EAMES (Eamms, Emes, Emmes, Emms)

Aaron, s.Moses and Lois, Oct.9,1803.

Nabby (d.Lieut. John.GR1), Dec.11,1839. (Dec.10,1839, a.72y.GR1) (Apoplexy.CR2)

(Azubah.GR1), w.Henry, Oct.10,1820, (a, 67y.GR1)

Catharine (w.Nathaniel.GR1), May31,1833. (May30,1833, a.81y.GR1)

Charles J., Esq., s.Timothy and Mary, Mar.4,1833, a.33y.GR1

Charles, s.Alexander and Nabby, Mar. (23.GR1), 1834. (a.19y.GR1)

Derastus (Edmund Derastus.CR2), s.Edmund and Catherine, June9,1842, a.9m.18d.GR2

Elisabeth, w.John, June26,1727.

Bettey, w.Capt. Jesse, Feb.14,1776. (a.34y.8m.GR1)

Bettey, d.Capt. Jesse and Bettey, Dec.31,1776.

Elizabeth, d.Thomas Stone, Nov.13,1848, a.86y.10 m 8d.Md.Old age.

Grace, d.David and Mary, Aug.28,1848.GR2

Henry, Jan.21,1829. (a.78y.GR1)

John, Lieut., Mar.13,1832, a.88y.GR1

John, May13,1838, a.61y.GR1

Lawson, Nov.27,1846.GR2

Marion, d.David and Mary, July16,1833.GR2

Polley, d.Capt. Jesse and Bettey, Dec.22,1776.

Mary Ann, d.Alexander and Nabby, Sept.16,1820. (a.2y.4m.GR1)

Mary Ann, d.Timothy and Mary, Aug.30,1831. (a.24y.GR1)

Mary, d.David and Mary, July14,1833.GR2

Mary, w.David, Oct.22,1848, a.43y.11m.22d.Erysipelas.

Nathaniel, Sept.8,1820. (a.73y.GR1)

Rachel, w.Nathaniel, Oct.19,1778, in her 69th y.GR1

Ruth, w.Capt. Henry, Mar.11,1777, a.75y.GR1

Sally, w.John Jr., Feb.17,1827. (a.40y.GR1)

Sarah, w.Lieut. John, Sept.27,1830, a.68y.GR1

Stephen, s.Nathaniel and Cata, Oct.4,1786, a.4y.GR1

Timothy, widr., Mar.13,1846, a.83y.

William, s.Alexander and Nabby, July22,1826 (in his 20th y.GR1)

Zedekiah, s.Jonathan and Susan, Aug.8,1820.

EAMMS (Eames, Emes, Emmes, Emms)

John, Dec.14,1733-4.


Emma, Dec.14,1843, a.31ス y.GR5


Abigail, d.Silas and Mary Nichols, d.in early childhood.GR1[Probably after 1782.]

Nabby, d.Silas and Polly, Sept.24,1802.

Ama, w.Eben, Aug.14,1818. (a.27y.GR1)

Anna, d.Jonas and Lois, Nov.末,1777.

Anna, d.Jonas and Lois, Oct.末,1787.

Ann Maria, d.Maj. Silas and Nancy, Aug.29,1826, a.7y.6m.GR1

Daniel, s.Jonas, June20,1837.

Ebenezer, Aug.25,1842, a.93y.(a.93y.3m.CR2)

Elenor, w.Luther, Feb.16,1827, a.57y.GR1

Elizabeth, d.John, Dec.末,1836, a.32y.Consumption.CR1

Hannah, d.Silas and Polly, Aug.22,1791.

Hannah (Hannah Vinton.GR1), wid.Cornet Noah, Mar.8,1795, a.87y.

Jesse, s.Jonas and Lois, Nov.5,1786.

John, Dec.26, 末末, a.76y.Md.Dropsy.

John Sr., May28,1816. (a.76y.GR1)

Jonas, Aug.13,1727, a.47y.

Jonas, Aug.14,1825.

Joseph, Nov.15,1841.

Joshua Trowbridge, s.Nathan and Asenath, Nov.28,1802.

Josiah, s.Silas and Mary, in Lynn, Feb.5,1847, a.65y.GR1

Lois, w.Jonas, Mar.17,1819.

Luther, s.Noah and 末末, July4,1848, a.85y.9m.16d.Md.Consumption.

Martha, w.Noah, Nov.30,1834, a.81y.GR1

Polly, w.Luther, Dec. (21.GR1), 1794, (a.26y.GR1)

Mary (Mary Nichols.GR1), w.Silas, Oct.31,1818. (Oct.30,1818, a.6, y.GR1)

Mehetable, d.Silas and Mary Nichols, d.in early childhood.GR1[Probably after 1782.]

Hitty, d.Silas and Polly, Sept.24,1802.

Nancy, w.(Maj. Silas.CR1), Aug.5,1845, a.64y.GR1 (Erysipelas.CR1)

Nathan, s.Jonas and Lois, Apr.3,1771.

Nathan, 2d s.Jonas and Lois, Nov.末,1777.

Nathan, Apr.26,1812 (in his 45th y.GR1).

Noah, Cornet, father of Silas, Oct.8,1791, a.83y.

Noah, June12,1814. a.82y.GR1

Olive, w.John, Sept.20,1842, a.93y.GR1

Percis, d.Jonas and Lois, Feb.5,1796.

Rebecca, Mar.26,1825, a.75y.GR1

Samuel, s.Joshua and Lydia, Oct.8,1729, a.1y.7m.22d.GR1

Samuel, s.Silas and Polly, Dec.18,1797.

Sally, w.Abel, Dec.29,1824.

Silas (Maj. Silas.GR1) Jr., June23,1828. (a.43y.GR1)

Silas (s.Noah and Hannah.GR1), July18,1828. (a.77y.GR1)

Susan, w.Levi, Mar.30,1824. (Mar.24,1824, a.41y.GR1)

Willard, s.Abel and Sally, Mar.19,1802.

William, s.John Jr. and Mary, Nov.16,1826. (a.26y.GR1)

EDGEL (Edgell)

Aaron L., Sept.28,1816. (a.49y.GR2)

Nelly (Nelly T.GR2), wid.Aaron L., Oct.21,1840. (a.70y.GR2)

EDGELL (Edgel)

Eleanor, mother of Moses, Esq., Oct.22,1840., a.70y.CR1

Mehitable, w.Simon, Feb.5,1835, a.92y.GR2

Simon, Oct.3,1820, a.87y.GR2

EDMONDS (Edmunds)

Prudence, d.Jonathan and Prudence, Aug.18,1760.

Prudence, w.Jonathan Jr., Feb.24,1764.

EDMUNDS (Edmonds)

Hannah, w.Jonathan, Dec.26,1812, a.71y.

Hannah, d.Jonathan Jr. and Lucy, July4,1817.

Jonathan, Jan.8,1816.

Jonathan Jr., Jan.21,1830. (Jan.22.GR2)

Lucy, wid.Jonathan Jr., Jan.7,1838. (a.55y.Suicide.CR2)

Susan, d.Jonathan Jr. and Lucy, Sept.7,1839.


Alexander, Aug.23,1813. (July, 1813, a.30y.GR1)

Ann (Ann Haven.GR1), wid.Alexander, Apr.3,1814. (a.27y.GR1)

Benjamin, Capt., Mar.末,1803, a.71y.GR1

Jonathan, July (July3.CR3), 1818, a.32y.GR1

Mary Bent, Feb.末,1824, a.80y.GR1


Hannah E., July17,1848, a.4m.GR5

Julia, d.Daniel and Mary Reed, Aug.16,1848, a.19y.1m.2d.Md.Consumption.

Silas C., Sept.12,1848, a.23y.GR5

EMES (Eames, Eamms, Emmes, Emms)

Luse, d.Timothy and Sarah, May19,1758.

Lydia, Apr.18,1767.PR2

Zedekiah, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Cate, Oct.27,1778, in his 3d y.GR1

EMMES (Eames, Eamms, Emes, Emms)

Ann, d.Nathaniel and Rachal, Nov.30,1748.

Ebenezer, s.Samnel and Sebellah, Jan.1,1745.

Eunice, d.Samuel and Eunice, Oct.21,1755.

Eunice, d.Samuel and Eunice, Nov.24,1758.

Garshom, Feb.16,1752.

Henry, Capt., May16,1761.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Rachel, Aug.14,1739.

Phenihas, Mar.6,1752.

Prissilla, d.John and Johannah, May17,1738.

Sebellah, w.Samuel, Feb.19,1749.

EMMS (Eames, Eamms, Emes, Emmes)

Ann, w.Nathaniel, Mar.12,1743.

Benjamin, s.Nathaniel and Rachal, Nov.24,1737.

Molle, Aug.17,1747.

Nathaniel, Jan.1,1746.

Robert, Aug.18,1747.

Robert, s.Rohert and Deborah, Aug.27,1747.

William, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Rachel, Mar.2,1740-1.


Almira J., w.John, Nov.8,1847, a.42y.Dropsy.


John, July6,1847, a.36y.9m.18d., b. in England.Md.Head complaint.


Elizabeth Morse, d.Lieut. Dexter and Mary Eames, Apr.29,1831. (a.13m.GR2)

Joseph, s.Lieut. Dexter and Mary Eames, July28,1822. (a.9d.GR2)

Mary Louisa.d.Lieut. Dexter and Mary Eames, Sept.12,1820. (a.3m.GR2)

Mary E., w.Dexter, Sept.3,1849, a.62y.6m.7d.Consumption.


Benjamin, s.Jesse and Elisabeth, Aug.10,1801, in his 20th y.GR1

James, s.Jesse and Elisabeth, Mar.28,1800, in his 21st y.GR1

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