HADEN (Hayden)

Elizabeth and Jonathan Tredway, Jan.11,1744. In Hopkinton.*

HAGAR (Hager, Haggar, Heger)

Betty and John Pratt, July22,1787. In Newton.*

Ephraim and Hannah Adams of Marlboro, int.May3,1811.

HAGER (Hagar, Haggar, Heger)

Abigail of Waltham, and Thomas W. Winch, Feb.22,1759. In Waltham.*

Edward and Mary Knights, Dec.5,1822.

Ephraim of Marlboro, and Lucy Fairbank, Nov.末,1789.*

Ephraim and Fanny Angier, Oct.23,1820.

Thaddeus and Lois Sawyer of Bolton, Dec.9,1762. In Bolton.*

Truman and Martha Hastings, Oct.末,1828. (Oct.27,1828.CR1)

William (Jr., int.) of Marlboro, and Martha Forrister, Oct.17,1832.

HAGGAR (Hagar, Hager, Heger)

William King of Boston, and Mehitabel Ballard, Oct.6,1796.*


Annah and Joseph Sharp, July2,1846.


Abigail and George Willey of Worcester, Sept.27,1837.

Mary and William Coolidge of Livermore, May19,1800.*


Jason of Boston, and Hannah Ann Fuller Park, Nov.5,1828.

Jesse of Cambridge, and Mary D. Merriam, Sept.1,1830.

Stephen Jr. of Boston, and Catherine Hemenway, Aug.21,1828.

Tillotson H. and Lucinda S. Bullin, both of Hopkinton, Oct.10,1841.*

William of Newton, and Martha Homer Greenwood, int.Dec.27,1811.


John, a.30y., b. in Scotland and Henrietta Goodnow, d.Jonas and Eliza, a.28y., June11,1846.

Nancy R. and William L. Todd, int.Sept.28,1845.


Emeline of Natick, and Timothy A. Stone, int.Feb.3,1828.

John of Natick, and Sarah McIntire, int.Mar.24,1833.


Martin of Boston, and Mary Cane, int.Oct.23,1842.


Eliza of Concord, and Andrew C. Dole, int.Mar.29,1828.


Hitte and Zedekiah Haven of Hopkinton, Jan.16,1783.*

Rhoda P. and Elisha Cutting, both of Holliston, Oct.27,1841.*

Sarah and James Greenwood, Dec.23,1812.

Sarah and Thomas S. Dowling of Holliston, int.June9,1844.


Martha A., a.25y.and Manson (Alanson.CR2) B. Ferren, a.22y.(both of Natick.CR2). Oct.7,1847.*

HARIMAN (Harriman, Herrimon)

Charles A. and Mary P. Puffer (of Sudbury, int.), May4,1843.

HARRENTON (Harrington, Herenton)

Silas and Puah Bathrick, both of Waltham, Jan.12,1806.*


Margarett and Esau Northgate of Leicester, Oct.5,1749.*

Semion and Vilot Lains, Feb.13,1752.*

HARRIMAN (Hariman, Herrimon)

Caroline M. and William H. Carter, int.Oct.8,1848.

HARRINGTON (Harrenton, Herenton)

Elizabeth of Weston and Charles Train, int.July13,1810.

Hepzibah of Weston, and Rev. Charles Train, int.Sept.5,1815.

Joshua and Sarah Nurse, Jan.11,1743.*

Joshua and Betty Bent, Oct.3,1751.*

Martha (of Wayland int.) and Alpheus H. Bigelow, Dec.8,1842. In Wayland.

Moses of Weston, and Lucy R. Park, May16,1822.

Timothy of Lancaster, and Ann Bridge, Apr.11,1780. In Sudbury.*

William and Lydia Newton, Apr.24,1809.


Eunice W. of Sherborn, and Harrison Eames, int.Nov.17,1839.

Lydia and Henry Gassett of Milford, int.Apr.16,1848.

Stephen and Mary Anger, May27,1752. In Hopkinton.*


Loes and Samuel Bowker, both of Hopkinton, Sept.3,1767.*

HART (Hartt)

Fisher and Rhoda Cole, int.Mar.13,1808.

Jane s.Boston, and Albert Perry, int.Sept.22,1839.


Catharine and Ezra Dearth of Holliston, Apr.16,1821.

Curtis of Holliston, and Catharine Wenzel, June21,1818.

HARTT (Hart)

Henry H. of Chelsea, and Lucy Ann Brigham, Dec.3,1835.


Charles F. (Dr. Charles Fox, int.) and Eliza Frost Belknap, Nov.末,1834.CR2


John and Olive Grout of Sherborn, July3,1802.*


Jonas and Deborah Comestalk, int.Feb.23,1828.


Thomas, a.30y., b. in Ireland and Elizabeth Hunter. a.32y., b. in Ireland Jan.8,1847.


Edward of Waltham, and Phebe Ann Saunderson, int.May11,1834.

Eliphalet and Mehitable Clayes, Apr.2,1835.

Eliphalet and Eveline Clayes, Nov.10,1842.

Eliza Jane, a.21y., and Walter Hosie, a.27y., Feb.20,1845.

Hollis and Abigail W. Norton, int.Apr.5,1832.

John K. and Mary Coolidge, Oct.11,1838.

Josiah of Needham, and Clarissa P. Knowlland int.Aug.2,1823.

Lydia of Brighton, and William Buckminster, Esq., int.May21,1848.

Martha and Truman Hager, Oct.末,1828. (Oct.27,1828.CR1)

Otis F. and Susan B. Brewer, Sept.22,1841.

Sally of Warwick, and Samuel Howe, int.Nov.7,1818.

Thomas and Nabby Abbot, Apr.3,1803.*

Thomas Jr. and Elizabeth (Eliza, int.) A. Parker, Nov.12,1835.

William and Betsy Abbot, Nov.末,1791.* (Nov.13,1791.CR1)

William 2d and Hannah Buckminster, Sept.末,1827.

William (Col., int.), widr., s.Thomas and Nabby, and Ann E. Phipps, d.Sylvands and Anna, Apr.14,1847.


Martha and John W. Fay, June1,1834.CR2

HATHAWAY (Hathway)

Charles of Grafton, and Maria Chamberlain, June16,1845.CR2

HATHWAY (Hathaway)

Joseph R. and Sophia Sheldon of Danvers, int.Aug.14,1825.


Abiel and James Metcalf of Wrentham, Jan.3,1754.*

Abner and Prudence Emes, May末,1789.*

Amelia and William Cutler, Apr.29,1832.

Anna Angier and Henry Gardner Foster of Boston, Mar.3,1824.

Anne and Josiah Stone, Feb.25,1746-7.*

Anne and Asa Emes, both of Holliston,末蔓末,1789.*

Anne and Alexander Edwards, Apr.21,1811.

Asahel and Lydia Stone, int.Dec.24,1808.

Asenath and John B. Bannister, Apr.15,1809.

Zuba and Henry Emes, Mar.1,1781.*

Azubah and Michael Homer of Hopkinton, Nov.15,1800.*

Benjamin and Hannah Haven, Dec.9,1816.

Benjamin K. and Elizabeth A. (Elizabeth Ann. int.) Herring, Nov.1,1843.

Caroline Parmela and George May Merriam of Boston, Sept.19,1821.

Caroline Elizabeth and Dr. John Mooney Wiggin of Providence, RI, int.Jan.4,1846.

Charles of Gloucester, RI, and Eliza Nurse, Aug.22,1822.

Chloe and Joseph Barber Jr. of Medway, Oct.末,1791.*

Clarissa and Cornelius Morse, Dec.19,1822.

Comfort and William Bates of Bellingham, Apr.21,1796.*

Daniel and Mehetabel Haven, Dec.10,1730.*

Daniel and Betsey Ellis of Dedham, Jan.13,1762. In Dedham.*

David and Jerusha Whipple of Grafton, Nov.28,1754. In Grafton.*

David and Sally Coolidge, Jan.27,1813.

Elijah and Susan Lamb of Gerry, int.Oct.30,1807.

Eliza and Jonathan F. Coolidge of Sherborn, int.Feb.2,1840.

Elisabeth and Benjamin Nurse, July12,1717.*

Elisabeth and Isaac Hemingway, Nov.28,1754.*

Betsey and John Hemenway Jr., Feb.19,1801.*

Betsey and Marshal Stone, June30,1811.

Elisabeth and John Badger Jr., Jan.18,1816.

Elkanah and Abiall Barber of Sherborn, Nov.23,1708.*

Elkanah and Mary Walker, Dec.2,1714.*

Elkanah and Patience Leland of Sherborn, Feb.5,1716-7. In Sherborn.*

Elkanah and Hepsibah Haven, Feb.27,1752.*

Ellen and Asa Felch Jr. of Natick, Nov.3,1833.

Ellen L., d.Willard and Milisant, a.19y., and Spaulding Buck of Worcester, s.Austin and Sarah of Norway, ME, a.27y., b. in Paris, ME, Oct.8,1846.

Experience and Samuel Streater, July27,1719.*

Ezra and Polly Glover, Apr.末,1782.* (Apr.4,1782.CR1)

George and Mary Ann Alden, Mar.9,1831.

Gideon, Dea., and wid.Deborah Twichell of Sherborn, Sept.25,1792. In Sherborn.*

Gilbert and Hannah Burrell of Boston, int.July13,1811.

Hannah and John How, July1,1712.*

Hannah and Isaac Fisk, Nov.11,1736.*

Hannah and Elisha Goddard of Sutton, Nov.17,1748.*

Hannah and Joseph Metcalf of Wrentham.Oct.23,1751.*

Hannah and Benjamin Haven, Dec.9,1816.

Hepzibath and Jonathan Rugg,末蔓末, 末末. In Sudbury.*

Hepsibah and Elkanah Haven. Feb.27,1752.*

Isaac and Ruth Grant of Sherborn, Nov.24,1748.*

James and Mehetable Bixby, Nov.16,1752.*

Jason and Esther Tucker, Nov.22,1810.

Jerusha and Ira Temple of Marlborough, Apr.20,1829.

Jesse and Jemima Foster, Jan.22,1755.*

Jesse and Hannah Whitney, Nov.末,1800.*

John and Mary Bullard of Holliston, Mar.9,1731-2. In Holliston.*

John and Susanna Town of Oxford, Oct.25,1739. In Oxford.*

John and Susannah Drury, Mar.27,1746.*

Joseph and Martha Walker, Jan.24,1710-1.*

Joseph and Mehittabel Haven, Nov.30,1721.*

Joseph, Elder and Susanna Drury, Jan.6,1761. In Hopkinton.*

Joseph, Rev., and Mary Emerson of Andover, int.Sept.9,1840.*

Joshua Grant and Fanny Rice, Aug.6,1781.*

Josiah and Esther Streeter, Feb.28,1744. In Hopkinton.*

Jotham and Patty Belknap, Apr.14,1779. In Sudbury.*

Julia and Joseph Angier, May21,1818.

Louisa and Rev. Elbridge Gale of North Kingston, RI, Apr.2,1826.

Lucy and Daniel Hemenway 2d, June3,1802.*

Luther and Sally Coolidge of Sherborn, Oct.13,1795. In Sherborn.*

Luther of Holliston, and Experience Parker, Feb.5,1797.*

Luther, Dea., and Anna Rutter, Dec.16,1819.

Lydia and Seth Bullard of Holliston, Oct.18,1752.*

Lydia of Sherborn, and Solomon Biglow of East Sudbury.Apr.9,1801.*

Martha and Samuel Wesen, May7,1711.*

Martha and David Drury 2d, Nov.4,1807.

Martha B. of Weston, and Elbridge Hemenway, int.Sept.6,1835.

Martin and Milliscent Metcalf Thompson, Aug.29,1794.*

Mary and Samuel Stone, Nov.25,1725.*

Mary and John Hill of Sherborn, July17,1740.*

Mary of Hopkinton, and Thomas Pierce, Apr.26,1750.*

Mary and John Nichols, July17,1751.*

Mary and Ebenezer Marshall, Oct.23,1783.*

Polly and James Foster, Dec.13,1797.*

Polly and Asa Nurse, Dec.29,1800.*

Mary and Nevinson Stone, Dec.28,1816.

Mary M., d.Willard and Milicent, and Joseph Ballord.widr., of Ashland s.John and Eliza of Ashland Nov.12,1846.

Mehittabel and Joseph Haven, Nov.30,1721.*

Mehetabel and Daniel Haven, Dec.10,1730.*

Mehetabel and Ebenezer Marshal, Feb.11,1747-8.*

Mehetable and John Wenzel Jr., Dec.15,1814.

Mehitable C. and Levi Gerrish of Natick, int.Oct.31,1847.

Mercy and Ebenezer Nurse, Apr.14,1720.*

Micah and Mary Emmes, Jan.16,1743-4.*

Milly and Willard Haven, Feb.21,1822.

Moses and Sarah Bridges, Apr.14,1720.*

Moses and Hannah Walker, Nov.9,1721.*

Moses, Dea., and Elisabeth Bridges, Nov.27,1735.*

Moses of Hopkinton, and Abigail Mellen, Nov.1,1750.*

Moses and Anne Stowe of Grafton, May23,1751. In Grafton.*

Moses and Cloe Emes of Sudbury, May11,1790. In Sudbury.*

Moses and Submit Horn, Sept.17,1794.*

Nathan and Silence Winch, June4,1713.*

Nathaniel and Hephzibah Rugg, June10,1724.*

Relief and Antimas Conant, May25,1800.*

Richard and Lidia Whitney, Feb.4,1713-4.*

Richard of Lancaster, and Sally Bemis, Nov.25,1792.*

Ruth E. and John C. Bixby of Hopkinton, Mar.31,1829.

Samuel and Desire Clayes, Aug.末,1784.*

Sarah and Ralph Hemenway, Feb.2,1727.*

Sarah and Isaac Hill of Malden, Dec.29,1743.*

Sally and Francis How, May7,1781.*

Sally and Amasa Forrester of Bellingham.Apr.末,1793.*

Sarah S. of Hopkinton, and David Claflin, int.Oct.25,1846.

Sabilla and Samuell Emmes Jr., Jan.11,1738-9.*

Silas of Hopkinton, and Elizabeth Pierce, Apr.25,1771. In Hopkinton.*

Squire and Hannah Bixby, Mar.18,1754.*

Susanna and Thomas Gleason Jr., Jan.12,1714-5.*

Susanna and Simon Miller, Oct.11,1744. In Sherborn.*

Susanna and Jason Rice of Hopkinton, Feb.14,1750-1.*

Susannah and John Lamb, Mar.16,1779.*

Thomas B. of Shrewshury and Clarissa Clayes, Nov.末,1815. (Oct.28,1815, int.)

Timothy and Louis Pitt, Aug.末,1784.*

Willard and Milly Haven, Feb.21,1822.

William and Lucy Winch, Nov.23,1775.*

Zedekiah of Hopkinton, and Hitte Harding, Jan.16,1783.*


William of Mendon, and Elisabeth Gibbs, May16,1717.*


George of Wrentham, and Nancy Everett, Oct.27,1796.*

Luther of Northboro, and Cynthia Hemenway, Apr.8,1817.

Samuel of Wrentham, and Polly Moore, Nov.13,1796.*


James F. and Eliza O. Bennett of Ashland int.Sept.13,1846.

Sally and Peter Bemis of Hopkinton, int.Mar.28,1814.


Minerva L. of Essex, VT, d.Abraham L. and Philina, a.18y., and Josephus W. Goodnow of Ashland S. of Luther and Polly of Ashland a.26y., Apr.16,1848. (Apr.11.CR2)*

HAYDEN (Haden)

Abigail of Marlboro and Daniel Child, June16,1796.*

Charles, s.Luther of Groton. a.25y., and Mary Davis, a.20y., Oct.31,1844.

Elanor of Sudbury, and Nalhaniel Brown, Dec.29,1761. In Sudbury.*

John and Nabby Tomms, Mar.末,1791.*

Luther and Elizabeth Rand int.Oct.11,1846.

Moses of Sudbury, and Abigail Barrit, Apr.1,1763. In Sudbury.*

Olive and Windslow Arnold Jr. of Marlboro, int.Mar.26,1829.

Sarah and Simon Stow, both of Marlboro, June9,1746.*

Stephen and Sally Winch, Dec.10,1823.

William H. and Elizabeth W. White of Lancaster, int.Feb.末,1845.


John and Mary McGrath, int.May13,1844.


Deborah and Ebenezer Learned.Oct.14,1714.*

Eliza Jane and Leland Winch, May30,1832.

Joseph and Lydia Rice, both of Natick, July31,1804.*

Joseph and Abigail Hunt, Jan.28,1828.

Lydia Maria and Willard Winch, Aug.8,1830.

Rachel of Sudbury, and Micah Stone, Oct.11,1748. In Sudbury.*

Ruth of Sudbury, and Dea.Daniell Stone, Nov.18,1712.*

Samuel and Rebecca Brown, both of Natick. Oct.16,1800.*

Sally and Jonathan Davis, both of Natick, May1,1804.*

Sarah M. and John Clark Jr., int.Nov.4,1848.

Sophronia and Daniel Reed, int.June末,1845.

Susanna of East Sudbury, and Nathaniel Kendall, int.Apr.15,1809.


Edmund, s.William and Acena, a.25y., and Eliza Ann Derby, d.wid.Mary, a.17y., Oct.9,1844.

Thankful of Sudbury, and Jonathan Hemingway, Nov.3,1763. In Sudbury.*


Eliza L. and Horatio Stone, Dec.3,1835.

HEARD (Hurd)

David Jr. of Holliston, and Nancy K. Hemenway, Nov.24,1842.

Mary of East Sudbury, and Capt. Samuel Frost, Sept.3,1788. In East Sudbury.*


Philip and Rosa Wade, int.July26,1846.

HEGER (Hagar, Hager, Haggar)

Daniel of Weston, and Sarah Travis, Sept.12,1750.*

HEMENWAY (Hemingway, Hemmenway)

Abigail and William Mellen, Nov.7,1751.*

Abijah and Lucinda Dadmun, Mar.4,1807.*

Abijah and Susan Flagg, Mar.14,1833.

Adam and Katharine Patterson, Mar.末,1804.* (Jan.31,1804.CR1)

Adam 2d and Deborah B. Sanger, Nov.29,1830.

Almira and Josiah C. Bradbury of Charlestown, Nov.27,1834.CR2

Antoinette and Samuel S. Danforth, int.Apr.25,1847.

Asenath and Artemas Patterson, Apr.12,1802.

Benjamin Stone and Patience Hunt of Sudbury, Nov.3,1795. In Sudbury.*

Calvin and Charlotte Jones, Nov.26,1829.

Catherine and Stephen Hall Jr. of Boston, Aug.21,1828.

Curtis and Susan Smith, Aug.7,1826.

Cynthia and Luther Hawes of Northboro, Apr.8,1817.

Daniel and Rebecca Newton of Southboro, Sept.10,1786. In Southboro (dup., Daniel Hemenway Jr. and Rebeccah Newton of Southboro, Feb.末,1787).*

Daniel and Desire Clayes, Apr.末,1789.*

Daniel Jr. and Rhoda Hemenway, May末,1789.*

Daniel 2d and Lucy Haven, June3,1802.*

Daniel and Polly Johnson of Southboro, int.Oct.10,1829.

Daniel and Tabitha P. Clark of Medway, int.Nov.16,1834.

Dexter and Ann Manson, Nov.23,1820.

Ebenezer and Hannah Winch, May17,1711.*

Ebenezer and Tamesin Nurse, Feb.23,1737-8.*

Ebenezer and Ruth Gates, June末,1786.

Elbra and Mary Bond of Medway, int.Aug.7,1836.

Elbridge and Martha B. Haven of Weston, int.Sept.6,1835.

Elias and Molly Patterson, Nov.16,1779. In Sudbury.*

Elias and Zebiah Hill, Nov.25,1813.

Eliza and William Moulton, Nov.12,1829.

Eliza and George W. Bartlett of Groton, NH, Feb.7,1831.CR2

Eliza Ann and John Spear, both of Hopkinton, July1,1841.*

Elizebeth and Israel Leadbetter, Jan.19,1782.*

Elizabeth and Thomas Rand of Westminster, Nov.末,1788.*

Betsy and Samuel Royce of Marlow, NH, Mar.末,1803.* (Mar.14,1803.CR1)

Emeline (Emeline W., int.) and Ezra Clark, Apr.29,1832.

Eunice and Willard Bellows of Southboro, Apr.4,1815.

Ezra and Sophia Hill, Aug.2,1803.*

Ezra, Dea., and Persis Winchester, Jan.4,1843.

Fanny and Josiah Warren, May末,1789.*

George and Eliza Owens, Apr.2,1829.

Hannah and Thomas Stone Jr., Dec.末,1790.*

Hannah and William Patterson, Sept.12,1802.*

Henry and Ann Davis, July21,1841.

Isaac and Patty Maynard, Dec.末,1785.*

Israel and Louisa Fay, Jan.10,1816.

Jacob and Sybil Walker, Dec.末,1787.*

James S. and Emily L. Aldrich of Wendall, int.Nov.26,1843.

John and Mary Ran, Nov.26,1751.*

John and Deborah Adams, May2,1776. In Sherborn.*

John Jr. and Betsey Haven, Feb.19,1801.*

John of Royalston, and Hitty Gleason, Feb.8,1805.*

John (Jr., int.), Capt., and Sally Bent, Jan.10,1815.

John B. and Eliza A. Gibbs, Nov.29,1838.

John and Susan Coolidge, Apr.1,1839.

Jonathan and Mary Foster, Apr.24,1744.*

Joseph and Mary Adams, July4,1743.*

Josiah and Polly Parkhurst, Feb.末,1794.*

Josiah 2d and Nancy Rand of Boylston, int.Nov.25,1814.

Josiah (Jr., int.) and Ann Maria Eames, Nov.25,1839.

Keziah and Jeremiah Pike, Sept.14,1743.*

Levina and Elijah Clayes, Mar.末,1790.*

Lucy and Gideon Richardson, Jan.末,1784.CR1*

Lucy and Thomas Larrabee, June13,1808.

Luther and Finis Patterson, July10,1803.*

Maria L. (Eliza L., int.), a.26y., and Francis C. Steams, s.Jonathan and Sally, a.26y., Nov.8,1849.

Marshal of Millbury, and Clarissa Gates, Sept.10,1829.

Martin and Elizabeth Dudley of East Sudbury, int.July11,1816.

Polly and Francis Bogle of Sudbury, Jan.29,1801.*

Polly and John Johnson of Southboro, May10,1815.

Mary F. and David C. Butterfield of Brighton, Apr.26,1829.

Mary C. (Mary Clara, int.), adopted d.Ezra, a.21y., b. in Roxbury, and John F. Houghton of Lancaster, s.John P. of Lancaster, a.21y., b. in Harvard, June25,1846.

Milly and William Dunn, June末,1788.*

Nancy and Michael Norton, both of Cambridge, Nov.30,1837.CR2

Nancy K. and David Heard Jr. of Holliston, Nov.24,1842.

Nathan and Martha Emes, Dec.3,1778.*

Nelly and David Johnson of Southboro, Apr.3,1800.*

Otis, s.Martin, a.22y., and Martha A. Hudson, a.22y., Nov.25,1844.

Peady (Peady R, int.) and Mathias Mills of Needham, Sept.24,1834.CR2

Persis and Luther Richardson of Sudbury, June末,1790.*

Ralph and Sarah Haven, Feb.2,1727.*

Rebeccah and Ezekiel Kendal, Apr.末,1788.*

Rebeccah and Jesse Belknap, Nov.9,1803.*

Rhoda and Daniel Hemenway Jr., May末,1789.*

Richard and Lucy Law, Mar.20,1816.*

Ruhamah and Lewis Allen of Northboro, Apr.7,1812.

Ruth and Samuel Winch of Marlow, NH, Mar.12,1801.*

Samuel 2d and Rebeckah Stone, Aug.16,1801.*

Sarah and Silas Amsden of Southboro, Oct.24,1784. In Southboro.*

Sally and Jonas Hunt of East Sudbury, Feb.末,1788.*

Sally and Abel Eaton, Mar.末,1802.*

Sarah and Warren C. Town, int.Nov.15,1840.

Silas of Cambridge, and Susan Kendall, July5,1827.

Sophronia and Ephraim Moulton, int.Aug.17,1834.

Submit and Caleb Stacy, Sept.末,1788.*

Thaddeus and Levina Dudley, Jan.末,1783.*

William and Alline Francis Trowbridge, Mar.2,1824.

William (Willard, int.) and Jerusha H. Parmenter of Sudbury, Apr.21,1831.

Windsor and Sophronia Belknap, May8,1823.

HEMINGWAY (Hemenway, Hemmenway)

Benjamin and Luce Stone of Sudbury, Sept.2,1762. In Sudbury.*

Hephsebah and John Ballard, May27,1752,*

Isaac and Elisabeth Haven, Nov.28,1754.*

Jonathan and Thankful Hayward of Sudbury, Nov.3,1763. In Sudbury.*

Joshua and Jemima Ruller of Sudbury, Jan.27,1740. In Sudbury.*

Richard and Rebecca Parmenter of Sudbury, Dec.29,1785. In Sudbury.*

Silvanus and Hepsebah Frost,末蔓末,1749-50.*

William and Eunice Parmenter of Sudbury, Oct.21,1781. In Sudbury.*

HEMMENWAY (Hemenway, Hemingway)

Ebenezer and Deborah Eames, Nov.29,1750.*

Hannah and Samuel Hemmenway, Mar.24,1735-6.*

Joshuah Jr. and Abigail (Abigarle, dup.) Morse, Jan.1,1718-9.* (dup., July1,1718).

Ralph and Lydia Trowbridge, Jan.7,1752.*

Samuel and Hannah Hemmenway, Mar.24,1735-6.*


Hannah and Phares Sawin Jr., Nov.12,1815.

William and Tahitha Wilder of Boston, Mar.22,1815.

HERENTON (Harrenton, Harrington)

Ebenezer of Watertown, and Hephzebath Clayes, Feb.3,1707-8.*


Mary E. of Lunenburg and Lorenzo Parker, int.Mar.16,1834.

HERRIMON (Hariman, Harriman)

Michael and Mary Ann Naughton, int, May11,1845.


Charles and Keziah Perry Bacon, Apr.18,1827.

Elizabeth A. (Elizabeth Ann, int.) and Benjamin K. Haven, Nov.1,1843.

George M. (of Farmington, NH, int.), s.Seth and Deborah, a.32y., and Ellen Eames, d.Abel and Hitty, a.26y., Nov.13,1844.

Harriot and Moses M. Fisk, int.Mar.2,1831.

Mary and Isaac Fisk, Apr.1,1831.*.CR2

Mary and John Kimball (Kimball, int.) of Natick, Dec.18,1833.

Sarah and Albert G. Gibbs.Dec.5,1843.

Seth and Deborah Biglow, Aug.15,1802.

Seth Curtis and Augusta (Ann Augusta, int.) Reedhead, June9,1836.


John of Southboro, and Molly Nurse (Nourse, dup.), Jan.末,1789. (Dec.7,1788. In Southboro, dup.) (Jan.9,1789.MR)*


Daniel and Abigail Temple, Mar.29,1834. In Stow.


Jeremiah and Bridget McBride, int.Aug.27,1848.

HIDE (Hyde)

Daniel of Newton, and Rebekah Frost, July17,1776. In Newton.*

Esther of Newton, and Amos Edmonds, Apr.13,1773. In Newton.*

Huldah of Newton, and Jonathan Edmonds, Oct.31,1765. In Newton.*

Joseph of Sherborn, and Hannah Stone, Mar.9,1752.


Selah of (Marlboro, int.) VT, and Eliza Wenzel Jan.31,1833.


Joseph and Emily Conant, Apr.12,1824.


Sarah B. of Marlboro, and Dana Stone, int.May19,1833.

HILL (Hills)

Alfred and Persis Jones, July27,1802.*

Charles (Charles H., int.) and Sally M. Hudson, May1,1838.

Clarissa of Sherborn, and Asa Whiting of Holliston, Oct.19,1806.*

Clarissa of Charlestown and Arnold Wilson, int.Oct.12,1811.

David and Mary Page, int.Jan.25,1817.

Elizabeth of Watertown, and Isaac Drury, Aug.20,1797. In Watertown.*

Emory and Laurinda Fletcher, int.May18,1845.

Isaac of Malden, and Sarah Haven, Dec.29,1743.*

John of Sherborn, and Mary Haven, July17,1740.*

John J. and Susan C. Lloyd of Boston, Dec.29,1839.

Jonathan and Betsey Cole, Apr.16,1817.

Joseph and Sarah J. Carter, Oct.8,1846.

Lowis of Bellingham, and Ezra Whiston, Sept.20,1790. In Bellingham.*

Lewis and Mary Winch, Apr.11,1809.

Louisa M. of Newton, and William Richardson, int.May7,1843.

Lydia H. of Hopkinton, and Andrew T. Jones, Oct.30,1831.

Mary Ann (of Sudbury, int.), a.35y., and Chesnut McRoy, a.56y., Jan.1,1845.

Persis and Abel Eaton, Nov.15,1825.

Samuel (Hall, int.and.CR1) of Boston, and Emily Walker, June27,1824.

Sarah F. and Amos Law, Apr.3,1834.

Sarah L. of Sudbury, and William Phillips of Fitchburg, July4,1836.*

Sophia and Ezra Hemenway, Aug.2,1803.*

Susan H. of Boston. and Josiah Easter, int.June11,1843.

Susan and George M. Thompson, int.Mar.26,1848.

Zebiah and Elias Hemenway, Nov.25,1813.

HILLS (Hill)

William D. of Charlestown, and Traphina Merriam, Oct.12,1809.


Joshua and Mary Ann Conant, July20,1828.


Betsey of West Boylston, and Nathan H. Foster, int.Sept.22,1816.


Hepsebah and Samuel Fairbank, June6,1751.*


Eliza J., a.22y., and Edwin Eames, s.Abel and Hitty, a.28y., Jan.5,1847.

Elizebeth of Weston, and Micah Gibbs, Nov.1,1753. In Weston.*


Anson L. of Freehold, NJ, and Ellen Brown, May10,1838.


Thomas and Winiford McGloine, int.Oct.8,1849.


Daniel and Molly Bowman of Westboro, Apr.14,1790. In Westboro.*

Nahum L. of Bellingham, s.Lyman and Hypsia, a.21y., and Laura A. Bachelder of Holliston, d.Nathan and Lucy, a.16y., Oct.5,1848.*

Sybil of Sberborn, and James Marshall, May16,1786. In Sherborn.*


Benjamin of Reading, and Abigail How, Aug.24,1743. In Reading.*

Benjamin and Sarah Gallot, July9,1751.*

Benjamin of Southboro, and Katharine Holden, Apr.13,1800.*

Benjamin F. and Harriet Morse of Boston, int.Feb.25,1839.

Electa and Ezekiel How Jr., Feb.10,1830.CR1

James and Abigail Arthur, Aug.25,1748.*

Jonathan of Windsor, VT, and Betsey Clark, June19,1810.

Katharine and Benjamin Holden of Southboro, Apr.13,1800.*

Winfield S. and Catharine Chase, July21,1844.


Jonas of Marlboro, and Barshabe Irvedy, Feb.1,1738-9. In Hopkinton.*

Mary and Supply Weeks of Marlboro, Mar.10,1714-5.*

Samuel and Mary Collar, Oct.9,1695. In Marlboro.*

Thomas of Gouldsborough, and Mary Perry of Natick, July20,1803.*


John J., widr., of Buffalo, NY, a, 26y., and Sarah E. Mansir, d.George W. and Caroline, a.21y., Sept.18,1848.


David of Marlboro, and Louis Walker, Nov.末,1787.*


Nancy and Capt. Daniel Atwood of Roxbury, Nov.29,1821.


Mary C. and David W. Miller, int.Apr.25,1847.


Bridget and Chester Morse, both of Newton, Nov.17,1806.*


Charles (Hosmer, int.) and Susan Carter, Sept.13,1830.

Elizabeth, d.John and Lucy of Rumney, NH, and Manley Farnum, s.Merrill and Louisa of Rumford, ME, a.21y., Apr.12,1846.

Martha of Hopkinton, and Josiah G. Perry of Worcester, May28,1834.*

Micael of Hopkinton, and Martha Menllen (Mellen.MR), Nov.5,1777.*

Michael of Hopkinton, and Azubah Haven, Nov.15,1800.*


Elisabeth and Josiah Rice, May6,1728.*


John and Debby Mellen, Oct.16,1814.

Solomon, Capt., and Phila Jennings, Feb.20,1825.

HORN (Horne)

Luther and Nancy Edgell, Sept.28,1815.

Submit and Moses Haven, Sept.17,1794.*

HORNE (Horn)

Charles E. and Ellen O. Temple, Nov.5,1840.

Ellen S., d.Luther and Cyrus R. Woolson, s.John, Sept.12,1844.


Eliza I.B. of Natick, and Curtis Parker, int.Mar.17,1832.

Sumner B. and Clarrissa Boynton, Mar.20,1833.


Benjamin F., Rev., of Haverhill, s.Joseph and Abigail, a.27y., and Mary E. Stone, d.Lnther and Mary, a.as y., July28,1845.


Mary Ann (Mary Ann E., int.) and W.I. (William I., int.) Neal, July4,1844.

Walter, a.27y., and Eliza Jane Hastings, a.21y., Feb.20,1845.


Aaron, widr., of Acton, and Laurella Nixon, d.Warren and 末末, Apr.4,1849.

Francis of East Medway, s.Nathan, a.21y., and Sarah H. Swallow, a.18y., Oct.19,1847.

Harriot of Acton, and Jarius S. Barney, int.Sept.7,1827.

James and Ann D. Daniels of Medway, int.Mar.21,1830.


John and Sarah Morse of Sherborn, int.Feb.11,1821.

John F. of Lancaster, s.John P. of Lancaster, a.21y., b. in Harvard, and Mary C. (Mary Clara, int.) Hemenway, adopted d.Ezra, a.21y., b. in Roxbury, June25,1846.


Daniel of Oxford, and Mehittabel Bridges, Nov.24,1726.*

HOW (Howe)

Abigail and Benjamin Holden of Reading, Aug.24,1743. In Reading.*.

Abraham and Elizabeth Perry, June16,1749.*

Abraham and Anne Edmunds, Dec.末,1785.*

Amasa and Mary Tombs of Hopkinton, int.Sept.12,1807.

Eleasar and Hephzibah Barret, both of Marlboro, Jan.26,1731-2.*

Elisabeth and Matthias How, both of Marlborough, July31,1732.*

Elisabeth and Samnel Gleason, Jan.6,1735-6.*

Ephraim of Marlborough, and Hannah Maynard, Nov.末,1782.* (Nov.20,1782.CR1)

Ezekiel and Sally Read of Sudbury, Oct.15,1780. In Sudbury.*

Ezekiel Jr. and Electa Holden, Feb.10,1830.CR1

Francis and Sally Haven, May7,1781.*

Hepsabeth and Abner Howe of Hopkinton, Oct.30,1766. In Hopkinton.*

Hezekiah and Jane Genneson of Sudbury, Oct.31,1746.*

Isaac and Lidia Jackson, June26,1712.*

Isaac and Hannah Howard, Apr.27,1727.*

Isaac and Elizabeth Edgell, Oct.16,1739.*

Isaac and Rebecca Edgell, Aug.5,1749.*

Isaac and Louis Dedman, June末,1785.*

John and Hannah Haven, July1,1712.*

John and Elizabeth Tombs of Hopkinton, Dec.10,1763. In Hopkinton.

Joseph and Sarah Stone, Nov.1,1750.*

Joseph and Hulda Stacy, June15,1780. In Sudbury.*

Joseph and Hepzibah Belknap, Sept.末,1785. ( Sept.22,1785.CR1)*

Lois and Henry Eames, May13,1750. In Hopkinton.*

Lovel of Marlboro, and Nabby Parker, June8,1803.*

Lydia and Japhet Perry, June26,1739.*

Matthias and Elisabeth How, both of Marlborougb, July31,1732.*

Nehemiah (Howe, dup.) of Hopkinton, and Ruth Eames, Nov.30,1806.*

Persis of Sudbury, and Isaac Stone, Sept.28,1763. In Sudbury.*

Rebeccah of Sudbury, and Samuel Frost, June19,1750. In Sudbury.*

Ruth and James Stone, Feb.14,1738-9.*

Samuel and Ruth Death, Nov.23,1715. In Watertown.*

Samuel and Elizabeth Sever, Jan.25,1738-9. In Sudbury.*

Sarah and Isaac Larned, Nov.19,1706.

Susan of Hopkinton, and Barnard Adams of Grafton, Oct.4,1832.*

Tabitha and Hezekiah Maynard, both of Marlboro, June11,1739.*

William B. of Southboro, and Rebecca S. Walkup, Mar.6,1844.CR2


Daniel of Southboro, and Lydia Newton, int.Nov.26,1814.

Hannah and Isaac How, Apr.27,1727.

Lydia and Samuel Hudson (Hutson, int.), Nov.15,1819.

William and Louisa B. Fessenden of Uxbridge, int.Dec.1,1844.

HOWE (How)

Nabby and Joel Jones, both of Sudbury, May29,1810.*

Abigail and Charles Fales, both of Southboro, May30,1832.*

Abner of Hopkinton, and Hepsabeth How, Oct.30,1766. In Hopkinton.*

Adolphus F. of Grafton, and Mary A. Underwood, int.Jan.9,1848.

Almira (Almena, int.) and Nahum Newton of Westboro (Southboro, int.), May17,1838.

Ann Maria and Henry M. Richards of Southboro, May31,1835.*

Bashsheba (Bathsheba, int.) and Thomas Bisco of Cambridge, June12,1808.

Charles and Adaline Dearth of Ashland int.Oct.28,1849.

Clarissa F. of Sudbury, d.Henry and Clarissa, a.25y., and Henry W. Allen of Princeton, S. of Moses and Mehitahle, a.28y., Oct.1,1846.*

Clynshia and John Fisk Jr. of Sherborn, Mar.7,1805.*

Edward and Nancy Ripley of Natick, int.Nov.8,1846.

Elias and Hannah Perry of Natick, int.Dec.16,1810.

Eliza Ann, wid., of Sudbury, d.Asher and Fanny Goodnow of Sudbury, a.32y., and John Johnson, s.John and Mary, a.27y., Aug.12,1847.

Betsey and William P. Temple, May12,1818.

Elizabeth and George R. Richards of Hopkinton, Apr.11,1832.

Ezekiel, Lieut., and Assenath Eaton, int.Sept.2,1815.

Harry of Sudbury, and Clarissa Frost, Apr.21,1819.

Mary Ann and Lucius Monroe, both of Hopkinton, Dec.1,1831.*

Nancy and Lawson Buckmiuster Jr., Nov.19,1807.

Olive (Nancy, int.) and Joel Rice, Jan.8,1818.

Olive P. and Charles H. Underwood, int.Dec.1,1844.

Persis and William Wheeler of Stratton, VT, int.Nov.18,1809.

Relief and Samuel Warren, Oct.28,1819.

Rhoda of Hopkinton, and Joseph Richards, Dec.20,1781. In Hopkinton.*

Samuel and Sally Hastings of Warwick, int.Nov.7,1818.*

Sally and John Trowbridge of Cambridge, May6,1804.*

Sally and Dana Jenison of Southboro, May2,1822.

Sukey and Levi Eaton, May16,1805.*

William and Louisa Cutting, Sept.28,1828.


James, s.James and Betsey, a.22y., and Mary Ann Ingraham, d.George, a.22y., Dec.25,1849.

John and Betsey Dorr, int.Dec.末,1843.


Otis, Dr., and Eliza B. King of New Ipswich, NH, int.July30,1843.


Angeline B. of Newton, and Henry Knowlton, Oct.31,1841. In Natick.

HUDSON (Hutson)

Fanny and Archibald Bent, Feb.5,1835.

Harriet N. and Lucien C. Woodbury, int.Mar.28,1847.

Henry S. and Sarah (Sarah P. int.) Bacon, Jan.21,1836.

Martha A., a.22y., and Otis Hemenway, S. of Martin, a.22y., Nov.25,1844.

Martin N. and Maria Reed of Sudbury, int.Dec.18,1836.

Nathan and Nancy Newtou, July3,1808.

Nathan M. and Hannah C. Keith (of Middleboro, int.), Dec.1,1836. In Marlboro.

Samuel (Hutson, int.) and Lydia Howard, Nov.15,1819.

Sally M. and Charles (Charles H., int.) Hill, May1,1838.

William and Dorcas Walkup, Mar.18,1747.*


Abigail and Vaughan Jones, Mar.14,1824.


Aaron, s.Aaron and Lois of Sudbury, a.24y., and Helen M. Baker, d.Simon and Comfort, a.23y., June20,1849.

Abigail and Joseph Haynes, Jan.28,1828.

Ann of Sudbury, and John Stone, June25,1778. In Sudbury.*

Elisha of Sudbury, and Sally Eaton, Apr.末,1794.*

Elizabeth of Sudbury, and Reuben Eaton, Apr.16,1794. In Sudbury.*

Elizabeth of Sudbury, and John Eaton Jr., int.May11,1845.

Henry of Sudbury, s.John and Mary, a.26y., and Mary B. Lord, d.Stephen and Mary, a.20y., July28,1844.

Isaac of Sudbury, and Persis Parmenter, Aug.13,1795.*

Jonas of East Sudbury, and Sally Hemenway, Feb.末,1788.*

Lucy Ann of Sudbury, and George F. Ballord, Apr.9,1837.

Patty of Sudbury, and William Ives, June2,1796. In Sudbury.*

Mary of Sudbury, and John Eaton Jr., Oct.18,1797. In Sudbury.*

Permelia (Hunting, int.) of Marlboro, and Roswell Farrar, Jan.3,1838.

Patience of Sudbury, and Benjamin Stone Hemenway, Nov.3,1795. In Sudbury.*

Persis and Buckley Parminter, int.Aug.26,1820.

Reuben of Sudbury, and Harriet Frost, Nov.26,1840.

Silas and Almira Nurse, June16,1825.

Sophronia and Charles Puffer of Concord, int.Jan.12,1845.


Elizabeth, a.32y., b. in Ireland and Thomas Haslum, a.30y., b. in Ireland Jan.8,1847.


Patience and Jonathan Robinson, Jan.11,1753. In Needham.*

HURD (Heard)

Augustus (of Sudbury, int.) and Maria French, Feb.19,1845.

Joseph of Oxford, and Mary Livermore, Dec.15,1763. In Oxford.*


Christiana and John McInnes, int.Aug.5,1848.

HUTSON (Hudson)

Nathan and Martha Drury, Sept.21,1815.

Sarah and David Newton of Southbury, Dec.12,1728.*

HYDE (Hide)

Abraham of Southboro, and Eleanor Parmenter, May7,1835.

Agnes A. and Charles S. Whitmore, Oct.6,1842.

Ebenezer and Ellen Manson, June15,1836.

Henry H. and Keziah Ricet Dec.29,1819.

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