RAN (Rand)

Mary and John Hemenway, Nov.26,1751.*

RAND (Ran)

Elizabeth and Luther Hayden, int.Oct.11,1846.

Nancy of Boylston, and Josiah Hemenway 2d, int.Nov.25,1814.

Nathan and Mary Belknap, Dec.12,1819.

Thomas of Westminster, and Elizabeth Hemenway, Nov.末,1788.*


Alice F. of Roxbury, and James W. Rattray, int.July27,1845.

James J. and Fanny (Fanny W., int.) Richardson, Apr.13,1843.

John P. of Malden, s.William and Sarah H., a.33y., and Sarah A. Sweetser, a.22y., May9,1849.

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Olive, a.37y., and Alexander Chapman, s.Thomas and Nancy, a.33y., widr., Jan.1,1845.


James W. and Alice F. Randall of Roxbury, int.July27,1845.

READ (Reed)

Abel of Sudbury, and Hannah Gleason, Jan.20,1785. In Sudbury.*

Abigail of Sudbury, and Daniel Winch, Mar.11,1742. In Sudbury

Betty of Sudbury, and John Bent,末蔓末,173末. In Sudbury.*

Experience of Sudbury, and John Burbank, Mar.22,1792. In Sudbury.*

Jacob Jr. of Sudhury, and Betsy Gleason, Feb.5,1781. In Sudbury.*

Joseph of Milford, s.Joseph and Susan, a.20y., and Nancy Maria Lincoln, d.Paul and Hannah, a.20y., Aug.1,1847.

Rebecca of Rutland and Daniel Winch, Feb.18,1761. In Rutland.*

Sally of Sudbury, and Ezekiel How, Oct.15,1780. In Sudbury.*

REED (Read)

末末, of Sudbury, and Daniel Sanger, Feb.7,1799. In Sudbury.*

Asenath Kelly and James C. Roberts, int.Aug.7,1842.

Daniel and Mary Parminter of Sudbury, int.Sept.9,1822.

Daniel and Sophronia Haynes, int.June末,1845.

Eliza Ann, d.Daniel and Mary O., a.19y., and Prince Chapman of Roxbury, s.Nathan and Hannah of Nobleboro, ME, a.27y., Oct.12,1846.

Horatio of New York, and Mary Phipps, d.Sylvanus, Oct.9,1844.

Jefferson and Eliza Brigham of Waltham, int.Aug.25,1833.

Jonathan and Mary E. (Mary Elizabeth, int.) Belcher, Apr.5,1842.

Julia, d.Daniel and Mary, a.19y., and Silas C. Ellis, s.Seth and Hannah, a.22y., Dec.19,1847.

Maria of Sudbury, and Martin N. Hudson, int.Dec.18,1836.

Mary M. and Charles Fairbanks of Natick, June22,1842.

Rhoda J. and Caleb W. Lincoln of Natick, int.Apr.12,1845.

Thomas of Rutland and Hannah Nurse, Dec.12,1753.*

Thomas T. and Sarah Jane Davis, int.Aug.21,1823.

William W., Dr., of Rochester, NY, and Eliza Manson, Oct.4,1830.CR2


Augusta (Ann Augusta, int.) and Seth Curtis Herring, June9,1836.

REEVES (Reves)

John and Mary Ann Cahill, int.Dec.1,1849.

REVES (Reeves)

Nathaniel (Nathaniel Jr., int.) of East Sudbury, and Melliscent Rice, Dec.24,1809.


Aaron and Joanna Sanger, Apr.5,1841.

Abel and Nelly Belknap, Apr.末,1791.*

Abigail and Gershom Prall (of Sherborn, dup.), July21,1729. In Sherborn.*

Abigail of Sudbury, and Nathan Drury, May6,1773. In Sudbury.*

Nabbe and Benjamin Lamb, June23,1779. In Sherborn.

Nabby and Oliver Shed Jr. of Groton, May20,1818.

Abraham and Patianee Eams, Feb.1,1721-2.*

Adaline, d.Phinehas, dec., and Sally, a.24y., and Herman Fay, s.Sylvester and Martha of Southboro, a.28y., b. in Southboro, Oct.17,1848.

Almira and Francis Bowers, Dec.20,1821.

Anne and Jacob Belcher, Mar.末,1782.*

Austin and Sena Kingsbury of Westboro, int.Mar.18,1820.

Bezaleel and Sarah Buckminster, June23,1720.*

Bezaleel and Susannah Gennings, Dec.2,1742.*

Bezaleel and Sarah Bent, Mar.13,1751.*

Buckminster and Hannah Jennings, July末,1786.*

Caroline of Watertown, and George Coolidge, int.Nov.1,1812.

Cloe C. and Sardis Bacon, int.Sept.23,1832.

Clarissa and Eliphalet Wheeler of Groton, Feb.4,1813.

Cynthia and Luther Bailey, Jan.2,1815.*

David and Hannah Winch, Sept.27,1750.*

David and Mary Sanger, Oct.末,1759.*

David Jr. and Lucy Rider, Aug.2,1780. In Sherborn.*

Dorothy and Amos Davis, July28,1799.*

Eleanor and Asa Wheeler of Lincoln, Nov.26,1807.

Elisha and Abigail Corey of East Sudbury, July24,1786. In East Sudbury.*

Elezebeth and Samuell Frostt, Feb.1,1710-1.*

Elizabeth and Daniel Prat, May23,1723.*

Betsey and John Morse of Natick, Dec.25,1810.

Elizabeth and Joseph Bailey, Dec.4,1817.

Elizabeth and Col. Thomas J. Branch of Providence, RI, int.Dec.16,1849.

Emily of Waltham, and Samuel B. Ward, Wednesday, May25,1842. In Wayland.

Eunice of Sudbury, and Elisha Robinson, Nov.25,1773. In Sudbury.*

Ezekiel and Hannah Whitney, Jan.23,1722-3.*

Ezekiel Jr. and Hannah Edmunds, Sept.19,1751.*

Ezekiel and Prudence Biglow, May10,1753.

Ezekiel and wid.Ruth Chapin of Sherborn, Jan.8,1772. In Sherborn.*

Ezekiel Jr. and Lydia Bullard, May末,1782.*

Ezra and Ruth Emes, July末,1790.

Fanny and Joshua Grant Haven, Aug.6,1781.*

Grace and Thomas Drury Jr., Dec.21,1780. In Sherborn.*

Hannah and John Bentt Jr., Nov.15,1711.

Hannah and Jeremiah Belknap, Nov.30,1738.*

Hannah and Thomas Kendall Jr., Mar.27,1751.*

Hezekiah and Abigail Eames of Hopkinton, Jan.29,1773. In Hopkinton.

Hezekiah and Elizabeth Eames of Hopkinton, May18,1775. In Hopkinton.*

Jabez and Hannah Brigham, both of Marlborough, June7,1732.*

Jason of Hopkinton, and Susanna Haven, Feb.14,1750-1.*

Joel and Olive (Nancy, int.), Howe, Jan.8,1818.

John and Anne Biglow, Mar.末,1795.*

Jonas Jr. of Natick, and Lydia Stearns of Weston, Mar.8,1802.*

Jonathan of Sudbury, and Lydia Prat, Nov.18,1714.*

Jonathan and Ruth Eames, Oct.29,1746.*

Jonathan and Anne Belknap, Apr.末,1782.* (Apr.4,1782.CR1)

Jonathan and Hepzibah Fay, Mar.27,1818.

Joseph and Sophia Grout, int.Sept.15,1810.

Josiah and Elisabeth Hood, May6,1728.*

Josiah, Capt., and Charlotte Bacon, Jan.31,1807.*

Keziah and Henry H. Hyde, Dec.29,1819.

Lavinia, d.Phinehas, dec., and Sally, a.30y., and Dr. G.A. Warren of Windsor Locke, CT, s.Benjamin and Maria, a.28y., Aug.22,1847.

Lorenzo E. and Harriet Eames, Apr.7,1840.

Louisa W., d.Wilder and Anna of Natick, a.21y., and Nathan M. Woodman, s.John and Elizabeth of West Point, Iowa, a.26y., both of Natick, Jan.27,1848.*

Lucy and Timothy Kendal, June末,1785.* (June29,1785.CR1)

Luther and Mary Clifford, May26,1817.

Lydia and Caleb Gleason, Oct.末,1782.*

Lydia and Joseph Haynes, both of Natick, July31,1804.*

Martha and James Whitney, Feb.2,1714-5.*

Patty and John Brown, May末,1786.* (May25,1786.CR1)

Martha and John Woolson, Nov.12,1812.

Martin and Betsey Gibbs, Mar.21,1822.

Polly and William Arnold of Marlboro, Jan.末,1790.*

Mary Eames and (Lieut., int.) Dexter Esty, Jan.29,1819.

Mary and Luther Kendall, Apr.29,1832.

Micajah and Lucy Bannister of Southboro, int.Mar.10,1810.

Melliscent and Nathaniel Reves (Jr., int.) of East Sudbury, Dec.24,1809.

Mitty and Robert Fay, Mar.末,1783.*

Moses of Rutland and Elizabeth Gleason, Mar.21,1755.*

Nathan, Dr., and Mary Eaton, Sept.29,1796.*

Nelly and Ephraim Goodenough, Nov.末,1790.*

Olive and Alvin Bent, Mar.末,1789*

Olive and Samuel Perry Jr. of Natick, Oct.末,1789.*

Perkins and Mary Maria Goodnow, Sept.7,1826.

Phinehas and Margaret Eams, July6,1727.*

Phinehas and Ruth Perry of Natick, June3,1784. In Natick.*

Phinehas Jr. and Sally Rutter of East Sudbury, int.Mar.27,1812.

Phineas (Lieut., int.) and Susanna Ballard, Aug.25,1834.CR2

Richard and Sarah Drury, Jan.16,1755.*

Roxa of Sudbury, and Windsor Childs, int.Dec.15,1816.

Ruth and Luther Brown of Malden, Dec.25,1816.

Salome of Sudbury, and Elisha Drury, Mar.26,1778. In Sudbury.*

Salome of East Sudbury, and Warren Nixon, int.Feb.6,1818.

Samuel and Huldah Edmunds, Nov.末,1788.*

Sarah and David Stone, Mar.20,1745. In Sudbury.*

Sally and Ebenezer Newton of Southboro, Dec.19,1784, (dup., June, 1785). In Southboro.*

Sarah and Asahel Knights of Sudbury, Apr.14,1799.*

Sally of Natick, and Calvin Gleason, Oct.18,1801.*

Sarah and Abel C. Smith of Durham, NH, Oct.末,1823.

Sarah and Learned Brown, Nov.26,1829.

Sarah F. and Thomas B. Jones of Weston, June27,1848.

Serviah and John Dudley, May31,1792.*

Sybilla of Sudbury, and Ephraim Jennings, Mar.31,1742-3. In Sudbury.*

Stephen ami Mary Eaton, Nov.21,1813.

Thomas and Betsy Frost, Nov.末,1786.*

Thomas and Eliza Eaton Lane, Nov.27,1828.

Uriah and Molly Emes, June末,1784.*

William and Joanna Johnson of East Sudbury, July30,1795. In East Sudbury.*


Betsy and Nathan Kendal, Feb.末,1784.*

George R of Hopkinton, and Elizabeth Howe, Apr.11,1832.

Henry M. of Southboro, and Ann Maria Howe, May31,1835.*

Hepzibah and William Leadbetter, Dec.末,1789.*

Joseph and Rhoda Howe of Hopkinton, Dec.20,1781. In Hopkinton.*

Thomas and Betsy Nurse, May末,1791.


Adeline A. and Isreal W. Sullaway, int.Sept.17,1837.

Caroline M. and Charles H. Bill, int.Sept.1,1844.

Charles, of Waltham, s.Ruel and Ora, a.22y., and Sarah Stearns, d.Jonathan and Sarah, a.22y., Apr.5,1847

Eli M., Esq., of Franklin, and Lydia Eaton, int.Dec.6,1846.

Fanny (Fanny W., int.) and James J. Randall, Apr.13,1843.

George and Harriet A. (Harriet N., int.) Phipps, June2,1836.

Gideon and Lucy Hemenway, Jan.末,1784.CR1*

Harriet, a.27y., and Charles N. Wilson of Dover, a.29y., Jan.19,1845.

Henry of Dorchester, and Relief Arnold, Jan.24,1815.

Lucy of Watertown, and John Park, Nov.20,1791. In Watertown.*

Lucy of Concord, and John Trowbridge Stone, Apr.16,1814.

Luther of Sudbury, and Persis Hemenway, June末,1790.*

Mary B. and Daniel J. Lawrence of Concord, Apr.22,1838.

Thomas and Anne Nixon, Feb.末,1789.* (Feb.4.MR)

William and Louisa M. Hill of Newton, int.May7,1843.


Luther P. and Eliza W. Greenwood of Brighton, int.Sept.20,1846.


Anne of Hopkinton, and Gideon Rider Jr., June末,1782.*

Anne and Nathaniel Biglow Jr., Oct.末,1782.* (Oct.31,1782.CR1)

Gideon Jr. and Anne Rider of Hopkinton, June末,1782.*

Hannah and Daniel Kendal of Harvard, June末,1787*

Lucy and David Rice Jr., Aug.2,1780. In Sherborn.*

RIGHT (Wright)

Rachel of Stoneham, and John Eatton, Apr.27,1732. In Stoneham.*


Matilda and John Mullaney of Whitefield, ME, int.Oct.13,1849.


Nancy of Natick, and Edward Howe, int.Nov.8,1846.


Cyrus of Acton, and Mary W. Boynton, Oct.9,1834.CR2

Elisha of Roxbury, and Persis Morse, of Natick, Mar.4,1805.*

Willard of Hopkinton, and Rebecca Oakes, int.July31,1842.


James C. and Asenath Kelly Reed, int.Aug.7,1842.

Sarah and George Auty, int.July12,1835.

ROBIN (Robbins)

James and Helen Morrison, Apr.20,1840.


Elisha and Eunice Rice of Sudbury, Nov.25,1773. In Sudbury.*

Elizabeth of Sudbury, and Josiah Winch Jr., June6,1816.

Hannah F. and Edwin Lawrence of Boston, Apr.3,1834.

John (Roberson, int.) of Boston, and Lucy Barber, Mar.1,1817.

Jonathan and Patience Hunting, Jan.11,1753. In Needham.*

Levina and James Johnson, Oct.25,1823.

Mary and Frederick King, Dec.22,1825.

Mary Jane, d.Hervey and C. of Concord.a.21y., and Thomas W. Bailey, s.John and Mary, a.27y., Dec.31,1846.

William and Belinda Snow, int.Sept.5,1841.


Job, s.末末, dec., a.19y., and Ann Moore, d.末末, dec., a.23y., June17,1844.


Ebenezer of Sudbury, and Sarah Swift, June6,1729.*


Luther of Holliston, and Ruth Temple, Dec.22,1806.*


Prudence of Lowell, and Edward Gannet, int.Dec.13,1845.


Samuel of Dublin, NH, and Hepzibah Winch, Nov.22,1792.*


Cromwell G., s, of Aaron and Ruth., a.23y., and Harriet F. Maynard, d.Lawson D. and Nancy, a.18y., Nov.29,1849

Emily B. and Reuben Locke, May7,1840. In Salem.


Samuel of Marlow, NH, and Betsy Hemenway, Mar.末,1803.* (Mar.14,1803.CR1)

RUG (Rugg)

Sarah and Hachaliah Bridges, Nov.11,1728.*

RUGG (Rug)

Charles and Lucinda Smith, May23,1827.

Emeline and Seymour E. Gates, Apr.9,1835.

Ezra and Polly Fairbank, Apr.1,1802.*

Hannah and John Mayhew of Shrewsbury, Feb.21,1743.

Hephzibah and Nathaniel Haven, June10,1724.*

Jonathan and Hepzibath Haven,末蔓末, 末末. In Sudbury.*

Jonathan and Hannah Singeltary, Dec.11,1710.*

Jonathan and Hannah Walkup, Feb.17,1743.*

Jonathan, Lieut., and Rachel Tucker of Sherborn, int.May5,1800.

Jonathan Jr. and Patty Glover, Dec.29,1800.*

Jonathan Jr., Lieut., and Lucinda Marsh of Holliston, Apr.26,1825.

Martha of Lancaster, and Jeremiah Belknap, Mar.28,1726. In Lancaster.*

Mary and Levi Cutting, Oct.21,1806.*

Mehetabel and Joseph Bigsby of Hopkinton, Mar.30,1732.*

Warren and Hannah Smith, Mar.31,1831.

RUSSEL (Russell)

Rufus and Abby H. Forrister, Apr.23,1838.

Sarah of Waltham, and Samuel A. Forrister, int.Aug.31,1834.

RUSSELL (Russel)

Levi and Clarissa Davis, Sept.4,1839.


Anna and Dca.Luther Haven, Dec.16,1819.

Jemima of Sudbury, and Joshua Hemingway, Jan.27,1740. In Sudbury.*

Josiah and Anna (Anne, dup.), Drury, June29,1806.*

Sally of East Sudbury, and Phinehas Rice Jr., int.Mar.27,1812.

RYAN (Ryn)

Bridget and John Cullinon, int.July23,1848.

Catharine and John Ryan, int.Oct.8,1843.

Honora and Pattrick O'Brien, int.Nov.4,1848.

John and Catharine Ryan, int.Oct.8,1843.

John and Ann Malstay, int.Aug.2,1846.

William and Catharine Lynch, int.Dec.30,1846.

RYN (Ryan)

Joan and George Swenney, int.Nov.3,1844.

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