Abraham and Emily Parks, July 16, 1825.

Elizabeth and Jonathan Hews, Mar. 25, 1709.*

Hannah and Nathaniel Learned, in Watertown, Apr. 15, 1781.*

Hepsabeth and Joseph Bryant, Oct. 15, 1834.

Isaac and Rebecca M. Slocumb, int. July 14, 1827.

John and Asenath Nutting (of Boston, int.), Jan. 2, 1832.

Jonathan and Ruth Holland of Watertown, in Watertown, Nov. 17, 1709.*

Joshua and Elizabeth Russell (of Lexington, int.), Aug. 25, 1771.

Maria of Lincoln, and Morton P. Brissey, int. Jan. 29, 1828.

Peter Jr. and Elmira Stowe of Watertown, int. Oct. 30, 1843.

Samuel and Sarah B. (Sarah P., int.) Ford, July 3, 1834.

Sarah of Lexington, and John A. Tufts, int. Jan. 7, 1843.

Sophia and Edward F. Moody, Apr. 24, 1836.


Charles Wentworth (Rev., int.) of Salem, and Ann Susan Holmes, Mar. 29, 1826.

Elizabeth and Henry Thompson, Apr. 27, 1669.*

Joshua and Mary C. Boardman, both of Malden, [1831 or 1832].*

Nathaniel and Elizabeth Stedman, Mar. 5, 1661-2.*

Sarah S. (Sarah Smith, int.) of Malden, and George L. (George Lindsey, int.) Leslie, Nov. 9, 1825.

William and Naomi Dana, June 21, 1722.*


Betsey of Wilmington, and Sampson Whitney, in Wilmington, Oct. 9, 1796.*


Daniel and Almira Russell of West Cambridge, int. July 28, 1832.

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