NEWALL (Newell)

George Barber, s.George H. and Susan B., June7,1836.

Eliza Deering, d.George H. and Susan B., Sept.12,1838. [Elisa D. Newell.GR2]

NEWELL (Newall)

George Barber, s.George H., bp. Oct.8,1837.CR1

George H. Esq. [h.Susan (Barber)] [Dec.末,1808].GR2


Alice M., d.Daniel. shoe maker, and Elizabeth, Nov.29,1847.

Amos, s.Simeon and Sally, Sept.3,1792.

Charles, s.Shubel and.Abigail, Oct.8,1814.

Elizabeth, d.Simeon and Jerusha, July10,1778.

Frank H.,末蔓末,1845.GR7

Hannah, d.Simeon and Jerusha.Dec.13,1762.

Jerusha, d.Simeon and Jerusha, Mar.15,1766.

Levinia, d.Simeon and Jerusha, Oct.29,1768.

Mary, d.Shubal and Abigail, July7,1812.

Melissa [w.Horace Fisk], Apr.19,1809.PR28

Sarah, d.Simeon [Simson.CR1] and Jarusha, Apr.5,1773.

Sarah, d.Simeon [Simson.CR1] and Jerusha, Jan.12,1776.

Susan [w.Moses A. Harriman], Mar.5,1814, in Shrewsbury.PR33


George H., Aug.22,1834.PR41

Gustavus, ch.Job and Betsey (Temple), Nov.15,1826.GR7

Job [h.Betsey (Temple)], Aug.28,1795.GR7

Jonathan, s.Samuel and Polly, bp. May9,1802.CR1

Margianna, ch.Job and Betsey (Temple), Aug.23,1828, in Franklin.GR7

Martha Ann, d.Rev. John and Emeline, Sept.29,1847.

Mary Lealand d.Samuel and Polly N., bp. July26,1807.CR1

Mary J.W. [? m.],末蔓末,1819.GR7

Mary Emma, d.Rev. John and Emeline, Oct.19,1849.

Roswell, ch.Job and Betsey (Temple), Mar.26,1815.GR7


Almira, w.Israel Pierce,末蔓末,1808.GR7


Ama, d.Asa and Elisabeth, July10,1776.

Moses, s.Asa and Elisabeth, Aug.23,1784.

Sibbel, d.Asa and Elisabeth, Apr.6,1779.


Charles Frederick, s.Thomas and Mary B., Mar.9,1834.

George Gustavus Adams, s.Thomas and Mary B., Feb.3,1836.

Harriet Maria, d.Thomas and Mary B., Dec.18,1839.

Sarah Rebecca Deming, d.Thomas and Mary B., Nov.6,1837.


Charles Augusturs, s.Newel and Harriot, June11,1820.

James Lyman, s.Newel and Harriot, Jan.2,1825.


Alonzo Dwigbt, s.Dwight and Julietta, Oct.12,1835.

Dwight [Mar.末,1811].CR1

Marion Juliett, "adopted" d.Dwight and Jullett, Mar.27,1845.

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