FAIRBANK (Fairbanke, Fairbanks)

Daniel, May10,1759.

Deborah, wid., Nov.19,1791. [wid.George, a.88.CR1]

George, Ens., Dec.29,1753.

George, s.Daniel and Submit, July18,1759.

Joseph, Feb.9,1791. [consumption, a.26y.11m.CR1] [[h.Mary] in 27th y.GR1]

Mary, w.Joseph, Feb.12,1790, in 22d y., in Wardsborough, VT.GR1

Mary, Feb.19,1801. [consumption, a.20.CR1] [Feb.10, a.20.GR1]

FAIRBANKE (Fairbank, Fairbanks)

Abigail (Tairbanke), d.George and Rachel, Jan.14,1729.

Comfort, d.George and Rachel, Jan.24,1729.

Rachel, d.George (Tairbanke) and Rachel, Jan.6,1729. [Fairbanks, a.7.GR1]

FAIRBANKS (Fairbank, Fairbanke)

Asahel, suddenly, Apr.27,1835, a.76.

Caroline A., d.Daniel and Augusta, disease of heart, Mar.29,1845, a.10m.10d.[ch.Daniel H. and Augusta L., May28.GR7]

Drury, Lt., June19,1786, a.53. [Fairbank.GR1]

Edmond Erastus, s.Lovel and Keziah, Oct.18,1833, a.4. [Oct.19, a.3.CR1]

George, 末蔓29,1755, a.8m.4d.GR1

Hannah, wid.James, Oct.18,1824. [Fairbank, consunption, a.25.CR1]


James, Apr.28,1824. [Fairbank, consumption, Apr.27, a.24.CR1]

John, Esq., m., farmer, s.Drury and Deborah, decay, July30,1844, a.85y.4m.15d.[[h.Mary] a.86y.6m.GR1]

Joseph, Sept.21,1815, a.26y.10m.[Joseph Fairbank, B.A., consumption, a.27.CR1]

Joseph S., Nov.8,1825, a.27. [Fairbank, fever, a.26.CR1] [Fairbanks, s.Elijah and Abigail, a.27.GR1]

Mary, Apr.17,1826, a.67. [Mrs.Mary, Apr.24.CR1]

Mary, w.John, Feb.25,1834, a.76.

Nathan, Capt., Sept.5,1825, a.37. [Fairbank, typhus fever.CR1] [Fairbanks, a.36.GR1]

Rachel, d.George and Rachel, Dec.9,1744. [a.9y.25d.GR1]

Reuben, Nov.9,1827, a.88y.5m.9d.

Sally, w.Nathan, June19,1819. [Fairbank, consumption, a.24.CR1] [Fairbanks, a.24.GR1]


Sally H., house keeper, w.Samuel, inflamation of lungs, Mar.8,1848, a.29y.2m.25d.[Mar.7, a.29.GR1]

FARRINGTON (Ferrington)

末末, ch.Dexter, Sept.27,1837, a.1. [Sept.26, a.abt. 14m.CR1] [Aaron H., s.Dexter and Hepsibeth, Sept.26, a.1y.2m.GR7] [Aaron Hayden, ch.Dexter and Hepsabeth, Sept.26.PR44]

Aaron H., see 末末 Farrington.

John, May9,1842, a.31.


末末, inf.Park, Mar.22,1832. [Mar.21, a.1y.7m.CR1] [Sarah Jane, d.Park and Sarah S., Mar.31, a.1y.7m.GR3]


William, gentleman, b. Medway, s.Moses, dysentary, Aug.29,1849, a.51.

FERRINGTON (Farrington)

Elijah, "found on thi 18th in thi morning by thi school house near Saml Messenger lying on his back & frozen," Jan.17,1827, a.49. [Farrington, Jan.18, a.50.CR1]


Hephzibah, w.Simeon, Feb.23,1771.

Samuel, Nov.7,1829.PR38

FISK (Fiske)

末末, inf.of wid.Nathan, Dec.19,1804. [still born.CR1]

末末, inf.Levi, Nov.23,1810. [Nov.28, a.3 or 4 hrs.CR1]

末末, inf.Asa Jr., Sept.8,1823, a.2d.CR1

末末, d.Martin and Lydia, Oct.12,1828, a.11d.

Nabbe, d.John and Abigail, Feb.17,1803. [Nabby, canker-rash, a.8m.CR1] [Nabby, ch.John and Abagail.PR28]

Abigal, m., house keeper, b. Medway, d.John Albee and Abigal, old age, Apr.4,1849, a.76y.8m.4d.[Abigail Fiske.CR2] [Abagail Fisk, w.John.GR1] [Abagail (Albee).PR28]

Alma Gertrude, see A.M. Gertrude Fisk.

Amos, s.David and Sarah, Nov.6,1776.

Aner, Jan.3,1822, a.41, in Santa Martha.[Aner Fiske Esq., in Santa Martha, S.A.GR1]

Asa, Aug.26,1790.GR1

Asa, Aug.26,1830, a.83y.11m.24d.[a.84.CR1]

David Jr., May24,1816, a.53. [lung fever.CR1] [Fiske [h.Hannah (Eames)].GR1]

David, Dec.23,1817. [Fiske, natural infirmities of age, a.86.CR1] [Fisk [h.Sarah], a.86.GR1]

David Daniels, s.Dr. Timothy and Rhoda, May26,1824, a.15y.10m.23d.[May27, a.16.CR1.GR1]

Edmond Chandler, see 末末 Fiske.

Elbridge B. [dup. Fiske, omits B.], s.John and Mary M., polypus in the heart, June9,1843, a.9y.4m.19d.[dup. a.10] [Elbridge Burnap Fiske, only s.John and Mary M., Jan. [sic] 9.GR1]

Elijah, m., farmer, s.Asa and Mercy, lung fever, June19,1848, a.74y.11m.8d.

Betsey, w.Francis F., erisipilas, Oct.5,1847, a.38y.2m.25d.[Fiske, d.William Lovering, a.37.GR1]

A.M. Gertrude, d.Lovett and Elma, croup, Dec.31,1846, a.4y.6m.16d.[Alma Gertrude.GR1]

Evelina, d.Dr. Timothy, Jan.24,1832, a.21. [d.Timothy and Rhoda.GR1]

Francis Jr., b. Boston, ch.Francis F. and Ann, inflamation of lungs, Nov.25,1847, a.1y.1m.12d.

Gad, s.David and Sarah, Oct.26,1776.

George, see 末末 Fisk.

末末, inf.Timothy 2d, Mar.21,1832. [George, a.7w.CR1] [Fiske [ch.Timothy and Lucretia (Batchelder)].GR1]

Isaih [dup. Isaiah] Daniels, s.Nathan and Julia, Oct.21,1793. [Isaiah Daniels, drowned, a.2y.6m.CR1]

Jemima, w.Levi, Mar.6,1819, a.46. [Fiske, hydrocephalus, a.45.CR1]

John, Dec.17,1832, a.7. [a.73.CR1] [[h.Abigail] Dec.16,1833, a.73.GR1] [Dec.16,1833.PR28]

Keran, d.David and Sarah, Sept.17,1778.a.2y.3m.3d.

Levi, June20,1819, a.54. [Fiske, fever.CR1] [Fiske, a.53.GR6]

Lucy, house keeper, w.Aaron, old age, Sept.11,1847, a.72.

Martha, w.Aner, Jan.7,1809. [only d.John Fairbank, a.23.CR1] [Fiske, w.Aner Esq., only d.John Fairbanks, Jan.末,1807, a.22.GR1]

Marcy, w.Asa, Mar.27,1810. [Mercy, fever and decline, a.64.CR1]

Nathan, suddenly, June6,1804. ["suddenly of a difficulty in his head," a.42.CR1]

Permelia [dup. Parmelia Fiske], house keeper, d.Asa and Susan, chronic bronchitis, Feb.27 [dup. Feb.2], 1844, a.37y.5m.10d.[dup. a.38]

Rhoda Daniels, d.Dr. Timothy, Dec.14,1832, a.18. [d.Dr. Timothy and Rhoda.GR1]

Sarah, wid., Dec.23,1830, a.96. [Dec.24.CR1] [w.David, Dec.23.GR1]

Susanna, w.Capt. Asa, fever, Dec.6,1844, a.60.

FISKE (Fisk)

末末, w.Horatio, July3,1837, a.35. [Sally.CR1] [second w.Horatio, d.Capt. Samuel Learned and Abagail of Sherburne.GR1]

末末, ch.Lovet, Jan.11,1841, a.4.

末末, s.Aner, Aug.31,1841, a.10. [Edmond Chandler Fisk, Aug.30.GR1]

末末, w.Francis, Oct.19,1841, a.30, in Boston.CR1

Amanda, Sept.7,1842, a.7m.GR1

Catherine, Sept.1,1842, a.2. [Catherine P. Fiske [ch.Timothy and Lucretia (Batchelder)], Aug.31, a.2y.26d.GR1]

Cristopher C., s.Asa, July8,1835, a.25. [Christopher C.CR1]

Emely, Sept.7,1842, a.6m.

M. Josephine [ch.Ferdinand and Sarah A.], Jan.11,1844, a.3y.9m.10d.GR1

Myra, w.Horatio, fever, Aug.4,1817, a.21.CR1 [Fisk, d.Capt. Samuel Learned and Abagail of Sherburne.GR1]

Sally, see 末末 Fiske.


末末, ch.Bucklin, Apr.23,1842, a.4. [Isabella E., d.Bucklin and Nancy L., a.4y.5m.GR1]

Emma Francis, d.Bucklin and Nancy L., dysentery, Sept.9,1847, a.9m.18d.

Isabella E., see 末末 Fitts.


Juliett, d.Abner and Mary, Aug.24,1849, a.11m.28d.[Juliaet E., ch.Abner and Sarah E., Aug.25, a.1.GR2]

Celinda, d.Abner and Sarah W. [Sarah E.GR2], cholera infantum, Aug.13,1847, a.1y.2m.10d.

FORCE (Vorce)

末末, inf.Amariah, Mar.1,1809. [a.11d.CR1]

Alvin, Sept.20,1822.

Amariah, farmer, b. Medway, old age, Aug.7,1847, a.80.

Amela, d.Amariah, Jan.20,1816.

Pamelia, d.Amariah, Jan.29,1816, a.21.CR1

Sarah, w.Amariah, Dec.7,1791. [a.34.CR1]

末末, inf.Amariah, June15,1793, a.1d.CR1

FORISTALL (Forrestall, Forristall)

末末, inf.s.末末, Mar.26,1834.PR15

Eli, May22,1835, a.55.CR1

Sarah, June2,1821.GR10

Sarah, Jan.29,1835.PR10

FORRESTALL (Foristall, Forristall)

末末, inf.Walter, Mar.21,1831.CR1

Elijah H., Nov.11,1835, a.22. [Foristall, Nov.13, a.23.CR1] [Foristall, Nov.13.PR10]

FORRISTALL (Foristall, Forrestall)

末末, d.Amasa and Louisa, Apr.2,1832, a.20 hrs.GR6

Amasa, gentleman, b. Bellingham, s.Ezra, fever, Apr.22,1849, a.79y.5m.[Amasa Forrestall Sr.CR2]

Charles, s.Amasa and Louisa, Mar.21 [dup. Mar.20], 1831, a.3 hrs.[dup. 2 hrs.].GR6 [Foristall, Mar.21.PR15]

Louisa, housewife, w.Amasa Jr., lung fever, Apr.8,1847, a.40y.2m.[Forrestall.CR2] [Forristall.GR6] [Foristall.PR15]

Olney D., Oct.22,1843, a.20.


末末, inf.Isaac, Dec.4,1808. [a.abt. 12h.CR1]

Emely, d.Isaac, Mar.26,1807. ["suddenly putrid case," a.10.CR1]

Isaac, s.Jacob and Mary, Dec.30,1741.

Isaac, Aug.26,1823, a.58. [Aug.27, a.57.CR1]

John, s.Jonathan and Mary, Nov.22,1745.

Jonathan, Dec.19,1753.

Martha, Nov.22,1840, a.26. [d.James and Mary.GR1]

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Mary, Dec.28,1753.

Sarah, ch.Isaac, Oct.1,1811, a.4w.[a.abt. 4w.CR1]

Sally, d.Stephen and Rachel, weakness, June1,1845, a.76y.9m.8d.

Sheffield, s.Jacob and Mary, Sept.28,1744.

Stephen, Apr.22,1790. [pauper, "with wht swelling," a.17.CR1]

Warren, Oct.26,1835, a.32.


Sally, d.William of Hopkinton, "adopted" d.Capt. Aaron Eames, Apr.13,1821, in 28th y.[Frieland consumption, a.28.CR1] [Freeland a.27.GR3]


Eleanor, wid.Sambo, Sept.19,1798. [negro, fever, Sept.17, a.58.CR1]

Esther, negro, Oct.20,1798. [fever, a.21.CR1]

Maria, d.Francis S. and Mary E., infantile, Aug.6,1849, a.1m.9d.

Obed, "Negro pauper," Dec.23,1800. [consumption, a.32 "say,".CR1]

Sambo, Sept.30,1797. [negro, fever, a."nearly" 80.CR1]

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