Bradford Belknap, s.Nathan and Mary, Feb.29,1828.

Eudolphus Thomas, s.Nathan and Mary, Oct.5,1820.

Mary Cornelia, d.Nathan and Mary, Aug.11,1823.

Mary Cornelia, d.Nathan and Mary, Jan.4,1830.


Robert, s.Thomas and Jane Neilson, Mar.31,1844.


Madison, Oct.9,1809.GR2

Mary Adeline Cary, w.Madison, July8,1816.GR2

Mary Emma, d.Madison and Mary Adeline, July9,1844.GR2

Willis Madison,末蔓末,1846.GR2


Abby, d.Pattrick and Mary, Dec.28,1846.


Kezia, d.John and Mary, Nov.30,1844.


Ellen, d.Joan and Mary Ann, Aug.6,1848.


James, May20,1814.GR5

Jeanie B., w.John, Aug.29,1841.GR5

John, Feb.25,1836.GR5

Susan P., w.James, June2,1811.GR5

READ (Reed)

Nathan, s.Isaac and Lydia, Feb.5,1756.


Sarah McGowan,末蔓末,1841.GR4


A. Augusta, Apr.11,1849.GR2

REED (Read)

Jane, d.Jefferson and Susan, May3,1848.

Mary, d.Thomas and末蔓末, July12,1846.


Alvin, Sept.27,1823.GR5

Lucy A. Reed, w.Alvin, July25,1834.GR5


Anne, d.Anne, bp. Nov.2,1782.CR1

Hannah, d.Anne, bp. Nov.2,1782.CR1


末末, ch.Micajah and末蔓末, Apr.29,1846.

Aaron, s.Ezekiel and Hannah.Nov.16,1767.

Abel, s.Jonathan and Ruth, Oct.20,1766.

Abaigail, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth, Mar.23,1713-4.

Abigail, d.Ezekiel and Hannah, Dec.29,1757.

Nabby, d.Elisha, bp. Dec.末,1789.CR1

Nabby, d.Lieut. Phinehas and Ruth, Nov.8,1791.

Nabby Eaton, d.Ezra and Ruth, Dec.6,1805.

Abigail Lafayette, d.Micajah, bp. July9,1848.CR2

Abner, s.Phinehas Jr. and Sally, June8,1819.

Abner, s.Capt. Josiah and Charlotte, Aug.24,1821.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Patience, May9,1725.

Adaline (Adaline R.GR2), d.Phinehas Jr. and Sally, in East Sudbury, Feb.6,1824.

Alfred Banister, s.Micajah and Lucy, in Barre, July9,1811.

Almira, d.Ezra and Ruth, June15,1801.

Almira M., w.Elbridge E.,末蔓末,1819.GR2

Almira S., w.Edwin C,末蔓末,1834.GR2

Alphonso, s.Martin and Betsey, Nov.6,1830.

Alvin Augustus, s.Luther and Mary, Apr.17,1818.

Amos, s.Josiah and Mary, Feb.16,1782.

Amos, s.Capt. Josiah and Charlotte, Apr.26,1818.

Anna, d.Thomas and Betsey, Jan.17,1801.

Anne, d.David and Hannah, Mar.29,1755.

Anne, d.Ezekiel (Ezekiel Jr.CR1) and Hannah, Oct.8,1759.

Arthur Thomas, s.Thomas and Eliza E.,末蔓末, (bp. May23,1840.CR2).

Arthur C s.Isaac and Emily, Oct.25,1847.

Asenath, d.Jonathan, bp. Apr.末,1793.CR1

Augustus, s.Stephen and Mary, Jan.1,1818.

Bezaleel, s.Bezaleel and Sarah, May19,1721.

Bezalel, s.Bezalel and Susannah, Apr.11,1744.

Bezalel, s.Bezalel and Sarah, Dec.5,1751.

Buckminster, s.Josiah and Mary, July19,1765.

Caroline, d.Jonathan, bp. Nov.末,1795.CR1

Caroline W., w.Abner,末蔓末,1824.GR2

Cata, d.Jonathan and Ruth, Sept.5,1751.

Charles Augustus Henry, s.Micajah and Lucy, in Natick, May31,1817.

Charlotte, d.Capt. Josiah and Charlotte, Jan.16,1816.

Chloe, d.Jonah, bp. Sept.末,1790.CR1

Clarissa, d.Capt. Uriah and Mary, Sept.18,1791.

Clementina Maria, d.Joseph and Sophia, Apr.21,1818.

Curtiss, s.Thomas and Betsey, Oct.6,1798. [Twin.]

Syntha, d.Capt. Samuel and Huldah, Sept.21,1792.

Daniell, s.Jeames and Sarah.Mar.13,1704-5.

Daniel, s.Ezekiel and Hannah, Aug.10,1729.

Daniel, s.Ezekiel (Ezekiel Jr.CR1) and Hannah, Nov.24,1755.

Daniel, s.Josiah and Mary, Mar.29,1779.

Daniel, s.Capt. Josiah and Charlotte, Aug.6,1810.

David, s.Bezaleel and Sarah, Sept.17,1723.

David, s.Abraham and Patience, June13,1738.

David, s.David and Hannah, May2,17577

Deborah, d.David and Hannah, Sept.26,1759.

Dolly, w.John,末蔓末,1799.GR2

Edmund, s.Martin and Betsey, Dec.23,1822.

Edward Curtis, s.Luther and Mary, Mar.4,1821.

Edward Curtis, s.Martin and Betsey.June11,1829.

Edward, s.Emory L. and Susan, Aug.30,1847.

Edwin Cornelius, s.Stephen and Mary, Feb.22,1825.

Edwin Brainard, s.Lorenzo E. and Harriet, Feb.26,1843.

Elbridge Eaton, s.Stephen and Mary, Mar.14,1816.

Eleanor, d.Peter and Ruth, Sept.22,1763.

Nelle, d.Josiah and Mary, Sept.19,1767.

Elenor, d.Capt. Uriah and Mary, Mar.3,1785.

Elias, s.Joseph and Sophia, in Hopkinton, Sept.7,1812.

Elisha, s.Josiah and Mary, Mar.12,1764.

Eliza E., w.Roland P., Sept.5,1836.GR2

Elisabeth, d.Ezekiel and Hannah, Oct.13,1761.

Betsey, d.Thomas and Betsey, June6,1791. [Twin.]

Betsey, d.Ezekiel Jr. and Lydia, July18,1792.

Elizabeth, d.Capt. Samuel and Huldah, Jan.15,1796.

Elizebeth, d.Capt. Josiah and Charlotte, Mar.4,1812.

Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Eliza E., May24,1830.

Ellen Olivia, d.Lorenzo E. and Harriet, Aug.25,1841.

Emma Lucy, d.Thomas and Eliza E.,末蔓末,183. (bp. Nov.18,1838.CR2).

Emery Leonard, s.Austin and Sena, June19,1824.

Esther J. Harriman, w.Henry Dixon, July14,1844.GR2

Eunice, d.Jonathan, bp. Aug.末,1799.CR1

Ezekiel, s.Ezekiel and Hannah, Oct.29,1723.

Ezekiel, s.Ezekiel Jr. and Hannah, June20,1752.

Ezra, s.Peter and Ruth, Nov.14,1765.

Fanna, d.Jonathan and Ruth, Oct.18,1758.

Fannie Richards, w.Leander P., Apr.1,1836.GR2

Fitz James, s.Micajah and Lucy, in Barre, July14,1814.

Francis B., s.Joel and Nancy, May31,1821.

George, s.Thomas and Betsey, June15,1803.

George, s.Capt. Josiah and Charlotte, Sept.29,1824.

George H.,末蔓末,1826.GR2

George, s.Martin and Betsey, Sept.28,1837.

Grace, d.Jonathan and Ruth, June25,1753.

Hannah, d.Ezekiel and Hannah, Oct.15,1727.

Hannah, d.Richard and Hannah.Nov.10,1735.

Hannah, d.David and Hannah, Jan.19,1752.

Hannah, d.Ezekiel (Ezekiel Jr.CR1) and Hannah, Mar.26,1754.

Hannah, d.Jonathan, bp. Apr.13,1755.CR1

Hannah, d.Capt. Samuel and Huldah, Sept.26,1789.

Harriet E. (Harriet Elizabeth.CR2), d.Lorenzo E. and Harriet, Jan.7,1849.

Henry, s.Abraham and Patience, Aug.3,1736.

Henry Brigham, s.Luther and Mary, Oct.4,1819.

Henry Howard, s.Austin and Sena, July22,1821.

Henry Dixon, Mar.7,1837.GR2

Henry Stearns, s.Micajah.bp. July9,1848.CR2

Hezekiah, s.Bezalel (Bezaleel Jr.CR1) and Susannah, Oct.2,1745.

Hezekiah, s.Jonathan and Ruth, Sept.19,1748.

Isabella Graham, d.Thomas and Eliza E., Feb.9,1836.

James, s.Ezekiel and Hannah, July13,1726.

James, s.Richard and Sarah, June24,1758.

Jesse, s.Ezekiel Jr. and Lydia, Aug.31,1785.

Joel, s.Peter and Ruth, Mar.27,1772.

Joel, s.Ezra and Ruth, Dec.2,1790.

John, s.Ezekiel and Hannah, Apr.9,1725.

John, s.Bezalel and Sarah, Feb.9,1754.

John, s.Lydia, bp. Mar.4,1759.CR1

John, s.Uriah and Rachel, Feb.22,1764.

John, s.Josiah and Mary.Mar.27,1770.

John, s.Ezekiel Jr. and Lydia, Apr.21,1790.

John, s.Ezra and Ruth, Oct.20,1792.

Jonas, s.Peter and Ruth, May20,1770.

Jonas, s.Josiah.bp. Oct.6,1776.CR1

Jonathan, s.Abraham and Patience, Nov.4,1722.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Ruth, May14,1757.

Johnathan Edmunds, s.Capt. Samuel and Huldah, June17,1799.

Joseph, s.Phinehas and Margaret, June27,1728.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sophia.in Hopkinton, Aug.5,1815.

Josiah, s.David and Hannah.Aug.19,1701.

Josiah, s.Bezaleel and Sarah, Nov.23,1734.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Mary, Sept.29,1768.

Josiah, s.Capt. Josiah and Charlotte, Nov.25,1808.

Kezia, d.Thomas, bp. July末,1798.CR1

Lavinia, d.Phinehas Jr. and Sally, Apr.22,1817.

Lawson, s.Lieut. Phinehas and Ruth, May30,1805.

Lawson Eugene, s.Lawson and Elizabeth, Mar.28,1836.

Leander P., June28,1832.GR2

Lorenzo Emerson, s.Phinehas Jr. and Sally, in Natick, May30,1815.

Louisa, d.Ezra and Ruth, Dec.6,1798.

Louisa D., d.Joel and Nancy, Oct.末,1827, (w.Hosea H. White.GR2)

Louisa Maynard, d.Thomas and Eliza E., Aug.9,1834, (w.Thomas Jefferson Whittemore.GR2)

Lowell, s.Ezekiel Jr. and Lydia, June29,1783.

Lucia, d.Jonathan, bp. Mar.28,1760.CR1

Luther, s.Thomas and Betsey, June3,1793.

Marcia, in Wayland Sept.5,1804.GR2

Martha, d.Ezekiel and Hannah, Aug.8,1732.

Martha, d.Bezaleel and Sarah, July9,1737.

Martha, d.Richard and Sarah, May7,1756.

Martha, d.David and Hannah, Apr.17,1762.

Martha, d.David and Hannah, Sept.8,1766.

Patty, d.Jonathan, bp. Nov.末,1788.CR1

Patty, d.Thomas and Betsey, June1,1789.

Martin, s.Capt. Samuel and Huldah, Sept.4,1797.

Martin, s.Martin and Betsey, June18,1824.

Mary, d.Hezekiah and Mary, Sept.5,1728.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Ruth, Feb.4,1749.

Mary, d.Bezaleel, bp. Mar.28,1762.CR1

Mary, d.Ezekiel and Hannah, Sept.20,1763.

Molly, d.Josiah, bp. Jan.26,1772.CR1

Polly, d.Josiah and Mary, Dec.20,1781.

Mary, d.Capt. Uriah and Mary, Feb.27,1787.

Mary, d.Lieut. Phinehas and Ruth, Nov.19,1798.

Mary Ann, d.Joel and Nancy, Oct.26,1818.

Mary Ellen, d.Stephen and Mary, Oct.17,1819, (w.Elijah M. Jones.GR2)

Mary Elizabeth, d.Luther and Mary, Oct.25,1822.

Mary Eveline Banister, d.Micajah and Lucy, June2,1826.

Mary L., w.George H.,末蔓末,1834.GR2

Matilda Smith, d.Thomas and Eliza E., Aug.21,1832.

Mehetabel, d.Peter and Ruth, Mar.4,1768.

Hitte, d.Peter and Ruth, June11,1778.

Micajah, s.Josiah and Mary, Jan.13,1772.

Micajah, s.Lieut. Phinehas and Ruth, Mar.20,1786.

Micajah Cushman, s.Micajah and Lucy, Sept.20,1819.

Mellicent d.Thomas and Betsey, Apr.5,1787.

Nahum, s.Josiah, bp. June26,1774.CR1

Nancy, d.Jonathan, bp. Sept.末,1788.CR1

Nathan, s.Bezalel and Sarah, Aug.18,1756.

Nathan, s.David, bp. Apr.9,1769.CR1

Nathan Drury, s.James, bp. Nov.末,1794.CR1

Nathan Eaton, s.Stephen and Mary, Sept.5,1822.

Olive, d.Jonathan, bp. Apr.29,1770.CR1

Olive, d.Martin and Betsey, Oct.21,1825.

Otis, s.Capt. Josiah and Charlotte, May27,1807.

Patience, d.Abraham and Patience, July22,1732.

Perkins, s.Ezra and Ruth, Nov.19,1796.

Perry Murdock, s.Lawson and Elizabeth, Dec.15,1831.

Persis, d.Ezekiel, bp. June3,1770.CR1

Peter, s.Peter and Ruth, Feb.7,1761.

Peter, s.Ezra and Ruth, Sept.22,1794.

Peter, Sept.24,1796.GR2

Phenihas, s.Jonathan and Ruth, Nov.23,1761.

Phinehas, s.Lieut. Phinehas and Ruth, July17,1789.

Phinehas, s.Stephen, bp. July末,1826.CR1

Phinehas Gibbs, s.Martin and Betsey, Dec.31,1826.

Prescott, s.Thomas and Betsey, Oct.6,1798. [Twin.]

Prudence, d.Uriah and Rachel, Apr.22,1762.

Richard, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth, Jan.31,1709-10.

Richard, s.Ezekiel and Hannah, Oct.20,1730.

Richard, s.Abraham and Patience, Sept.28,1743.

Roland Perry, s.Stephen and Mary, Oct.12,1827.

Ruhamah, s.Elisha, bp. Dec.末,1789.CR1

Ruth, d.Jonathan and Ruth, Apr.4,1755.

Ruth, d.Hezekiah, bp. Apr.17,1774.CR1

Ruthe, d.Lieut. Phinehas and Ruth, Mar.20,1788.

Ruthe, d.Lieut. Phinehas and Ruth, Feb.13,1794.

Samuel, s.Abraham and Patience, May10,1730.

Samuel, s.Bezaleel, bp. Sept.23,1764.CR1 (B.末蔓末,1764.GR1)

Samuel, s.Capt. Samuel and Huldah, Apr.14,1794.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Elezabeth, Sept.24,1707.

Sarah, d.Bezaleel and Sarah, Sept.1,1725.

Sarah, d.Abraham and Patience, Apr.9,1727.

Sarah, d of Bezalel (Jr.CR1) and Susannah, Sept.5,1750.

Sarah, d.Abraham, bp. May5,1754.CR1

Sarah, d.Ezekiel (Ezekiel Jr.CR1) and Hannah, Dec.19,1765.

Sally, d.Capt. Samuel and Huldah, Apr.4,1791.

Sally, d.Lieut. Phinehas and Ruth, June20,1796.

Sarah Francis, s.Phinehas Jr. and Sally, Aug.21,1821.

Silas, s.James, bp. Nov.末,1794.CR1

Sophia, d.Thomas and Betsey, Mar.14,1806.

Sophia Cornelia, d.Thomas and Eliza E., Oct.4,1842.

Stephen, s.Jonathan and Ruth, May24,1763.

Stephen, s.Lieut. Phinehas and Ruth, Jan.26,1785.

Submit, d.Jonathan and Ruth, Jan.31,1765.

Sumner, s.Capt. Josiah and Charlotte, May8,1814.

Susannah, d.Bezalel and Susannah, July6,1748.

Susanna, d.Abraham, bp. Aug.3,1766.CR1

Theodore Perry, s.Micajah and Lucy, May7,1823.

Thezian, s.Thomas and Betsey, Aug.17,1796.

Thomas, s.David and Hannah, May2,1764.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Betsey, June6,1791. [Twin.]

Uriah, s.Peter and Ruth, July7,1757.

Wilder, s.Ezekiel Jr. and Lydia, Feb.14,1788.

Willard B., Feb.28,1824.GR2

Willard Cutting, s.Aaron and Joan, Aug.16,1844.

William, s.David, bp. July3,1775.CR1

William A., s.Martin and Betsey, Jan.10,1833.

William A. (William Augustus.CR2), s.Martin and Betsey, July18,1834.

William Anthony, s.Aaron and Joan, Aug.16,1844.

Zeruiah, d.Bezaleel and Sarah, Feb.14,1727-8.

Zurviah, d.Cornet David, bp. July12,1772.CR1


Curtis, s.Thomas and Polly, June10,1796.

Betsey, d.Thomas and Polly, May29,1795.

Emory, s.Thomas and Polly, Apr.2,1802.

Hollis, s.Thomas and Polly, Mar.9,1798.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Rhoda, Sept.29,1782.

Lucy Marion, d.末末, bp. May28,1837.CR2

Maria, d.Thomas and Polly, Aug.28,1800.

Marion Elinor, d.Henry M. and Ann Marion, bp. Oct.27,1839.CR2

Mary C., d.Thomas and Polly, in Brookfield, Feb.16,1805.

Rhoda, d.Joseph and Rhoda, Aug.8,1784.

Sullivan, s.Thomas and Polly, June20,1794.

Susanna, d.Joseph and Rhoda, Aug.13,1786.

Willard, s.Thomas and Polly, Aug.6,1803.

William, s.Thomas and Polly, May7,1799.



Benjamin Franklin, s.Henry and Relief, Feb.6,1823.

Edward Clark, s.George and Harriet N., Aug.18,1843.GR2

Elizabeth Ann, d.Henry and Relief, Dec.14,1828.

George, Aug.26,1812.GR2

George Henry, s.George and Harriet N., July15,1838.GR2

George Augustus, s.George and Harriet N., bp. Aug.16,1846.CR1

Henry, Mar.25,1791.GR2

Henry Francis Augustus, s.Henry and Relief, June4,1815.

James Prentice, s.Henry and Relief, Aug.20,1821.

Mary Prentice, d.Henry and Relief, June25,1817.

Raham William, s.Henry and Relief, July21,1819.

Relief Catharine, d.Henry and Relief, Nov.27,1826. (Catharine R., Nov.28. 1827.GR2)

Samuel Wadsworth, s.Henry and Relief, Nov.30,1824. (Nov.1,1824.GR2)

William Henry, s.H.F.A. and Esther G., May1,1848.


George F., s.Luther P. and Eliza, June7,1848.

RIGHT (Wright)

Zourbabell, s.Edward and Hannah, Aug.14,1708.


Patrick, Mar.17,1839.GR3


Chester W.,末蔓末,1842.GR2


Charles F., July2,1847.GR2

Mary Eliza, w.Rev. Samuel D., Feb.7,1814.GR2

Samuel D., Rev., Mar.7,1812.GR2

ROBENSON (Robinson)

Elisha, s.Elisha and Eunice, Sept.3,1774.

Hebsebath, d.Jonathan and Martha, Oct.6,1745.

Joel, s.Elisha and Eunice, Dec.7,1775.

Patiance, d.Jonathan and Patiance, May7,1754.



ROBINSON (Robenson)

Eliakim, s.Jonathan and Martha, Aug.16,1737.

Elisha, s.Jonathan and Martha, Aug.27,1751.

Elizabeth L.GR2 w.Nathan D., July4,1835.GR2

Eunice, d.Jonathan, bp. Sept.7,1760.CR1

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Martha, Mar.9,1734-5.

Linda H.GR2 w.Nathan S.,末蔓末,1841.GR1

Martha, d.Jonathan and Martha, July10,1730.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Martha, Mar.26,1748.

Mary S.GR2 w.Preston,末蔓末,1809.GR1

Nathan D., June20,1835.GR2

Nathan S.末蔓末,1840.GR1

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Martha, Jan.24,1732-3.


Anna, d.William and 末末, Mar.29,1847.


John, s.William and Ann, Aug.20,1847.


Ellen, d.George W. and Lydia A., in Natick, Sept.30,1848.


Elizabeth, d.and John and Jeannett, Mar.24,1842.

Isabella, d.John and Jeannett, Aug.24,1843.

Jeannett, d.John and Jeannett, in Dumfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland Nov.24,1839.

John, s.John and Jeannett, Jan.13,1841.

Mary Ann, d.John and Jeannett, Oct.31,1845. (Scotch.CR1)

Nahum R.,末蔓末,1817.GR5


Harriet F. Maynard.GR2 w.Cromwell G., May23,1831.GR1




Aberaham, s.Jonathan and Sarah.Apr.27,1710.

Alfred Bradford, s.CharIes and Lucinda, in Southboro, July31,1828.

Benjamin Herbert, s.Charles and Lucinda, Aug.19,1843.

Caroline, d.Jonathan Jr. and Patty, Dec.9,1803.

Charles, s.Ezra and Polly, Mar.23,1804.

Daniel, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Apr.19,1751.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Sarah, June11,1779.

Ebenezer, s.Jonathan and Hannah, July22,1720.

Elijah, s.Daniel and Sarah, May3,1775.

Eliza, d.Jonathan Jr. and Patty, Dec.19,1801.

Elesabeth, d.Jonathau and Hannah, May13,1748.

Betsy, d.Daniel and Sarah, June22,1789.

Emeline, d.Jonathan Jr. and Patty, Sept.22,1807.

Ezra, s.Jonathan and Hephzebah, Mar.20,1781.

George, s.Ezra, bp. Nov.末,1807.CR1

George Frederic, s.Warren and Hannah, Oct.15,1833.

Glover, s.Jonathan Jr. and Patty, June3,1805.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Nov.28,1713.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Nov.9,1746.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Sarah, Dec.26,1792.

Henry Warren, s.Warren and Hannah, Sept.3,1831.

Hephzeba, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Jan.18,1707-8.

Hephzebah, d.Jonathan and Hephzebah, Feb.3,1779.

James Glover, s.Jonathan, bp. July末,1815.CR1

John, s.Jonathan and Hannah, June10,1718.

John, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Aug.31,1764.

John, s.Daniel and Sarah, May18,1782.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Nov.27,1716.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hannah, May6,1753.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hephzebah, May20,1777.

Lucetta Maria, d.Charles and Lucinda, in Sherborn, July12,1833.

Luke Fairbank, s.Ezra and Polly, Dec.10,1805.

Martha, d.Jonathan Jr. and Patty, Nov.29,1809.

Molle, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Aug.14,1756.

Polly, d.Jonathan, bp. Oct.末,1786.CR1

Mehetabell, d.Johnathan and Hannah, Sept.15,1711.

Nathan, s.Daniel and Sarah, June8,1777.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Oct.2,1705.

Salley, d.Daniel and Sarah, Apr.10,1785.

Warren, s.Ezra and Polly, Sept.24,1807.




Waldo D., Sept.29,1839.GR2


Mary Ann, d.Josiah and Anna, Oct.30,1817.


James Francis, Nov.27,1849.GR4

John, s.Willis and Catharine, in Boston, May27,1848.

Mary Ann, d.John and Ann, Feb.13,1849.

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