ABBOT (Abbott)

Nabby, d.Solomon and Rachel, Mar.13,1797.

Albert G., s.Samuel B., June25,1828.

Anternet, d.Samuel B. and Salley, Jan.12,1823.

Charles W.[Abbott], h.Frances E.(Fox),末蔓末,1835.GR8

Daniel, s.Daniel and Lucy, Sept.8,1757.

Daniel, s.Daniel Colbey and Patience, Jan.19,1799.

Daniel, s.Daniel Colbey and Patience, Oct.20,1805. [h.Elsie (Marshall).GR8]

David, s.Solomon and Hannah, May18,1775.

Dorcas, d.Solomon and Rachel, Sept.19,1786.

Dolly, d.Solomon and Rachel, July17,1789.

Dolly, d.Daniel Colbey and Patience, Mar.30,1803.

Ebenezer, s.James and Lydia, Jan.25,1771.

Edwin, s.Daniel and Elsee, May33,1839.

Elizabeth Jane (Abot), d.Samuel B., July16,1830.


Frances E.(Fox)[Abbott], w.Charles W. [May末,1839].GR8

Francena[Abbott], d.Daniel, farmer, and Alcy (b. Hollis, NH.), Nov.3,1849.

Hannah, d.James and Lydia, July14,1769.

Hannah, d.David and Hannah, Oct.23,1798.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Elsee, Aug.6,1837.

Harriot Newell, d.Jonathan and Abagail, Jan.28,1818.

John, s.William and Patty, Apr.22,1790.

Jonathan, s.Daniel and Lucey, Jan.20,1772.

Joseph, s.James and Lydia, Oct.17,1767.

Lucilia, d.Daniel and Elsee, Mar.26,1833.

Luther, s.Daniel Colbey and Patience, May20,1795.

Lydia, d.James and Lydia, May20,1762.

Moly, d.James and Lydia, Jan.14,1764.

Polley, d.William and Patty, Apr.8,1786.

Mary Ann, d.Samuel B. and Sally, Mar.21,1825.

Mercy, d.James and Lydia, Aug.24,1780.

Nathaniel, s.James and Lydia.Jan.19,1766.

Nehemiah, s.Dr. James and Lydia, Nov.22,1759.

Patience, d.Daniel Colbey and Patience, Dec.7,1792.

Pelly, d.Solnmon and Rachel, Apr.4,1793.

Rachel, d.James and Lydia, Mar.22,1761.

Rachel, d.Solomon and Rachel, Apr.3,1795.

Rebecca Massey, d.Jonathan and Rebecca, Nov.21,1795.

Releaf, d.James and Lydia, Sept.18,1778.

Rone, d.James and Lydia, Jan.13,1773.

Samuel[Abbott], s.Daniel and Luusey, Feb.16,1765.

Samuel Bowers, s.Solomon and Rachel, Sept.22,1799.

Sarah[Abbott], d.Solomon and Hannah, Mar.22,1761.

Sally, d.Solomon and Rachel, June13,1791.

Salley Varnum, d.Samuel B., Sept.13,1826.

Sibyl, d.James and Lydia, Dec.21,1774.

Solomon, s.Solomon and Hannah, May7,1759.

Solomon, s.Solomon and Rachel, Sept.1,1801.

William, s.Daniel and Lucy, Feb.22,1760.

William, William and Patty, May18,1788.

Ziba, s.Daniel Colbey and Patience, Nov.11,1800.

ADAMS (Addams)

Abiah, d.David and Ahiah, Sept.8,1713.

Asa, s.Jessa and Betty, Apr.13,1776.

Daniel, a.David and Abiah, Oct.17,1775.

David, a.David and Abiah, Apr.6,1771.

Bety[Addams], d.Jesse and Bely, June12,1774.

George Morris, s.Rev. George W. and Elizabeth, Jan.4,1848.

James, s.David and Abiah, Nov.19,1768.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Rev. George W. and Elizabeth, Dec.4,1845.

Sarah, d.David and Abiah, May19,1767.


Alma, d.Rev. Solomon and Polly, Mar.9,1797.

Daniel, s.Rev. Solomon and Polly, Mar.9,1799.

Betsey F., w.Mark L.,末蔓末,1813.GR8

James B., s.Herrick and Ann Matilda, June20,1835.

Jonas Bradley, s.Herrick and Ann Matilda, Aug.13,1833.

Justus Warner, s.Rev. Solomon and Polley, July13,1793.

Polly, d.Rev. Solomon and Polly, Apr.3,1795.

Polly Wright, d.Rev. Solomon and Polly, Aug.19,1801.

Samuel Adams, s.Rev. Solomon and Polly, July22,1803.

Salina Atwood [?], d.Rev. Solomon and Polly, Jan.30,1811.

Solomon, s.Rev. Solomon and Polley, Oct.2,1791.

Sophia, d.Rev. Solomon and Polley, Dec.6,1789.


William, s.Jonas and Ellen,末蔓末,1842.GR8


Samuel Burbank, s.Gideon Allen and Hannah Jones, wid., Oct.31,1810.


Abigal, d.Daniel [and] Phebe, Aug.23,1823.

Benjamin Barker, s.Daniel and Mary, Feb.26,1812.

Charles, s.Jacob and Rhoda [June末,1849].GR8

Charllote Ann, d.George and Mary Ann,末蔓末,1840.GR11

Daniel, s.Daniel and Mary, Jan.2,1817 [sic, see Phebe Butter Ames.]

Betsey, d.Daniel and Mary, Dec.23,1821.

Eveline, d.Jacob and Rhoda [ Sept.末,1841].GR8

George, s.Josiah and Prudence, Aug.5,1813.

Georgiana R., d.Josiah Jr. and Nancy C., May2,1846.

Harriet, d.Josiah and Prudence, Sept.13,1819.

Henry W. [h.Patty P. (Kimball)],末蔓末,1794.GR11

Jacob [h.Rhoda A.] [ Sept.末,1806].GR8

John, s.Josiah and Prudence, Dec.12,1821.

Josiah [h.Prudence],末蔓末,1780.GR11

Josiah, s.Josiah and Prudence, Dec.17,1817.

Mary Ann, d.Daniel and Mary, Feb.5,1819.

Mary Wight, d.Josiah Jr., wheelwright, and Nancy C. (b. Holliston), Nov.7,1849.

Phebe Butter, d.Daniel and Mary, Jan.17,1817 [sic, see Daniel]. [w.Augustus Coburn, Jan.17,1815.GR11]

Rhoda A., w.Jacob [Feb.末,1807].GR8

Romanzo, s.Jacob and Rhoda [ Sept.末,1833].GR8

Sarah Jones, d.Josiah and Prudence, Apr.4,1815.

Theodore, s.Daniel and Mary, June13,1813.

William C., s.Josiah Jr., wheelwright, and Nancy C., Mar.19,1845.


Abel, s.Col. Lewis and Cathrine, Oct.2,1798.

Allice J., d.Atis, yeoman, and Joanna, July24,1844.

Aline J., d.Atis and Joanna,末蔓末,1844.GR2

Athis, s.Col. Lewis and Cathrine, Dec.21,1796. [Atis.GR2]

Atis E., s.Atis and Joanna [June末,1842].GR2

Benjamin F., s.Atis, farmer, and Joannah, May30,1843.

Cathrine, d.Col. Lewi. and Cathrine, Nov.19,1794.

Elizabeth (Ansort), d.Col. Lewis [and] Cathrine, June22,1787.

Felix, s.Col. Lewis and Cathrine, Jan.6,1793.

George W., s.Abel and Martha, Mar.8,1847.

Hariot (Ansort), d.Col. Lewis and Cathrine, Mar.12,1791.

Joanna, w.Atis,末蔓末,1815.GR2

Julia (Asart), d.Col. Luis and Cathrine, June19,1785.

Sophia, d.Col. Lewis and Cathrine, July13,1789. [w.Dr. Nathan B. Spaulding.GR2]

William, s.Atis and Joanna, Mar.14,1847.


Allice[Astens], d.David and Elizibeth, July6,1787.

Silas[Astens], s.David and Elezebath, 末蔓18,1789.


Hannah, d.Nathan and Hannah, Mar.13,1756.


George, s.Samuel, carpenter, and Mary, July15,1843.


Abigail, d.William andHannah, Feb.12,1796.

Abijah, s.Henry and Elisabeth, June10,1810.

Axea[Asten], d.David and Lydia, June5,1779.

Asa, William and Hannah, Aug.11,1789.

Asa[Asten], s.David and Elizebeth, Feb.21,1793.

Asa, s.Henry and Elisabeth, July25,1816.

Caroline Carr, ch.William 3d and Mary H., Jan.9,1840.

Charles, s.William Jr. and Lydia, Sept.21,1820.

Charles H., s.William 3d, stone mason, and Mary, June25,1843.

Clarrissa, d.William Jr. and Lydia, Apr.7,1809.

Clark, s.William Jr. and Lydia, Dec.29,1817.

David Jr.[Asten], s.David and Lydia, Sept.26,1777.

Elesebath[Asten], d.David and Elisebath, July4,1785.

Elisabeth, d.Henry and Elisabeth, Feb.12,1804.

Enoch Cross, s.Hiram, laborer (b. Boxford), and Harriet B., Aug.27,1838, in Haverhill.

Francis Brewster, s.Hiram, laborer (b. Boxford), and Harriet B., Mar.31,1840, in Haverhill.

George Bradley, s.Hiram, laborer (b. Boxford), and Harriet B., June12,1843, in Haverhill.

George Henry, s.Henry E., shearer, and Selina, June15,1844.

Hannah[Asten], d.William and Hannah, Aug.17,1784.

Hannah, d.Henry and Elisabeth, Feb.27,1814.

Harriet Reynolds, d.Hiram, laborer (b. Boxford), and Harriet B., July3,1848, in Methuen.

Henriett Frances, ch.William, 3d, and Mary H., Jan.5,1837.

Henery[Asten], s.William and Hannah, Jan.14,1782.

Henry, s.Henry and Elisabeth, Mar.15,1807.

Hiram, s.Henry and Elisabeth, Mar.27,1808.

John, s.William Jr. and Lydia, Aug.21,1807.

John Willer, s.Asa, yeoman, and Mary, Aug.24,1845.

Julia Ann, d.William, Jan.22,1824.

Lydia Jane, d.William Jr. and Lydia, Feb.18,1815.

Maria Ann, d.William Jr. and Lydia, Oct.24,1811.

Mary, d.Abiatha and Mary, Oct.26,1799.

Mary Cross, d.Hiram, laborer (b. Boxford), and Harriet B., Aug.22,1845, in Methuen.

Nathan Robinson, s.Hiram, laborer (b. Boxford), and Harriet B., Feb.16,1842, in Haverhill.

Rhoda, d.William and Hannah, Aug.29,1793.

Samuel, s.William and Hannah, Jan.23,1787.

Samuel, s.Henry and Elisabeth, Mar.5,1812.

Sarah, d.David and Elizibeth, Aug.1,1791.

Sarah, d.Henry and Elisabeth, Sept.28,1818.

Sophronia, d.Henry and Elisabeth, Aug.5,1805.

Susannah, d.Henry and Elisabeth, May4,1809.

William[Asten], s.William and Hannah, Dec.24,1779. [William Austin. Jr.GR6]

William 3d, s.William Jr. and Lydia, Dec.22,1805.


Florence E., d.Franklin S., mason (b. Thornton, NH.), and Adelia (b. Farley, VT.), Oct.24,1849.


Annette B., w.Daniel [Oct.末,1815].GR8

Annette, d.Daniel and Annette B., Mar.13,1842, in Lowell.GR8

Daniel, s.Daniel and Annette B., Feb.7,1846.GR8

Sarah J. [?m.], June19,1836.GR8

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