Abraham and Polly Clark, Dec.末,1785.*

EAMES (Eams, Emes, Emmes, Emms)

Abel and Hitty Eames, Mar.末,1804.*

Abigail and John Newton of Southboro, Dec.14,1752. In Newton.

Abigail of Hopkinton, and Hezekiah Rice, Jan.29,1773. In Hopkinton.*

Abigail and Aaron Pratt Jr., Oct.26,1837.

Almira and.Martin A. Jones of Natick, Feb.25,1840.

Anna and Amasa Fobes of Roxbury, Aug.1,1802.*

Ann Maria and Josiah Hemenway (Jr., int.), Nov.25,1839.

Caroline and Archelaus Gassett (of Holliston, int.), Apr.9,1836.

Catharine and Edmnnd Eames, Feb.3,1834.

Charles T., widr., of Milford, s.Phinehas and Izanna, a.46y., and Martha Jones, d.Alexander and Milly, a.34y., Sept.16,1847.

Clarissa and Capt. Jonathan Wight 3d of Medfield, June3,1824.

Clarissa W., d.Jonathan and Susan, a.25y., and Benjamin Foster of Ashland s.Elijah, deC., and Philena, a.29y., Oct.4,1849.

Deborah and Ebenezer Hemmenway, Nov.29,1750.*

Deborah and Jehu Perry of Hopkinton, May4,1809.

Ebenezer and Elizabeth Coolidge, Apr.16,1778. In Natick.*

Edmund and Catharine Eames, Feb.3,1834.

Edwin, s.Abel and Hitty, a.28y., and Eliza J. Hobbs, a.22y., Jan.5,1847.

Elizebath and Caleb Drury, Oct.10,1706.*

Elizabeth of Hopkinton, and Hezekiah Rice, May18,1775. In Hopkinton.*

Ellen, d.Abel and Hitty, a.26y., and George N. Herring (of Farmington, NH, int.), s.Seth and Deborah, a.32y., Nov.13,1844.

Fisher and Loruhamah Dudley of Sudbury, int.July2,1826.

Harriet and Lorenzo E. Rice, Apr.7,1840.

Harrison and Eunice W. Harris of Sherborn, int.Nov.17,1839.

Henry and Lois How, May13,1750. In Hopkinton.

Henry and Elizabeth Kendal of Sherborn, Feb.14,1822.

Henry of Millbury, and Ellen Perry, July4,1833.

Horace and Eliza R. Whitmore of Ashburnham, int.Oct.31,1841.

Johannah and Ephraim Stone, Nov.28,1745. In Sudbury.*

John of Holliston, and Nabby Kendal, Feb.末,1807.*

John Jr. and Sally Littlefield of Holliston, int.Dec.9,1810.

John and Sarah Deming of Needham, int.July20,1811.

Jonathan of Sherborn, and Sally Pratt, June18,1822.

Joseph and Susanna Pike, July15,1746.*

Lois and John Steal Jr. of Petersham, Oct.12,1780. In Sherborn.*

Louisa and Alphens Pratt, May14,1819.

Lowel (Lovel, int.) and Lucy Eames, Apr.5,1810.

Lucinda of Sudbury, and Nathan Smith, May11,1790. In Sudbury.*

Lucy and Lowel (Lovel, int.) Eames, Apr.5,1810.

Lydia and Jacob Pratt of Sherborn, Oct.23,1760. In Sherborn.*

Marcia Kingsbury and Royal Grout. Sept.10,1835.

Martha and Thomas Drury, Aug.13,1753.*

Mary and Ebenezer Frizzell, Jan.11,1749.*

Mary and Nathan Parkhurst of Weston, Mar.21,1765. In Weston.*

Mary and Thomas C. Stearns of Sterling, Oct.27,1828.

Mary and Reuben Dewing, both of Holliston, Apr.8,1829.*

Mary (Mary B., int.) and Thomas E. Andrews of Buffalo, NY, Mar.30,1843.

Hitty and Abel Eames, Mar.末,1804.*

Moses 2d and Nancy Fay, July9,1809.

Nathaniel and Rachael Lovell of Medfield, Nov.27,1735. In Medfield.*

O.A. (Olivia Ann, int.), d.Lovell and 末末, a.22y., and C.H. (Curtis H., int.) Barber, widr., a.25y., b. in Hopkinton, Jan.5,1847.

Pamela of Hopkinton, and George Warren, int.July2,1831.

Philenia and Elijah H. Foster, June3,1819.

Phineas and Abigail Blanden of Newton, Dec.12,1751, In Newton.*

Ruth and Jonathan Rice, Oct.29,1746.*

Ruth and Nehemiah How (Howe, dup.) of Hopkinton, Nov.30,1806.*

Samuel and Eunice Fuller of Hopkinton, Dec.13,1750.*

Sally and Joseph Jennings Jr., Oct.30,1781.*

Sophia and Elbridge G. Whittemore, both of Holliston, Nov.13,1832.*

Susan and Franklin Munson (Manson, int.and.CR2), Jan.28,1839.

Thomas Jr. and Rachell Greeves, Sept.21,1748.*

William of Holliston, and Sally Parker, Apr.21,1800.*

EAMS (Eames, Emes, Emmes, Emms)

Abigail and Micah Drury, Sept.10,1724.*

Anne and Samuel Knight of Sudbury, Apr.23,1740.*

Johannah and John Butler, Mar.19,1740.*

John, Lieut., and Mary Fuller of Needham, Nov.15,1798. In Needham.*

Lydia and James Clayes, July24,1735.*

Margaret and Phinehas Rice, July6,1727.*

Martha and Uriah Drury, Dec.1,1726.*

Mary and John Pike, Sept.8,1726.*

Patience and Abraham Rice, Feb.1,1721-2.*

Rebeccah and Daniel Biglow, June27,1723.*

Robert and Deborah Adams, July16,1740*

Sarah and Daniel Gregory, July13,1732.*


Josiah and Susan H. Hill of Boston, int.June11,1843.


Martha and Samuel A. Forrister, int.Apr.7,1833.

Thomas J. of Spencer, and Louisa D. Bellows, Sept.29,1836.

EATON (Eatton)

Abel and Sally Hemenway, Mar.末,1802.*

Abel and Persis Hill, Nov.15,1825.

Abigail and Daniel Gregory, July1,1755.*

Abigail H. and Lemuel D. Clapp of Dorchester, Nov.30,1836.

Anna and Brigham Eaton of Petersham, May28,1778. In Sudbury.*

Assenath and Lieut. Ezekiel Howe, int.Sept.2,1815.

Asenath F. and Samuel De Witt of Shrewsbury, Aug.29,1839.

Beulah and Nathan Boyenton of Waltham, Dec.31,1778. In Sudbury.*

Brigham of Petersham, and Anna Eaton, May28,1778. In Sudbury.*

Daniel and Mehilable Murdock of Newton, Dec.27,1787. In Newton.*

Eben and Ama Walker of Medway, int.Dec.21,1816.

Eben and Sally Chadwick Spofford of Rowley, int.Dec.12,1819.

Ebenezer and Rebecca Stone, May21,1778. In Sheborn.*

Elbridge G. and Lydia K. Bracket, June28,1836.CR2

Betsey and Joshua Lane of Stratham, NH, Sept.9,1801.

Elizabeth H. of Sudbury, and William Bootman, int.Nov.29,1826.

Eveline and William R. Staples, Esq., of Providence, RI, Oct.25,1826.

Hannah and John Cheney of Sudbury, Dec.11,1753.*

Jesse of Boston, and Olivia Clark, June16,1811.

John Jr. and Mary Hunt of Sudbury, Oct.18,1797. In Sudbury.*

John Jr. and Elizabeth Hunt of Sudbury, int.May11,1845.

Jonas and Lois Goodnow of Sudbury, May7,1761. In Sudbury.*

Joseph and Nabby Taylor of Southboro, int.Dec.19,1808.

Levi and Sukey Howe, May16,1805.*

Levi and Eliza Buckminster. May19,1825.

Lois and Jonathan Maynard, May30,1784.*

Lucy and Obadiah Perry of Sherborn, Mar.23,1803.*

Luther and Polly Drury, Dec.末,1789.*

Luther and Mary Newton, Nov.24,1828.

Lidia and Matthias Clark, Oct.17,1729.*

Lydia and Lawson Nurse, Jan.1,1799.*

Lydia and Eli M. Richardson, Esq., int.Dec.6,1846.

Martha of Ashby, and Abner Wheeler, Esq., int.Oct.8,1837.

Mary and Dr. Nathan Rice, Sept.29,1796.*

Mary and Luther Stone. June14,1810.

Mary and Stephen Rice. Nov.21,1813.

Mary and Luther Gleason Jr. of East Sudbury, Apr.6,1831.

Mehitable and Francis B. Walker, June28,1826.

Nancy and Arthur Bowen of Sudbury, Apr.30,1840.

Nathan and Asenath Fisk, Nov.18,1794.*

Noah Jr and May Tilton of Sudbury, Feb.14,1771. In Sudbury.*

Noah and Martha Abbot, June12,1804.*

Olive and Reubeu Winch.Sept.26,1794.*

Rebeccah and James Brown. Oct.18,1733.*

Reuben and Elizabeth Hunt of Sudbury, Apr.16,1794. In Sudbury.*

Sally and Elisha Hunt of Sudbury, Apr.末,1794.*

Sally and Samuel Witt Jr. of Marlboro, Dec.3,1818.

S. Georgiana, d.(Dea.CR2) Eben and Sally, a.19y., and John W. Otis of Lancaster, WI, a.25y., July18,1849.

Silas and Polly Nichols, Feb.末,1782.*

Silas (Jr., int.) and Nancy Stone, Mar.5,1812.

William and Ann Nurse, Dec.2,1824.

EATTON (Eaton)

John and Rachel Right of Stoneham, Apr.27,1732. In Stoneham.*

Noah and Hannah Vinton of Stoneham, July29,1730. In Stoneham.*


Elizabeth and Isaac How, Oct.16,1739.*

Hitty and William Bond of Watertown, Sept.末,1786.*

Mehitable and Levi F. Whitmore, May8,1817.

Moses, Lieut., and Sophia Adams Angier of Natick, int.Aug.30,1817.

Nancy and Luther Horn, Sept.28,1815.

Rebecca and Isaac How, Aug.5,1749.*

EDMONDS (Edmunds)

Amos and Esther Hide of Newton, Apr.13,1773. In Newton.*

Jonathan and Huldah Hide of Newton, Oct.31,1765. In Newton.

EDMUNDS (Edmonds)

Anne and Abraham How, Dec.末,1785.*

Hannah and Ezekiel Rice Jr., Sept.19,1751.*

Huldah and Samuel Rice, Nov.末,1788.*

Joel and Abigail A.E. Childs, Apr.4,1838.

Jonathan Jr. and Hannah Ward of Newton, June13,1776. In Newton.

Jonathan Jr. and Lucy Nurse, May7,1807.

Philip D. of Lowell, and Susan H. Willis, May3,1840.

Susan and Josiah P. Brackett, Oct.4,1837.

Thomas s.Lowell, and Harriet S. Willis, May3,1840.


Alexander and Anne Haven, Apr.21,1811.

Alexander and Mary B. Batchelor of Grafton, int.Feb.6,1848.

Jonathan J. and Rowena Sabins of Millbury, int.Sept.30,1832.

Mary and Abel Adams of Mason, NH, Nov.12,1818.


Daniel Jr. and Sarah Provender, Feb.3,1707-8.*


Adaline and William S. Leach, Sept.4,1839.


Betsey of Dedham, and Daniel Haven, Jan.13,1762. In Dedham.*

Eunice of Walpole, and John Belknap, int.Oct.11,1846.

Lucretia and Thomas Washburn (Jr., int.), Apr.1,1824.

Nancy of Hopkinton, and Solon Fay, int.Mar.16,1828.

Silas C., s.Seth and Hannah, a.22y., and Julia Reed, d.Daniel and Mary, a.19y., Dec.19,1847.


David M. of New York, NY, and Candace H. Bigelow, Nov.17,1842. In Unionville.


Elijah and Sarah Ann Badge, both of Waltham, June25,1846.CR1*

Mary of Andover, and Rev. Joseph Haven, int.Sept.9,1840.

Rachel W. of Waltham, and Theodore H. Wheeler, int.Dec.24,1848.

EMES (Eames, Eams, Emmes, Emms)

Nabby and Ahel Metcalf. Feb.末,1789.*

Nabby (Nabby Eames 2d, int.) and Joseph Sanger, Jan.22,1811.

Anne or Sudbury, and Henry Gates.Feb.12,1782. In Sudbury.*

Asa and Anne Haven, both of Holliston,末蔓末,1789.*

Cloe of Sudbury, and Moses Haven, May11,1790. In Sudbury.*

David and Mary Pratt, Feb.10,1829.

Gershom and Lydia Wait, Feb.末,1784.*

Henry and Zuba Haven, Mar.1,1781.*

Jonathan (Eames, int.) and Susan Emes (Eames, int.), May10,1818.

Lucy and Daniel Jones, June末,1782.* (June13,1782.CR1)

Martha and Nathan Hemenway, Dec.3,1778.

Molly and Uriah Rice, June末,1784.*

Hitte and Needom Maynard, May6,1781.*

Moses and Lois Adams of Ramstan, Nov.16,1780.*

Phinehas and Joanna Jones, July末,1790.*

Prudence and Abner Haven, May末,1789.*

Robert of Whitestown, NY, and Polly Clayes, Jan.24,1793.*

Ruth and Frederick Brown. July末,1786.* (July2,1786.CR1)

Ruth and Ezra Rice, July末,1790.*

Susan (Eames, int.) and Jonathan Emes (Eames, int.) May10,1818.

Susannah and Asa Morse, Jan.15,1777.*

EMMES (Eames, Eams, Emes, Emms)

Mary and Micah Haven, Jan.16,1743-4.*

Samuell Jr. and Sabilla Haven, Jan.11,1738-9.*

EMMS (Eames, Eams, Emes, Emmes)

John and Joanna Bucminster, June23,1712.*

Lydia and Benjamin Muzzey of Lexington, Nov.15,1716.*


John of Winchendon, and Almira Jones, Oct.2,1832.

ESTE (Estee, Esty)

George G. and Eliza Jane Collins of Soulhboro, int.Mar.14,1847.

ESTEE (Este, Esty)

Fanny of Watertown, and Amasa Kendall, int.Jan.18,1812.

ESTY (Este, Estee)

C.C. (Constantine C., Esq., int.) s.Dexter and Mary, and Emily (Emily S., int.) March, Oct.18,1849.

Dexter (Lieut., int.) and Mary Eames Rice, Jan.29,1819.


Joseph G. and Sally Donelson, int.Nov.8,1812.


Nancy and George Hawes of Wrentham, Oct.27,1796.*

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