Elma Augusta, d.Charles W. and Abby, in Franklin, Oct.12,1848.


Abiall, s.Abiall and Hannah, Jan.21,1708-9.

Abigail, d.Samuell, bp. Aug.26,1770.CR1

Barzillai, s.Samuell and Hester, Sept.12,1712.

Benjamin, s.Samuel and Sarah, Oct.14,1750.

Caleb, s.Abiall and Hannah, Oct.30,1704.

David, s.Samuell, bp. May29,1768.CR1

Dority, d.Jonathan and Lydia, Feb.3,1717.

Ebenezer, s.Abial and Hannah, Oct.19,1706.

Elizabeth, d.Samuel, bp. Aug.17,1766.CR1

Easter, d.Samuel and Sarah, May21,1752.

John, s.Barzillai and Sarah, Sept.23,1734.

John, s.Samuell, bp. July10,1756.CR1

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Lydia, Feb.26,1715.

Joshua, s.Jonathan and Lydia, Jan.19,1719.

Joshua, s.Samuel and Mary, Aug.15,1733.

Joshua, s.Samuel and Sarah, Oct.29,1748.

Lidia, d.Jonathan and Lidia, Dec.31,1710.

Martyn, s.Samuell, bp. May1,1774.CR1

Martin, s.Benjamin and Nabby, Mar.13,1781.

Mary, d.Samuell and Hester, May31,1710.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Liddia, Nov.8,1712.

Polly, d.Benjamin and Nabby, Nov.17,1784.

Nathan, s.Samuell, bp. July1,1764.CR1

Nathan, s.Benjamin and Nabby, Jan.25,1782.

Febe, d.Jonathan and Ledia, Mar.2,1708.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Esther, Mar.10,1721-2.

Saraih, d.Abiall Jr. and Hannah, Apr.6,1701.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Sarah, July2,1754.


Plato, Dec.1,1737.


Henrietta W, w.William H.,末蔓末,1832.GR1


George W.末蔓末,1831.GR2


Caroline L., w.Luke R,末蔓末,1843.GR2


Eliza Eaton, d.Joshua and Betsey, in Northampton, Aug.19,1802.

Huldah L. Bates, w.Charles D.,末蔓末,1847.GR2

Loiza Maynard, d.Joshua and Betsey, in Newburyport, Aug.21,1804.


Margaret, d.Archibald and 末末, Aug.22,1845.


Mary, d.John and Hannah, Apr.1,1848.

LARNARD (Larned, Learned)

Daniel, s.Moses and Lydia, Jan.2,1735-6.

Lydia, d.Moses and Lydia, July6,1730.

Mehetabel, d.Moses and Lydia, Mar.24,1739-40.

Moses, s.Moses and Lydia, Feb.13,1727-8.

Simon, s.Moses and Lydia, May25,1732.

LARNED (Larnard, Learned)

Deborah, d.Moses and Lydia, Jan.21,1745.

Elijah, s.Moses and Lydia, June1,1738.

Elesabeth, d.Moses and Lydia, Aug.31,1743.

Hannah, d.Moses and Lydia, Mar.16,1740-1.

Josiah, s.Isaac and Sarah, Dec.1,1707.

Mehetable, d.Moses and Ruth, July3,1763.

Moses, s.Moses and Ruth, May15,1754.

Ruth, d.Moses and Ruth, Jan.1,1752.

Samuell, s.Moses and Lydia, Feb.14,1733-4.

Samuel, s.Moses Jr. and Ruth, June7,1756.

Sarah, d.Moses and Lydia, June16,1748.

Simon, s.Moses and Ruth, Dec.11,1758.

Solomon, s.Moses (Jr.CR1) and Ruth, Aug.17,1749.

Thomas, s.Moses and Ruth, Jan.10,1766.

LARRABEE (Larrahbee)

Abigail How, d.William and Sally, Sept.17,1814.

Charles Thomas, s.William and Sally, May13,1812.

Edward Watson, s.William and Sally, Feb.4,1811.

Emily, d.Thomas and Lucy, May29,1812.

George B., s.William and Sally, Aug.12,1816.

George Boyle, s.William and Sally, Apr.26,1818.

John Fisk, s.William and Sally, Apr.7,1820.

Lucy, d.Thomas and Lucy, Mar.2,1809.

Lucy Ann, d.Thomas and Lucy, Sept.15,1815.

Mariah, d.William and Sally, May30,1807.

Thomas Prescott, s.Thomas and Lucy, May22,1818.

William Fisk, s.William and Sally, Sept.25,1808.

LARRAHBEE (Larrabee)

Berneice L. Stuart, w.James B.,末蔓末,1849.GR2

James B.,末蔓末,1839.GR2

LASSLIE (Leslie)

George, Feb.14,1826.GR2


Harrison W.,末蔓末,1810.GR2


Hannah Elizabeth, d.Edwin and Hannah F., June2,1835.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Elisabeth, Feb.5,1733-4.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth, Nov.30,1729.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Elisabeth, Dec.15,1731.

LEADBETTER (Ledbetter)

Daniel, s.Ezra, bp. Aug.23,1778.CR1

LEALAND (Leland)

Arthur D, s.Micah and Tryphena B., Jan.30,1845.

LEARNED (Larnard, Larned)

Anna, d.Moses and Ruth, Apr.23,1761.

Martha, d.Isaac and Sarah, May21,1702.

Mary, d.Moses, bp. Aug.16,1752.CR1

LEDBETTER (Leadbetter)

Patte, d.末末, bp. Aug.4,1776.CR1


Alvira, d.Rufus and Mary, in Watertown, Jan.1,1812.

Loiza Ann, d.Rufus and Mary, July25,1816.

Mary Loiza, d.Rufus and Mary, in Watertown, July7,1814.

Michael, s.Peter and Margaret, in Leicester, Jan.18,1848.


Ellena, d.Thomas and Ellen, Sept.21,1849.

LELAND (Lealand)


Lucy Ann, d.Augustine and Lucy Ann, bp. Apr.17,1836.CR1

Margaret, w.S.N.,末蔓末,1839.GR2

Sarah J., w.Harrison,末蔓末,1827.GR2


Charles B., s.Benjamin and Sarah E., May3,1849.


Francis, s.Francis and Ellen, Apr.15,1848.

LESLIE (Lasslie)

Abby Isabel, d.Thomas and Abigail, June12,1844.

Maria E., d.Peter and 末末, Nov.11,1846.

LEWES (Lewis)

William, s.William and Marcy, Aug.31,1751

LEWIS (Lewes)

Charles H., Dec.9,1830.GR2

Frances M.P., in Boston,末蔓末,1819.GR2

Harriet Phipps, w.Abial, June9,1841.GR2


Annie R.,末蔓末,1832.GR2

Caroline Esther,末蔓末,1834.GR2

Isaac F., Capt.,末蔓末,1847.GR5

Loring D.,末蔓末,1821.GR2

Martha Elizabeth, d.Lewis and Eliza, July30,1844.


Clarissa, d.John and 末末, Sept.24,1843. Adopted by Cyrus W. Angier, Oct.4,1844.


Abigail Ann, d.Adams and Mary, May20,1818.

Adams, s.Asa and Mary, June30,1783.

Polly, d.Asa and Mary, July20,1792.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Adams and Mary, Jan.27,1820.

Ruth, d.Asa and Mary, Nov.3,1780.


Elisabeth, d.John and Abigail, Jan.7,1735-6.

John, s.John and Abigail, Nov.7,1738.

Mary, d.John and Abigail, Oct.21,1733.

Mary, d.John and Abigal, July23,1745.

Submit, d.John and Abigal, Mar.19,1748.

Susanna, d.John and Abigarl, May3,1743.

LLOYD (Loyd)

Curtis B.,末蔓末,1806.CR1 (Curtis Brewer, s.末末 Lloyd, bp. Oct.末 末,1811.CR1)

E. Ellen, d.Curtis B. and Ruth W.,末蔓末,1839.CR1

Helen A., d.C.B. and Ruth, Nov.8,1848.

Ruth W., w.Curtis B.,末蔓末,1817.CR1

Sarah A., d.Curtis B. and Ruth W.,末蔓末,1847.CR1

LOCK (Locke)

Elezabeth, d.Jonathan and Mary, Mar.5,1770.

LOCKE (Lock)

Mary Elizabeth, d.Stephen and Elizabet, Feb.22,1846.


Halina Terrissa, d.James A. and Mary Maria, May31,1841.


末末, ch.Nathaniel and Caroline E., Nov.11,1845.

Isaac Alexander, s.Nathaniel and Caroline, Feb.26,1848.


Helen A. Tuttle, w.Lucius S.,末蔓末,1849.GR2

Jasper, s.Enoch and 末末, Dec.1,1846.

Mary Ann, w.James, Nov.7,1805.CR2


Charles W.末蔓末,1833.GR2

Grace, Charles W.,末蔓末,1841.CR2

LOYD (Lloyd)

Eliza Ann, d.末末, bp. Oct.末,1811.CR1

John Curtis, s.Curtis, bp. Sept.30,1838.CR2


Georgianna, d.O.W. and Mary, of Manchester, NH, Jan.26,1849.


Elizabeth, d.Thomas and 末末, Mar.23,1846.

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