William A. (of Waltham, int.) and Cornelia (S. Cornelia, int.and.CR1) Maynard, Sept.24,1840.


Ann and Thomas O. Blackburn, July22,1831.

Borredell L. of Newton, and Nathan Dadman Jr., int.Jan.21,1809.

Grindly of Sudbury, and Hepsabeth Flagg, May30,1753.*

Hannah (Hannah E., int.) and William R. Slosson (Slason int.) of Hubbardston, VT, Jan.10,1833.

Jonathan and Martha Frisel, Mar.7,1716-7. In Sudbury.*

Lidia and Isaac How, June26,1712.*

Martha Ann of Hopkinton, and Charles Russel Train (Esq., int.). Oct.27,1841.

Sarah Jane of Ashland and Edgar H. Wheeler, int.Jan.9,1848.


Rhode and Abel Benson, Sept.末,1784.*


Ann J. and Henry R. Wheeler, both of Lynn, Sept.10,1837.CR2

JENISON (Genneson, Jennison)

Dana of Southboro, and Sally Howe, May2,1822.

JENNINGS (Gennings, Jennins)

Almira of Sherborn, and William Andrews, Jan.3,1832.

Daniel and Elizabeth Cozzens of Holliston, July11,1739. In Holliston.*

Ephraim and Sybilla Rice of Sudbury, Mar.31,1742-3. In Sudbury.*

Eunice and William Fisk of Watertown, Nov.3,1708. In Watertown.*

Hannah and Buckminster Rice, July末,1786.*

Joseph Jr. and Sally Eames.Oct.30,1781.*

Phila and Capt. Solomon Hopkins.Feb.20,1825.

Stephen and Susanna Biglow, June9,1715.*

Uriah of Whitestown, New York. and Ruth Clayes.Dec.末,1790.*

JENNINS (Gennings, Jennings)

Hannah and Samuel Walker, both of Sudbury, Nov.3,1715. In Sudbury.*

JENNISON (Genneson, Jenison)

John of Bellingham, and Lucinda Winch, Sept.22,1830.

Sibil of Natick, and Moses Fisk, June4,1801.*


Lucy and William Sullivan, int.July30,1848.


Abigail of East Sudbury, and Caleb Moulton, June19,1792. In East Sudbury.*

Abigail of Southboro, and Lieut. John Temple, int, Nov.11,1809.

Amos of Southboro, and Betsy Childs (Child, dup.), Aug.6,1786. In Southbom.*

Amos Jr. and Eunice Brintnell of Hopkinton, Nov.27,1816.

Amos and Puah Farrington, int.Jan.29,1837.

Ann and Zenas Johnson of Berlin, int.Apr.27,1823.

Daniel of Marlboro, and Dorothia Lamb, Dec.23,1697. In Marlboro.*

David of Southboro, and Nelly Hemenway, Apr.3,1800.*

Ebenezer of Boston, and Catherine Belknap, June19,1832.

Betsey and Ezekiel Gay of Hopkinton, Apr.11,1811.

Emmons W., s.Joseph and Betsey, a.26y., and Betsey Goodnow, d.Luther, dee., and Mary, a.22y., both of Ashland Sept.12,1849.*

Ferona.A. and Samuel S. Soden of Boston, Dec.28,1841.

Ira A. and Lucy M. Clement of Croydon, NH, int.Apr.2,1848.

James and Levina Robinson, Oct.25,1823.

Jemima and Isaiah Knowlton of Sherborn, May23,1796.*

Joanna of East Sudbury, and William Rice, July30,1795. In East Sudbury.*

John of Southboro, and Polly Hemenway, May10,1815.

John S. of John and Mary, a.27y., and Eliza Ann Howe, wid., of Sudbury, d.Ashel and Fanny Goodnow of Sudbury, a.32y., Aug.12,1847.

Joseph of Hopkinton, and Betsey Wilson, Mar.30,1815.

Levi and Ellen D. Bullald, int.Mar.12,1848.

Maria D. (Marion D.CR2) and Buckley Moor of Worcester, Apr.23,1840.

Polly of Southboro, and William Maynard, int.Mar.5,1814.

Polly of Southboro, and Daniel Hemenway, int.Oct.10,1829.

Mary and Cotesworth P. Wheeler, both of Lexington. June16,1836.CR1

Millisent and Rev. Calvin Newton of Bellingham, Nov.26,1828.

Nathaniel Jr. of Holliston, and Eunice Goodenow, Jan.1,1821.

Oren and Hannah Adams, int.Jan.7,1848.

Peluna and Nathaniel I. Carter, Feb.14,1847.*

Philinda and James Troy, Oct.21,1838.

Phebe and Jonas Underwood, June13,1822.

Rosina E. and William H. Shephard, Dec.28,1841.

Stephen and Elizabeth Jordon, Mar.2,1783. In Southboro.*

Susan and Nathan Fairbanks, of Holliston, Oct.15,1821.

Thankful and Ebenezer Gleason, Dec.9,1730.

William of Westboro, and Eliza Ann Chamberlain, Aug.22,1832.

William P. of Southooro, and Susan E. (Susan Ellen, int.) Manson, d.John and Nelly, Apr.14,1847.

Zenas of Berlin, and Ann Johnson, int.Apr.27,1823.


Thomas and Anna Oxford, both of Natick, Nov.25,1784.* (Negroes.MR)


Alden of Washington, NH, and Betsey.Winch, Mar.8,1826.

Almira and John Emory of Winchendon, Oct.2,1832.

Andrew T. and Lydia H. Hill of Hopkinton, Oct.30,1831.

Anne and Phinehas Wilson, Oct.26,1739.*

Artemas and Martha Childs, Dec.2,1813.

Caroline M. (Caroline Matilda.CR2) and Lorenzo Thompson of Westboro, May20,1841.

Charles and Mehitable Pratt, Jan.23,1825.

Charlotte and Calvin Hemenway, Nov.26,1829.

Clarissa and John A. Anguls, int.Apr.6,1834.

Cyrus W. and Josephine Walkup, Feb.9,1844. In Marlboro.

Daniel and Lucy Emes, June末,1782.* (June13,1782.CR1)

Daniel and Molly Dunn, May末,1786* (May25,1786.CR1)

Elbridge M. and Sarah Coolidge, June9,1835.

Elbridge M. and Rosaline Augusta Merriam (of Cambridge, int.), June3,1840.

Elisha 3d and Hannah Greenwood, Dec.2,1819.

Elisha 2d and Mary Cheney of Marlboro, int.May6,1820.

Eliza and William Bacon of Hopkinton. Dec.3,1818.

Eliza Ann, d.Lemuel C. and 末末, and Nathan Dadmun, S. of Joseph and Betsey, Aug.27,1845.

Betsey (James, dup.) and Josiah Smith of East Sudbury, Mar.26,1806.*

Elizabeth Alden of Hopkinton, and John Ballard, int.Feb.26,1808.

Betsey and David Childs.Nov.23,1808.

George W. and Clarissa Gennings, int.Nov.8,1841.

Harriet N., d.Alexander H. and Mille, a.22y., and Joseph C. Walker of Lowell, S. of Moses C. and Martha, a.26y., Oct.30,1844.

Jenny of Hopkinton, and Gilbert Marshall, Oct.17,1782. In Hopkinton.*

Joanna and Phinehas Emes, July末,1790.*

Joel and Nabby Howe, both of Sudbury, May29,1810.*

John Jr. and Elizabeth Gibs, Nov.16,1738.*

John and Polly Belknap, Apr.15,1779. In Sherborn.*

John and Peggy Stone, May9,1803.*

John H. and Sally S. Ballard, Apr.27,1816.

Lemuel and Nancy French, Dec.2,1819.

Lois and Jeduthan Dedman, Dec.18,1800.*

Louisa Conant and Lewis Newhall of Leominster, Mar.31,1824.

Lucy and Jonathan Whiting of Dover, Dec.22,1813.

Martha, d.Alexander and Milly, a.34y., and Charles T. Eames, widr., of Milford, s.Phinehas and Izanna, a.46y., Sept.16,1847.

Martin A. of Natick, and Almira Eames, Feb.25,1840.

Mary and Lawson Buckminster, May4,1769. In Hopkinton.*

Mary and Timothy Fife (Trife, int.) of Troy, NH, Jan.24,1821.

Mary B. and Henry N. Moore, Sept.26,1839.

Mehitabel and William Greenwood, Feb.10,1789.*

Nancy and Josiah Parkhurst, Apr.2,1801.*

Persis and Alfred Hill, July27,1802.*

Persis (Almira Jones.CR1) and Joseph Tayler (Joseph Taylor of Worcester.CR1), Oct.19,1825.

Sarah and James Stone, Dec.25,1733.*

Sophia and David Frost, Nov.30,1815.

Susan and Samuel G. Treat of Northboro, Jan.13,1818.

Thomas B. of Weston, and Sarah F. Rice, June27,1848.

Vaughan and Abigail Hunnewell, Mar.14,1824.

William and Sarah Gates, Mar.21,1748.*

JORDEN (Jordon)

William of Boston, and Louisa Trowbridge, int.Jan.15,1832.

JORDON (Jorden)

Elizabeth and Stephen Johnson, Mar.2,1783. In Southboro.*


Mary and Thomas Kennady, int.Jan.24,1847.

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