Alice Kennedy, w.James,末蔓末,1820.GR4



Charles, s.Rev. David and Sally, Apr.29,1793.

David, s.Rev. David and Sally, Apr.2,1791.

Gardner, s.Rev. David and Sally, Aug.28,1788.

Martha, d.Rev. David and Sally, May23,1787.

Mary (Polly, dup.), d.Rev. David and Sally, Feb.25,1782.

Nancy, d.Rev. David and Sally, July16,1785.

Sally, d.Rev. David and Sally, Sept.28,1783.

KENDAL (Kendall, Kindal)

Comfort, d.Elezer and Mary, May3,1752.

Elesabeth, d.Thomas and Hannah, Jan.20,1752.

Hannah, d.Thomas (Thomas Jr.CR1) and Hannah, Sept.9,1756.

Martha, d.Thomas and Hannah, Nov.6,1753.

Rachel, d.Eliezer and Hannah, Mar.29,1730.

Samuel, s.Eleasar and Hannah, Nov.19,1735.

Samuel Parish, s.Cheever, bp. Sept.末,1783.CR1

KENDALL (Kendal, Kindal)

末末, s.George and Louisa,末蔓末, 末末.

Abba, d.Amasa and Abigail, Apr.11,1834.

Abigail, d.Thomas, bp. Jan.26,1752.CR1

Nabby, d.John and Mary, Oct.25,1784.

Addison Grosvenor, s.John Jr. and Lavina, Dec.20,1831.

Adaline N., w.John M.,末蔓末,1838.GR1

Albert Bradley, s.Luther and Mary, July16,1826.

Olonzo, s.Luther and Mary, Nov.16,1829.

Amasa, s.Nathan and Betsey, Nov.17,1786.

Anna, d.John and Mary, May18,1788.

Charles Blake, s.Luther and Mary, June13,1815.

Cheever, s.Elijah and Jemima, Aug.5,1756.

Cumfort, d.Eleazer and Mary, July10,1760.

Dana Cloyse, s.Amasa and Abigail, June15,1827.

David Kellogg, s.Amasa and Abigail, Jan.2,1829.

Dexter Buckminster, s.Luther and Mary 2d, Oct.4,1833. [Twin.]

Edward Francis, s.Amasa and Abigail, Oct.6,1823.

Eleazar, s.Eleazar Jr. and Mary, Oct.末,1756.

Elijah, s.Elijah and Jemima, June13,1752.

Elijah, s.Elijah and Jemima, June20,1754.

Betsy, d.Cheever, bp. May末,1782.CR1

Betsey, d.Nathau and Betsey, June25,1785.

Elizaette, d.Luther and Mary, May9,1824.

Fanne, d.Eleazer and Mary, July11,1758.

George Emmerson, s.Luther and Mary, Jan.30,1819.

George Harris, s.Amasa and Abigail, Aug.18,1820.

Henry Jackson, s.Luther and Mary, Apr.4,1817.

James, s.John and Mary, Apr.2,1783.

James A., Rev., Nov.1,1803.GR2

James Brown, Oct.11,1834.GR2

Jane, d.Joshua and Sarah, July17,1746.

John, s.Thomas (Thomas Jr.CR1) and Hannah, May8,1755.

John, s.John and Mary, Apr.1,1798.

John Mayhew, s.Amasa and Abigail, Jan.24,1832.

Jonathan, s.Eliezer and Hannah, Jan.5,1728-9.

Luther, s.Nathan and Betsey, July31,1790.

Maria Elizabeth, d.Amasa and Abigail, Mar.20,1822.

Mariette, d.George and Louisa, Apr.18,1847.

Martha, d.Elijah and Jemima, Apr.22,1751.

Patty, d.John and Mary, June2,1795.

Mary, d.Eleazar Jr. and Mary, Jan.16,1750.

Polly, d.John and Mary, July10,1790.

Moses Davis, s.George and Lois Willard, Feb.24,1845.

Nancy, d.Nathan and Betsey, Apr.13,1794.

Nathan, s.Thomas and Hannah, Sept.12,1759.

Nathaniel, s.Elijah and Jemima, Oct.22,1758.

Nelly, d.John and Mary, May24,1785.

Otis Horatio, s.Luther and Mary, June24,1822.

Rachel, d.Eleazar Jr. and Mary, Dec.28,1751.

Rebecca, d.John and Mary, Dec.29,1792.

Sally, d.Naihan and Betsey, Feb.23,1792.

Sukey, d.John and Mary, July24,1802.

Susan Ann, d.Luther and Mary 2d, Oct.4,1833. [Twin.]

William, s.John and Mary, Aug.22,1804.


Elizabeth, d.John, bp. Mar.末,1825.CR1

Harriet, d.John, bp. Mar.末,1822.CR1

John, s.John and Mary, Oct.27,1817.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Oct.29,1819.

Samuel Davies, s.John, bp. Sept.末,1827.CR1 Twin.

Thomas Scott, s.John, bp. Sept.末,18271.CR1 Twin.

Thomas Godard, s.Thomas, Dec.29,1827.CR2




Charles Hiram, s.Hiram and Permelia, Feb.1,1842.

KINDAL (Kendal, Kendall)

Nancy, d.Cheever, bp. July末,1781.CR1

KINDAR (Kinder)

Samuel, s.Samuel and Nancy, Sept.8,1844.

KINDER (Kindar)

Anna, d.Samuel and 末末, Mar.5,1846.


Thomas George, s.Samuel and Nancy, Dec.27,1847.

Thomas, s.Samuel and Nancy, Apr.30,1849.


Charlotte Jane, d.Peter and Ann Jane of Mobile, in New York, NY, Nov.23,1848.

George, Nov.26,1819.GR2

Jacob, s.Jacob and Mary, Sept.25,1848.


Anna Lydia, d.Lawson and Sophia, Mar.14,1834.

Asa William, s.Lawson and Sophia, Mar.22,1837.

Charles White Wood, s.Lawson and Sophia, May22,1831.

Charlotte Augusta, d.Lawson and Sophia, Feb.27,1824.

Frances Sophia, d.Lawson and Sophia, Sept.2,1828.

Frederick Lawson, s.Lawson and Sophia, June5,1826.

George Henry Holbrook, s.Lawson and Sophia, May14,1822.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Lawson and Sophia, May16,1843.

Miriam, d.Lawson and Sophia, Mar.13,1840.


Bridget, s.John and Mary, Feb.1,1849.


Ellen, d.Dr. John B. and Mary, May19,1803.

John, s.Dr. John B. and Mary, Jan.24,1811.


KNOLTON (Knowlton)

Rebecka, d.Elias and Elesabeth, Oct.3,1765.

KNOWLTON (Knolton)

Alpheus, s.Ebenezer and Nancy, July22,1822.

Caroline Selina, d.Edward and Almira, July5,183.

Charles, s.Micah and Nancy, July22,1810.

Charles Russel, s.Edward and Almira, Feb.20,1838.

Daniel Miller, s.Ebenezer and Nancy, May29,1814.

Edward, s.Micah and Nancy, July15,1808.

Edwin Augustus, s.Charles and Eliza, July31,1839.

Elisha, s.Elias and Elesabeth, June5,1767.

Eliza, d.Ebenezer and Nancy, Oct.14,1825.

Henry, s.Ebenezer and Nancy, Dec.11,1816.

Isaiah, s.Isaiah and Jemima, July20,1797.

Lenard, s.Isaiah and Jemima, 末蔓22,1797.

Nason, s.Ebenezer and Nancy, June6,1829.

Olive A. Walker, w.Thomas A.,末蔓末,1838.GR2

Selena, d.Micah and Nancy, Apr.3,1813.

Susanna, d.Ebenezer and Nancy, Dec.31,1818.

Thomas A.,末蔓末,1838.GR2

William, s.Isaiah and Jemima, Dec.12,1800.


Anna Veronica Kraus, w.George H.,末蔓末,1816.GR2

George H.,末蔓末,1820.GR2

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