Mary S. of Knox, ME, and Carmi G. Hamblet, int. Aug. 10, 1833.

NAWEL (Nowel, Nowell)

James and Polley Jones, int. Nov. 8, 1794. [Nowell, m. Dec. 18. CR1].


John of Bilaraca, and Mrs. Phebe Shaddok, int. Oct. 22, 1767.


Hannah, Mrs., of Haverhill, and William Smila, int. Nov. 30, 1771.


Francis L., 21, cordwainer, s. Jacob and Phebe, and Charlotte E. Sixby, 18, of Lowell, d. Garrett and Laty, May 16, 1848.*

NICHOLAS (Nicholes, Nichols, Nicklas, Nicklos, Nicols)

Francis and Sarah Philips, int. July 22, 1747.

Robert and Elisebeth [int. Mrs. Elesebeth] Harvey, Apr. 14, 1772. [Nicholls, and Elisabeth Harvey. MR]

Sophronia of Carlisle, and J. Simon Harris, int. Sept. 20, 1829.

NICHOLES (Nicholas, Nichols, Nicklas, Nicklos, Nicols)

Sarah and Tounsend Dennes, int. Jan. 16, 1762.

NICHOLS (Nicholas, Nicholes, Nicklas, Nicklos, Nicols)

Mary T. and Ephraim Wood, Sept. 14, 1828.

Sarah, 23, d. William and Betsey, and Asa F. Cales, 28, operative, s. Oliver (Calef) and Lydia, Dec. 6, 1846.*

NICKLAS (Nicholas, Nicholes, Nichols, Nicklos, Nicols)

Josiah [int. Joseph Jr.] of Billirica, and Salley Melone [int. Mellona], Dec. 6, 1792. [Joseph Nickless of Billerica, and Sally Mallone. CR1].

Moses of Billerica, and Rachel Carkin of Billerica, Jan. 27, 1807.*

NICKLOS (Nicholas, Nicholes, Nichols, Nicklas, Nicols)

Polley and Daniel Elliot of Danvil, VT, int. Sept. 11, 1795.

NICOLS (Nicholas, Nicholes, Nichols, Nicklas, Nicklos)

Betty [int. Mrs. Bette Nicholas] and John Handcock [int. Hancock], Dec. 3, 1772. [Betty Nicholls, and John Hancock. MR].


Joseph Jr., 32, confectioner, of Lowell, s. Joseph and Elizabeth, and Merriam Hill, 21, d. Isaac and Lucinda, Aug. 31, 1847.*

NOICE (Noyes, Noys)

Thomas of Newbary, and Rachel Clemons, int. Mar. 30, 1757.

NOWEL (Nawel, Nowell)

Catharine and Israel Hunt, Dec. 10, 1793. [Nowell. CR1].

Moses Jr. and Patty French, int. Oct. 27, 1796. [Nowell. m. Dec. 15. CR1].

NOWELL (Nawel, Nowel)

Anna [int. Anne Noweill] and Benjamin French Jr., Feb. 2, 1792. [Anna Nowell and Benjamin Friend Jr. CR1].

NOYES (Noice, Noys)

Harriet, 18, of Lowell, d. Benjaimn C. and Huldah, and Alpheus Hamblet, 24, stone layer, s. Samuel and Polley, June 20, 1846.*

NOYS (Noice, Noyes)

Fradrick of Andover, and Hannah Varnum, int. May 27, 1809. [Frederick Noyes, m. June 20. CR1].

NUCOM (Newcomb)

Simon of Thetford, VT, and Hannah Curtis, Mar. 4, 1790. [Newcom. MR] [Newcomb. CR1].


John B. and Sarah Parker, int. Dec. 9, 1837.

Mary and Worthey [int. Capt. Worthy] Parker, Dec. 21, 1837.


David L. of Tewksbury, and Margerrit Knipton of Tewksbury, July 4, 1832.* [Margaret Knepton. CR1].

William C.G., 27, shoemaker, s. G.V. and Eliza, and Catharine W. Fox, 22, d. Charles and Sarah S., Aug. 17, 1847.*

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