Rowland of Scituate, and Anna Eames, Mar.4,1801.


William Jr., 22, boot maker, of Milford, S. William and Olive, and Abigal H. Ballou, 19, of Milford.d.Hiram and Betsey, Nov.8,1848.* [Abagail.CR2]

JENNINGS (Jinnings)

Abigail [int.Nabby Jinning] and Eli Brick of Sherburn, May9,1802.

Calvin [int.Calvan Jinnings] and Phita Knowlton, Nov.14,1804.

Daniel of Framingham, and Elisabeth Cuzzens, July11,1739.*

Daniel Jr. and Lydia Grout, June1,1775.

Electa and Clark Littlefield, int.Nov.14,1830.

Betsey [int.Betsy Jenings] and Otis Andrews, June27,1806. [Betsey Jenings.PR51]

Lyman of Sherburne [int.Sherburn], and Mary C. Foster, Nov.13,1834. [Lyman of Sherburne.CR1]

Lyman and Olivia [int.Olive] Bigelow, Jan.3,1838. [Olivia.CR1]

Martha and John Knowlton, Apr.20,1769.

Mercy and Jesse Lovering, Apr.30,1772.

Marcy [int.Mercy Jinnings] and Jotham [int.Jothum] Wheeler, Feb.18,1813.

Patience and Simeon Miller, Jan.6,1774. [Millen.MR]

Susanna and John Knowlton of Dublin, Feb.15,1790. [John of Dublin, NH.MR.CR1]

JENNISON (Jimingson)

Joseph and Henrietta S. Tiffany of Providence, RI, int.Mar.6,1847.


Katherine of Cumberland and Joseph Merrifield [dup. Merefield of Cumberland] Jan.28,1764, in Cumberland Providence Co.*

JIMINGSON (Jennison)

William and Polly Eames, Jan.14,1801.

JINNINGS (Jennings)

Isaac and Abigal Cozens, int.Feb.12,1779. [Asa Jennings and Abigail Cozzens, m.Apr.6,1780.MR]


Aaron and Elisabeth Rider [int.of Sherburn] May4,1770.

Abigail and Moses Greenwood, May1,1784.

Abner and Miriam Jones, Mar.19,1761.*

Abner and Polly Stone, Nov.29,1804.

Abner [int.adds Capt.] and Mary Fisk, Dec.2,1819. [Capt. Abner and Mary Fiske.CR1] [Fiske.PR5] [Fisk.PR15]

Adeline and Moses Rockwood Jr., Nov.4,1841, in W. Medway.

Allathiny and Phillip Partridge of Bellingham, int.Nov.28,1821.

Anna and Silas Pratt, May25,1772.

Anna and Abel Moore of Dalton, NH, int.Sept.19,1813.

Asa of Hopkinton, and Hannah Mellen, int.Mar.15,1718. [m.July2.MR]

Azubah and John Hams of Boston, int.Mar.12,1785.

Calvin and Nancy Rogers of Leyden, int.July21,1817.

David and Sarah Foster, May25,1749.*

David and Kezia Parker, Dec.13,1756.*

David Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Edei Bullard [int.of Medway], Nov.3,1772. [David Jr.MR]

David and Lydia Chamberlain, Apr.20,1820.

Eli and Martha Burbank, int.Nov.12,1787.

Elisha and Mary Gay, Oct.1,1741.*

Elisha Jr. and Hephzibah Adams, of Medway, int.May10,1777.

Eliza and Henry C. Adams of Roxbury,末蔓末 [int.Mar.11], 1832. [Mar.29.CR1]

Elizabeth and Micah Morse, May17,1764.*

Emily B., 26, d.Abner and Mary, and Charles Wilder, 28, comb maker, s.Joseph, Oct.4,1843. [Emely B., Sept.13.CR1]

Ezekiel of Grafton, and Rachel Merrefield, int.Dec.11,1773.

Francis F. and Almira Morse of Marlborough, int.May8,1843.

George E. and Ellen M. Begelow of Ashland int.Apr.25,1846.

Hannah and Ezekeil Hayward of Bellingham, int.Apr.25,17677

Horatio N. and Joanna D. Rockwood, int.Mar.5,1832. [m.Mar.4 [sic].CR1]

Isaac and Abigail Lealand Feb.15,1736.*

Isaac and Elisabeth Jones, Sept.21,1749.*

Isaac [int.Jr.] and Penelope [int.Penealope] Marsh, Dec.31,1769.

Isable and Thomas Lusk of Lynn, July13,1737.*

Jerusha and Joseph Palmer, Oct.18,1787. [Mrs.Jerusha.PR51]

Joseph and Mary Cuzzens, May1,1755.*

Joseph and Kezia Barber of Medway, int.Dec.20,1771.

Joseph and Mrs.Kezia Pratt of Medfield, int.Oct.14,1780.

Joseph Jr. and Susanna Learned, int.Nov.10,1787.

Julia [int.Julie] and Nathan Bridges, Apr.12,1798. [Julia.CR1] [Julia, d.David and Lydia.PR9]

Laban and Lucy Shepard of Holden, int.Mar.24,1796.

Luke, Capt., of Leominster, and Beulah Lealand Mar.9,1796. [Bulah.CR1]

Lydia and Ephraim Biglo, July24,1729.* [Bigloe.MR]

Margaret [int.Margeret of Wrentham] and Asa Rider, Nov.4,1776. [Margaret.MR]

Martha M., 21, d.Nathaniel and Eunice, and Benjamin A. Bridges, 21, boot maker, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth C., Oct.31,1849.

Mary and Eleazer Perry, June14,1732.* [Eleazar.MR]

Mary and Asa Fisk Jr., int.June24,1766. "Did not Marry."

May [int.Mary] M., 19, seamstress, d.Nathaniel and Eunice, and John M. Burr, 21, shoemaker, s.Elisha and Electa, Aug.25,1847.

Mercy, see Marcy.

Marcy and Timothy Lealand Jr., int.Apr.8,1780. [Mary and Timothy Leland Jr., m.May11.MR]

Milla and Timothy Parker Bridges, Mar.19,1789. [Millia, d.Abner and Mariam.PR9]

Meriam, 38, seamstress, d.Abner and Polly, and Amasa Forristall Jr., m., 40. farmer, s.Amasa (Forrestall) and Sarah, Sept.29,1847. [Mirriam and Amasa Forestall Jr.CR2] [Miriam and Amasa Foristall.PR15]

Moses and Sabilla Plymton of Sherborn, May18,1732.*

Nancy, Mrs., and Adam Bullard of Medway, int.Feb.13,1832.

Nathan and Ruhamah Butler of Hopkinton, int.Jan.16,1812.

Nathan H. of Dudley, and Mrs.Ann S. Smith, int.May17,1847

Nathaniel and Persis Gibbs of Hopkinston, int.Dec.24,1784.

Nathaniel Jr. and Eunice Goodnow of Framingham, int.Dec.9,1820.

Persis and Samuel P. Smith,末蔓末 [int.Mar.9], 1827. [Samuel Parker, Apr.26.CR1]

Peter R. and Eleanor Pratt of Sherburne, int.May5,1849.

Rhoda and Samuel Rockwood, Aug.24,1782. [Mary.MR]

Samuel and Lydia Cutler, Jan.1,1772.

Sarah and Samuell Hall, July3,1755.*

Sarah and James Perry Jr., Mar.末,1782.

Sabillah and Benjamin Marshall, Sept.28,1756.*

Silvanus and Marcy Smith of Shrewsbury, int.Apr.16,1791.

Simeon and Elizabeth Gardner, Aug.19,1756.*

Solon and Mary [int.adds R.] Keyes of Orford, NH, Oct.3,1838.

Susan of Framingham and Ens.Nathan Fairbanks, int.Sept.21,1821.

Sylvanus, see Silvanus.

Willard B. of Smithfield.RI, and Levina [int.Livina] Leland Apr.11,1832. [Willard of Cumberland and Lavinia Leland.CR1]

Zedekiah and Rhoda Bullard [int.of Medway], Apr.21,1772.

Zedekiah and Ruth Perry, int.Aug.19,1778.


Aaron and Elizabeth Bullard, Mar.17,1736-7.*

Appleton B. of Millord, and Ady L. Bullard, int.Mar.24,1849.

Benjamin of Hopkinton, and Eliza Temple, Mar.15,1819.

David and Anna Mellet [int.of Mendon], Apr.27,1769.

David of Boston, and Mary Chapin of Milford, Oct.15,1833.*

Eli and Mercy Underwood, May15,1729.*

Elisabeth and Ebenezer Marshall, Jan.15,1729-30.* [Elizabeth.MR]

Elisabeth and Isaac Johnson, Sept.21,1749.*

Elisabeth and Aaron Pond, Nov.22,1759.*

Elizebeth and Salam Parker, Jan.13,1763.*

Hannah, Mrs., and James Ellis of Medfield, int.May4,1771.

John, Elder, and Mrs.Mary Potbery, Sept.11,1751.*

John P. and Lucy Ann Colburn, Nov.7,1833.

John P. and Ellen M. Rockwood, int.Oct.6,1849.

Louisa C. of Sudbury, and Jairus T. Sturtevant, int.Sept.15,1836.

Lydia of Hopkinton, and William Chamberlain, int.Feb.16,1795.

Patty of Hopkinton, and Peter Eames, int.Oct.17,1807.

Mary, wid., and Isaac Haven, Nov.18,1762.*

Mercy [int.Marcy] and Asa Fisk, May8,1771. [Mercy.MR]

Miriam and Abner Johnson, Mar.19,1761.*

Samuel and Rachel Haynes of Sudbury, int.Jan.22,1778.

Sarah of Hopkinton, and Ezra Eeames, int.May7,1768.

Thankfull and John Forestall, Feb.6,1756.*

Thomas and Mary Marse, Mar.14,1745.* [Mar.21.MR]

William and Mrs.Clarissa Wiswell, int.July14,1846.


Mary and Reuben Emerry, int.May15,1842.

William and Elizabeth B. Hunt of Lancaster, int.Oct.1,1835.


Reuben of Canterbury, CT, and Ana Barber, int.Feb.7,1818.

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