Daniel, mason, and Mary, Apr. 2, 1846.


Ellen, d. Thomas, laborer, and Mary, May 15, 1848.

KANE (Cain)

Catharine [Cain. CR3], d. John, laborer, and Mary, Sept. 5, 1845.

Ellen (Cain), "two weeks old," d. John and Mary, bp. Aug. 28, 1842. CR3

Emily J. [Emelia Jane. CR3], d. Terence, laborer, and Jane [Maguire. CR3], both b. Ireland, June 17, 1849.

Henry (Cain), s. Thomas, manufacturer, and Rebecca, Mar. 16, 1849.

James, s. Catharine Fleming, June 16, 1844.

John, s. John, laborer, and Mary, Mar. [6. CR3], 1849.

Rosanna, d. Rosanna, July ––, 1845.


Sarah J., d. George, manufacturer, and Mary, Mar. 4, 1846.


Martha, bp. Nov. 25, 1840. CR1

KEAFE (Keef, Keefe, Keif, Kieffe, O'Keeffe)

Catherine (Keefe), d. Nicholas and Eleanor Burns, June 11, 1839. CR5

Catherine [Keif. CR5], d. Arthur, carpenter, and Margaret, Oct. 1, 1847.

Ellen (Keef), d. Nicholas, dyer, and Ellen, Dec. 22, 1844.

Ellen (O'Keeffe), d. Daniel and Catherine, Feb. 20, 1847. CR5

James (O'Keeffe) "born about two days," s. Michael and Bridget, bp. July 27, 1837. CR5

John (Keefe), s. Nicholas and Anne, July 19, 1842. CR5

John (O'Keeffe), s. Dennis and Margaret, Apr. 6, 1843. CR5

Margaret Jane [O'Keeffe. CR6], d. Nicholas, iron founder, and Ellen, June 4, 1847.

Michael (Keif), s. Michael and Bridget, Sept. 11, 1839. CR5

Richard (Keeffe), s. Jeremiah and Jane, Jan. 4, 1848. CR6

KEATING (Keaten)

Ann Elizabeth, d. James and Margaret Pendergast, June 10, 1849. CR3

Edward James, s. Edward and Mary, June 22, 1844. CR3

James Henry, s. Edward and Sarah, bp. June 29, 1828. CR1

James, s. James and Margaret Pendergast, Apr. 7, 1847. CR3

Julia Ann, d. Thomas and Elisabeth Hogan, Sept. 14, 1845 CR3

Theodore Edson, s. Edward and Sarah, bp. May 9, 1830. CR1

Teresa (Keaten), d. Thomas and Elisa, July 27, 1843. CR3


James, s. John and Mary, Sept. 30, 1836. CR5

KEEN (Kean, Keene)

Alma Parker (Keene), d. Andrew, carpenter, and Almira, May 17, 1847.

Elizabeth, d. Thomas and Mary Ann Starr, Jan. 18, 1842. CR2

Hannah, d. Thomas, laborer, and Mary, Jan. 30, 1846.

John William (Kean), s. Martin and Anne, Aug. 2, 1842. CR5

Mary Ann, d. Thomas and Mary Ann Starr, Nov. 23, 1840. CR2

KEENAN (Kenon, Kernan, Kiernan)

Anne (Kernan), d. John and Ellen M., Aug. 12, 1847. CR6

Catherine, d. John and Mary, bp. Jan. 14, 1843. CR3

Catherine (Kiernan), d. Edward and Rosanna, Jan. 31, 1848. CR6

James, s. John and Mary, July 11, 1844. CR3

James, s. John, laborer, and Mary, Sept. 21, 1844.

John, s. John and Catherine, bp. Mar. 24, 1844. CR5

Maria (Kenon), d. John, laborer, and Mary [McQuade. CR3], Mar. 25, 1846.

KEGAN (Keegan)

John, s. Laurence and Ann, Dec. 31, 1841. CR5

Michael [Keegan. CR3], s. James, laborer, and Bridget [Fannan. CR3], June 16, 1848.

KEHAN (Keehan)

Anna, d. John and Ann, June 30, 1845. CR3

John (Keehan), s. Thomas and Mary, Apr. 14, 1836. CR5


Elenora, d. Daniel and Mary, Oct. 31, 1840. CR5

Ellen, d. Jeremiah and Mary, Nov. 15, 1840. CR5

Hannah, d. Daniel and Mary, Apr. 27, 1842. CR5

James, s. Jeremiah and Mary, Nov. 28, 1836. CR5

James Edward, s. Daniel and Mary Ann, July 21, 1844. CR3

Margaret, d. Jeremiah and Mary, Sept. 25, 1838. CR5


Henery, s. Charles S. and Sarah, Nov. 19, 1844. CR5

KELLETT (Kallett, Kellet)

––––– (Kellet), d. Thomas, manufacturer, and Ann, Nov. 9, 1845.

–––––, s. Thomas B., overseer, and Ann, Mar. 4, 1848.

Emeline Henrietta (Kellet), d. Thomas Pearson and Ann Barker, Mar. 15, 1843. CR2

William Barker (Kallett), s. Thomas P. and Ann, bp. Sept. 2, 1838. CR1

KELLEY (Kelly, O'Kelly)

–––––, s. Andrew K., laborer, and Almira A., Jan. 12, 1845.

–––––, d. John, laborer, and Margaret, Mar. 15, 1846.

–––––, ch. Patrick, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland, Dec. 26, 1849.

Andrew (Kelly), s. Andrew and Elizabeth, bp. Apr. 28, 1844. CR1

Anne (Kelly), d. John and Ellen, Sept. 9, 1847. CR6

Anne (Kelly), d. Benjamin and Bridgit, Aug. 15, 1848. CR5

Catherine (Kelly), d. Thomas, laborer, and Margaret [Dunningham. CR3], Oct. 6, 1848.

Catherine Bidelia (O'Kelly), d. Herbert and Mary Ann, Mar. 23, 1849. CR5

Charles (Kelly), "two weeks old," s. William and Mary Ann, bp. Feb. 8, 1840. CR5

Charles H., Aug. 12, 1843.

Edward (Kelly), s. Andrew and Siby, Oct. 22, 1840. CR5

Elizabeth, d. Andrew and Sophia, bp. Nov. 2, 1838. CR1

Elizabeth (Kelly), d. John and Ellen, Mar. 30, 1845. CR5

Emma Francis (Kelly), d. Francis, tailor, and Mary A., Aug. 29, 1847.

Emeline H., d. Thomas P., manufacturer, and Ann, Nov. 15, 1843.

Frank Fenno (Kelly), s. William, carpenter, and Maria B., Jan. 20, 1847.

Hannah, d. Barney [Bernard. CR5], laborer, and Bridget, July 30, 1846.

James, s. John and Catherine McCusker, Oct. 20, 1842. CR3

James (Kelly), s. John and Margaret, Mar. 12, 1846. CR5

John (Kelly), s. William and Margaret, Mar. 25, 1839. CR5

John (Kelly), s. Michael, bleacher, and Mary, July 8, 1845.

Julia Anne, d. Daniel and Mary, Apr. 2, 1846. CR5

Margaret (Kelly), d. Daniel, laborer, and Mary, Jan. ––, 1849. [Jan. 7. CR6]

Marilla Jane (Kelly), d. John and Jane, bp. Aug. 9, 1843. CR1

Martin, s. Dennis [Kerin. CR5], laborer, and Ellen, both b. Ireland, Nov. 13, 1849.

Mary Ann (Kelly), d. Michael, Feb. 28, 1840. CR5

Mary (Kelly), d. John and Honora, Apr. 14, 1841. CR5

Mary Ann (Kelly), d. Bernard and Bridget, June 2, 1845. CR5

Mary Ann (Kelly), d. Thomas, manufacturer, and Margaret, June 11, 1845.

Mary Ellen, d. Andrew and Elizabeth, bp. May 24, 1846. CR1

Mary (Kelly), d. Michael, laborer, and Mary, May 29, 1846.

Mary Ann (Kelly), d. Thomas, laborer, and Margaret, Oct. 6, 1846.

Mary Ann (Kelly), d. John and Margaret, Oct. 30, 1847. CR5

Mary Sabina, d. Michael and Bridget, Nov. 30, 1847. CR5

Michael (Kelly), s. Michael and Mary, Mar. 27, 1842. CR3

Michael (Kelly), s. John and Anne, Aug. 5, 1842. CR5

Michael, s. Daniel, laborer, and Ellen, Dec. 22, 1844. [bp. Nov. 10. CR5]

Patrick (Kelly), s. John and Margaret, Mar. 10, 1840. CR5

Patrick, s. Michael, laborer, and Mary [Doherty. CR3], Oct. 4, 1848.

Sarah Jane (Kelly), d. Andrew and Sophia, bp. Dec. 8, 1844. CR1

Sarah Jane, d. Thomas, manufacturer, and Margaret [Daley. CR3], Aug. 23, 1847.

Thomas H., s. Robert, stone polisher, and Rosanna, both b. Ireland, Oct. 4, 1849.

Thomas, s. Thomas, operative, and Margaret [Daley. CR3], both b. Ireland, Nov. 17, 1849.

Timothy (Kelly), s. Daniel and Ellen, Feb. 7, 1842. CR5

William (Kelly), s. Andrew and Mary, both from Scotland, Dec. 13, 1831.

William, s. Robert, marble polisher, and Rosanna, Nov. 25, 1847.


–––––, s. William B. and Catherine, Aug. 15, 1831.


John, s. Patrick and Margaret, June 10, 1846. CR5


James Towie, "deceased," s. Johnathan, overseer, and Sarah, June 5, 1847.

Sarah Maria, d. Jonathan, manufacturer, and Sarah, Aug. 29, 1845.


Margaret Jane, d. Robert, deceased, and Margaret, bp. Jan. 8, 1843. CR1

KENNEDY (Kendy, Kenedy)

Catherine (Kenedy), d. Michael and Betsy, Feb. 28, 1846. CR5

Catherine, d. Patrick, laborer, and Mary, Mar. 1, 1848.

Daniel (Kenedy), s. Gerry and Catherine, Aug. 10, 1839. CR5

Edward, s. Roger, laborer, and Nancy, Apr. 9, 1844. [Apr. 14. CR5]

Elisa jane, d. John and Ellisa, bp. Dec. 3, 1846. CR5

Elizabeth Jane, d. John and Elisa, Aug. 1, 1841. CR5

Ellen (Kendy), d. Bartholomew and Catherine, Feb. 18, 1849. CR5

George Henry, s. James and Electa, Sept. 8, 1837.

James Henry, s. John and Ann Doyle, Nov. 13, 1848. CR3

Jane, d. Patrick and Bridget, "she died immediately," bp. July 29, 1847. CR5

Jeremiah, s. Roger and Anne, Sept. 6, 1841. CR5

Jeremiah, s. Timothy and Julia, Apr. 10, 1842. CR5

Joanna, d. Michael, laborer, and Betsey, Mar. 8, 1846.

Joanna, d. Thomas, shop keeper, and Catherine, Jan. ––, 1848. [Dec. 1, 1847. CR6]

John (Kenedy), s. Roger and Anne, bp. Mar. 30, 1838. CR5

John, s. John and Eliza, July 20, 1839. CR5

John, s. Michael and Eliza, Nov. 7, 1847. CR5

Julia Ann, d. John and Elisabeth, June 25, 1836. CR5

Mary, "about one week old," d. Michael and Julia, bp. Dec. 11, 1836. CR5

Mary, d. Timothy and Julia, bp. Apr. 9, 1837. CR5

Mary [Anne. CR5], d. John, carpenter, and Eliza, Dec. 25, 1843. [Nov. 28. CR5]

Mary, d. Patrick and Johanna, Nov. 24, 1849. CR5

Patrick, s. Thomas and Mary, Jan. 20, 1848. CR5

Richard, s. John and Honora, June 19, 1846. CR5

Sarah Martha, d. John and Eliza, Sept. 24, 1842. CR5

Sarah, d. J., carpenter, and Eliza, May 30, 1846.

Thomas, s. John, carpenter, and Eliza, Mar. 26, 1845.

Timothy, s. Geremiah and Catharine, Sept. 11, 1840. CR5

William, s. John and Eliza Gibley, July 29, 1837. CR5

KENNEY (Kenny, Kinney)

Abby Cass (Kenny), d. George W., picker, and Eunice, Nov. 24, 1846.

Bridget (Kenny), d. John and Julia, Sept. 27, 1845. CR5

Catherine (Kinney), d. Owen, manufacturer, and Ellen, July 1, 1847. [July 12. CR5]

Cecelia Maria (Kenny), d. Laurence and Mary Ann, July 30, 1844. CR5

Ellen, d. Thomas and Johanna, Oct. 10, 1847. CR5

Jane (Kenny), d. Patrick and Honora, bp. July 31, 1842. CR5

John, s. Michael and Susan Mears, Mar. 13, 1849. CR3

Lawrence John (Kenny), s. John and Ann Bradly, Feb. 2, 1840. CR5

Margaret, d. James and Ann Size, Aug. 6, 1847. CR3

Margaret (Kinney), d. Thomas, blacksmith, and Ann, Sept. 12, 1847.

Maria Frances, d. Ephraim L., laborer, and Harriet, Apr. 26, 1849.

Mary Ann (Kenny), "born two weeks," d. Lawrence and Mary, bp. Aug. 28, 1842. CR5

Mary Jane, d. Michael and Susan Miras, Sept. 20, 1847. CR3

Michael (Kenny), "born 2 weeks," s. Michael and Margaret, bp. June 13, 1846. CR5

William (Kenny), s. Lawrence and Mary, Apr. 6, 1840. CR5

William Edward, s. Enoch E., stablekeeper, and Louisa F., Jan. 2, 1848.

KENNISON (Kenniston)

–––––, s. George, laborer, and Susan, Apr. 19, 1845.

––––– (Kenniston), d. Noah, carpenter, b. Woodbury, VT, and Mary, b. Newbury, VT, Nov. 25, 1849.


–––––, d. James, cordwainer, and Rachel, Oct. 27, 1846.

Eldora Frances, d. James, cordwainer, and Rachel, Sept. 27, 1844.

Justin Henry, s. Justin and Harriet A.V. (Twiss), May 24, 1837.

Margaret A., d. Albert C., cooper, and Susan, Aug. 3, 1843.


George Woodbury, s. George and Hannah, bp. Feb. 2, 1846. CR1


Patrick, s. Patrick and Margaret, Oct. 20, 1837. CR5

Patrick, s. Thomas and Mary, Aug. 2, 1847. CR5

KEYES (Keys)

Elizabeth (Keys), d. James and Catherine, bp. Sept. 1, 1839. CR5

John, s. William, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland, June 28, 1849.

Mary Ann, d. Patrick and Ann Daly, Jan. 23, 1839. CR5

Thomas, s. Thomas and Honora, bp. Dec. 23, 1849. CR6

William, "born 9 weeks," s. Patrick and Mary Anne, bp. Aug. 14, 1841. CR5

KIBBE (Kibby)

––––– (Kibby), d. Lauriston R., iron moulder, and Mary, Apr. 22, 1849.

George Gaius, s. George and Hannah, Aug. 5, 1833.

Vashti Adelaid, d. George and Hannah, May 29, 1835.


–––––, d. John, machinist, and Ruth, Jan. 13, 1845.

Ann Huits, d. John, trader, and Ruth, Sept. 17, 1846.

Loring, "deceased," s. John, mechanic, and Ruth, Dec. 26, 1847.


Mary A., d. John, laborer, and Catharine, at Billerica, May 3, 1845.


Elizabeth, d. John and Mary, Dec. 23, 1837. CR5


––––– ["mother just from Ireland," in pencil.], Dec. 6, 1849.


–––––, s. Moses, carpenter, and Mary, Nov. 13, 1845.

–––––, d. Daniel S., machinist, b. Norwich, VT, and Hannah, b. Wayne, ME, Oct. 21, 1849.

Abbee Frances, d. Lorenzo and Abigail, July 12, 1835.

Achsah, w. John, of Wilton, and d. Jonathan and Mary Spaulding, Sept. 2, 1788. PR1

Benjamin Franklin, s. Benjamin, mason, and Abby, Mar. 9, 1848.

Charles Raymond, s. John and Hannah, bp. Sept. 24, 1837. CR1

Charles F., s. Jacob B., mechanic, and Abigail S., Apr. 16, 1846.

Ed. W., s. Leonard, trader, and Harriet, Dec. 3, 1848.

Eliza, at Easton, Feb. 15, 1804. PR1

Ellen, d. Moses, carpenter, and Mary, Jan. 16, 1844.

George William, s. William H., trader, and Abby, Apr. 18, 1849.

Harriet Maria, bp. Dec. 21, 1828. CR1

Harriet Meor, d. Phineas Parkhurst and Mary, Aug. 7, 1831.

Helen Mary, d. Elbridge, carpenter, b. Londonderry, and Abigail, b. Merrimack, NH, Oct. 3, 1849.

Henry Lee, s. John and Hannah, bp. Apr. 10, 1830. CR1

Horace, s. Jonathan, teacher, and Nancy P., Sept. 11, 1846.

Janet, d. Daniel K. and Mary, bp. Aug. 12, 1833. CR1

John Francis, bp. Dec. 21, 1828. CR1

John Franklin, s. John H., trader, and Hannah H., Apr. 21, 1845.

John James Mann, s. John M., machinist, and Rosanna, May 16, 1847.

John Frank, s. John H. and Hannah H., bp. Dec. 1, 1847. CR1

Martha Anna, d. Cyrus, fireman, and Sarah, Jan. 6, 1849.

Mary Elizabeth, d. John and Hannah, bp. July 5, 1835. CR1

Sarah Frances, d. Solon, carpenter, and Fanny H., Mar. 8, 1847.

Susan Parkhurst, d. Phineas Parkhurst and Mary, Apr. 27, 1834.


Thomas, s. Michael, laborer, and Margaret, both b. Ireland, Aug. ––, 1849.


–––––, d. Alonzo, moulder, and Nancy, Dec. 9, 1846.

Agnes, d. Abraham M., watchman, and Sarah Ann, June 23, 1848.

Anabella, d. William and Elizabeth, bp. Oct. 19, 1845. CR1

Catherine, d. Stephen, shoemaker, and Bridget [Brennan. CR3], Dec. 26, 1847.

George Robert, s. William, weaver, and Elisabeth, Jan. 21, 1848.

James, s. [James. CR3] and Mary Peterson, June 2, 1844.

Margaret, d. Michael and Margaret Lynch, Dec. 20, 1846. CR3

Mary Catharine. d. William H., shoe dealer, and Sarah W., June 4, 1848.

Thomas, s. John and Winnifred, both b. Ireland, July 19, 1849.

William A[lexander. CR1], s. William, manufacturer, and Elizabeth, May 19, 1845.


Francis Jewett, s. Samuel H., laborer, and Sophronia, Aug. 3, 1844.

Francis A., s. Samuel H., b. Alstead, and Sophronia, b. Atkinson, ME, May 26, 1849.

Sarah A., d. Samuel H., teamster, and Sophronia, Apr. 24, 1846.

KINGSLY (Kinsley, Kinsly)

Frances, "born 3 weeks," d. Francis and Anne, bp. July 25, 1847. CR6

Francis (Kinsley), "born 15 months," s. Thomas and Maria, bp. Dec. 25, 1843. CR5

Francis (Kinsly), s. Francis and Anne, Oct. 12, 1849. CR6

Margaret, "born 5 weeks," d. Francis and Anne, "of Acton," bp. Aug. 31, 1845. CR5

Margaret, "born 4 1-2 months," d. Thomas and Maria, bp. July 25, 1847. CR6

Thomas (Kinsly), "aged six months & seven days," s. Thomas and Maria, bp. July 1, 1849. CR6


Jane M., d. Robert, manufacturer, and Margaret, June 14, 1843.


Mary, d. Thomas and Maria, bp. Dec. 25, 1844. CR5


George Washington, s. Daniel, laborer, and Hannah, Dec. 10, 1844.


Adam Brown, s. William and Mary, bp. Jan. 11, 1835. CR1

Charles Bailey, s. William and Mary, bp. Jan. 11, 1835. CR1

Henry Clay, s. William and Mary Phelps, July 15, 1831.

Herbert Bailey, s. Charles B., manufacturer, and Hannah [E. CR1], Oct. 19, 1847.

Mary, d. William and Mary, bp. Jan. 11, 1835. CR1

Mary J., d. Isaac, laborer, and Phebe, both b. Vermont, Oct. 21, 1849.

Stephen Russell, s. William and Mary, bp. Feb. 17, 1839. CR1


Henry Emmott Vincent, s. James and Hannah, bp. Apr. 18, 1845. CR1

Mary A., d. James, manufacturer, and Hannah, Sept. 14, 1843.

Mary Emma, d. James and Hannah, bp. Apr. 18, 1845. CR1

Matilda, d. James and Hannah, bp. Apr. 18, 1845. CR1

Selina, d. James and Hannah, bp. Apr. 18, 1845. CR1

KITTREDGE (Kittridge)

Ann, d. Jeduthan, painter, and Esther, Nov. 8, 1843.

Charlotte G., d. George, stone layer, and Eliza, July 17, 1845.

Ellen Francia, d. William, dealer in wood and coal, and Nancy B., July 4, 1847.

Francis W., s. William, blacksmith, and Nancy B., June 4, 1843.

Gilbert Henry (Kittridge), s. Henry A. and Mary C., bp. Sept. 17, 1849. CR1

Henry, s. Abner, painter, and Ann M., Nov. 22, 1843.

Henry Bigelow, s. William, wood merchant, and Nancy B., Dec. 29, 1844.

Molly, w. –––––, and d. Jonathan and Mary Spaulding, Aug. 24, 1775. PR1

Mary Amanda, d. Jeduthan, painter, and Esther, Jan. 31, 1848.

Mary Augusta, d. Henry A. and Mary Clark, bp. Feb. 21, 1848. CR1

Sarah Snell, d. Henry A. and Mary Clark, bp. Feb. 21, 1848. CR1

William Nelson, s. George, stone mason, and Eliza, Oct. 7, 1847.


Anne Poline, bp. Feb. 27, 1831. CR1

Elizabeth Poline, bp. Feb. 27, 1831. CR1

Jane Poline, bp. Feb. 27, 1831. CR1

Thomas Poline, bp. Feb. 27, 1831. CR1


–––––, d. George G., manufacturer, b. Norton, and Elizabeth, b. Hopkinton, NH, Dec. 3, 1849.

Charles Gardiner, s. George G., manufacturer, and Elizabeth G., Sept. 29, 1845.

Eliza Ann, d. Daniel and Mary (Hunt), Nov. 7, 1840.

George Henry, s. Daniel and Mary (Hunt), May 14, 1835.

Horace Hunt, s. Daniel, overseer, and Mary, Aug. 12, 1845.

Mary Elizabeth, d. Daniel and Mary (Hunt), Aug. 5, 1831.

KNEE (Knees)

Albert Augustus (Knees), s. Thomas and Mary, Jan. 6, 1845. CR5

John Joseph, s. Thomas and Mary, Mar. 26, 1843. CR5

Thomas H., s. James and Catherine, Nov. 23, 1847. CR6

KNIGHTS (Knight)

Ann Elizabeth, d. Henry, manufacturer, and Deborah, June 30, 1846.

Catherine Smith (Knight), d. Henry, manufacturer, and Deborah, Mar. 2, 1849.

Flora Ann (Knight), d. George J., mason, and Martha B., Feb. 8, 1845.


Caroline Jane, d. James and Rebecca, bp. Nov. 29, 1849. CR1

Ed. T., s. Calvin C., dentist, and Catharine E., June 25, 1848.

George Whitefield, s. Thomas J. and Emily, Nov. 11, 1836.

George Alvin, s. Morris, carpenter, and Sarah, July 12, 1844.

Henry, s. Thomas, manufacturer, and Eliza, Apr. 16, 1847.

Henry M., s. John A., lawyer, b. Concord, NH, and Sarah, b. Portsmouth, Oct. 29, 1849.

Mary E., d. Andrew, blacksmith, and Mary, Aug. 24, 1845.


George Henry, s. Alonzo, carpenter, and Mary Ann, Sept. 13, 1847.


Charles Harvey, s. Charles, dyer, and Hannah D., Aug. 6, 1848.


Josephine S., d. Joseph, painter, and Lovina, Dec. ––, 1846.

Rosillah C., d. Joseph, painter, and Lovina, Sept. 16, 1845.


John, s. John and Margaret, Feb. 16, 1848. CR5

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